Hot young incestuous family taked a very sexually intense sailing trip
Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Family Love Boat 3

Great Sale Cay was on the horizon. Everything that Ryan had read about the anchorage said that it was a secluded spot to anchor for the night. Ryan could not wait for the kids to have the chance to skinny dip. Ryan looked at his four beautiful children. He knew now that he wanted to make love to all of them before the trip was over. Before Ryan knew it he was rock hard again. Christie looked at the far away look in his eyes and she playfully pulled down his erection and let the thick man member slap against his tight abs.

I bet I know what you are thinking, Christie told him.

Ryan blushed a deep shade of red. Thinking sexy thought about his children still embarrassed him.

You are thinking how wonderful it will be to make love to them…and you are right. Christie told Ryan as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

I guess I will have to wait for Hannah… he said.

Well I checked the calendar in my Blackberry last night. I have been keeping track of Hannah menstrual cycles. She has been having 28 day cycles since she started her first period. Yesterday was her 13th day. Hannah is right at the most fertile time of her cycle and Zach has pumped enough of his potent sperm into her to inseminate 10 women. He is just like his Daddy…he produces an amazing amount of semen. Christie told Ryan as she looked down and saw that his rigid member was leaking precum like a faucet.

Christie held Ryan’s member and said, you are so turned on by the idea of your son inseminating your beautiful daughter.

I can’t believe it, but you are right. I almost shot off when you said it. He told her.

Me too…she said as she hugged him tight.

Ryan made the final course corrections to enter the cove where they would anchor for the night. The cove was both sheltered and idyllic. There was not another soul for miles. Ryan found the perfect anchorage. Once the anchor was set Ryan, Zach and Noah muscled the dinghy off the cabin into the water.

The kids dove off the side with mask and snorkel and nothing else into the crystal clear blue water. Their lithe young bodies looked magnificent as they swam effortlessly around the boat. They swam back and reported seeing trigger fish in all of their beautiful colors and red snapper. They were in heaven and this was just the exercise that they needed.

Ryan mounted the outboard motor on the dinghy and started it up. He gave all of the kids an arm up and they headed toward the shore in all of their naked splendor. From what they had read the only thing on the island was an old NASA satellite tracking station. It appeared they had this beautiful island to themselves.

Ryan pulled the outboard motor up and allowed the dinghy to ride up on the beach. Zach helped his dad firmly beach the dinghy. The family set out to explore the beach.

After hiking about a ½ mile down the beach, Hannah cried out when she stepped on a sharp shell and cut her foot. Zach immediately knelt and inspected his sister’s foot. He offered to help her back to the dinghy.

Hanna batted her magnificent blue eyes at Zach and told him that would be wonderful.

The rest of the family continued down the beach exploring the island. Noah and Emily raced ahead.

Christie hugged Ryan tight and when the younger kids were out of hearing she told Ryan, you know they are just going back to the dingy and Zach is going to fuck her silly.

Ryan doubled over laughing. That is exactly what I was hoping he was planning. Having that sexy naked young girl and being alone on a deserted island. It would be a terrible shame to waste it.

You know they are acting more like young lovers than brother and sister. What do you think? Christie asked him as she felt his throbbing erection.

I guess you know what I am feeling. I think it is a beautiful thing. Ryan told her as his throbbing manhood leaked precum.

As Zach and Hannah made their way back to the dinghy, Hannah said that she guessed that they could go swimming.

Zach looked at her with a twinkle in his eye. I think that would be way to dangerous with a fresh cut. We’ll probably need to find something else to do.

In two days Zach had developed a deep golden tan over his whole body that looked amazing with his white blond hair. His nipples and penis were rock hard.

Well what else could we possibly do? Hannah asked her sexy 14 year old brother with a smirk.

I don’t know…my gorgeous blond beauty. Zach said as he fondled her beautifully rounded breasts. I can’t think of a thing right now, he told her as his thick boy member grazed her legs as he hugged her. But if we hurry I bet we could make love twice before they get back.

Hannah took the sexy boy in her arms. She pulled his naked body against her sexy 12 year old nakedness. Zach….I…ummm….love you. You know not like brother and sister…

He hugged her tight and cut her off mid sentence with a fiery passionate kiss. I know he told her. I don’t really understand it. But Hannah…I feel the same way. Zach kissed her again. He scooped her up in his strong 14 year old arms and carried Hannah the last 100 yards back to the dinghy. Zach saw a large yacht in the distance but he didn’t really think about it.

They pulled the beach towels out of the dinghy and spread them on the firm warm sand. They dove in the crystal clear warm water and rinsed the sand off their bodies.

When they reached the beach towels, Hannah dropped to her knees and began to worship her sexy brother’s member. She looked up at him and grinned and told him he tasted a little salty.

Zach pulled her up in his arms and said maybe we should try something else. Zach lifted Hannah up and their bodies merged into to one naturally. She whispered into his ear that he felt magnificent deep inside her.

