Joe watches Jasmin turn sweet, and sixteen. He goes to Cindy to find help, but uncovers something else.
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My Neighbor's Incest Part XVIII

"Dad, this is a very important date, and I'm nervous enough. So, can you promise not to say anything to embarrass me? Thank you." My dad had nodded his agreement, but his face seemed to say he had something to add.

"Yes, Stacy is meeting us after the movie. She will bring us home after we gave a bite and hang out. So, I'll be late. Don't wait up for me, and ask me a bunch of questions when I get here." I waited for my dad to notice I said, "late."

"Dad, can you explain to mom how this is for me? I'm taking a sixteen year old, on a date, and I can't even drive. It's crazy, and I really like her." I saw the writing on my dad's face, and hunkered down for the talk.

"Well, Son, I know you don't need me to say this because you know it. But, as your father it's my job." I loved my dad's reverse psychology. Tell me he thinks I know what he's going to say, before he tells me something he really thinks I don't know. I would always try to act like I was hearing it for the first time.

"Age might seem like a big deal now, whether it be you being two years younger with Jasmin, or you being two years older with Susan. But, as time goes on, two years will not mean anything. If I had paid attention to years, I would have never dated your mom. She was only thirteen when she first liked me, and I was almost seventeen. If you ask her, she'll say I liked her first, but don't believe her. Now, four years isn't anything."

"Talk about robbing the cradle!" I gave my best I can't believe it look.

"We actually had to wait a long time before we could officially date, so don't get the wrong idea. My point is this, love is what is important. If it's love, you'll be able to wait and it will still be there. I love your mother more now than I ever have. We're not more in love, but we have a stronger love. Being in love doesn't take you through all the hard times, love does. So, make sure you follow your heart, and not your head." Has he been talking to Cindy? My dad totally had my attention.

"Joe, I know you have been back and forth with these two girls. One too young, and one too old. Don't rush it. Take your time and follow your heart. Time sorts many things out." My dad looked proud of his ability to hold my attention.

"Thanks dad, I'll do that. Now, can you promise nothing deep on the way to the movies tomorrow?" My dad had surprised me. I didn't think he even noticed my interest in girls, let alone my current dilemma. One day I'm going to have to ask him when he finally banged mom.

The phone jarred me from my thought. "Hello." An unexpected silence was followed by a quivering voice.


"Yes, it's me." I was sure it was an upset girl, but Susan and Jasmin sounded the same when they were crying. I waited silently.

"Joe, can I see you for a few minutes?" Knowing Susan was grounded helped me identify my sniffling mystery girl.

"Sure, what is it? Are you alright?" Damn it! Obviously she wasn't and she didn't need fifty questions.

"I'm sorry. You want me to come over?" Jasmin's mood momentarily lightened with my question.

"No, you can't violate Susan's restriction by coming here. I don't want your parents to see me like this. Just meet me behind your house, in our special spot." Note to self, behind the house is a special place in our relationship.

"Okay, see you in a minute."

I stepped out into the dark and chilly evening air. It seemed extra cool for December 11th. I shook off a shiver and jogged around the house. To my surprise, a bleary eyed Jasmin was already there.

"Wow, did you run out here?"

No words preceded Jasmin's arms lassoing my neck. Her body quivered against mine as I returned the hug. The tightness of our embrace created a warmth that replaced anything the December night had to offer. I let my right arm circle her hourglass waist, while the other gently rubbed her between her shoulders. I waited patiently to hear what was ripping at my sweet sixteen girlfriend's heart.

"Joe, I'm sorry. I just spoke to asshole. He didn't even remember tomorrow was my birthday!" I felt my tough biker dude emerge as Jasmin spoke into my shoulder.

I held my tongue and used my lips to comfort Jasmin. I kissed her brow then the tip of nose. I touched my nose to hers and admired her face. She's so beautiful.

"You're so beautiful." My unplanned words turned the corner of Jasmin's lips up slightly.

"I'm so sorry. Hey, you want your present now?"

"Joe, you're so sweet. No, I'll wait until tomorrow. It's my own fault, I should have never expected anything from him. You're my knight in shining armor!" Jasmin's words were followed by a wonderful lip lock. By the time she stopped kissing me the temperature had risen ten degrees.

"I'm excited about tomorrow. This will be the first date I have been on where the guy wasn't just trying to get in my pants." Jasmin's smile said almost everything.

"Believe me, it's not just your pants I want to get into. I want to get in your shirt too." I dodged Jasmin's fist, but not her foot.

"Smart ass!"

"Jasmin, are you really okay with my dad dropping us off at the movies? It makes me feel like a turd, and if you...." Jasmin interrupted.

"Turd, my ass." Jasmin giggled at her pun and continued. "Joe, don't worry about it. I don't care about how old you are. You have treated me better than any guy, including that guy I call my father." Jasmin paused and contemplated her own words.

"Joe, just keep loving me and I'll be happy. Even if I'm crying on your shoulder. Something I seem to do a lot of."

My hands gripped Jasmin's wonderfully rounded ass and pulled her against me. Our lips pressed together and my heart grew more sure of my deep love for the troubled girl. I knew she was changing before my eyes. I hoped my love could put all the broken pieces of her heart back together.

I broke off the kiss and slowly scanned her face in the bright moon light. I memorized every freckle, beauty mark, curve and groove. Her dimples grew as two tears overflowed from her mending heart. I wanted her face, at that moment, burned into my memory. I knew she was trying to tell me she loved me.

"You're so pretty I almost can't look at you. I love you." I wanted to make love to her right then, but I couldn't settle for another quickie without a nice place to lay her down.

