Names: Haily(14), Me (18)(John), Chris (17)

Sorry if my grammar sucks I write fast and don't bother re reading it. Sorry :)

It was five days before Haily's birthday I and Chris decided together not to touch Haily until the weekend. But it was hard especially to do at home because she was so accessible, it wasn't as bad as I thought. But Haily had turned into a cum slut she kept trying to both me and Chris to fuck her on a daily bases. On birthday morning she had had enough when she was trying to eat her pussy I refused and she began crying.

"You don't love me anymore! Who have you been fucking?!" She slapped me on the arm really hard then covering her face crying harder stomping her feet.

"No one baby...come here." I said wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her to me but she pushed me away.

"Fuck you jonjon fuck you!" She yelled running to our room.

I looked after her and Chris looked out of the living room to see what happen. We both followed her we planned to give her a little surprise which would make her happy, we went into our room pulling out two boxes from "Jared". We entered Haily's room and she was laying on her bed sniffing turned away from us. We sat down I rubbed her legs as Chris went to the other side so she couldn't turn one way avoiding us. Only after did we show her our boxes did she calmed down. She smiled when she saw our presents it was a necklace and a diamond ring. She looked at them and smiled at me and Chris thanking us.

"Happy Birthday." I said as I put the necklace for her while she held the ring out and examine how it sparkled using the lamp.

"So no more tears?" Chris asked giving her a kiss on the forehead pulling her into a hug.

"I just want to be fucked." She said simply pouting still looking at her ring and fingering her necklace.

"Fine let's fuck." I said smiling.

I quickly removed her nighty throwing it on the ground. She removed her panties and laid on the bed with her legs spread. Chris and I stood over her running our fingers over her soft warm body. She looked up at us with a puppy look pouting cupping her hands over her tits taking her right tit right up to her mouth licking her nipple while Chris and I pumped our cocks getting it hard for her.

"Which half do you want first?" Chris asked looking at her drooling a bit.

"Hmmmm...I'll take the top half." I said getting on top of her sitting on her stomach.

She looked up at me licking her lips, all of a sudden she arched her body throwing her head back letting out a loud moan. I knew that Chris was working on her pussy already, I grabbed her nipples in my fingers pinching them as she squeal out for more. I leaned down kissing her lips as she stuck out her tongue and I sucked on it making a sloppy sound. I pulled away going down to her tits attacking them with greed going from one to the other back and forth. She grabbed the head board as she screamed out telling us to fuck her. I got up placing my cock between her tits and Chris got up placing his cock at the entrance of her pussy. I began my pumping as Chris rammed his cock into her filling her up she let out a loud scream.

"Oh my God!" She screamed, " I miss your cocks! Tear me up! Tear me up!" She slapped my chest.

I sped up my pumping as she licked the head of my cock every time it reached her face. I got out from between her tits and stuffed it into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back into her head grabbing my cock in her hand squeezing it to slow down my cum from coming up. I looked down at my red cock head going in and out of her mouth. She pulled me out of her mouth as she let out a ear deafen squeal as she came in Chris's mouth. I looked back to see and Chris had moved out of the way and she was still cumming. It squirted acrossed the room hitting the flat screen which was about 6 feet away. She held the head board screaming and I had to push her body down as it arched up. She continued with my cock as soon as she was done while Chris and I looked at her with amazement she looked up at us smiling with my cock in her mouth.

"Wow." I said wiping the sweat off of her forehead as Chris went back to fucking her.

"Slap me!" She commanded.

"What?" I asked cause she nevered asked me before.

"Slap me bitch!" She squeezing my cock hard.

I did what she told me giving her a hard good one. My hand print was left on her face as she looked up and told me to abuse her more. I abused every part of her body until she was red and tears were running down her face. She came two more times before Chris and me switched and I got a chance with her pussy. I rammed it in while Chris took advantage of her tits.

" want...double....fill my...pussy...and ass now!" She panted with Chris cock in her mouth.