Hannah showered his face with kisses. Zach felt his sister grinding her hard clit against him and he stood there and let her have her way with him. Her tongue in his mouth tasted awesome. Her small taut body felt amazing as she pleasured herself on him. Moments later Hannah began to moan and shudder with a climax that sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

Zachy…that was awesome….need you more…rock my world.

Zach set Hannah on the sandy beach. She pushed him toward the beach towel. He was astounded that she pushed him back on the towel knowing exactly what she wanted. Zach was going to enjoy this. His wild wanton 12 year old sister was going to fuck him silly.

Hannah quickly straddled the sexy blond boy and grasped his rigid member. Big brother I need you bad…I need you to fuck me the way I need it right now.

Zach grinned at her…whatever you need sis.

The lips of her sex kissed the flared head of his penis. It throbbed with passion as she held it.. Hannah loved the delicious feeling of being slowly penetrated. It was like she was triggering each nerve ending individually as his corona sought them out to be rubbed. Soon she settled on his thick teen member. She felt it stretch her 12 year old cervix. Her prominent clit ground against his pubis sending shockwaves of pleasure through her young body. Hannah was so turned on that her rhythmic grinding against Zach caused the tension to build in her loins.

Hannah had a wild lust in her eyes that he had not seen. Zach took her breasts in his hands and began to pleasure her turgid nipples. As he did so Hannah’s eyes became unfocused and the volume of her pleasure groans and moans increased. Zach found all of this incredibly sex. He began to buck his hips off the beach towel pounding his pubis against her clit. At the same time his rock hard member stretched he sex and opened her womb to receive his essence.

The beautiful girl cried out as felt the wave of pleasure wash over her. Her young sex contracted around Zach’s teen member. Her juices flooded over him as she experienced her first ejaculating orgasm.

All of this made Zach see stars. His young body powerfully ejaculated his hot semen directly in to her womb. The jets of incestuous seed squirted uncontrollably as his passion cause him to seed her again and again.

Zach could not believe it. Even after that powerful orgasm he was still rock hard. He rolled his beautiful sister over and looked into her deep blue eyes. He told her he still had a need. His hips began to thrust slowly and sensuously. They kissed. A deep passionate kiss as their tongues did a sexual ballet. They were oblivious to the world around them. His member thrust in and out of her beautiful sex that was slippery from their recent orgasms. He was oblivious to all of that. All he was aware of was how beautiful Hannah was and his deep desire to fill her with his seed.

Hannah felt the intensity of Zach’s thrusting increase. The strong feelings began to build in her loins. She saw that his eyes became unfocused and his thrusts more powerful.

Oh yeah, Zach cried out. God you are so sexy.

Hannah felt Zach’s thrusting push her over the edge. She cried out as the intense feelings cascaded over her again. The pleasure built to an even higher peak. Her sex thrust against his boy boner demanding his precious essence.

Zach emitted a deep guttural groan of pleasure as the man seed began to pour from his body. His thrusting became wilder and more erratic as his need to seed his 12 year old sister rocked his young body.

Hannah screamed with pleasure and parted her legs wider and thrust her young sex at her 14 year old brother that he might penetrate her as deeply as possible. His hot essence splashing into her receptive womb took her to a place of intense pleasure that she had never been.

There was a small dune on the corner of the island that the family had walked over to explore the beach. As they came back over the dune they heard the young lovers’ cries of pleasure before they saw them.

Ryan looked at Christie. They are so incredibly sexy.

Which one do you want first, she asked her sexy husband.

I think Zach, he told her.

I think he should be yours…tonight. Christie told Ryan as she played with his rock hard erection.

And Ryan….I want all of us to watch you deflower your sexy son.

They all got aboard the dinghy and motored back to their boat. When they got aboard, the kids gathered in the cockpit for a group shower. Christie fixed a simple dinner and she and Ryan showered in front of the kids while it cooked. They ate their dinner and during dinner, Ryan told Zach how much he loved him.

Zach, I think you are terribly sexy and I have wanted to make love to you for years. I think it is time for you to lose your man/man virginity.

Ryan leaned over and passionately kissed his very surprised son.

Zach stammered for a moment. A….ummm….Daddy does that mean you want to fuck me.

Yes baby I do and I want the entire family to join us while I deflower you.

He took the beautiful blond boy by the hand and led him up into the cockpit. Zach watched in amazement as his Mother tenderly lubricated his Father’s throbbing 7 ½” erection.

She then turned to her handsome 14 year old son. Zach’s Mother began to kiss the boy passionately.

You are so sexy, she told him. I totally understand why your Father craves the opportunity to make love to you. She kissed him tenderly and told him to hold the rail and bend over while she prepared him.

His Mother tenderly kissed his brother Noah. Baby I want you to kiss and suck your brother’s manhood.

Noah was also surprised, but thought his 14 year old brother was very sexy. Noah positioned himself under his brother and began to suck on Zach’s hardening member.

Christie put more lubricant on her fingers and applied it liberally to Zach’s crack.