"Tomorrow, will be your best birthday yet, and I'll give you your present. Good night my princess."

The next morning I stuck a piece of paper in Jasmin's locker that said, "Happy Birthday! I got something special for you. Meet me at lunch."

When Jasmin came out the back door of the cafeteria I held my hands behind my back and gave her a birthday kiss. "Hey, I got you something special!"

I held out a big bowl of what we called, Friday's surprise. We were sure the old ladies with their warts and net heads, mixed everything leftover from the week in one pot and served it on Friday.

"Why thank you, my lord. Shall we let the peasants eat cake?" Jasmin's pain from the night before was gone, or at least well hidden. I bet she's good at hiding her emotions.

I was so excited about my gift for her that I had carried it with me, in case I couldn't wait until our date to give it to her. Although, even my excitement didn't blind me to the matching bracelet for Susan. I was sure I loved Susan too, but my dad's whole, love and in love conversation had been chewing on me like a rabid dog.

Even after days of not seeing or talking to Susan, I still loved her the same. I had hoped the time with Jasmin would have made it clear to me, but it had only helped me love her, as I loved Susan. I wanted Jasmin to have her special birthday present as much as I wanted Susan to have her special Christmas present.

Maybe, I should have gotten them two different bracelets? My brain and my heart had been going back and forth all week. I even had a dream that I had given Jasmin the bracelet with Susan engraved on it. Now, I wasn't sure when to tell Jasmin about Susan's matching gift.

Jasmin sat on the grass, crossed her legs and placed her hands on her folded knees. With her eyes closed, she took a deep breath and looked up into the sun. The sunlight darted to my eyes as it reflected off her dangling earrings. A gold circle, a gold heart and three strands of glittering silver hung from her perfect earlobes. I couldn't wait, I placed the wrapped box on her hand.

When Jasmin's eyes opened, they reflected back an ocean of blue. She looked at the box and a huge smile spread across her face. "Happy Birthday! I can't wait any longer. Come on, open it."

I was bubbling over, while Jasmin seemed to be trying to comprehend what was happening. "You really did get me something. I didn't expect anything, really."

"Please, just open it."

As the lid on the box folded back, Jasmin's face shinned brighter than the sun. She looked up, looked down and looked up again. Tears pooled on the rims of her eyes. When she looked down again, two huge drops of her heart splashed onto her leg.

Without touching the bracelet, she scrambled to her feet and pranced in front of me. "Oh my god, it's beautiful. It matches my earrings. Shit, how did you know? Who helped you? I can't believe it. Oh, put it on, please you have to put it on me."

I stood paralyzed with joy. Bewildered, by the exuberance of the girl in front of me. I felt like I had just snatched her body from a burning building, and all I did was buy her a bracelet. When I took the box from her, she hurled herself at me. Hanging from my neck, she kissed all around my face. "I love you Joe, I really do."

"Okay, hold out your arm." I knew how hard those words had been for her to say, so I tried to play it cool. But, she couldn't have said thank you in a more meaningful way.

I clicked the clasp shut, and watched the light reflect off the soft curves of the small hearts as they circled her wrist. The large heart twirled as it hung under her arm. Jasmin held her arm up in the air and watched the heart turn.

"I'll always have your heart with me." Jasmin paused with a sigh.

"I hope I never break it." Jasmin kissed me and thanked me again

I was pretty sure she wasn't talking about the bracelet, but I let it go. I didn't want to spoil a perfect memory. I also didn't think it was the time to tell her I got Susan the same bracelet.

"I can't wait to show Stacy. How do you do it? How do you keep amazing me?" Jasmin whirled around with the spring of a ten year old ballerina.

"Joe, I got something for you too! You can't open this until later, but I'll give it to you now. Don't show anybody, it's personal. You know it's hard for me to express my feelings. This is the best way I know how to say, you know. You'll see. I have to go." Jasmin handed me an envelope with a self conscious smile and turned to walk off.

"Wait, I'm worried about Susan. Do you think..." I finished my mood changing question by pointing to Jasmin's wrist.

"Don't worry, I'll try not to let my joy be offensive to her. See you later." Jasmin turned and walked towards building A.

I stood motionless watching her mane of blond hair bounce with each step. Her womanly hips set the rhythm for the rest of her body. Each time her arm swung back, her hearts flickered in the sun. "I'll always have your heart with me." I glanced at the envelope and headed in the other direction for history class.

I felt like a little boy with a pile of presents on Christmas morning as I stared down at the envelope on my desk. My heart was full of Jasmin's love and the joy of making her happy. I could picture her lips telling me she loved me. She couldn't have given me a greater gift, yet my fingers nervously picked up the white envelope. I scanned to see if anyone was minding my business. Is it a love letter?

The card inside was blank on the front, except for one heart drawn in the center, with flames surrounding it. I checked around me one more time as my fingers unfolded the card. My heart raced, and I'm sure my face turned red. I slammed the card shut and looked around one last time. After building a wall with my books I flipped the card open all at once.

The picture taped inside was of Jasmin on her hands and knees, wearing the red lace bra and panties from our special night over Thanksgiving weekend. She was looking back over her shoulder, throwing a kiss. The words inside simply said,
I'll never wear these for anyone except you.

Thank you."

I shifted in my chair and pulled the legs of my pants towards my knees. My smile grew as my finger traced the words, thank you.

I probably peeked at the picture five thousand times, before I hid it later that afternoon in my room. I could imagine who had taken the picture, but where or how she got it developed were beyond my comprehension. She had given me something special with that picture, and a few words. She must really trust me.

