Eva's journey
Hanging in there by Parker 60 Fiction

When Eva Edwards graduated from high school she was the valedictorian of her class. It was because she was very smart and because she worked very hard to do well. She never got less than an A on every class she took. She was also blessed with a statuesque body and was outrageously beautiful. In spite of this she spent nearly all of her time perfecting her academics. She had no time for very much dating or other social and few club activities. She was still known for being very smart and very beautiful. She competed in women’s track in her senior year and was very competitive athletically as well as academically. The first time Eva took the SAT examination she was able to score a perfect 1600.

Eva was offered scholarships from several prestigious universities nationwide and selected the University of California at Los Angeles where she would major in premed and education. It was a prestigious university and also closer to her parent’s home in North Hollywood. She was the envy of nearly a great many young women for her good looks. Nearly everyone thought she was to most incredible young woman who was blessed with a world-class brain, body and sensational good looks. Eva was over six feet tall and only weighed only about 135 pounds. She continued to earn a perfect 4.0 grade point average at UCLA and was about to graduate after the final exams next week. Eva had just learned that she had earned a full ride scholarship and a place in Harvard Med School for next year. She looked forward to challenging herself to be doctor from Harvard and eventually earning a PHD and being a professor at someplace like Harvard. Her childhood dreams were finally within reach. She was looking forward to her final, final week. Next week would be the end for UCLA and after the summer she could move to Boston and med school.

Her only sexual experiences in college came when her roommate seduced her into an experimental lesbian sex involving shaving her pubic hair using an electric shaver followed by some shaving cream and a safety razor. This was followed by a round of oral sex followed by the use of several kinds of sex toys that enhanced the orgasms of both roommates. Neither of the women considered themselves as lesbians but they slept in the same room for entire year. Eva went out on only a few dates that did not include any sex but usually meant a meal at the nearby Village Delicatessen referred to as the VD by UCLA students. A few times she was treated to a movie at local theater. She was smarter and taller than most of her dates and the men were not comfortable dating a woman smarter than themselves. She got nearly no second dates. Many women at UCLA and other colleges were seeking a Mrs in front of their name as well as the college degree. Most of the time she was busy with study in her room or at one of the libraries on campus. Her parents had provided with her a computer and a laser printer that she used to go on line and for her writing. Eva was able to type about 65 words per minute with very few mistakes. She worked very hard to do well in school and found it easier than many others because of her superior intellect. Eva got in the habit of shaving her pubic hair closely because she became proud of having a bald pussy even if she was the only one to know it was that way. She even occasionally went without any panties under her trousers as did other college girls did.

Her parents were very proud of her academic success and she was looking forward to moving to Boston to begin her medical training at Harvard University next fall.

Eva had short cut natural brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and tall stature. Many other women envied Eva’s incredible good looks and were perplexed that she was not asked out nearly every day.

Eva’s incredible beauty would one day cost her dearly. Eva would never know why she was targeted.

One Friday Evening while Eva was walking to her car to drive home for weekend to better study for finals without distractions from others at the dormitory and male students hitting on her for dates.

Eva didn’t see the wire stretched between two cars she had to pass to get to her own car. She tripped on the wire and fell to her knees dropping the bag she was carrying and scattering the papers in it.
Two men grabbed her arms and lifted her. They appeared to others to be assisting her to again stand. However they forced her into a waiting cargo van. It took them only a few seconds one of the men to pick up papers she dropped. While they were underway she was stripped naked, tape was put over her mouth and she was hogtied with a black bag that was placed over her head. No longer able to move or vocalize she was covered with a pushed into a corner of the van and covered with a tarp. They apologized to her for abducting her but told her it was their job. Eva was aware of every stop and start and every turn it made but her memory was not sufficient to gage the time it took. Her kidnappers took her watch from her. The van went to a location at least two hours away from UCLA somewhere near to the town of Quartzite in the Mojave Desert. It was a concrete building with no windows with a razor wire fence around it. It was a series of dungeons that was also a small prison. The owners and the abducted girls thought of it as a school for sex slaves and the girls regarded it as the most miserable place on earth.

When Eva got there, she was forced into the building to a room where her hands were tied above her head from a framework near the ceiling; her feet were off the floor. She was required to remain this painful position for the first 24 hours she was here. Her shoulders were nearly wedged out of their sockets and it was difficult for her to breathe. Eva hoped she would pass out from the pain and wished she would die. She still had the dark bag over her head but she could hear and feel the pain. Four times during the first 24 hours she had a straw forced into her mouth and she was commanded to suck all of the cold water she was being offered. She shivered from being cold from the time she got to this godforsaken place. After that she was removed to a table where she was tied face down. She was tied down so she could not move and had 2 men were holding her down as well. She felt a cut between her scapulas and she could feel something small was placed there. Some wires from it were fed under her skin to under her arms to her back under her scapula. She got 4 stitches to close the surgical placement. She experienced a tremendous amount of the pain from minor surgery that was done with no anesthesia. The gag and 2 men holding down made certain that she could not be heard or move in any way. She was then placed in a cage so small she could not turn around in it. It was hung from the ceiling and she was ordered not to swing in it. She asked the handler if she could us at bathroom or be supplied with some container to pee into because she had to urinate badly. He told her she had to hold it in and she would be permitted to pee in the morning. He reminded her that there was audio and video surveillance. She was not to try to talk to any of the other girls in the room and they were not to talk to her. It was impossible to sleep because of the pain in back and her full bladder that was now constantly contracting. She needed badly to go to the bathroom. She also had a pain in her back from the surgery done on her. She would not be able to sleep for the second night in a row. There were other cages in the room that were all occupied with naked young females and not one of them even tried to whisper to another. They all managed to sleep a little during the night but not Eva. The pain of her full bladder was finally too much and she had to urinate on the floor under the cage she was in. A girl in an adjacent cage looked at Eva and made a motion of her index finger crossing her throat to indicate bad news for Eva. The girl showed Eva a container she used for urine. Eva shrugged her shoulders to indicate she had no container. She then realized the reason for her extreme discomfort was the water she was ordered to suck and swallow while hanging from her hands on the first night she was here.

Two hours later, she was removed from her cage and her hands were tied behind her back. She was then forced to get down on her knees and required lean over and to lick up the urine under it using her tongue until the floor was clean. This took her about an hour and she was again reprimanded for not holding it and told she would be very sorry for this. It was not enough for her to have to lick up her own urine but she would receive yet more punishment for this. She was hand cuffed to another girl on each side and led to where she could eat. She finally got to eat something but it all tasted terrible. Eva was very hungry but could not each much of what was served. Some of the young women managed to get some of this foul food down but none of them liked it enough to finish her plate. After that she was taken to another room and again hung by her hands. She could not reach the floor with her toes and it was a very painful position.
A few minutes later a 3 foot spacer bar was taped between her feet to spread her legs. All of her weight was now on her hands over her head. A woman came into the room and told Eva that she was told she would now be severely punished for pissing on the floor. She held up the bullwhip and required Eva to kiss it. Eva then heard the loud sound of the whip and she shortly felt the painful sting of a whip that was used on her as punishment. The pain of the bullwhip was so much Eva now wished they would now kill her to stop the pain. The whip wrapped around her body and left a bruise or a bloody spot where the tip struck her. Eva was flogged for 10 minutes bit it seemed like much longer more to her. The whip struck her from her ankles to her head. Her naked pussy mound had two blood blisters She had a bead of blood just above her left eye. The whipping was very painful but the damage to her skin was not a bad as it felt. The tip of the whip was split into several narrow branches and the damage to the skin of the slave students was not as bad as they felt.

After enduring the whipping she was given a plastic container was told to use in the future to contain her urine and was told that she was required to drink it while it was still warm. The guard then took it from her and filled it with his own urine. He handed back to her and ordered her to drink it now or go through another round of punishment. She drank the warm but sour liquid as quickly as she could. She asked for a drink of water to wash away the taste of the piss. That was denied but Eva realized it was much easier for her to drink from the container than to have to lick it from the floor. The many bruises from the whip were still very painful and she found it difficult to sleep in this pain. The guard told her she had to do what ever she was told or she would receive more punishment from the whip. She told the guard that she would like him to arrange for someone to shoot and kill her now to end this nightmare. She would like to end her life than go though any more of this unimaginable misery.

She was in some kind of sex-slave training for her and other more than 30 young women were sharing the same unfortunate fate. Her time here was a nightmare of pain and discomfort from being bound and hung from above and punished by being whipped on a regular basis. She was made to lick the ass of one of her captors after he had had a bowel movement. She was kept in an iron cage, so small that she could not turn around in it. Eva was never given the oporortunity to go to the bathroom and she was punished severely for not drinking her urine promptly or spilling it. She was given a plastic bag and some newspaper to wipe herself when she had to shit but least she was not required to eat it. Eva thought the food was so bad there may be shit in it. It frequently made her nauseated after eating. One day for the amusement of her captors she was placed face down on the floor. Her feet and knees were tied together and her hands were secured behind her back. A rope was tied around her neck and had a rope tied from her feet and her knees were bent behind her. The other end of the rope was secured to the rope around her neck and the only way to not choke on it was to hold her head up at a painful angle or bend her knees more sharply to put slack on the rope. This was amusing to her captors but painful for Eva to not to lift her head to an unnatural position. She finally gave up and decided to try to bring this nightmare to end. She relaxed her neck and knees and let the rope tighten on her neck after taking a last breath. The guards let her be this way for thirty seconds or so and removed the rope and allowed her to relax and breathe. Eva was a little disappointed to have to alive so much discomfort and pain. She concluded this was because every effort was made to make this place as miserable as possible.

Every two days, Eva was taken to a shower room with no showers tied to a pipe holding her arms up and her legs apart. The man covered her with soap and he enjoyed groping her breasts and vaginal area. The man then used a hose with a nozzle used it to clean her vagina, ass, hair and the rest of her body; the water was always cold in a cold room. This whole place was refrigerated to no more than 60 degrees and Eva and all of the naked sex-slave students were always cold. The cold water took her breath away from the shock. Eva was a virgin when she came to her first shower, the hose and high pressure ice cold water with the nozzle directed into her vagina and the pressure of the water washed away her hymen. It was a very miserable way for her to loose her virginity. These cold-water-hose showers were repeated every two days. It was so cold in her she had to shiver much of the time and the cold-water hose was only colder. It made the miserable experience even more miserable.

