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At sixteen years old, Becky goes out in search of a 'good fuck', dared to take on a random man, she has the ride of her life inside his parked car and gives him a story worth telling- but perhaps it doesn't end the way she planned.
It wasn’t what I had intended to happen, but even as it was happening I couldn’t imagine it as wrong, and I certainly couldn’t imagine it as putting my in a place like this. It was summer, and despite the fact that it was starting to get dark it was still hot out. There weren’t many cars parked in the parking lot, and none of them had people inside. It was a waiting game, and as a sixteen year old girl in a new town who had just been dared it wasn’t a game I wanted to play. They had somehow found out about me, found out about the number of guys I had slept with, how I had lost my virginity at the age of twelve. They told me they’d let me into their group ‘if’... How they planned on finding out about whether or not I’d actually done it, I don’t know. Maybe they were watching from somewhere in the trees, man were there a lot of trees.
I sat on a bench for what felt like hours, watching families return from the trails, tired children riding on their parents’ backs. It felt like my search was hopeless, but I had my eye on one car, old and beat up- I doubted it had anything to do with a family. It took a long time, and by the time a lone man started across the parking lot, I was lightly shaking. I wasn’t cold and I wasn’t really scared, just... nervous. After all, I was in a strange place wearing a mini skirt that barely (if at all) covered the swell of my ass, a thin white shirt with no bra and shoes that would make my mother cower. I looked like your everyday whore in training, not something this town was accustomed to. Already I had received plenty of glares, and why shouldn’t I? My hair, though long and thick, didn’t do much for making me look older- and hazel eyes had a way of seeming innocent. My face didn’t match my outfit, and despite the fact that said outfit highlighted all the right places, I was still just a teenage girl.

I could see him eyeing me from across the lot, and as he approached his car I got up to approach him. To me, at that moment, the parking lot was huge- I needed to get over there, but I stumbled a few times and only just managed to collect myself in time. When I came up to him my shoulders were pulled back, chin held high and a coy smile on my lips. Leaning against the open door, where he sat sideways in the drivers side, I leaned forward (giving a generous view of the cleavage already visible through the loose material touching my torso) and set my lips near his ear. “Why don’t you join me in the back seat, I’ve been waiting for you all day long,” he swallowed hard then and closed his eyes, muttering a quick “what’s the catch?” to which I had to laugh. “Nothing, I’m just horny” and that was all it took. It wasn’t long before he was stumbling over himself into the back seat, and I was squeezing in next to him. It was cramped and felt oddly claustrophobic, and the air inside was hot and thick from being closed up inside all day. Regardless, I pressed my chest against his side and reached along beside the seats in front of us. Grasping the handle that would slide the front seats forward, I pushed with the side of my leg and after a few long seconds of pressure the seats gave way and slid closer to the steering wheel.

He looked nervous, but already I could see a bulge growing in his pants. He was turned on, probably fully aware of how old I was- or, at least that I wasn’t legal, but he didn’t seem to care. At least I hadn’t landed some copper who would throw me in jail and call my darling mother. Without a word I threw one leg over his so I was straddling his lap and attached my mouth to his neck. He wasn’t the most attractive man I’d ever seen, but was obviously in his prime and wasn’t exactly ugly. I had got a good one, one that was more than willing to put out. “You aren’t gonna get me locked away are you?” He asked breathlessly, but instead of answering verbally I shook my head and pressed my crotch down onto his. “Shut up,” I breathed into his ear, sliding my hands up his chest and quickly unbuttoning his shirt. Throwing it aside, I scratched well-groomed nails down his chest, grazing over his nipples and earning a gasp. I had never been the one in complete control, and would quickly learn that those sounds and twitches were the most rewarding part of sex.
“God you’re hot,” he moaned, hesitating as if he wanted to know my name, but that was something I refused to tell. Laughing again, I followed my fingers with my lips and tongue, licking and kissing down his chest and wrapping said lips around the hard buds of his nipples. Biting and sucking, the gentleman beneath me started to squirm, hands gripping my hips with bruising force as I switched from one to the next. His dick had hardened in his pants, and I could feel that it was big. I was excited and incredibly wet, but I wanted to tease him, wanted to play with my new ‘victim’, not that he wasn’t enjoying this encounter. Continuing down his torso, I stopped at his naval and let my hands start to wander. Over his stomach then thighs, coming back up to tug at the waist of his jeans, his hips thrust up, trying to get my hands on his cock, but I eluded his attempts and instead smiled prettily up at him. “Don’t worry, I wont leave, just enjoy yourself.” Pressing the palm of my hand firmly onto his erection, I granted him the contact for only a second before sitting up and pulling my shirt off over my head. Leaning forward, toward his mouth, he automatically opened and grabbed my nipple between his lips. Hesitant at first, it wasn’t until I placed my hand on the back of his head that he really started to work, and the hard sucking and gentle nips had me arching my back in pleasure. “Oh god, you have no idea how good that feels,” I moaned, pressing into his palm as his other rough hand came up to grope the neglected breast. I don’t know how long we sat like that, but I was so incredibly wet, I needed to get on with it.

