Pre teen sex story
Little Red Riding Hood and Gretel left Hansel asleep on the bed as they adventure out into the not so dark scary woods. In no time the girls came upon a waterfall and as you might have guess both of the naughty little girls were as horny as hell.

Little Red Riding Hood stroked Gretel’s pretty little face as their hot mouths met. Their tongues darted into each others mouths as Little Red started to unbutton Gretel’s shirt. In no time Gretel’s shirt was laying on the ground. Little Red broke the kiss as she worked her mouth down Gretel’s neck then to her little nipples, which were erect. They were so small, the size of pencil erasers. Little Red reached down and lightly squeezed her stiffness. She shuddered as Little Red tweaked her nipples with her fingers. Little Red softly flicked her tongue over Gretel’s buds. She again trembled as Little Red sucked on her little nipples. Little Red was in heaven and Gretel was lost in the feeling.

Little Red’s treat was just being unwrapped as pealed Gretel’s shorts off her petite little frame. She stood there before Little Red with her butt and sweet, hairless pussy fully exposed. Gretel smiled as Little Red laid her down on the ground and removed her shoes. Little Red began sucking Gretel’s neck, chest and tummy. Gretel squirmed a bit as Little Red mouth nibbled on her silky white skin. Little Red’s hands worked themselves between Gretel’s legs and stroked her inner thighs. Little Red slowly spread her legs as her hand played with Gretel’s little mound. Little Red brushed over her folds several times as she nibbled on Gretel’s belly button. Little Red could smell her still sweet innocence as her tongue worked closer to Gretel’s precious little pussy. Little Red had Gretel’s legs parted and her knees in the air. Her tiny feet were planted on Little Red’s shoulders as her face moved between Gretel’s legs. Little Red lightly parted Gretel’s hairless pussy lips and slowly stroked her opening with her tongue. Little Red could taste the wetness that had formed inside her. Little Red tasted the moisture on her tongue, lapping her juices from inside her. Gretel was shaking and moaning as Little Red sucked and licked Gretel’s softness for a long time as she shuddered and trembled on her back.

Gretel was trembling as she pushed hard against Little Red’s mouth. Little Red sucked Gretel’s clit into her lips as she moaned softly.

“Ohhhh, ohhhhhh, Ohh god, oh god that feels soooo good!” Gretel jerked hard and coated Little Red’s tongue with wet, hot juices. Little Red sucked hard sealing her entire pussy in her mouth. Gretel continued to jerk her hips for a good minute or two before her orgasm subsided.

All the while the Big Bad Wolf had dropped his pants and had his big cock out playing with it. Before the end of the day he will fuck both of the young haughty little girls.

Now it will be Little Red Riding Hoods turn to enjoy the pleasure that Gretel was about to deliver to her. Gretel took her lips and planted them on Little Red’s lips as Gretel ran her fingers through Little Red’s strawberry hair. Gretel kissed behind Little Red’s ear sucking and licking on her ear. Gretel continued to lick down Little Red’s neck until she came to her shirt. Gretel was hot and she did not brother to unbutton Little Red’s shirt she tore if off of her young body. There were Little Red’s small apples size tits with her nipples hard and sticking straight out. Gretel’s mouth went straight to Little Red’s budding tits.

“Mmmmmm I love your little young tits Red I love sucking and licking them and making your nipples hard,” Gretel said.

“I love it when you take my nipple in your mouth and suck on it. It makes me so hot,” Little Red said.

As Gretel licked and sucked on Little Red’s nipples her hand unbutton Little Red’s shorts as she pulled them down. Gretel’s fingers wasted no time in finding Little Red’s hot wet bald smooth pussy. Gretel shoved two fingers deep inside her young pussy in and out very fast Gretel went. Little Red could feel her knees getting weaker and weaker she was about to have one hell of an organism.

“Your pussy very wet Little Red let me taste your sweet juices,” Gretel said as she finger fucked Little Red’s pussy harder.

“Put another finger in me Gretel I want you to finger fuck my young pussy hard and fast,” Little Red said.

The Big Bad Wolf could not believe that the child could take three fingers in her tight young cunt. He was total naked and his big 9-inch cock ready to ram in Little Red’s hot young pussy. All he had to do was wait for the right time.

