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A game of Dungeons and Dragons that went a little far...
Tobias finishes fixing up the bath water, heating it with a spell, and gestures to the silvery woman in front of him, his bronze scales glistening in the torchlight. "Ladies first..." Twilight slowly strips her clothes and armor, leaving them in a pile near the door. Tobias watches with a grin as she slips into the soapy bathwater, her wings stretching out.

"It's nice and warm." She takes the soap and starts to lather herself. Her silvery scales gleam as she washes off the grime of their last adventure. Tobias tosses his clothes and armor off, and joins her, his own scales dull with dirt and grime. His chest has a large scar going from his left shoulder to his waist, and he has more smaller ones all over his left arm. He begins soaping up as well, taking furtive glances at the half-dragon beside him, his eyes rolling over her chest.

She looks over at him, and slowly walks over, touching his largest scar. "There are many stories on your body. Will you share some?" She traces the scar, her fingers running down his chest. He touches her hand, and smiles gently down at her. "I recieved this scar from a evil barbarian back when I was just a young man... He had attacked my village, looking for my father, and gave me this scar to bring him out of hiding. My father killed him later... but I've had it ever since."

Twilight gazes at the scar with sympathy. "That is similar to the scar my heart has. It is not visible, but it is there." She takes his hand and holds it to her breast. "I hate it when someone attack another. No matter if the attacker is good or evil, it's still wrong."

Tobias wraps his other arm around her, caressing her back, and wiping dirt off her scales. "Harming another creature is wrong, but sometimes it is necessary."

"I'm glad you feel the same." Twilight takes a handful of the soapy water, and begins to clean Tobias. His scales soon have the luster of hers, casting bright golden sparkles across the walls, the light mingling with Twilight's own silver-white shine. He smiles as she washes him, and when she finishes he cleans her as well, his hands wiping away the days of travel and fighting. "Your scales are nice when they are clean," she says. She looks at him, her white eyes shining.

"So are yours..." He slowly wraps an arm around her waist, and smiles down at her, his topaz eyes radiant. "Oh, clean or not, you're still beautiful..." He leans in to kiss her, and she responds by embracing him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. He shudders in her embrace, and his hand slowly moves up her body. His other hand is wrapped around her, his thumb between her wings, holding the half-dragon tightly in place. His touch felt warm and inviting to Twilight, and her wings fold around the two, wrapping them in a leathery cocoon.

His hand creeps up her body until it reaches her chest. He gently caresses her breast, his fingers massaging the tender skin. He shudders again, his breath rattling as he inhales. "You feel so wonderful..." he says as he caresses the silver woman.

Twilight's breathing remains calm, and she slowly breathes in, Tobias' scent filling her mind. She smiles up at him. "Your touch feels nice. It is strong and gentle."

He smiles down at her again, his eyes half-closed as he continues to massage her chest. "I love your wings... I feel as if I'm back in my egg... It feels so nice..." He begins to plant kisses on her neck, grazing her here and there with his teeth, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Twilight murmurs from the pleasure she was feeling. "They makes things feel cozy. You have a very lovely tail." She reaches around, and takes his tail in her hand and massages it. "All dragons have a tail."

He gasps as she massages him, his tail twitching. He nibbles her ear, making her drop his tail in surprise, and he slowly wraps it around her leg. He leans down, and softly licks her neck, his tongue giving her a wonderful tingling sensation. "My tail is yours to do with as you will..." he says. "As are my arms... my hands... all of me..."

She gasp, her breath caught in her throat from the sensation on her neck. "All of you? What should I do with you then?"

His eyes close, and he breathes in heavily. "Whatever you want to do..." His tail tightens around her leg, and he presses the silver lady closer to his body. His body heat spreads into her, and both of them blush as they feel each other. Twilight leans into the bronze warrior, and kisses him deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth, running over his fangs. He kisses her in return, his longer tongue wrapping around hers, his hands rubbing her back. Finally, he breaks away and looks down at the shining woman in his arms. "I love you so much... You're the first half-dragon I've ever met..."

"You are the first I've met," she responds. "I only became a half-dragon by magical means... Your touch feels so nice."

"So does yours..." He squeezes her even tighter, his head moving down to her neck. His lips touch her neck, slowly sucking on it, his tongue caressing her. His tail releases her leg, and moves up to wrap around her waist, pinning the two together. Twilight murmurs happily, lost in the moment. Her hands move down to Tobias' butt and gives it a playful squeeze.

He laughs, and his hands move down to squeeze hers in return. "Frisky, are we?" His right hand starts moving around to her front, caressing her waist as it goes, slowly approaching her womanliness. She smiles up at him playfully.

"You started it with the nipping," she says to him. Her eyes gleam as his hand comes closer. He nuzzles her neck, his scales rubbing against hers.
"So I did... but I'm not complaining..." His hand reaches its destination, and begins rubbing her parts, sending waves of pleasure through the half-dragon. He nibbles on her neck, his teeth sliding against her, nearly making her scream in ecstasy.

Twilight's breathing became more labored as the pleasure built up in her. She felt warm, it was an inner warmth. "Don't stop," she says, her voice strained from the feelings he was giving her.

"I don't plan on it," he says with a smile. He continues to rub her, his fingers moving a little faster. His fingers move around, exciting her parts, making her juices flow into the bathwater. He slowly parts her folds, and slips one of his fingers into her, making the silvery lass yell out in pleasure. He moves in and out, slipping a second finger in as well, rubbing her insides, sending her into a frenzy of ecstasy. He pulls out, and presses in again, his fingers massaging her from the inside. Twilight moans out in pleasure, unable to stop herself. Her fingers dig into Tobias' hide, leaving small marks on his back.

His motions slow, and his mouth moves next to her ear. "May I... go all the way?" She feels his manhood against her body, his heartbeat through his chest, beating faster than she ever thought possible.

Twilight nods once, and whispers back, "Can't stop what the heart desires." He smiles, and his member slowly enters her body, sending a pulse of happiness through her, making her shudder uncontrollably. His arms wrap tightly around her, clutching her shoulders, and she instinctively wraps her wings tightly around him, pressing the two of them together. His tail slides down, entangling their legs, and he begins to slowly pump her body, in and out, a feeling of pleasure flowing over both of them with each movement.

He soon begins moving faster, his body slamming into hers, and she digs into his scales, unable to keep herself from screaming as the ecstasy washes over them. His breathing becomes faster, and their hearts soon begin thumping in time, their bodies moving with each other. His movements fill her, giving her the sensation of a great warmth inside her chest, and the joy and pleasure rising inside both of them, soon reaching the climax. He moans at the same time as she yells out in ecstasy, a pulse of burning heat filling her stomach. He holds her for a few moments afterwards, the pair still entwined with each other.

"Wow... You're amazing, Twilight..." he says, out of breath. He slowly emerges from her, and kisses her forehead gently. "I love you so much..."

Twilight pants as she catches her breath. "I should say that about you." She kisses Tobias briefly. "I love you."

He kisses you back, and then smiles down at the silver scaled lady. He suddenly grimaces, and rubs his back where she dug into his skin. "I think we may need to soap up again..." He laughs slightly, and begins gently washing her wings, slowly running the water over them.

"Yes, let me heat the water back up." She breaths her fiery breath onto the water, not even caring about hitting the two of them. She knew they were both safe from the flame. Once the water is reheated, she washes Tobias, her hands running over him, her mind filled with the thoughts of their future...

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