After a night out drinking a young woman gets fucked by a stranger and her best friend
My name is Elena, I am 20 years old, my best friend Stacey and I have a ritual every Friday after our late classes we meet at the bar next to our college. Stacey and I have been friends for a long time she’s also my confident and I share everything with her, we always talk about our experiences with our boyfriends or what we fantasize about but there was one particular fantasy I never managed to talk to her about, but that night everything was about to change.
As we entered the bar all eyes turned and well I might seem arrogant but I knew why, Stacey was a gorgeous petite blond with big green eyes, breasts to die for and a round tight ass and all that gratified by a flat tummy that my chocolate obsession deprived me from having . As for me I was a 5 feet 8 brunette with blue eyes double d breasts and long flexible legs that I had from practicing years of gym and yoga.
We sat down at our usual booth and started celebrating the weekend shot after shot until I felt drowsy yet strangely aroused by Stacey’s hard nipples showing through her thing white top , “Elena are you ok?” her voice seemed far away yet it snapped me out of my dream, “Yeah am fine.. By the way we forgot to finish our conversation from last time”, “Oh yeah we were talking about fantasies and It was my turn” I looked up and saw her a little flushed as she started talking slightly licking her lips “ Well actually I’ve been having this fantasy that you might find strange” , “ No of course not why would I !?” “Well its about me with… well with another woman”., My heart started pounding me and Stacey had never brought up this subject before , was she that drunk , “well go on” “yeah and my fantasy well I about being in a Jacuzzi with another woman rubbing her sweet tits on mine and licking them till I get her to scream my name and then make her come by fingering her into oblivion” she spoke in one breath not even looking at me, and I was sitting there my panties wet imaging her tong on my clit and her hands on my tits. “Elena, Elena, oh I knew you’d be shocked!” , “No, no am not! It’s just I was just waiting till u’re done”. “Ok so now your turn”, “actually I also have an unusual fantasy to share tonight and it’s about the man on the bar who has been coming here every Friday for the past month” as I was talking I saw disappointment mixed with curiosity in her eyes, I couldn’t just tell her my fantasy right now I had to ease her slowly and as I whispered to her the tall handsome man with dark hair and eyes came closer but we didn’t notice as we had closed the curtain for more privacy. “I just oh Stacey I just want him to take me right here right now just put his dick in my pussy and fuck me out of breath , and oh Stacey I want you to be there with us and I want to make you feel the pleasure he’d be giving me” I looked her intensely in the eyes and saw her smiling “Well well Elena I guess you finally admitted what I couldn’t” she leaned in and kissed me intently gently parting my teeth with her tongue and my head started turning and the buzzing people around us disappeared , then I felt the curtain of the booth being pushed back and then closed and suddenly felt a hand pushing up my short skirt and I was pleasantly shocked when a long finger slowly enter my pussy I screamed as it started coming and going faster and deeper “oh Stacey harder harder!” then I heard a giggle and looked up to see Stacey looking at me from the other side of the booth her thighs parted fingering herself and moaning , but but then who was ! I looked back and there he was the mystery man “what are you doing!” “you like that don’t you! Say you love it bitch” I couldn’t talk but then he inserted another finger making me scream louder “ yes I love it! Please fuck me fuck me with your dick!” “not before you bitches suck me”. Stacey and I kneeled and I unzipped his pants hungry for his dick “oh my someone’s a big boy!” I pulled out his 9 inch hard dick and started licking the head slowly pleased to hear him moan “ yess oh yess lick me you ho lick me ahh suck me bitch” Stacey was in the mean time licking his balls and sucking them getting him to moan louder and become harder and then I did what I had refused to do to all my boyfriends I put his penis in my mouth but almost shocked, but then I pulled out and tried again until he was holding my head and fucking my mouth taking me to the edge of ecstasy he then pulled out and slammed me on the table turned me around and ravaged me fucking me deeper into my wet pussy as I pulled in Stacey who sat on the table with her legs opened her pussy right next to me. I started licking her as the mystery man pounded me I kept feeling his dick inside me as Stacey and I came together than he withdrew and I knelt down as he sprayed us with his cum and I licked off my juices from his penis helped by an eager Stacey who shared a cum filled kiss with me . We got up and fixed our clothes as the mystery man zipped his pants and turned around, “wait don’t go” said Stacey come back with us to my place”, she looked at me with a smile “I want to test out my new Jacuzzi” . I started giggling as I knew that is was Stacey’s turn to get her fantasy fulfilled. I was lucky that Stac lived near the bar as my legs were still shaking from the pounding I had just gotten , we reached the elevator and couldn’t help ourselves , we started kissing the mystery man stroking our asses and anuses. Stacey was on the 12th floor and as we reached the 6th the door opened and her sexy neighbor came in, I had noticed her a while ago and later found out her name was Tara. We greeted her a bit red and she smiled looking at us and at the slight bulge in mystery man’s pants. We reached the floor and as we came out Tara smiled and said as the door closed, “Next time you wanna party girls, give me I call”. I just wanted to pull her out but she was gone and it was too late anyways I just wanted to fuck Stacey and get fucked until I can’t move by this big strong dick. We went into the luxurious flat and Stacey put on some music and turned on the Jacuzzi. We went out to the patio and I smiled as I noticed all the candles as if Stac knew I’d be coming, we got naked and sat in the hot water drinking cool white wine and after a while I felt a soft hand sneaking on my belly and then going up to breast and rubbing my nipples, so I turned around and faced Stacey and started rubbing my nipples against her and I felt my pussy get wetter as she ran down her nails on my thighs and then she grabbed her vibrator and slowly started fucking me as the mystery man inserted his hard penis in my anus “no stop its too big” “he laughed and pushed it further in ripping me apart “noo please stop I can’t too big” Stacey kissed me and said “shh relax baby you’re gonna love it” I held on to her as she moved the vibrator further in and started fucking me at the same time as the man “oh yeah tell me you love it bitch oh that vibrator feels so good ah fuck you am gonna cum am gonna cum inside you bitch” “yes cum inside me cum!” I titled my head as several orgasms took all the strength from knees and I couldn’t stand up but the penis and vibrator held me up and then for the first time I felt him cuming inside me strong and powerful as I screamed and fell breathless “huh huh I can’t breathe” Stacey and the man laughed as I crumbled on the Jacuzzi floor as if a tidal wave had taken me over and I closed my eyes for a while.
I came around to find Stacey flat on her belly getting fucked really hard by the man who had given me so much pleasure and seeing them moaning and rocking their hips in unison woke me up for good and I changed my place so I was under Stac’s big tits and faced with her pussy . I parted her lips and started licking her clit while I fingered her as fast as I could and when I felt her orgasm coming I got the vibrator charged it to maximum and fucked her with it as she stumbled into my arms as I licked her nipples.
A minute later the man got out of the Jacuzzi picked up his clothes and smiled “well ladies thank you for this lovely evening I’ll see you around maybe next time you could invite your hot neighbor” and he left us tired and repeatedly satisfied.

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- just stunning. whtoiut losing the simplicity and tenderness of the moment. each one. the first shot sucks me in lovely. your baby girl is incredibly lovely and the snow suit is the prettiest one ever made i think. the last shot. perfect. your photos are amazing, elaine.

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that was just too good to know.i imagined u sucking their tits all at the same time!

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that was great,but i did not get the full neaning,cause there were some spelling errors.nevertheless,i fingerfuck myself while reading it.


2011-07-21 00:58:47
an okay story, some spelling errors, and grammer problems, but good.

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