She was made to sexually commit herself at the whim of her so-called teachers they fucked in her pussy, her ass and then required giving them blowjobs. Every day she had them ejaculate in her mouth, her vagina and her ass. Eva as well as the other sex-slaves in training was given golden showers of urine. This was the only time she experienced any warm water. She was required to drink her own and her captives urine. Sleep came in brief periods when she was not being fucked or bound in painful positions. The cage she was in had no pillow and was very uncomfortable but she was very sleepy. The food she was given tasted terrible and she and others had it force-fed to them. It was like this every day for four long weeks of this hell. One of the girls here died during one of her cold-high-pressure showers. The shock of the cold water for her was more than extremely unpleasant. It caused a spike in blood pressure that was fatal for this young woman. Eva wondered about some of the meat and crossed her mind that some of it may have been from the flesh of the girl that died. Nothing was spared to make this place as miserable as possible for the naked human property. In the four weeks she was here she lost 16 pounds and was an anorexic 119 pounds. Eva and others here were directed to vomit into a plastic bags provided to them for this. To throw up on the floor would mean licking it up with her tongue and suffer another round of painful punishment with the bullwhip.

Eva and nine other sex slaves were to sit down as their hair was cut and styled to make them look as good as possible. They all were given makeup to make them as attractive as possible. Eva and the other nine girls were then driven to another location in a small bus where they all to be auctioned off and the six-figure money from each of them helped to finance this perverted place. The auctions were held weekly and an average of 10 sex slaves were sold every week for the high prices. Eva figured that it gave the slave school as much as a million dollars every week or about 40 to 50 million per year. The 10 sex slaves were taken to a big room and lined up against one wall next to each other. Their hands were tied behind them and they were constantly reminded to stand up straight and smile. The potential buyers were able to inspect each of them and they each were required to step forward and turn around and to squat and spread their legs apart. Each young woman was told to get up and again spread her legs. The potential buyers reached out and felt the breasts of each girl to determine their firmness and some were given the pencil test to determine the extent breasts were sagging or not. Smaller firmer breasts were preferred by most of the buyers although some preferred big boobs. Later they each were placed on a platform one at a time in front of crowd and auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder. Each young lady had to stand and turn when told and sit down on a stool and spread her legs wide to show every one her shaved vagina and ass. They were all told to put one of their fingers in her vagina from each hand and spread it out so every one could see inside. Each of them was reminded to smile as if this was fun for them. When the bidding began with the auctioneer doing his best to quickly bring up the price to eventually sell all of them for the highest price like livestock but at much higher prices.

Eva was the first to be auctioned off, because her superior appearance, all of the potential buyers were able to bid on this truly beautiful young woman. Eva was the tallest and most outrageously beautiful of the sex slaves today and the bidding for her was fast and included all of the potential buyers. The sex-slave school auctioned off Eva for $156,000 to man she knew nothing about. The price was so high because she was represented as being well educated and very smart as well as being very tall, thin and pretty. . Eva had her hair cut and styled in a matter to emphasize her attractive long neck. Her naturally firm breasts and pretty face accounted for the high price paid for her. The auction placed her in more fear as well as hope for her future.

She realized she would not be cut free to continue her education, but would not have to remain in this miserable place. Nothing could be that bad. She was delivered to her new owner in a van not unlike the one the one she was abducted with when she came to the sex-slave school. She sat in a seat with her hands tied behind her back. There was a bag over her head that was removed only when she was delivered to her new residence. Eva was certain that she would be forced into prostitution or something like that, but realized it couldn’t be any worse than where she spent the last month.

She once made her parents proud of her academic success and now would now go through hell not knowing where she disappeared. She was their only child; Eva realized it must be an emotional hell for her parents.

Eva was now one of three female sex slaves in a really big house in the hills. The other two were here for several weeks prior to this. The sex slaves were easy to spot because they were naked except for vest she and the others had to wear wile sleeping. Eva had no luggage and no possessions and was naked herself. She and the others had transmitters implanted that would always reveal their locations and set off a remote alarm if any of them passed over an imaginary line outside the property line. The vests they slept in would recharge the batteries. Eva could not see any way to continue her effort to become a Medical Doctor. She thought it could never happen now. When she first got there she was taken to a bedroom where put face up and she was tied with arms over her head and her legs pulled apart. Eva was so tiered she went to sleep in this position. She woke up when someone came into her room and inserted something into her vagina and uterus. After that they removed the ropes from her ankles and wrists. Eva slept in a soft bed with a pillow She was allowed to sleep for more than eight consecutive hours in a comfortable bed for the first night in a month.

Unlike the cage she was in this room was a luxury. There was a TV and telephone in the room but on the first night she was here she could think of nothing but sleep. She discovered she had on some kind of vest that had a wire leading to a plug on the wall on as she did in the slave school. Instead of the cage she slept in this was a large soft bed with sheets and blankets. In the morning she was to remove the vest that was plugged into the wall, making her completely naked. Eva noticed she had a string hanging from her vagina. She knew about IUD birth control devises required a string so they could be removed without surgery. She was used to being nude from her four-week stay in the sex slave-training center. There were warm blankets and an attached bathroom with a shower. In the morning Eva got to take a shower with warm water and had a towel to dry her self. This was much better than her dorm room and even better than her room at home. It resembled an expensive hotel room with luxurious carpeting and attractive molding joining the wall and ceiling.

Eva then sat down for her first breakfast and found I delicious. Two other naked girls did the serving. It did not take Eva long to gain some weight back from eating three meals every day of great-tasting food.

For the first time in a month, she was addressed to her given name rather than cunt, slut, shit box, ass hole, or some other degrading name. The family already had two other sex slaves and now Eva was introduced to the 41 year-old husband named Warren and his 32-year-old wife named Jenny. There were also two sons that were John 5 and Brian 7 years old.

She was then introduced to the other naked women Glenda and Lyn. They both related to each other that they were kidnapped to a miserable place for a month before being sold to this house. They spent a few minutes confirming their misery at the slave school and bragging about their selling prices. Glenda was proud to cost $76,000 and Lyn told Eva that she was worth only $61,500. Eva told them she got $156,000 for the slave school and Glenda and Lyn were not surprised after looking at her. She was much taller than they were and much better looking. Both Glenda and Lyn said they were waiting for a bus to their high school and a van pulled up and told them the bus broke down and they were sent to bring them to school but they were brought to the miserable slave school instead. Glenda was from San Antonio Texas and Lyn was from Bakersfield California. They both were much younger than Eva and good-looking, but not as beautiful as Eva. Eva realized that women come up missing from time to time. Eva thought harvesting victims from over a wide area would make it easy to do this without raising any questions about the sex-slave school they all had to go through. Glenda and Lyn both had their own bedrooms and were surprised by the relative luxury of this house. Eva, Glenda and Lyn all had quality furniture in their rooms as well as cable TV and their own computers and printers. On their own time they could go online to get information about everything. They also all had their own bathrooms with tubs and showers of water they could make as warm as they wanted contrasting it with the slave school cold showers.

There were also some other hired help inside to maintain the systems in the house and keep everything working. Other workers did cleaning and organizing and others did office work. There were others to maintain the landscaping outside. One of the duties of these sex slaves was to work inside the house and do the cooking and some cleaning. They had to make the beds and do the laundry and put it away and hang it up in the proper closet. It was harder to budget time for the so-called sex slaves because any of them could be called upon at any time to have sex with one of the family members or their guests. Compared to the sex-slave school it wasn’t much and they found pleasure with the occasional sex. The time they all spent in the sex-slave school made them comfortable being nude considering how good they were treated and their living conditions. They did not shiver from the cold and they did not generate any laundry except the sheets in their beds.

Jenny, Warren’s wife, discovered she was comfortable with lesbian sex who needed sex on a regular basis. She enjoyed the company of a girl friend that had recently left her. The husband Warren was gone for over 9 hours every day. He had a considerable income to be able to afford this big house and the slaves other staff. The two young sons took it for granted that nude women would be bathing, dressing them, feeding them, and teaching them. Brian and John, the children were home schooled so they would not have the opportunity to talk of the naked woman feeding them and teaching them. Like the Lyn and Glenda the other sex slave Eva would end up as more popular for making love to them and being a teacher for their children as well as the most desired sexual object of the children’s parents sexual desires. Eva got to sleep in a bed in her own room and was never physically punished as she had been.

There was a telephone in Eva’s room and she got the courage and picked it up and dialed her parent’s number. She got a recording “this number is no longer in service”. What she did not know was her parents had to change their phone number to stop the endless calls from the media. They got a new number and made it unlisted to protect their privacy. They did not realize that it would make it impossible to their daughter to contact them. The telephone in Eva’s room was removed the next day. Eva wrote a short letter to her parents to assure them that she was all right. That letter was intercepted in the mailroom and never delivered to the post office.

There were occasional parties where young female nudes were very popular for the men and women that came to these parties. It was expected of the sex slaves to giving oral sex and accepts being fucked in their pussy and ass by the guests. That made these sex slaves as something special about these parties. It was always represented as being voluntary and paid for their service to others but their only pay was the food they had to prepare for themselves, the family, hired help and guests. The required sex was enjoyable to the sex slaves as well. Their low station in life was good in this big house and they were treated with some respect, unlike where they were before.

Eva learned that she was there to replace a former sex slave named Vicky who recently disappeared. She stole some clothing and walked out during the night never to be seen again. Vicky was a little older than the others and was missed. She was the previous teacher for the kids that felt overwhelmed by her responsibility here and complained about it a little. Eva, Glenda and Lyn could have walked out during the night but did not because this was good place to be for a slave and the fact they were constantly naked and would be embarrassed to walk out into the public that way. Being inside the house became comfortable for them and was a lot better than it could be. They all had implanted transmitters that had batteries that could be recharged from outside the body.

The sex slaves would occasionally be required be fucked or give oral sex but that was not their primary job most of the time. None of them was ever sent out a prostitute, as some former students of the sex-slave school must have. Eva had no way of knowing any of this. She felt lucky to be here and became friends of many here and smiled willingly for the fist time in a long time. Unlike the slave school, the temperature inside the house was comfortable for having to remain naked, all the time.

Eva was very smart and educated took naturally to being the best of teachers to the children. Eva was able to write lesson plans of a number of different categories including: History, Civics, Current Events, Economics, Fine Arts, Geography, Global History. Health, Journalism, Language Arts, Mathematics Media Studies, Science, Social Studies, Technology and of course Spanish; both Castilian and Mexican where she got some help from Lyn, who had Spanish as her first and learned English only when she started school. Eva could present information in an interesting way, enabling both children began to learn well beyond their grade level. Eva’s organization of lesson plans and the greatly expanded schedule were meant to test the capabilities of the children and the one-on-one teaching would aid in making the children learn at an accelerated schedule. They were up to the test and were able to absorb information like human sponges.

