The fashion designer is determined to marry a 14 year old fashion model. He meets her 12 year old brother who ends up in their bed on their wedding night.
Designer’s Baby Bride 2

About 3 hours later Jack awakened and found they were still coupled in the same position and to his amazement his penis was still semi erect and inside Megan. As Jack visualized Megan’s beautiful body he felt his member become rigid. Megan kissed Jack’s cheek.

I loved the feeling of being united all this time, Megan told Jack. I felt you start to slip out a few times and I squeezed my muscles to hold you inside me. That seemed to make you harder, she told him as she flexed her vaginal muscles. Megan whispered in Jack’s ear and told him just how sexy she thought he was.

Megan told Jack that she needed him again…you know…hard and well…panting after you have filled me with your seed.

Jack’s mind was still fogged by the fact that a gorgeous 14 year old girl straddled him. His penis had never been harder. This young of the most beautiful in the world, wanted him to fill her unprotected womb with his seed. That was almost enough to make Jack ejaculate.

He told her how much he needed her too and then began to kiss her passionately. She tasted magnificent. Jack rolled them over while he kept his rigid member deep in her core. He had the beautiful teen in the missionary position. Their handsome bodies intertwined with the lust that only young lovers can maintain for hours on end. He began to thrust deeply into her tender vagina. Jack looked deeply in to her bottomless blue eyes.

Megan told Jack how much she loved the feeling of his throbbing member as it plunged deep in her core. While Megan’s body was not very developed, her clitoris extended from the hood and made contact with Jack’s erection as he thrust in and out of her. She was quickly on the verge of a powerful orgasm.

A few more thrusts and Megan was crying out in pleasure as the waves of her orgasm wash over her tender young body. Each thrust of Jack’s member was exquisitely pleasurable. Just as her orgasm subsided, the intensity of Jack’s thrusts increased. Amazingly the young girl experienced a second orgasm almost before the first one ended.

Jack told her that he was about to cum. His manhood was thrust deep in to her 14 year old vagina and as the tip stretched her cervix it exploded hot semen into her unprotected womb. Jack groaned as his member ejaculated his potent seed into the beautiful girl’s womb.

Megan felt the depth of her vagina as it stretched to accommodate the thrusting of Jack’s man member and felt the tip of his hard penis as it exploded his seed deep in her core. She gasped for breath as the second orgasm took her to higher levels of pleasure than ever before.

Megan told Jack how awesome that felt. Your seed is so hot. Jack rolled over, His spent penis slipped from her vagina.

Megan straddled Jack’s abdomen and was shocked when she saw some of Jack’s thick semen drain out on his abs. She ran her finger through the puddle of sperm.

As she looked at the creamy thick liquid on her finger, Megan asked Jack if that was his seed...she had never seen a man’s semen before.

Jack told her it was his seed as he rubbed the tops of her creamy white thighs.

She told him that she had never seen sperm before. Megan told Jack she thought it was very cool. So this is what makes babies, Megan observed as she toyed with his seminal fluid.

Jack nodded as he combed he fingers through her fine white blond hair. His penis was rock hard again at the thought of the possibility that he had inseminated this beautiful flower. He so wanted to make babies with Megan…if only she were willing.

Megan leaned forward and kisses Jack tenderly. She looked deeply into his eyes and startled him with her next question, Jack do you want to make a baby in me?

Megan we have only known each other for a day. He told her that they shouldn’t be thinking about making a baby for a lot of reasons. He kissed her and confessed that was exactly what he was thinking about before she mentioned it. He told her he was falling madly in love with her. He told her that he would love to have a baby growing in here as he gently rubbed her abdomen. Jack gently reached up and played with her nipple as he studied her reaction.

Megan played with both of Jack’s erect nipples. Momma told me I would know when I found the right man to make a baby with and she was right. I think she knew before we did. That was why she left us last night when she did.

Megan slid down Jack until his raging member entered her seed slippery vagina. Jack I want you to fill me with your seed again, she told him as she kissed and licked his nipple. With that she began to ride his throbbing erection. Oh Jack…you feel so good….you make me feel so full…you are so hard, she cried out as her hard clit rubbed against his manhood.

