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this is my first attempt at a short story. after lots of fun with text sex it was suggested that i try writting something a little longer. so here it is. let me know what you think. constructive criticism is always welcome. this is a fantasy i had about two girls i used to go to school with. it has become a lot more detailed as my knowledge of sex has grown. anyway, enjoy
Claire and Abby

Claire and Abby were good friends of mine. In our fifth year at school we would spend a lot of time hanging out between exams and study periods. Sometimes it would just be me and Claire, Abby and I were friends but she was always a little shy and didn’t really spend time with me if Claire wasn’t around.
That suited me fine though, Claire was fun to be with and when we were on our own we usually ended up exploring each other. We were never boyfriend and girlfriend but we had this kind of unspoken understanding, we were like each others biology practical. We never went all the way but we spent a long time touching and looking at each other.
I knew she talked to Abby about what we got up to but Abby never spoke to me about it. She wasn’t as confident as Claire, but I knew she was just as curious from some of the comments Claire had told me she made and questions she asked when she was describing the fun we had together.
She had probably already told her what we got up too yesterday. Claire had come to my house in the afternoon after our last exam and we decided to pass a little time exploring before she had to catch her bus.
We had been up in my room messing around as we always did. Touching, groping and doing our best to get our hands in each others pants. Neither of us ever objected of course, but it was fun to tease.
We were going further than we ever had before. Claire was straddling me as I lay on my bed. I had my hands up her skirt and her knickers pulled to one side. I loved touching her pussy, it was so smooth with it’s tiny slit running back to the little pink teardrop of flesh that was the opening to her.
But today was different. I was laying there on my back with my dick so hard it was hurting. It was still inside my trousers but I knew it didn’t want to be. So I took a chance and unzipped. I had done this before but never when I was so close to her. She didn’t move.
My heart was pounding in my chest, my cock was inches from her wet pussy and she wasn’t moving away. In fact she reached down between her legs and, taking hold of my shaft, started to guide me towards her little pink slit.
My breath was being battered by my stammering heart. Was she going to let me do this with her?
Then I felt her. Warm soft and wet on the end of me. She was gripping me tight as she started to rub the tip of my swollen purple end along her slit. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face that I’d never seen before. A content, ecstatic smile.
She started to push down on me, she was so tight that my cock, which was like a spear by now, wasn’t penetrating her. I felt my shaft starting to buckle as her lips just started to part. It felt absolutely amazing on the end of me. So amazing in fact that I thought I was about to cum.
It was then that we heard the front door open and close. Mum was home early.
Today of all fucking days she comes home early. She never comes home early. The door closed and we heard footsteps on the stairs. Claire leapt off me and her skirt hid everything as she sat in the wicker chair by my bed. I wasn’t so lucky. My cock was hard as rock and still sticking out of my trousers. I still consider it a miracle that I was able to get it back in my trousers so quickly and without serious injury from my zip.
We had just regained our composure and managed to put on a convincing display of revision when the door opened and, sure enough, there stood mum.
“oh sorry, I didn’t know there was anyone here. Can you help me downstairs for a moment please?”
That was it. The greatest moment in my life ruined by leaves in the garden and the disposal thereof.
By the time I’d finished Claire and my mum had got to know each other a little and it was time to walk Claire to the bus stop.
Just before she hoped on the bus she turned and said,
“no playing now, I’ll wanna see it tomorrow and I’ll know if you’ve let yourself cum. So don’t touch!”
She would as well. She always knew. She’d seen me cum so many times she could walk up to me at school and know whether I’d played the night before or even that morning. She always told me it was something to do with the way I moved. I always tried to fool her but it never worked, I never really understood what she meant.
So I spent a tortured night trying everything I could to take my mind off what had happened that afternoon but I finally got to sleep and the next day dawned.
Immediately on waking up my thoughts were dragged to memories of the day before. My cock was awake before I was but I knew I couldn’t touch it. I washed, I dressed, I went for breakfast, I went to school. And all the time all I could think about was the warm soft wetness of her pussy on the tip of my cock. And I know that’s probably why I failed the exam I sat that day.