The children took her nudity without a second thought. One morning,however, Brian and John came to their lesson naked to appear the way their teacher was. Eva was surprised to see them naked one day. They took off their clothes and dropped them outside the so-called classroom. It was the first reaction to Eva’s nudity that concerned her. She told them she did not mind their nudity but warned them that their mother may not approve. When their mother found out about this she required her children to get dressed. She told her kids Eva, Glenda, and Lyn wanted to be nude because they were paid extra and wanted to Brian the older of the children was smart enough to do algebra read and write and history on a ninth grade level after only a year of having his new teacher. If he were going to school he would only be ending the second grade. Both of the children were required to do work way ahead of where they would be if in a public or private school. Eva was proud of her ability to impart knowledge and make it interesting for them and proud of the children for trying so hard to learn. They had school 6 or 7 days per week and 50 weeks per year. They started at 8:00 in the morning until after 5:00 in the afternoon with one hour off for lunch. There were nearly 3 hours homework assignments every night. They had over 300 days of school every year and 8 hours of instruction every day. The homework assigned was in addition to this. Eva rarely had to tutor either of the children even when she reminded them of any help she they needed. All they had to was to ask but they were prepared to keep up with the learning as it came. Brian and John could watch only one hour of TV every day and that was usually something educational. They both were able to read the Los Angeles Times every morning and were able to use their computer to aid about any research. Eva loved the challenge of teaching to the maximum of the children’s capabilities and Brian and John were extremely capable at learning.

Eva was 21 years old when she came here and was the oldest of any of the other female sex slaves. Glenda was only 17 and Lyn was only 15 years old but looked older. Eva was clearly the smartest, the tallest and best looking. Her short cut hair revealed her long neck. Her posture was good her skin was flawless. All of the family, their employees, and Even the sex slaves had the use of the barber and hair stylist She was also the most expensive to acquire but it never mattered anymore. Eva would never forget the auction where she was sold and the amount of each bid. She was grateful that this place was a good one to be a sex slave for. Everyone was treated well and the occasional sex felt good for each of girls.

Inter-uterine devices were placed in the girls to prevent pregnancy and a small amount of hormone contained in their food caused their breasts to grow slightly. Eva’s breasts were still firm and she previously never needed to use a bra. Here Glenda and Lyn all had rather small breasts that seemed to be gravity proof. All of the girls remained in good shape by being able to go up and down the stairs. They had access to iron weights to be able keep them all in good shape. Eva was a natural athlete that used every opportunity to stay physically in shape. That made her the most sexually desirable. The fact that Eva never went to the beach without sun block and never had a sun burn. She stayed inside for most of her life, preserving her appearance.

Eva also prepared shopping lists for the food needed at the house. Eva was able to calculate the number of calories was to keep every one from becoming overweight. She was able to prepare the best tasting food and thought everything including how to break an egg in each hand to prepare large amounts of food to Glenda and Lyn so they could use the recepies prepared by Eva. All of the food was prepared in the proper quantities whenever needed. Eva prepared the shopping lists and organized the food storage. This was in spite of her primary job of one-on-one education for the children. Eva assumed the role as the leader of the house staff that included over ten people. This was in spite off her lowest status of a sex slave. There seemed like there was not time for everything Eva did every day. Eva had her own office and her own desk and computer to use to organize everything in the house. She was well worth the high price required to bring her here.

Eva, Glenda and Lyn had no knowledge of the money being invested for them to provide them with a lot of money someday.

On days such as Halloween, the girls were able to dress in costumes designed and made for them. It was not proper to pretend to be naked. It was not considered good to be seen naked by any of the children or their parents coming to door for candy. They wore the costumes at Halloween parties and no sex was required of them.

By the next year of teaching brought the children up two years from the one-on-one teaching that held the interest of the boys. The occasional sex that Eva had to do was less than the other sex slaves but Eva enjoyed it. Her time seemed too valuable for having to provide sex like Glenda and Lyn did. Eva still had a great body that was a powerful turn-on for any adults seeing her. She was taller than most men and could have made a good living as an actress or model. She had good posture and her face was unusually attractive even without any makeup. She was still required to give sexual favors to family members staff and some of their guests. She was able to give the best blowjobs and other oral sex. Eva and all of slaves chose to shave their pussy every morning. They all did that as they developed pubic hair. Later they shaved each other and provided themselves with lesbian sexual favors that were secret. The clean smooth look Eva’s natural great looks made her the best looking female in the house and the most desirable. Unlike the sex training school she had to go through, here she was never punished with even a harsh word.

Eva studied and taught herself some interesting self-defense methods. She practiced them in the privacy of her room. She had no use for this now but it was interesting for her.

If you were to ask any woman to get naked for a stranger they would not be comfortable to take any of their cloths off. Eva, Glenda and Lyn were naked all of the time and became very comfortable being this way in the presents of others because they proud of their bodies always were always naked here. Their pussies were always shaved and they were barefoot as well. The sight of them gave any man a hard on that was used on Glenda, Lyn and to a lesser extent to Eva, Even when she would nearly always be the fist choice for sexual favors.

By the end of the second year of instruction from Eva, the children both came up to nearly college level achievement. Both of the kids could read on a 12th grade level and their understanding of math and history was not far behind. Eva was looked upon as the most talented person to teach these children. Brian and John had computers of their own and were expected to complete writing assignments every day. They took up typing on a regular basis. Spelling lessons were every day. Eva brought the grade level of reading and math up to four to five years every year.

Eva still looked as good as the day she came here. She was now 24 years old and sexy as ever. Her firm breasts were not affected by gravity. Warren needed sex from one of the girls nearly every other day and they able to enjoy it as much as he did. The first time Jenny summoned Eva, Jenny opened her door and she as naked as Eva. Eva was surprised to see her this way. Jenny smiled at Eva and she asked Eva if she could please shave her pubic hair. She would be proud to have a bald pubic mound. Eva was provided with some electric shears to cut it short enough to shave off with a razor and shaving cream. Eva was careful and removed all the pubic hair without cutting her. Jenny was pleased with her smooth pussy she now had and paid Eva back with some oral sex, finger fucking and sucking on her clitoris. Eva enjoyed it as much. Eva was able to have from five to ten orgasms every week from having sex with Warren and Jenny. They were husband and wife and almost never had sex with each other any more. Eva, Glenda and Lyn would get together from time to time for lesbian sex sessions themselves.

Eva would also give Glenda and Lyn some one-on one lessons to broaden their horizons and make up for them being kidnapped from being unable to attend or finish high school. They were grateful of Eva taking the time to help them learn along with the children. Glenda and Lyn got homework from Eva so she could monitor their progress. Both of these girls was grateful that Eva would spend time helping them and worked to make progress with their own education. She gave them information to convey to Brian and John to make them respect them as being as being intelligent and able to help the children and answer questions for them. Glenda and Lyn both felt a need to be recognized as having a brain as well as an attractive body. Eva was able to provide textbooks to Glenda and Lyn to help them develop educationally.

The children were growing physically and educationally. They were eager learners and paid little attention to the fact that their teacher was naked all the time. That would not be the case in the years to come.

The next year Eva was able to get a SAT examinations but held on to them for now. She would give Brian and his brother some more time and preparation before trying it on them. Home schooling in California is only legal up to the 12th grade. Brian was now nearly 12 and his brother John was only 23 months younger. They both were progressing at nearly at the same grade level, well ahead of what they could get form private or public schools. Eva was proud of herself for being able to teach them so well. Brian and his brother John were very smart as well as being hard working. This combined with the time devoted to learning and talent of their teacher enabled them to progress so rapidly.

Brian and John were both were very enthusiastic about learning as much as possible. From the beginning Eva was able to recall some of the Spanish from high school and college and was able to reinforce on her own and the children were very fast becoming bilingual. Eva spent hours every day addressing them in Spanish and was able reinforce it in herself. She had the help of Lyn who was a Spanish speaker from her beginning. Young children are better able to learn foreign language quickly than when it taught in high school and college, where Eva learned it. Her efforts to teach it to the kids reinforced it in her own experience. She had access to all the textbooks needed in every subject. Eva took it as a challenge to teach these children and make them very prepared for college. Eva wanted them to be the youngest and best prepared of their class. Eva felt proud to instill on Brian and John the success that she was unable to have for herself. She was spending over eight hours every day and Brian and John was spending over three hours every night doing required homework with no pressure from Eva or their parents.
By the 5th year her nudity began to have an effect on Brian who was now 13. He admitted that it was harder for him to pay attention to what he needed and started to masturbate and became relived after he came to an orgasm. He was past the nights of wet dreams. Just thinking about his nude teacher exuding with sex made it easy for him. He began to shave off his still sparse pubic hair, as it appeared to match the shaved pussy of the teacher.

By the next year he had a harder time. Eva sensed this and asked Warren and Jenny about the need for her to be naked all the time in front of the children were now growing with regard to sexual awareness. Eva suggested that she allow Brian to fuck her or Lyn or Glenda. Warren said he agreed that Eva should be coming to Brian’s room tonight. She was to report back to him on how his son reacted.

Eva told Warren about a case once in California about a teacher that invited one of her students to her home where they made love. She was 26 and the student was only 13. The former teacher went to prison for six years for this and eventually married the student after she got out of prison. Eva related that the circumstances here are much different. The one-on-one instruction by a totally nude teacher was bound to have an effect Brian or any 13 yr old boy. It was not his fault that he was completely normal.

After dinner Brian did his homework and turned on his TV for about an hour before going to bed. Eva knocked on his door. Brian was watching his TV and opened his door and smiled at Eva. She explained to Brian needed a special session of sex education 101. Brian was glad to turn off the television and shut down his computer. He told Eva that he had dreamed about something like this. She was his dream come true. Brian’s hormones were raging.

Eva engaged Brian in a passionate kiss were she used her tongue to engage his and held it for a couple of minutes. Brian hugged her naked body and Eva didn’t need to help Brian take off his clothes and was very happy for this and future opportunities to make love to his teacher that was to have the effect of relieving the sexual pressure on him to better pay attention when needed. Eva explained to him how she would be proud to provide his first sexual experience. Brian said he was looking forward to loosing his virginity and he was very excited about this unexpected opportunity. He had a very hard cock and didn’t seem to have a problem finding where to put it. He explained that he had access to pornography on his computer complete with photographs of a woman’s privates. He also asked Eva if she would not tell his parents about her being here or the pornography on his computer. Eva agreed to keep this to herself and told him she expected him to never tell anyone about this. She quickly told him the story she told her father about the teacher that went to jail for having sex with a 13 year old student. She asked him if he would risk having her have to go to prison for sexually molesting Brian. He told her that he would never say anything about this to anyone ever.

