Names: Haily(14), Me (18)(John), Chris (17)

Sorry if my grammar sucks I write fast and don't bother re reading it. Sorry :)

After the awesome threesome in the bathtub we all got out and dried off. A friend had called Chris and invited him to go to a party which he did. That left Haily and me alone for the night. After he left Haily went to brush her teeth asking me if I would pick out an outfit for her so we could go to the movies. I went into the closet picking out a green low cut cotton spaghetti strap dress, a pair of green high heels, a pair of green panties and her green handbag. When she came out she was wrapped in a little towel and seem to approve of the outfit I got her. She took it into the closet and came out with it on. She looked so smoking hot, she swirl around for me to see. I walked over to her wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her to me placing my forehead against hers . She smiled at me some of the light from the lamp reflected off of her lip gloss. She wrapped her arms around my neck sticking her tongue out a little bit as I did the same giving the tip of her tongue a lick. She giggled pulling her tongue back into her mouth.

"You're so beautiful," I said, "I'm so lucky to have you baby."

"Awwww you're so sweet," She smiled placing a kiss on the cheek, "I love you jonjon."

"I love you too baby." I said holding her for a moment looking into her hypnotic glossy green eyes.

" ready to go?" I asked as she nodded.

I walked her to my car opening the door for her, she got in and I walked around to the other side getting in. She slide over closer to me leaning against me resting her chin on my right shoulder looking at me smiling. I looked over at her starting the car.

"What?" I asked smiling.

"Nothing. Just looking." She said tapping me on the nose.

"Okay." I said backing out of the garage.

When we got there we walked up to the ticket counter brought our tickets and went inside. Walking around I notice girls looked mad at Haily because she taking their boyfriend's attention away from them. I went to the snack counter to buy popcorn while Haily went into the theater to save us some seats. I brought the popcorn and went into the theater I saw Haily surrounded by at least four guys I walked over to them over hearing what they were talking about.

"Hey you know you're the hottest girl we've ever seen." One of them said as they all agreed.

"Thank you." She said grinning looking at them.

"Are you here alone?" A second asked.

"Idiot why would a pretty girl like her be here alone?" One of them asked pushing the one that asked.

"No my date's getting us popcorn," She replied giggling pulling her spaghetti strap back up to her shoulder, "hey there he is."

They all looked back at me as I walked over them and they just left without saying anything. I sat down looking over at her wrapping my arm around her shoulders while she stilled gigglied.

"What's so funny babe?" I grabbed some popcorn and eatting it.

She shook her head leaning over placing a kiss on my cheek. I played with her hair as the theather got dark and the previews began playing. I held her head in my hand turning her head to the side and placing my lips onto her soft lips. She opened her lips slighty sticking her tongue out pushing against my lips and retreating her tongue back in making my tongue followed hers into her mouth. My tongue quickly found hers and my tongue began swirling around her soft tongue. My hand began rubbing between her legs traveling up to my prize, as I was sliding I could feel her trying to pull her dress over my hand trying to cover herself up. I founded out why very soon, she wasn't wearing any panties. I slid two fingers into her wet warm cunt. I pulled away to get some air as Haily held her hand over her heart trying to regain her breath too.

"I thought you didn't like felt up in public." I teased grabbing her tits fumbling with it begin careful not to let it pop out.

"Well you're my exception." She said sliding up her dress to her waist making sure no one saw to look at my fingers in her hairless cunt, "I feel safe with you I know you love me."

I took my fingers out putting it up to her lips as she quickly accepted it into her mouth. I took it out and placed it back into her and pulled it out again feeding her, her own juice. She unbutton my jeans pulling my cock out and began pumping it in her palm. She stared at me with a devilish grin and now it was my turn to look around to see if anyone was looking. I was so turned on by the fact that we both we getting one another off in public which she nevered let Chris or me done before. I pulled her into another kiss getting a taste of her. She sped up her pumping when I open my eyes and notice a old couple in front of us looking back with disgust on their face. Haily giggled again grabbing my hand getting up pulling me along with her. I had to rush to push my cock back into my jeans as we went out into the brightly lit room. I didn't know what she was doing yet but she dragged me outside going out the fire exit. She stood under a dimmly lit alley light. She leaned against the wall grabbing my shirt pulling me to her planting a hard kiss on my lips.

"Fuck me here and now." She commanded letting her dress drop to the ground.

I flipped her around grabbing her tits in my plam squeezing her tits. I quickly took off my jeans and I rammed my cock up her ass as she screamed out loud for me to fuck her. She contracted her ass muscle around my cock, she rubbed her clit. I flipped her again pushing her against the wall hard I lifted her off the ground sliding my me deep into her pussy. She grabbed my face sticking her thumb into my mouth and I began sucking on her thumb. I slapped her tits hard determine at that moment to hurt her begin caught up in the moment. We looked at eachother with passion as I was fucking her and she looked at me with a scared expression.

"You're a cum whore, aren't you bitch?!" I asked smacking her across the face as she scream holding her face looking at me.

"Yes I am." She said out of breath.

I increased my speed pounding in and out of her. She looked around and back at me with a big smile on her face. She reached down and began rubbing her clit closing her eyes. She was pinching one of her nipples making her scream out in pleasure. I took her off the wall and throwing her on another wall and fucked her on there. I threw her on a garbage can and fucked her on there. Doggy style, face to face, every prosition you can think of she squealed like a pig and her screams ehcoed throughout the allyway. She cummed two times during this session and I finally had recovered from the earlier fuck session and was about to cum again.

"I'm cumming!" I managed to get out.

She didn't reply she just continued moaning. I didn't feel like pulling out of her and I decided that she wouldn't mind if I cummed in her. I let out a loud moan as string after string of cum came out of my cock and into her womb. After I finished I pulled out of her lowered her legs onto the ground as I fell onto the ground. I must have gone to sleep because I woke up on the ground and Haily was dressed sitting on one of the steps leading up to fire exit, she had her legs spread and her pushed two fingers into her pussy scooping out some of my cum and ate it. She looked down at me smiling as I got up pulling on my jeans. I sat down next to her as she stopped scooping cum out of her pussy and layed down leaning her head in my lap. I played with her hair as she sucked on her fingers.

"You were awasome baby." I said giving her a kiss on the cheek

"Thank you, you were too, I nevered been fucked so hard." She said placing her hand on my knees rubbing it.

"We missed the movie." I said

"I don't care." She said turning looking at me.

I pulled her up into my lap and she rested her head on my chest. We sat like that for what seems like hours, when I looked down Haily had fallen asleep in my arms. I picked her up and she woke up looking up at me. I carried her out to the car I placed her in the back seat. I spread her legs one last time getting a viw of her wet pussy which was still ozzing cum. I scoop some up with my fingers feeding it to her. I only stopped when she closed her legs and asked me in a sweet voice if I could just take her home so she could sleep. I didn't reply, I just leaned into the car giving her a kiss on the neck and sucked on her tits for a while until she pushed me away with a annoyed moan looking at me with her innocent look. I smiled patting her legs and told her okay and closed the door. I entered the driver side and reached back to grab a feel of her tits.

"Stop!" She yelled at me really annoyed.

"Ok Ok." I said chuckling and drove us both home.

Part 3 is done! More stories to come guys.

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2011-06-23 05:04:34
Good. To bad some some other guys did not come along and find little slut Haily and her brother fucking in that alleyway and decide thay wanted some of her ass and cunt to. That would have made a hot rape scene. Making her brother watch them fuck his sister as hard and roughly as thay wanted and abusing her young tight body.

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