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Chapter 8 : Andrew gets a twofer.
Dee Dee's Story

I'm not sure what I was feeling as we hurried out of the hotel restaurant. I just panicked when I realized what a fool I had been. I was rushing to a pharmacy to buy an early pregnancy test, but I realized the test probably wouldn't be able to detect a pregnancy after 3 days. I must be out of my mind.

I turned to confront Andrew and Donnie who had been trying to catch up to me. "I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I was running to get a home pregnancy test, but I'm sure I won't be able to use it for days or maybe even weeks. There isn't any rush to get one."

Both of their faces were unfathomable. I bet the look on my face was indecipherable as well. Why shouldn't it be? I have no idea how I feel about this. Panic. That's what I feel. But is it good panic, bad panic, or just plain panic?

Andrew must have seen the looks on both of our faces. He took both of our arms and said, "Come on, let's go upstairs and talk this thing over."

As we went up to my room, I started to regain control. I was breathing deeply, calming down. Andrew asked to use my laptop and I of course let him. Donnie and I huddled on my bed, hugging and trying to make sense of this all.

"Donnie, we might be pregnant! If Andrew is one of us, what would that mean? He might be just as potent as any normal male would be with any normal female. I'm so sorry, Donnie, the thought just never occurred to me that he wasn't a normal human."

"It's okay, Dee Dee. How could you have known? And maybe he is just a normal man, had you thought of that? Maybe he is just an incredibly intelligent, wonderfully sexy, unbelievably sensitive normal human. Well I just talked my way out of that idea. If he isn't one of us, there is no 'us'."

I said "His touch! Do you remember the first time he touched you? Andrew called it 'chemical attractors', but that was just a theory. Maybe it's genetics instead. Maybe his genes and our genes recognized their kinship. Maybe we were irresistible to each other because we were made for each other."

I finally realized Andrew was not a part of the conversation. He was sitting at the desk, fiddling with my laptop. "Andrew, what are you doing? Maybe you had better be a part of this conversation."

He said "Six days. You can take the test as early as six days after conception. You might get a negative result because an insufficient amount of some pregnancy hormone has been created and need to take the test a few days later, but if you get a positive result, that's it."

So we could find out in just a few more days. We had been sitting there holding each other. I had been panicked, then I was a little frightened. But all of a sudden I realized that a different feeling was permeating my body.

Donnie and I looked at each other with our mouths open. She said "Do you feel like I feel?"

I nodded my head. "More so."

We both turned to Andrew with predatory looks on our faces, I guess. He saw them because he took a half step back and his hands came up as if to protect himself.

He said, "Girls, I'm so sorry. I honestly thought you were protected. I've never come close to getting a woman pregnant before. There has never even been a question. It's my fault. A gentleman always takes care of a lady."

Donnie said "You are so right, Andrew. And right now you've got two ladies that desperately need to be taken care of."

Andrew was confused. "What do you mean? Aren't you upset with me?"

I had to laugh. He is so sensitive but sometimes he can be oblivious to the obvious. "Andrew you have two extremely horny sisters on your hands. I'm not sure why. You were already the most attractive man we've ever known. But we suddenly realize that you might be able to get us pregnant at the drop of a hat. We may already be pregnant! That is so erotic!"

Andrew was obviously shocked. "You think pregnancy is sexy? Huh?"

Donnie said, "You're not too bright. I like that in a man."

She stepped up to Andrew and put her arms around him and gave him a soul-felt heart-stopping kiss. When she finally released him, I turned him around and did the same, giving him the most passion-filled kiss my old body could deliver. I came up for air and Donnie again pulled him to her, lavishing him with another lascivious smooch.

Andrew pulled back, his face flushed, his breathing heavy. His erection was straining against his pants.

He said "If this is foreplay, I'm a dead man!"

I had to be honest with the poor boy. "Andrew what we have here is two girls and only one boy. I know this is many men's fantasy, but I doubt if many of them could actually pull it off, at least to the satisfaction of both girls. You, my dear are the exception to that rule. I had intended to ask you to spend the rest of the weekend with Donnie, at least until she caught her flight. I'm sorry, Donnie, but I'm too horny for that. You understand, don't you?"

Donnie nodded her head. "If you are half as horny as I am Dee Dee, I don't blame you for wanting to share."

I said "Look, Andrew; normally we are two calm professional women who are in complete control of our emotions. But you have barraged us with feelings in the last few days that have turned us into simpering idiots. And now this! At least our reaction this time wasn't to cry. Be grateful for that anyway."

Andrew said, "But you established an unbreakable rule last night, I remember because I carefully listen to everything you say regarding sex. That rule was: male-female only. Are you planning on revising that rule?"

Donnie said, "No Andrew. You are a systems analyst, you do the math. You can see as well as we can that there are two beds in this room. I'm getting into one. Dee Dee is getting into the other. You are free to move from bed to bed as you see fit. This can't be a standard practice, but honey we both need you now!"