Chris got off as I flipped her on top of me and she squatted over me. Chris got behind her and we both enter her at the same time. She let out another ear deafening scream but this time it was near my ear I had to cover her mouth. She grabbed my hand sucking on all my fingers while using her free hand to rub her clit. She lowered herself over my face and open her mouth signaling me to spit in her mouth. I was thinking to myself that only five days of no fucking turned her kinky. I spit a load into her mouth and she swirl it in her mouth before swallowing. She smiled bending down giving me a kiss on the chest.

"I'm cumming." Chris moaned out.

"Me too." I said holding her up.

"I'm close too let's cumm together." She moan pinching her nipples.

"Now?" I asked.

"No." Haily said

"Now?" Chris asked

"No." She said again

"Fuck it I'm cumming!" I yelled and cummed and so did Haily and Chris.

We all screamed so loud I was scared the neighbor would hear. She dropped onto me and Chris rolled off of her. She kiss and bite my neck as she grind ed on my softening cock it popped out of her and she slid it right back in.

"Happy Birthday baby," I said running my hand through her hair, "I wanted it to be SPECIAL for you."

"You know what else?" Chris asked cupping her right tit in his palm squeezing it.

"Hmmmm?" She said looking over at him.

"It the one year anniversary of when we mounted you." He said poking her nose.

She giggled getting off of me laying between me and Chris. After we layed there as Haily looked at her ring and necklace letting it sparkle in the light. We fucked again after we rested for two more times before I ran out and manage to shoot only a few strings of cum in her pussy. She made her hand into a cup squatting on the bed letting Chris and my cum drop into her hand. She sucked it all up smiling after wards.

"I love cum." She said

"Cum slut." Chris mumbled

"But she our cum slut." I said laughing.

"Hey you ready for another surprise?" I asked her and she stopped licking her fingers and looked at me.

"There's more?" She asked.

"Of course it's your special day." I said.

I got out of bed pulling her by the leg to the edge picking her up throwing her over my shoulders smelling her juice and cum mixed together. Chris and I carried her to the game room and threw her on a bean bag chair.

"Ohhhh I'm going to play games?" She joked.

"No." I said giving her a little smack on the tits and she covered herself up giggling.

I walked over to the cooler we had in the corner for a ice cream and snacks. I got out twenty shot glass filled with cum (Two cup for each day of no fucking both from me and Chris). I turned around I saw Chris between her legs against boning her as she leaned back moaning.

"Dude get off." I said coming back over, "Haily close your eyes."

She closed her eyes and I placed a little table in front of her placing the glass of cum on them. I told her to open her eyes and her eyes instantly lit up.

"Oh my gosh." She said

"See we didn't fuck anyone else." I said patting her on the head.

She sat there looking at it as Chris and I sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she drank the glass of cum. She drank ten glass letting it stay in her mouth and gagged on it and used it to blow bubbles with it before swallowing it. She did the same with the last ten glass. I used her camera to record and took pictures of that moment for us to remember. She smiled and posed for us. After she was done she layed back on the bean bag chair with a pout.

"What's wrong," I asked turning off the camera.

"It's all gone." She said

"Ohhh is that all." I laughed getting between her legs sliding my cock into her pussy again. Instead of fucking her I layed on top of her with my cock in her. She moan laying back and I told her to take a rest cause when she wake up I'm going to make it up to her for the five days of no fucking. Chris went to the bathroom to clean off.

"I love you jonjon." She said

"I love you too baby." I said kissing her on the cheek.

I took a long nap to recover to have more fun ahead.

Part 4 done. Next time it'll be from Haily's point of view. I'll have my girlfriend write it so it won't be weird. LoL

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I think your little slut whore Haily is ready for some much rougher sex action. Some BandD and same SandM would seen to be in order. Bind her tits with somhard rough string or find some hose clamps that will fit snugley around the base of each of her young breasts and clamp them down as tight as thay will go, let the little bitch screem as much as she wants, let them fill with blood untall thay are bloted and her mipples are large and distended so far that a mear touch causes her to screem with pain then pierce them and beat them with a leather whip or heavy riding crop. When you are through with her have some other guys that have paid to use her come in and abuse her all the rest of the day and night while she screems and begs them to stop.

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