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Lucy is in for the surprise of her life; feeling unwanted and unloved, her sexual and emotional fantasy suddenly comes true.
Mist spiraled through the air, and the chain links that ran under my fingers felt crumbly with rust. It was a typical Oregon evening, minus the rain. My auburn, wavy curls were kissed by the slight breeze and the light of the moon that permeated through the ever-present clouds. A sigh emitted from my full, bare lips.

Going home alone, I thought, ...again.

It had been months since my boyfriend and I had broken up - the only thing that filled my nights after that were flings, and one night stands. It was like no man wanted to hang around for more than a day, and I felt lonely and used.

Is my body the only thing people find interesting?

I had to admit, I was far from hideous. My legs were thin and long, making up most of my height of 5'7". I was thin, and worked out often, keeping my stomach flat and shapely. My hips swelled out enticingly, promising a flexible time for anyone who was interested, and my butt was comely and swayed at a complimenting angle to my 36C, though perky, breasts. My skin, though pale, was almost luminescent, and free of blemishes. Tonight, I had even rid myself of undergarments, and my nipples were swelled up against the cold, easily peeking at the world through my thin, gold, silk shirt.

Am I really so grotesque on the inside? I wondered, sighing a white fog into the air. It roiled with the mist before disappearing, leaving no trace of itself. Do my friends lie when they compliment me? I could hear their voices now; "You're so beautiful, Lucy!", "I wish I were as pretty as you, Lucy!", "Why can't I have your breasts, Lucy?", "I wish I could be you, Lucy!". Their praise seemed endless, but perhaps my friends only pitied me, and had a mutual agreement to try and convince me that I was worth something. Looks didn't get you everything - you need a personality, too, and I felt like I was as boring as a textbook.

I eventually reached my apartment building; a stray cat hissed and scrambled away as I unlocked the door. After getting the mail, I climbed the three flights of stairs to my floor.

My apartment was unchanged from before I left for the rave party. Dishes from my early dinner were still unwashed in the sink, and the lamp by the door flickered with dying life. I set my keys and clutch on the table by it, and stripped as I headed for the bed, ending up naked and sprawled in the sheets; the smell of lavender infiltrated my nose, as cotton as soft as baby's skin caressed my limbs.

The air hit my pussy, making me shiver.

I don't need a man to have a little fun,I thought, trailing my thin fingers down the planes of my body; over my swollen, sensitive nipples, past my stomach, and finally to my quivering pussy lips. Moisture was gathered there, warm and wet against my skin.

"Mmmm." I breathed, flicking the sensitive nub resting there. Slowly, agonizingly, I trailed a finger down the length of my pussy, trailing over the juices that appeared with complete willingness. After a moment, I was about to push a finger into my tight hole, when my body seemed to freeze.

What is this? I wondered, willing my body to prepare itself for something horrid. I could do nothing, though, as a colorless, freezing cold hand fell over my eyes like a snow-cold veil.


I awoke to a cold, very white room. My back rested on a metal table, much like an operating table. I was naked, and still horny, though also scared; my hands, ankles, and neck were all encompassed by metal, which held me down to the table.

Oh, God, I thought, slightly delirious, I'm going to die.

Perhaps an hour passed, and I felt I would go insane. The flat, white walls played tricks on my eyes and mind, making me think the room was shrinking and expanding all at once. To my surprise, though, part of the wall disappeared, and two figures stepped through.

I immediately felt like screaming; they had human shapes, though looked as though they were made of water. They were not clothed, and I could see no reproductive organs, which led me to think they were sexless, and they had no hair. Their faces had no features, and the only human-like appendages were their fingers and toes.

The first one rolled a chair to my side, distracting me from the other, who quickly inserted a needle in my arm, sending a fluid into me that I couldn't discern.

"H-hey! What do you think you're doing?" I shouted, trying to shrink away, but my limbs quickly fell away from my control, and I fell into a sleep that felt like I was resting on clouds.


I awoke for a second time, slung across an armchair. I was still naked, and immediately felt watched; I sat up, which I was relieved to be able to do, and quickly found that a group of man-like beings were huddled not far from me. They, again, made me want to scream. They looked almost completely human, except that they had skin as red as fire and tails that curled and twitched behind them, with an end like an arrow that looks as sharp as a brand new knife. Their heads, which had hair that ranged from long, pitch black curtains, to short and curly mops, were topped with horns that were as long as half of my arm. Some were ringlets, though they looked just as menacing.

Their bodies were muscled and tough, something I would have considered looking into if they weren't the basic look of demons. What I could not see, though, was a penis. Their was only a discreet bump where they should have been.

They were having an argument; two left, looking defeated, while two of the three left began to brawl. The last one looked disinterested; his stance was one of nonchalance, giving me a good view of his very perfect body. His hair was long and shiny, and reached has lower back, even clipped. His tail twitched in an agitated motion, the only sign of any impatience, and his buff arms were crossed over a well-defined chest and stomach. He had a six-pack, with sex lines that led down to the small crest between his legs.

His face was manly, and rugged. He had no facial hair to decorate his jaw, which squared enticingly. His lips were full, for a male, and were pursed in a smirk. I wondered why, until I noticed he had been watching me take in his body. I averted my eyes, ashamed, and he turned, giving me a view of his well-rounded ass; with a wave of his hand, the two demons who were previously throwing a rage of punches, were suddenly still, looking pained.

"Leave." The demon said, his voice so much of an authority that I wanted to go through the door in the far corner even more.

