Paul sauntered into the lounge; his full ass hung out and jiggled as he skipped to each of the guys. He handed out the cocktails and stood waiting for instructions.
Michael swigged his drink down and his expression turned to one of disgust.

“What the fuck is this faggot?”

“Er a margarita Sir?”

He spat out the remainder of the liquid onto the floor and slammed the glass down. “More like fuckin shit you mean.” He pointed to the glass.

“Everyone else’s drink ok? Riki, Sean?”

The other two followed suite with there friend and agreed with him.

“Yeah dude kinda tastes like it was made by a kid or something,” Riki butted in,

“Well it was made by a faggot Sean kinda of expected an all!”

Michael laughed and ordered Paul to prepare more drinks, he shouted to him as he left the room,

“And that’s another punishment comin you’re way faggot. Now you’ll eat my dogs shit after you suck him off.”

The two boys made sour faces, Paul cringed at the thought. He had to make the drinks properly and did so with extra care, this time pouring the measures to exact specifications.

How could they make him eat dog shit? How had all this come about? If it wasn’t for his pathetic low life friend getting him involved in drugs he wouldn’t be in this mess. He wouldn’t have the huge debt to Michael who was now bribing him into sexual humiliation to pay it off.

When he returned the three boys were watching a sick porno. The girl on the screen was being double fucked by two black men with humongous cocks.

Tim was comfortably rubbing his big cock from within his pants and Michael was laughing at the bitch getting fucked.

He snatched the drink from Michael and pointed to the screen.

“Look faggot that will be you in no time at all. When I invite Errol round for the big fuck fest I have planned jeez you’ll know about it!”

Paul cowered and handed the other boys there drinks. He returned to the side of his master Michael and perched down next to him, then he spoke.

“How do you mean Sir?”

Michael pouted his lips and snickered he grabbed the attention of the two guys watching the video tearing them away from the awesome sex scene they were getting into.

“I didn’t tell you two guys did I?” He continued, “Well I know this guy, big Jamaican dude from in town, sorts me out with weed and shit whenever I want. Well basically he loves faggots cant get enough of them, so when I told him about pansy boy here he couldn’t get enough!”

Paul looked worried, “You here that sweetums, I showed the nigger your profile an all the pics vids and everything about you and he’s totally up for it.”

Riki and Sean tapped there glasses together, “Dude you never cease to amaze me.” Sean said to Michael who was using Paul’s mouth as an ashtray now.

“I know dude I always have another trick up my sleeve waiting for faggots like him to enjoy, can’t get enough of it, open the mouth more bitch?”

He tilted Paul’s head backwards and gripped open his jaw Paul squealed at this and moaned. “That’s better.” He said as he flicked more ash into the boy’s mouth it was searing his gums the pain was excruciating but he knew not to move.

“Anyway Riki as I was saying big Jamaican man Errol is comin round here next week when my ma’s away on vacation. Told him to bring his boys and stuff.”

He patted Paul on the top of his head, “And little fag here is going to have a very busy night ahead of him, and you know black guys they fuck till they drop. So I said he could fuck him in the sling all night if he wanted to, him and his friends.

“And they comin round for deffo?” Sean asked sipping the last of his drink.

“Course dude don’t be silly, Errol’s bringin his new pup, pit-bull along too have a go on faggot too, says the dogs needs some release. And what better to cum inside of than a pretty faggot boy like him eh?”

Paul whimpered his eyes rolling with tears. The degradation and humiliation was about to get a whole lot worse, all because of his druggie cravings.

The door slammed and the four of them heard barking, loud gruff barking it was Jimmy’s dog. He walked in the dog attached to a leash, it began to sniff around the exposed faggot’s ass.

“Whoaaa someone’s in the mood for pussy tonight ain’t yaw fido?” He said, “Don’t move Paul let your husband feel up his sex for tonight.

“But Sir?” Paul’s feminine voice sounded out, He felt the large tongue of the dog swish it’s way down his crack and in and around his asshole, he felt crushed.

“But nothing fido’s hungry for pussy so you just kneel there and let him enjoy his treat. Gosh what does a dog have to do to get what he wants from a bitch eh?”

Jimmy laughed and pulled the leash taught a little, “He sure is horny tonight dude, I mean how’d you feel not having blown your load in over four weeks?”

“Damn dude don’t even go there, jeez id fuck anything with a pulse!”
The other two agreed and gazed on as the obscene display in front of them.

“Anyways Paul it’s good to have your pussy licked gets it primed ready for the big fuck from Errol and the boys eh?”

Fido or as Michael had referred to him as, cock had swollen profusely, it tipped out from behind his hind legs and his balls had tightened up.

Riki noticed and pointed to it, “Didn’t realise a dogs prick could get so big eh Jimmy?”

