Rapist POV
There was no moon that night and it was dark in the alley. I hugged the bricks of the nearest wall. Opposite me the other wall seemed to close in, cutting off the view, hiding me perfectly. There was ice in the air my breath made puffs of vapor just visible in the weak light spilling from the distant street. I looked up, the stars stared unblinkingly back whilst the blackness of the sky sucked the earth’s heat into space. I moved back into the darkness, nestling in the crook of the tall wall. The scraggy weeds struggling through the tarmac crunched underfoot as their frost-rimed blades were crushed. I shivered and waited.

After what seemed like ages I heard them. The sharp clipped tapping of a woman’s footstep, Each staccato tap echoing off the alley walls. She was coming closer, I instinctively analyzed the step, not sharp and regular but slightly halting although rapid, now and then a sharp scratched scrape as the ankle flexed and the heel slipped on the frosty surface. So far so good, it was late, the night out was evidently over. Those slipped steps told me all I needed to know – It had been fun- one of the girls, probably drinking more than intended. Enough certainly to take the sharp edge off the dark alley where I lay in wait. Just enough loosening of her judgment to make this shortcut attractive for the quicker return home, to warmth, a pee a coffee and a “How was your night?” Mentally she was there already- no longer concentrating on this cold and isolated place… no longer aware of her vulnerability. I hugged the wall more closely, the footsteps were approaching now, just around the corner! I checked I was well hidden in the corner, holding my breath instinctively lest the vaporous puffs should give me away.

She came into view, walking with a slight stumble as I had suspected. You never know what you were going to get when you set a trap- If you follow a girl then you can chose your target- You know the girl but you don’t know you will have the opportunity. So you follow her and hope. I preferred it this way, the girl was unknown but that didn’t really matter- the hunt was the thing and this way opportunity was guaranteed. I studied her briefly as she came, I was lucky. She was youngish 20-25 maybe. Long legs, a skirt that was too short for warmth but ideal for my intentions. Her figure seemed trim and firm enough. Only the face showed something else, perhaps a few more years, perhaps a harder life but that didn’t concern me. It was obvious that the body would satisfy and I felt a surging tingling of anticipation in my groin. My experienced sizing up had taken but a moment and I remained unseen. She strode towards me, mumbling every time her ankle slipped on her very unsuitable heels. She was close, I could smell her perfume, alluring, intoxicating, exciting. As she passed I stepped silently out behind her, passed a practiced hand around her mouth, quelling the cry that was even now rising in her throat whilst my fingers gave just enough pressure on her windpipe to convey the threat and ensure that she would think twice of attempting another.

I didn’t like hurting women, I loved them but experience has shown that a little show and a threat is generally needed. I honestly believed that all women have a little piece of heaven between their legs, put there just for the satisfaction of men. Just a chink, a sliver of that paradise to come. But they don’t understand, they ignore this gift and the role for which it was fashioned. They build their careers, their lives, have fun with the girls. This precious part of them remains ungiven, packed safely in its panty cradle, the delicate lips folded and closed, the vagina, unfilled, empty and wasted. When they do think of it then they think it belongs, and that they can chose on whom they bestow this gift of bliss and to hell with the other poor sods who for some reason are not found worthy. That’s not good enough! It belongs to all men and all men have a right to enter and soak in the warmth of heaven. The only answer- they have to be made to share.

The woman in my arms struggled and bit my fingers. I slapped her across the face- not hard, it’s the sound that makes more impression than the pain, but in this case the pain of the bite mad me misjudge the blow. Her head snapped back and struck the wall. She seemed to sag in my grip, her eyes momentarily lost focus and I worried I had gone too far. Then she moaned something incoherent and I relaxed. I hadn’t meant to hurt her but the outcome suited my purpose and I rushed to take advantage of the lowering of her resistance.

I pushed her breasts-first against the wall, gathering her arms together in one hand against a resumption of protest and sent the other around to squeeze her breast. The tit was firm and larger than I had expected. Quickly I moved my hand and sent it up under her top to get a better grip on the tit-flesh. Her stomach was taut and smooth, the breast felt full in my hand. I eased it out of its net cradle and the bulk surprised me. I rolled the nipple between my fingers and thumb. I felt her body tense as tone returned to her muscles. She squirmed so I pressed her tighter to the wall. Withdrawing my hand I moved to her back, smoothing her skirt over the soft roundness of her buttocks, pressing the firm flesh, moving down to feel the nylon-clad thigh and then up again beneath her skirt. The smooth curve of her thigh was my guide, I followed it as it swelled and burgeoned into her buttock curving my route around to caress the inside. The back of my hand rubbed on the crutch of her panties; God the warmth!