She did not tell him she already talked to his parents about this and how Warren was certain that a 13 year old was not a victim of a loose woman. He remembered being 13 and that having sex with a beautiful woman would be dream come true.

Eva told Brian about oral and vaginal sex positioned herself on her back and spread her legs wide and invited Brian to taste her pussy. Brian did this licked her pussy for about five minutes. Eva told him where to lick and where to suck. Eva had an orgasm. She reached and took his swollen cock in her hand and guided to her mouth for a blowjob to lubricate it with some saliva. Brian stood up told her loved it all and would glad to do what ever she wanted. This was an evening he would never forget. She then told Brian to get down and use his tongue to stimulate her pussy again and Brian complied. She showed him where all the parts of her mound were and he did as asked and used tongue to lick her there. He was enchanted at the delicate odor he found here. Eva explained that would lubricate her even more She then spread her legs and asked Brian I he would like to fuck her now. He took his hardened tool and Eva guided it to her vagina. He was glad to do all he could to work it nearly all the way in and out at each stroke as Eva told him. She then asked him to suck on her nipples and he complied by teasing by licking around her nipples at her directions and then sucking on each one all while fucking her. He thought he was so lucky to fuck what he thought was most beautiful women ever born while only 13. He could not have thought about this it took him only three minutes to say he about too cum. Eva told him to cum inside of her this time and a minute later, he exploded inside her as she said. He took out his shrinking cock when she asked him for a favor and lick her pussy and suck on her clitoris. He got down and did just that and brought Eva to her third orgasm. The odor here was even more profound and Brian could see some of his semen but did not mind licking up this as well. Eva enjoyed this and explained she was experiencing another orgasm as she explained to him that oral sex is gratifying to both of them. Eva then took his cock and made it hard again by sucking on it. It took six more minutes before Brian ejaculated a second time and Eva swallowed it. He didn’t think that was possible and he thanked Eva from the bottom of his heart. She asked him again not to tell his brother or his parents about this encounter and she told Eva that she enjoyed this as much as he did. He told her that he would never tell anyone and Eva made a date for him to look forward to in two or three days. Brian got up and kissed her on the lips with an open mouth and hugged her with all the strength he could muster. Eva warned him to not brag about this or it would never happen again. Eva left him to go to own room and went to bed her self. She thought about sleeping with Brian but thought better of it.

Brian had to pinch himself that this was not just a dream. He could smell the odors of sex in his bed but that didn’t bother him at all. He would never forget this. He went to sleep in about 20 minutes.

Eva was able to go to sleep even faster and looked forward to meeting Brian again for more sex. He was learning fast about this. She was surprised that she was able to enjoy it. For a first timer he came off well. The next morning she talked to Warren and he said he would have loved that when he was 13 but remembered having to do hand jobs on himself to prevent wet dreams.

Eva started her next lessen in the morning. She privately asked Brian if her nudity was bothersome to him and he told her he preferred it that way, Brian and his brother John were learning about early American history and how it contrasted with the French revolution where 40,000 people lost their heads at last ten years of the eighteenth century, It was at this time their was Catherine the great in Russia. Catherine was well aware of the revolution in America that though the British out and the French revolution as well. Eva explained that Catherine became somewhat of a benign despot, allowing more human rights in Russia as well of her nearly perpetual war the Ottoman Empire. The Math section was beginning to cover probability and Statistics before introducing Calculus. Eva continued with English composition and the daily Spanish lesson. The Children seemed to have brains like sponges and had no problem because Eva went out of her way to find interesting ways of presenting it and helped them easier to understand.

Like every day she repeated that she would give help when needed. The homework requirements were getting close to four hours every day now and they expected it. Brian and John would outline and type their notes from every day. This is was Eva’s suggested to better learn every day’s lesson. The next day she adjusted the worktable angle it higher on her side in front of the children. This would conceal her nudity while she was sitting. She had her back to the kids when she at the chock board. She would not let them casually look between her legs and only occasionally see her breasts.

The educational effort for Glenda and Lyn was unique with a nude teacher teaching nude girls. This parallel educational effort had the support of Warren and Jenny for Eva, Glenda and Lyn to take time from their work to dedicate to learning. Jenny was a regular in these classes and was as naked as any of them. She found it interesting and it added to what she learned in high school and college.

Eva’s next sexual encounter with Brian was three nights later. Brian began with some oral sex on Eva without being told. He could do no less for the most beautiful woman that was in his room for him. Brian used his tongue to stimulate Eva and lick her pussy from bottom to top where he gently licked around and eventually sucked on her clitoris. He then put two and then four of his fingers in Eva’s vagina. He used his thumb to message her clitoris. Eva shuttered with her pleasure from this and she told him not to stop yet. She was having an orgasm from this and ready for Brian to fuck her any time he was ready. Brian laid in on the bed and he asked Eva if she would like to impale herself on his enlarged penis. She lowered herself on his penis but she leaned over first to he kiss Brian passionately. Brian thanked her in advance of the sex she was to give him. He told her he was very lucky to have her here. She took his cock and guided it to her vagina. Eva had control of the angle and tempo that pleased her the most and put her at the angle where she could stimulate her clitoris while riding his cock. This brought Eva to orgasm in less time than Brian did. Eva grabbed his cock and finished with a blowjob and told Brian to cum in her mouth. Brian exploded at the back of her throat and Eva choked for a second and swallowed every drop of his semen. Brian then went back liking her pussy and sucking on her clitoris and using his fingers until Eva experienced a third orgasm that overcame her. Eva wondered where Brian learned so much about pleasing a woman. She thanked Brian for this. Brian ended this with another passionate kiss. He thought he was falling in love with his teacher. When Eva walked away she noticed she could barely balance herself. The orgasms from Brian were so good it affected her Even now.

Eva had terrific sex with Brian about twice a week for the four months. Brian was an excellent student and now he is also a 13-year-old-sexual legend. After that Eva talked to Glenda about taking over servicing Brian now. She told Glenda she was certain that Brian would please her beyond her wildest expectations. Eva knew that Brian would enjoy a fresh piece of ass. Glenda provided Brian with the use of her vagina and Brian taught Glenda a few things about sex that she did not know. Glenda enjoyed this as much as Brian. Glenda had from two to three orgasms every time Brian did this again and again and eventually Glenda began to have a powerful emotional connection with Brian.

All of the girls got periodic health care examinations and were checked for any infections that they could pass along to others.

After school Eva now had an appointment with Jenny. When she got there Jenny opened the door and was as nude as Eva and it was clear what she wanted. Jenny was a lesbian and wanted to make love with Eva. Unlike the other girls Eva had less experience with sex with other girls. Jenny was close to 40 now but has kept herself in good shape at a local gym. Jenny’s sex drive had been going up as the years went by. It is nature’s way of telling women that age that their fertility was dimishing. Jenny was turned on by what others had said about this beautiful woman that was a sexual turn on for her. Jenny revealed a collection of sex toys that included bondage equipment and dildos of every description.

On this day, Jenny had Eva lay on her back and attached restraint devises to her wrists and ankles and cause her to have to be spread eagle on the bed with her legs spread almost painfully. Jenny then asked Eva if she could taste her. That floored Eva because if anyone wanted to taste her they just did it. No one asked a slave about something like this. Eva explained this to Jenny and then invited her to taste any part of me she would like. Jenny then began to kiss and lick Eva from her knees on the inside of her legs. Her kiss eventually came to her mound and her tongue ran in circles around her clitoris. Eva could not help but jerk from the pleasure she was experiencing. Jenny then sucked on Eva’s clitoris while she used two of her fingers in her vagina. Eva could not help but have an orgasm right there after a few minutes of this. Eva told this to Jenny and she explained that it was the job of who was not tied to the bed to bring pleasure to the one tied to the bed. Jenny was enjoying the delicate odors of the fluid that came from Eva as she began to hyperventilate as she approached her Orgasm. Jenny licked this as well and released Eva from the bondage she had her in. Jenny brought her up and they kissed passionately. Eva noticed that Jenny continued to have a freshly shaved bald pussy.

Jenny then said that it was time to reverse rolls. Jenny had Eva tie her to the bed. This surprised Eva that she would tie up anyone. She had never tied anyone or restrained anyone before. Eva did tie up Jenny and asked to tell her if she was in pain and she indicated she was not. Jenny was able to spread her legs to an impressive 180 degrees from each other Eva could not do this. Eva stood above the bed that held Jenny and asked her if she could taste her. Jenny giggled that she could and Eva began by sucking on Jenny’s toes and kissing her on the legs wile she used her other hand to gently massage her pussy. She put two then four of her fingers in her vagina and her thumb to rub her clitoris as she had learned from Jenny’s son Brian. She continued the finger fuck while kissing her from her nipples down to her waist. She then sucked on her toes while finger fucking the lady she teased her by making the pleasure last. Eva then used her tongue to like to top inside on Jenny’s leg up to her putting her tongue to lick up to the bottom her opening. Jenny began to shake and pant when Eva did this and eventually she kissed around and over Jenny’s clitoris. All while finger fucking her continually in her vaginal opening to stimulate her G spot. Eva then put her thumb into Jenny’s ass opening and used the two fingers in her vagina and squeezed them together. Jenny had never had this done to her and it pleased her immensely. Eva began to lick back and forth over entire opening and her “victim” was panting “yes, yes, yes, don’t stop” to Eva who continue the high and then brought Jenny’s swollen clitoral tube and use her teeth to gently message it before sucking into her lips as Jenny grunted and jerked around in one of the best orgasms she has ever experienced. Jenny was content to just lie there and thanked Eva for the sex and again thanked her for the pleasure she brought to her son and teaching so effectively to her two sons. She didn’t know Brian had done research on how to sexually please a lady. Now he was teaching Eva something she could do to provide multiple orgasms to Jenny. After a couple of minutes Eva untied Jenny and then leaned over and engaged her in a passionate kiss where they engaged their tongues for a minute or two. Jenny asked Eva if she would like to do this again soon and Eva told her just to tell her and she be glad to come to her whenever she wanted. The ropes were gone but Jenny just lay there, paralyzed by the after-effects of her orgasms. Eva then helped Jenny get dressed and they kissed again in a show their mutual affection.

They repeated the sexual encounter every two or three days. The bondage changed a little but it became extremely pleasurable for both of them. There became a felling of love between the two of them Jenny told Eva that Warren should never know of. He would never object to the sexual encounters but the emotional connection they held for each other was just between them.

