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I've lost the last bit of Act 3; while I'm rewriting it, all you really need to know is the Mistress gave the Slave some slack, she abused it, and the Mistress just told the Master that as her punishment he's to put her out for the night.
He growls playfully in response, unlocking the Slave's chain from the wall and jerking roughly. The slave scrambles to her feet, heart aflutter with anticipation as she follows the red-marked nude form downstairs and outside. The crisp grass cuts at her feet gently as she pads across it on bare feet, following her Master to an old tree where he loops the chain over a branch, fastening her tightly by the neck. He eyes her glistening form in the moonlight appreciatively, testing his favorite flail against his leg as she writhes a little under his scrutiny, her downcast eyes stealing an occasional glance at her clearly vengeful master. He waits until she hurriedly looks away again before whipping the lash out, a quick smack to her perfect breasts making her cry out.
"It seems someone's forgotten how a proper beating should be carried out, Slave..."
"No Master!"
He draws back the whip, making her flinch, then lets the soft tendrils trail down her other breast, caressing her sensuous curves. She lets out a shuddery breath, eyes still closed as she savors it, and he whispers "You have to mix in some pleasure. Convince your victim to open every nerve, every sense, to savor the sensation-" *CRACK!* goes the whip across her inner thigh, "-before you change it up," he finishes just as softly.
She gasps in pleasure and pain, writhing against the tree, rough bark rasping against her soft skin and tangling in her long and silky hair as she arches her back, eyes still closed as she savors the lash, gentle and rough alike. He beats her breasts again, then her thighs, then caresses her with the lash, and again, before a strike across the midriff that knocks the breath out of her. Then he drops the flail, bringing his fingers up between her spread legs, spreading her labia wide and exploring her depths. He fingers her as she moans helplessly, bringing his hand out dripping with her juices and trails it up her left nipple and to her lips. She eagerly and obediently licks her own flavor from his hand, sucking each digit suggestively, eyes half-lidded as she seduces her Master, aching for more.
He obliges, seizing one ankle and stetching her long, flexible leg up until it rests on his shoulder, spreading her wide. Her mouth gapes with the strain, an exquisite ache seizing her as he thrusts deep inside her, her full breasts jiggling with every thrust, the rough bark digging into her back painfully. She tries to moan but can't find her voice, can barely catch her breath as he fucks her hard and fast against the old tree, her arms encircling his neck in a tender embrace as she tries to ride him, straining against the awkward posture, totally at his mercy as he builds the pain and pleasure to new heights, hands on her hips as he slams her back into the bark again and again, a weak moan of ecstacy escaping her lips as she climaxes.
Swiftly he takes up her leash, not giving her a moment to savor it before yanking her across the yard, binding her chain to a stake and hauling her to her hands and knees face-first. He seizes her wrists, binding them behind her back and forcing her breasts into the lawn, the sharp blades of grass cutting at her bruised and beaten skin as he fucks her even harder from behind. She moans loudly at the humiliation, the pain, and the undeniable pleasure at being so abused, a little extra thrill coursing through her veins when she realizes she's in the perfect position for her Mistress to watch their Master putting the Slave to bed.
The Mistress indeed does watch from the balcony, dressed in a sheer nightgown, her hands softly caressing her own body as she imagines the sensations their Slave is privy to. She bends low over the balcony rail, pressing her breasts to the smooth, cold concrete surface, watching the scene below and sighing softly as she spreads her legs and gently pleasures herself.

The slave moans and gasps with pleasure as her full, raw breasts slide across the sharp little blades of grass, her skin tingling delightfully with the sensations, wrists struggling feebly against her bonds as her Master holds her firmly by the hips, thrusting hard and roughly into her clenching, tight pussy. She whimpers a little as an orgasm seizes her and shakes her hard, whimpering again as another comes close on its heels, turned on to be so thoroughly used by another person, so totally helpless, to surrender so completely.
He takes his fill of her and pulls out, unlocking her wrists and rolling her onto her back. He crouches low over her, holding a choker up to her face, a silver dog license dangling from it. "Do you recognize this?" he asks, barely winded from the exertion.
She nods, earning herself a lash between the legs. "Yes Master!" she whispers back hoarsely and desperately. It was the same one her Mistress had been wearing the night she was collared:
If found unattended, call this number and have your way with her until pickup."
He fastens it around her throat, then sets about binding her wrists and ankles to stakes set in the ground, chaining her securely spread-eagled in the moonlight.
"Master?" she asks with a tremulous voice, earning another vicious lash between her legs, making her writhe helplessly in her bonds, thighs straining uselessly to protect her aching, abused pussy.
"Yes, Slave, I really Am going to leave you like this. And you had better hope that the Mistress and I take pity on you before someone happens by, because that collar gives them carte blanche to do whatever they like to you. Perhaps it'll be one of your classmates, a boy or a girl on their way back from their own tests, and they decide to take out all their frustrations on your poor defenseless pussy...or the meter reader, I think he suspects what goes on inside these walls, he's been snooping," he grins as she cringes at the idea, "or the post woman, she's pretty strong, could give you quite a workout...or the paperboy, nasty little brute, I saw him eyeing you on our last outing, and I just know he's got plans for you..."
She whimpers pitifully as he blindfolds her, leaving her red with lashmarks and shame alike, trembling with fear and humiliation in the cool night air, moonlight bathing her perfect, battered body.
"Now, would you like to show your master how grateful you are for this kindness?"
She nods eagerly, afraid to speak, inclining her head and reaching her tongue out desperately. He seizes her face between his hands and kisses her passionately and roughly as he fondles her firm, full breasts, then rises, disappearing from her senses for an agonizing moment before his hands return to her face and his member plunges deep into her mouth, fucking her throat slow and hard. She gasps and thrashes, gagging on his massive cock, tongue eagerly lapping her juices from his throbbing member as she accepts him, surrendering totally to her Master. He thrusts into her clenching throat for what seems like an eternity before drawing back and letting her lick the head of his member clean, then disappearing, leaving her bathed in sweat and helpless.
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