My dad really impressed me that night when he drove us to the movies. He made conversation, but without embarrassing me. I smiled proudly in the car at my dad as I closed the door. He smiled back and seemed to acknowledge the stunning girl behind me.

I turned and noticed again how uncharacteristic Jasmin's long skirt was. She wore skorts for school, short skirts, jeans and shorts, but never anything like her last two new outfits. This one, a long flowing hippie skirt that hung past her knees. Her matching top floated over her waist and then clung tight under her chest. The neck line circled down to the top edge of her cleavage, but was very modest. A light splattering of freckles on her chest caught my eye in the artificial lighting. Her eyes twinkled with life that I had never seen before. It's a first date.

It was like being at bat with bases loaded in little league. The game is on the line. This is a real date, with a beautiful older girl. Everything we had done in the privacy of our homes amounted to nothing as I prepared to go buy tickets. With my hand almost shaking, I reached for Jasmin's hand. I exhaled a silent sigh of relief as she eagerly took my hand and intertwined her fingers in mine. We walked hand in hand to the ticket window. Her bracelet proudly displayed at the end of her arm.

Stacy smiled from the other side of the glass and pushed two tickets through the slot. "Happy Birthday. I'll come and find you when I get off. I promise! It should be before your movie is over." Jasmin never mentioned the engraving, but obviously she noticed it, and talked to Stacy about it.

I was thrilled that I got to benefit from Stacy's present to Jasmin, especially after spending everything on Jasmin, Susan and Cindy. "Wow, it's good to have a girlfriend in the right place." I winked at Jasmin wondering if she knew what I was thinking.

After the movie started, I did the fake stretch act and wrapped my arm around Jasmin's shoulder. She smiled mockingly, "Oh no, my mother warned me about boys like you. She also told me to make sure I don't hold the popcorn between my legs."

I reached for a hand full of popcorn, and groped at Jasmin's crotch instead. "Oops, I missed." We both laughed and went back to the movie.

After the popcorn was done, Jasmin's hand found its way to my leg. Little by little, she innocently moved it around until it found the top of my thigh. I looked down, and saw a flicker from her bracelet as her palm left a hot spot on my leg. I felt proud knowing I had gotten her the treasure around her wrist.

My hand nonchalantly drifted down from her shoulder and copped a feel of her tit. I didn't look at her face, I just pretended it was my first time, and I was trying to get on base. My cock was erect, facing down my pant leg, so I shifted my hips forward in my chair. I glanced down the row at the people at the far end. Even though there was probably enough light for them to see our toying with each other, it was unlikely they had the angle to see Jasmin's hand.

Jasmin's hand resting so close to my swollen tool made my lust increase. I imagined sneaking a peek at the red panties I expected were hiding underneath her skirt. Maybe no panties! I lowered my hand to her lap, and wondered what we could get away with in a movie theater.

"Next time I'm taking you to my castle." I reminded myself, I wanted her birthday to be special. I didn't want to treat her like a cheap thrill in a movie theater. Maybe next date?

Before I could move my hand away from Jasmin's lap, Stacy's head suddenly appeared between us. We both jumped, and Jasmin screeched. "Wow, look at you two love birds ready to get it on in the theater! I knew if I snuck up on you, I'd catch you."

Stacy's arms looped around our necks and she pulled our faces against hers. She kissed both of our cheeks and released us. "How's the movie?"

I knew we had to be disturbing anyone who was trying to watch the movie. And, I didn't even know what the movie was about. "Hey, let's get out of here, this movie sucks anyway."

When I looked to Jasmin for her reaction, she kissed me at the same time Stacy kissed her. "Like, you have been watching the movie? Come on, let's go eat something." There wasn't any indication Jasmin had prearranged something, but I couldn't help be suspicious. The same feeling I had when Jasmin showed up unexpectedly with Susan, tweaked my emotions.

As we rode in Stacy's car towards Hoyer's Ice cream joint, I thought about the day I watched Jasmin and Stacy in her backyard. That day, I would have given anything to be in a threesome with them. My mind wandered even further back to the wicked, nasty sex I had with Jasmin, while Susan watched, and helped. All the wild things I could have been doing all this time, and now all I wanted to do was have one true love. I slipped my hand around to Jasmin's shoulder, in the front seat. I gave it a squeeze that I could only hope conveyed my desire to be alone with her. What has happened to me?

"No cherry." Jasmin's instruction for her ice cream tugged at my heart strings.

I quietly watched Jasmin's lips as they slid over her spoonful of ice cream. Her and Stacy chatted away about all kinds of different girl things while I wished I had my own car, and a place to take my girlfriend.

When we finished, Jasmin gave me a look like she had noticed how quiet I had been. "You okay?"

"Me? Sure, yes, I'm fine. Are you okay with everything? Is your, our date going the way you hoped?" I knew it hadn't been for me, but I didn't have any other plan.

"Joe, I have been praying since our bike ride for Aunt Flow to arrive. Well, I don't know how to say this, but as excited as I was earlier, now I'm not. You know what I'm trying to say?" If there wasn't so much linked to the word aunt in her life, I might not have stood there with a blank expression on my face.

"I got it, I'm not pregnant." I was not really as thrilled as Jasmin must have been, because I didn't even know she was worried.

"Oh! oh, shit. I see what you are saying. I understand." I really didn't have a clue, but I did understand the not pregnant part, and in the minutes that followed my excitement grew about that. I also got more disappointed as the realization of what "Aunt Flow" meant to my romantic ideas.