With stumbling hands I turned on the light, I needed to see his face, see his reaction- I got off on other people’s pleasure, and he seemed to understand that.
He took the liberty of pushing my skirt up, forcing it over my hips and resting it near my belly button. I had never felt more sexy as I did at that moment, clearly soaked through my surprisingly girlish underwear, medium sized breasts hanging, cupped in an older mans mouth. It was hot and I only wish I could have seen it as an outsider.

Pulling away from grasping teeth, I slid to the floor of the car and undid his pants. Pulling them and his boxers down his legs until his cock sprang free, I immediately had my lips around it and was sucking as if my life depended on it. Licking and pushing as much of the eight or so inches down my throat as I could, I listened for his moans and watched through my lashes as his head fell back. He was clean, at least, and the taste was only slightly salty, heavy and thick against my tongue. “Sh-shit girl, I’m getting close. You better get up if you want any action tonight,” and so I did- because I REALLY did, and despite the fact that he looked almost pained as I pulled away, I simply smiled and kissed his lips. “Lay down,” he demanded, poking his tongue through his lips as a hint, and I immediately rested back against the door, spreading my legs wide. He was close to follow, kicking his pants off the rest of the way and lowering his head to my panty-clad pussy. Through the thin material he sniffed and nuzzled his face, licking and rubbing with his hands. I was so turned on, face flushed and toes curling, but this wasn’t enough. “More!” I demanded, and he quickly ripped my panties down my legs, leaving crude red marks on my thighs. “Uuhh,” I moaned when his tongue finally found my exposed hole, lapping up the abundant juices and plunging it deep inside me. I was no virgin, but it had been way too long since I had been in a position like this, and I planned to enjoy every second of it. I hooked my legs up over his shoulders and spread my arms above my head, grasping whatever I could to keep me up. His tongue worked furiously, and my head was spinning within a few minutes. As I started to babble and moan, he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked hard, shoving two fingers deep inside me. It wasn’t more than three seconds later that I came, climaxing hard and all but screaming out loud. He made my come once more, and I was nearly at my third orgasm when he stopped, leaving my pussy clenching and pulsing, searching for that talented tongue.

Pleadingly I stared up at him, only to find him stroking his cock and beckoning me forward. And it was only with a little bit of help that I managed to sit and crawl over his lap again. “It’s so big,” I moaned as I felt his head prod my entrance, still incredibly slippery from his saliva and my own natural lube. It was probably a good thing he had spent so much time with his face between my legs, because now I had no real problem sliding onto his cock. My legs spread wide, I reached between them and used my fingers to open myself up before pushing down. I closed my eyes tightly as I closed over his cock, and he swore loudly as I did. Smiling to myself, I began to slowly move, teasingly swirling my hips, moaning each time he hit a particularly sensitive spot. It stayed like that for a few more minutes, but I knew he wasn’t going to take it for long- I just wanted to see his reaction and OH! What a reaction it was. He grabbed my hips and threw me down onto the seat, I barely had enough time to throw up my arms and grab the door, protecting my head, before he started driving hard into me. My eyes watered, stars springing up before them until I closed them. It was amazing and hard and so fucking deep, I was so close and he was too. He was fucking me hard, hips snapping and balls slapping against my ass. I was spread wide open for him, accepting him and pulling him into me.

Both of us were sweating and hot, breathing impossibly hard. It didn’t last long, but it was long enough, and before long he came inside me. It was the hot spurts of come that set me off, and this time I did scream. My orgasm was so intense, my walls clamped around him and my back arched, temporarily paralyzed. White hot ecstasy coursed through my veins, and tears slid down my cheeks.
I couldn’t move when we were done, so incredibly exhausted, and I welcomed the tender way in which he covered me in a blanket from the front seat, slipping his hand between us and rubbing my swollen pussy. The after shocks were almost too much, and I continued to cry and shake, pressing into and away from his hand at the same time, he continued until it was painful and there was no pleasure left, and then I collapsed. He left the car, leaning into kiss my forehead and whispered close to my ear “how about you come stay with me for a little while, yeah?” I barely remember nodding, but I did, and that was how I ended up where I am now. He got into the drivers seat and I fell asleep while he drove me ‘home’.

-to be continued, maybe... what did you think? It was my FIRST ever story-


2013-12-07 23:44:13
I wouldn't mind going to a parking lot right now, In hopes of the same thing happening to me!

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2013-10-10 00:51:10
I would have loved to be him and had my cock in you.

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2012-04-14 12:26:49
Why isnt there part two yet I really want to read it this was sooooo hot it was amazing I even blacked out I orgasmed so hard and that has never happened before you Are a talented writer so write part 2 already

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2011-10-08 03:05:04
Come on i want pt 2 good story but needs pt 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????:)

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2011-10-08 03:04:42
Come on i want pt 2 good story but needs pt 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????:)

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