This was always the difficult bit, the position is known now, the element of surprise is lost. She knows what has happened and what will happen. Her brain must be working at a furious rate - How strong is he? Can I escape this hold? Will he loosen his grip? Will it be long enough for me to get away? And then restraining her against action- Will he hurt me? It is only that question that holds her in check. I have to loosen my grip-she knows this, I have to go from my initial capture to the consummation. I have to uncover her sex, release my erect penis and guide it into her struggling body. This cannot be done without providing her with an opportunity when a greater struggle might succeed. I have to use the fear to prevent this.

I grabbed her hair and yanked her head backwards- she wimpered slightly. Releasing the hair I slapped her face again- this time avoiding the wall. She sobbed but I felt her body tension release. Using my grip on her hair I pushed her head forwards into the wall to distract her whilst I hooked my hand into the waistband of her skirt and pulled down. I had to pull hard but the skirt shifted down to her hips, she struggled again but the movement only assisted me and a second tug brought it free of her hips, her tights still hugged her buttocks so I repeated the motion with them- they came away with her panties and she gasped as the frosty evening air was suddenly in contact with her skin. I thrust my hand up between her thighs and felt the warmth of her sex, the wiry hairs grazing my hand. She was warm, soft, completely female. A slight moistness was evident on my hand and I could smell just a faint trace of her musk. I thrust a finger into her- more roughly than I had intended, she twitched and tried to scream. But I clamped her head into the wall again and raised my finger to my lips. Her scent was strong, the wetness of her gave off the delicate salmon intoxicating smell of a woman, I sucked the stickiness from my finger as the scent rose. The red mist started to gather in my mind, the world was shrinking, there was only this alley, this girl- mine to use as I saw fit. I didn’t think of discovery, I thought less and less of her, she was now simply a means to my satisfaction and my needs were rising. Her body would certainly satisfy me. I held her firmly against the wall with my forearm crossed over her shoulders whilst I fastened my fly with the other hand. My prick sprang out- cold, cold air. I wriggled to move forwards and it slipped between her thighs. She realized how close I was to succeeding and she started to squirm again- strong, I struck her again, she whimpered and struggled some more- this was the critical time. I hit her again and thrust forward.

It is very hard to enter an unwilling woman, the angle is always wrong and she gives no guidance. I held my prick in my hand to steady it, shoving in and out across the entrance to her body, untangling the lips from the hairs, readying them for separation and moistening them with what little slipperiness her frightened state would allow. It wasn’t much but it allowed me some semblance of lubrication. I slid forwards and felt the warmth increasing in my prickhead. I knew I was near, so near, just a little longer, keep her still just a little longer…I felt my prick catch on her vulva.

“Keep still” I ordered, guiding my prick with my hand towards that point of catch. At last (thank God) I felt it start to enter her. She let out a scream which died in her throat as I throttled off its escape. I was lodged in her now but only head-deep. I pulled back- not so far that I slipped out- it is necessary to maintain the contact to ensure accuracy of re-entry so just enough to let her lips adjust slightly to the intrusion of my penis. Then I eased my head in again, another successful entry! Again, again, again! I felt her lips opening a little more each time, the moisture was working its magic, I entered her with my first inch, then the second, out again and back in my God the heat, the texture. It was difficult but I fought for each delicious inch of her! I wriggled and thrust whilst she squirmed and whimpered. Then, thank God- I was fully lodged in her. My balls hung at the entrance to her vagina and the head of my prick rested deeply in her abdomen, tightly sheathed in the tube of her vagina. Her resistance lessened. In my experience they usually fight hard whilst there is a chance they may avoid penetration, but once stuck they tend to resign themselves to the violation and simply want it to finish as soon as it can. This girl was no different, her brain whirled on to the next opportunity for escape leaving me free to enjoy her. She was crushed onto the roughness of the wall, her body absorbed the shock of each thrust, the roughness of the wall and the cold of the masonry, but the heat of her vagina warmed me, the softness of her curves cushioned me as I reveled in the joy and delight of her body.