The two demons scrabbled to get out first, growling what I thought might be curses of defeat.

The demon before me turned and began a slow prowl towards me, looking like he was stalking his prey. I tried to scoot back, but I had no where to go; he reached me, a slow, sly smile spreading on his face.

"You do look delicious. Not many of your kind come through the trading business," He whispered, "Especially not ones as enticing as yourself."

His lips grazed up my jaw and to my ear, where he whispered to me. "I am from another planet, one where the females have been quickly squandered and lost. A large dilemma came across us - we could not mate, and would therefore die as a race. But then life was discovered on other planets, and we found we could mate with many other species. Yours is prized above any other, though I have yet to explore why. But I will not miss the chance," His teeth nibbled at my neck, sending surprisingly strong signals of lust and attraction through me, "As you are mine now."

I could feel my heart in my throat, my pulse as fast as a humming bird's wings. I'm a slave now? A sex slave? I questioned in horror. Still, though, a part of me stirred. A long-time fantasy was quickly coming to life for me.

His fingers, which had menacingly sharp, black claws at the end, trailed down to my breasts, circling my perking nipples.

"Your body screams excitement," He whispered, "But your face is mixed. What are you thinking?"

I was surprised he cared; though, maybe he didn't, for his fingers trailed lower, running over the smooth skin above my pussy. My legs seemed to part of their own accord, and his voice found my ears again.

"You want me, don't you? You want your Master buried deep inside you."

His claws trailed over my pussy lips, sending a shock wave of pleasure through me. I was shocked to find that I did. I actually wanted this.

Am I going insane?

Suddenly, a slap was administered across my face.

"You will answer me when I ask you a question, slave." He growled; I looked in his eyes, which roiled like molten lava. I swallowed thickly, trying to get a hold on myself.

"Yes, Master," I let out, timidly testing the waters, "I want you in me, Master."

The demon-like creature before me emitted a low moan, grabbing my face and setting his lips on my own; they were so hot I gasped in surprise, leaving my mouth open. My Master took advantage of this, quickly darting his tongue over my own, tempting me to wrestle with him. Unable to control myself, I did, sneaking my hands up his torso and over his torso; I removed the clip in his hair, letting those silky, ink black curtains fall across my breasts, relishing in the soft caress it gave my nipples, and in the feel of my Master's tongue toying with my own.

With a shock, I found that he did have a penis; it extended out of a sort of pocket, which was the bump I had seen earlier. It grew well past human standards, reaching what looked like two feet.

"Look what you have done now," He breathed across my neck, where he rested his head against my heart, "I have no choice but to punish you, do I?"

"Please, Master, punish me," I whispered, pushing myself against his heavy sex feeling the pulsing, heated weight against my own throbbing flesh, "I've been a horrible slave."

"Horrible, indeed." He replied in surprise; still, he took the invitation, lifting my hips and setting my legs around his waist. I looked down in sudden fear at his massive dick; I couldn't possibly stand such extremities, could I? Along with being so long, it was very thick; I doubted I could fit my hand around it.

My master snaked a hand up my back, pushing me close to his chest. "Do not worry, little slave. You have been administered drugs that recreated your insides. You're now fully capable to withstand my penetration. But, still... I will try to be gentle."

I lifted my eyes to his, finding a strange softness, mixed with a momentarily repressed lust. "Thank you, Master."

He smirked again, and leaned me back, leading a trail of smoldering kisses down to my breasts. His teeth soon found a nipple, teasing and nipping at the sensitive flesh. I lost myself in the caress of his mouth, arching my back in ecstasy. I soon found such a simple gesture made me reach peaks I didn't even know existed, but my Master quickly cut me off, leaning away from my breast.

I groaned in need, my hands gripping tightly against my Master's shoulder blades. His face was almost pained, and his dick swelled even larger against me.

"You are a witch," He growled, his voice low and strained.

"I am no witch, Master, I am only yours." His dick edged along my pussy lips, sending a tidal wave through me. "Please, Master! Take me! Claim me as yours completely!" My shout was loud and filled with desire. Quickly, his massive dick pushed through, and into me; he must've been far beyond control, for he plunged in deeply, but I was far from caring. There was no pain, only a crashing of wave after wave of pleasure bursting through me; stars shone behind my eyes, and screams of pleasure escaped both of us.

He buried his dick completely inside me, but if fit perfectly, despite the fact that it denied all logical sense. I could feel every fiber of him, stretching me, quivering inside of my flesh. I clamped onto him, squeezing with delight. I felt completely filled, like a burning desire had been quenched with water, but soon I knew the water only made the fire bigger.

He began a rhythm of pounding against me, the sound of flesh hitting flesh resonating through the air. Words were lost in a tidal wave of primeval moans of pleasure and excitement. It seemed as if endless hours passed; like thousands of orgasms crested over me, washing me again and again with pleasure beyond words.

My Master's hair draped over my skin, sticking to us both with the sweat that swam between us. His rhythm was lost, as if there was no speed fast enough, and I could feel him swell within me, stretching me even farther. Moans escaped us both as a flow of liquid that burned with pleasure, causing one last orgasm to travel through me like an earthquake.

It took him many minutes to calm; it seemed as if gallons of sweet fire had poured within me. Some had even leaked out, running onto the chair beneath me.

His breath fanned across my skin as he kissed each inch of my body.

"My little witch." He whispered, with a loving gaze staring up at me.

PS - This is my first story, so tell me what you think. :D
Much love, Annie. <3

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