Jack pulled Megan down into a tight embrace and kissed her passionately. Megan felt Jack begin to thrust wildly into her as his orgasm overwhelmed him. Megan took his member to the hilt and ground her clit against his pubis until her own orgasm overwhelmed her. It was then that she felt Jack’s hot seed squirt deep in her sacred place.

They kissed tenderly for several minutes until Jack led his little beauty to the shower. Megan insisted on washing Jack and in no time she had him fully erect again. Jack lifted Megan and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as he entered her again. They mated with her in his arms. Megan felt Jack release his seed deep inside her.

Jack took Megan by the hand and led her from the shower to the towel rack. He tenderly dried her body. Jack slipped into the closet and brought Megan a silk dressing gown. It was huge on her but it was all he had to offer.

As they were standing in the bedroom, Megan cell phone rang. She answered it.

Jack only heard one side of the conversation. He was literally sweating how Iona would react. Yes Momma, she told Iona that she was fine. It was a wonderful night. Oh yes… he did. Yes it hurt because he was so big. Momma you were right…I knew. Yes. He filled me with his seed again and again. I am not sure…5 or 6 times I think. Well I probably am going to need some clothes. Right now I am naked except for his robe.

Megan stepped over to Jack. She began to lightly fondle his flaccid penis and scrotum while she talked to her mother.

Megan clearly answered Iona’s question about what was going on as she told her mother that Jack stood next to her naked and she was touching his penis. The penis was very beautiful as she described the 5” flaccid tube to her mother. No…she told Iona. Megan explained that it was soft right now. Megan told her mother that Jack’s body is awesome. Jack heard Megan say Yes Momma with her beautiful Irish lilt…here he is she said as she handed the phone to Jack.

As Megan handed the phone to Jack she dropped to her knees and kissed and licked his flaccid penis. Iona asks Jack for directions so that she can bring Megan clothes. Jack gasped as Megan worshiped his member. Much to Jack’s amazement as he tried to keep his attention focused on the conversation with Iona, Jack was getting hard again.

Iona matter of factly commented that Megan must have sucked his manhood. Jack was both shocked and worried about Iona’s reaction. Iona told him that Megan was going to be good at satisfying his manly needs. Do not be concerned, she told Jack, I will wait a few minutes to be sure that she has had time to thoroughly pleasure you.

Jack told her how to get to his penthouse. Iona told him she will see him in a little while. Jack dropped the phone as half of his 7” member disappeared into the beautiful 14 year old’s mouth. She instinctively knew how to bring him pleasure. In a little while the tension built to the point that he knew he could not last much longer. Jack cried out as Megan pushed him over the edge. His body strained to release his seed but there was none left. Jack smiled as he told her that all of his seed was in her womb.

Jack pulled on chinos over his naked body and grabbed a polo shirt. He slipped his feet into some glove soft loafers. He walked across the room to Megan and took her face in his hands. Jack kissed her tenderly.

When Iona arrived she hugged Jack and handed him the overnight bag. Iona rushed to Megan and asked her if she was all right?

Megan kissed her mother tenderly and told her yes Mama it was amazing...

Iona took Jack and Megan’s hands in her hands. Iona looked back and forth at both of them. Some how I knew the two of you were smitten last night. I knew you needed to be alone. Iona looked at Megan. Oh baby…you are a woman now. Iona opened her daughter’s robe as if it were the most natural thing for a mother to inspect her naked 14 year old baby girl in front of this man. She looked in Megan eyes as her hand rested on Megan’s bare abdomen. Jack watched and could not help becoming erect. He filled you with his seed? Iona asked Megan.

Yes Momma…again and again. So much seed it leaked out.

Iona looked at Megan and Jack. Iona told them she suspected that. I stopped at the drug store next door and got you some light day pads to help absorb the excess seed and your juices. When you sucked him was he dry?

Megan nodded yes.

Was she nice and moist for you? Iona asks Jack.

Startled by the question, Jack stammered out yes…very moist.

Oh very good. Iona tells him. I wanted your first coupling to be perfect.

You knew? He asks.

