I was 15 then, it was a gathering of about 25 people including the kids. Our relatives started arriving just before noon and I was asked to supervise the younger ones. It was explained to me that is the duty of the host and since I was the Host’s kid, it fell to me to do it. So be it.

There were 7 young nephews and nieces plus me. I kept them in the den as best I could, I had on the TV, we had a game console and a card table with some game one of the kids brought.

None of the tykes gave me any real problems and one of my nieces that I had not seen in a couple years, 11 year old Katy, was adorable. I caught myself staring at her often and in fact she caught me looking at her more than once. Each time I was busted, she would look at me and smile and I would turn red and look away.

There was just something about her, she had this sexiness about her. The way she carried her young lithe body and the way she smiled.

We finally had a few moments to talk and catch up on personal news. I was really enamored with this young girl, even if she was my niece. During dinner I thought to myself, “Crap, she is just a kid, and she is related to me, what is wrong with me?” I didn’t know, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

Anyway, jumping ahead, after the Christmas dinner, we were all gathering in the family room to open gifts. All my uncle and aunts sat around on the sofa and chairs so I drug in kitchen chair and placed it over in a corner next to the Piano. The chair was off in the corner of the room, this area was not lit very well, and we were somewhat behind everyone else. All my nephews and one niece sat down in the middle of floor over by the tree leaving no room for Katy.

I was still watching Katy and I had caught myself staring at her every chance I could. I saw her looking around for a place to sit and I thought “Wonder if I can get her to sit on my lap? That would be awesome.” I caught her eye and waived her over.

“You can sit on my lap if your want to.” I offered, holding my breath hoping. “Uh, O.K.” she said with a cute little smile. She sat on me lap facing the family then she swung her legs out over mine so they were outside mine and then she put her hands on my knees and pushed herself all the way back against me.

I was wearing a pair of loose fitting sweats I got as a present, and Katy was wearing a cute little red and green Holiday skirt that came to mid calf. When she hopped up on my lap and then scooted back her dress caught under her so she leaned forward and flipped her skirt up between us. Her skirt hung down in front and over the sides so she was completely covered all around. With her skirt flipped up over my waist, the only thing between her pussy and my cock was my sweats was her panties.

“Holy crap, that is awesome… she is sitting right on my cock, I can feel her ass right on my cock!’ I was screaming in my mind. And then I felt it… the first little tingle, that first feeling that lets you KNOW you are going to get an erection. I really hadn’t thought this through, I just wanted to be near her.

Now I am in a bit of a panic. “I am getting a hardon… What if she feels my cock getting hard… will she jump up and make a scene… that would be awfully embarrassing… what am I gonna do?” I was running all these through my teenage, hormone soaked brain at light speed.

We sat there and watched the youngest of the children opening presents, I am doing everything I can to will my penis to cooperate. I know it has chubbed and has risen a bit, but not so much as she should notice… I hope.

Then she wiggled her little butt. Was she trying to get comfortable? Did she feel my cock rising a little? I sat there, not sure what to do. Then she started swinging her legs as we watched the younger kids open their presents. The result of this movement was that she was rocking on my cock!

“Oh no, she can’t be doing this to me.” I was screaming in my mind. I could feel the blood flowing into my dick. This is awful… but HOT. It feels awesome.

Then someone handed her a gift to open and she got more and more animated. The more she moved around, wiggled and squirmed on my lap the more I was getting a hard. I didn't know what I should do about it, so I just sat there.

She seemed to calm down a bit after the next kid was opening a present, but she continued to swing her legs. By now my cock was pushing up against her butt so hard it was painful, she had to feel it. I could not image her doing this on purpose to me, she was a young girl and she couldn’t know about a guys cock, could she?

All I could do was sit there, if I got her off my lap, my hardon would be tenting in me sweats for all to see. I was too embarrassed to say anything to her.

Soon it was her turn to receive and open a another gift. She opened it, it was a Barbie doll that she really wanted. She got so excited, she started bouncing up and down. She kept bouncing and wiggling, and my teenage boner kept poking her in the butt. By the time she settled down, my circumcised erection was a full 5½ inches and rock hard.

She sat back in my lap and wiggled her ass slowly and sensually. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. Then she looked straight ahead and she reached between us, found it and squeezed it (which felt great!!). She moved back and forth a little more, which apparently she really liked according to a low moan that only I could hear.

As I sat there, my horny 15-year-old brain was thinking WOW, NOW WHAT!!! How much could she know about sex? How can I go farther with her? What is she willing to do with me and where?

I was so horny that my brain came up with only one option, get your cock out of your sweats and get her hand on it. I had to think of a way to do it that wasn't suspicious to anyone in the room.

I Took my watch out of the box that was given to me. I dropped it down between us. I could tell she felt it hit her in mid back, I leaned up and said “I dropped something, lean forward a little so I can reach down and find it.” She turned to me, smiled and said “O.K.”

As she leaned forward, I figured that if anyone noticed I could claim I was looking for something I had dropped. I reached under her grabbed the front of my sweats and my underwear eased them down and hooked them my under my balls. As my cock hit open air, bounced up to lay on my belly. I pushed her hips forward a few inches, reach down and pushed my hardon down between us and leaned forward and said, “Slide back against me again.”

She started sliding herself back and when she was up against me I pulled my hand out from between grabbing my watch and returned it to its box.

