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Robbers break in and force the family to have sex while being filmed so they will not call the police
The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy.

David and Linda sat on the couch watching the end of the 11 o'clock news on the TV when the front door of their upscale Maryland home was kicked in and two large men wearing ski masks and brandishing pistols rushed into their living room. David and Linda were both 34 years old. David was 5'7" tall and weighed 147 pounds. He was a computer programmer at one of the Washington government office buildings. Linda was 5'5" tall but outweighed David by about 10 pounds. She was average looking and average built. Linda had recently started working part time as a secretary at a local insurance company.

As the men burst in David instinctively stood up and confronted them but a punch in the face sent him sprawling to the floor. David lay on the floor with a pistol pointed at his head. Linda sank back into the couch cushions and sort of curled up into a ball. "Don't do anything stupid and you will live through this." they were told. "We want your wallet and your purse and take us to your jewelry and the safe." Looking down the gun barrel, David just nodded. "Is there anyone else in the house?" David shook his head no but Linda turned and looked down the hall. "Again I ask you if there is anyone else in the house. If you are not telling me the truth you will be very sorry." David quietly said that they had two children that were asleep in their rooms and asked that they be left alone saying that they would not even wake up. "Both of you take your clothes off." said the robber who had so far done all of the talking. The couple did not move. One invader put a 9 mm to David's head and the other put his revolver to Linda's. "I bet the shot will wake the kids."

David and Linda slowly stood and started to take their clothes off. When they were finished they sat back down. Both were covering themselves with their arms. "Take the Mr. here to get the good stuff." The robbers had only referred themselves a number 1 and number 2 so as not to give their names. #2 pulled David up by his hair and with a gun to his back followed him down the hall. While they were gone #1 walked over to Linda and pulled her arm away from her chest. "Leave me the fuck alone." A hard slap on the side of the face shut her up. #1 reached out and played with her slightly sagging 36D tits. She looked away and said nothing. He stopped when he heard the others come back into the room. #2 had a pillow case that was loaded down with goodies. "Looks like a nice haul." David looked at them and said, "OK, you got what you want, now leave." #1 said that they still have to make sure that this was never reported to the police. "#2, take the Mrs. down and get the kids." "No" shouted Linda. "You leave them alone." #2 shoved Linda flat onto the couch and grabbed a knee pulling her legs apart and shoved the 5" barrel of his revolver fully up into her cunt. She shut up and just hung onto David and quietly asked him to not let them touch the kids. David just sat there quietly and did nothing. Tell me about the kids. How many are there?" David answered,” Two. Andy who is 17 and Tammy is (16)."

#1 looked at David and Linda and said. "I'll make a deal with you. You do exactly as you are told and not give us any shit and your little girl will still be a virgin when we leave. If you don't then we will both rape her and you will watch us do it. Do you understand?" They both looked into his hard eyes and nodded. "Can we put our clothes back on now?" Linda asked. #2 answered "No." and pulled her up out of the couch by her hair. They went to the kids rooms with #2 holding his gun to her back. They came back with the two children dressed in their pajamas. They both looked scared to death. Tammy was holding her mother and crying. Back in the living room the kids were seated in the chairs on either side of the couch. Andy looked a lot like his dad. Even at 14 he was about the same size. Tammy did not look much like either of them. David used to jokingly tell Linda that she looked like the milk man but these days there are no milk men left. Linda always laughed when he said that but Tammy did look very much like the plumber that came to work on their house about 12 years ago. She was about 5'2" and skinny. She had just started getting her tits and they were probably about the size of plumes on her chest. She was a very cute little girl but defiantly still a little girl. "#2, go get it." said #1. He went outside the front door and came back in with a video camera.

"Ok David, slide up to the edge of the couch and spread your legs." David did as he was told without a word. "Ok Mrs., get down between his legs and suck him off." Linda looked shocked and looked at her husband. He nodded his head and Linda moved to the floor. #2 started filming. She reached out and took hold of her husbands cock which hung there about 4 " soft. A few strokes and it started to grow. Soon it was fully hard which was only a little less than 6" and thin. Linda leaned forward and touched her lips to David's shaft and then slid it into her mouth. Soon Linda was bobbing her head up and down on his pole and you could see that she was getting into it as her cheeks were sucked in as she did it. #1 briefly stopped her and told her not to make David come. "Whenever he comes close you stop till he calms down then you start again. Don't let him come." Then Linda went back to work on the waiting cock.

