Names: Haily(14), Me (18)(John), Chris (17)

Well I guess it's my turn to tell my side of the story. My brothers Chris (Chrisy) and John (JonJon) are my loving brothers that would do anything for me, I mean anything. They would go out on a limb to me, if I wasn't happy they weren't going to be happy either. So let me tell you a little bit about them JonJon had brown hair and eyes, 6'1, 200 lbs (pure muscles), nice muscular body. And Chrisy is the same except he weights less then JonJon I learned early that my brothers have a little thing for me and I could get anything I want using my body. Now I'm not a whore or anything I don't sleep around with other guys or anything just my two brothers. When I turned 13 (the night I turned 13) my brothers I guess were getting tired of just feeling me up and wanted to get inside me. They asked and begged me to do it and I agreed to have sex with them if they do whatever I say whenever I say. I trusted that they would keep their word and I opened my legs for them so they could have their fun cause I was getting two things out of it too. One the pleasure of sex and two I would be in control of them for a long time. So when I started high school I was happy that I could spend more time with them and I was pretty sure they were happy to spend time with me. So let's beginning our story shall we? Here we go Freshmen Year part 1 (girl version)

I was standing at my locker putting in some stuff wondering where my brothers were, they walked me to my math class and then I haven't seen them for the last period they should have been waiting for me outside of the gym so they could walk me to my art class. I looked in my purse for my iphone so I could find out where the hell they were, I was searching when the locker door slammed. I almost let out a scream but covered my mouth so I wouldn't. I looked over and saw that it was JonJon he gave me gave me a smirk chuckling.

"JonJon! You jerk!" I reached out to give him a slap when someone from behind grabbed my hand. I looked back to see Chrisy he gave me a smile.

"Oh my god you jerks!" I said and I couldn't help but giggle.

Chris gave me a kiss on the cheek as JonJon took my books so I could reenter my locker combination. After I was done stacking all my books inside my locker I turned to JonJon and Chrisy to give them a hug and a kiss. I moved around so my dress would sway in the wind, I knew my bros loved it when I do that. I was getting so horny in the presence of them begin around and my nipples began to get hard and I tried to cover them up but it was too late. While telling them about my day so far Chrisy noticed my nipples sticking out.

"Awwww poor little baby." Chrisy said after telling them about the mean math teacher, "John look she's not wearing a bra."

I looked over at JonJon scared cause I hate it when he's mad. He looked at my chest looking at my nipples and I try to cover up my braless tits with my purse.

"What?" JonJon asked.

Chrisy stood next to JonJon smiling at me. JonJon looked like he was mad and that hurt my heart knowing that I made him mad at me.

"Thanks a lot Chris now JonJon's mad at me." I said pouting hoping that he wouldn't be mad.

"I'm not mad don't worry...I just want to know what happen to it...did you fuck someone and lost it?" He asked and I was excepting him to laugh but when he didn't I got scared.

"No!" I said.

"Come on you can tell us we won't be mad." Chrisy said smiling poking me on the nose.

"I didn't!" I said in a high voice chocking up a bit as tears came to my eyes out of no where.

"Hey hey hey," JonJon said as his face lighten up pulling me into a hug, "We were only playing. Come on now it's your first day of high school we don't need crying." He gave me a quick peck on the lips.

"Okay." I said smiling a little bit melting in his arms resting my head on his chest taking in his scent.

"But where's your bra?" Asked Chrisy.

"It's in my cheer locker it was getting annoying pushing up against me every step." I said wrapping my arms around JonJon neck looking into his eyes.

The next thing I felt was a hand cupping my right tit fumbling it. I looked over at Chrisy smiling telling him to stop but I knew he wasn't going too. I felt JonJon hand going down to my butt grabbing both my cheeks in his palm caressing it. I trying not to look like a slut tried to shoo their hands away, but that was little help I just let them while I looked at the other kids passing by. After a while JonJon pushed me back asking for my schedule, my chest was still grabbing onto my tits. JonJon had to pushed him away from me as I looked in my purse for my schedule. I pulled it out handing it over to JonJon as he read it with Chrisy and they both smiled at me. I got on my tipy toes looking at my schedule.

"What's so funny?" I asked as they looked at me.

"You have art." They said

"Yeah so? Are you laughing at me for having art?" I asked wondering

"No No it's just that we have art too same class as you." JonJon said smiling.

"Really? Yayyy! This will be fun!" I said jumping up and down

"Okay Okay let's go." JonJon said pulling me close to him making me melt from his warmness.