Well it is kind of a sixth sense. I have always known when men and women are suited for each other…ever since I was a child. If I touched both the man and the woman at the same time I got a feeling if it is a good match. When we left the dinner table I took both of your hands and I knew. That was why I left. I knew that you needed privacy to discover the feelings for yourselves.

I am totally in love with your daughter. He told her that he wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

And you told her you wanted her to have your babies. It was said as a statement and not a question.

Jack was shocked and nodded yes.

Jack and Iona sit in the living room while Megan changes into jeans and a sweater.

There is one thing that I needed to tell you. Iona told Jack. Jack watched as she fidgets. Well…Megan isn’t 16…she is only14.

Suddenly Megan’s sexual development started to make sense to Jack. Jack nodded and told Iona that makes more sense.

Iona asked if Jack was upset.

No…Not really. Sexual intercourse with a 16 year old girl was just as illegal as intercourse with a 14 year old. People must be convinced that Megan is really 16. Jack told Iona that when people found out he had married and inseminated a 16 year old there would be an uproar. He couldn’t imagine if they found out that he had sex with a 14 year old girl and impregnated her. He could not help himself, he took Megan as her robe continued to flap open from her mother’s earlier inspection and held her tightly in his strong arms.

Iona nodded as she told him that they would find a way to make it respectable.

Megan walked in and sat in Jack’s lap and kissed him tenderly. She wondered aloud if she was the only one who was hungry? All that sex made me hungry.

Iona and Jack both laughed.

Jack suggested that they have brunch at his favorite place on Central Park South and Jack called and made a reservation.

They walked up 6th Avenue toward Central Park. Since Jack was a regular, the three of them were ushered to a quiet table.

They placed their drink orders and Jack looked at Megan.

He took her hand and asked her if she would live with him forever?

Megan’s grin was bright enough to light the city. She leaned over and passionately kissed Jack. Her hand was in his lap

Iona looks at Jack and Megan and pronounced that this was a good thing. When I touched her belly I knew it was a beautiful blond boy with blue eyes.

Jack was sitting there thinking what a load of malarkey. How could Iona be right? But then how could she have been right about them last night. Jack decided to reserve judgment. He didn’t even know if his beautiful flower was even pregnant yet.

After lunch they returned to the penthouse. Jack made phone calls. He talked to Ethan his assistant and told him to come over immediately. When Ethan arrived Jack pulls Ethan into his office.

Ethan was a handsome 22 year old administrative assistant to Jack. Ethan is 5’8” and 145 pounds. Ethan is a lean muscular young man with sandy blond hair and blue eyes. While Ethan and Jack have never talked about his sexuality, Jack suspects that he is gay or bisexual. Jack has often wondered what they boy would look like naked.

Jack told Ethan that he planned to marry Megan. Jack explained that he needed Ethan to have checked all of the public records for Megan O’Reilly. Ethan needed to be sure that the records show that Megan is 16. She was born in County Cork, Ireland. You will find her records there.

Ethan looked at Jack puzzled and asked how old Megan really is.

Jack looked at Ethan and told him that she is really 14. Even though Ethan was gay he became fully erect at the thought of Jack penetrating a beautiful 14 year old girl.

Jack explained that Ethan’s next assignment will be to get a marriage license in New Hampshire. Her mother and father gave their permission.

Ethan nodded slowly. So you are going to marry this girl. Is she pregnant?

Jack told Ethan that Megan was not pregnant that they knew of but they both hoped she would be soon.

Ethan’s jaw dropped.

Jack led Ethan into the living room and introduced Ethan to Megan and Iona. Ethan was astounded at Megan’s beauty and he became erect again as he thought about Jack penetrating this beautiful 14 year old girl.

Jack told Ethan that when the Wedding arrangements were complete he was to contact Liam, Megan’s father. He is to arrange travel on Jack’s private jet for Liam and Devin, Megan’s 12 year old brother.

Ethan hurried off to make the needed arrangements and to he also needed to find a private place to relieve his own sexual tension.

That evening Iona moved into the penthouse. While Iona was settling in one of the guest rooms, Jack and Megan walked out on the patio. Since it was the cook’s night off, Jack decided to cook some steaks on the grill. Megan stood beside him and held his hand and rubbed his back as he placed the steaks on the grill.

