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Suddenly the thought occurred to me, I must have gone mad. How could I be doing this? But when I look up I see her smiling broadly with eyes shining and I know that she is enjoying this as much as I am. After we finish, she curls up in my arms and purrs softly as we both drift gently off to sleep.

I met Sandy when she came to work in our office. At first I didn’t think much about her, she was not really pretty although she had large breast to go with her large frame. She was thick in the thighs, but not gross or obese. She was married, had three kids, and seemed very much to be a nice friendly lady. At first we were friends, working together and playing softball on the same coed team. One day at work she explained that she was going to a friend’s pool party and asked if I would like to go. By then we were good friends and I felt comfortable enough to accept.

At the party we drank a few beers, ate some food and then took a swim in the pool. We had the pool to ourselves and after playing some she came in real close and asked if I was horny. I was caught off guard, and while I was horny, I was sure that I needed to better understand what was going on. Sandy sensed this and quickly explained that after many years of marriage, her husband no longer had an interest in her sexually and they had mutually agreed that she was entitled to have her fun. He no doubt was having his fun, so she was interested in me.

We discussed this further; I wanted to make clear that I didn’t want to be involved in something that would hurt her or her family. Also, I expected that at some point I would meet someone and want to pursue a relationship, so I couldn’t be “romantically” involved with her. She said she understood, so with the ground rules in place we proceeded to her place for a little one on one.

When we got to her place it was already late so the kids were in bed, we got a beer and sat on the couch. She was making all the moves so this was easy for me. She showed me her breast, they were very large with huge nipples sticking up, I sucked on them greedily while she reached into my pants and pulled out my dick. She used her tits to rub my dick which by now was swollen and throbbing, I thought I’d come when she slid down and sucked me hard. I stopped her just in time, and pulled her up so that I could get into her panties.

She had a big pink pussy surrounded by pubic hair, I stuck my finger in slowly and it was instantly wet with her juices, I pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth, and then I jumped up and kissed her hard so that I could taste her juice in her mouth. As I did she reached down and shoved my dick into her dripping cunt, without any hesitation I started fucking her as hard as I could. We fucked for at least an hour before I came. I can’t remember a better fuck than she just gave me, her old man was nuts to miss out on this. After I caught my breath I climbed off of her and stood up, as I did she sat up and gently took my dick in her mouth and licked me clean. She really knew what men liked and made sure that I would want more.

This story isn’t really about Sandy and me, but you have to know how this starts and a few details along the way. For instance there was one time that we had been out to a local bar and had a few beers. When we got back to her place we started to play, she had her tits out and I had my dick out. I started by rubbing my dick on hers tits and proceeded to masturbating against her large nipples. I’m sure she probably wanted to have my dick inside her, but seeing me masturbate and enjoy it she encouraged me to finish. As I got ready to come she took my dick into her mouth and sucked hard, swallowing every drop. I‘ve had blow jobs before, but this one was super intense, and at the end she looked at me and smiled to let me know that she liked making me feel good.

These kind of events occurred frequently over the next several months, we developed a strong friendship, and I even think that I loved her a lot more than I admitted to. She obviously loved me, and went out of her way to spend time with me and show me. She would spend the night at my place when she could and she would always do things to keep me interested. We frequently talked of sex, admitted to each other that we were bisexual, and even played some sex games with some other couples.

After a while I met her husband Shane and we became friends, at first it was awkward for me, then I realized that he was genuinely happy that his wife was getting what she needed and that actually worked out good for their family overall. All of this seems to be going very good, what could go wrong?

Sandy’s daughter Ellen was a very young eleven when I first met her. She was very cute, with warm brown eyes, a few freckles around her nose, and beautiful long auburn hair. Her dark hair and eyes over her fair complexion was striking. Ellen really liked me, she always hugged me whenever she saw me, and I liked hugging her too, showing her attention whenever I could.

Knowing that her dad wasn’t around a lot, I wasn't surprised she really loved a man’s attention. Sandy actually encouraged it, commenting that she thought I was a good influence on Ellen and that she was happy we were close. By the time Ellen was approaching thirteen, Sandy and I were together on a regular basis, and looking back I think that Ellen understood that we were more than just friends.

Late in the spring while Ellen was still twelve, I had plans to go to a local car show and since Sandy couldn’t go I asked if Ellen would like to join me. Sandy thought that it was a good idea, she was going to be busy with the boys and thought Ellen would be bored. So I stopped by to pick up Ellen, and off we went.