Zach gasped as her fingers found his tender virgin rosebud. Zach’s surprise was total when his Mother suddenly inserted her two middle fingers in his virgin boy sex. Christie could tell from his gasp and panting that the boy had never been penetrated. She thought back to the first time that Ryan had penetrated her anally. That huge thick member of his was quite painful the first few times he entered her from the rear.

Ryan stood behind his beautiful blond boy. He tenderly stroked the firm globes of Zach’s ass. Ryan’s body shook with anticipation. He was more nervous than the first time he had sex. He ached to fill this handsome boy with his thick erection.

The children and Christie watched in awe as he took his thick member in his hand. Noah continued to jack his brother but he did it from a vantage point where he could see his father penetrate his big brother.

The children watched their Father pull his throbbing penis away from his body. The flared head was purple with the blood that pounded through his erection. Clear precum ran from the tip as a steady stream. Christie parted her son’s virgin hips and helped guide his Father steel hard erection to his son’s virgin pucker.

Zach felt the huge mushroom head pressed against his boy sex. He felt his Daddy kiss his back and tell him how much he loved him. Zach felt his father grasped his loins and Zach cried out as the thick head took his virginity.

Zach gasped and groaned Daddy…so huge….oh god…hurts….

Ryan could not believe how tight his son was. Zach’s beautiful boy sex contracted on Ryan thick manhood. Ryan was breathing hard trying to avoid prematurely filling his beautiful son with his man seed.

Father and son remained motionless as they adjusted to the intensity of their intimate coupling.

Ryan told his son, Zach you are so sexy…it is everything I can to keep from filling you with my seed. I need you so bad.

Noah pleasure your brother, his Father told him. Noah began to suck Zach’s rock hard erection. Noah was shocked that his brother was still hard given how much pain the thick penis up his ass must be causing. Noah had taken about half of his brother’s cock just before his Father thrust. Noah had no experience with oral sex and was proud to have taken that much of the thick teen boy cock.

Ryan thrust forward burying his man member deep in his oldest son’s core.

Zach cried out as his boy sex stretched to accommodate the thick erection. Zach’s body thrust forward too causing him to deep throat his little brother.

Noah suddenly found his nose buried in his brother’s white blond pubic hair. Noah was so startled that he did not even have time to gag. Noah found himself totally turned on. His Mother began to suck Noah’s exposed and rampantly erect penis. Noah had no idea of who was sucking him, but it didn’t matter. He was on sensory overload.

Ryan pulled back and thrust again and again. The feeling of his son’s sex caressing his manhood caused the most intense pleasures to race through his body. Ryan was surprised that his intense need to seed had subsided some. Ryan wanted to make this last as long as possible. While the dominant penetration was very sexy, Ryan longed to make love properly to his beautiful son.

Ryan pulled out of Zach love tunnel and maneuvered Zach on to his back. Zach was shocked at the sudden empty feeling when his father removed his penis. Ryan took Zach’s legs and put them over his shoulders. He quickly penetrated his boy again and once again reentry was a painful experience for Zach.

Ryan kissed Zach passionately as he filled the boy with his rock hard sex again and again. Ryan was surprised to see that Zach’s erection was still standing proud. Zach groaned with passion as the thick head of his Father’s cock found his pleasure place again and again.

As they broke their passionate kiss, Zach told his Dad just how awesome it felt. Ryan worked to find an angle of penetration that maximized his ability to pound the boy’s prostate.

Zach groaned with pleasure with each thrust.

Ryan was startled by the flexibility of his son’s body. As Zach moved and stretched to maximize his pleasure, Ryan watched his son’s thick teen cock begin to move toward Zach’s mouth.

Two thrusts later the mushroom head of Zach’s cock, which was very much like his Daddy’s cock, was pressed against Zach’s own lips.

Oh god baby….suck it…suck your own cock. Ryan encouraged his sexy son. Ryan gasped as he watched Zach begin to pleasure himself. His beautiful boy was licking and sucking his own penis while his Father pounded his prostate with his raging erection.

Daddy fuck me hard…I am so close.

Ryan began to thrust into his beautiful boy as hard and fast as he could.

Zach emitted a high pitched moan as his penis erupted a huge jet of hot semen into his own mouth. As his Father’s climax began his throbbing member pounded another large jet of boy seed out of Zach’s prostate and down Zach’s throat.

It was too much seed too fast for the inexperienced cocksucker. Zach began to cough as his own seed choked him. Zack allowed his cock to slip from his mouth and Zach’s penis continued to shower his face, nose and eyes with his potent boy seed. Zach’s father filled his beautiful ass with the seed that created him.

It was a beautiful moment as Ryan began to lick the hot boy semen off of his son’s sexy face. Father and son were still very much connected by Ryan’s stiff manhood.

Christy had already brought Noah to a powerful orgasm. His beautiful bare 11 year old boner fought to release seed into his Mother’s mouth. His 11 year old body wasn’t quite ready to produce semen. Noah was awed by the fact that his beautiful Mother had just sucked him to a dry orgasm.

Christy moved and knelt beside Ryan and Zach. She nuzzled Ryan aside so that she could taste the thick boy semen that had erupted all over Zach’s handsome face. She slowly licked the hot teen semen from Zach’s nose and lips. She kissed him passionately and then kissed Ryan.

