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I did my sis till i came in...
one very cold winter night me and my 13 year old sister Brittany were walking around smoking and talking about how long her winter was till she had to go back to school. It was midafternoon when we were outside and me and my sister were geting very cold so me and her raced home and while we were running my sister Brittany sliped on some ice and hit her head on the hard frozen cement so i pick her up and take her inside and bring her something to put on her head and warm up some turkey to eat and turned on the tv for a little bit.

Me and my sister were home alone because mom and dad were at work and i was babysiting my sister till they got home around 7pm so after me and her ate she left up stairs and got are 10 year old sister Nickie after her nap so all 3 of use were sitting down watching some tv till i looked over and i saw Brittany fixing her bra then her boob fell out of her t shirt and that gave me a hard on so i ran up stair and waited till my boner debonertized so i was waiting in the hallway and my sister walks up the stairs and walks by me and goes to her room so i get up and i walk over to her room and peek in through a crack that she left because she didn't close her door all the way so i try to open i some more and get a better look to see what she was doing and the door opened and there was my sister looking at me butt naked and saying get the hell of my room now.

So i walk into her room and close the door behind me and my sister hides behind her blanket so i sit down on the end of her bed and say wow you have a very fine body sis and she say thanx so i pull down my pants and pull out my boner and ask her are you a virgin and her awnser was yes so i get up and pull the blankets way from her and say do you wanna lose your virginity today with me and she hezatated but she said what if our little sister hears us and tell mom and i said i can take care of her if she sees or hears so i climb inti bed with her and take off my boxers and throw them at the door and i say to my sis do you want it .

slow or fast and she said well see what happens so me and her start to make out and feel each other and she brings her head to my dick and starts to suck it while i lick her pussy with my toung in her pussy and her mouth on my dick i flip her around and grab her wast and shove my dick inside of her and start too go back and forth faster and faster till she starts to scream loud and i alow down and shesaid faster faster so i go faster and faster and faster till i can pull my cock out from her pussy and i shoot a load of hot cum into her pussy as she screaming shit shit shit you just came in me my i can get pregnat so she get upp and runs to the bath room and i guess goes pee and then i hear the shower going so i get up and go to the hallway tord my room and there was my 10 year old sister Nickie in the floor wondering if i was hitting Brittany and i said nope and my sis said so y was she crying.

when she left the room and sh was screaming in the room so i say well i no very inportant now and she said well im gunna tell om and dad and i said no dont do that ill show you what i was doing to sis ok come to my room so we go to my room and i tell her to get naked so she did and me and her layed on the bed and i told her to stick that long stick by my legs onto her mouth so she when't over and started to suck on my cock and i told her not to use her teeth so i bringer back up to the top of the bed and tell her to open her legs and i put my tough into her pussy and start to swirl it around and my sis asks why does this feel goos but and she starts to scream as i swirl my touch faster and faster then i stop and get up and get my cock

and put it on her pussy and ask her can i put this in you and she sayed is that what you did to Brittany and i said yes so she said ok do it and i slowly put my cock into her pussy and i say wow your pussy is very tight like Brittany so i go back and fourth very slowly and the i increase my speed a little and my sis start to scream ow ya oo ahhh wow and i have her get on top and she goes up down up down faster and i start to scream ohh ya and then sis was going to fast for me to pull her off for i can cum outside of her and i shoot a huge load into her right as my other sis Brittany walks into my room and sayed what have you done twice today and she pulles her off my cock and looks at her pussy dripping with cum and she sayed well we both need pregnacey tests now.

to weeks later Brittany walks into my room and sayes well uv done it im pregnate and your little sis isnt lucky for you mom and dad haven't fond out about this but when i get bigger ill tell mom and dad who did thid ok and she left the room as my little sis walks into it so bro that ime me and you played on your bed and i say ya well that was fun and my sis say ya but it made me feel umm happyer and im sad so will your make me happyer and i said well not till mom and dad go ok and sis ran out into the living room and told mom and dad to leave and so they did and Brittany and Nickie were in my room waiting to have some hot wet sex with me.

the end till later lol

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2015-07-05 13:46:31
check your spelling!

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2015-05-02 00:04:35
This story had potential, but it really needs to be re edited to contain punctuation, spelling, and proper capitalization.

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2014-10-29 03:17:33
Your one fucked up mother fucker. learn to spell you sorry excuse of a mother fucker!!!!!

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2013-06-26 21:15:56
i like orange chicken

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2013-04-10 21:15:58
Y is the anonymous reader askin if the author is blck??to me it doesn't matter Wat race he is becuz I kno a lot of white ppl who are FUCKING IDIOTS so don't ask if he's black ok
Ppl now a days are really dickheads!!!Damn jus STF up becuz y'all white racist ppl is really petty Deadass that's why I don't have y'all as friends.Always thinking y'all better than somebody...Well y'all are NEVER going to be

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