Once the steaks were cooking, Jack took Megan in his arms and tenderly kissed her. Megan was only wearing a silk sun dress and Jack felt her erect nipples through the light weight dress against his chest. Jack needed to make love to Megan right then and there. While they kissed, Jack raised the hem of her dress until her sacred place was revealed. Jack was delighted to find that Megan was naked other than the sun dress.

He gently explored her labia with his fingers. As his fingers found her vagina he felt her wetness. He found that Megan was very moist and receptive so he penetrated her with two of his fingers. She moaned as his fingers found her core. Jack began to thrust his fingers in and out until he heard Megan begin to moan. He was amazed at how quickly her passion rose to a fevered pitch.

Their passion they kissed increased. Megan broke their kiss and while she gasped for breath, Megan began to whimper in his ear. Oh yes…right there….ohhhhh… harder….Oh yes…please….more…Ahhhhhhhhhhh…she cried out as her orgasm washed over her. Jack continued to masturbate Megan. He felt her juices flood over his fingers.

Megan threw her arms around his neck and kissed Jack passionately. Their tongues dueled. She broke the kiss. Megan looked deeply in Jack’s eyes and told him how much she loved him. She told him she needed his member deep inside her now.

While he kissed her passionately, Jack removed the straps of her sun dress from her shoulder and felt the silky material as it glided to the floor. Megan unbuckled Jack’s pants and shoved them to the ground. She stripped off his polo shirt and he stood naked before her his member stood proudly at attention.

Megan stretched out on the chair and presented her sacred opening to her lover. Jack knelt between her legs and his erect member was throbbing and leaking precum on the cushion. Megan leaned forward and took his manhood and sacred orbs in her hands and lovingly explored them.

Megan looked into Jack eyes. Her eyes were clouded with lust.

She told him that she wanted him to fill her with his hardness. She wanted him to thrust in her again and again until he filled her with his hot seed. She wanted him to squirt his seed deep in her womb and she wanted it to find her egg and make them a beautiful baby.

Jack leaned forward and enters Megan as they kissed. He began to thrust and Megan wrapped her legs around her lover. She pulled his hard manhood deep in her core.

She whispered in his ear. Baby fuck me hard…I want you to make a baby so bad. Megan cried out in pleasure and she tilted her pelvis up so that Jack’s erection penetrated as deeply into her tight vagina as possible. She ground her young clit against him as her orgasm intensified and then she heard Jack groan as his organ released his hot seed deep in her womb.

Iona watched the beautiful coupling through the door. She smiled as Megan tilted her sex up to receive all of Jack’s potent man seed. Iona smiled as Jack filled her baby girl with hot semen. Iona’s shoulders shuddered with a powerful spontaneous climax that washed over her own body and mirrored her beautiful daughter orgasm.

Iona joined them on the patio while they were still joined as one. She bent and lightly kissed both Jack and Megan and whispered that they should shower and she would bring the steaks in and get dinner on the table. She watched as they uncoupled and Jack’s semen covered semi erect member slipped from her daughter’s vagina. Her hand fondled his slippery tool and she told Jack that it was magnificent.

Jack took Megan by the hand and led her to the master bathroom for a quick shower.

Jack and Megan emerged from the master bedroom a few minutes later with wet hair and they wore only robes. Iona had just finished putting the last of the dinner on the table.

Iona cleared the dishes and told Jack and Megan to get comfortable…she told them that meant naked in the living room. Iona walked into the living room and saw that Jack was sitting on the couch and that Megan straddled his lap. Jack’s penis was buried deep in the young girl as he kissed her passionately.

Iona walked up and leaned down to kiss Megan and Jack on the cheek. She told them how beautiful they looked. Iona lightly fondled Jack’s testicles and told him that they would bring her beautiful grandchildren. She said good night.

Jack and Megan were so tired from the lack of sleep last night that they stayed united as one but did not try for another orgasm. Her vagina was so tight that it helped in keeping Jack’s member throbbing. The drifted off to sleep. They slept united for three hours in a loving embrace. When they awoke, Jack led the beautiful naked nymph out on the patio to see the breath taking view of the lights of New York from his penthouse.