Eva decided to give the SAT test to two brothers and spent a couple of hours every day prepping them for it. At the beginning of summer she got two stopwatches and put each of the children in separate rooms. She would proctor John and Brian’s mother Jenny would make sure he was unable to cheat in any way. Each of the children would do his test in a separate room. She hoped the boys would do well on this. Next year they would have a chance of doing it again but this time it would be at an outside testing center where high school students would assemble at one of these central-testing facilities to be tested again. Today’s test would at least, give them test-taking skills, just as good as available elsewhere.

Later in the day she gave the SAT examination to Glenda, Lyn and Penny took it as well.

The next morning she told the kids their test results would be available them in about a week. Eva did not tell them she would be the one who graded these tests and she had other duties in this house. She then went about teaching today’s lesson about the same subjects as yesterday but only more about the finer details of each subject. She told them her own grandmother was a teacher of 28 children all in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Compared with this her job here was easy. Brian was 13 and John was two years younger. If these kids were in regular school they would be in the 7th and 5th grade level. Here they were doing work equivalent to seniors in high school taking advanced placement honors classes. She had both of the children speaking Spanish and encouraged them to address each other in Spanish to reinforce the language for them. She was sure there were Spanish speaking help in the landscape maintenance.

Lyn was a native speaker of Spanish and helped Eva teach this to Glenda and helped Brian and John with their Spanish lessons.

These children will be making out the college applications soon and she hoped she was able to make them well prepared for this.

Tonight, Eva was called upon to organize the kitchen for a party tonight where she was to be on display for any of the guests to provide sexual favors on demand to any of he men or woman visitors.

The guests at this party were surprised to find their meal served by young nude girls with shaved pubic hair and it was made clear some of them would like to participate in a sex orgy involving themselves or private sessions with their wives or one of these girls who have had experience with men and women.

While eating dinner many of the men have developed painfully pleasant swelling under their pants brought on by looking at the beautiful naked women serving the food. It is also true that their wives accompanied nearly all of them. It goes to fact that men are turned on by what they see and women are less so. It is also true that a few of the woman could be turned on by the possibility of lesbian sex for their first time.

After the dinner was finished Jenny surprised everyone when the hostess came into the room naked with shaved mound and asked the guests what they would prefer. Would they like their sex in the presents of others in this room with their wives or with naked Jenny or one of the nude women serving the meal? She initiated a discussion among the guests that had some interesting responses. Two of the woman would let their husbands have relations with another women if they could experiment with lesbian sex with each other. Jenny went from couple to couple and the consensus was split with most of them wanting to have an orgy in this room and two of the ladies would like to experiment.
Nearly all the folks liked the idea of an orgy because that was something new to them. Only a few would like private sex and a few of asked if it would be OK to stay here and just watch.

Jenny announced what these choices were and said all of them could be done. She asked the to wait for a few minutes and they could discuss how to do this. A few minutes later Jenny, Eva, Glenda, and Lyn came out nude standing next to each other to start things out Jenny was older but still looked great with her shaved pussy and chosen by one of the wives who expressed an interest in trying out lesbian sex right here and right now. Jenny removed the shoes and socks of the woman and stripped her to her panties and removed them as well. At that moment some of the men began stripping themselves and their wives to initiate the orgy.

Several covered mattresses were brought in and placed on the floor of the big room. A-6-foot high and 12 foot long plywood was taken into the room. Eight three-inch glory holes were drilled and a game was started with 8 naked men volunteered to stand and put their cocks though the holes. Two of the men had to stand on phone books to get tall enough to reach their penis through the hole. Others had to squat slightly. The women on the other side would go down the line one at a time and suck each of the dicks for 20 seconds or so and then try to identify their husband from the size and feel of his penis. Each woman would guess and only four of them got it right. The remaining four wives then gave blowjobs to the cock in the hole of their choice. There was a one and four chance of the penis belonged to their husband. The husband would never know the blowjob was not from his wife. One of the women backed up her pussy to the glory hole penis and allowed her-self to be fucked by someone she did or did not know. None of them had to swallow any semen but all of them did anyway. It was an enjoyable game for the men involved. Even the women had a good time. The experience seemed to take most of the men and women participating in this back to their college days. The guests here were all middle aged. There were 4 couples that elected to trade spouses for the evening.

Bags were provided for clothing and two of the guests left the room with Eva to go one or two at a time in one of the many bedrooms in the home. Eva took one of the husbands who said he had the lesbian wife and led him to one of the bedrooms. He told Eva that he had not had sex for months and blindfolded her after she arrived at the bedroom. Eva was not concerned with this comment or the blindfold and smiled at the man who stripped in preparation for their encounter. He told Eva to lie on her back and got over her and put his hands around her neck and choked her. She was unable to breath and she became light headed and nearly suffocated. He entered her still dry vagina and violently raped Eva. It was painful for her and she was able to breathe only after he ejaculated in her vagina. He released the grip on her neck and she was able to breathe again. The man left the room and Eva removed her blindfold and noticed that she was bleeding from her vagina. This experience reminded her of the place she was taken after she was kidnapped. Eva told Jenny of this and pointed him out for her. Jenny knew the man. The invited rapist was never invited to any of the future parties here.
Eva thought briefly about calling the police to report this rape but realized that Warren would not approve of this because the sex-slavery problem that the police would not approve of this. She thought of telling Warren but it came to her that this was only part of her job, even if she was not being paid.

Eva came back and was selected by another man waiting for sex and let him to the bedroom. This man did not choke her and indicated that he would like a blowjob and asked if she could swallow his ejaculate. Eva gave him the best blowjob he ever had, because his wife would not do this. After sucking on him for he asked if he could fuck her in the ass. Eva grabbed some lubricant and applied it to her ass and to his hardened love tool. She guided him to her ass and he fucked her here for about five minutes and asked Eva if he could ejaculate here. Eva told him it was ok and he came in her rectum. He explained to Eva that his wife never allowed this as well and he just wanted to try it. He apologized to Eva and she assured him that she enjoyed it as well. Eva talked to Jenny and asked her if she could use a condom for the next man and she told Eva she would look for some of these but there was a woman waiting for her services. Jenny volunteered for the role making herself a sex slave tonight. She found it exciting and different. She was on the birth control pill because she did not want any more children. Eva was supplied with some condoms and took the next man who needed her service. He told her that he too wanted to participate in the orgy and him had sex right there. She supplied him with a condom was sexy about putting on him. They had sex for about ten minutes and Eva finished him off with a blowjob where he ejaculated into her mouth. He thanked Eva for the favor and she replied she loved it also. She did not want to get the man bloody but she did not want to reveal that to him. He told Eva he was not used to a condom but could take it off for the blowjob. This was the first Sex orgy in a while that was done her while she was here. That was the last job of the evening. Jenny was excited about relieving her. Jenny had great sex with both women and men. She was older but that made no difference to her sex partners they both enjoyed her services. The orgy lasted nearly an hour including the sex games. Those that wanted to just watch became willing participants later. Most of the still naked guests then went outside to the swimming pool for a round of skinny-dipping. It would be memorable evening for all of them.

It did not mean anything that this was a weekend because School was every day for Brian and John. There were eight hours of learning for these kids and they expected it. Their progress at this point was mostly college level with a review from time to time.

Eva was now supplied with a new white and black dresses that were cut low in the front and came down to just above her knees She had no undergarments but it was possible to cover her a lot more than before. Eva didn’t need a bra and the dress was sexy without being naked all of the time. Eva had to remember to cross her legs and pull the dress down when sitting to conceal her pussy. Glenda and Lyn also got both white and black dresses and had to go around nude only rarely. One day, Jenny took Eva shopping with her for clothing and groceries. It was the first time Eva had ever been out of this house for all of the years here. Her skin was very white from all of the years with no sun exposure. Eva was now nearly 28 years old and looked as though she was only about 20.

Eva still got eyes from men because the black dress fit her tightly and she looked very good in it. It was possible to look sexy without being nude. Eva appreciated going out of the house for a change and told that to Jenny. She told Eva she was glad to have her here. They went to a local department store to shop for new clothes for Brian and John. They were growing fast and needed to replace what no longer fit them. Eva was given clothes for herself that included pants, shirts, and a coat. They never noticed they were being followed by a black cargo van with darkened windows that followed them until they got home.

They then went to a local grocery store to buy food that was on the shopping list provided by Eva. They got help from Warren when they got home and Eva put the groceries away. She nearly always did that and it was like she was on automatic pilot.

The next day she wore the black dress to teach the kids and they were very aware of this. Eva looked very dressed up but this did not bother her. Eva liked having something to ware. She also likes to privately reach under the dress to stimulate her self from time to time privately.

Eva spent her seven hours of teaching and was gratified to see the progress off the growing children. Brian and John got their homework assignments after the class and eagerly did the required homework after they had dinner.

Eva had graded the SAT tests and returned them in sealed envelopes to Brian and John. They eagerly opened them to find they did quite well. Brian earned a score of 1580 and John got 1584. These were very good scores for anyone and even better considering the ages of the growing children that took them. It also helped them learn to take the test and they endeavored to do better next time.

Glenda scored 1340 on the SAT examination she completed, Lyn got 1320 and Jenny took the test herself and scored 1290. Jenny took this exam 20 years ago and got a higher score than this.

Eva had Brian and John register to take the SAT tests at UCLA because it was the closest location from where they live. Their mother paid for the testing and took them there about a week later. John and Brian had grown but it was not hard to notice they were much younger than anyone else taking these tests. Brian and John were in different rooms from each other with other groups of students. Grad students were paid to make sure there was no cheating. Both of the brothers were able to finish easily before the allotted time and were able to review the answers they had completed. Brain and John felt confident about every question on the test. Jenny took them home afterward and told them they would have to wait for the results of their tests.

Eva continued teaching the kids during most of the summer. After a month they got the results of the SAT tests. Eva was very pleased and proud that they both received a score of a perfect 1600. There are only about 400 students nationwide that get perfect scores on the SAT. It is very unusual to have two from the same family to have a perfect score.

Eva helped both of them with the applications to UCLA. She had not graded them but that was not unusual for home-schooled children. They both had to write essays for their applications and they were sent off two days later.

Two weeks later they both got large envelops from UCLA. They eagerly opened them to find they were accepted in the freshman class. It contained information about housing and how to register for classes. Eva thought it would be a big change for them but she was proud of them and herself for making this possible for them. They had no financial aid because they had not applied for it. They were not eligible for financial aid because it was not needed because of their father’s income.