As we were walking down the hall way some of JonJon's friend gave me cat whisles and waved me over. But I just waved back and smiled hugging tightly to JonJon that is until Chrisy got a hold of me and pulled me over to him, he hugged me from behind rubbing his hard cock against my ass which I tried to push away. I didn't like getting dried fucked at all. I looked over at JonJon to see if he would try and take me back but he just smiled at me blowing me a kiss. I smiled back blowing him a kiss.

When we finally reached the classroom JonJon finally retook my hand pulling me to the back of the room. He sat me down at a table with three seats he sat me in the middle of the table putting his arms around my shoulders planting little kisses on my neck. I leaned my head over to my right giggling until his friend came over to talk to him. He let me go as he went on talking to his friends. His friends were looking at me and I looked back smiling at them.

"Hey bro eyes off my girl." Said JonJon looking back at me smiling and I placed my chin on his shoulders while still looking at his friend.

"You're very hot Haily." Said his friend and I was flattered to have a senior called me hot.

"Thank you." I said trying not to sound shy.

"Are you doing anything this Friday?" He asked me.

"Well I was supposed to get the shit fucked out of me in a threesome." I thought to myself looking over at JonJon and Chrisy.

"I don't know yet." I said giving him a sweet smile.

"Want to see a movie?" He asked

"Hmmmm....I'll see." I said winking at him

"Can I get your number?" He asked handing me his phone.

"'re just not my type." I thought to myself but I took it and dialed in a fake number.

He walked away and I couldn't hold in the giggle that was building up and I buried my face in palms giggling. JonJon and Chrisy looked over at me and I'm pretty sure they knew what I did. I looked over at JonJon when I saw he had his hard cock in his hand pumping away. I was both shocked and embrassessed because I nevered seen him done that before.

"JonJon! What are you doing?!" I asked looking around quickly making sure no one was looking at the same time I looked over at Chrisy and he aws doing the same thing looking at me with a devilish grin.

"Oh my Gosh." I mumbered with my hand over my mouth shocked at both of them.

"Come on touch it." JonJon said grabbing my hand and making me wrap my hand around his cock and so did Chris and I did what I knew they liked and started pumping away.

I was so relieved when the teacher walked in and I let go of their cocks. Chrisy slid closer to me rubbing his cock against my bare legs making me wet. I reached under the table pushing him away sliding closer to JonJon. The teacher didn't say much she just introduced herself and told us to do whatever we wanted for that class there really wasn't going to be any major grades. As soon as she said that the whole class started talking and messing around. JonJon pulled me onto his lap planting a wet kiss on my neck licking it softly as he pulled away. His hand slid up my dress and pulled my panties down! I was so mad at him at that point, I looked back pushing on him to get off.

" one can see I promise just sit back and enjoy." He said winking at me.

I couldn't talk because the nice tinkly feeling was running through my body as he slid two fingers into my wet pussy and started pumping in and out while his thumb work on my clit. Chris came out of no where with him hand rubbing my legs. I looked around and I notice a look from a girl that was in front of the room and I summoned all my power to pull JonJon's hand out of my dress, pulling my panties up, and pushing Chris's hand away. I got up with my legs wobbly as I made my way over to the teacher and asked her for the hall pass. I walked to the door looking back at JonJon and Chris and waved them to follow with a sexy smile. They smiled getting up quickly and followed me. I waited for them to come out and when they did I gave them a good smack across the face for each one of them. I crossed my arms and pouted kicking Chris softly on the knee.

"Are you crazy? A lot of people could have seen." I said.
"Well they didn't." Chris said smiling

"Hmmp!" I pouted crossing her arms.

"OK we're sorry. It's just that your so hot!" JonJon said holding her face in my hands.

"Come on I know a place we can have a moment to ourselves." JonJon said grabbing her hand and pulling her along with me.

I justed followed him feeling my anger of him going away. We went into a small little hallway and we stopped in front of a door. He opened it, it was soo nasty it was dim, dark, and duty. I made a face showing my displeasure. JonJon laughed at me and pushed me into the room first, I heard the door closed behind me. They were chuckling behind me and walking around me. They pushed me back and forth roughening me up and bit before pushing me on the ground making me get on my knees. They told me to closed my eyes and I did. I heard their jeans unzipped and the next thing I knew I felt two long cocks on my face with their warm pre cum spreading it across my face. I opened my eyes looking up at them with a puppy dog look, I grabbed both their cocks in my hands and began pumping away. I spit on both their cocks making it easier for them to stuff it into my mouth. JonJon grabbed my head and guide it to his cock and all I could do was look at it waiting for it to come into my mouth. My breathing got harder I stuck out my tongue giving it a quick lick on the tip of his member. He went crazy and stoved it deep into my mouth gagging me with it. He let me go and I began to get to work on both the cocks that was in front of me. I spit and slobber on it letting a mix of pre cum and my spit escape the corner of my mouth. JonJon grabbed my hair and pulled me up to his level.