I hadn’t seen much of Claire in the morning, we said hello as we passed in the corridor and she glanced down at my crotch with a cheeky smile and whispered “good boy” but that was it.
I met up with them both at lunch and discovered that the three of us had the afternoon free but it was a good couple of hours before Claire and abby could catch their bus home. We decided to go for a walk.
We crossed the school field chatting and laughing about the events of the morning till we got to the bridge. It was only a small bridge but it let those who walked the country path we were on cross the stream into the fields and the dirt tracks beyond.
Claire was busy telling Abby some story about a guy in her class who had tried chatting her up. It didn’t make me jealous, as I said, we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend but I did feel a twinge of sadness. After all, I didn’t want to loose my biology partner. Not now things were getting so interesting.
I spent the walk as I had spent my morning, thinking about what Claire and I had nearly done the day before in my room. The effects it was having on me were getting hard to hide.
After a short walk we came to our favourite hang out on the old tracks. There was a rusty old gate that lead into an overgrown field. It was only small but there was a barn with a rusty tin roof full of old farm machinery. It was obvious from the state of the place that no one ever used it so we used to just sit amongst the tall grass in the sun.
Claire half climbed, half hopped over the gate. Then I went over and stayed to help Abby. Abby didn’t really need help but, as with everything, she would always get flustered if she thought she was gonna get stuck.
Claire had gone on a little way ahead and was busy finding somewhere to sit under the tree by the time abby and I caught up. It was nice here, the trees stopped most of the breeze and also cut us off from the track and anyone who may be walking past. It was a sun trap and a lovely place to get lost.
Abby sat in the long grass next to Claire and they resumed their discussion of all things interesting about the boys they liked while I lay back on the flat metal housing of some rusty old piece of farm machinery and went back to thoughts off yesterday.
I don’t know how long I had been laying there thinking about it but I suddenly felt my cock starting to ache. I was getting really hard but it wasn’t comfortable. I reached into my trousers and then into my boxer shorts to adjust myself. I pulled my cock round so that it was lying flat on my belly.
As I did I couldn’t help but notice just how wet and sticky my tip was with pre-cum. I touched the puckered well of my foreskin with the tip of my finger. It was full of my clear liquid and the touch sent a shiver all the way through my hips as my cock twitched and jumped.
The need to re-adjust myself had temporarily pulled my from my most delicious daydream and it was only now that I realised Claire and Abby were no longer talking, they were whispering. I closed my eyes and went back to my thoughts assuming Abby was a little embarrassed by what she was telling Claire.
I heard Claire whisper something to Abby, who then gasped. There was movement then I heard Claire.
“Oi James, fancy a fuck?”
My eyes snapped open and, lifting my head, I turned to face her just as something hit me in the face.
It didn’t hit me hard, in fact it was very soft but the shock made me flinch which, in turn, made them giggle. I felt whatever had hit me in the face land on my chest and my hand came up too see what it was, it was a pair of white cotton knickers, WARM white cotton knickers.
I slowly turned to look at Claire. She was stood with a mischievous smile on her face and a glint in her eye.
My heart started to race. Was she teasing me again? Perhaps the fact that abby was here was driving her to show off in which case it could go either way. I wanted to fuck her so badly. My cock was so hard that it had started to take over and fucking her was all I could think about.
“yes I do” I replied “you left me with this” and, dropping the knickers back onto my chest, I moved my hands down to my trousers and started to undo them.
Claire bent at the waist, took hold of the hem of her skirt and, standing, slowly pulled it up to reveal her little fanny. Her mound looked exquisite. A beautiful curve of flesh with a slight covering of strawberry blonde downy hair that all flowed in the direction of her gorgeous pussy.
“come on then big boy” she said with a wiggle of her hips and a cheeky smile.
My trousers now undone, I grabbed the waist of them, along with my boxers and pulled them down just enough for my rock hard dick to pop out. It didn’t need any help, it was so hard it ached and it stood too attention all on its own.
