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This is a story about me and my cousin eimear's first time fucking. This story is purely fictional any comments are welcome
It was a day that I'd never forget, it was the summer of 2006, it was a warm day and I was watching some tv when the phone rang. I got up and answered the phone, it was my aunt debbie, she wanted to know if I could look after eimear and I said ok sure, so I asked her what time was I to pick her up and she said in half an hour and I said ok I'll be there in half an hour. I then hung up and I started thinking about eimear, my dick began growing, as I thought of what I was going to do to her while I had her.

I then left to collect eimear, and as I drove to her house I couldn't stop think about her because she has the most sexiest face for a 9 year old, she was really sexy for her age, she has shoulder lenght blonde hair and she has full lips, oh boy, I just couldn't help myself thinking about the times I had her sitting between my legs where I would masturbate on her back while she tucked her hair behind her sexy little ears. We did this for a while until we stopped because I was afraid that I would get found out. Although I made her tuck her hair behind her ears I didn't put her sitting between my legs anymore in case that I'd get caught doing it.

I had arrived at my aunts house and I waited for eimear to come out, my dick was rock hard thinking about how sexy she looked, then finally she came out to me and she looked really sexy, she was wearing an alice band on her head and she had it pushed back behind her sexy little ears where it sat neatly and perfectly, she also had a quiff at the top of her head, she looked awesome. She got into the back of my car and we set off to my place, as I drove I couldn't keep my eyes off her I was constantly looking at her in my rear view mirror thinking about what I was going to do to her when we got to my place.

We arrived at my place and we got out of my car and we went into my flat. I asked her did she want anything to drink or eat and she said no she was fine. So then she asked me if she could watch some tv, and I said sure. I went upstairs for a shower while eimear watched tv. When I got out of the shower I could hear a strange noise coming from downstairs, I went to investigate the strange noise, it was coming from the living room and I peeked inside and I was shocked to find eimear playing with herself she was watching some porn and then my dick started growing again, I just couldn't resist it and I watched eimear for a while while I got hard instantly

Then I went into the living room and I confronted eimear I said to her what do you think you're doing, I'm playing with myself she said , and I said well you're a bit young for that aren't you ? She said no I'm not too young i've been doing this for a long time she said. And I said does your mother know about this , she replied , no she doesn't know. Then I told her that I would teach her some new things if she agreed not to tell anyone, and she agreed not to tell anyone. So then I told her to get on her knees and to open her mouth, and then she got on her knees,and opened her mouth and I held her head and I unzipped my pants and pulled down my boxers and I pulled out my hard rock dick. Wow she said, I've never seen a dick before, and I told her to touch it and she touched it then I thrust myself into her mouth almost choking her, ohhhhhhh fucccckk, I moaned as I started to face fuck her hard. As she sucked my dick I picked up a camera and started filming her sucking my dick, I sped up with my thrusts and then I withdrew from her mouth and I slapped my dick across her face, I then went and sat down in a chair and I told eimear to come over and sit down on my dick, she came over and she lowered herself down onto my dick

Then I started to bounce the fucking preteen bitch on my fucking dick, she was bouncing up and down like a fucking basketball, I was holding her hips as she bounced on my fucking dick. My dick was deep in her preteen vagina fucking her deep and hard, she was moaning in pleasure as I bounced her hard on my fucking dick. I began speed fucking her as I started to cummmmm deep in her vagina she yelled as she had orgasm after orgasm, then I came deep in her wet pussy.

We then got up and got dressed, and she kissed me on my lips, I pushed my toungue deep into her mouth and she sucked on my toungue like a dick. Then the time came for eimear to go home so she went and got her stuff and we left for debbies house. We got into the car and we headed off, again my dick got hard so I pulled in at the side of the road , I got out of my car and I got into the back of my car, and I asked eimear to do some tucking and she did some really sexy tucking, I then asked her to sit in between my legs, and she moved over and sat in between my legs. I then told her to start tucking her hair behind her ears as I rubbed my dick against her back, it felt fucking amazing as I rubbed against her back and she was speed tucking her hair behind her ears then I came in my pants and I was finished with her. Then I got back into the front of my car and we headed to debbies house

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2013-02-16 06:57:13
bud you need let ideas flow to you. it seems like you tried to hard and we don't need to know every little detail aether, if you word it right you can make it obvious of what happened without saying it. lastly dont worry about the negative comments you just need time and as long as you don't actually pray on kids your normal. EVERYONE has at least one sick fantasy. keep trying man

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2011-04-07 13:58:54

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2011-01-07 04:34:49
Dude, give it some effort. You can't just cut straight to the punchline! Dress it up a little. You gotta be more deive! Don't just say, 'I face fucked her.', say, 'I slid my cock in her mouth and pressed it to the back of her throat.'

Imagery, man! Imagery!

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2010-11-08 00:00:19
Lame story. unbelievable'.

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