Christie looked at Zach and combed his shaggy blond hair with her fingers. Watching you too was amazing, she told the still joined father and son. When you are ready I want the two of you to make love to me.

When the three of them stood to go below to the master stateroom, they all realized that Hannah, Emily and Noah had disappeared. As they went down the steps into the cabin, they found that the kids had made up the double bed that was next to the fold down dining table.

Their three beautiful bodies were daisy chained on the bed. Hannah 12 year old lips were wrapped around Noah 11 year old stiff erection. Noah’s fingers parted his twin sister’s vulva and his tongue was lapping her stiff little clit. Emily’s was licking and sucking Hannah’s sex.

Emily was excited to be able to pleasure her sexy older sister. She could taste the blending of Hannah essence with her older brother Zach’s seed. She was thinking about what her parents had talked about on the walk about Zach filling Hannah with his seed again and again while she was most fertile. They speculated about Hannah being pregnant. Emily thought that would be the most awesome thing ever.

Hannah felt her little sister begin to whimper with the first stages of her orgasm. Hannah wondered if the twins could be brought to simultaneous orgasms. She intensified her sucking on Noah. Hannah was immediately rewarded with a deep moan from Noah and she felt him begin to thrust wildly in her mouth.

Hannah felt Emily moaning into her own sex and that was enough to push Hannah over the edge. All three of the beautiful naked children climaxed simultaneously.

Ryan, Zach and Christie were really turned on after watching the younger kids make love to each other. Christie led her handsome husband and beautiful naked teenage boy to their bed. She arranged Ryan on the bed with his legs spread. Christie positioned Zach between his father’s legs with Zach testicles rubbing against his father’s.

Christie straddled the guys’ bodies so that she faced Zach. She gathered their sexy thick erections into a bundle that she held tightly in her hand as she applied liberal lubrication. Ryan’s penis was a handful by itself and Zach’s 14 year old erection was already thickening. Zach watched in awe as his Mom lowered herself onto the thick members. Her sex was so tight it pressed his Dad’s hard cock tight against his. Zach could not believe how sexy this was. He felt his Mom begin to ride up and down on their rigid cocks while his dad began to thrust.

Zach could not believe how sexy it was to feel his Dad’s thick cock sliding up and down his own erection inside his Mom’s steaming hot sex. His Mom leaned down and began to kiss him passionately as she caressed and pinched his turgid nipples.

Ryan was so turned on to be double penetrating Christie with Zach that he knew he could not last much longer. Ryan felt Zach begin to roughly thrust in his Mom and that stimulation was too much for Ryan. Ryan’s hard cock became a fountain of hot semen. Ryan squirted his hot seed deep in his wife’s womb and all over his son’s cock.

Zach went over the edge when he felt his father’s hot seed wash over his sensitive cock. The sexy teen boy thrust his aching erection in his Mom again and again. His pubis pounded against her sensitive throbbing clit.

Christie gasped as the wild pleasures of Zach and Ryan’s orgasms. Zach’s erection pounded her clit sending wild jolts of pleasure through her. Christie cried out as her orgasm peaked and she felt herself begin to ejaculate all over her son and husband.

Feeling his mom’s juices only made Zach’s teenage thrusting more intense.

Soon the three of them were spent. The bed sheets were soaked with the evidence of their love making. The younger kids climbed in bed with them and soon all six bodies were intertwined. They fell into a deep sleep.

About 3 am, Noah woke up. Noah’s naked 11 year old body spooned his older brother. Watching his Dad make love to Zach awakened all sorts of wild sexual ideas in the young boy. Noah reached around his brother and began to explore his crotch. Noah’s penis stiffened as his fingers found the dried semen from his father and Zach in Zach’s pubic hair.

There was something Noah found very sexy about their dried semen. Noah felt Zach flaccid penis begin to stiffen. He held the semi-erect shaft in his fingers and marveled at the feeling of it as it became rock hard. Noah began to explore the scrotum that hung below Zach’s erection. Noah found and very gently explored each testicle.

Zach was now awake and enjoying his little brother sexual fumblings. Zach remembered just how curious he was at 11 about everything sexual. He allowed his brother to continue his exploration.

As Noah’s exploration became more intense, Zach decided that they should take it elsewhere. Zach led his little brother by the hand out to the main cabin. They crawled into the double berth in the main cabin. Zach pulled Noah’s naked body on top of his own and he began to kiss the 11 year old passionately.

Noah was a little tentative about opening his mouth. His first taste of his big brother Zach was amazing. The young boy could not get enough of his older brother.

Zach felt Noah’s erection rubbing against his abs. As Zach kissed Noah, his fingers began to explore the younger boys crack. Zach lightly stimulated the young boy by running his index finger up and down his exposed crack with a feathery touch. Zach slowly began to circle Noah’s pucker. Noah kissing became very intense and his boy boner bucked against his naked brother’s abs. Zach knew that his little brother was as sensitive anally as he was and so he inserted his index finger in his little brother’s boy sex.
Noah moaned with pleasure as his brother penetrated him with his finger.