My need was becoming more urgent and I thrust and thrust harder and harder. I grabbed her hips and pulled her backwards whilst bending her down. The change in position made her vagina pout towards the rear and my penetration of her became easier. Sadly it also meant that the sensation was lessened so I grabbed her hair and used it to pull her head up, the effect was to increase the tautness of the muscles along her stomach and tighten her vagina. At the same time the forced bend in her body pushes downwards on the deeper part of her vagina. This means that the moist sheath inside her is made to bend slightly, constricting the passage for my entry. This trick usually restores the pleasure and this time it was a real success. The texture was fantastic and the feeling was incredible, her walls gripped me tightly in a vain effort at expulsion. The warmth was all around me. I pushed and thrust, shoving her forwards, my efforts rewarded each time with the delight of her at each thrust.

I wanted all of her, so I withdrew from her cunt making her gasp at the sudden change. I spun her round and ripped off her top. Her bra was pink but I ripped that off too and her breasts tumbled into view. I sank my mouth to her mounds and sucked hard. She was shivering from the cold and her nipples grew firm as the breast pimpled with goose-bumps. I bit into the flesh and she squealed so I pushed her back against the all and then down onto her knees. She knew what I wanted but as my prick thrust at her mouth I found it closed and turned away from me. I reached down and dug my fingers into her titty-flesh. I didn’t like to do it but experience has taught me it was the only way to get what I wanted. Her mouth opened in a round howl of pain and as it did so I pushed into her, choking off the sound of her cry. I thrust hard and was rewarded with the characteristic “mwa, mwa” sounds as I bumped into the top of her throat. The sensation was intense, like slipping into a velvet glove. Her muscles tightened as the gag reflex set in much to my enjoyment. I thrust a few times withdrawing only when she started to choke.

I held her head firmly and pulled her against me as I thrust- Just once this motion coincided with her gag and I got the head of my prick into her throat- at last! I eased back and forwards gently, enjoying the delightful sensations, but worried I might slip out and not be able to get back in, until she tried to vomit and the violence of the reflex succeeded in dislodging me. It was cold outside of her mouth but I was ready for more now. I shoved her backwards onto the tarmac, her head struck the ground. This quietened her. I parted her thighs, and with her lying down I was able to gain a much easier entry. I slipped into her body- I doubt she even noticed, but I most definitely did! The feeling was wonderful- back inside (push) back inside (push) back inside… with each thrust my needs became ever more urgent. Her body was sliding up the alley, rubbing over the concrete but I was oblivious to the pain this must be causing her. She slid into the corner of the wall that had hidden me just 30 minutes ago. Her head reached the wall but did nothing to arrest the motion. She bent at the neck so the slide could continue, Push (back inside) push (back inside); push … her shoulder reached the wall and her body just seemed to fold and crumple and its movement continued. Then, at last, the movement came to an end, the compressed and folded joints held and at last I could reap the full benefit of my efforts. The energy of each thrust was no longer wasted in moving her weight- instead it now went entirely into her penetration.

The pressure built and I groaned in delight. Push; push; push, moving up and up the escalator, plundering the fruits of her body, reveling in the little piece of heaven hidden between her thighs. Her body shivered on the cold of the concrete- the movement gave me a delightful tingle. But despite the cold of the concrete and the frost in the air, inside her it was warm. Her whole physiology fought to maintain her body temperature, withdrawing the blood from the skin, sacrificing that surface to keep the body core warm, to keep the delicious warmth in her vagina so that my enjoyment could continue. It was unbelievably lovely. Her vagina seemed to be clutching me more and more tightly -or was I swelling inside her? Up, up and up! Closer, closer. Yes she would do. She would satisfy, She will do. A little more darling. Just a little more. Just a little mo…!!!!

I burst inside her. I felt my penis swelling, pulsing and pumping into her, releasing my semen in thick wads from the bloated prick. One, two, three waves. Stars span in my head, there was a rushing in my ears. I wasn’t aware of the girl, just this wonderful “fuck-stuff” underneath me. I pushed on through the orgasm, feeling my body relax as sensation came back to my eyes. I heard a whimpering sound as I retuned. I was aware she was crying softly underneath me. Her body was cruelly contorted into the crook of the wall. I didn’t want to withdraw yet but I tried to pull her back, to straighten her a little. She cried again as the movement over the concrete scratched her back. I was back on earth, regret for the pain I had caused and fear of discovery of capture rushed in on me. She cried softly.

“I won’t hurt you”

I pulled out of her, gathered up her clothing and placed it on her body in a pathetic attempt to make amends. I felt awkward. Her pain and violation was clear to me now. “Sorry” I mumbled, my prick was becoming flaccid now so I zipped myself up. One last look and then I ran- out down that narrow alley, out into the frosted world and away. Satisfied- for now.
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