Stacy stopped her car between Jasmin's and my driveway. "Sure is easy to dropping you two off. You can choose who walks who home." Stacy smiled at Jasmin like she approved of me as Jasmin's date.

"Thanks for the ride Stacy. Hey, and I'm sorry it didn't workout. Don't worry, there's more where he came from." Jasmin gave a telling look as we waved good bye.

"Hey, thank you so much! I had a great time, even if I didn't feel great. You are truly my prince." I didn't know what I had been expecting, but after all the anticipation leading to the date, I guess I was disappointed.

"Hey, can you come to my castle for a little while? You can call your mom, and tell her you'll be home in a little while. I'm just not ready for it to be over. We can just talk, or look at each other, but I want to..." I started to feel stupid as usual when I let my emotions speak for me.

"Okay, that sounds good." Jasmin's face perked up, like maybe she had been hoping for more alone time too.

"I'm home, everything was good. Just wanted you to sleep without worry that someone stole me and was holding me for ransom." I didn't need to be so rude and barge into my parent's room, but that way they wouldn't come check on me.

I sat next to Jasmin on my bed with my arm around her. "How are you? How is your mom? How?"

Jasmin's finger pressed gently to my lips. "Let's not talk about any of that. I still can't believe what a wonderful birthday you made this for me. I'm sorry I couldn't make it better for you."

"Are you kidding? You have given me my heart's desire." I couldn't have felt better about how everything had gone, especially in light of what I didn't even realize was a concern.

Jasmin pressed her face into my pillow and took a deep breath. She seemed at peace, despite her pain. She pulled her knees up and got into a fetal position. I laid next to her with my body contoured to hers. My arm tugged her tight to comfort her groan. I wanted to whisper how much I loved her in her nearby ear. But, didn't because I didn't want to put any pressure on her to have to respond.

When the door to my room burst open, I hadn't even heard the phone ring. My dad look at the two of us, still laying side by side. My arm still hugging my sleeping beauty. "Young lady, your momma is fit to be tied, you better get home now!"

The next morning I apologized again. "I know, I'm sorry. I never expected to fall asleep. I know I'm not supposed to have girls in my room, but we were in our clothes. She was just going to stay for a minute, and I told her to call her mother. I'm sorry she woke you up."

"Joe, there is no excuse. We decided to let you go on the bus to your aunt and uncle's house. And, you better figure out which one of those girls, is your girlfriend while you're gone. I'm fed up with you acting like I don't know what's going on." My mother knew too much. I could only pray she didn't ever find out everything.

A taser type sound, caused me to whip my head to the right. The low flying kingfisher zipped past and land on the near by no wake sign. "I love to watch them eat fish!" Cindy pointed.

"He's going to dive in head first, and pluck one unsuspecting fish from under the water. Watch, it's amazing how big a fish he can stuff down his throat. Might remind you of someone." Cindy nudged me with her elbow as she watched the cool bird.

I used my foot to get the swing seat in motion. Cindy and I floated peacefully through the air, while I absorbed the surrounding environment. The white gulls circles over head and dove for fish. There was a heron or egret standing on the shore line, spearing fish, with such amazing poise and grace. Then a few Mullets happily leaped into the air and splashed back into the water without concern for all the hungry birds.

"It's so beautiful here. I can see why your parents wanted to live here. I hate you had to leave, but this is really nice." I placed my arm around Cindy's shoulders and tugged her against me.

When I turned to face her, I found Cindy's face staring at me. I imagined my blank stare matched hers. It was like we both had a confession to make. She blinked hard two times, and without warning our lips moved together. A warm nervous feeling circled in my stomach. Cindy's hand suddenly felt like it was burning my leg where it rested on my thigh.

The taste of her lips and tongue took me back to the night on my couch. My heart raced as my hand caressed her cheek, then pushed past her ear, into her hair. I kissed more urgently as her fingers squeezed my leg.

I broke the kiss off suddenly and looked around with fright. "Cindy, I'm sorry. Jeez, anyone could have seen us."

The reality of my words and the realization of what we were moving towards, left a sobering look on Cindy's face. She exhaled and took a deep breath before removing her hand from my leg. "Right, yes, you're right. Okay, so tell me about the bracelet? Joe, it must have been really hard for you to leave, and come spend Christmas with me. Jasmin must have been so excited. Has anything happened with their dad?" Cindy's nervous reaction was a pleasant reminder of Susan's rambling tongue, which I had caught.

A comfortable peace washed over my soul as I smiled back at the reason I wanted to be here. All the beauty of nature surrounding us was an added bonus, but Cindy had been all I had looked forward to on my long bus ride. I had not planned or expected I would have been kissing her in such a passionate way ever again, but I couldn't say I regretted it. It just happened so spontaneously, who could regret such a wonderful thing?

"Cindy, it was easy coming to see you. For one thing, you're like my best friend in someways. I guess that sounds stupid, and I can't explain it, but you are. Plus, who else can I talk to about my girlfriends?" I took a peek at Cindy to see if she understood or felt my best friend comment.

Cindy's face seemed to indicate her mind was far away from anything I had said. So, I just continued hoping she would catch up. "The bus ride was long and boring, but gave me time to think about all the things that have been going on. I don't know why I think this, but I don't think their dad is coming back this time. Really, I don't think Chris is going to let him come back." Cindy's eyes perked up like she had finally heard me.

"Chris? You mean Mrs. Davis? You call your girlfriend's mom by her first name? Joe, did you say, girlfriends? Thank you, you are special to me too. Very special." Cindy obviously was listening with some part of her brain.

