Never let your children out on Halloween alone!
I took a sip of Jack as I peered through my blinds at the house across the street. A few months ago, four guys, in what seemed like their early twenties moved in. Since my office window basically overlooked the front of their house, I naturally always knew what sort of activity was going on over there. In what seemed like a bonus to me, they always had teenage looking girls coming and going, so I got a lot of eye candy thanks to them. I had become accustomed to their schedules and always knew when to expect them. They'd come and go, never caring enough to lock their front door. People these days had just become so trusting. Why not take advantage? I had actually gone into their house a couple of times to check things out, just for the sheer sake of boredom. On the weekends, they usually left early and stayed out until around 4 am, when their loud drunkenness always managed to wake me. Tonight being Halloween, I knew I had free reign with their empty house until at least 2am. It was the perfect setup for my plan.

Around 8:00 pm I watched as, with cases of beer in tow and dressed in different costumes, the guys all piled into one car and drove off. I tied on my mask and placed a black hat on my head completing my Zorro outfit. The mask seemed perfect for what I was going to do tonight. I needed to be concealed but yet approachable to lure the special child that would complete my plan. I grabbed my duffel bag of goodies and equipment and headed over to the empty house across the street.

I did a lap around the block before casually walking up to the house. They had turned the porch light off to symbolize that they weren't home and there was no candy for kids, but I, of course, DID have candy, and it would surely lure me a tasty young virgin tonight. I entered the house, turned the porch light on and set my bag on the table next to the door. I felt excited and a little nervous as I made my way into the kitchen to grab a beer. I cracked it open and was about to take a seat when the doorbell rang.

Well that was quick! I thought to myself. I turned back to the door, grabbed the bowl of candy, and let out a deep breath before opening it...

"TRICK OR TREAT!!!" a little girl yelled.

I chuckled a bit and gasped "Well aren't you the most perfect little thing?!" IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE! She was so small-- only came up about waist high. Perfect. What was she? 5? Maybe 6? Perfect. She was alone. Perfect! She smiled big at me as I tossed some candy into her trick or treat bag.

"I think that is the best costume I've seen all night!" And it was, seeing as how it was the ONLY costume I'd seen so far! She was dressed as a cat. She wore a skin tight leopard print leotard that covered her arms and legs and her dirty blonde hair was curled and tossed about, with little cat ears on her head. Someone had also drawn a little black cat nose on her and some whiskers. I gently grabbed her shoulder and turned her around to see her "tail". Who am I kidding? I wanted to see her little ass! A long furry tail was clipped onto a perfectly pert bubble bottom. I drooled as I imagined what was underneath.

"That is just a great costume! I love kitties." I lied, "You know... I am actually making a kitty calendar and I would love to have you in it. Would you like that? I would just need a few pictures of you!" This little girl will believe anything I tell her!

"Well sure, mister! That would be cool!" She eagerly came right inside... right into my little trap. I took a look around outside, making sure the coast was clear, and then shut the door behind us. I turned the porch light off so we wouldn't be disturbed by other trick-or-treaters. This was just too easy.

I led her to the living room. "All righty... let's see here... where's my camera...? Ah here..." Grabbing my digital camera (no need to take film to be developed) out of the duffel bag, I turned to her, "Ok, let's see some poses."

She was a natural to say the least. Her first pose was so adorable; she lowered her gaze, stuck one arm in front of her, put one leg out, and puckered her lips. I laughed as I snapped away at her first 5 model poses. She had some with her head back, some with her hands on her hips, and some with her cute tummy jutting out.

"Ok, let's try some with..." I pretended to look around and reached into my duffel, "A leash!" I knew this would come in handy. Without skipping a beat, she got on her knees and allowed me to place the leash around her neck. She was meowing as her big brown eyes looked up at me. There was a tiny locket on the chain that I of course locked, without her being the wiser. I tied the other end to the radiator heater. She wasn't going anywhere. Picking up my camera, I took a few more snap shots of her in doggy position. I had her pant and beg while I was at it. That's it, beg for my sweet cock, little girl. You'll get it soon enough.