She hammered home to them that when they went off to school they should never discuss the nude girls here subject to anyone. When Eva saw the classes they were scheduled for she concentrated her teaching effort to those subjects.

In spite of the fact they lived only 11 miles from UCLA Brian and John would be living in dormitories at UCLA at least for their first year. Those 11 miles took about an hour in the morning and afternoon rush hours. Eva told the future college students all about dorm living. She loved both of then and couldn’t help but worry about any problems they may have about any thing. They were still very young for this. If they both were able to graduate in four years, Brian would be 17 and his little brother would be only 15 when they graduated. That is high-school age for anyone else.

Eva was still wanted for sexual reasons by Jenny from time to time. Jenny and Eva have both enjoyed these encounters.

In the fall, Jenny and Eva took both boys to UCLA and helped to register then. They both broke into tears when they had to leave the boys they both loved.

Warren purchased a Sybian orgasm machine for Jenny and any of the girls needing an orgasm. It was a big machine shaped like half of an oil drum that required the user to get down on her knees and lower her vagina on the dildo and turn it on. There were two controls on the remote; one for a rotational motion of the dildo part and one for vibrator that contacted the clitoris of any female on it. It made a loud humming noise at it’s highest setting. Part that would lightly contact her clitoris and the first time she used it. It brought Jenny to a huge orgasm in less than three minutes. Jenny used it three times on the first day and invited Eva to try it out. Eva sat on the dildo and Jenny turned it on; Eva never felt a more intense orgasm that came so quickly. Soon nearly every woman in the house was stripping down and sitting on this machine from time to experience a quick orgasm.

Brian was recruited for the track and field team; He was able to work out and was able to run 400 meters in less than 48 seconds. He was nearly six feet tall and still growing by next year he could take nearly two seconds of this time. Brian and John were both able to get a perfect 4.0 grade point average. They were able to do very well academically thanks to Eva preparing them for this.

When they came home at summer and Brian and John were not able to get drivers licenses because they were too young. Every other student there was old enough when they were in high school.

Eva could not help from missing both of them in the house. There was a lot less for her to do. She welcomed the news that they were getting strait ‘A’s in all of their classes, She found out the next year that both of them were majoring in Pre Med and wanted be doctors. It was possible for John to finish med school and receive his MD at the age of only 19.

Eva couldn’t help from thinking about her self and the future she was deprived of. She discussed this with Jenny and Warren and they were sympathetic to her. Things were boring at this house now. Eva had her black dress to wear and glad she had at least that to wear. She was given under ware, pants, shirts, shoes and formal dresses.

Eva, Glenda and Lyn’s blood tests came back one day and it was bad news for Eva. She was tested and Jenny revealed the unfortunate result. She had to tell Eva that she was HIV positive. Eva had only had oral sex with only Jenny for the last 10 months. This floored Eva when she realized she might not live long unless she could not medical help and drugs to fight it. She never had any symptoms of any kind. Warren told her he would enroll her in his companies health plan to cover the expenses of treating her and providing the drugs needed. Warren told her to keep in touch. Warren told her he thought Eva had classic good looks and would be an excellent actress. He told her he was in a position to make this happens she wanted to.

A few days later Warren and Jenny provided her with a suitcase full of clothing cell phone in case she needed to call them for any reason and $3,500 in cash and credit card with her name from American Express. Eva got the message from Warren that was now free to leave on her own. She was to call him if she needed anything or any amount of additional money for any reason. She was also reminded about telling anyone about her past in this house except for the fact that she home schooled their children and to what end that provided Warren said he would provide any job related recommendation for her. He told her to keep in touch. He had forgotten the implanted transmitter Eva had. She was given a one-month bus pass for transportation. This would give her a chance to renew her driver’s license and pay for any housing or food. She was told he would give her more money to buy an automobile or what ever was needed. Warren told her she was a really big help to this family and we owe you whatever you need or want.

After dinner two nights later Eva got dressed and left the house to find the nearest bus stop. She had a tearful goodbye to everyone there and walked out the front door to the street. As Eva waited at the bus stop for about 20 minutes She was not aware of an alarm that was triggered when she stepped off the Warren property. It was not long before she noticed a dark cargo van pull up to her and she was taken by force by a man and forced into the van. It was explained to her that former sex slaves could not be trusted to not reveal her past that put any number of people in prison. This could not be allowed to happen. Eva was worried about being returned to this sex slave school. She was transported for about and hour and then she was stripped of her clothing and her hands were tied behind her back and secured with plastic tie. Eva had the foresight to cup her hands and hoped that she could keep the plastic cuff loose enough for her to be able escape form the cuffs. She was able to get her cell phone and hide it in her armpit but no chance to use it. All the girls had been stripped nude with her hands tied behind her back. She was led into shed like building and told to sit down. There were two other women-sitting nude on this bench. Tina was brought here yesterday evening and Sharon was brought here this morning. They were not given on food or water. The executioner said they would not live long enough to need anything.

Each of the girls had bag in front of her containing her clothing and other property. Eva was able reach under armpit with the other hand to find her cell phone and hid it from anyone for now. She had hard time tucking both her hands back into the nylon plastic cuff. She had no pocket to put it in and put it between her and Sharon who was surprised to see it. All she had to do is to wait until the executioner had his back to them and they could call for help. Sharon knew this because she noticed the two cell towers across the street from where they were. The cell phone showed four bars indicating they were not in the middle of nowhere. The cell phone would work when they needed it. For now Eva just sat on it and hoped the executioner never saw it or he would take it from her.

She couldn’t help from noticing a steel framework in the building with a cable with a hook. The cable came from a roll on the ceiling suspended from the center with loop on the end of the thick rope noose that hooked over the inverted J hook on connected to it and a bar just above it. A man later told the three girls in a few hours they would have the opportunity to experience death. I will not be killing any of you. You girls will be killing yourselves. You all will have the unique chance to delay your death by hanging by holding on to the bar above you. Death is no big deal it was just like sleeping forever. He also said that today will be the last full day of your life. He explained that everyone has a job to do tomorrow. I have had to assemble this framework and install the noose. I have supervised digging your graves. The only thing you girls need to do tomorrow is die. We will bury your bodies and they will never be found. Tomorrow you girls and your bodies will cease to exist.

One of the girls was able to try to sleep on the bench but one other and Eva spent the night trying to sleep on the floor. It was hard for any of these women to waste away any of their short lives sleeping. They were all being watched. The man admitted to them that they were all very sexy being nude and he enjoyed looking at them. Later he came up to them and said to the girls that their grave was being excavated behind the building. He told all of the women there that they all had jobs to do today. He explained that his job was to prepare grab bar, the noose and have your graves dug. That is a lot of work. He told them their jobs are much easier, and all you have to make the decision to hang on with your hands and then hang by your neck until you are dead. He told them they would have the chance to get off of their feet. They would be given the unique opportunity to experience death. It only takes a few minutes.

Later in the afternoon each of the girls watched as the man as he reached into a hat and drew out a piece of paper. He held it out and unfolded it for each of the girls to see the number for them Tina was shown a paper that was unfolded for her with 1 meaning she would be the first to die. Eva was given the number 2 meaning she would be the second to get to die. Sharon could watch all of them die before she had to die. She could live 30 minutes longer than Tina All three of them were naked with her hands behind their backs. He said he would provide them with an end of their suffering. They would get to think about it until the grave pit is ready for you. He repeated his comment to girls that he was turned on by their nudity. He also said he enjoyed watching you to suffer when you hang and are unable to breathe anymore. He was eating a sandwich and told them they would get no food today be they would not need it. Any hunger will go away when you die. He said think about it. You will no longer have to be fed and no more money will have to be spent on you. Your dependency on others will end when you are dead. It is a unique experience to pass from life to death and you girls will get the chance of this unique experience in a few hours. The girls whispered to each other that this guy is trying to make hanging to death a fun thing to do but they were all frightened for themselves. They all knew of the cell phone but there was no chance to use it. They could not risk having it confiscated from them. Every effort was made to hide it from sight. Sharon was able to sit on it and pushed it into her vagina. She hoped it would still work after this.

The girls got a chance to talk to each other Sharon told Eva she came from Redding CA. She said she was kidnapped when she was walking home from school and went to this terrible place with awful food and she had to drink her own piss. Tina lived in Fresno CA and was waiting for school bus and another bus came along she got in it thinking it would dropper her off at school but took her to the same awful place Eva and Sharon had to go. Sharon was 20 years old and Tina was only 17. They both had been sold and became prostitutes. They tried to escape and go home and ended up here. Like Eva they were told they had to be killed tomorrow to make absolutely certain they didn’t get anyone in trouble. Sharon was tied up and covered in the van for nearly 11 hours. Tina trip to misery took her 5 hours.

Knowing that Tina would be the first to die Sharon asked the executioner if he would mind if they were able to sexually please Tina being she was to be the first to die. He said she would enjoy it and so would I. It would be all right for you to lick her pussy. Tina got to the floor and spread her legs and Eva used her tongue to bring her to an orgasm in about 15 minutes. She was unable to finger fuck her because her hands were behind her back. A little later Sharon was able to bring Eva to orgasm. The executioner was pleased to be able to watch. The cell phone remained in Sharon’s “pocket.” Tina was pleased but now was worrisome from having to suffer death in an hour or so.

45 minutes later, another man came into the back door and told the executioner that the trench was now deep enough to burry these girls. The executioner said within and less than an hour all three of you will be dead and buried. He wasted no time and walked over and grabbed Tina and told her to walk to the rope noose hanging down. He had to give her a lot of help getting there. The girl was not in a hurry to die. She was taken and the noose was placed over her head and around her neck. He grabbed her hair and made sure the rope was around her neck. He then tightened it with the knot at the back of her head. The rope was nearly 2 inches in diameter. Tina was shivering from fear. He lifted her up on this box and lifted her up and told to grab the bar above your head. When you get bored of hanging on and would prefer to die to take your last breath and drop into the noose around your neck. It is here that you will get to know what death is like. The executioner turned his back to the women for only a few seconds, not long enough to get the phone out and use it to make a call. Sharon and Eva were sorry for Tina and felt they could do nothing without being caught with the phone and have it taken from them.