Zach will you…you know…uhhh…fuck me…you know…ummm….like Dad did you? Noah asked his big brother.

I would love to fuck you little brother. Zach turned Noah over on his belly and pulled him up so that his sexy ass was presented for Zach’s pleasure. Zach reached over and grabbed the lubricant off of the navigation station and began to apply it to his throbbing erection. Zach could not believe that after all of the sex he had today that he was still ready to go. The head of his penis was deep red and the corona had never been this hard. Zach was really hard.

The idea of fucking Noah excited Zach beyond belief. Zach thought about all of the times he jacked off thinking about getting his sexy blond brother naked and playing with him. Zach had always been attracted to guys. He had never done anything with a guy, but he often masturbated thinking about sexy guys. There was something about younger guys…their bare boners that really rocked him.

Zach put a lot of lube on his fingers and he draped himself over his sexy little brother. Zach’s slick member rubbed against Noah’s hip. The feeling of his naked body against Noah was amazing. Zach kissed his little brother’s naked back and then he began to lick the back of Noah’s neck. That was when Zach penetrated Noah with his two lubed middle fingers.

Noah cried out as the fingers stretched him. Noah panted trying to adjust to the invasion of his most private place.

Do you want me to stop? Zach asked his little brother.

No…god no… Noah told him.

Zach began to wiggle the fingers deep in the boy core. He began to finger fuck Noah to get him good and ready. Zach pulled his fingers out.

Noah let out a disappointed moan.

Zach got behind Noah. He whispered in the younger boy’s ear. So…my little brother wants some cock…some hard cock.

Mmmm…yes….yes… Noah groaned in anticipation.

Noah felt Zach open his cheeks. He felt the hot blunt slippery tip of his brother’s throbbing member.

Are you sure you want my big cock up your ass? Zach asked him

Oh god yes….please…. Noah begged Zach.

Zach took hold of Noah’s loins once the head of his cock was tight against the beautiful boy pucker. Zach gently moved his hips back and forth gently stretching the virgin pucker. Then in one quick thrust, the thick head of Zach’s boy cock had penetrated Noah’s boy sex. Noah groaned at the pain of being suddenly invaded by his brother’s thick teen cock.

Oh god Noah…you are so fucking tight. Dude I’ve got to have all of you. With that Zach thrust his entire member in his little brother to the pubes.

Noah was gasping for breath as his big brother began to fuck him.

Noah….dude…you feel awesome…I had no idea that fucking another dude could be this awesome. Zach slowly stroked Noah’s boy boner as his thrust his cock deep in the boy’s core.

Daddy is right…I need to fuck you properly…so I can…ummm…you know…make love to you…make it more than a fuck. Zack pulled his cock out. He was thankful that he had cum so many times today or he never would have lasted this long with Noah.

Noah groaned as Zach pulled out of his boy sex. Mmmm….feels so empty. Noah told his brother.

I know baby…but I want to do this right.

Zach put Noah’s legs over his shoulder. His hard member found the slippery pucker and Zach shove his hard cock in his little brother to the hilt.

Zach…I feel your pubes…you must be way deep in me. Noah said in awe of the situation.

Zach began to passionately kiss his little brother. His tongue probed Noah’s mouth just like his stiff cock was probing deep in his brother’s sex. Zach whispered in Noah’s ear telling him how sexy he was and that he had always wanted to do sex stuff with him. Zach licked, sucked and nibbled Noah’s ear lobe.

Noah…you saw when Daddy fucked me how I could suck myself.

Noah said, ummm….yeah…

You want to try it…you know…sucking your own cock. Zach asked him.

Mmmm…yeah… Noah answered.

Zach somehow managed to stay deep in Noah’s ass while he rolled the boy forward. It almost looked like some sort of gymnastics stretching exercise. Zach watched intently as Noah’s little boy boner moved toward his lips. The sexy 11 year old was even more flexible than his older brother. Zach was astounded when the glans of Noah’s penis touched his lips.

Open up your mouth and take your hot cock and suck it, his older brother told Noah.

Startled, Noah opened his mouth and suddenly tasted his own penis. Noah’s body shuddered with the good feeling he caused himself. Noah was lost in all of the wild stimulation of his young body. Zach continued to thrust deeply in Noah’s boy sex. Noah moaned with each thrust. It was so cool to watch his sexy older brother fuck him.

Noah had heard about blow jobs but never imagined he could pleasure himself that way. Each of Zach’s thrusts shoved his boy boner deep in his throat. Zach’s cock caused the 11 year old unbelievable pleasure as he kept ramming it to the hilt. Noah wanted this to go on forever, but the good feelings were building deep in his loins. He just prayed that Zach would want to fuck him a lot. As Noah though about the future with Zach his body shuddered again and again with a dry orgasm.

This time Noah’s orgasm caused his love chute to contract around his brother thick cock. Zach groaned as he felt himself go over the edge. He thrust deeply again and again in Noah’s sex. Zach’s testicles fought to ejaculate hot seed in his little brother, but there was none left. Zach had a powerful dry orgasm.

