Pre Teen Sex Story

Once upon a time in a village, far far away, there lived the prettiest little girl. When the town folk saw her they would say, “What a pretty little creature she is and someday she will make a naughty little slut.” She lived in a log cabin with her father. Her name was Miranda but everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood.

On the other side of the same far far away village and to the right there lived a little girl with her little brother. They lived in a log cabin with their father (he had gotten rid of the evil stepmother by this time) The girl’s name was Gretel and almost every guy lust after her young body. Her brother name was Hansel.

One day Little Red Riding Hood came home from school and saw her father chopping wood. She knew she was not to go out and play until her homework was finished. Because she is a naughty little girl, she put her books on the table and went out to play.

On the same day, Gretel and Hansel came home from school and saw their father working in the fields. She knew she was not to go out and play until her homework was finished. Because she is a naughty little girl, she put her books on the table and went out to play. Her brother Hansel, like all boys, followed the naughty little girl.

Little Red Riding Hood wanted to go and play with Gretel but there were big dark scary woods she would have to go through. She had been told never go into the woods but because she is naughty and does not listen she ran into the woods.

Gretel wanted to go and play with Little Red Riding Hood but there were big dark scary woods she would have to go through. She had been told never go into the woods but because she is naughty and does not listen she ran into the woods. And you guess it Hansel followed.

Half way through the big dark scary woods, Little Red Riding Hood saw Gretel and Hansel and she ran up to Gretel giving her a hug.

Both of the girls looked around the big dark scary woods and noticed it was not as big, dark, and scary as they were told. They didn’t know it yet, but there was a Big Bad Wolf watching them. He wanted to fuck the pretty little creatures. BUT! He would have to wait for just the right moment.

“Gretel how would you like to see what’s in the woods?” asked Little Red Riding Hood.

“Sure, let’s take this path and see where it goes,” said Gretel.
Now both little girls knew they should not go into the woods. But, little girls who are naughty and don’t listen to their dad can get into a lot of trouble. As the girls and Hansel adventured onto the path, the Big Bad Wolf followed them.

The naughty little girls were running through the woods when Gretel and Hansel fell into a mud puddle. They were dirty and had big splotches on their clothes. Little Red Riding Hood laughed as she said, “I will clean you two up later.”

Soon they came to an adorable little cottage. They were surprised to see such an adorable cottage in the woods. The girls went to the door and knocked. No one answered. They tired the door and it was open. “Anyone home?” the girls shouted. No one answered. Anyone else would have left, but not naughty little girls.

When they entered the cottage. Little Red Riding Hood said, “You know, we need to clean your clothes. Why don’t you and Hansel get out of those dirty clothes so we can wash them.”

Gretel and Hansel started taking off their clothes as Little Red Riding Hood watched. They tossed their clothes on the floor. Gretel still had Winnie the Pooh panties on and Hansel his underwear. Little Red Riding Hood said, “We need to wash everything so just give me your panties and underwear.” I will take off my clothes to so that way you two will not be alone. Little Red Riding Hood took off her clothes to including her pretty red throng panties.

Gretel peeled off her panties and Hansel took off his underwear and gave them to Little Red Riding Hood and she put everything in the washer. As she came back there was Gretel and Hansel standing by each other naked. Gretel’s young body was a sight and Little Red was getting turn on. Gretel’s little nipples were erect; they were so small about the size of pencil erasers. Little Red followed Gretel’s body down to her tummy and her belly button. Her pussy looked delicious and Little Red wonder if it taste as good as it looked. She glanced over at Hansel and his cock was semi-hard most likely he was thinking about his sister or maybe he was thinking about her.

“Wow Gretel, you look so cute! Let me look at you closer. Lie down on the floor and I’ll wash you off with this washcloth. You have the prettiest little pussy,” Little Red said.

Gretel lie on the floor and seemed to enjoy Little Red Riding Hood’s hands as she washed her. “Dose that feel good, Gretel?” Little Red asked as she patted all around her pussy with the damp cloth.

“Yes!” Gretel replied. “If feels a little tingly.”

“You mean right here?” Little Red said as she rubbed Gretel’s little clit. Hansel just watched with wide-open eyes, as his cock was getting harder.

“Yes!” Gretel said with a little giver and a smile.

Little Red Riding Hood was really getting excited now as she said, “I know how to make it feel even better. Let me spread your little pussy apart a bit and use my tongue to get you real clean.”