It was a hot day for late spring so I wore some cut-off jeans and a T-shirt, I noticed that Ellen had dressed up, wearing a candy stripe dress with a nice little blouse underneath. She was starting to wear make-up, but not too much, just a little color around the eyes and a soft shade of lipstick. I was surprised that I noticed, but she was definitely cute.

After trotting around the show field for a couple of hours, we were both hot and tired. It would be hours before Sandy would be home, so I suggested we go to my house to cool out and get some ice cream on the way. After arriving at my house, I turned on the TV, and told Ellen that I wanted to put on something more comfortable. I changed into an old pair of gym shorts and left off the underwear since the T shirt was long enough to cover up. As I headed to the living room, Ellen was coming out of the front bathroom; she didn’t realize that I saw her stuffing something into her purse.

Also I noticed that she had freshened up her make up. I didn’t say anything as we settled down on the sofa to watch TV. Neither of was really watching TV, so we just talked. As I sat there looking at her, I realized that she was a beautiful girl and my heart just melted. I really wanted to hold her, not thinking that I wanted her little girl body.

We talked and somehow ended up closer together, feeling her close just increased my desire. I gently stoked her face as I brushed back the hair from her eyes. She responded with a smile moving closer to me, and then she kissed me. Not a sweet little goodnight kiss, she kissed me on the lips and meant it. I pulled her close into my arms and kissed her again. My mind raced, I was making out with this beautiful little girl and loving it.

By now she was sitting on my lap and my gym shorts could not contain my erection as she purposefully rubbed against it. I reached down instinctively to rub her breasts, she was just starting to develop, so there weren’t big full mounds to play with, but as I touched her nipples they hardened and she quivered. I stopped for a moment and she asked what’s wrong,

I said that we were heading for trouble and that she wasn’t ready for this. She smiled and said that she wanted me inside her, I’m not sure if she knew what that meant, but that’s what I wanted too. I told her that even though I wanted her, I would go to jail if anyone knew I had touched her. She said not to worry, that she wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt me.

I could resist no longer, I started kissing her again, this time my tongue was deep inside her mouth and hers was in mine. We lay on the sofa and I reached down to lift her dress, discovering that her panties were in her purse. I pulled her legs apart and placed my hand between her legs. I could feel every detail of her sweet vagina as I stroked up and down. Again she quivered, and then sighed, and then she started panting as I rubbed her soft little clit.
I felt her getting wet and all I could think of was sucking on her pussy. I moved my face between her legs and I noticed the scent of ivory soap and the sweet musty aroma of her juicy little vagina. As I started licking her clit she moaned softly, as I stuck my tongue in her vagina she came all over my face.

I pulled up slowly and she climbed on top of me, first she kissed me and said she loved tasting her cum on my lips. Next she reached into my shorts and rubbed my throbbing dick. Wow you are huge she said as she bent down to take me into her mouth. I couldn’t believe she was sucking my cock, I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I told her I was ready to cum, she kept sucking me, but I didn’t want my first time with her to be in her mouth.

I pulled her up to kiss her and pushed her pussy down against my dick. I just kissed her while I rubbed my dick until I came, shooting a big load of cum all over her pussy and rubbed it in as it ran down the crack of her ass. When I was done, I asked if she wanted to taste my cum as I stuck my sticky wet cock into her mouth. She sucked it and licked it and smiled to let me know she enjoyed it.

I looked down and her legs were wide open, showing me the beautiful mess I had made on her pussy. I knelt down and started licking her clean, turned on by the idea of eating my cum off this fine little pussy. As I worked my way down to her ass crack and then her cute little hole she quivered again and told me that I was nasty and that she loved it.

I told her that I was turned on again and asked her if she wanted more, she asked if I would put it in her. I told her that I wasn’t sure if she was ready for that, but that I would love for her to sit on my face. She got up off the sofa as I lay back on the floor; she sat on my chest facing away from me and slowly slid her pussy up to my face. I told her to lick me while I licked her and we sucked each other for a long long time. She came in my mouth a couple of times and I swallowed every bit of juice she had.

I started sticking my tongue in her ass and she moaned softly “I love that”. I couldn’t keep going, I had to come, reaching down I grabbed my cock and pulled it out of her mouth. I stroked it against her lips a couple of times and started spurting cum on her face. She opened her mouth and swallowed all she could catch. I pulled her up to me and licked my cum off her face, sharing it with her as we kissed. Again she swallowed as I put more cum in her mouth. We were both pretty happy by now, so we curled up together and started talking.