Zach rolled on to his side and took Noah into a tight embrace. As Zach thought about getting up and turning off the cabin light, he saw his Dad, Mom and sisters. His Dad came to him and he hugged his two sexy naked boys and kissed them on the lips. The lights went out and both boys were immediately asleep.

Everyone slept in the next morning. The boys awakened first and they decided to swim to Great Sale Cay and then run on the beach and explore the island. Zach climbed the steps up to the cockpit with Noah right behind him.

Noah studied his older brother’s naked body as he climbed the steps. He was fascinated by the way Zach’s scrotum hung down and how big his testicles were in comparison to his own. By the time the two naked boys were in the cockpit, Noah was rock hard.

Zach lovingly fondled his little brother’s lust swollen junk and kissed him on the lips tenderly. You are a serious horn dog little brother, Zach told Noah with a laugh.

Noah was a little embarrassed. I couldn’t help it…you’re just so sexy….I…ummmm…got all boned up.

Zach hugged the sexy younger boy. We’ll have plenty of time to sex later when we are sailing. Let’s head to the beach.

Noah nodded and both boys stood on the starboard rail of the boat and dove into the crystal clear water. They fell into an easy swim rhythm and were in waist deep water in a few minutes. Their sexy bodies were a beautiful sight to behold as they began to stride down the packed white sand beach.

Ummm….Zach… Noah said.

Yeah buddy… Zach replied.

Can we…ummm…you know…do what we did last night again. Noah asked his sexy big brother. Noah was amazed to see that Zach was suddenly hard…while they were jogging.

Zach slowed and then stopped. He turned to Noah and took his sweaty body in his arms and he kissed his little brother passionately. Zach looked in Noah’s blue eyes. You like it…me fucking you? Zach asked his brother.

Yeah…it um…was awesome. It kinda hurt at first but then it felt really good. I…ummm…just felt…ummm…really close to you….it was special. Noah told his big brother.

Yeah…little dude…it was really special for me too! We can do that and anything else you want to try…anytime! Zach told him as he felt Noah’s little boy boner throbbing between them. He kissed Noah again.

Noah felt the sweat on Zach taut body. He inhaled deeply and loved the scent of his older brother. He loved everything about Zach.

Zach said we’d better get back before Mom and Dad get worried.

Ryan stirred when he heard the boys get up and go for a swim. Ryan disentangled himself from Emily’s sexy little body. Ryan was rock hard thinking about how he would like to make love to the little beauty.
Ryan went in the head to relieve himself. He didn’t realize that Hannah had crawled out of bed too.

Hannah stood in the doorway to the master stateroom bathroom and watched her father as he sent a powerful stream of urine into the toilet. Hannah found everything about the guys’ bodies fascinating. She thought it was amazing the way that her Dad held his penis and the powerful yellow stream that squirted in the bowl.

Ryan suddenly had the feeling he was being watch about half way through emptying his bladder. He looked up and saw Hannah studying him while he urinated. Hi, he said.

Hannah smiled and walked in so that she could get a closer look. That is very cool…you know…how you do that. Hannah told her Dad. She reached out and touched the shaft of her Dad’s flaccid 5” penis. She thought it was the most amazing thing she had ever seen.

Ryan smiled and told her he needed to shake it to get the last drops.

Hannah pulled her hand back slowly and watched intently as he shook off the last drops.

Wow very cool. Hannah said.

When he finished they went up on deck and sat on the bow of the boat and leaned back against the cabin. Hannah sat between her Daddy’s legs. They sat there quietly. Ryan’s arms were wrapped around Hannah.

Hannah felt her father’s penis stiffen against her hips. Mmmm…you feel good. She told her Daddy.

You do too. He said as he kissed the fine white blond hairs on the back of her neck.

Daddy…ummm…are you…you know…ever going to…ummm…sex with me. Hannah asked.

Ryan shuddered with pleasure as he thought about being joined sexually with his beautiful daughter.

Hannah felt the moistness at the tip of his penis.

Ryan cleared his throat. He held Hanna tightly and found his arms crossed on her chest with his hands resting on her breasts. His hands unconsciously found her turgid nipples. As he lightly fondled her, yes baby…I want to more than anything. I think we need to resolve your fertility before I begin.

Hannah turned excitedly and rolled over on top of her dad. She kissed his chest and her fingers found his stiff nipples. Hannah looked up at her father and kissed his chest again. She rolled back enough to allow her hand to grasp his thick erection. Daddy it is so big and thick. She told him.

Hannah explored the shaft with her fingers. Her index finger traced the rigid ridge of his corona and then explored the silky texture of his flared glans. The head of his penis became dark red with his increased excitement. Her Daddy had a continuous flow of clear precum that Hannah played with and lubricated the head of his penis. She looked up at her handsome father and saw that his eyes were unfocused with his lust. Hannah bent and kissed her Dad’s throbbing erection. As she looked up at him her lips were covered with his precum.