I kissed Cindy's forehead and laughed for a second before punching her in the shoulder. "Come on, let's go for a walk along the river." I jumped up and dragged Cindy by her arm.

"No, I don't normally call her by her first name, but being this far away, I figured I'd give it a try. She tells me to call her Chris, but I have never been able to do it. She is an adult, even if..."

"Joe, nice try! I see what you're doing. As much as I don't believe you could have really had sex with a woman, I'd rather hear how you're still saying you have more than one girlfriend. It's been weeks since we talked about this, and you got Jasmin a promise bracelet. Susan must know, how is she dealing with this?" Cindy stopped walking to make sure I answered her.

"Cindy, um, did I tell you about the other bracelet?" I was truly stalling for time. However, not because I didn't want to talk about it. Rather, because that's what I had been doing since I fell in love with two sisters.


"Well, when I got Jasmin's present, I got Susan the same bracelet." My voice trailed off in total disbelief of my own words.

"I, I couldn't not! Cindy, you should have seen the look on the girl's face behind the counter."

"Joe, you should see the look on your face right now. Maybe, you not being a girl, or maybe you just being retarded, made you think that would be a good idea. I'm sorry! Joe, you cannot have two girlfriends! That's wrong in the first place, but they live in the same house, are sisters, and on top of that, you got them the same promise bracelet? Holy..." Cindy's words always seemed to punch me in the stomach like a prize fighter.

"Cindy, I just love them both too much to hurt one of them. I lost my mind at the jewelry store, but it seemed like the only right thing to do. Now, I have Susan's present and I can't give it to her, even if I was there. Well, she's not there anyway. They went to have a white Christmas at Aunt Jane's house. Jeez, what am I going to do?" I flopped onto the dirt river bank under the weight of what I must have somehow been hiding from myself.

"What does your heart tell you?" Cindy sacrificed her own clean pants and planted herself next to me in the dirt. Her loving arm wrapped around me, and opened the window from my breaking heart to my eyes.

"Great, now I'm a cry baby again, too." I wiped snot on my sleeve and tried to fake a smile.

Cindy responded with a two arm hug and a few tears of her own. "You'd be an asshole if you weren't crying!" Cindy's words were a surprise to me, and got my attention.

"Joe, you are too perfect. You could be screwing both of them, and not caring about what happens to either. Do you know how many guys would just lead both girls on, and then just go with whichever one they thought was better? Without any concern for a broken heart." Cindy's voice lowered as personal experience seemed be speaking.

"Cindy, I love you. I hate to say those words because I don't want them to be ho-hum, but I mean it. If you weren't my cousin, I'd marry you!" What the hell am I talking about? My brain had suddenly been taken over by something I hardly knew anything about.

"I mean that from my heart, I just love you and always will." I almost finished with, I promise, but that would have made pledging my love to my cousin too weird.

"Thank you Joe. I know what I want for Christmas." Cindy smiled and jumped up off the soggy ground and brushed off her rump.

After Cindy finished, I took the opportunity to help her with a couple of tiny spots on her plump ass. I finished with a pinch that earned me a hard plow to the chest. "Ouch, you hit hard for a girl. And, a fine girl at that." My tom boy cousin was quickly turning into a beautiful butterfly.

Cindy appeared to be deeply considering my words. "You think so, am I pretty?"

Cindy's question surprised me coming from such a well proportioned girl, with a sweet face. I had also imagined the girls with bodies that made the guys turn their heads were fully aware of what kind of package they were wrapped in. That's why I never approached a girl like Jasmin. My own thought was very revealing.

"Cindy, from this day forward, I want you to picture yourself as the hottest girl in the room. No matter who is there with you. You are the prettiest, no matter what. Make guys earn you." I wasn't sure where all my words were coming from, but I was deeply moved to make sure my cousin never felt like Susan or Jasmin.

As we walked back to the house, I thought about asking Cindy what she wanted for Christmas, but then I decided it was too late anyway. I had already gotten her something, so I didn't want to know if I messed up.

"Cindy, I was hoping at some point I wouldn't have to choose between them. Or, that one's love would be so strong, it would heal my broken heart when I hurt the other one. But, that hasn't happened." I paused to find the rest of my thought.

"What has happened, Joe? You have been with both of them for weeks, months really."

"Cindy, it's like it has been growing equally. I am more 'in love,' with whoever I'm with. But, my 'love' has gotten stronger for both of them at the same time. I never have to see them together, because of Susan's restriction, so it's been easy. They are both hurting so much that I can't add to that. I have to help them, not hurt them." My dad's words hadn't come to my mind since the day he spoke them, but all of a sudden they were thundering in my head.

"Phew, Joe, I wish I could help you more. Just don't think you can save them from their problems. You can help them, but not save them. Ask Julie about that." Cindy's words reminded me of my fantasy world. I wonder what happened to Julie?

The rest of the day went past like the first day you get back on your feet, after you have been really sick. The only consolation for my troubled mind was my family ties. My aunt's love bubbled over into hospitality, and Cindy was like a warm blanket on a cold rainy day.

"Hey, I'm going to go to bed." My uncle looked at his watch and then back at me.

"I know it's only eight thirty, but I'm tired." Cindy was the only one in the room who could have grasped my mental exhaustion, and I didn't care if I was acting like a little kid. Even with almost two thousand miles between us, Susan and Jasmin were still heavy on my mind.

The guest room was awesome. The bed was twice as big as mine, sat way up high and the mattress was so soft. It was like being at a fine hotel. All I did was take off all my clothes, and think about which side of the bed to get in. I knew when my parents arrived, I'd be banished to the couch, so I was going to enjoy my time. I tossed all the fancy pillows, that I didn't understand, on to the chair in the corner, and pulled back the covers. The sheets welcomed my sorry state like a mother's breast welcomes a crying infant.