I asked her how she knew what was going on, she just said that she had seen things and heard things and was figuring the rest out as we went along. I asked her if she had ever had a dick in her pussy before, she said no, but she had been fingered a couple of times and she liked fingering herself. I told her I would like to watch and she said I could if I would lick her ass like before. I said I can do better than that, but it would have to wait because I needed to take her home soon.

We both took a few minutes to clean up and then headed out the door to take her home. By now I was getting worried, if anybody knew I would go to jail or worse. I talked to her about it and she promised that she would never tell anyone or let me get in trouble. I’m not sure that I felt any better about it. Also I told her I was worried that I was ruining her life, she just smiled and said she was fine and that she was glad we were together.

When I got her home it was late so Sandy asked me to stay for supper, I agreed and stayed. After supper the kids went off to bed, but Ellen came back to hug me goodnight, with her mother watching, she said she had a great time today and kissed me on the lips. I tried to look surprised, and Sandy took it in stride and didn’t say a thing.

Later Sandy and I started fooling around, I was a little nervous, but she didn’t say anything. Did she taste her young daughters cum on my lips, if she did she must have liked it because she fucked me a lot, insisting that I play with her ass. I fingered her ass and licked her ass before sticking my dick in her ass and shooting a big load of cum in there. After I was done she sat on my face and licked my sticky cock and balls while I licked the cum running out of her ass and into her vagina. Once again, I was turned on by eating my nasty cum from her nasty well fucked ass. After we were done we laid there naked and she asked if I had a good time with Ellen today. I just said yes she is very nice, she smiled and said “I know she is, I’m glad you were with her today”. Before I left she asked if I would like to come over for dinner on Sunday. I said sure, but I was still a little nervous.

The next day I was even more paranoid than before, I just knew that by now Ellen was regretting having sex with me and that the police were on their way. I calmed myself with the realization that a few minutes with her was worth years in jail, I can’t remember ever being so much in love and lust at the same time. By early afternoon I headed over to Sandy’s house, when I got there I found out that the boy’s had just left to go camping with their dad overnight.

That meant that it would just be me, Ellen, and Sandy for dinner. Again I got a little nervous, but Ellen smiled at me and I knew that it was alright. After a quiet dinner, we all settled on the couch to watch a little TV, Cindy offered up a bit of wine to sip on. I knew that wine made her horny, when she offered a small glass to Ellen, I wondered if it would make her horny too.

After Cindy and I had a couple of glasses of wine we were feeling good and joking around. She moved closer to me on the couch and kissed me, she had never done this in front of Ellen before. I looked over but Ellen had gone upstairs and changed her clothes for bed. When she returned to say goodnight, she had on a t-shirt and pink panties that the shirt did not quite cover.

I couldn’t help the erection as I looked at her and thought about the day before. She must have sensed that I was thinking about it as she came over and crawled into my lap. Sandy poured us another glass of wine and offered another small glass to Ellen. Ellen sipped her wine quickly as she leaned against me. I wasn’t thinking straight, I wrapped my arms around Ellen and my erection grew, she could feel it on her bottom and wiggled gently to arouse me even more. By now Sandy has leaned over on my shoulder and is nibbling at my neck while Ellen takes my hand directly to her crotch and is rubbing herself with my hand.

I am sure that this is going to end badly and I gently move Ellen up off my lap, as I do she spins around and starts kissing me on the lips, in the meantime Sandy has gotten up off the couch and is bent down unbuckling my pants and pulling them off. Next goes my underwear and I’m sitting there with Ellen kissing me and Sandy staring at my naked cock standing straight up.

Suddenly Ellen jumps up beside her mom and they both take off their clothes. Ellen is naked first and she is right back on my lap with her pussy rubbing my cock while she kisses me. Sandy pulls me down along the couch and straddles over top of me so that I can watch her finger herself good. She is facing Ellen and she leans over and gives her a hug then she reaches down and holds my cock upright so that Ellen can get on top of it.

As Ellen gets my throbbing dick started into her tight wet little vagina, Sandy gets back to fingering herself while I start licking the juices at the very bottom of her cunt. I can feel the head of my cock bumping into Ellen’s virginal wall; she cries just a bit as it breaks and my big hard dick slides deep into her tiny pussy. I reach around with my left hand and start fingering Ellen’s cute little ass and at the same time I reach up and finger Sandy’s ass with my right hand.