My cock settled up against her panty covered crotch. Now that my cock was up against her pussy, all of her movements were rubbing my cock against her button.

I felt her tremble and then she looked around. It was obvious she knew what was going on and she began moving around a lot more. Again, when everyone had their attention on someone else in the room she reached down and grabbed the head of my cock. That was a surprise and I jumped a bit. She pushed it up against her button and wiggled it back and forth.

I could feel myself getting hotter. I don't know if it was because she was my niece, or because she was so young, or because we could get caught at any time, or a combination of the three, but my cock was as harder than ever before.

She moved herself forward a couple of inches on my lap, hooked a finger on the crotch of her panties and pulled them aside, pushing the head of my cock into her little cunt. Her cunny was slippery and hot, making an easy entrance for my dick. The head poked against her little pussy opening and she slid back a little in my lap which pushed my cock head firmly into the opening of her small pussy. The she gave one good hard push back onto my lap the head of my cock slipped inside her followed by an inch or so of throbbing shaft. My hips instinctively hunched forward pushing another inch into her hot box. She moaned quietly and shivered for a couple of seconds.

“OMG, That feels awesome, tight, hot, and wet.” My brain is screaming!

I sat there holding my breath to keep from making any noise. I thought it felt good before, but I couldn't hardly believe how great it felt now.

She let go of my cock placing her dress carefully over the top of our laps.
Then, suddenly I realized everyone started looking at us. My heart stopped. I thought we had been caught. Then someone handed Katy another present, it was her turn again. Thinking we were caught for just That couple of seconds made me even hotter and harder.

She opened the gift, screeched and started moving around on my lap forcing my cock another inch or so into her tight pussy.

“OMG! Could this really be happening to ME? This too much…” My mind is a wreck at this point.

Then she used the gift as an excuse to bounce up and down on my lap firmly placing my cock well within and securely locking us into a fuck fest.

Thankfully it was someone else’s turn to open a gift and all eyes were diverted away from us. By now I must have 4 inches of my cock in her tight pussy. She let out a sigh and I thought we were dead, but nobody noticed. She sat still for a minute or two, she was probably getting used to the size, not that I am that big, but she is that small.

She started moving in a small circular motion. I put my hands on her hips and assisted her moves. I could feel the tightness and moisture in her pussy, she was hot. I started pulling and pushing her gently and slowly on my cock. She was loving it and it was driving me nuts.

It was obvious she had been screwed before and I was curious as to who and how many times. Then she began moving in circles again.

Her little pussy was tight and her juices were flowing and she could make her pussy squeeze my cock, what a feeling. Our position made it difficult for her to keep moving my cock around inside her very much. Even with the minimal movement, I could feel an orgasm rapidly approaching. She tried to push her hips down to get me farther inside her, but the position we were in made it difficult.

To remedy the position issue, she started swinging her legs back and forth again. Every time her legs swung, back she would lean forward slightly and then when her legs were forward she would fall back into my lap riding my cock. I had my hands in the middle of her back and was assisting the movements. We were fucking right here in the family room with over twenty people in the room. How hot is that? My cock was moving in and out of her pussy only an inch or so but OMG, we were fucking!

It was obvious that her mission was to cum and she wanted me to cum in her pussy, which I was more than happy to sit there and let her make it happen. In my opinion, that was a great mission to have.

She continued this slow movement for only a couple of minutes. Then I felt her start trembling. Her pussy started clenching my cock, it was all I could take. My cum roared out of my balls and shot up through my cock, delivering my cum into her tight, forbidden orifice. I pumped into her at least 8 times.

When she felt the first rope of hot cum being pumped into her tight pussy she started shaking and I knew she was cumming too. I prayed we could contain our movement and noises, we didn’t need to get caught now. She kept her legs swinging the whole time. Her tight pussy squeezed my cum right back out and I could feel it running out and down my cock and balls even as I was still squirting rope after rope of cum into her pussy.

She contained herself and continued through her orgasm. When her orgasm was over she made no attempt to move off my cock or my lap. She sat there with my cock still inside her not saying a word to me and she was still swinging her legs and I was still rocking her, which was milking every drop from my cock.

I knew that I would have to clean up the mess below us after she got off my lap, I figured there was a cup of cum on the carpet, of course that wasn’t the actual amount, it just felt like it.

The party around us continued, no one know we had just committed a sin, broke some laws and participated in a family taboo. It was awesome!

We stayed in that same position and she continued to swinging her legs back and forth and I continued to rock her for a few more minutes as my cock finally started to deflate. Then it was announced that everyone was ready to leave. They all got up and started pouring into the foyer and as soon as it was safe, I reached under to put my dick away and pull my underwear and sweat pants back on me. She stayed on my lap until I bent forward and kissed on the neck and said “Thank you for a wonderful Christmas present”. She hopped off my lap. She gave me a kiss on the cheek reached to my groin and gave my cock a good squeeze and thanked me for my Christmas present to her and especially for asking her to sit on my lap.

"It was my pleasure." I chuckled.

As I laid in bed that night jacking off running this whole day through my mind again, for some odd reason it finally dawned on me, I wasn’t a virgin any more. I just fucked a girl, an 11-year-old girl, and that was hot. I jacked-off thinking about that day and my little niece for months.

I hadn’t really paid much attention to young girls before now, but I will from now on.


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