“That’s not the only thing dude you see the sheath how it pulls right back, well that’s a thing all dogs have. So when it gets so large like that and swollen, they fuck whatever there fuckin, but after it stays swollen, ballooned if you may. And so it takes ages for it to subside unable to pull out from whichever hole it’s in!”

“So your tellin me the faggot would be hoppin around on his bare knees with the dogs cock wedged in his ass unable to break free?”

“Yeah!” Said Jimmy.

“Ha-ha classic this we gotta see, but first I wanna see the faggot suck it’s cock?”

Michael set his glass to one side and rubbed the massive bulge in his pants, “Yeah dude you’re right, hey fag?” He instructed move aside and give fido some lovin.
Jimmy let go of the leash and the dog kind of sat back with its paws ready to be sucked.
Paul felt nauseas, his stomach lurched with the thought.

“Dude how it know that, how it know he’s about to get sucked eh?”

“Animal instincts just like me and you I guess?”

The dogs cock spurted a few drops of pre cum onto the carpet, “Lick it up fag?”

The doggy cum splattered a few feet away from where fido was sitting and Paul crawled over to the mess and slurped at the foul splooge.

“Ewww, nah no way!” Said Sean, “He’s actually doing it?”

“You should have seen what he was doing last night dude, made him eat his own shit from the toilet bowl this is nothing to what he has done.”

Paul felt so crushed and weak after he finished off the remaining mess, his master clicked his fingers motioning for him to start sucking the dog and he came up to it right close. This was the big moment, where four high school jocks would see a faggot suck off a dog, how disgusting is that? It was anew for Michael but the other three were anticipating the display, a thrill ran through them like no other.

Paul stuck his tongue out and touched the end of the swollen cock. It smelled musty and putrid like a dog’s cock would, Michael tilted his bitches head further inwards.

“Come on fag show your worth?” The dog began to dribble saliva in big gobs from its mouth and moaned in excitement.

Paul wrapped his lips around the head and his eyes welled up from the task.

“That’s it now your doin good bitch all the way in now.”

Riki and Sean moved from the sofa to take a closer look they shifted down to Paul’s height and gazed on in amazement as the fag took the cock in his mouth.

“Up and down now baby show fidi some lovin show him how a bitch makes love to a dog give it some effort?”

The four of them laughed Jimmy undid his trousers and was casually wanking his fat cock.
Michael picked up his camera phone and began to take multiple shots side view of the display.

“Fag this will be so cool for your profile, a little added something for my more select customers.”

Paul now had the engorged thing right down his throat and was going up and down on it like it was a lollipop. The dog was surly excited and began humping vigorously!
After a minute or too Paul felt it’s cock bulge, and spurt after spurt of doggy cum ran down his throat and into his stomach, sick!

“And that’s four weeks of cum goin into his gut dudes!” They all laughed Michael was in stitches Sean and Riki were now wanking there own cocks in excitement.

The dog pulled off not before Paul had finished the remainder of the cum, “Get up?” Ordered Michael who saw it, “Gargle with the doggy juice fag?”

If not to feel even more degraded than he already was Paul complied and got onto his knees, “Wait wait, one moment keep it there keep it all in your mouth!” Michael said.

He played with his phone and began to make a small video,

He began to narrate the video like it was a documentary on animals, not far off in all honesty.

“This is the moment everyone where faggy boy Paul here gargles on a dog’s cum. This is the moment that all his druggie ways have brought him too, how pathetic. Now do it!”

Paul gargled the mess in his mouth like he was brushing his teeth with water. It was all sloppy and watery in his mouth, dogs tended to cum copious more amounts than humans.
He finished it and gulped the rest of it down.

Afterwards the dog returned to his owner happily wagging it’s tail after all the fun. “Good doggy, good boy.” Said Jimmy,

A strong odour began to fill the room Riki was the first to notice.

“Hey you guys smell something?” Said Riki covering his mouth nose with his hands,

Jimmy knelt down to his dog and could smell the pungent fart wafting through the air.

“Uh ohh think he needs a crap?”

A big smile painted Michael’s face, and he quickly rushed to his feet. Paul now feeling like he was about to be sick with all that cum in his mouth let out a cry”

“Shut the fuck up faggot!” Yelled Michael.

“Hey dude if fido needs to take a crap then there’s no time like the present and my ma’s lawn aint gonna be where he’s doin it?”

The four of them smirked knowing for full well where the dog was gonna defecate, into the confines and stomach of the fags mouth, yummy!
Paul’s stomach lurched but before he could protest he was ordered into the garage, the rest followed on behind as the boy crawled to his humiliating grave. His dinner was just about to be served, doggy style!

The garage light was dimmed as the faggot entered still crawling pathetically on his hands and knees. The four boys followed behind and the dog was barking as it trotted.