The wine must have made both of them very horny; Sandy’s cunt is squirting hot juice down into my mouth and Ellen’s bucking wildly while her juice runs down my cock and into my ass crack. Sandy comes twice in a row, she pulls my finger out of her ass and sucks on it, and then pulls her finger out of her cunt and rubs it all over her large nipples. Then Ellen starts sucking her nipples and cums at least twice. Finally I cum hard filling Ellen’s hot little vagina until it runs down my cock. Sandy pulls my finger out of Ellen’s ass and sucks on it, smiling when she is done.

As my dick goes soft Ellen starts to climb off of me, but Sandy pulls her vagina over to my face and tells her to suck my dick. I pull Ellen’s sticky wet pussy to my mouth and eat her cum soaked cunt while she’s licking me clean. I finish her pussy and start sucking on her ass, swirling my tongue in and out of her sweet little hole.

Sandy lays on the floor next to the couch and starts fingering herself again, she calls to Ellen and pulls her face down to her pussy. Ellen lays on Sandy and eats her pussy while Sandy reaches up and pulls Ellen’s tiny little cunt to her mouth. Watching mother and daughter eating each other has me fully erect again, looking down at Ellen’s sweet little ass I can’t resist. As I get in position behind her Sandy licks Ellen’s ass to make it wet for me.

Ellen’s ass is tighter than her pussy was, but with persistent effort I manage to get my cock inside her. She cries again so I take it slow. It doesn’t take long before she’s pushing back on me and I start to fuck her long and slow. Ellen must be a good little cunt eater, because I can tell Sandy is coming again. I can hear Ellen lapping up the juice, and looking down I can see Sandy swallowing every drop of juice from Ellen’s cunt. I can see Sandy’s big tits and nipples under Ellen so I reach down and grab them to get leverage so I can fuck Ellen harder.

This really worked well, I am all the way into Ellen’s ass and the strokes are hard and fast, she cums into her mothers mouth while her mother cums in hers. Both of them are moaning, squirting, sucking, licking, and cuming. I can’t hold back any more, I shoot a massive load while Sandy licks at the juice running out of Ellen’s ass and down to her cunt. When I pull my cock out Sandy tells Ellen to sit up, as my cum run’s out of Ellen, Sandy hungrily laps it up, licking her clean and giving me a smile. I turn Ellen around and offer her my dick which she takes into her mouth and sucks, licking it clean before giving me a smile. We all crawl back on the couch and lay there quietly fondling, kissing, and licking each other.

After a while Sandy went upstairs, I whispered to Ellen that I loved having sex with her but that I’m disappointed that she told her mother and asked who else she told. She said she did not tell her mother, that actually the whole thing was her mother’s idea. Sandy returned with a big shopping bag, poured us all another glass of wine and looked very pleased with herself. I asked her what was going on.

She explained that first she loved me and the sex was very important to her, but she had realized several months back that I loved Ellen and that Ellen loved me. She also knew that Ellen was ready to be interested in boys, she wanted her first experiences to be with someone who would make her feel good and to her that person was me. Finally she was worried that if something happened between me and Ellen, that there would be too much going on for us to still have our wonderful relationship. Especially since she knew that eventually Ellen would be ready and interested in boys her own age and then we would both end up alone.

I was surprised, but I could see where this was going. Still I told her I’m worried, because on one hand everyone is being open and honest, but at the same time we had to keep this a secret. After all, now we would both go to jail if anyone found out. She just laughed and said that this would be a family secret and now I was family. Then I asked about her husband knowing, she said to relax that he already knows and he is part of it. He has been getting horny with his daughter since she was ten, they both love it. He didn’t want to be the one to break her cherry, so he was glad to have me do it so now he could fuck her himself.

Then she went on to explain that they had a really open relationship and that they had sexual relations with all of their children. She even went on to explain that since I was bisexual, I would be invited to participate in family adventures that included him and the boys. Then I asked her what’s in the bag, she smiled and pulled out some ropes, some toys, and a belt and told me that they were bad girls and that I should punish them.

Okay, but let’s finish our wine first.

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I really liked this start to the mother and daughter sex thing. Sex with the little 11yo girl is great and having moms ok is the greatest. I love little girls. Likeemyoung!!!

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i like the getting to fuck the girl. but i'd hafta draw the line at fucking the boys and the dad! sorry my ass has exit only on it. other then that good story.

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Sandy or Cindy? Try to keep your characters straight. Outside of that and few spelling/grammar errors, good plot and story.

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