Donnie began removing her clothing and tossing them on a convenient chair. I began doing the same. Both of us were looking Andrew in the eye. He looked like a fish. His mouth was open in an 'O' shape, opening and closing as if gasping for breath. But he never took his eyes of us. I could tell he had so many things to look at, he couldn't decide where to put his eyes.

Donnie reclined in the first bed, I in the second. Both of us had pulled down the bedspread and allowed our naked bodies to be exposed to our lover.

Donnie gestured to Andrew and said, "Well, the ball's in your court. Come, Andrew."

Andrew's Story

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I've got two naked goddesses lying in their beds, each waiting for little old me. And if they aren't pregnant yet, they sure as hell act like the want to be.

I feel myself entering the zone again; that zone where my instincts tell me to pillage and plunder and take no prisoners. I'm going to take them both. I'm going to take them until I own them.

I'm not like this normally. People are free, women are equal. No person owns another person. These women are superior to me in every way. But I've got to stake my claim for all time in both of them. This time when I plant my seed, it will grow in each of them. This is coming from so deep in my soul that no conscious thought is involved.

Every sense I have is screaming: propagate.

Donnie invited me over to her bed. I have to start somewhere, but I must admit my inclination is to start with Dee Dee. It has nothing to do with a preference between the two of them, other that it feels right that Dee Dee become the first to be impregnated.

'Impregnate': That is a word that takes 'fuck' to a whole new level. Especially here, where these women have become the center of my universe, where every emotion I've ever had toward a female seems to be pallid and tame compared to the incredibly intense feelings that well in me every time I think of these magnificent creatures.

They drive every other thought from my head. My heart swells with passion whenever I touch them. It will be my honor, my duty to impregnate them. And in the meantime I fully intend to fuck their brains out.

I went over to Donnie's bed. She reached out, those gorgeous round soft breasts just inviting me to touch them. But she gave me an almost chaste kiss and whispered in my ear, "Andrew, start with Dee Dee. She should be your first tonight. She found you. She loved you first. Go and take her. Then come back to me."

I took Donnie in my arms and kissed her the way she needed to be kissed, passionately, deeply. I looked in her eyes and with a smile I turned to my first love.

Dee Dee looked almost surprised when she saw me turning to her. She reached out just as Donnie had. Her breasts are those same round symmetrical soft breasts that Donnie has. They are frighteningly alluring. I gave her one deep kiss while fondling those beautiful orbs, slid into bed beside her, and then slid into her.

She was wet and ready. She moaned as she felt my hardness fill her pussy. I was too crazed to be gentle. No sooner had I felt myself fully seated in her lovely little cunt than we began to fuck in earnest.

I felt like some machine, a piston hammering my way into her cylinder, over and over, gaining in speed and power. She was mine to impregnate and I wanted to fertilize her with my seed. She was screaming in her passion. She needed to feel my sperm seeking her egg. I know she did.

I lifted those lovely legs onto my shoulders to gain direct and deep access to her womb. Her knees were pressed to her tits; her legs spread widely; her face a mask of passion, pleasure and pain.

I could feel my eruption building from my balls. It was like I had never had her before. I was taking what was mine. She belonged to me. Our child, our children, could be conceived tonight.

I was ramming into her. Her body convulsed in a massive orgasm, her scream filled the room. Through lust-glazed eyes I noticed Donnie watching in the next bed; that magnificent body exposed to my gaze, one hand gently twisting an engorged little nipple, the other hand slowly stroking her slippery slit.

I didn't have time to pay attention to her. Now I only wanted Dee Dee. She was calling my name, demanding my seed. "GOD!!! Come in my, Andrew! Please. Give me your child! I want your babies! Fuck me! ANDREW!!! FUCK!! I'M THERE!!"

My sperm exploded into her womb. I kept up my frantic pace as my seed shot into her again and again. I pushed into her as deeply as I could go and held there, my cock against her cervix, the last shot of cum marking the end of our coupling, marking her as mine.

Our love is perfect. She belongs to me, now and forever. I will never look at another woman. These girls are mine, and I am theirs.

Dee Dee collapsed, crying and laughing, whispering endearments, her arms pulling me tightly into her still.

She calmed enough to kiss me one last time and say "I will always love you."

I held her and whispered "That's because we were made for each other. It's a chemical attraction!"

Donnie's Story

Oh my GOD!! Watching Andrew take (and I mean TAKE) Dee Dee was the most erotic thing I've ever seen. How in the world did Dee Dee stay so calm last night, when she saw Andrew do the same thing to me?

Tonight Dee Dee was just TAKEN. He was SO deep in her. Our cycles are almost always in synch. I know that this is my fertile time of month (or as fertile as we ever are, given our difficulty in conceiving with normal men). It should be hers as well. If she wasn't already pregnant, then this could do it.