I climbed all the way to the middle of the giant bed. I was so far from the edge of the bed, I knew none of the alligators from my childhood could get me from under the bed. It seemed immoral in some way, but I took off my boxers anyway. Something about the soft sheets touching my nakedness that soothed me. I quickly forgot everything and went to sleep.

My dream was confusing to me. My vision and hearing weren't working. My sense of touch wouldn't agree with my sense of smell. I moved my arm, and took a deep breath through my nose. The sensations and memories created by the smells my nose received, created a peace. But, my arm and hand signaled my brain for help. Something was wrong, like when you dream you are peeing, and when you wake up you're not sure if you pissed in the bed or not.

I almost screamed when I thought I was trapped in seaweed. It was covering my face, but I could breathe, so I wasn't under water. Suddenly, I realized I was awake, or at least half awake. Cindy's hair was covering my face. My nose was pressed into the back of her head, and my hand was snuggled between her large breasts.

I moved my face back a few inches, so I could breathe. As soon as I knew what was happening, it felt nice. That's when I realized I had a boner, and it was pressed against Cindy's bare flesh. We were laying just like the we had been that night on my couch, except my cock was now touching her. Somehow, even thin material made a world of difference.

The night light across the room cast Cindy's face as a perfect vision. I moved my hand to her belly. She didn't stir from my movement, so I knew she was out cold. I wondered how long she had been there, and how she could have gotten there without waking me. Cindy's angel face mesmerized me as I stared over her shoulder, while considering all the possibilities. Putting my head down and hugging her close like the fake girl my pillow played every night, was one option.

A strange fear swelled in my chest as my lips moved to Cindy's shoulder. I let my lips press ever so slightly to her silky skin. My eyes looked down at her face as my lips rested on her skin. I watched to see if she woke up or not. When my knee bent, it moved over Cindy's bottom leg. A shock flashed through me as the front of my thigh pressed into the bottom of her ass cheeks. The heat and a few hairs sent an electrical pulse to my groin. Cindy's face didn't respond, but her top leg bent more, making more room for my leg. I pushed it tight against the warmth between her legs.

I kissed Cindy's cheek, prepared to go back to sleep locked in a lover's embrace. My lips stayed too long on her cheek as I breathed in her freshness. I pulled back, just gazing at the angelic face. She seemed to be resting in perfect harmony. She oozed a wonderful loving kindness I longed for. She's so simple, and so beautiful. What would have happened if she never moved?

My thoughts and admiration were abruptly interrupted by Cindy's eyes popping open. I remained in place, watching her come to reality. First her hand moved to the my hand over her belly. Then, her head turned to face me.

We silently watched each other, never moving naked flesh from naked flesh. Cindy rolled her shoulder back a little, so she could get a better look at my face. Simultaneously, four tears formed as our eyes looked all the way into each other's heart. Our great love suddenly became pain, because it was complicated by relationship. The word incest never crossed my mind, only the unfairness of a deep love that could never be fully developed.

Cindy's lips begged to be kissed, and mine accommodated them. She rolled the top half of her body onto her back and increased the intensity of her kissing. I pulled my leg from between hers, and let her finish rolling over. I rested my leg across her stomach with my erection pressed into her side. Still supporting myself on my elbow, I let my lips get lost in Cindy's caring kisses.

My hand brushed her face and found rest by her ear. "Joe." Cindy whispered.

I focused all my attention to her eyes. "I want you to be my first. That's what I want for Christmas. I love you, and I want you to be the one." Cindy's eyes were filled with sincerity and love, not a teenager's lust.

My cock was as hard as a rock as I climbed between Cindy's legs. Our lips and tongues swirled together. Two hot nude bodies pressed together, as one. Passion flooded my groin, pushing me closer and closer to piercing my cousin. Her hands and legs grasping at me and pulling me in.

"I never have that to give again!" Jasmin's crying face flashed through my mind as I heard her words. I broke from the steamiest kiss and looked Cindy in the eyes. "Cindy, I can't! I want to more than you can imagine, and I know it would be the most wonderful experience. I love you, and know it would be beautiful, but I can't."

I kissed Cindy's shocked and disappointed face. "Cindy, you can only give it once. It can never be your first time again, never. You have to save it for someone you can grow with. Someone whose love will keep growing for you. Cindy, you need to save it for a long time. Make sure it's the right guy. You deserve the best, the very very best."

Cindy hugged me so tight I though she would break my ribs. We kissed with a deeper love. I could feel her heat burning between her legs. "There's no harm in me...?" I gave Cindy a telling smile as I slowly slid down her body.

Cindy's strong scent greeted my nose before I reached her stomach. I kissed around the top edge of her full bush. Her legs instinctively opened wider. A fresh wave of smell rushed to my nose. I breathed deep, wondering if my brain could keep all the smells connected with all the correct memories. My lips kissed the top of each thigh, then the inside of each thigh. It was so dark under the covers that I couldn't see Cindy's pussy, but as soon as I touched it, I knew it was hers. Her fat lips burst out from her body. The gap between them was deeper and wider than both Susan and Jasmin's.

My tongue toyed with the outer edge of each side, and then dipped into the inferno. A flash of heat swept my mouth as my fingers pushed both sides away from each other. Like splitting an orange, tangy juice spilled into my mouth. I pushed my face deep into the spread flesh, ramming my tongue deep in her tiny hole. I circled the hole, shooting my tongue in and out as fast as I could.