It was awesome! Little Red had Gretel exactly where she wanted her as she laid the cloth aside and used her fingers to gently spread Gretel’s little pussy apart as she started licking the swelling clit that was now visible.

Gretel held her legs up higher. Little Red Riding Hood said, “Oh yes! That’s even better! I can lick you real good now! I’d better lick inside your cunt to get it real clean!”

Little Red heard Gretel starting to moan a little as she pushed her tongue inside the tight little slit. She used her thumbs to pull Gretel’s cunt open and her tongue disappeared inside the rapidly moistening hole.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That taste really good, Gretel!” Little Red Riding Hood said happily. “Maybe I should just keep licking you and see if I can suck that yummy juice out of your sexy little cunt hole! Watch closely Hansel. You need to learn how to suck your sister’s cunt and make her feel good. Then we’ll teach her how to suck your cock and make you feel good.

Then Little Red went to work eating Gretel’s young twat. You could hear Little Red sucking and swallowing the tart juices seeping from Gretel’s virgin cunt. After a few minutes, she took a hold of Hansel’s arm and pulled him between her and Gretel with his head right between Gretel’s pussy. “I want you to lick your sister’s sweet pussy I want to see your tongue licking right here,” she said as she pointed to Gretel’s clit.

Hansel started licking his sister’s cunt right away. Hansel tongue tickled Gretel’s clit. He even sucked on his sister’s puffy pussy lips as his hands played with her erect nipples. The more he sucked the bigger his cock was getting.

Hansel looked up at Little Red and said, “This is fun. Gretel taste really good.”

Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t resist and she said, “You love sucking on your sister’s pussy. Her pussy is very delicious. I’ll hold her open for you so you can get your tongue in deeper. Be sure to suck her clit right here too! That will make her tingle all over.”

Hansel was a hungry little fella. He dove in Gretel’s pussy and sucked it good. Then he sucked on her tender throbbing clit and her body began shaking and her clit began squirting as she experienced her first orgasm with her brother eating her. Then Little Red noticed some juices squirting out of Gretel’s cunt and she said, “Ohhh, let me in there just a minute, Hansel! I see some juice leaking out of her cunt and I’d like to lick it up.”

Hansel moved his head away and watched as Little Red sucked up the new flow of juice dripping out of Gretel’s slit. Gretel was still not sure what had happen to her, but she loved it and did not want it to stop.

Little Red Riding Hood noticed Hansel’s cock was hard and she said, “Ohhh Hansel your cock is sticking out real nice and hard. Lay down on the floor and we will make you feel real good.”

Little Red Riding Hood moved between Hansel’s legs and said, “Let me suck him for a few minutes while you watch. I want you to practice saying cock while I suck your brother”

Gretel watched closely while Little Red lick Hansel’s cock up and down. Hansel’s cock was jerking a little from the pleasure and Little Red Riding Hood said. “Look at his cock jerking for me, I’d better lick and suck his balls too.”

Little Red Riding Hood moaned as she look up at Gretel and said, “Watch me suck your brother’s hard cock.”

Then Little Red took his hot rod in her hot mouth and sucked it very fast up and down. Every time she went down, she licked his balls with her tongue.

Finally, Little Red stopped and said, “Okay, Gretel get over here and suck your brother’s cock. I want you to suck it just like I did. You should be sucking lots of cocks at your age.”

Gretel moved between Hansel’s legs and took his cock in her little hand and just licked it up and down for a few seconds and then she put it right in her mouth. She looked so adorable as she hungrily sucked her brother’s hard cock.

Then Little Red said, “You just keep sucking Gretel and I’m going to get under you and lick your asshole! You can sit on my mouth and I’ll tongue fuck your asshole while you suck your brother’s cock.”

Little Red Riding Hood lifted Gretel’s legs up but holding onto her inner thighs and Gretel’s sweet asshole fell right on her mouth. There was no doubt that Little Red was on cloud nine now. She just started moaning as she worked her tongue into Gretel’s ass and Gretel just kept on sucking on Hansel’s cock.

The three of them stayed that way for a long time. Hansel started bouncing he was having his first orgasm. The first blast of cum shot out and into his sister’s mouth. Gretel didn’t stop she just kept sucking and swallowing his cum.