“Easy boy! Eh Michael he’s a bit leery think he needs to crap real bad?”

Jimmy pulled the leash taught on his dog, its tongue came out of its mouth as it gagged.

“Well he sure is excited about something must be the faggot?”

He ordered Paul to the floor, making him lie flat on his back. His mouth wide open!

“You close that pussy hole, and all of us here will beat you till you can breathe no more!”

Fear ran through Paul who assumed his demoralising position on the floor. The guys whispered to each other cracking jokes and deciding what was the best plan. Paul lay there in just his tight thong and his pretty little face stared up at the grey ceiling wishing he was some place far away from these bullies.

Riki decided he wanted Michael’s point really embedded in the faggots mind so he knelt down to his face and pulled his jaw wide open.

“You hear what your master says bitch?”

Paul shook his head from side to side in agreement and his eyes filled with emotion, tears forming just a little, “Cus if you close your mouth whilst fidi’s doin his business in there I’ll do worse than beat the shit out of you I’ll kill you!”

His words were stern and harsh, his tone nasty and Paul realised there was no way out of this mess; he was going to have to eat whatever he was fed.

Riki hocked up a greeney from is throat, “Jeez this is a slimy one” Then in one full go he let the huge glob of snot out of his mouth. He held the faggots jaw open and it fell in touching his tongue. The taste was vile and salty but as Paul was unable to move it just rested there and seeped over the edges into his mouth.

Riki got up and Jimmy handed him the leash, “You do the honours dude!”
The dog eagerly got into place directly over Pauls face and after a firm push on its hind from Riki it squatted down over the boy, sick!

“Hey he’s waggin his tail dude!” Sean pointed and felt the lurch in his pants.

“He’s happy I mean he’s takin a crap, just blew a load and now takin a crap he’s a dog dude they aint fussed!”

Paul kept his mouth open as instructed and could smell the strong odour coming from the dog’s ass hole it stunk! Then Michael had an idea.

Fido was but an inch or so from Paul’s mouth and the four boys could see what was about to happen, “Hey faggot put your tongue out, if you got the privilege of having your own pussy sucked before then show your respect back and give your husbands ass a lick?”

Paul had already had its cock in his mouth and cum in his belly so it couldn’t get much worse could it? He thrust his tongue upwards and licked the puckered hole. The dog moaned and in the moment of excitement his bowels opened and a big wad of brown shit appeared.
A huge wod of doggy shit splodged out, but not human like, it was mushy and green and it seemed to seep out continuously. “Swallow it all chew it Paul?”

Paul did his best but as the horrible taste hit his senses he thought he would be sick. He was laid down on a garage floor eating shit from a dog’s ass hole whilst four guys watched for there own enjoyment, how sick and perverse was that?

“That’s a good boy fido?” Said it’s owner, “You’re a good boy aren’t you?”

The dog responded to this gesture of good behaviour and wagged its tail and barked.
The other three laughed.

“Dude you forgot the camera?” Said Riki

“Damn!” Said Michael fidgeting in his pockets but he had left it on the sofa in the lounge.

Paul scoffed down the remainder of the putrid shit from the dog. He had never done anything sicker than this, sure Michael was an evil boy but this, this was shocking!

The dog kicked its legs and busied it’s self in the corner where it had found an old bone which it was chewing on. The four boys all huddled around Paul and each began spitting wads of spit and snot all over his face.

An hour or so passed. The four boys had forced the faggot to first suck the dogs dirty stinking dick, and secondly eat it’s slimy shit, grosse!
Michael returned with a leash wound around his hand. He kicked the faggot who was curled up into a tiny ball and whimpering softly after his ordeal.

“Here boy.” He said in a demeaning voice as though he was refering to a dog, “Now it’s you’re turn to be doggy for a while!”

He ordered paul to his hands and knees and sharply fastened a heavy iron collar around his neck. It weight paul down his neck brought forward hanging with the weight.
Then he attached the leash pulling it taught so his neck was thrust backwards.

“That’s it bitch just like a doggy now eh? Go on give us a woof doggy?”

Paul hesitated then let out a half assed attempt at a woof, Michael was unimpressed.

“You do it properly or it wont be only Errol fuckin that pussy of your’s. Say I might even put you in farmer Magregels pound for the night see how you like twenty pittbulls fuckin your ass?”

“No please master not that?” He pleaded,

“Ok then give us a woof, a big doggy woof show your worth!”

“Woof, woof, owwww, woof, woof owwww.” The patehtic boy sounded out in the room.

“Now that’s better from now on no speaking only barking, dogs, or rather bitches in your case should I say cant speak only bark!”

Paul nodded his head in agreement and Michalel whipped him into a steady crawl out of the garage and into the kitchen. There smack bang in the centre of the room was a dog bowl. The scent filled Pauls nose straight away a warm sickly smell.

