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It's a fictional story so please enjoy and leave comments on what you think ;D
It was the first day of my freashman year at highschool and may I say I was a nervous reck! All of these new people and new teachers, I had no idea where to go! Somehow I managed to get to my first period right after the tardy bell rang. I guess that’s not a great first impression to have on a teacher, but it was the only one I could’ve made. I took a seat by the front seeing as it was the only one left, my algebra 1 teacher was Ms. Gonzalez and might I say DAMN!!!!! Such an amazing looking woman almost made me cream myself right then and there! For the remaining 30 mintues of first period I probally should have been paying attention to the pop quiz to see exactly what we remembered from last year but all I seemed to do was to gaze at that beautiful rack that was about a 38C with a nice frame athletic frame. Sweet olive colored skin with deep brown eyes and a very modern haircut. She wasn’t that tall, but she wasn’t short either…maybe a good 5’4 or 5’5.
The rest of the day I managed to get to all my other classes right on time, or should I say right in time seeing as how it was almost always about 30 seconds before each tardy bell rang. I couldn’t pay attention to anything anyone was saying, because the entire day I had Ms. Gonzalez’s nice ass floating around in my head. Finally the bell for lunch rang, every kid ran towards the cafateria like crazed animals. I walked slowly so that when I passed Ms. Gonzalez’s class I was able to enjoy the view. I found a nice table to sit at that wasn’t full of the popular kids, but also wasn’t full of losers either.
I suppose now would be a good time if any to explain exactly what I look like. Well I have fair white skin with no marks or blemishes, green eyes with a hint of blue and yellow, soft and innocent lips, a firm and small ass, 36B breasts with dime sized pink nipples that were completely matured, and shoulder length hair that was a mixture of black, brown, blonde, and white with a side bang that usually covers the left half of my face. For as long as I can remember I have always felt a deep admiration of the female form, never been attracted to guys. I had many girlfriends, but nothing to serious just having fun.
The end of lunch bell rang and I quickly walked to my last class of the day which happened to be biology. I sat there and began to doodle in my notebook when suddenly Ms. Gonzalez walked in and asked to speak with me. I couldn’t understand exactly what she wanted, but I would soon find out. We exited Mr. Keel’s biology class and walked into the hallway. Ms. Gonzalez looked me over a good while the began to speak in a sexy voice with a pussy wetting accent.
“Elizabeth I pulled your records from last year and found that you had extremly high math scores, so I can’t find a reason as to why you failed my pop quiz.”
I looked down at the floor then back up at her and finally spoke, “I’m sorry Ms. Gonzalez, I guess I was just a little distracted was all. I promise to try harder.”
“If you don’t mind me asking darling, what was it that you found so interesting that you couldn’t focus on your quiz?”
“Well Ms. Gonzalez if you must know what was holding my attention, it was you…”
“Me??? Elizabeth are you saying I somehow distracted you?”
I blushed then inched a little closer to her and whispered, “Yes Ms. Gonzalez that’s exactly what I’m saying, but it wasn’t just you that distracted me…it was also your amazingly perfect body.”
A sweet smile came over her face and she put her arm around my waist pulling me closer, “ If that’s the case I suppose you need some after school tutorials and maybe some help on the weekends.”
Looking at her with big pleading eyes that just screamed take me, I kissed her softly.
She pulled away and said, “Not here Elizabeth, I can’t lose my job…just wait till after school then come and meet me in the parking lot.”
I nodded then quickly went back into Mr. Keel’s class. For the rest of the period I was restless and curious as to what the following hours held in store. My eyes watched time tick away slowly. Tick tick tick was all I heard. Not one word said by Mr. Keel reached my ears, it was like every other sound was blocked out except for the ticking of the clock. My heart pounded with each stolen glance, when finally the release bell rang. ‘THANK THE FUCKING LORD,’ is all I thought I rushed out of class and into the teachers parking garage waiting for Ms. Gonzalez. I saw her walking slowly towards me with a tiny bounce in her step like she was excited or something.
