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Like most young boys, I wanted to have sex with my mother. She wasn’t one of those moms that look like a movie star, she was just average. A little hippy, as I always remembered. Just average looks. Her tits were nice enough, but nothing special to look at, but nice to play with.

Growing up I would jack off thinking of my mother. I would visualize having all kinds of sex with her, from blowjobs to straight fucking. I did get to see her a number of time undressing or dressing. We lived upstairs in a two room apartment. The stove was in the family, room where we ate, and where I slept on a couch. Mom would undress in this room for the warmth, and I sometimes would pretend to be sleeping, and was able to cop a peek. She did have a bushy pussy, and rather large nipples.

Sometimes I could hear her and my dad getting it on, which really exited me, and helped with the jerking off. One time I barged into the bedroom, and saw my mother kneeling on the floor between my dads legs with his dick in her mouth. I learned much later that she must have been sucking him off.

Some years later I was married and stationed in California. The wife and I were having some problems that seemed to be getting worse all the times. I called mom in Virginia to see if she would like to visit us for a while? She liked to travel, so she agreed to visit. Since her and Dad had split up, there was nothing keeping her from traveling..

It wasn’t long after her arrival that my wife took off with someone else, to start a new life. I wished her well, and felt sorry for the new man. Any how , when she left, she left me with two children to raise. This could get touchy, with me being a carrier Marine, and due for another tour in Viet Nam. Thank goodness mom was there to help.

Sure enough, a few months later, I got orders to go back to Nam. I checked out of the base, got all my stuff packed for the trip back to Virginia. Mom was going to watch the kids for me in Virginia. Mom, my daughter ,eight years old, my son, four, and my mom forty eight, and me. I was twenty two. Off we started

The trip was a miserable one, rain almost all the way. We had to stop a lot, so the kids could work off some energy, and we could stretch our legs. We left on a Saturday morning. I drove all day, in the rain, all that night, in the rain, and most of the next day. We were in the Dallas area, when we finally found a motel with an empty room, that had one bed and a cot. With the bad weather most rooms were full. After our evening meal we decided that the kids would sleep on the cot, and mom and I would share the big bed. I didn’t think anything out of the way at all. It had been a long time since I dreamed of fucking my mom.

I showered first, then got into bed. When mom came to bed, I was rubbing my legs.
All that driving made them want to cramp.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“My legs want to cramp up.” I answered.
“Lay back, and let me rub them for you.” Mon said

Mom sat on the side of the bed, reached over and began to gently rub my legs. It seemed to help. She began to rub my thighs. She reached across to rub my other leg, and her arm went across my dick. I felt a urge stirring in my dick. I just held my breath. Again across to the other leg, and this time more pressure on my dick. It began to get hard. Back and forth between my left leg, and my right leg. Each time rubbing my dick with her arm.

She stopped rubbing my legs, and began to hold my dick. Not moving, at first, Then slowly she began to move her hand up and down my hard shaft, squeezing on the down stroke. She shifted her body so she was facing away from me, with her head toward my crotch. I raised my ass up to slide my shorts off. Now I’m completely nude. She has one hand capping my balls, as she slowly works her hand up and down. I didn’t make a sound, but my breathing did get shorter.

Mom was in her robe. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to play with her, so I started anyway. Under her robe was just skin and perfume. She was laying on her side, and as I began to explore her body, she bent her leg up, so now I could play with her pussy without much difficulty. As we lay there having sex with each other, a thought came into my head. I gently pushed on her head toward my dick. A little resistance at first, then none. Mom took me into her mouth, and began to slightly move her head up and down with the same rhythm as her hand moved up and down. I Played with her clit, and inside her. Now and then I stuck my finger in her ass. She began to moan, and hump her ass.

She came with a low moan from her throat. Pulling her legs together, she began to quiver, then a complete release. I could tell it was good to her. Now It was my turn. I didn’t tell her I was coming, just let it shoot out into her mouth. She took it all, and kept my dick in her mouth until I began to go soft.

Neither of us said a word. She went to the bathroom, and when she came back to bed, I went to clean up. Not much left to clean, she must have swallowed it all.

The next morning we continued our trip. That night was never mentioned again, but I will always remember.

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It's hot. I will fuck my mom almost everyday

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I only masterbate in my moms panties

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well another sicko get a real life

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The kid next door is 3 yrs. younger than me, an only kid, and his mom is hot. She says I'm handsome and hugs me a lot. She smells so good and rubs her tits into me real tight all the time. I stayed over and was in a separate bedroom from her kid. She visited me, got into bed and put my cock in her mouth and put my hands on her tits and ass. Sure, we fucked and I shot off every time. Her breath was hot and she was serious when I was in her twat. This is great and I think of her all day long in school. She says I should be sick, miss school and fuck her all day long. I think I will.

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