Abby, her hand flying to her open mouth, gasped as it came into view. Her eyes wide and staring.
“You gonna do something about this?” I asked.
“see abby, I told you. I knew I’d seen it in his trousers on the way here………….Do you wanna touch it?”
I looked at Abby. She was still sitting there with her hand over her mouth and her eyes fixed on my hard rod. I knew she had never seen a real cock before and she was taking every opportunity to have a good look.
In reply to Claires question she tentatively shook her head, her eyes unmoving.
“looks like it’s up to me then” said Claire with a hungry smile.
“you’d better be quick, I’m about two strokes from cumming”
“well that’s no good is it? You’ll just have to have a wank”
I knew it, she had been winding me up. She had no intention of letting me fuck her, she was just showing off in front of abby.
She could see what I was thinking by the anguished expression that had obviously passed over my face.
“come on, I promised Abby she could see what it looks like when you cum, I promise I’ll make it worth your while” she said with a wink “come on abby” she turned and beckoned to her. Abby didn’t move. The sight of my cock had frozen her fragile little mind and I could tell she had no idea what to do next.
Clair walked over and took her hand.
“come on, it’ll be ok. I promise I won’t let him hurt you” she giggled.
Slowly Abby started to move. Claire brought her over to where I was now stood and they kneeled at my feet. Both staring up at my cock with interest.
“well? Go on! I promised Abby a show”
I looked down at Abby and there was something in the way she looked at my cock that really turned me on. I could see she was curious about it but she was far to scared to touch. I wanted to give her a show.
I took my cock in my hand and slowly started to move it back and forth. Something I had been to scared to do until now as I knew how close to orgasm I was. I’d been thinking about fucking Claire for almost one solid day now and I was fit to burst.
The warm summer air felt amazing on the wet and swollen end of my dick. My foreskin moved easily over it as I pulled it back. The thick juices soon worked in between my fingers and my hand started to slip up and down me as I stroked it.
I looked down at the two girls at my feet, their eyes fixed on my throbbing penis.
Claire was smiling, her lips slightly apart as she licked them. Abby just stared in a mixture of shock, disbelief and what was beginning to look more and more like hunger. Her breath was getting shorter.
This just turned me on even more and I began to get that familiar feeling building in my hips. I started to rub myself harder as I felt it growing, my breath came shorter. I started to let out short moans as I got closer and ever closer to that glorious release.
My legs started to tremble as I my balls started to tighten.
“he’s getting close now, watch, he’ll cum any second” I heard Claire whisper.
My hand moved faster, I felt it build, I squeezed, I pulled, I stopped.
The sensation of my orgasm bursting from me made my whole body shake.. This had been building in me for a day and now here I was, in the warm summer air with two girls kneeling in front of me as the first jet of my hot sticky cum shot between them.
“wow” abby uttered, breathlessly.
My cock and balls were still twitching and pumping. Another three spurts flew between my watchers and landed on the grass at my feet.
As my orgasm slowly subsided I gently squeezed the base of my cock and pulled my hand up to the end, trying my best to drain every last drop. As the last remains of my sperm trickled from my purple end I heard Claire ask abby if she wanted to taste it?
I looked down to see a dumbstruck abby shake her head once again.
“I will” said Claire, and she took hold of my softening dick and put it in her mouth sucking the last drops from me.
She looked up, licking her lips and still rubbing me and said, in an almost pleading tone “are you still gonna fuck me? I‘ve been thinking about it all night and day. I haven‘t touched myself since either” she said with a wink.
I couldn’t believe it! She was going to let me after all! I looked down into her eyes and said, “that depends on whether you can get me hard again or not”
I knew I wouldn’t need any help. I may of just cum but the thought of actually feeling a warm, wet, tight pussy wrapped round my cock at last was already breathing life back into me.
No, I thought it was only fair that she put on a show for me now.
“I want to watch you do what you just watched me do”
She looked at me a little puzzled.