I had her sit on her knees and curl her hands down to look like paws, "Ok, now lick your paws like a kitten!" I watched and clicked my camera as she licked and sucked her own fingers. She stuck her tongue out far and I got a little bold. I reached my hand out and caressed her face, "Aw, you're such a nice kitty." She smiled and closed her eyes. She seemed to really like pretending she was a kitty. "Ok now lick my fingers like a cat does, " and I put my hand out to her mouth. She reluctantly started licking my fingers, and we giggled together like it was a game. I gently pushed three fingers into her mouth. She giggled as I let out a playful laugh. Her soft wet tongue was making my whole body and especially my groin tingle. I got some nice shots of the inside of her mouth and throat with my fingers splayed about. I mentally Photoshopped my cock in her awaiting mouth in place of my fingers.

Before she knew what I was doing, I was behind her handcuffing her.

"Hey! What are you doing NOW, mister?" she asked.

"Well, we're just going to take a few more pictures..."

"Mmmm? Ok." The eagerness had subsided from her voice and was replaced with a little bit of caution and freight.

She looked at me as I came back around in front of her. She was on her knees, sitting back on her feet, with her hands handcuffed behind her, and her big brown eyes were gazing up at me. Perfect. I grabbed the front of her costume at the collar, and in one swift motion, I ripped the flimsy fabric down, exposing her chest. She didn't have tits yet, her chest was flat, just the way I liked it. She had tiny pink nipples that hardened when she felt the cold air.

"Hey! You ripped my costume! YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT, MISTER! My costume is all ruined!" she yelled.

All I could do was smile and rub her flat chest.

"It's ok honey, I am just petting you like a kitty. I just want to feel your soft ski... fur." My rough hands lightly petted and caressed her hard nubs.

"Mister, my mom said no one is supposed to touch my boobies! Stop it mister, you're hurting me! I don't want to play anymore, I want to go hooooome." I gently parted her knees then licked her left nipple. I slobbered all over her tit, making it glisten in the light. "HEY! Stop it, Mister! Let me go! This is not fun anymore!" I took a few more photos while she yelled and begged. She looked like a little minx there on the ground with her chest jutting out and her knees spread apart.

"Just a couple more, honey," I kneeled down, and grabbed the fabric at her crotch and with one swift motion, tore the thin cloth at the seam right in front of her pussy. No panties. My dick got rock hard at seeing her pretty girl lips.

She yelled. "My daddy is going to beat you up! Please stooooop!" I laughed. No one even knew where she was! I had never seen her in our coldesac, so she must be from one of the neighboring communities. She was all mine and there for the taking.

And take I did.

With my right hand, I started fiddling her little slit. She was dry, so my fingers were rough as they poked her pink flesh. I licked my index and middle fingers and found her tiny virgin hole. I teased it with the tip of my index finger, using my free hand to click away some shots on the camera. I took my pinky finger and rammed it up her hole, ripping her cherry. She yelped and screamed. My finger was slick inside her; her walls gripping my big finger. I removed it and shoved my ring finger up her cunt. By now, the girl was crying and sobbing, "I want my mommy! Owwww, you're hurting me!" but her cries only seemed to fuel my desire. I was alternating fingering her with my pinky and ring fingers.

I moved around so I was now behind her. I guided her head down so that her right cheek was rested on the floor and her ass was up in the air. I licked my fingers tasting her little girl juices. I started to forcefully rub her ass and pussy through her costume. She tried kicking me but she was no match. I held her legs apart with my knees. I ripped the hole that I had torn in the front bigger, now exposing her ass AND pussy.

She screamed and started crying more. "NOOOO, MISTER! STOP! PLEASE! DON'T! Stop it please! I am only 5 years old!" is all she kept saying through sobs and hiccups.