He lifted Tina onto the box and then cut the plastic tie freeing her wrists. He gave her a couple of minutes to get the circulation back in her hands. She had no choice but to grip the pipe over her head to delay having to hang for a little while. The executioner lifted her and kicked the box out from under her feet. She grabbed the bar and he pressed a button an electric motor that wound the rope until the noose was slightly tight on her neck. He told her to hold onto the bar until you decide to die and take deep last breath. It will not be my decision it will be your choice to kill yourself. All to do is let go and you will meet death in a few minutes. Feel free to squirm and kick because I will enjoy watching you suffer. Tina felt the rope tight on her neck as she grabbed the pipe but it gave her a preview of hanging. Tina’s hands held on to the bar for as long as she could. She gripped as hard as she could for only about two minutes and she could no longer hold on and she dropped into the noose. The executioner told her good-by slut. Her feet were about two feet off the floor. There was a tremendous pressure on the front of her neck. She reached above for the bar but she could only touch it with her fingertips. She tried to force her fingers under the rope under her chin but it was too tight, she could no longer breathe. After about ten seconds she panicked and began to kick like she was trying to climb the air. The executioner slipped a medical device that would show her blood oxygen. Tina’s was already down to 80% and dropping fast Her lungs were desperate for oxygen as she slowly suffocated. She was desperate for a breath of air that never came. At that point the oxygen level was down to 43% and the executioner let her hang for ten more minutes to be assured she was dead he then lowered her body to the floor and removed the noose from her neck. He lifted her and put her dead body on the floor next to where she died. Always keeping an eye on the two girls on the bench only 12 feet away.

The executioner used his radio to ask the workman that dug the grave if he would like come in to fuck this freshly dead girl. He came in a few minutes later. He lifted Tina’s body onto a thin mattress and the workman took off his pants, lubricated his penis and spread her legs and began to fuck her dead body. After about six or seven minutes he ejaculated inside her dead body. He told the executioner that it was like fucking a sleeping woman. She was still warm and could be moved to any position. He told the executioner that some time he would like to fuck a woman and strangle her to die as he was fucking her. He put his pants and shoes back on and leaned over and lifted her body over his shoulder and took it outside where he dropped it next to a pit just dug with a backhoe. He took a large hammer and swung it at her jaw over and over. Her jaws were broken and her teeth were scattered about. This was done to make certain she would be much harder to be identified if her bones were ever found. He then used an ax to remove her head, arms and legs. The worker then dropped her body parts into various points along the trenches. He did not cover it now because there were two more bodies to go before long. He climbed into the seat on the backhoe to wait for the next girl. He liked being able to cut up young female bodies.

Eva reached in and removed her cell phone from Sharon’s vagina and tried to figure out how to dial without it being noticed. She sat it down on the bench beside her and whispered to Sharon, the number three to die, to call 911 as soon as possible if she had the chance. Eva told Sharon she was not ready to die now. The executioner was nearly always watching them. He admitted staring at nude women was pleasant for him.

Eva had never been more freighted; now realizing she may have only minutes to live. There were times at the slave school that she wanted to die rather than suffer the pain. Now she was assured a future and the prospect of dieing now was not easy to do. But now She was able to free her hands but it was not useful to her. While the ditch digger was chopping up Tina outside, the executioner then came for Eva and led her to the noose. The executioner put the thick rope around her long neck and moved and positioned the knot at the back of her neck and tightened it. He lifted her onto the box. The nylon tie around wrists was cut and She was forced to either grab the bar above her or hang now. He clipped the oxygen level sensor to one of her fingers and it showed 99% He told her to hold on to the bar over her head. Eva was tall enough to grab the bar without being lifted. The executioner told her she should not have walked away from her owner and now she had to kill herself. Eva had never been religious but now she whispered a prayer. The man told her hangings were all done by dropping five or six feet and causing a broken neck that caused instant death, but as you can see there isn’t any room for that sort of thing.

Hang on to this bar with your hands. When you get ready to die, just let go. Your death will be slow and I will enjoy watching you suffer.

He then put his arms around her and lifted her and kicked the box from under her while she was hanging by her hands be backed away asked Eva for any last words and she shouted at him “FUCK YOU.” He told her to take her last breath before you let go. He also asked her if it all right if I fuck your dead body. Eva said “NO” He said when you are dead you will have no control of who fucks you. The executioner sat down and turned his back to Sharon and took off his shoes and removed his pants in preparation fucking Eva’s as she passed from life to death. Eva was able to hold on to the bar for only a couple of seconds more than three minutes in spite of her fear of hanging. She tried to take one hand off to rest that hand but the noose began to tighten and she had to quickly grab the bar again. She couldn’t reach him with her legs and her hands were needed to hold the bar. Eva held on for as long as she could but was no longer able to grip the pipe she had no choice but to let go and fall into the noose. It tightened around her long neck. She felt a severe pain in her neck under her chin and was unable to breathe. Eva thought there is nothing she could do to survive this. She then realized she had two free hands and grabbed the rope above her head in spite of the tremendous pain in her neck but was able to swing her feet and wrapped her legs around the executioner’s shoulders and head to hold him closer and used her fingers hold onto his hair to tried to poke out his eyes. Eva felt a lighter load on her neck and she could again breathe for only a moment. He was initially very close to backed away from her and Eva again to hang from her neck. While Eva was suffocating and now resigned to the death she would soon experience but that did not stop the panic from not being able to breathe. A clip was attached to one of her fingers and Eva could see her blood oxygen was only 69%. The executioner sat down to remove his shoes and pants in preparation of fucking Eva. The executioner brought back the bench and placed it under her feet and lifted her to it. Eva could now reach the bar and was able to breath a little. When he was ready he again hanged Eva and prepared to fuck her as she died. Eva again could not breathe and was resigned to meet death in a few minutes. She saw her oxygen was down to 53% and it went up past 60%. The executioner lifted her and again kicked away to box. Eva again began to hang and could no longer breathe.

The executioner now said he would be fucking her while she was still alive and experience fucking a woman while she was alive and continue to fuck her as she passed from life to death. He lowered her a little and used two hands to spread her legs and used the control to lower her to so he could fuck her and put his stiff cock into her vagina. He found he needed some lubrication and spit into his hand and rubbed it on her pussy. While he was doing this, he felt a tremendous pain on his crotch. Sharon had grabbed his stiff cock with her teeth and nearly bit it off. She used her canine teeth to bite through his swollen cock. Sharon got a face full of his blood and it ran down her chest as she backed away. He dropped the remote control to grab bleeding cock. Sharon then managed to grab the remote control from behind her and pressed the one button that lowered Eva to the ground. He lungs were full of carbon dioxide and she was beginning to loose conscious as her oxygen level indicated 48%. Eva did nothing for nearly a minute she was unable to stand but Sharon lowered her all the way. Sharon hoped it was before Eva suffocated was still alive and conscience. After several seconds Eva showed some signs of life and was able to sit up and Sharon helped her remove the noose from around her neck. Eva then stood and kicked the distracted executioner in the head and broke his jaw with her bare foot. This knocked him out and Eva leaned over and grabbed his bleeding cock and pulled on it. She wanted to pull if off and stuff it in the executioner’s mouth. Eva was too weak to do this because she could barely breathe because of her windpipe was nearly crushed flat from her hanging. She managed to stand and walk to the door to get out of this place. She wanted to thank Sharon having the courage to save her life. Eva’s right hand was bloody and there was blood all over Sharon’s face and it ran down between her breasts on to her abdomen and all the way between her legs.

Sharon was naked and her hands still tied but Eva opened the door after picking up her cell phone. She could see the mailbox for this building and told the 911 operator the address. She said she had no idea what the name of the road was but there is two cell towers here. Sharon was able to use the phone when the executioner was taking of his pants. Sharon put it on the bench behind her without closing it. The 911 operators were able to hear and record all the comments made by the executioner while the executioner was talking to Eva and lifting to the box. Lifting her and kicking the box from under her she was able to talk to the phone because the executioner was busy with Eva and taking off his pants. Eva was hanging from the bar the executioner had his back to Sharon allowing her approach him without him seeing her. He was looking up at Eva with his only good eye and rubbing her pussy with his spit preparing to fuck her as she hung when he felt her teeth that nearly bit off his swollen cock. Eva’s kick to his jaw knocked him out for a minute or two. When he became aware, both girls were gone. He again grabbed his penis to try to slow the bleeding. He was too weak from the loss of blood that he was unable to get up and walk. He felt cold and could maintain his conscious only by laying on the floor. He had to hold his injured cock to slow the bleeding. It crossed his mind that he may be the one that dies.

Eva and Sharon left the building and stood in the road. They were naked and it was cold outside but they didn’t care. They felt sorry for Tina but were grateful to still be alive. Sharon left on Eva’s cell phone and they were able to locate her from local cell towers and dispatched a highway patrolman in the area who would arrive in minutes. The 911 operator told Sharon to not hang up until the Highway Patrol got there Sharon related that she was covered in blood but it was not hers and Eva had been hanged but was alive and having a problem breathing. The operator called for an ambulance after hearing this. The officer was familiar with area and soon noticed two young naked girls in standing in the road waving their arms. The taller one soon sat down. Her face was dark blue and the officer concluded later, that this woman had nearly died from the hanging. The other woman was covered with blood but she assured the officer that it was not her blood. He talked to them briefly, cut the nylon tie from Sharon’s wrists, and put them in his patrol car. He called for an ambulance and took out his gun as he went into the building. He noticed a man who had his pants on the floor. There was blood all over the floor. He was on his back and holding his crotch and with one had and gripping his jaw with the other. His pants were off his cock sticking out and seemed to be bleeding badly. The patrolman forced his hands behind his back and had cuffed him and then admired his nearly severed penis. It would be good for him to bleed to death and die right now but removed one of the shoelaces from one of the shoes on the floor and tied it tightly around the base of the executioner’s penis to stop the bleeding. He sat down the man and raised his knees to maintain blood pressure to his brain.

He called for another ambulance but was informed that two of them were on their way to the location. There was very low-hanging noose in the middle of the room where one of women had been hanged for a while? He later learned the two women were able to disable him while one was hanging and the other used her teeth on his cock and lowered the hanging girl to the ground, saving her life. The tall woman was briefly able to stand but her breathing was difficult because her trachea was crushed as the result of hanging and it was difficult for her to breathe. He noticed a bruise from where the rope was around her neck that came close to ending her life. The woman that bit his cock had blood all over her face and body. The officer asked her if the blood is from the man inside or form her own injury. Sharon told him the blood squirted from his cock when she bit through it. Sharon said it tasted a little salty as she commented about the blood that got into her mouth. The patrolman went to his car and got a rag and gave it to Sharon to wipe the blood off her face. She had no mirror and did a poor job of cleaning up without any light on a moonless night.

The police back up arrive back up arrived minutes later and they later discovered the dismembered body of a woman’s at bottom of a deep trench behind the building and a man sitting on a backhoe. He was hand cuffed and arrested. Two ambulances arrived minutes later to take Eva and the hand cuffed executioner to the hospital. Sharon was able to go with Eva. Perhaps the blood all over her looked bad enough.