“you want this?” I asked pointing at my already inflating dick, “then I wanna see what you do when you’re alone thinking about it”
She stood up looking at me, turned and walked towards the thing I had been laying on before. As she walked, wiggling her hips as much and as slowly as she could, she started to slide her skirt up her thighs until it was bunched up round her waist. Her bare ass looked amazing. So smooth and round. Her legs weren’t long but they looked so good as she walked. I felt myself starting to twitch.
She started to climb up onto the rusty orange machine on all fours like a prowling cat and as she did I was treated to the most beautiful sight. Her thighs were rubbing together and as she bent the smooth round peach of her pussy forced it’s way into view. It looked soft to the touch, the curves of her flesh so rounded and inviting as they all moved towards the little pink lips that opened like a flower. I could see her glistening in the sunshine and it wasn’t just her little hole. She was very wet, the tops of her thighs and a little of her ass was wet too.
Then I understood how much she wanted me, she was as anxious for this as I was.
She looked round at me past her hips and, with a little smile, wiggled herself at me. Then she slowly moved her knees, spreading her legs as far apart as she could without falling off.
Her hand appeared between her legs and, for a moment, covered her wetness. As she moved it slowly over herself, moving her fingers from her ass forward the tips of her two middle fingers dipped slightly inside her and she spread her little cunt open.
She was so wet and pink inside that for a moment it took me by surprise but I was far too horny for that to last long.
Her hand kept moving and as it did her clit cam into view. Even from here I could see how hard it was. She let out a faint sigh as she started to rub it in slow circles. Every time she did, the lips of her pussy would move against each other spreading her juices.
She was rubbing faster now and I could see her breath getting faster and shorter, moaning and whimpering slightly as she did.
Her hand moved and she dipped the tips of her two middle fingers into her little pink opening. She pushed them half way into her and when she pulled them back out they glistened in the sun.
My cock was raging again, I looked down at it. It was just as hard as it had been before Abby’s little show. And then Abby caught my eye. She was still kneeling next to me, her knees were slightly apart and, although she was still fully clothed she had one hand between her legs. She wasn’t rubbing herself, she didn’t even have her hand up her skirt, she just appeared to be holding herself and as she did so she would look between Claire’s pussy and my cock, amazed at what she was seeing and wondering what was going to happen next.
She didn’t have to wander for long. The sight of Claire well on her way to orgasm was all her needed. It was time.
I walked over to where Claire was finger fucking herself. I could hear her juices squelching and running over her fingers as she forced them in then pulled them out again.
She didn’t notice me approach at first, her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the feeling of something inside her.
I reached between her legs and took hold of her wrist. I pulled it slowly away from her and watched her fingers slide all the way out. As they did her glistening pink pussy closed behind them. My cock twitched at the site, it wanted to be in her.
She looked round and down at my cock which was hard and throbbing again.
“is that for me?” she asked breathlessly
“it is, turn over”
Putting one knee underneath herself she turned and sat and, looking me right in the eye as she did so, slowly slid her skirt up her legs.
Even though I had just watched her fingering her sweet peach the way she did it sent shivers through my spine. As her skirt got closer and closer to the top of her legs she slowly opened them to reveal herself to me again.
The soft round cheeks of her ass were perched right on the edge of the machine with her knees held high and her hands planted firmly on the surface behind her.
Her legs were as wide apart as she could hold them when she looked at me and said
“come on James…………fuck me”
I didn’t need telling twice. I stepped close to her and put my hands either side of her hooking my arms under her legs as I did. She lowered them down to rest in the crease of my elbows.
The tip of my cock, which was swollen and purple was inch’s from her dripping pussy. My heart was beating so hard I thought it was going to erupt from my chest. She reached round with one hand and took hold of my shaft.
The feel of her touch made it jump in her hand and she gave it a squeeze.
“I’ve never felt you this hard before, god get it in me now! Don‘t cum inside me though”
She dragged it towards her and we touched. It felt every bit as good as I remembered and more. She pulled harder and I felt my end pushing against her lips. She was so wet it slid up and down her slit with ease.
