John (18), Haily (7)

Haily is my little baby sister, she's the most beautiful in the world, she had blonde silky hair, glossy green eyes, 4'1, 45 lbs, and very tight 7 year old little body. We all have a very "special" relationship since she was five. Haily begin the baby she knew she could have anything she wanted and she knew I couldn't say no when it comes to her.

I walked into my room and Haily was jumping on my bed watching TV, her little pink cotton dress bounced up with her revealing her panties with every jump. She didn't stop jumping when I came in but she just waved and smiled at me. I walked over to her and catching her as she jumped up and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"Mom said it's time for bed little baby." I said beginning to walk.

"No! I'm a big girl now and I should sleep when you sleep." She replied trying to wiggle out of my arms.

I took her to the bathroom and lowered her so she can go brushed her teeth. She stood in front of the mirroe sticing out her chest. She looked over at me smiling blowing me a kiss. I chuckled and sat down indian style and waited for her to finish brushing her teeth. I slide over to her sitting right behind her closing the bathroom door. I lifted up her dress to look under her dress as she pushed it down and I lifted it up again. She let me keep it up until she was finished and she pushed it down again. She turned around smiling at me taking a step closer to me lifting up her dress to let me see her panties from the front side. I slide a finger into her panties playing with the hym of her panties strecting it out pulling her closer to look into her panties. I looked inside down at her hairless pink tight pussy. I looked up at her and smiled letting her panties go and I grabbed her hand making her let go of her dress. I interlocked my fingers with hers as she twisted her body from side to side. I brought her hands up to my mouth giving it a kiss.

"You're beautiful." I said pulling her into a kiss.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and I wrap my arms around her waist. I slid my tongue deep into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around mine and I had my hand on her ass crassesing her ass. I musted have pushed my tongue too deep because Haily began coughing and I had to pull away. She was coughing her little head off with a string of spit was hanging from her chin breaking off hitting the floor. I patted her head to stop her coughing, when a knock came and our mom's voice came asking if Haily was okay. I told her she was okay and our mom told me to hurry and get Haily to bed. Haily stopped coughing and smiled at me and I picked her up carrying her to her room. I layed her down on her bed giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Good night," I said, "want me to stay for a little bit?"

"Yeah stay for the night." She said smiling.

"I can only stay for a little bit." I said getting under her blanket with her

I got her into a spooning prosition and I pulled down my pants to my knee letting my hard cock come out. I placed it between her legs pumping it between her legs a little making it wet with my pre cum. Haily let out a sigh as she relaxed reaching down touching the head of my cock that was sticking out between her legs. My breathing got harder breathing into her ear making her get goosebumps on her hands which I rubbed away.

"Can I touch your pussy?" I whispered in her ear.

"Yeah." She whispered back.

I slid my hand into her panties cupping her pussy in my palm. I spread her pussy lips lifting her hood rubbing her little clit. She let out little whimpers and she removed my cock from between her legs and began pumping it. I told her she was so pretty taking in a deep breath of her strawberry perfume scent. I got on top of her as she wrapped her leg around my waist. I placed my cock at her pussy enterence and pushed only the head of my cock in as she let out a quick squeal and covered her mouth. I began pumping in and out of her as she looked up at me with a scared expression making her look so hot.

"Wanna to suck it?" I asked as she just look down at my cock head going in and out of her little pussy.

She looked at me for a while before before nodding her head and I pulled out of her sitting on top of her chest and stuck my cock in her face. She took the head in her mouth sucking on it as she would with a bottle. She didn't know what to do with her tongue yet except licking my pee hole. But that was enough to make me cum in her mouth, she grabbed my cock with both her hands and began pumping the rest of the cum into her mouth as she swallowed it all, except the extra cum that was coming out of her mouth. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and scoop the cum that excape back into her mouth. I got off of her pulling my pants back up and got out of her bed. She let out a wimper as I was walking out. I walked back sitting down patting her head telling her how pretty she was and told her to go to sleep.

"No!" She said lifting up her dress for me to see, "can I sleep with you tonight?"

"Why not." I said as she jumped out of her bed following me giggling.

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2015-03-24 07:12:20
you cant spell


2010-07-10 21:45:38
Very bad grammar, no plot, no story line, nothing to get me excited. As one of the previous commenters said - get a good editor and rewrite this.


2010-05-13 18:44:57
I wish i had a sister to sniff her PANTIES.

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2010-04-25 15:29:24
go back to school and learn to talk properly and get a dictionary and a good editor and do a rewrite this is totally unreadable


2010-03-25 07:13:16
I love d my little sisiter too

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