The two stood out there naked and totally visible from any of the adjacent buildings. Jack watched a man in the building next-door watching them with binoculars. Jack waved to him and turned and kissed Megan passionately. Jack’s fingers explored her labia as their kiss intensified. Moments later Jack lifted his gorgeous soon to be baby bride and eased her vagina down on his raging manhood. Jack carried her over to the lounge chair and began to make passionate love. They drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ethan arrived at 7 am and let himself in as usual with his own key. As he walked through the living room he saw Jack and Megan naked on the patio in the lounge chair.

Megan’s body was even more beautiful than Ethan imagined when he masturbated last night thinking about Megan and Jack making love. Ethan stroked his throbbing erection through his pants. He was so engrossed in his lustful thoughts he did not hear Iona walk up behind him. She told him to drop his pants before he made a terrible stain in them.

Ethan looked at Megan’s mother in disbelief.

She said I told you to get naked before you soil your pants.

Ethan blushed and undid his pants as he was told to do.

She is much more beautiful than you dreamed of last night isn’t she?

Ethan nodded and dropped his boxers.

Iona stepped over to Ethan and undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and stripped them off of him. You poor boy you are so excited you are about to explode. Iona picked up his clothes and laid them on the sofa as she watched the naked young man masturbate furiously.

Ethan groaned and moaned…Oh man….gonna shoot. And shoot he did all over the marble floor. Iona watched as the boy’s semen arched high in the air.

Iona found a towel in the kitchen and was tenderly cleaning the boy’s semen covered member, when Jack and Megan walked in.

Ethan turned a fiery shade of red as he blushed furiously while Iona continued to clean his member.

The boy needed a wee spot of relief. I was the one that told him to undress so that he wouldn’t soil his pants, Iona told Jack with a huge grin. Iona was still meticulously cleaning every tiny bit of semen from the handsome young man.

Ethan looked back and forth between Jack and Megan. They were such an amazingly beautiful couple. Ethan’s 7” member became fully erect as he looked at them. He was sure he was going to get fired for getting naked and perving his boss and soon to be new bride.

Iona told Jack there was coffee in the kitchen. Jack asked Ethan if he wanted some coffee.

Ethan only nodded in shock that Jack did not seem to be upset.

Jack led Ethan to the dining room table which had a glass top. Jack then pulled out a chair for Megan.

Megan spread her legs as she took her seat across from Ethan. Ethan could not help that he stared at her erect clit and the small leak of moisture that trailed out of her vagina. As Ethan stared, he vaguely heard Jack say that she has a very beautiful vagina. Ethan only nodded as copious amounts of precum began to leak from his throbbing erection.

Jack carried the coffee back from the kitchen. He studied Ethan’s naked body.

Iona commented that Jack had never noticed what a handsome young man Ethan was. He had the looks of a fashion model.

Jack nodded as he rubbed his hand over Ethan’s pectoral muscle and felt the boy’s rigid nipple scrape his hand. Jack commented that Ethan was beautiful as his hand continued to rub Ethan’s chest.

Jack turned to Megan who looked on with a bemused expression. He has a lovely penis. Jack told Megan she should feel the boy’s manhood.

Megan grinned and moved to the other side of Ethan. She told Jack that she thought Ethan’s body was very sexy. Her fingers began to gently explore his testicles. She felt them rise toward his body.

Her index finger stroked the underside of his penis. As she stroked, she looked at Jack and described how hot and hard Ethan’s erection felt. And yet it felt soft and silk too. She lifted his balls and held them in her hand. They felt full to her even though he just had an orgasm.

She watched Jack play with Ethan’s erect nipples and listened to the young man groan with pleasure. Megan wondered how old Ethan was. With his blond good looks he probably looked younger than he really was. It seemed to her that he was about 18, but she thought he was probably older.

She watched as Jack reached into Ethan’s lap and took hold of his throbbing member. Jack’s thumb began to massage the underside of Ethan’s sensitive penis while Jack pinched his nipple.