But it wouldn’t go in.
She was so tight I could feel my cock buckling against her as it had yesterday. I wasn’t going to let that stop me.
I grabbed the sides of the machine and, using it, pulled myself hard towards her.
I felt her lips starting to give way to me. Slowly, very slowly, they stretched around me,
She let out a loud, sharp intake of breath. I let go of the machine, grabbed her hips and pushed with all my might.
she let out a yelp as the swollen round end of my hard cock forced it’s way past her tight lips and, with almost a popping sensation, entered her.
It felt amazing, like nothing I could have imagined. I had to stop and gather my thoughts for a second and savour this feeling.
Claire’s head rolled back, her eyes shut. She was breathing in short juddering bursts, her legs were hanging limp over my arms and I could feel her pussy tensing and twitching around me. I wanted more.
“do you want a bit more baby?” I asked.
“oh god yeah!” came the reply.
As I tightened my grip on her waist and moved to get a better thrust her head snapped back up.
“wait, just a second” leaving one arm behind her for support she reached down and gathered up her skirt. She wanted to be able to see her pussy and what was about to happen to it.
I looked down, it looked amazing. Her puffy swollen lips were stretched tight around me. Her outer lips had been forced apart and her hard little clit was sitting proud just begging to be touched.
She had a clear view now. She could see her little slit spread wide open and the shaft of my cock locked inside her.
“now, give me some more” she said, not taking her eyes from the spectacle between her legs.
I held her hips tight and pushed. She was so so tight, if she hadn’t been so wet I wouldn’t of been able to enter her. But I did.
Slowly I pushed. Entering her just a little before pulling out then pushing back in again. She was whimpering slightly with every thrust but I wasn’t going to stop.
With one last push I filled her, she squealed and sat there panting for a moment still refusing to take her eyes away from her poor little cunt.
I was all the way up inside her and it felt amazing. I flexed my cock making my tip swell quickly, there was another sharp intake of breath and she nearly fell over. Putting a hand on my chest she steadied herself and through short breaths said.
“I always wondered what that would feel like inside me”
Slowly, I started to pull out of her. I pulled almost all the way out till just the tip of me was left inside her. Her eyes closed as I moved. When I was almost out I pushed the entire length of me back in as quickly as her tight hole would let me.
The tip of my cock drove all the air from her body. Her legs bounced over my arms and her breasts rolled on her chest. So I did it again, this time even faster then harder, then faster and harder. Every thrust making her breasts rise and fall.
I was fucking her
I could feel her pussy getting used to me now, I looked down and could see her little lips sucking at my dick as it slid out then disappearing back inside her as I thrust back in again.
Claire’s breathing was getting very fast now, her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open trying to get as much air as possible. She moved one hand down between us and as her finger tip touched her clip her whole body jolted.
She touched it again this time moving her finger tips in circles around it in time with my thrusts.
“oh my god! OH MY GOD!!”
Her body started to shudder, her legs were trembling and her whole body started to quake.
“I’m cumming!”
I felt her pussy clamp down on me, tight around me so I couldn’t move. I felt her get even wetter, hot against me as her juices flowed. Her pussy was like a vice then, with a flutter, it released me.
But I wasn’t done yet, I hadn’t cum and she was going to take my cock till I did.
She was laying back now, exhausted and I renewed my assault on her tight hole
Pounding into her felt so good, her pussy was so wet now and my cock made squelching noises as it filled her. I was so glad she had made me cum before I fucked her, I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything.
I was fucking her with my full length when I felt her hand on my chest and she said.
“I haven’t cum yet, I’m gonna fuck you till I do”
“I think you’d better save some, it looks like someone else wants a go”
I followed her eyes and saw what she meant. There stood Abby.
She was a short way away. She had gathered her skirt up with one arm and was holding it round her waist. Her other hand was in her knickers. I could see her fingers moving under the cloth, she was stroking her pussy and her gaze was fixed on the point where my cock vanished into Claire.
