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The Beauty Of Japan: who is she?

Waking up next to Mizuhashi once again i start to feel even better about being a mistress. Its not about the sex. It's about being in control and having the power to force someone into doing anything you desire. Out of the small amount of men I've shared my bed with Mizuhashi seems different. He's loyal. The more i lay here watching him sleep i know how much he needs me. I give him what he wants. I give him what he needs. And only i have that power. It may seem different looking in from the outside but in here, in this room we can do or say whatever we want. It's like a totally different world. We become someone else when we leave this room. Someone we don't understand.

So many things to get done today and there isn't much time to do them. I start my day by going to the studio to get ready for a Photo shoot. Then a nice relaxing day at the sauna. I walk through the busy streets of Tokyo snapping pictures of the buildings and couples holding hands. I see a women sitting on a park bench. She looked so beautiful. The sun was lighting her face perfectly. Her hair darker than the midnight sky, eyes a deepening brown, bright smile, sexy figure she tried so hard to hide behind her clothing, an unexpected beauty. I wish now i had the courage to approach her. Without realizing it i began to photograph this beautiful image. She smiled at me. " Hi, I'm Tiffany." i said.

" I'm Kim "
" that's a beautiful name Kim"
" thank you " she said beginning to blush. I didn't know what to say. Walking away i noticed a small twinkle in her eye.

The sauna is a place i go to for relaxation. The heat releases all my stress. I sit on a small wooden bench in nothing but a towel and my hair is pulled back. The door opens. I don't think much of it because it's a public sauna anyone can come and go as they please. " Excuse me?" i heard a quiet soft voice say. I look up and it's the girl from the Park. Kim. She looked so beautiful and natural. As she sat beside me i began to have those feelings of domination. It seems as if i need it. Like a drug. I don't want to take advantage of this sweet girl. Even though her body is screaming to be satisfied. Her eyes are glaring. I think she wants me. If she rejects then I'll know. I lean in for a kiss and to my surprise she leans in as well. Soft lips, sweet tongue, warm mouth, everything i love about a women. My fingers run through her long black hair. She places a hand on my lower back. I run a hand up her leg and between her thighs. I'm invading a place so sacred to someone who she has only met a few hours ago. She opens her legs so i can gain access to her forbidden fruit. I slide my hand up her towel and begin to rub her clit. I kiss her neck and slowly make my way down her chest. Her juices are covering my hand. She wants it. I want it. I push a finger into her hot waiting cunt. She's tight. Another finger slips in. She begins to moan loudly. I reach behind her and with my other hand i massage her ass. It's so round and firm. I can feel my pussy getting wet. She starts to grind her hips and push against my fingers. I rub my hand up and down the crack of her ass. She shivers at every touch. I bring my hand to her face and she sucks it into her mouth. She tastes her self. I push my moist fingers into her tight virgin ass. " sssaaahhhh" she moaned. Two fingers working her pussy and Four fingers working her ass. " I'm going to cum" she said. I push my fingers in deeper and move them faster. In and out forcefully fucking her holes. " Oh yess.....yess....oh fuck...ssshhhhhaaaaaa...." she moaned louder than before. I know she's about to cum. She begins to squirt. Juices flying across the sauna. I pull my hands away from her as she her after effects take a hold of her. When she gains strength she looks over at me and blushes. I don't think she's ever been with a women. Or a women like me. I look over and see a young girl maybe 17 or 18 playing with her pussy. We weren't the only ones enjoying ourselves.

After Kim and I exchanged numbers i went back to the hotel. Mizuhashi was in the living room with one of his friends from school. I ask Mizuhashi to come in the kitchen so we can talk. He looks frightened. I grab his cock trough his jeans. " did i tell you to bring someone to my hotel room?" i asked squeezing his cock as i begin to rub his ass. He looks as if he'll shoot his load right away. " He likes you" he said. I had no choice but to change his mind. We walked out into the living room where the teen sat patiently. " what's your name?" i asked.

" I'm Kai "

" So, you like me?"

" Well...I..." he began to say but i didn't give him time to answer. I sat on straddled him and grinded my pussy against his lap. He could barely breath. I kissed his neck as Mizuhashi pulled my shirt off. He seemed to be enjoying himself already. But he's soon to get a surprise. " do you give your self to me completely? do you want it? will you let me take control? let me be your mistress" i whispered just as i had many times before. He respond with a soft moan. I stood up and lead him to the bedroom. He came willingly. I laid him back on the bed and straddled him once again. We kissed passionately. Out the corner of my eye i see Mizuhashi undressing. He knows what is soon to come. I lean over slightly. " Kiss him" I say as Mizuhashi kneels over Kai. With small hesitation he pulled Mizuhashi closer and kissed him. I began to move down his body while undressing him. He arches his back and curls his toes as Mizuhashi slips his hands down his pants. Mizuhashi begins to play with Kai's cock. I watch as their tongues roll and explore each other's mouths. We turn Kai on his side as Mizuhashi continues to jerk his cock. I lay behind him and kiss his lower back. Mizuhashi looks over Kai and signals me to start our plan. I slide my hand up and down the crack of his ass. He seems shocked at first but began to like it. Mizuhashi and I switched places. I suck Kai's cock into my mouth inhaling him completely. I look over and Mizuhashi was behind Kai with his tongue deep in Kai's ass. It turned me on to watch a man receive pleasure from another man. I hand Mizuhashi the dildo from the other night. Kai is in for a big surprise. Mizuhashi pushes the dildo in Kai's ass without warning. Kai bites his lip and pushes back. It hurts him so much he finds pleasure. Mizuhashi seems ready. I walk into the living room and sit on the couch. A perfect view to the bed. I slide a hand in my panties and watch Mizuhashi fuck Kai until he can't breath. My phone rings. It's Kim. We have phone sex while i watch Mizuhashi and Kai.

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Not gross, totally ueotrsnodd I've been looking at pictures of my old shorter hair and debating going back but then i think for ashtanga hair either needs to be properly long or incredibly short (and not mid-short like my old cute but horribly impractical do was). btw i love that you can get all sorts of things from your shala mates!

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Mizuhashi is here for you ...My Mistress

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