The sight before me drowned out all noise. I could see her baby bottom poking through the torn costume. Her pink asshole peered at me in between her small cheeks. I could faintly see her tiny pussy lips protruding ever so slightly. I took some pics at different angles of this beautiful sight-- some close up, some far away. I grabbed her right butt cheek-- I could barely grab it with my full hand it looked so small. I squeezed her butt cheek and took a few pictures of her now open and visible holes. I put my camera down and took both her ass cheeks in my hands. It was like a little hamburger. I squeezed and kneaded her little ass, opening and closing her slit. My mouth watered as I dove right in. My mouth devoured her tiny ass hole, forcing the tip of my tongue in as far as it would go (which wasn't far at all). I lapped at her pussy, relishing in her clean, untouched, tiny, pink pussy. She was squirming in my hands but I kept teasing her pussy hole with the tip of my tongue, and licking and sucking her ass. My mouth and nose were covered in my saliva and 5 year old girl juice. My tongue would only go half way in, her tiny ass hole cutting off circulation in my tongue. I turned her face towards me from behind, and kissed her sloppily on the mouth. My tongue explored the inside of her mouth, my tongue twirling around her tongue, licking her lips and teeth; I wanted to devour her whole.

While on my knees, I hobbled around in front of her so my cock was right in front of her face. I grabbed the sides of her head with both hands and told her to open her mouth. With her hands handcuffed, the only way she she was able to stay up was by me holding her head in between my hands. She was sobbing and crying, so I pushed her little cheeks together, and shoved my cock in her mouth, skull fucking her. I could feel her teeth scraping against my cock but it didn't hurt. The thought of my cock shoved in a 5 year olds mouth made my balls swell and my whole body tingle. I kept jamming my cock in an out of her baby throat while her spit and saliva and tears dripped down to the floor.

My cum was boiling in me and I knew it was going to be released soon. I got back behind her and grabbed my big shaft with my right hand. I put the camera on video and pointed it at the sight I was seeing. I hit record as my cock pointed straight at her little opening. Grasping my cock, I rubbed the tip of my dick along her slit. My pre-cum made the flesh in between her legs moist again. It slipped up and down, up and down. I teased her pussy hole and ass hole with my throbbing dick. I knew there was no way my dick would fit in her, but it felt so good trying to push it in. It was so tight and small, my dick wanted to be inside. I watched as the head of my cock spread her pussy lips and they enveloped my man meat. I pumped my dick with my hand 3 hard times, and in those 3 quick strokes, I was exploding all over her holes. It was like shooting a fire hose into a keyhole. I was seeing stars in black and white as my hot jizz splashed all over the place. I could feel it running down her legs and splashing on mine. It seemed like my cock pumped forever, as I replayed violating this perfect child in my head with every gush.

When I could see in color again, I cast her onto her side, and lied down on the floor next to her. She sobbed in fetal position as I tried to regain my breath. I must have dozed off for a few minutes, but when I came to, it was quiet. The little girl was still huddled next to me on the floor, her curly dirty blonde hair covering her face. I moved the strands away from her angelic face and noticed she had cried herself to sleep. Her head was still rested on the floor, black makeup smeared all across her face, hands cuffed behind her, with her naked jizz soaked ass and pussy still exposed. I used my right index finger to push some of my cum up into her pussy. It was such a warm creamy cave, that I just kept fingering her for a few minutes. I didn't want it to end, but I had to flee the scene.

After snapping a few more pictures, I packed everything back into my duffel bag and got ready to return home. I lightly touched her cheek as muffled whimpers escaped her sleeping lips. I had worn her out; crying is tiring! The look on the guys faces when they find her will surely be classic! Too bad I couldn't be there to see it. They'll undoubtedly report the incident to the police, who can't find their way out of a paper bag, and my kittens kidnapper... ME... will never be caught.


What will the four men do with our little kitten when they discover her naked and half raped ass? Stay tuned!

To be continued...

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oh shit crazy ass story where is part two?

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This a story of a rapist, not a pedophile, look up definition of a pedophile before you label. Again the child is much to young for me, but I like the story all the same. Have to admit, her being 5 to whatever age, out alone trick or treating, is an extreme stretch of the imagination.

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