Megan felt Ethan’s testicles begin to draw up in to his body. Soon Ethan gasped for breath and shook his head from side to side. There was a deep guttural growl that began deep in Ethan’s chest. He started mumbling incoherently and that is when his thick beautiful penis erupted. A thick creamy glob of semen shot out of the tip of his erection forcefully and splattered on the underside of the glass top dining room table. Ethan shifted around as the pleasure of his orgasm made him squirm. He moved enough that his penis was aimed at Megan as the second rope of cum shot forth and landed on Megan’s abdomen and began to run down toward her swollen labia.

Jack held his hand above the tip of Ethan’s erection as it erupted. The next rope of Ethan’s semen landed in Jack’s hand. Jack’s hand traveled toward his mouth as the last two jets of semen landed on the table top and Ethan’s chest. Ethan watched Jack mesmerized as Jack’s tongue licked the boy’s seed from his hand.

Jack looked at Ethan and Megan and told them it tasted very nice. He scooped up the seed on Ethan’s chest and offered it to Megan. She daintily licked the hot semen from Jack’s finger.

Iona got supplies to clean the semen off the table as she smiled at the three of them.

When Ethan caught he breath he told them how awesome that felt. He also told them that he made arrangements for the Wedding in New Hampshire. They were to be married by a judge at a mountain top luxury resort. He booked suites for everyone. He told Jack that the jet was in Paris and it picked up Liam and Devin at Cork International Airport. They were scheduled to arrive at Teterboro, NJ at 4 pm.

Jack smiled as he observed to Ethan that he was very focused. You gave me a report on the wedding while I was holding your softening erection as the last of your cum leaks. You’re amazing.

Megan walked up to Jack and Jack put his arms around her. She noticed that Jack’s hands were still slimy with Ethan’s semen. She thought it was sexy to watch Jack stroke Ethan. Megan wondered if Jack might suck Ethan. She thought that would be very sexy to watch.

Ethan looked up to see that Jack held Megan in his arms tight against his naked body. Jack kissed her passionately as Ethan continued with the arrangement information. Ethan was distracted as he watched Jack’s erect member as it rubbed against the tender white flesh of Megan’s abdomen. Ethan explained that everyone would be fitted this evening for their wedding clothes.

Megan was excited about seeing her father and Devin. They all drove to the airport in a limo to meet the flight. The jet had just landed when they arrived. They drove out beside the Jet as it taxied to a stop. As the stairs were lowered, Megan ran for the plane and hugged her father and Devin.

Jack watched Devin as he excitedly told his sister about how the pilots let him stand behind them when they made their approach to the airport. Devin was about 5’6” with sandy blond hair and the fair skin of the Irish. He was a lean and handsome lad who was apparently very close to his sister as they walked hand in hand to the car. Iona was busy hugging Liam and held his hands as she told him about the wedding preparations. Liam listened attentively and then bent to kiss Iona.

Megan introduced Jack to Devin. As Jack had the opportunity to study the boy up close he realized that Devin was as beautiful as his sister. One of Devin’s best qualities was his infectious enthusiasm. He was still chattering about all of the details of his trans-Atlantic flight in Jack’s private jet.

When they arrived back at the penthouse there were 15 people with wardrobe to fit them and make the alterations over night. Ethan stayed with Devin and told him to strip to his underwear so that they could fit him.

Devin’s cheeks became bright red as he blushed and told Ethan he wasn’t wearing any drawers.

Ethan grabbed Devin’s clothes and took him back to the guest bedroom where Devin was to spend the night. He told Devin he could change here and waited attentively.

Devin blushed again and slowly started to remove his clothes.

Ethan realized Devin’s discomfort and told the young boy that he was used to all of the models both male and female being naked as they changed outfits.

Devin looked surprised and asked if Ethan had seen Megan naked.

Yes…of course, Ethan told Devin. Models usually don’t wear any underwear because it can look funny with an outfit. Ethan explained that they usually pull their clothes on over their naked bodies. Back stage at a fashion show usually half of the models are naked or half naked. It is very sexy to watch these hot looking men and women get dressed.

As Devin removed his pants it was obvious that his 12 year old penis had started to chub. The more Ethan said the harder Devin’s penis became until it was fully erect. Devin was blushing bright red and he covered his erection with his hand.

