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My first serious story. Involves a beheading. Note that the 'bascule' is the part of the guillotine the victim lies on.
By Hunter-Seeker
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Jack and Bill have been in the porn industry for quite a while. They liked to try new things, although they usually found out later that someone beat them to it years earlier. And the really-new things they did weren't as successful as their imitations. But they were optimistic, and weren't held back by caring for their actresses too much; making them genuinely cry was the closest thing they had to a gimmick.

But now Jack had an idea that might just make a little history. He didn't know if it would be regarded as a simple continuation of something that started long ago and would barely raise an eyebrow, or if it would have more of an impact. He didn't know if he'll be the originator or simply an early adopter. But he wanted a part of it.

Ambiguity in law is never good. It leads to confusion and uneven application. This is why, after heated debates on legalized euthanasia, all restrictions were now lifted from assisted suicide. And Jack was going to film a perfectly healthy woman exercising her rights.

Karen's family needed a lot of money fast. But she just turned 18 and had little useful education or skills. She was very attractive, though; pale and lightly freckled, with curly light-brown hair and pert, ample puffy-nippled breasts. And she was willing to put herself through anything necessary. Porn was the natural choice.

She did not expect to be able to sell her life. But she was offered a very good price for it. Her family will get everything they need... If she would lose everything she is. Maybe her other options wouldn't have earned enough money in time. Maybe she wanted to end it quickly instead of doing ten disgusting, humiliating videos every day. Maybe she just didn't consider her life to be important.

The preparations were made and the papers were signed. Jack, Bill and the crew were in a small studio. In the middle was a special guillotine, covered with a sheet. In front of it and to the right were cameras, behind it was a door. Bill stood in front of it and filming started.

Karen slowly opened the door and entered the room, briefly crossing her arms in nervousness. Bill spoke to her:

"Are you willing to die for me?"

"Yes", Karen answered with a slight tremor in her voice.

"Are you ready to give me everything?"

"I am. My life is yours for the taking."

"Will you please me even as your body, your life is taken from you? Will you serve me until you truly have nothing?"

"I will. I only hope my death will please you. I am yours."


Bill unveiled the guillotine; it was an unusual design that Jack was proud of, and the hobbyist he ordered it from worked very quickly after learning that it will actually be used. There was a gap between the bascule and the rest, enough to let the breasts hang freely without being hidden. The lunette was very minimal: a flat metal bar, bent to a U shape in the middle for the neck to rest in. The rail continued all the way to the floor.

Karen never saw the guillotine before, and was visibly shocked despite her detailed instructions. Bill pressed a button on the side of the lunette, and in a split second the blade descended to the floor. Karen gulped. He moved it back up, and Karen started undressing, becoming more and more distraught.

Sobbing lightly, Karen removed her panties and stood naked. She climbed on the bascule and laid down, placing the lowest part of her neck in the lunette after moving away her hair so it wouldn't get caught in it. She laid her arms on the bascule to her sides, nervously repositioning her hands.

Bill removed his shorts, and as Karen lifted her head he put his dick in her mouth. She fellated him with her eyes closed, moving her head back and forth. He then slowly collected her hair and held it in one hand. This was the signal she tried not to think about too much; she stopped moving her head, and started pleasuring Bill only with movements of her lips. Her trembling became stronger than ever and Bill slowly reached for the button.

As he pressed the button, the blade went through Karen's neck. Blood shot all over; He stepped back with Karen in his hand and on his dick, as blood gushed from her beautiful spasming body. As a camera focused on her head, she was still rubbing her lips against Bill. A female assistant fainted.

She continued for over 20 seconds. When she slowed to a halt, Bill started moving her back and forth, her lips still clinging to him firmly. Then less firmly. He then quickly pressed her face against him, and his cum streamed down through her neck. She died, used like no one was used before.

He held up her head, making it face the cameras. A woman with a gurney entered and placed it next to the guillotine. There was a large puddle of blood in front of it and the rails were stained, as was some of Karen's body. The woman picked it up, making sure it's facing the cameras to give a good view and placed it on the gurney facing up. Bill placed the head on the shins and they picked the gurney up, slowly carrying it outside.

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2012-11-26 22:52:42
Amazing, needs a sequel

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2011-05-12 22:30:42
very different, needs a sequal with more detail

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2011-05-12 22:29:57
very different, needs a sequal with more detail

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2010-08-11 16:24:19
needs more length great story tho could pictuer it in my head


2010-06-11 19:54:48
Uncomplicated story, but extremely arousing. Wow. Keep writing please.

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