Ryan groaned with pleasure and was shocked to see his sexy little girl’s lips covered with his precum. He watched her as she lowered her head and began to suck the head of his penis.

Hannah loved the taste of her father’s manhood. She felt it throb with each beat of his heart. Hannah could not resist this magnificent erection any longer. In one fluid motion Hannah straddled her Daddy. She guided his thick shaft toward her 12 year old vagina. Hannah was so excited that she felt her own juices flowing freely and her body shook with anticipation.

She felt the flared head of his penis as the lips of labia caressed it. God Daddy you are huge compared to Zach. She told her father.

Before Ryan could respond to his daughter he felt the tight wet sleeve of her sex as it began to devour his 7 ½” erection. Ryan gasped and moaned with the pleasure that her tight sex caused him. He could feel each ridge of her engorged sex as she took him deeper and deeper in her pleasure center.

Hannah panted as she adjusted to her Daddy’s raging erection. Oh Daddy you are so big and thick…are you close to being all the way in.

No baby…I have about 2 more inches.

With fierce determination, Hanna continued to lower herself on his sex. She groaned as she felt him stretching her cervix wide open.

Ryan knew he should stop her. He was flooding her with his precum that might have enough seed to impregnate her. She settled on his pubis with her prominent clit rubbing against his pubic hair.

Seconds later he felt Hannah as she began to shudder. Her tight sex convulsed on his thick member and he felt his baby flood him with her juices as her eyes rolled up in her head with the ecstatic pleasure of orgasm. The involuntary orgasmic contractions had Ryan right on the edge of a powerful orgasm. Ryan felt himself going over the edge and with his powerful arms he lifted his beautiful daughter off of his member. Ryan was too far gone to stop his orgasm and as he held his sexy daughter above his sex as his hot semen squirted all over her hips and back. Ryan pulled the sexy beauty forward until his mouth was fixed on her sex. He began to suck and lap her stiff clit.

Ryan felt Hannah’s back arch as another wave of orgasmic pleasure rocked her body. Ryan positioned Hannah so that he could insert two fingers in her vagina while he continued to intensely pleasure her stiff clit with his tongue and lips.

Hannah’s body shook and squirmed on her Daddy’s face as the wild pleasures raced through her sexy young body. Her Daddy found that special spot with his fingers. He stroked and massaged that spot that drove her crazy. She thought her orgasm was ending but as he continued the pleasure only increased. She was crying and moaning as the intensity of the orgasm increased. Hannah almost passed out as she hit the peak.

Ryan felt her begin to ejaculate. She flooded his mouth with her essence as her body shuddered, shook and squirmed with wild pleasure.

Hannah was limp and covered with a fine sheen of perspiration from the intensity of her orgasm. Her Daddy’s hot semen ran down her back. She kissed her father…a long passionate kiss. Daddy I love you so much…thank you!

Zach and Noah climbed aboard during Hannah and their Dad’s wild sex. Both boys were rock hard. Zach watched his sister and Dad walk back toward the cockpit. He saw that the insides of Hannah’s thighs glistened with the result of Hannah’s powerful orgasm. His father’s penis, now flaccid, still leaked the last of his semen.

When Hanna stepped into the cockpit Zach took her into his arms. His nostrils were filled with the scent of her sex and his father’s semen. Oh god sis…you are so sexy.

Hannah felt Zach’s erection throb between them. She knew that she needed to have him. Zach led her to a place where Hannah could recline on a towel. Hannah I need you so bad.

Hanna lay back and spread her legs wide wanting his seed to fill her more than anything.

In the master stateroom, Christie and Emily had heard the sounds of Hannah’s powerful orgasm with her father. Emily started grinding her sex against her mother’s leg. Christie turned around and parted Emily’s legs. Seeing Emily’s naked mons pubis sent a sexual shiver through her mother. It was hard for Christie to comprehend how this beautiful little undeveloped girl could be so sexually charged. Christie wanted to give her baby a powerful climax. She parted the lips of Emily’s vulva and immediately started lapping and sucking her stiff little clit. At the same time, Christie began to finger the recently deflowered little girl. Christie was surprised at the strong sexual response from Emily. Emily thrust her sex in her mother’s face grinding her clit hard against her mother’s tongue. Christie was even more surprised to feel her baby finger her and lick her clit in return.

Christie loved it a few minutes later as she felt Emily momentarily stiffen and then shudder several times as an orgasm shook her little body. Christie was so turned on by Emily’s orgasm that she couldn’t stop. She increased the intensity of sucking and fingering her 11 year old daughter. Emily gasped for breath as the electric shocks of pleasure went through her body. She was barely able to continue pleasuring her mother. Emily felt her mother shudder and shake with pleasure. Christie moaned as Emily brought her to a climax. Christie intensified pleasuring her young daughter as she buried her tongue deep in Emily’s sex.

Oh mommy…so good…so fucking good…please don’t stop, Emily cried as her pleasure reached another peak.

The beautiful Mother and daughter turned and embraced kissing each other passionately. They could hear Zach tell Hannah how bad he needed her.