Finally she reached where I was and we walked hand in hand to her car. The make looked like a 2009 silver honda. We jumped in and raced to her house. It took about 20 mintues to get there and the entire ride she had her soft hand down my skirt gently rubbing my teenage clit. I was so wet and my pussy was throbbing! We got to her front door and kissed passionately, rubbing our hands up and down eachothers bodies. She unlocked the door and opened it in one swift move we were in. She pulled me towards the bedroom and pushed my onto what looked like a king sized bed. She ripped my t-shirt from my body, and tore my skirt off (I was so glad I asn’t wearing any panties). Ms. Gonzalez began to kiss down my neck and chest with her supple and gentle lips. She straddled my stomach and slide her blouse and bra off then bent over to kiss me once more. I switched postions with her and took her jeans off then pulled her sweet smelling thong off her with my teeth.
She reached into her nightstand and pulled out what appeared to be a strap-on. I looked wide-eyed at it and asked her what it was for.
“I want you to fuck me with this strap-on.”
I blushed, “but I don’t know how to use it.”
She slide it onto me and put a little vibrating part inside me then turned it on, I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Turned her over and shoved the fake dick inside of her, slowly sliding it in and out then picking up the pace. I held her wrists down and pushed it in as it would go making her moan loudly. I pulled it out and pushed it in with a fierce lust building in the depths of my pussy, I felt like I was going to cum everywhere, but I held it in so that she may cum first. Her moans became louder and her breaths shorter as she rose her hips to meet the movements of the fake cock that was attached to me. Seeing her like this turned me on so much the I began cumming with a loud scream of pleasure. I pushed it in one last time while I was orgasming and apparently that sent her over the edge because she began to squirt everywhere. I took it out of her and bent down to lick off the remaining juices. She tasted as sweet as strawberries. The yummy taste of her pussy caused me great wetness so I slid the strap-on off of me and layed down. Thankfully she got the picture of what I was aiming for.
She bit her way down my body, teasing my nipples with soft gentle bites and tongue circles. I took a deep breath and focused on how amazing this felt. Lowering her self to where she became level with my glistening clit she began kissing up my inner thighs, then stopping when she reached my pussy.
“Please don’t stop, it feels so good.”
Ms. Gonzalez smiled and gave my labia a loving little nibble then took my entire pussy into her mouth. The warmth of her tongue felt like heaven as she moved it in and out of me gently. I moaned softly from this sweet pleasure, she hummed into my pussy causing little vibrations which made me take a sharp breath. She took her tongue out to pleasure my sensitive little clit, while my clit became hard she slid three fingers into me. It was painful at first, but I eased onto her fingers as then pain soon became a wonderful feeling. Her fingers picked up the pace and were soon being shoved in and out of my pussy with a quicking motion. With her tongue flicking my clit and her fingers buried deep inside me there was no way I could hold on much longer. I cummed all over her hand and chin, breathing heavily and shaking. She lapped at my juices like a hungry little kitty craving it’s mother’s milk.
We both sat up and pulled eachother closs then formed a sissor postion. We grinded against eachother’s pussies and moaned softly in eachother’s ears. Our breasted began to rub against eachother matching the movements of our pussies. We had one final orgasm together and as our juices mixed we kissed gently. Both of us were satisfied and breathing heavy. Later on we fell asleep in eachother’s arms only to wake up 3 hours later, we took a quick shower together and got dressed. She drove me home and for the entire ride we sat silently holding hands. We reached the end of me street and as I got out we kissed one last time.
“See you tomorrow Elizabeth.”
“Bye Ms. Gonzalez, drive safely.”
I walked up to my house, unlocked the door and went into my room. Luckily my parents didn’t ask any questions. I layed on my bed and looked up at my ceiling then thought to myself as I drifted to sleep what a wonderful first day, wonder what tomorrow will hold.

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2010-03-26 01:19:19
great story, altho u did change the teachers nqme wich confused me for a lil bit... but definitely a great 1!!! & too bad it wasnt tru, u wouldve bn rly lucky ;-) . also, i love the deion of ur hair, makes u seem kinda scene/emo, & thts the style of grls i rly like ;-) (& sry to evry1 for making this comment so long hahaha X3)


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