Little Red could not take it any longer her knees buckled as she fell to the ground. Her cute little ass hit the ground and she lifted up her hips, as Gretel was right between her legs. Gretel’s head was buried between Little Red’s widespread thighs as she sucked and licked Little Red’s juices.

Little Red’s legs were spread as far as they could go and her tight little bubble ass was spread, revealing both her completely bald pussy and equally hairless asshole. Her pussy was gasping slightly from the finger fucking she got from Gretel and her entire crotch glistened with her juices in the dim moonlight.

That is when Little Red saw the Big Bad Wolf through her lust-shaded eyes. Her eyes gaped open as she looked at the Big Bad Wolf’s huge 8-inch cock and she knew why he was called the Big Bad Wolf. She was not afraid as a matter of fact it maybe her more horny than ever. She silently mouthed the words, “fuck her,” as Little Red wrapped her legs around Gretel’s back to hold her in place. The Big Bad Wolf moved into position behind Gretel’s and in one thrust he buried his huge 9-inch cock in Gretel’s dripping bald pussy. Her head flew up and a cry escaped her lips.

“Wha…..?” she yelled. “Oh my fucking ohhhhhhh”

While Gretel could not move, pinned into position by Little Red’s legs wrapped around her back. The Big Bad Wolf set up a steady rhythm. Stoking her pussy with his whole cock, from head to base. Gretel started out moaning, “Oh my god stop!” But Gretel was soon begging the Big Bad Wolf to keep fucking her as he pressed her face back into Little Red’s pussy.

“Clean Little Red’s bald pussy up you bitch lick up every juices,” The Big Bad Wolf said.

The Big Bad Wolf shoved his cock deeper inside her as he slapped her ass cheek and he took a hold of Gretel’s hair and yanks her head back. He took his tongue and forced it in her mouth then he shoved her face onto Little Red’s pussy. “Eat the child’s pussy your little slut,” The Big Bad Wolf yelled as he shoved his cock deeper in her young sweet pussy.

“Oh I am such a naughty little girl ram me harder and shoot your cum inside me,” Gretel said.

The Big Bad Wolf took out his cock and rammed it in hard. Gretel let out a scream as he filled her up with his hot sticky cum.

A woodcutter happens to hear the scream of Gretel and he came running through the woods. As he came into the clearing he was shock and turn on by what he saw. Little Red and Gretel both young girls giving the Big Bad Wolf a blowjob. Their hot mouths working up and down his hard 9 inch cock. The Woodcutter strip off his clothes as he walk over to the Big Bad Wolf and took Gretel’s hot mouth off of his cock and ram her mouth on his hard cock The Woodcutter began to fuck young Gretel‘s mouth like it has never been fuck before.

Now the Big Bad Wolf had his chance to have Little Red Riding Hood all to himself. He pulled her hot little mouth off of his 9-inch cock and pushed her down on the ground. Little Red spread her young legs open wide. The Big Bad Wolf was looking at a smooth bald baby fresh pussy. Little Red looked up at the Big Bad wolf and said with a smile, “eat me Big Bad Wolf just like it says in the story.”

The Big Bad Wolf fell on his knees as he lifted Little Red’s legs and puts them on his shoulders. As he looked upon her pretty young pussy he stuck out his tongue, Little Red thought his tongue look about as long as his cock.

“Damn! You do have a really sweet looking little twat. Just a little bit of red hair at the top, and those pink wet lips look so inviting! A naughty little slut like you needs a good tongue whipping.”

Little Red had no idea what tongue whipping meant. But when the Big Bad Wolf leaned forward and ran his tongue the length of Little Red’s pussy lips. Little Red thought she had died and gone to heaven. The Big Bad Wolf did it again and again and each time he did Little Red could feel herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm.

On one lick he stopped and pushed his tongue deep into Little Red’s sweet hairless pussy then he began to dart his big bad tongue in and out. Little Red thought she was going to cum right then. A few minutes later the Big Bad Wolf licked her little pussy upward until his tongue touched that place that caused sparks of pleasure to shoot through her young body. Little Red thought that was the best until the Big Bad Wolf began to suck on her spot. It did not take that long of him doing that before an orgasm exploded in her young sweet pussy.

