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I got home from my trip a day earlier than I expected. It was around 9 pm on Saturday when the cab dropped me off in front of my house. I didn’t call my wife because I wanted to surprise her. As I walked into the house I realized she wasn’t home. I brought my suitcase upstairs and put it away and sat in the den waiting for her to come home.

Around 10 I heard her car pull in and her come through the door from the garage. I started to walk toward the kitchen and was about to call out to her so I wouldn’t startle her when I heard her talking to someone. The response was from a man. This caused me to hesitate calling out to her. I kept quiet and listened to them talking.

The guy’s voice was familiar to me yet I couldn’t place it. He asked her if she was sure I wasn’t coming home and she said I wouldn’t be home until late Sunday and he should stop worrying and relax. It got quiet for a few minutes and as I moved myself into position to see what was happening I heard Lyn moan and then the sounds of kissing. I was able to look down on them and Lyn was in the arms of one of my best friends and they were kissing passionately.

I watched as his hands moved over her tits and then cupped her ass and as she moved her hand between them and rubbed his cock through his jeans. She looked at him and said “you are as turned on and horny as I am aren’t you”? John told her he fantasized about her and now it looks like his fantasy was about to happen. Lyn told him that tonight all his fantasies and hers were going to become a reality.

She kissed him again and then said they should go upstairs to the bedroom. I moved from my spot and quickly went into our bedroom and hid in my closet. It is adjoined to the spare bedroom and both rooms have louvers so I could watch them. I made myself comfortable and waited for them to come into one of the rooms. Moments later Lyn led John to our bedroom. I was shocked that my wife was cheating on me and even more shocked that she would fuck another guy and not just any guy but one of my best friends and she would do it in our bed.

Lyn pulled off his shirt and unzipped his pants and pulled them off as well. She pushed him onto the bed and backed away. She saw a large bulge in his underwear and asked if that was for her. John pulled down his boxers revealing a very large and hard cock and said it was all hers. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Lyn has average size tits that are perfectly shaped. She has very large and dark nipples and she never wears a bra so they are always on display. John said he always tried to get a look at her tits at the bar or parties.

She asked if he liked them and he replied that they are better than he ever imagined. He said all the guys at the bar and all my friends are always trying to see them and they all talk about how hot she is. She smiled and dropped her skirt and stepped out of her panties. John stared at her hairy pussy and said she was amazingly sexy. She said that for tonight, he could have her anyway he wanted her. He won the jackpot and she was his to do as he pleased for the remainder of the evening. With that she walked over to the bed and kissed him.

His hands went directly to her pussy and rubbed her before he slid several fingers into her pussy. She moaned and reached for his cock and stroked it as she was being finger fucked. John said he wanted her to suck his cock. Lyn climbed up on the bed and moved her body so she was between his legs and her face was inches from his cock. She held it and kissed it and licked it for a while. Then she took the head between her lips and sucked it. Before long she was sucking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could handle.

Lyn sucked his cock for several minutes and John thrust his hips as he fucked her mouth. I thought she was going to suck him off completely. John said it was amazing and she removed his cock from her mouth and asked what was amazing. He responded that it was so hot being in bed with such a beautiful and sexy woman and the view of a hot married woman and the wife of a friend sucking his cock and enjoying it so much was incredible.

She moved around and straddled him so his cock was up against the lips of her hairy pussy. She held his cock straight up and slowly sank down on it until he was completely in her and she started moving her hips. She pulled his head up and said “if you liked the view of me sucking your cock, how do you like the view of your cock sliding in and out of my hairy hole”? He looked down his body and saw what I saw. Her tits were bouncing and her nipples were rock hard and sticking straight out and her pussy was coating his cock with her juices and she rode him. He moaned and grabbed her hips and started thrusting into her harder and faster.

Lyn moaned and met each of his thrusts as they fucked each other. Lyn had several orgasms as John fucked her and soon he told her he was ready to cum. Lyn sat down hard on his cock and just moved her hips keeping him buried in her pussy. She told him to cum in her. That was all it took for John to start shooting his cum into my wife’s hole. Lyn told him to give it all to her and fill her hairy pussy with his cum and she started having another orgasm. This one was the most intense so far and she kissed him hard as they both came.

I never saw my wife cum that long or hard before. She stayed on top of him until he started softening. You could see his cum oozing out around his cock. Lyn told him that was great and they should get cleaned up. They both went to the bathroom and as she sat on the toilet letting his cum drip out of her pussy, John washed off his cock. He moved toward where Lyn was sitting and put his hand behind her head and pulled her head toward his cock. Lyn automatically opened her mouth and took his cock in and started sucking it. Soon you could see his cock starting to harden.