I slowly pulled out a little and heard Claire sigh. Abby’s gaze followed it intently. She watched as I pushed it back in making Claire moan.
Abby’s feet were slightly apart and every now and then her fingers would slide all the way underneath her as her breath got faster.
“do you want to try a bit?” asked Claire
Abby didn’t move, she just stared at the shaft of my cock still clutched by Claire’s pussy.
“don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you. Would you like to know how it feels?”
Abby stood staring, then, slowly, without taking her eyes from my cock, she nodded.
Claire lifted her legs and put her feet on my chest. It made her pussy feel just that little tighter. Then, with a giggle she said
“out you get” and pushed me away with her feet. My cock, left her with an audible wet pop and she turned, hopped down from the machine and slowly walked over to Abby.
Abby was looking at Claire now with that oh so familiar “rabbit in the headlights” look. Claire took her hand and said.
“Don’t worry, it feels amazing and I’ll make sure he stops if you want him too, ok?”
Abby looked over at my cock and, after a moments hesitation, nodded once more.
“come on then” said Claire with a smile.
“I think we’ll need to get rid of these first though” she hooked her thumbs in the waist band of Abby’s knickers and pulled them gently down.
I had never seen Abby’s pussy before. She had a faint diamond of hair that covered her little fanny.
Claire lead her by the hand to where they had been sitting earlier under the tree. Claire sat down with her back to the trunk and her legs slightly spread.
“here, you kneel here” she indicated to Abby that she should kneel between her legs facing her. Claire pulled Abby towards her until her head was resting on her shoulder. As she wrapped her arms around Abby Claire gently stroking her hair and whisper to her. I saw Abby nod.
As I got closer Abby turned her head a little and was staring at my cock again. She was looking at it as if it might spring forward at any time and bite her like a poisonous snake. She didn’t take her eyes from it for a second.
“okay, now be gentle. She’s just a little girl” said Claire, as she reached down to Abby’s raised ass and slowly slid her grey school skirt up over it to reveal her little pink mound.
I walked up behind her and knelt between her feet. Sitting back for a second I looked, not wanting to waste the opportunity.
Abby was a naughty little girl. She was so innocent and timid on the outside but now I looked at her pussy it was a completely different story. She was, quite literally, dripping wet. There was a small clear bead of juice clinging to her clit which was poking out from between her thin outer lips. her small inner lips were spread out like a butterfly. Her pussy was gorgeous.
As I raised myself up to kneel, bringing the tip of my cock inch’s from her I could see her breath quicken and she craned her neck, trying in vain to see the hard penis she was so afraid of. The anticipation grew inside her as I moved but she didn’t try to stop me.
I placed my hands on her hips and felt her jump. My cock felt as if it was going to burst. I moved my hips toward her slowly. Looking down I could see her little hole twitching and contracting as she drew short sharp breaths.
Then I touched her.
Her hips flinched away from me. Then, slowly, she relaxed and I felt the warm, slippery wetness against me and the end of my cock twitched.
She was shaking now, her breath stammering. Claire was holding Abby in a loving cuddle as her head rested on Claire’s shoulder.
“it’s ok, shush shush shush now, it’s ok” cooed Claire as she gently stroked Abby’s hair, comforting her as you would a scared child. “don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt you with his big nasty dick”
Abby seemed to settle just a little. She started to tentatively move her hips from side to side. The tip of my cock rolling around in the soft wetness of her lips as they kissed it.
“Are you ready?” Claire asked softly.
Abby was resting her head in the crook of Claire’s neck. For a second she didn’t move. Her eyes just staring. Then, slowly, she nodded.
Claire looked up at me and said, “okay, gently now. Give her just the end of it”
I tightened my grip on Abby’s hips just a little, I felt her flutter against my swollen glans as she tensed in anticipation. Claire must of noticed, she went back to stroking her hair and doing her best to reassure her. “hey, it’s okay. Just relax, it’s much nicer if you relax. I can make him stop if you don’t like it. I promise I won’t let him hurt you”
I felt her hips relax but she was still trembling as I held her. I couldn’t wait any more, the feeling in my hips and stomach muscles was getting stronger. I just wanted to pound her till I came.