Could Andrew possibly be able to resuscitate after that fantastic coupling? How long will it take? I need it. I need him! I want him to impregnate me. It's what I was born for, what we were both born for. We are the breeders. Our cousins, the other twin families we've discovered, we are all the breeders. Time to breed! I am so aroused.

Andrew didn't even give himself a chance to rest. Dee Dee looks like she is down for the count. Oh my God, she still has enough presence of mind to place a pillow under her bottom, trying to make Andrew's sperm stay within her, trying to guide it deeply into her womb, give it the best chance of finding her egg. She's so smart.

Andrew stepped into the bathroom. I heard water running, and then he returned, carrying a washcloth, cleaning himself. He was still semi-hard, but I don't think he could do much damage with it yet. I'll just have to be patient, but I'm SO HORNY!

Andrew slid right into bed with me and suddenly we were kissing, those passionate kisses that promised he would be giving me everything.

His hands were everywhere, feeling my breasts, tweaking my nipples, sliding along my sex. A finger slid into me. I gasped. I've been waiting for this all day. Oh how I've wanted something inside of me. His finger will have to do for now, but I need his dick!

Andrew was moving his head down my front, suckling my breasts, moving down further, licking the skin of my stomach, working his way to my pussy. He's going down on me again! Thank GOD! I've wanted his mouth on my pussy ever since he did it last night, ever since Dee Dee mentioned what he did for her on Wednesday night.

I felt his tongue along my thighs. I was so wet I was afraid he would drown. I don't want to cum as soon as he touches my clit. Oh, please don't let that happen. I want it to last. I need it to last.

His tongue circled my clit. I felt it slide along my clitoris and then I was cumming! I guess I may have been screaming. There were lights in my head exploding, drowning out every other sensory source. I didn't want to cum so soon!

But Andrew didn't notice, or if he did, he ignored it. His tongue left my clit and entered my pussy. Oh GOD, it felt so good! I hadn't had time to come down from my climax when I felt another building in me. Andrew wasn't going to be satisfied with bringing me off once. He is my god of pleasure. How does he know me so well? How can he fill me with such bliss?

My hips were grinding against his mouth. He had a finger, no now two fingers inside of me. His tongue was working its magic on my nether lips, my clit, everywhere. I was becoming delirious with pleasure. I opened my legs wider, welcoming his mouth into my pussy.

God he was working my clit again! Oh I can't stop it! My orgasm burst upon me, my legs clamping themselves around Andrew's head, forcing him to continue with his assault on my pussy.

"Andrew, I'm cumming! Don't stop! Oh keep eating me. I love how you eat me. I love you! Oh, dear! It's wonderful! I'm cumming Andrew. Oh GOD!! I'M CUMMING!!"

What happened? He was down there and all of a sudden he was holding me in his arms. Did I faint? I must have passed out, but oh, I'm still so horny!

"Andrew, honey, please put it in me. I know you're ready, I can feel it against me: your wonderful hardness. I love it! I need it sweetie. Please Andrew put it in me. Please honey, I need it. Give me your baby, Andrew. Please!!"

I was so lust-crazed I had no shame. I needed him so badly. I wanted his baby!

And then he was there! I felt the bulbous head of his huge erection sliding against my soaking pussy lips. It felt sooooo good. I closed my eyes and savored the feeling.

Andrew's passion took over. He slid into me with no resistance. I've never been so wet down there. And then he was fucking me. He was giving me what I needed: a thorough fucking. I needed to be fucked by Andrew Adkins. No other man would do. No other man will ever do. I need him, today, often and forever. How can I leave him tomorrow, knowing I may already be carrying his child? How can I leave him?

My passion took me. I seemed to be cumming after every few strokes. He is so BIG! My entire pussy was filled to the brim with Andrew Adkins. Any more would be wasted, because it just wouldn't fit into me. His size is the maximum I can handle and then some.

It is so sexy knowing what Andrew has between his legs. I'm convinced that size matters only when you are being fucked by a huge dick. Then, believe me, size matters. When it isn't fucking me, I don't care what the size of a dick is. How shallow is that? Men as objects: what a concept!

I would love Andrew just as much if his dick was half as big. But I'm so glad it isn't.

Andrew was picking up his pace. The continuous power fucking that Andrew was giving me seemed to be getting even more powerful. He was sucking on my neck while he pounded my pussy. I could feel a wave of passion start in my pussy and work its way up, coming out my mouth. I was screaming again. It was the loud shrill scream of sexual release.

Andrew's motion never stopped. I could feel him growing inside me. And then it was there, I felt his sperm in my womb! Will this be the day? Will we be able to mark this day on my calendar as the day of my first conception! God I hope so. If not, I want to fuck Andrew every day until we are sure. I was totally consumed in passion. And then it was over.

I've never felt so thoroughly fucked before. I've never felt so loved. Andrew's arms were cradling me. Our deeply romantic kiss let me know that he too was doing this in the name of love. I never doubted him for a second.

Andrew, Dee Dee and I: together forever. What do we care for the rules of men? He is my husband.

-- to be continued

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