John pulled her to her feet but Lyn stopped him and said she needed to clean up. He told her she should worry about that later and took her by the hand and led her back to the bedroom. He laid her down and moved between her legs and pushed them apart with his knees and moved his hard cock toward her pussy. She spread her legs and kissed him as he moved his cock back into her hairy hole and started fucking her.

Lyn loved his forcefulness and told him to fuck her harder. From where I was sitting you could see her pussy stretched out from holding his cock as he pounded her good. She had several large orgasms during this session and John said he was getting close. She told him to fill her up again but John said he wanted to cum in her mouth and wanted her to swallow his load.

Lyn licked her lips and opened her mouth and said to give it to her. John got off her and moved up toward her face. Lyn grabbed his cock and moved her mouth over it and sucked him like she was possessed. John told her he was cumming and my wife took him in deep as he shot him cum into her mouth. Lyn sucked and swallowed all of it and kept him in her mouth until he was done. She then took him out of her mouth and licked him clean then kissed the head of his dick.

John fell onto the bed and told her she was amazing and he never met anyone who liked or wanted cock as much as she did. She told him that once she gets started she can’t get enough. They got up and went to the kitchen for some food and drink with neither bothering to get dressed.

They returned to the bedroom and remained naked and laid in bed talking. John asked if I was aware she was cheating on me and Lyn said this was the first time she went out looking for someone to fuck her and it was so good it won’t be the last. She asked him if he enjoyed it and he said it was the best ever. Lyn asked if he had an issue sleeping with the wife of one of his oldest and best friends and John said not anymore. He told her she was so hot he didn’t care about anything other than getting her naked and having his cock in her mouth and hairy pussy. He said he wanted her for years and it was worth the wait.

Lyn smiled and said that he wouldn’t have to wait to get it again. John asked if that meant that she would let him fuck her again another time to which she replied that after the fucking he just gave her, her mouth and pussy is available to him on a regular basis. She looked at him and said that he can start now and lowered her head to his cock and took him back in her mouth and sucked him slow and deep until he was rock hard again.

Once his cock was hard he had her get on all fours and fucked her from behind which is her favorite position. Lyn came several times as he pounded his cock into her. She told him she loved being fucked by him and he needed to stay over and fuck her all night. John said he would and she said that her body would be his to do as he pleased with all night and all day tomorrow until he had to leave. He came in her again which brought her off real hard. She told him she loved feeling his cum shooting in her and stayed in that position until he slipped out.

She told him he needed to get cleaned up and turned around and licked and sucked his cock clean. He told her she was insatiable and she said she was with his cock and she will be his slut and whore from now on as long as she got his cock. They showered and remained naked all night. Since he was staying over it looked like I was stuck in the closet all night so when they went to the kitchen, I made myself comfortable in the closet and prepared for a long night.

They came back upstairs and cuddled since John was worn out and needed a rest. Soon they fell asleep so I figured I could also sleep. I was woke up several times during the night by my wife’s moans and yells as John fucked her some more. I almost got caught as I went to pee and got back in the spare room just as Lyn was coming into the bathroom to empty her cum filled pussy.

In the morning I was woken up by Lyn and John in the shower. I am not sure if he was fucking her but she was telling him they had until all day together and she was a sure thing for him and would do anything he asked her to do. He said anything and she repeated that she would do anything he asked with no questions asked.

They stayed naked all day and he would have her suck his cock or would fuck her but it wouldn’t be as intense. He was teasing her and making her even hornier than the night before. He told her they needed to go get breakfast. She was concerned about someone we know seeing them together and he said “anything he wanted” and she agreed. He also told her to wear a short skirt and tank top with no bra or panties on. Since she promised him anything she didn’t question him and dressed as he told her.

I looked out the window as they walked to his car and her tits were really showing and moving as she walked and I could see her ass cheeks as she got in his car. They were gone an hour in which time I set up a video camera in the bedroom. I waited for them to come home and once I heard them in the house I went back to my hiding place. They stayed downstairs for a few minutes before coming back to the bedroom.

They walked into the room completely naked. John put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down and Lyn went to her knees and took his cock in her hand and said she was waiting to do this all morning and proceeded to take him in her mouth and suck him slow and deep. She sucked his dick for several minutes and removed it from her mouth and jacked him off as she aimed his cock at her face. Lyn never let me cum on her face so I knew she was really a complete slut with him. He told her he needed to fuck her first before he came on her pretty face and tits.

Lyn got on the bed and opened her legs and John moved between them and slid his cock in her in one motion. He told her she was soaked and she responded that she wanted his cock in her all morning and was really worked up waiting for him to fuck her some more. As they fucked he asked her if she was concerned that Joe saw them at breakfast. She said she was but it was what he wanted. She said she is sure Joe knows that they were together and fucking by the way he looked at her and checked her out since her outfit was more revealing than anything she wears when she is with me.

