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A letter of recommendation into university for a student
To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter recommending Lauren Randall into your university for the fall 2010 semester. As Lauren’s tenth grade algebra teacher, as well as her advisor her junior year, I saw many of the attributes that will make Lauren a fine addition to your student body.

The first trait of Lauren’s that strikes me is her desire to succeed. During her junior year, Lauren took the initiative to start her own modeling career, booking her own shoots, finding clients, and managing herself. Though she does not have the typical model body at only 5’4” and hips that make me think she has some Puerto Rican, she plays to her strengths. Jet black hair; full, pouty lips, dark eyes; and a fit, athletic frame help her succeed in her new business venture.

Lauren’s desire to succeed isn’t limited to business ventures, but to personally improve herself as a person as well. The first time my cock was in her mouth, that was all that really happened, my cock was in her mouth.

“Lauren, your lips look sexy as hell around my dick. Have you ever done this before?”

“Yeah, with my boyfriend, Matt. But he never took this long. I can usually make him come in, like, 10 seconds. I assumed that was because I’m really good at this.”

“You do have a good start just by being eager to get my dick in mouth, but I’m afraid your boyfriend comes in 10 seconds because he’s 15 and doesn’t know how to control himself yet. To be good at sex you only need to do two things: tell your lover what you want and ask your lover what he, or she, wants.”

“What do you want, Mr. Markson?”

“Call me David. For starters, sex gets dirty. Use saliva, a lot of spit and saliva, to make everything as slick and lubricated as possible.”

Lauren licked her lips, spit on my dick and put it right back in her mouth.

“Second piece of advice, look to body parts beyond just your lips and what fits in your mouth. One purpose of your saliva is to use as a lubricant for your hands. Stroke me with a hand at the base, while you suck at the top. If your jaw gets tired, use your tongue for a while, at the tip, along the base, and even on my balls. Last, use your throat. For now, just use it to moan. Those moans are a natural vibrator. Not to mention sexy as hell. If you really get into this, a long term goal is to use the throat to swallow the whole dick.”

Lauren slobbered all over my dick as she worked the shaft. After a few minutes, she took me out of her mouth and started tonguing my balls. She put me back in her mouth, sucking, stroking, and working herself further down my cock, fitting a good three inches into her mouth.

“Damn Lauren, you learn fast. Keep that up and I’m going to cum.”

“What do I do when you cum? I usually just let Matt come in my hand.”

“No. I’m going to cum in your mouth, and I want you to swallow it. I’m going to blow a huge load and you won’t be able catch it all. I don’t want you walking down the school hallway with cum on your shirt.”

Sure enough, I came huge. It went straight down her throat and she swallowed quick not spilling a drop. This sexy 15 year old girl was the most enthusiastic cock sucker I’d ever met. She has since improved with every blow job she’s ever given me. Her desire to be the best had led to the ability to get my entire 7 and a half inches going down her throat.

Lauren also has an openness to new ideas I don’t usually see in a teenager. I met her after school one day at the tanning salon where she works. I booked a massage there just before closing. Lauren didn’t give massages, but she ‘forgot’ to schedule a masseuse for my appointment. As she was trusted by management, she was closing the place be herself. It left me, her, and two sorority girls in the place at closing. Lauren told me to go into the massage room, strip to a towel, and lock the door, she would be back in a minute. She checked the two sorority girls out and locked the doors behind them. She came into the massage room and immediately ripped my towel off me and began to massage my dick. I pulled her shirt off and turned her around. I ripped her panties down and lifted her skirt. This was not new since we frequently had to be fast and forceful. I grabbed a bottle of massage oil and squirted it down her back. My chest slid up and down her back and my fingers slid right into her wet pussy. I lifted her small frame up onto the massage table so she was on her knees. I started licking her soaking cunt from behind while staring at that pink asshole in front of me. I did something I’d always wanted to do, but never tried. I stuck my tongue into her asshole. She squealed and clinched up, but then relaxed and let my tongue into her ass. I rimmed her and fucked her ass with my tongue for a few minutes before standing tall and sticking my dick in her dripping cunt.

“God you’re hot tonight. I love fucking you while you still wear that work skirt.”