Ethan told the young Irish lad that he had nothing to be embarrassed about. Even the models got hard sometimes back stage.

Devin’s reaction to the news about the models getting hard was to get harder.

Ethan studied the boy’s erection and told him that he thought he was well developed for being 12. Ethan guessed that the boy was about 4” and he had a beautiful uncut snow white penis with a very small amount of sandy color pubic hair. Ethan really wanted to just lay down with the boy and play with his penis until Devin had a powerful orgasm. Ethan’s own member was throbbing and it ached for release.

Ethan had Devin put on the Tux shirt and pants. He had the boy carry the jacket because Ethan wanted to see how Jack reacted to the huge bulge in the boy’s pants.

Jack watched in amazement as Devin walked into the room. His pants had an obscene bulge. Jack started at what was obviously an erection and tried to imagine what Devin looked like naked.

Iona’s voice startled Jack. She told him that Devin was much like his sister in many ways. You will become close to Devin…very close!

The obscene bulge in Jack’s pants was as obvious as Devin’s. Even Devin noticed it. Liam looked at both Devin and Jack and smiled.

Ethan watched Jack’s reaction and this confirmed that Jack was bisexual.

When the fittings were finished, Ethan led Devin back to the bedroom. The 12 year old was still fully erect. He had the boy undress again and put everything on hangers as Devin handed it to him.

Ethan told the naked boy that he could take some time and jack off if he wanted.

Devin looked puzzled.

Surely that the reaction was a problem with his use of slang, Ethan said that he meant masturbation…again a blank look…wank?

Devin still looked confused and worried.

I will explain it later, Ethan told him.

Ethan and Devin walked back in the living room just as the wardrobe people were ready to leave. Ethan’s answered his phone and listened. He thanked them and said he would tell Mr. Kingman.

Ethan led Jack out on the patio. He told him that he had to use a few favors but the marriage license would be waiting when they got there. Jack looked puzzled about why they were speaking in private. Ethan explained about his suggestion that Devin jack off and his attempts to get him to understand. Ethan looked at Jack and told him that he thought the kid is not only a virgin but a total innocent as well.

Jack said nothing but his raised eyebrow spoke volumes.

The next morning they flew to New Hampshire. The resort was beautiful and Megan made a beautiful bride. The luncheon was magnificent. Jack suggested that they all go to his farm on Camel Back Lake. They had a wonderful afternoon on the lake. Devin and Megan learned to wakeboard and there was a wonderful cookout with fresh seafood.

Jack and Megan said good night and he led her by the hand to the master bedroom. As the door clicked shut Jack stripped away her clothes and fell to his knees and began to worship her labia with his tongue. He picked her up and carried her to their bed. Jack spread her sacred lips and began to suck on her erect clit. She moaned and cried out as waves of pleasure spread through her young body. Her juices began to flood into Jack’s mouth and he delighted in licking up every drop. The pleasure overwhelmed Megan and she cried out as an orgasm rocked her body. Her orgasmic cries were heard up and down the hall way as Jack pleasured her every way he could imagine. Then Jack’s 7 1/2” erection ached for relief and he penetrated her deeply because he wanted to fill her with as much of his potent sperm as possible. He rocker her young body as he thrust deeply into her sacred place again and again until the exquisite pleasure was too much and he thrust into her stretching her cervix as he filled her with his creamy essence.

They quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms and slept soundly until Jack heard sounds of distress from across the hall. Jack got up naked and walked across the hall to Devin’s room. Devin stood there in his new boxer briefs and in the dim light Jack saw that they were soaked. Jack felt the sheets on the bed and they were soaked too. He took Devin in his arms as Devin began to sob. Jack whispered that he should not worry that it happened to Jack when he was Devin’s age. Jack quickly stripped off the sheets and then walked over to Devin. He leaned down and stripped the urine soaked underwear off the boy and told him he would be right back.

Jack went down stairs and threw the urine soaked sheets and underwear in the washer. He ran back up the steps and took the naked boy by the hand and led him to the shower. With only a night light on in the bathroom, Jack started the glass enclosed shower. He took Devin by the hand and led him into the shower. Jack whispered in Devin’s ear that he would feel better after a good shower. Devin broke down and sobbed again.