As Little Red came and her young pussy twitched the Big Bad Wolf howled and said, “Why you little slut! You are a wanton little cunt aren’t you?”

The Big Bad Wolf pulled Little Red into a sitting position as the last twitches of her climax went through her.

“Alright you little slut I am not through with you yet, he said pulling Little Red onto his lap.

He pulled Little Red’s legs astride of him and a moment later she could feel the Big Bad Wolf rubbing the head of his 9-inch cock up and down her young sweet pussy.

Little Red knew the Big Bad Wolf was going to try to fuck her and she wanted him to fuck her. She spread her young legs as wide as they would go and Little Red was wondering if his big 9 inch cock would fit in her tight young pussy or would it tear her apart.

The Big Bad Wolf placed the head of his cock against Little Red’s entrance and began to work it in and out. Little Red jumped a little as she felt the head pop inside her pussy. The Big Bad Wolf took hold of her hips, he grinned and let out a howl and with one hard shove pushed half of his cock into Little Red’s young twat.

Little Red felt totally filled and it really did not hurt. A moment later she felt the Big Bad Wolf tense then again shove upward. This time it hurt a little but when Little Red looked down his 9 inch cock was buried, all she could see was a little of the base and his large, hairy balls.

“There you go you little slut!” the Big Bad Wolf said, “Now I am going to fuck that sweet little pussy very hard.”

In the meantime Little Red Riding Hood and Gretel’s dad had went looking for their daughters since it was getting late. As they approached the clearing both of the dads saw both of their daughters on their backs with their legs spread wide and begin fuck hard. Both of the dads cocks went instantly hard the fact that both of their daughters getting fuck was a turn on. Begin like most horny dads they dropped their pants as they began to play with their cocks while they watched their daughters getting fuck.

Little Red’s dad watched as the Big Bad Wolf grabbed hold of Little Red’s hips as he pick her up and slammed Little Red back down onto his 9 inch cock. The first couple of strokes did hurt Little Red, but the fucking started to feel real good. Just in a few minutes Little Red could feel another orgasm building. It didn’t take long and her orgasm exploded inside her, causing Little Red’s sweet pussy to spasm and rhythmically grips the Big Bad Wolf’s cock.

The Big Bad Wolf grunted, “Oh you Little Red Slut!” She felt his cock throb and she felt him spurt deep inside her young pussy. At the same time Little Red had her orgasm and the Big Bad Wolf shot his load in her pussy, Little Red’s dad shot his load all over the ground.

The Big Bad Wolf pulled his cock out of Little Red’s wet pussy. His cock was dripping from his cum and her juices, he looked down at her and said, “I have a new name for you Little Red from now on you will be called Little Red Slut.” What saying that he grabbed her head and forced Little Red Slut to suck his cock. Little Red Slut could taste his cum and her juices from his cock and this just made her suck the Big Bad Wolf’s cock harder.

“You like it don’t you Little Red Slut? You like having cock in your hot mouth and cock in your hot young pussy,“ the Big Bad Wolf said.

The fit was so tight that Little Red Slut’s lips sealed the Big Bad Wolf’s cock. She sucked really hard almost drawing the cum right out of his balls. The Big Bad Wolf gentle rocked over her face as Little Red Slut took all she could into her mouth. Within minutes he could not see his 9-inch cock for it was all in her hot little mouth. The Big Bad Wolf thought she was a true slut with her lips wrapped all around his cock. Reaching behind he slipped a finger into her sweet slick pussy. He flicked her tiny clit ever so often sending the little slut into spasms. The Big Bad Wolf looked over and saw Gretel ramming her young body hard and fast down on the woodcutter’s cock, this sight sent the Big Bad Wolf over the edge He blasted several wads of cum into Little Red Slut‘s little mouth. He pulled his cock out as the next several wads of cum swathed over her little face.

The sight was all Gretel and the Woodcutter could stand. As they watched Little Red Slut take a load in her mouth, Gretel let out a massive squeal “Aahhhhhh yes yes oh fuck yes, ahhhh yeeeeeessssss! Gretel shuddered and shook as she stopped deep on the Woodcutter’s pole. Her little hips jerked as she drained herself onto his cock. With that the Woodcutter bucked up one more time and unloaded himself inside Gretel sweet young pussy. She had a stream of cum running out of her covering the Woodcutter’s balls.