Little Red was gushing juice from her cunt as she tongue-fucked Gretel’s asshole and thoughts about Hansel shooting off in Gretel’s mouth. Little Red was experiencing a rare, touchless orgasm! Gretel’s young body started jerking as her juices filled Little Red’s hot mouth. Little Red licks and swallowed everything up. All three had an orgasm at the same time.

From the window the Big Bad Wolf watched everything. His cock was hard, his cock was big, and his cock wanted that tight young pussy of Gretel but mainly Little Red Riding Hood’s cunt.

Hansel went up stairs to take a nap he didn’t even get dress. The first bed he tried it was to hard, the second bed was to soft, and the last bed was just right. Soon Hansel was fast asleep. Little Red Riding Hood and Gretel left the cabin as they adventured more into the woods. The Big Bad Wolf was right behind the sweet creatures.

Hansel opens his eyes and saw a gorgeous girl with golden pigtails smiling at him and licking her lips. Hansel realized that he was naked and his cock was hard and she was looking at it.

“What is your name sweetie,” Hansel asked.

“Everyone calls me Goldilocks. I have never found anyone in this bed before. Who are you?” Gretel asked.

“My name is Hansel. You are very sexy; turn around for me, oh yes very hot and sexy. Now come here.”

Hansel reached up and started to undress Goldilocks slowly. First her top came off; he could see her gorgeous firm little tits. Hansel looked her in the eye, smiled and then he kissed each nipple in turn very slowly and then sucking on her tits. Goldilocks stood there and didn’t move as Hansel lips caressed her nipples. As Hansel was sucking on her nipples, he slowly pulled down her skirt letting it fall to the floor. Next he pulled down her pink panties and he had this gorgeous little creature naked before him.

“Goldilocks I want to fuck you,” Hansel said.

Goldilocks looked down at Hansel, and then his hard cock. Something was happening to her young body it felt like it was on fire. “Will it hurt?” she asked.

“Well, it will a little at first when my cock enters you. Once we start we can not stop till I say.”

Goldilocks did not care if it hurt or not, she wanted it and she wanted his cock now. “I want you to fuck me, Hansel.”

Hansel laid her down and proceeded to kiss Goldilocks all over. Hansel started at her face and moved to her mouth. Hansel kissed her lips and forces his tongue inside her mouth. After awhile he went to her neck, licking and kissing, and then proceeded to her ripe little tits. Hansel licked and then sucked each nipple into his mouth slowly chewing her nipples until they swelled up and became hard. Hansel continued down to her belly button where he took some time to savor the taste of her now sweating flesh. He moved his mouth over her ribs to her tummy and then to her hips. He could feel her body move with his tongue as Hansel moved all over her body

After awhile Hansel moved his mouth between her legs and started to eat her virgin pussy. The taste was divine. Hansel took a long time eating Goldilocks sweet pussy. Then he lifted her hips and moved his mouth to her anus. As his tongue moved from her pussy to her ass she shuddered and her young body jumped. He held her hips tight and pushed his tongue deep inside her rosebud asshole.

After about 30 minutes of eating her sweet pussy and her sweet ass, he looked at her in the face for Goldilocks looked to be in heaven. Hansel open Goldilocks young legs and pulled her close to him. “Baby, I will fuck you now and it will hurt. Once I start I will not stop until I am finished. Are you ready to be fucked?

“Fuck me Hansel I am ready to be fuck,” Goldilocks said.

Hansel started to massage his cock, he wanted his cock as big as it would get. Then he placed his cock between her legs to her pussy lips. He looked into her eyes and told her to get ready. He took her hips in his hands, and then with one large thrust he forced his cock into her waiting virgin pussy. It was like a vice, gripping his cock. She was so tight that he had to really force his cock in hard. He gripped her hips as hard as he could, and with a giant thrust he pushed his full cock into her.

Well, as you can imagine it didn’t take long for Hansel to cum inside her. As his cock jerked and filled her pussy up he could see a look of surprise on her face and a glisten in her eyes. Hansel pulled his cock out as he kissed her tender lips.

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You just dove into the sex right away, with no character development and hardly any plot. We need to understand why these three children are so unconcerned with the taboos against premarital sex, and the possibility of punishment by their parents. Also, since wolves rarely attack or eat humans, you should explain what made this wolf so bad. (Was he captured and imprisoned in a zoo?)

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you got the style right but the characters are a little dumb. try more little girls lesbian and we`ll see were it gets you

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