“I’ve been waiting for closing time all night. Did you feel how wet my panties were when you ripped them off? Or did you not have time to pay attention to detail? GOD… Your cock feels huge tonight!”

“We haven’t had a chance to fuck in two weeks. What did you think of my tongue in your ass?”

“UUgghhh! It… was… a surprise… GOD! I’m gonna cum quick!”

After she said this I took an oiled up finger and stuck it in her ass.

“OOOhhh GOD! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmminnngg!!!!!”

I wasn’t ready to cum yet, so I slowed down as she came down. I fucked her slow for about 5 minutes before she started to get worked up again.

“I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“I don’t know about that. I’ve heard it really hurts.”

“Probably will a little bit, I’ve got a pretty thick cock on me. But the way my finger set you off, I think ass fucking is going to be something you'll grow to love. Besides, we’re pretty oiled up, so there’s no time like the present.”

“Okay, but go slow. Uuunnnnggghhhh! That does hurt, but I can handle it.”

I slowly worked the head of my dick into her tight hole. I pulled out a bit, and slid back in another inch. I slowly repeated this until I got about 5 inches in.

“Okay, I’m getting used to this. Keep going slow. Yeah, I could get into this.”

“Use your fingers on your clit. I want you to get off while my dick is in your ass.”

Within about five minutes Lauren started moaning. “Oh, God. I’m going to cum from anal sex! Ohhh…. yeessss….. go a little faster now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I picked up the pace, and the force, as I managed to get all of my dick up in her ass. I pumped fast and yelled as we came together, my semen shooting deep in her ass. Lauren learned how great it could be to be open to new experiences, and has been open to just about anything since.

The attribute that perhaps best shows Lauren’s value as a future student at your university is her persistence and refusal to give up. I saw this first hand as she would not rest in algebra until she had every concept mastered. I was even the goal of her persistence the following year as her mentor.

Lauren was rather flirty with me as my assistant. It turned me on, but I’m not going to risk my job, or my freedom, because a student has a crush on me. Part way into the year, she needed a switch in her social studies classes meant she was going to have to be my assistant during my free hour, which also happened to be the last hour of the day. I didn’t know at the time that this was just a way to get me alone in my room.

Lauren began coming in with fewer buttons done. She began needing more help with her trigonometry, meaning more time with me directly over, under, or next to her. It was getting harder for me to keep my eyes and mind off of her. Then she one day she showed up and took an unusual seat across from my desk, rather than next to it. I looked up to see her legs open and no panties. She wasn't shaved, but her pussy hair was thin. Dark black hair like on her head, but much thinner.

“Lauren, you’re going to get me fired.”

“Mr. Markson, I would never let that happen. You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. Not to mention the hottest in the school. I couldn’t let you get fired.”

“No panties? You’re making it hard for me to get my work done. And someone else could look and in and may assume something is going on”

“That’s not the only thing I’m making hard. No one ever comes in this room during this hour. Your desk is away from the window. I’m dripping wet and want to suck you off.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t risk my job for sex.”

“Well I’m still horny, so I guess I’ll have to take care of myself.”

With that she began to rub herself up and down. Her left hand went into her shirt as she began to play with her nipples. Her right hand was going in and out of her pussy. And she started letting out little moans.

“Stop it! Someone could glance in, or hear you!”

“I’d stop moaning if something was in my mouth. And no one could see me if I was under your desk.”

I knew I was opening Pandora’s Box, but she did just appeal to me with a logical argument. Plus I was bursting out of my pants and would risk getting caught jerking off before I could stand and leave the room. I told her to get under the desk. She got on her knees and put her mouth on my cock. Her persistence paid off as this started an educational experience that she has taken from an inexperienced 15 year old teenager, to a confident 17 year old senior ready to take on the world.

Lauren’s persistence as exemplified in getting into my pants, her eagerness to become great at what she does such as her ability as a cock sucker, and her eagerness to try new things from anal sex to new experimenting with her freshman sister all show qualities that will lead her to be a great success at your university

David Markson


2010-03-28 01:07:30
Decent story line. Decent writing. Could have more depth.

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