Andy was watching his mother sucking his fathers cock but Tammy was curled up in a ball with her face buried in the chair. #1 went over to her and pulled her up. She screamed but he did not hurt her. He just said that she had to sit up and watch her parents. Her father looked at her and told her to do as she was told. Soon Andy could be seen rubbing his cock through his pj's. Seeing this, #1 smiled and told the kids to take their clothes off. Linda stopped and said, "You promised to leave the kids alone." "I just said that your little girl will still be a virgin. Now shut up and suck." Linda went back to fucking her husband with her mouth. David was starting to shove forward to get further into her mouth. Andy stood up and quickly stripped. His hard erection stood out in front of him. It was bigger than his father's. Tammy slowly got out of her chlothes and sat back in the chair. "Now watch and learn kids." #1 said as he waved his hand to #2 towards the couple. #2 unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. He went over to the couch, put Linda up on her knees and got behind her. With one strong shove he buried his 8" cock fully into Linda's dripping wet pussy. She gasped and David took the chance to shove his manhood fully into Linda's throat. Linda had to stop several time as David was ready to shoot his cum into her mouth. #2 pounded her hard and fast from behind and after just a couple of minutes he shot his load into her cunt while #1 did the filming. Next they switched and #1 fucked her the same way. He was the same length but a fair amount thicker. Linda was deep throating David and sucking as hard as she could as she moaned without wanting to. #1 added his load of cum to the first. It was now running down her legs and she was having one shaking orgasm after another. David had to come so bad now that he grabbed Linda's hair and throat fucked her yelling, "Make me come bitch. I've got to come you slut." #1 grabbed Linda's hair and pulled her off of David's cock and turned her around and told David to add his cum to her already filled pussy. David had just gotten it in her when he came. Linda was out of control and she shouted, "Fuck me with that little prick you wimp. Make me come. Don't you dare stop fucking me. I'm going to come again." She did.

The robbers looked over at the children. Tammy was now watching closely and Andy was stroking his hard cock. #1 asked Andy, "Do you want to fuck your mother?" Andy nodded and #1 led him over to his mother and put him behind her. "You saw how it's done now have yourself some fun." Andy put his cock to his mother's sloppy pussy and promptly started fucking her. His first entrance into her gave her a big orgasm. She didn't want this to happen with her own son but she couldn't help herself. "Oh yes, that's it honey, fuck your mommy just like that." Andy slammed his mom hard and fast. Next they told Tammy to go over and suck her father's cock like her mother had done. She did not move till her father told her to do it so the bad men don't hurt us. She came over and got down between his legs. David took his daughter's head in his hands and guided her mouth to his cum covered cock. "It's ok honey. It's kind of fun." As soon as she opened her mouth David pushed his cock about half way in and started to slowly fuck her mouth while holding her head. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down on his shaft like she had seen her mother do and she was moaning.

Andy groaned and added his small thin load of cum to his mother's already full cunt. All the time the camera kept rolling. Being young, Andy did not go soft. #1 had him pull out and had Tammy spread her knees wide. Linda was then made to turn over and slide her face between Tammy's legs and lick her cute little hairless pussy. Andy was then able, without being told to, get between his mother's legs and start fucking her again while squeezing and sucking her tits. Tammy was the first to come and she washed her mother's face with her little girl cum. David came next. He told Tammy to swallow his cum as he shot it in her mouth, which she did. Then she licked his cock clean. Tammy looked at he father and said quietly, "I love you Daddy." Andy was last to come adding one more load to Linda's overflowing fuck hole. He then went around to his sister's face and she sucked him clean. They thought they were done but the men had one more idea. David was made to lay in his back on the floor while Linda sat on his face and emptied her bucket of five loads of cum into his mouth. She rubbed herself so hard on his face that he had a hard time breathing but David swallowed every drop that she fed him. Linda could not help herself. Even though she did not want to do it in front of the kids she had a huge orgasm from being eaten out by her husband. She could not help herself as she yelled out, "Oh fuck yes. Eat me. Eat my fuckin cunt." At the end she couldn't control her bladder and she pissed in his mouth. Again he had to swallow.

The men then pointed out that they had this whole thing on tape and if the cops ever found out about the robbery then the film would be made public. Like they promised, Tammy was still a virgin. But for how long now? Both David and Andy were sitting there with rock hard cocks and Tammy had her little hand between her legs rubbing herself. Then, as quickly as they came, the robbers gathered up their loot and left the house calling back that they hoped that the family would have lots of fun together from now on.


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you should do a follow up story to see if the family took the robbers advise and continue the fun. what if david set the whole thing up so he could get his family into doing each other.something to think about.

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