In the cockpit Noah and Ryan watched as Zach buried his stiff boyhood deep in his sister’s sex. Zach could not believe how steaming hot his sister’s sex was. She was so juicy from her last orgasm that each of Zach’s thrusts made a squishing sound. Zach was drinking in the smell of sex off of his sexy sister. The strong sent of his father’s seed on his sister only inflamed the teen more.

Zach thrust deeply in to Hannah again and again. He knew he was on the ragged edge of orgasm. He looked across the cockpit as his arms pushed him up off of his sister and his back arched and increased the penetration of each thrust as his inevitable orgasm neared. He saw his father across the cockpit lying on his back with his little brother Noah on top of him as the two pleasured each other orally. As he watched Noah’s taut little body began to shudder and shake and his hip thrust again and again as orgasmic pleasure rocked the 11 year old. His father responded almost immediately with his own orgasm. He held Noah’s head as his hips bucked up off the seat. Ryan felt the hot seed race through his loins and fill his son’s mouth and throat with the incestuous seed that created him.

Both Zach and Hannah were watching their brother and father, Zach felt Hannah’s sex contract as another orgasm rocked her body. The contractions milk the seed from deep in Zach’s loins. The pleasure was indescribable as the hot seed raced up through his shaft into her unprotected womb. Jet after jet of hot incestuous boy semen erupted in her pleasure core. The two ground their sexy young bodies together until they were spent.

Their Mom and Emily climbed the steps into the cockpit as Zach stood. He bent and kissed Emily and immediately inhaled the scent of his mother’s sex on her lips.

The family began moving all of the things they wanted to keep dry so that they could enjoy a family shower. Ryan turned on the water and wetted them down. They soaped and cleaned each other. Ryan held the hand held shower nozzle above them and rinsed them off.

They straightened the cockpit and put up the canvas sunscreen. They started the engine. Ryan watched as his naked oldest son walked forward to bring up the anchor. Ryan told Zach to bring up the anchor. In moments they were underway. As they motored out of the quiet cove on Great Sale Cay they all looked back realizing just what a special night it had been.

Ryan had Noah take a heading due east from the cove and the sailed well off the shallow waters on the east side of Great Sale Cay. They motor sailed to charge their batteries and allow Christie and Emily to fix breakfast using the microwave.

Ryan grinned as he looked over and saw Hannah reading the Joy of Sex. Hannah looked up at her Dad and grinned. This book is pretty cool even if it was written in the Dark Ages.

Ryan laughed as he slipped in behind Noah who stood behind the 36” stainless steel wheel. Ryan leaned forward and kissed Noah’s back right between the shoulder blades. He reached around and explored his son’s small flaccid penis and his testicles that were slightly descended from his 11 year old body.

Did you enjoy us being together this morning, Ryan asked Noah.

Noah nodded yes, yeah…it was cool…but you sure make a lot of sperm…I thought you were going to drown me.

Ryan laughed and held Noah tight against his body. You will make a lot of seed too one day. Ryan told Noah as he felt the boy’s penis stiffen again.

Dad…when will I be able to make seed?

Well…when the testicles begin to descend from your body it means that you are close to being able to make seed. Ryan checked out his younger son’s pubis. It looks like you are beginning to get a few dark hairs. That is also a sign you are ready to produce semen.

Cool, Noah said with a huge grin as he returned his attention to steering the proper course.

Zach sat down next to Hannah. She was leaning back against the cabin with her knees bent reading the Joy of Sex. Zach stroked his sister’s shins.

Hannah lowered the book. She looked at her big brother with a serious expression. Ummm…Zach…what do you…ummm…think about…you know…right when you squirt your seed in me.

He blushed and was quiet…

You can tell me she said.

Promise you won’t be mad? He asked Hannah.

She nodded and waited for him.

I…ummmm…think about the seed finding your egg…and ummm…filling your belly with my baby. Zach stammered.

How would you feel about it if you got me pregnant? Hannah asked him as everyone on the boat held their breath waiting for the answer.

Zach could not restrain himself this time. With a big grin Zach said, it would be the most awesome thing ever. It only took Zach a few moments to realize that she might not feel the same way. He stammered and stuttered…Ummmm….Hannah…what would you think about that?

Hannah got a faraway look in her deep blue eyes. She brushed the blond hair out of her face. I had a dream last night. We were on some island and I was under a palm tree naked and you were next to me. I was holding the most beautiful blond baby…your baby…and he was sucking on my breast. I watched you as you leaned down and kissed him and I remember being happier than I have ever been in my life.

Ryan looked at Christie as she stood in the doorway down in the cabin. She was smiling as tears streamed down her face. She quietly stroked Emily’s long blond hair as the tears flowed.

They were all quiet as Zach took his beautiful sister in his arms. They just sat there along with everyone else lost in their own thoughts and listening to the sound of the waves slapping against the hull and the sea gull crying in the distance.

Ryan looked ahead and saw 6 beautiful dolphins rolling and playing in their bow wave. He wondered as he stroked Noah’s body if the dolphins were leading them to this magical island that Hannah had described.

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