When I finally slurped my way to the top of the wide trench, I found an extremely swollen clitoris. I could feel Cindy's belly rising and falling really fast as moans rumbled in her chest. Carefully, I worked around her needy bud, without touching it. When Cindy's body started jerking to try and get my mouth where she needed it, I forced both lips over her engorged nub, and ran the length of my tongue over it.

Cindy's screech was louder than what seemed appropriate for where we were, but it was too late to worry about it. I kept the tip of my tongue going at rapid fire over her sensitive spot while my hands gripped her thrashing butt. As soon as Cindy's hand grabbed my head and held me in place, I knew she was almost ready.

As her legs jerked up and slammed shut on my head, I pressed my opened mouth over her gushing hole. Her ample thighs muffled all sound as they pressed tight against my head. I rode out her orgasm in the silence between her legs, until her thrashing became tiny jerks, and then a slight trembling. Her legs fell opened releasing my head. I waited for a moment with my head using her pubic mound as a pillow. Then, I considerately kissed my way up her body, spending extra time at her breasts. Finally, I kissed her, not sure if she wanted to taste herself or not. Cindy licked my lips and smiled.

We hugged and kissed with a new appreciation for each other's love. Without realizing it, I found myself gently humping my throbbing cock against Cindy's pubic bone. Her fingers grabbed my ass as she pulled her legs up. I worked my hips and lower back like I was inside her, but instead my boner slid across her pussy hair.

After Cindy rotated her pelvis and pulled her legs up higher, my tool was pressed into the top edge of her channel. Cindy panted in my ear, "Oh, that feels so good. I love you, Joe."

My balls jerked tight, I lifted my upper body and thrust forward. Two steaming hot blasts reached the bottom of Cindy's tits. I laid against her, jerking my hips as my hot sperm squirted between our bellies.

By the time we stopped kissing and I rolled off to Cindy's side, my cum was dried on our skin. We got back in the position we had woken up in earlier. While kissing the back of her neck, and whispering in her ear we fell into a deep sleep.

A muffled beeping sound woke me after what seemed like five second. Cindy's watch was going off under the covers. I hugged up to her and whispered in her ear, "honey, it's time to get up."

Cindy pushed a button and stopped the alarm. She glanced at me and seemed to smile with the realization of where she was. "I wanted to make sure we didn't have a repeat of that morning at your house."

Cindy slipped out from under the covers and looked back at me in all of her naked glory. Dry sperm covered her stomach. She spoke as she pulled on a near by robe. "Joe, meet me in the bathroom in ten minutes. Lock this door on your way out." Cindy pointed to the lock button and gave me a look like a lock was something I didn't know about.

After ten minutes I was awake enough to start questioning everything Cindy had said. I was wondering if it was all a dream. Lock myself out of the room? A dream was all that made sense, except for the evidence stuck to my stomach.

I put on a shirt and boxers. I looked both ways, clicked the lock on the door and crossed the hallway. Cindy was sitting on the toilet taking a pee when I looked in the bathroom. I almost closed the door, but she motioned for me to be quiet and come in. With what seemed like little or no embarrassment, Cindy wiped herself and flushed. "Sorry, I figured that was better than peeing on your leg in the shower."

Although, I figured it was a sarcastic reference to Jasmin, I couldn't tell from Cindy's facial expression. She was nude, her bush looked so thick compared to what I was used to. Her tits hung down under their excessive weight. It might have been because she didn't tan nude, so her flesh was lighter, but it seemed to me, her super large nipples seemed so dark.

"Cindy, why did you make me lock myself out of my room? And, why are we in the bathroom together, when we could get caught?" Cindy's smile radiated like the sun as her hands slipped around my waist.

"Well, for one, to take a shower. If your door is locked and they get up, they will think you're sleeping. I have a thing to open it. Joe, come on. I have always wanted to take a shower with someone special. There's nobody more special than you." Cindy lifted my shirt over my head and then pulled my shorts down.

The hot water beat down on the top of Cindy's head as she ran her fingers through her hair. I stood against her back, my limp cock touching her butt every time she swayed back. I watched the water roll down her back, over her cheeks and through her crack.

My fingers worked shampoo through Cindy's long hair. It was weird lathering up so much hair, yet it was very sensual helping her. My fingers worked at the mane hanging over her shoulders and down her back. When she flipped her hair forward to rinse, I soaped her back. I couldn't make my hands stop at her back. The round curves of her ass demanded attention. My palms worked over the large surfaces, and my fingers teased between her cheeks. Finally, I let my hand press deep in her groove. I cleaned it thoroughly, reaching underneath. I reached around the front and let my two hands meet in the middle. Parting her flesh, I worked at getting every nook and cranny clean. Then, my hands foamed up her bush, her stomach and her squishy chest.

After Cindy got done rinsing, she stopped the water. My hard dick stood in front of her as she stared into my face. "I want to try this while I have someone I can trust. Trust to not make fun of me. Can I?"

Cindy knelt in front of me. I smiled my agreement down at her nervous lips. My large head slipped inside her mouth. I moaned with the surprise of her teeth scrapping the sensitive top. Cindy worked the head in and out several times, like she was trying to get a taste for a strange food.

Before Cindy was able to get even half of my cock inside her head, my balls were already going crazy. I had to hold Cindy's head in place and help her out. My hips found a nonviolent rhythm and just the right depth. Cindy got a frightened looked in her eyes as my dick top pushed into the top of her throat. I backed off a tiny bit when I felt her start to reject the intrusion.

