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A young boy discover a life changing ability
My first attempt at a sex story. Feel free to leave comments and criticisms. I can only learn from them. I have several ideas on what I want to do but I am up for suggestions. Next part should be up soon I’m not going to leave it a cliff hanger for long.

I vividly remember the first day I gained my gift. It was just during the week between Christmas and New years, where everything seems to stand still and nothing can really be accomplished. It had been a rather mundane Christmas with a whole lot of presents and family dinners. I was enjoying the break from school although around the house I was yelled at constantly “Jordan do this” and “Jordan clean that” my mothers would constantly holler at me. Oh the joys of being the only male in the house, surrounded by four sisters and a set of lesbian mothers. At first I thought that I had discovered it quite by accident but I would soon find out that this gift was not a natural one. I had just gotten back from visiting grandparents and quickly stole myself away to wank off, as I had not had any relief during my visits. It was quite difficult when I was away to wank off because my four younger sisters were constantly walking through everyone’s rooms playing with their new Barbie dolls or chatting on their cell phones, so I locked myself in my room the moment I got home. I quickly pulled out my laptop and loaded up some of my porn. I decided that since I had waited a long enough time to do so I was going to this wank long and pleasurable. It started out as a normal wank but then when I wanted to cum I couldn't. I turned on my favorite lesbian flick, watching them pleasure each other before switching to some hetero hardcore. Normally I would have climaxed by then but I ignored the thought, as I wanted to go on for longer. Eventually, after lasting longer than I ever had I readied myself for the cum of my life. But it wouldn’t happen. I sat there unable to climax but couldn't for the life of me understand why. Not wanting to get blue-balls I went back at it even stronger but still nothing. I think it was that moment of desperation that brought the thought to my head that I would let my bitch sister come and finish up on me.

Moments later I hear a knock at my door and my younger sister, Julia, yelling to let me in. She sounded angry so I quickly close my laptop and try to hide my boner. I open the door and ask her why she's bugging me. She responds by walking into my room, locking the door behind her. I ask her what the fuck she's doing and she responds by reaching into my pants and grabbing my dick. Now I was quite freaked out by this and tried pushing her away but would not let go and kissing at my face and neck like the world would end if she didn't get fucked. Little did I know that that was actually the case but I had no idea about the greater repercussions of my actions. I decide that I should give into her actions and let her have her way with me. The moment that I stopped resisting her advantages she pushes me back on my bed and starts a strip tease routine I recognize as being in one of my favorite porn flicks. She grinds her tight little sixteen year old ass up against my crotch and I quickly get the idea to strip off my clothes as well. Once I'm naked she quickly starts to give me a blow job acting as if she had given hundreds even though I knew she had never even touched a penis before, being the stuck up feminist bitch she was. After deep throating on my cock for a solid minute, she crawled up on the bed and started to attack my neck with kisses. She took one of my hands and guided it into her pussy, which was incredibly wet. I started to finger fuck her using one then two and then tree fingers. Until then she had not made a noise save grunting or moaning but after three minutes of fingering her she starts to pant and yells out "Oh God I want you inside of me". I quickly roll her over so that I'm on top now and prepare to penetrate her. I hesitate before I do asking myself if I really want to loose my virginity to my sister and at the same time take hers. "Fuck it" I mutter and penetrate my sister as hard as I can. Her back arcs and she lets out a whimper of pain as I obliterate her hymen. I started penetrating her slower as I know I will cum too soon and I'm enjoying this time to much to have it end. I squeezed my hands against her overdeveloped breasts and she let out a squeal of enjoyment. Her nipples were very perky and had small areolas, much to my delight and I started suckling on them and then, just out of curiosity, bit down on one. Hard. She let out a sharp gasp of air, which quickly turned into a moan. Feeling that I was going to cum I moved back to pull out of my sister, so as to avoid getting her pregnant, but she seemed to realize what I was doing and trapped my cock inside of her. With no other option I came inside of her and we both lay there, panting until I was soft. Without making a sound she quickly got up, put on her clothes and walked out of my room leaving me lying there. While I was lying there, a sense of overwhelming dread and confusion came over me. How had I managed to get my sixteen year old sister to take my virginity? What was she going to say to my parents? What the fuck was I thinking.

"You don't have to worry about you sister remembering" came from across the room. I look over startled and see a large muscular naked man with a very angry looking cock.

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2016-06-12 08:57:43
Good could have had a little more looking forward to next part

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2015-06-16 17:51:41
Please write more. I loved this start. When will it be out and why has it not out sooner? Thanks

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2012-09-18 07:41:03
I enjoyed that part and look forward to your next installment. I hope it's posted by now or soon will be.

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2012-06-23 23:35:33
Wtf? Where the hell is my sequel?

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2012-01-23 18:57:53
SEQUEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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