In the ambulance, a paramedic gave Eva some oxygen to make it easier for her to get oxygen and breathe. The paramedic told Eva to inhale, plug her nose, and blow hard. She did this and felt her ears pop but her trachea popped open a little making it yet easier to breathe. The paramedic clipped an oxygen sensor on Eva’s index finger and it indicated a low of 68%. With the aid of some oxygen some normal color came to her face as her oxygen level came up to 91%. She still had the bruise on her neck from hanging from the rope around her neck.

When they got to the hospital they both were supplied blankets to cover up their nude bodies. Sharon was able to use a shower to clean up and was given some clothing to put on. Later she had some minor surgery to remove the small-location-transmitter assembly from her back.

The executioner with nearly severed penis received three units of blood and had a vascular surgeon reattached his penis. He told the Executioner he could use it to aim his urine but he would never be able to have another hard on. He went directly to jail the two days later. Two days later the judge him denied bail at his arraignment. He was charged with capital murder, rape, and attempted murder. He told investigators he was just doing his job and asked for a lawyer. He was given a quarter for the pay phone and used it to make a collect call to his employer about his need for a lawyer to help him out. He hoped the police did not monitor the call.

When the sun came up hours later the police removed some concrete and using dogs trained for this, they eventually discovered the remains of 62 females. They had all been dismembered but they were able to put the pieces together for each of them. They would have to use DNA to match the dead girls with their families. They put together information on missing women in the Los Angeles area and got information them to try to begin identification of some of the dead women. They expanded the area to all of Californian, southern Nevada and Arizona and discovered there were hundreds of young women missing. Some of them were buried nearby and many others may still be alive and are still working as prostitutes or sex slaves.

It could be a year for some of the dead women found there to be identified. It would be difficult to identify the woman at the bottom of the trenches to be identified because she had all her teeth knocked out but it would easy to convict at least one of the men found here for murder. He was the one who was killing one of them by hanging her, nearly killing another and allowing the trench digger to rape the woman that just died from hanging. He supervised the execution and burial of at least one girl. He tried to rape Eva as she was being hanged. The 911 tape got all comments of the Executioner telling Eva he wanted to fuck her from life to death. The workman fucking Tina was on tape. Hopefully the two survivors were to be killed before telling anyone. It would be fortunate if they could tell them a lot and they did just that.

It was later discovered that nearly all of the dead women had transmitters under the skin of their back and a battery near to it. They were sophisticated devises that gave out constant reading of the location of the woman having them. That made it obvious that someone needed to know their location.
These three women all had bags with clothing and possessions that was removed from them prior to the cruel execution and planned executions. None of the dead women could be identified from her dental records because their teeth had been knocked out and their jaws broken.
The ditch digger that mutilated the body of Tina was arrested and bailed out after his arraignment. He was never seen again by the court or by the police.

They were able to contact Eva’s mother, she and the Los Angeles police and the FBI have been looking for her for over eight years and her mother was very excited that she was found alive.
The police told the Edwards that 80% of kidnap victims are killed within a week of their abduction. Eva would have died only minutes before the police arrived but fortunately, because of Sharon’s efforts, that was not the case. It has been over eight years after Eva’s abduction. Her mother was notified that she was HIV positive and was very pale from being in doors for most of these years. She was notified of the injuries she was hospitalized for and where she could be found.

The transmitter location devises were serial numbered but in all cases that numbers had been removed. They found $3,500.00 and credit card in the tall woman’s purse. The cell phone was also hers but the police did not have it in their property. She once had an expired driver’s license that was never found. A car registered to her had been towed away and shortly after her abduction was returned to her parents. The campus police had examined it but they found nothing to indicate what happed to her and where she was. One sheet of paper with an outline of class notes with Eva’s name on it was found under her car.

Eva Edwards had an IQ of 155 and was the most beautiful women around. She was on the NCAA track team at UCLA who was able to run 400 meters in 47.21 that was good enough to get on the Olympic team if she was not kidnapped.

Eva was hospitalized for injuries from being hanged. She had to have minor surgery to treat her crushed trachea. It was much easier for Eva to breathe after the surgery. Her oxygen level came up to 98%. Her mother came to visit her there. Eva learned her father had died two years ago but her mother was sobbing with joy for Eva. She also had her implanted location transmitter removed.

Mrs. Edwards was nearly sure that Eva was dead after being told by the police, that young women that are abducted are usually killed days after being kidnapped. Police put together volunteers to find her body but it could never be found. Mrs. Edwards never gave up hope even for the 8 years passed but her hope has diminished. When she got the news that her daughter was found alive she nearly fainted. Both Eva and her mother were excited about being able to see each other. Eva’s mother took a while to contain her emotions and to explain what she has done over the years. Eva felt she had to carefully edit what she told her mother to prevent her from getting upset. She didn’t need to because the police talked to her first. They told her all about the kidnapping for sex slave training and being a teacher for two children in the Warren household.

The police were so far unable to find where Eva had been since her abduction. Eva and Sharon gave them a detailed description of the sex slave school she was taken to. The police were confident they would be able to find it someday soon.

The girls found by the Highway patrol were found to be a sex slaves and were kidnapped years ago and she had some clothes from that were given where she was held. Eva and Sharon were able to tell police that before she was unable to get to police or a bus stop before she was again abducted by someone in a van and taken where she was hanged and expected to be the next to die. She told them about the drawing for who would be hanged to death in what order.
The girls told police of the cruel practice of having to hold on as long they could then had to hang until they were dead. If Sharon did not disable the executioner and Eva was executing she would have died less than minute or so. One of the girls escaped with a cell phone provided by Eva.

The cell phone service provider led the police to a location in he Hollywood hills that had several employees. They had no information of it being den for prostitution. Eva Edwards told police she lived in a big house owned by Warren E. Lee, He was a big-time Hollywood producer who had many friends was well known. He was unlikely to be a pimp. He told the police that his wife had given Eva the cell phone. Warren told police he would find a future in Hollywood for Eva if she wanted it. She was a talented and very beautiful woman.

Warren had two children who were enrolled at UCLA after having been home schooled there. Eva told police she was a teacher for the kids and was released because she was no longer that needed now that Brian and John are out on their own in college. Eva told the police she was given $3,500, a cell phone and credit card as partial payment for her successful service teaching and also for some of some discrete sexual favors that she enjoyed giving. Eva said she could have called the police when here but she enjoyed her life here. She also said she tried to call her mother or father but found they were no longer available at her home number that was no longer in service because of media calls the number was changed and not listed.

Warren Lee said he had no information about any transmitter implants. He knew nothing about the vests they wore at night to charge the battery for the transmitter implanted in each of them It was removed from both of the surviving women.

The police were able to purchase new implantable transmitters from the company making them. They were planning sting using the equipment as a lure.

The police have talked to Warren Lee’s two sons now enrolled at UCLA and they had a lot to say about the wonderful teacher they had that enabled them to do so well on testing and being able to come to UCLA when they were much younger than others here. They were glad to hear she was still alive after over a minute hanging by her neck.

The murder of the women, the fact they all have implanted transmitter devises. That includes the other bodies of numerous women found at that location buried under slabs of cement and nearby skeletons bearing the same type of transmitters visible under the skin and over the bones. Each had been dismembered and their limbs and heads were all found. The bodies, heads and limbs of most of them had been identified and brought together for examination return to families and burial.

This indicates the execution/murder of over 62 women over a ten-year period. Most of them were naked with their hands secured behind their backs with plastic ties. Many of the dead women showed evidence of death from hanging. These women all had families to contact as soon as they were identified. The last two of them witnessed by the woman in line for death to make sure she would not talk. There was no way so far to give the police any idea of sex slaves still in service. They eventually found a few of them and determined others that were maybe sold outside the United States.
Sharon Woodman and Eva Edwards recalled being captured and taken to a sex-slave school where they were abused in every way possible, whipped for no reason at all kept in a small cage. Every effort was made to make this as miserable as possible for the kidnapped girls. They both had to drink their urine and were abused in every way. Both of them were auctioned and sold to someone else who used her as a sex slave and other work assignments before being released years later and recaptured to be killed to make certain they didn’t talk to incriminate anyone. Sharon and Eva have given police a description of the sex-slave school and the torturous equipment and people inside. They were the only known survivors located from a giant sex slavery ring with many involved over many years with many victims.
The stories of Eva and Sharon; the sex-slave kidnappings and trade; the hanging murders; The criminal investigations in California all made continuing national news for both print and broadcast media. Eva Edwards later got a two million dollars advance for a book she would be writing on the matter.

Eva now hopes to finish her education to someday being able to put all of this behind her. It has been a long eight years and she will be eternally grateful for being rescued at the last possible minute. Eva was so attractive and defiant to her planned end. What a waste it would have been.

Eva had serious injuries to her trachea from being hanged but recovered from them in a week or so. While in the hospital, Eva was able to get a start on her needed HIV drug treatments. Later Eva was contacted by Harvard University after hearing and reading news stories about her confinement, sex slavery, and teaching experience. They wanted Eva to take a few preparatory classes first but renewed the scholarship she would get when attending the med school. During the summer she started writing the book named Hanging in There that recounted her life starting just before she was abducted. It was published when she graduated from Harvard med school. During the two months before her residency began she would have a significant role in a movie produced by Warren Lee based upon parts of her book another tall and very attractive actress would play the role of Eva in this story.

Thirteen years after being kidnapped for sex slavery she would become Dr. Eva Edwards M.D. Eva chose this future for herself rather than becoming a movie star. Three years later she became Dr. Eva Martin and would have two sons of her own. Eva’s twins were named Brian and John Martin. John Lee graduated from med school and began his residency when only 19 years old and his brother Brian became a MD in general practice and years later he was elected to congress. He set up a practice in Washington DC where he worked part time while congress was in session. He took advantage of the fame brought to him by his teacher years ago. After he was married and his wife had a daughter they named Eva Lee.

The executioner’s attorney said he was seeking a deal from the district attorneys office. He says he knows a lot about the organization that employed him. The executioner was only one of many others of tremendous story for the press and police to investigate.

The police were able to use Glenda who volunteered and still had one of these transmitters implanted in her. It was meant to appear as escaped and laid a trap they put her on a street at a bus stop for a while. It took only 24 minutes before a black cargo van came to her transmitter and the two men got out to grab Glenda when they were arrested. Their bail was a million dollars each and they were both bailed out. They skipped bail and disappeared, with one of the location transmitters on each of them. This enabled the police to follow them to an isolated building in the Mojave Desert….

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