"I, is it okay, shit, get ready." Without ever really finding out if Cindy wanted to eat cum for breakfast, my balls launched.

Cindy gagged and spit, but worst of all, when she looked down, I finished my orgasm on the top of her freshly cleaned hair. "Shoot, I'm sorry."

Cindy got up with an embarrassed look. "I'm sorry. I thought it would be easy after watching Susan. I almost puked. You shot it down my throat, and I wasn't ready. How does Susan do that?"

I hugged the sweetest girl I figured I'd ever know. "You're the greatest. Practice on a banana. It's a good thing ya'll moved away from us, or we would be in big trouble."

Cindy gave me a probing look. "Like Susan's parents?"

Cindy's words pinged my conscious, but I blew past it. "Hey, you got some goo on the top of your head. Let's finish this shower before we get in trouble. How the hell did you get in bed with me without waking me up?"

Halfway through our second shower Cindy's hands lathered up my balls and cock. I stared down at the loving care she put into each gentle stroke and rub. My dick couldn't help but plump as she thoroughly washed it. I really want to make love to her. A painful need gripped me as the beautiful girl lovingly fondled my nude flesh. It would have been so easy to slip inside her tender body, and be her first, special lover.

My heart hurt at the thought of someone else taking her special gift. Someone who didn't truly love her. Like I do. I had to search myself to see if I wanted to be the one, or if I just didn't want someone else to be. "Cindy, it's clean enough, Um, I mean you better stop. Do you know how much I wanted to be your first last night? Cindy, promise me you'll wait for true love."

My own words were sobering to me. I almost wished I had never had sex, until I found true love. Then I wouldn't be in this situation now. Then again, I'm not sure that could have been possible with my neighbors. It got so complicated once I let lust be my guide.

"I promise. I'm sorry I put you in this position. I have been hurt by guys, so I know what they are like. But, you're different. You'd never hurt me, I know you wouldn't. I'll wait until I find another prince charming. I should have never come between you and Susan. Or, Jasmin?" Cindy's question didn't demand an answer, only pointed out the obvious.

"Cindy, I don't know why, but it doesn't seem like cheating when it's you. It's like everything that should make this worse, makes it alright. Your family. We'll always be family." My own words sounded crazy to my head, but my heart knew what I felt.

"I know what you mean, but I promise I'll never do it again. It's not fair." Cindy looked down like she hated her own words.

"Cindy, don't promise that. I can't promise I'm not going to try and make you break your promise. Maybe, we just say for this visit, we promise?" Before we could seal our promise with a kiss, there was a knock on the door.

"Hey, hurry up Cindy. I need some hot water too." Julie's voice was a shock, but it didn't stop my heart like my uncle's would have.

We rinsed off and I watched Cindy dry off. I hope I'm always this fascinated watching a woman do that. Cindy lifted each breast and dried under it. She worked the towel between her legs. Lifted her leg to the toilet seat and dried down each leg. A towel magically became a turban to seal her hair in a wad on her head.

"You enjoying yourself?" Cindy's chin gestured to my half erect cock as I stood in a tranquil state of admiration.

"You have no idea how much. How did you get so, you know, in just five years?" I smile at Cindy's breasts and shapely hips.

"I could ask you the same question." Cindy returned the look in the direction of my cock.

"What about my room? How are we going to get out of here without anyone knowing we're both in here?" I thought it best to change the subject.

"You stay in here for a little while, then go back to your room. I'll have the door open. I got it all worked out. After all, I have had a few weeks to think about this." Cindy's crooked grin made me wonder if she knew Jasmin.

"It's about time. I have to get ready." Julie met Cindy face to face in the guarded door opening. Cindy squeezed out through minimal space and closed the door. My heart raced and sweat instantly formed on my white face.

After five gut wrenching minutes, I opened the door with the caution of someone disarming a bomb. The door across the hall was ajar. I stepped out trying to look casual, but felt like the door on the other side was my bunker. I wanted to dive for it, before shots fired. As my foot crossed the threshold, Julie sprang from her room in only a towel. The tall beauty queen smiled a smile that exceeded a normal good morning, but I couldn't read between the lines. My jaw hung slack as her five foot seven frame slinked past me, into the coveted bathroom.

Nothing was ever mentioned about me and Cindy sharing the bathroom, even though I was convinced Julie didn't buy Cindy's lame explanation. My guess was, the drop dead gorgeous Julie, was too stuck up to be bothered thinking about what her little sister might be doing with a boy. Even if it was her own cousin. Julie sure has changed, but not for the better, like Cindy.

With my parents and other relatives arriving, everything was hectic over the next few days. Cindy and I spent all of our time together, but kept our promise. When Christmas morning came, the presents and excitement were all overshadowed by the anticipation of giving Cindy her actual present. As much as I would have loved to have given her what she thought she wanted, I was proud of myself that I didn't.

After all the gifts had been exchanged, I slipped Cindy the small box I held for her. "Here's my gift for you. It will never compare to the gift you wanted to give me, but it's from my heart."

"Joe, I'm holding that gift, for you. Or, should I say because of you?" Cindy's code message had to be left for another time, considering the company we were surrounded by.

I nervously watched as her delicate fingers thoughtfully tore at the poorly wrapped box. The day I had frantically purchased the gift, it was just another embarrassing moment in my life. However, after the events of the previous days, I knew my heart had been in charge that day.

Cindy lifted the gold bracelet from the box with the same breathless expression Jasmin had. She pressed the large gold heart between her fingers with two crocodile tears bubbling in her eyes.

"True Love" Cindy read the words engraved on the promise bracelet.

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