He bit his lower lip in fer of what meal lay waiting for him.

“You didn’t think id let my lil doggy go hungry now did you? Anyway I cooked up some real fresh grub for ya. Can’t be nice to have all that doggy poo in your gut need something else to perk you up so I prepeared you this.”

Michael kicked the boy on his bottom and moved him closer to the disgusting meal that was awaiting him. Paul almost barfed when he saw what It was!
There was a big pile of fresh lumpy shit mounded up high. At least six or seven thick pieces of it. Around it was copious amounts of fresh cum finished off with a lake of urine.

“Yeah jimmy and the boys inisited they give you a farewell present before they left. I said they could use the toilet if they liked but when Sean had this idea I couldn’t refuse him.

“Not again master please, not this why do I have to do it?”
His face went a sudden shade of deep green and his stomach lurched.

“Hey I thought we’d decided that you was doggy for the day. And if your faggot brain can even remember what I said that means no talking only barkin!”

He shoved the doggy boys face right down into the pile of mush. He squirmed as it covered his face the nasty filth covering hi entirely.

“You see this is what happens when doggies don’t learn!”

Michael was sadistically smothering his bitches face in the shit. He calmed the boys head down and prevented him from moving.

Paul gasped as he inhaled the stench, bits went in his eyes mouth and eyes. He was literally covered in shit. What was worse was that his torment had only just begun.
Michael let go and stood up, “Now listen up faggot, I’m having some pussy come round now gonna fuck some ass. What you’re job is which you better fuckin do by the time I get back is to eat this filth your druggie ways have created, understand?”

Paul nodded, Michael continud “And if I get back and there’;s even a speck of my shit, Seans cum and Jimmys piss still in that bowl I’ll punish you in ways you can’t imagine.

He didn’t wait for the boys reply, he couldn’t speak any way only bark or moan softly as he was doing now. He attached the end of the elash to a table and fastened it securely so the boy couldn’t move then left him to his dinner.

Paul stared at the filth how was he going to do this? What would his master do to him if he didn’t finish he just didn’t know?
He ehard the doorbell ring and the voices of three pretty thirteen year old girls. They giggled and swapped kisses with Michael who was about to fuck them senseless.
Did they have any idea of the sick depraved things he was forcing Paul to do?

With all his effort he began to take mouthfulls of the filth in his mouth. He held his nose as he gulped down the larger pieces. Once he had finished he was left with the lake of piss and stringy pieces of cum lying on top of it.

In one full swig he downed the liquid and barfed when it reachded his stomach. Then he licked the bowl clean as instructed no leaving any room for deafeat in his task.
As he crumbled with the humiliation and pain he heard rocking in the bedroom someone was having a lot of fun, guessed by the screams of pleasure ringing through the house!

For Paul it was a never ending nightmare!

That evening paul was locked away in the cellar by his cruel opressor. Michael with his large swinging nuts and firm ass had shoved him down the rickety steps and he fell on the hard stone floor.

“Oh and one more thing slut, I just called Errol and the big niggas bringin couple of his buds too for the fun. So you better get that ass of yours ready. I mean were talkin bout nigga dick here they aint no mess around hilly-billy white boys ya know!”

“Please Michael…?” He pleaded. Michael casually walked down the steps to were the boy was cowering on the floor, and flicked the lightswitch on.

He reached into a side cuboard, pulling out a box of some sort, he threw it at the boy hitting his stomach in the process.

“Oh and I thought ud need a bit of company down here so I bought you this gift cool ah?”

Paul opened the box to reveal a monster dildo, it measured 4 inches in width and must have been around thirteen inches long.” His mouth widened shocked at the magnitude of the device.

“Never seen one that big eh?”

“Please Sir don’t make me do this I’ve had enough.”

“I’ll tell you when you’ve had enough now lie on your fuckin back and pull them legs up.”

Paul petrified did as instructed not knowing that just behind him a set of stirrups hung below the wall falling just inline for his feet to to place into. His ass was red and raw and the once puckered hole was beginning to gape open wide now like a sluts hole.
Just as he got into position he felt michael attach one of his legs to the stirrup and lock it into place with a padlock and key.

“What are you doing?” He writhed but to no avail.

“Well did you think id just leave you down here all alone without tieing you up did you eh eh?”

He peered down into the boys face and let a big gob of saliva splatter into his eyes. Paul unable to move had no choice but to let the stcky gob run down his cheeks. Michael smiled wickedly.

“Oh and for the record I’m about to introduce to you a little number which I’m sure you’ll like.”

To be continued………

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Hmm love it needs more threats and beatings
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Where's part 2? Sick! Needs more females in the story and more public humiliation, how disgusting is that?

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