I am so sorry I ruined your wedding night, the boy sobbed.

Jack took the muscular lads body and held his tightly against his body until the boy calmed down. You could never ruin my evening, Jack told Devin. He took soap and began to wash Devin’s body. In moments Devin was fully erect and even more embarrassed. Jack told his that it was another perfectly normal reaction for a boy his age.

Jack rinsed the boy and began to dry him off. He got on his knees and began to dry the boys legs. Devin’s immature erection rubbed against Jack’s cheek. Jack turned and kissed the tip of the uncircumcised penis. Devin gasped. Jack stood and kissed the boy’s forehead. He hugged Devin and for the first time Devin felt Jack’s erection pressed against his body.

See it happens to all of us, Jack told him.

He took the boy by the hand and led him to the bridal chamber. Devin’s head was swimming He had never even seen his sister naked and now he was going to sleep in her bed naked with her new husband who was also naked.

Jack got in the center of the bed and pulled Devin and Megan close. Jack’s member throbbed and leaked precum like a faucet as he thought about their naked bodies pressed against his. He could feel Devin’s erection as he throbbed against his hip. Jack felt the boy’s light dusting of pubic hair as he washed him. Jack from what Ethan said about Devin’s reactions that he was sure that the boy had not ejaculated yet. Jack wanted to see, if not cause, Devin’s orgasm.

That was his last thought as he drifted off to sleep. Jack was awakened the next morning by Megan as she lightly licked and sucked his erection. As soon as she saw he was awake she swung her leg over Jack and mounted his rock hard member. Jack could tell from Devin’s rapid breathing that he was awake. He hugged the boy tightly to him as he felt the tight sleeve of Megan’s young vagina engulf his rampant erection. Jack leaned over and kissed Devin’s forehead and told him it was okay to watch. Jack told Devin that his sister was very beautiful and Devin should learn how to make love from her.

As soon as Megan saw Devin open his eyes she began to bounce up and down on Jack’s erection. Jack began to play with her nipple with one hand and he led Devin’s hand to her other rock hard nipple.

Megan’s eyes began to roll up as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her body and shook it violently. Jack felt her juices release and flood over his body. Jack rolled her over and began to thrust his hard cock deeply in her core. Devin watched as his sister began to cry out in pleasure begging Jack to fuck her harder. Jack felt her vagina spasm and he felt the ridges of her tight sleeve milk his essence from deep inside his body. Jack cried out as he semen exploded deep in Megan molten core. Devin watched as Jack’s thick erection thrust again and again as Jack moaned with the intense pleasure his orgasm caused him.

As his orgasm subsided, Jack’s member slipped from Megan’s love tunnel. Jack asked Devin if he had ever seen a man’s semen.

Devin shook his head no.

Jack pulled the boy up where he could see Jack’s creamy ejaculate begin to leak from his 14 year old sister’s body. As Devin watched in amazement, Jack took hold of the boy’s sensitive erection as he sister watched. Jack told Devin it was time for his first orgasm. He leaned down and began to suck the boy’s immature 12 year old uncut erection. Jack’s tongue penetrated the tip of the boy’s foreskin and began to massage his glans with the tip of his tongue. Megan watched fascinated as Jack pulled back the foreskin of the 4” erection to reveal the angry red head of Devin’s erection which Jack immediately devoured. Jack began to intensely suck the boy’s throbbing boyhood until he felt the boy begin to face fuck him.

Jack pulled off the boy’s erection and began to masturbate him vigorously. Soon Devin was begging Jack to stop because it felt so weird. Jack ignored the boy and a few moments later thin clear ejaculate erupted from Devin’s erection. He sprayed his abdomen with 4 or 5 drops.

Devin gasped for breath as his orgasm ended. Jack scooped up a drop on his finger and held it out for Megan to sample. This is a real treat to get to taste your brother’s first seminal essence. Megan eagerly licked it from Jack’s finger. Jack licked up the remainder except for one last drop that he held up for Devin to taste. Devin licked the drop and grinned.

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