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Just something I wrote when I was feeling specifically horny. It's my first try, so any constructive critisism is more than welcome.
Ever since I was 8 years old I have been humping my Teddy Bear. It's quite big...well big enough that is. What I would do for a human-sized one...
Lately I have started broadcasting shows. I loved the idea of kinky old men wanking to me facefucking my poor Teddy. Sometimes I had about 7-8 people who watched me, as I pushed my pussy on teddy's nose and moaned and moaned...
Usually I have about 3-4 windows open, showing men masturbate. I can only guess they'd like to be in Teddy's position.

Teddy loves our relationship. In the day if I get horny I put him on the floor or on a chair and I straddle his face. His plastic nose easily finds my clit and I move up and down, left and right, until my juices are all over his face.
In the night I spread my legs and push his face in my pussy, under the covers. Once I got so horny I pushed him under me and started riding his face, forgetting that my parents were sleeping in the next room and I started moaning. Thank God they didn't wake up.

One day in a chat I met this guy who wanted to be the only one who sees me fucking my Teddy. He was really kinky, but a part of me liked that. He asked me to call him 'Daddy' and this got me strangely aroused. He loved hearing me talk while I fucked my Teddy and soon I found out that dirty talking was almost enough to make me cum.
I would hump Teddy's face, staring at the window with that guy's huge cock and repeat time after time "Oh, yes Daddy, fuck me! Fuck your naughty little girl hard! Fuck meee!" until I would cum.

For my 16th birthday I got an unexpected gift. My classmates had collected money and bought me a huge white Teddy bear. I broke up with my old Teddy. Who wouldn't? The new one was bigger than me!!! Its plastic nose seemed to be perfect for my clit and I couldn't wait to try it out.
And I knew just to whom I shall show our first time.
My Cyber Daddy was really happy when I told him about my New Teddy.
I put the Teddy on the floor and sat gently on its neck. I was only in my bra. I moved around and gasped when its nose touched my clit. I found a perfect position and started humping. It felt divine.
I don't really know what's better - the hard nose grinding with my clit or the very thought of fucking my Teddy bear!
Anyway, before I knew it I was screaming and moaning "Daddy, your little girl has been bad! Oh Daddy you need to punish me! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your naughty little girl!!!".

I was humping like crazy, staring in my Cyber Daddy's cock...until I noticed something. I had left my old Teddy Bear in my parents' room. But there it was! Behind my Cyber Daddy, staring back at me with jealousy.
I gasped. How was it possible to only now realize that the room...that room was just like my parents' bedroom!
KinkyDaddy4YoungGirl says: Brb.
I watched horrified as the guy stood up and left the room.
I didn't even realize my body was still moving back and forward, as I got wetter and wetter.
"You really need to be punished, Annie. You've been a really bad girl." I heard from behind me and turn around, my clit never leaving the Teddy's nose.
I shrieked. My father was standing naked in my room. I knew it was him...the man from my was my father!

I couldn't move and just watched as he slowly walked over to my bed and sat down, putting his hand on his cock.
"Go on. This time it's live..."
I started sobbing and just standing there, sitting on my Teddy's face.
"Fuck it, you little slut!!!" my father shouted.
Before I knew what I was doing I was moving back and forward again, this time very slowly. He laughed.
"I've seen you fuck that Teddy, Annie. You're way wilder. I want you to cum on its face. Now!"
I started moving faster, pushing my clit on Teddy's nose violently. It was my first time with this Teddy and he felt fantastic. He was big enough to give the illusion of being a real man and his nose felt fantastic.
I got wetter and wetter as I started moaning quietly.
"I know you're a screamer." Daddy said as his hand moved faster and faster along his huge cock.
"Oooh..mmm yeah...ahhhh" I started groaning as I moved even faster and with even more force. I would have cum by now...but I needed to talk, it had become a key part of my orgasms.
"Oooh....Daddy..." I moaned lustily before I knew the word had escaped my lips.
"Yes, my little slut? Do you want Daddy to fuck you, naughty girl?" he asked licking his lips.
I was at the verge of an orgasm. Nothing seemed to matter to me anymore as I let myself scream:
"Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your naughty little girl! Push your big cock in my tight little pussy and fuck me haaa-Ah-rd!"
With a final push in Teddy's face my body shivered and I collapsed, letting my orgasm take over me as I came.

I lay there for a few moments, enjoying the feeling. Then Daddy spoke up.
"Teddy's been really nice to you, hasn't he? Why don't you give him a kiss to thank him?"
I pushed my teddy bear on top of me and started kissing its mouth and nose, tasting my pussy on it. One of its legs found its way between my legs and I felt my hips push up by themselves.
"You're still horny, aren't you, you kinky whore?" Daddy asked. "You've been a really naughty girl and need to be punished. Come over here."
Before I processed his words I was standing in front of him. He pulled me roughly and positioned me over his knee. My juiced were flowing down his leg; I could feel his fat cock push against my stomach. I felt like grinding my pussy to his leg, but suddenly he lifted his hand and slapped my firm butt harshly.
I screamed, arching my back.
"So you like fucking your Teddy and calling some strangers 'Daddy', is that it, bitch?"
"Oooooh!" I moaned becoming instantly wet. He hit me again.
"Answer me, bitch!"
"Yes, Daddy....mmm I love fucking my Teddy!"
Another slap.
"You're so wet, you like Daddy spanking you, you kinky girl?"
"Yessssssss...!" I hissed in pain as he hit me yet again.
"Tell me how naughty you are." he whispered, massaging my red butt.
"Oooh...mmm I'm a naughty little girl, who's horny all the time and loves fucking her Teddy bear. I love old men watching me and telling me what they're gonna do to me. I love cumming while I scream for my Daddy to fuck me and..."
He hit me again, stopping my confession.
"You really are a very naughty girl, Annie. Do you want to come?"
"Yes, Daddy please I need to cum, please Daddy!"

He lifted me up and positioned me so that my pussy was on his leg. He quickly pulled my bra away, holding my hips.
"Now you're gonna hump Daddy's leg the way you humped Teddy's face. Let's play 'ride the pony', baby girl!"
I started moving around his leg immediately. He was holding my hips, giving more force to my pushes. My pussy was so wet; my juices were flowing down his leg. Soon I found the perfect pattern, my clit grinding violently to his leg. I started moaning and knew I'll come again soon, as he spoke.
"Just look what a naughty girl you are, you horny bitch! Fucking your toys, when you have a big fat cock just waiting to fill you with hot cum. You liked thinking about Daddy and watching his big cock, didn't you, sweetie? You liked screaming for him to fuck you isn't that right little girl?
"Oh, yes, yes Daddy fuck me! Fuck me hard, fill me with your big cock! Aaaaaah!" I screamed as I came all over his leg. I was so weak after my orgasm I would have fallen if he didn't hold me.

I breathed heavily and needed to rest, but Daddy seemed to have another idea.
"Now, you little whore are going to suck my cock!"

To be Continued.

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