"Owwwwwwww!" I squealed

"Shut up." He wishpered in my ear as he removed my panties and dress throwing it to the corner.

JonJon bend me over and I went back to work on Chris's cock taking it's whole length into my mouth as I felt JonJon cock rubbing against my pussy and he rammed it into me hard making me scream on Chris's cock. I reached back spreading my right ass cheek signaling him to fuck me in the ass. I was disappointed when he only stuck his thumb in and worked on it. This went on for a few mins before I heard Chris said to JonJon that he wanted to trade sides. JonJon pulled out and turned me around to him and he stuck his cock into my mouth letting me taste my own pussy juice. I licked his pee hole with my tongue which made him grab my hair and rammed his cock hard into my mouth while Chris spanked me from behind. I was close to cumming so I began rubbing my clit at a high speed. I looked up at JonJon and he was looking down at me smiling and he spat on my face and I closed my eyes so it wouldn't go into my eyes. I looked up at him again when his spit landed near my nose and smiled at him with his cock still in my mouth. I rubbed my clit harder and then a wave of pleasure rushed through my body as I cummed letting it squirt to the floor.

I was ready to go back to class now that I had gotten a chance to cum before them. I was ready to give them blowjobs and get back to class before we were late.

"JonJon....Chrisy...we...we!!" I screamed as I began to cum again.

I lost all my breath on that cumming and I couldn't really talked for a while so I worked my pussy muscle around Chris's cock and my mouth on JonJon's cock. They switched back and forth between my mouth and pussy.

"We to class..." I managed to get out.

"Fine!" JonJon said taking his fingers out of my ass, "Chris get out of her for a moment."

Chris took his cock out of my mouth, JonJon threw me against the wall with a loud thump which kinda hurt but I didn't care at that moment. He rammed his cock into my tight ass making me scream and it hurt but it hurt so good making me cry from pleasure. I contracted my ass muscle around his cock milking his cock for all his cum.

"Damn your a sexy cum slut." He told me smacking my ass.

I looked over to see Chris watching us jacking off on the dirty little mattress in the corner of the room. JonJon told me to get on my knees and sucked him off. I squatted rubbing my clit and sucking him off. I told him to give me what I deserved for working this hard, he smiled and grabbed my head stuffing his cock deep into my mouth and cummed. I was swallowing as fast as I could but cum was still spilling out the side of my mouth. JonJon got out of my mouth and I licked it all up. He got down on one knee to my level giving me a kiss on the forehead.

"You did good baby. I love you." He said getting up wiping the rest of the cum that was hanging on his cock onto my tongue and I swallowed.

Chris came over and took over for JonJon he threw me against the wall too, fucking me up the ass. I stared at the wall with my mouth open lost in a mist not know where I was but it felt so good. Cum and spit was spilling out my mouth which I quickly sucked back up. He turned me around giving me a few hard smack on the face. Tears began streaming down my face and JonJon told him to clam down a bit. He pushed me against the wall liftin both my legs off the ground fucking my pussy for a bit more before picking me up and throwing me onto the dirty matresses. He got on top and placed his cock between my tits and began titty fucking me. I looked up at him and he had his eyes closed tightly so I looked over at JonJon and he smiled reaching over to mess with my hair and telling me I was a good girl. Chris told me to open my mouth and I did and he lowered his cock over my mouth and squirted four string of cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all and smiled.

"Yummy!" I said rubbing my tummy.

They laughed and JonJon got dressed leaving telling me he'll get my stuff so I can get fixed up again. He left and I crawled into Chris's arms resting my eyes for a while as he cupped my wet pussy mesing with it.

"How do you stay so tight?" He asked.

"I don't know I'm special." I said giggling.

I must have fell asleep because JonJon shook me awake. He wiped off the old make up and cum off my face. He spread my legs and wiped off my wet pussy and placing his nose to my pussy taking in a deep sniff. I giggled and grabbed my bag putting on my make up again. I layed there naked when Chris handed me my stuff and I threw it across the room.

"No!" I said acting like a baby.

"Haily we don't have time for this." JonJon said smiling.

"No!" I said again.

"Okay." He said giving in and grabbing my panties and putting them on for me. He threw the dress on me quickly and he straighten out my dress and I put on some more perfume to cover up the sex scent.

Chris helped me up getting a quick squeeze of my tits before JonJon took me into his arms and we walked back to class.

Done! Hoped you enjoyed the story!

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2011-04-06 22:36:07
i think it is actually pretty neet that you are telling this story from both sides and this story is better then the original i think

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Great stroy,

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