Little Red Slut and Gretel’s dad shot their load more than once as they watched their daughters getting fuck. They were excited, they had to do something, and they wanted to fuck their daughters they wanted to fuck each other’s daughters. They were about to do something, about to say something, when they look up and saw.

Gretel crawled over to Little Red Slut and had her to lay down on her back, while Gretel position herself at the top of Little Red Slut’s head and began to lick off the Big Bad Wolf’s cum. Gretel was on her knees and her sweet ass was in the air and Little Red Slut had her legs spread wide open. The Big Bad Wolf took a hold of her sweet cute ass in his hands. He played with it for a while and run his tongue up and down her ass. He took his huge 9 inch cock and shoved in straight inside her ass, while she was still licking the cum off of Little Red Slut’s pretty little face. The Woodcutter ran his finger up and down Little Red Slut’s wet cum filled sweet pussy. He then position himself between her legs and rammed his cock in her young pussy In no time the Big Bad Wolf pulled out his cock as his cum flew across Gretel’s back and some even landed again on Little Red Slut’s face, but Gretel took care of that. The Woodcutter shot his load deep inside Little Red Slut’s twat. Both of the dads shot their load again as they watched this beautiful sight.

The Big Bad Wolf and the Woodcutter stood up looking down at the two young sluts who lie on the ground. “Well Little Red Slut I did more then eat you, I fuck your pretty little mouth and I fuck that sweet little pussy. I have wanted to fuck you for sometime and now I have. You are a hell of a better fuck than your grandmother. As for you Gretel you are a naughty little slut to and I will be back to fuck you more, hell I will be back to fuck both of you more so the next time you come in my woods be prepared to get fuck. Oh yes, Woodcutter thanks for not using that ax on me,” said the Big Bad wolf.

“I only use the ax on trees and I use my cock on pretty little creatures like these sluts. If I ever see you out in my woods again I will fuck both of you. I have to be going but I will be back,” said the Woodcutter.

The Big Bad Wolf and the Woodcutter walk off leaving the young girls lying on the ground. “Hey Big Bad Wolf what do you want to do?” asked the Woodcutter.

“I have an idea lets so see if we can find that little bitch Goldilocks and fuck her,” said the Big Bad Wolf as he laughed.

The two dads managed to get their pants back on and to shove their cocks back inside. Gretel put her clothes back on but Little Red Slut had a problem since Gretel tore her top off causing the buttons to fly. She did not care she just put her shirt back on leaving it open. The two naughty little sluts started to walk back home when they ran into their dads standing in the pathway.

The dad’s cocks went hard again as they looked at Little Red Slut’s tits and saw cum and the sweet juices that had soak through Gretel’s shorts. They needed to act like dads and not like two horny old men who wanted to throw the naughty young sluts on the ground and fuck them.
“Where in the hell have you two been,” yelled Little Red Slut’s dad.

“And what the hell have you two been up to,” yelled Gretel’s dad.

The dads were hoping that their daughters would not tell them for if they did they would explode in their pants.

“Daddy I am sorry and I promise when we get home I will do my homework,” Gretel said.

“That is fine Gretel, but first we’ll have to make a stop at the woodshed I will have to punish you“ Gretel‘s dad said.

“Are you going to whip my ass,” Gretel asked with a big smile on her face. But she was thinking I hope he fucks it to.

“Yes,” said her dad. But he was thinking I am going to fuck your ass to.

Little Red Slut pulled her shirt together as she said, “daddy I am sorry for running into the woods and I promise I will do my homework when we get home“.

“That is fine Little Red Slu…. I mean Riding Hood but first we’ll have to make a stop at the wood shed I will have to punish you,” her dad said.

“Are you going to whip me,” asked Little Red Slut. Deep down she was hoping for a tongue whipping.

“Yes,” said her dad and deep down he was thinking of giving her a tongue whipping.


If you want to be a naughty little girl and don’t listen to your dad
And if you go out into the woods you will be pressing your luck
For the Big Bad Wolf will come along and you he will fuck
Then you will be known as a slut, a girl who is very very bad

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