John said Joe was checking out her tits and her nipples and was sure he saw her pussy when she got up from the booth. Lyn said she was so horny that she was sure she left a wet spot on the seat from her pussy being so wet. With that she started cumming really hard. John pulled out of her and knelt by her face and stroked his cock until he started spurting his cum all over her face and tits. Lyn moved one hand to her spasming cunt and rubbed herself which made her cum even harder and longer. She stroked his cock with her other hand making sure he shot his entire load on her. Then she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him.

Once they were spent he looked at her and told her she was a whore and she said she was his whore and kissed his cock. John asked her why she was cheating on me and if she was always this wild. She told him he was only the 2nd guy she ever did anything with since she was married. The other time was at a party and a guy I worked with got her alone and she sucked him and he bent her over and fucked her from behind. She said it was exciting being fucked like that and having another man’s cum in her as she danced with her husband. She said she came hard when we got home and I fucked her cum filled pussy and didn’t know it was another man’s cum and not hers that made her so wet.

She said that she loved how my friends flirt with her and was always fantasizing about them so when he hit on her the other day she figured it was time she let loose and did what her body wanted her to do and that is fuck and suck a friend like a complete whore. He told her he isn’t done fucking her and she needed to go shower so he can keep her hairy pussy filled. Lyn went to the bathroom and John made a call and then went downstairs.

A short time later Lyn came into the bedroom all clean and fresh and John was on the bed with a hard on. He told her to suck him for a while and she moved to the bed and licked and sucked his cock as instructed. John moved her around so they were in a 69 and he ate her as she sucked him. Lyn came several times as he licked her and he told her he wanted to fuck her from behind. She got on the bed and he got behind her and slid his cock into her very wet and ready pussy and fucked her hard.

After Lyn came two more times he pulled out and said “anything I want and you are my whore” and she said yes. John moved his cock to her ass and put a little pressure on it and told her he was going to fuck her in her ass. She said she never had anal and never let me do it so she wasn’t sure she could handle it. John said that today was a day for firsts and pushed more and his cock moved into her ass. He took his time and soon the expression on Lyn’s face went from fear and pain to complete lust and she started moving her hips to take him in more.

Soon he had his entire cock buried in her asshole and started fucking her slow. Lyn started playing with her clit and John pulled on her nipples as he fucked her and Lyn started working toward a major orgasm. Once it happened it overtook her completely and she almost passed out. She told him it was amazing and he can do anything he wants to her from now on. John said he was glad and had another surprise for her and she told him to give it to her. As she said that, Joe walked into the bedroom completely naked with a very large and hard cock. Lyn couldn’t see him because of the angle she was in. Joe lubed his cock and John slowly removed his dick from her ass and then put in back in her ass. He did this several times and Lyn was going crazy.

John pulled out and moved away and Joe got behind her and rubbed his cock around her ass before pushing on it and letting it move into her stretched out asshole. Lyn moaned loud and told him she feels like he is tearing her in half but to keep going because she is close to cumming. Joe finally got all of his cock in her and Lyn went crazy and moved her ass back and forth as she fucked him. She started to cum and it was then that John moved in front of her and held his cock out.

Lyn looked behind her and saw it was Joe fucking her in the ass and moaned and took John’s cock into her mouth and sucked him. It was the same cock that was buried in her ass several minutes ago but she didn’t care. He told her she was his whore and needed to take care of his cock and Joe’s cock as well and soon all three of them came with John shooting his cum down her throat and Joe filling her ass with his load.

After a while they untangled and Lyn asked when he invited Joe and he said while she was in the shower. He said since she told him he could have her do anything he wanted he figured he would share her with another friend since he wanted her as much as John did. They talked a while more and all went to shower. Lyn sucked and fucked Joe several more times that day as John watched and joined in. Before they left she reminded John that this wasn’t a one time thing and she wanted his cock in her as often as she could get it and that she was still his whore but I could never find out.

Joe asked if he could get with her again and she said it was completely up to John since her mouth and pussy was his from now on to do as he pleases with it. After they left she went to shower and I hid the video camera and snuck out and came home an hour later. She was happy to see me but wouldn’t fuck me as she complained of a backache. We did fuck a lot the next day and I was constantly horny as I replayed her 2 days of being a whore in my mind. She has fucked John a lot since that 1st night and he shares her with some of my other friends and some of the guys he works with. She loves being used this way and getting fucked all night by several strange cocks.

I am not sure how long it will be before I tell her I know she is fucking my friends and she is a whore and I share the videos I made with her. Once that happens I believe we will both go our separate ways since I don’t see her stopping and I see her fucking more people in the future since she is addicted to cock.

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