I started to push, she wasn’t as tight as Claire but I still had to push quite hard before I felt her lips starting too stretch for me. My shaft was throbbing, wanting to feel her tight walls round it. I reached the point where I knew she was just about to give way to me, just a bit more force and I would be inside her.
I heard her hold her breath, she knew what was coming even though she’d never felt it before.
I looked up at Claire, she was stretching her neck to see over Abby’s arse to where my cock was suspended between me and her friends pussy and she was biting her bottom lip as she cradled her friends head. She was enjoying the show, I could tell.
She would enjoy this next bit too. I was at the threshold, on the verge of entering Abby’s tiny pussy, when I pushed just that little bit more.
My cock moved slowly, I could feel the tight ring of her opening stretch around me and slowly engulf the swollen end of my throbbing dick.
As I entered her she turned her face into the crook of Claire’s neck and let out a sharp, but muffled, yelp. Her breath coming in a short but deep lungful and every exhale marked with a shuddering whimper.
“shush shush shush, it’s okay. Ssshhhhhh. Do you want him to stop?” Claire asked. Her attention taken momentarily from what I was doing to her friend.
For a second Abby didn’t move, then, with her face still buried in Claire’s neck, she nodded.
NO FUCKING WAY!!!!! She wanted me to stop. My cock was raging. The beast in my hips was ready to fuck this little thing till I exploded and I wasn’t ready to stop. I had to have a fuck like my life depended on it.
But there was no winning. I couldn’t just fuck her anyway, no matter how much I wanted to, but I wasn’t going to leave yet. I wanted to savour the feeling of this gorgeous, tight warmth on my end for as long as I could. But it was not to be.
With a cheeky grin, Claire hooked one leg around her friend, placed her bare foot on my chest and with, what seemed like, a great deal of pleasure said “out you get!” and pushed me.
My cock left Abby with a squelch and her whole body relaxed. With a load short moan she almost collapsed into a heap in Claire’s lap.
“well, it looks like you’re in line for your second wank of the day” said Claire with a huge grin on her face. I’d love to ram my cock down your throat and wipe that grin off your face I thought. “she doesn’t want any more, she wants you too put it away”.
Claire looked down suddenly with surprise on her face. Abby was shaking her head.
“no? you don’t want him to put it away?”
Abby shook her head again.
“you want a bit more do you?”
Abby nodded.
“well, it looks like you’re in luck. But remember, be gentle. Okay Abby, here he comes”
I took my position behind her again as I had before. I placed my hands on her hips but this time she didn’t flinch. In fact, she stuck her ass out at me.
My hands on her hips I guided myself towards her little hole. It was a little blushed now from the stretching it received just a moment ago but it was just as wet as it was and it felt just as amazing when it touched me.
The feeling was no less electric the second time around, it sent jolts through me as my end pushed her lips apart and forced entry to her and she let out another little yelp into Claire’s neck as it did.
Claire, looking me in the eyes, help a stopping hand up to me. “are you ok?” she asked Abby. Abby nodded still breathing heavily into Claire’s shoulder.
“would you like a bit more?” Abby nodded again.
“slowly now, she’s very fragile”
I’ll give her slowly, I thought.
She was so wet, a lot wetter than Claire had been and, grabbing her hips hard, I pushed. Slowly but very very firmly.
I saw Abby’s grip on Claire’s arm tighten and her head raise from Claire’s shoulder. She let out a long deep moan that slowly raised in pitch as I slowly and purposefully pushed my entire length all the way into her.
I was almost all the way up to my balls into her when I felt something firm on the end of my dick.
Abby’s moan turned to a scream as I kept up my relentless drive.
“stop! Stop!” Claire cried, “that’s enough!” she had a worried look on her face. I had a snarl on mine. Forcing my cock into this sweet timid girl had turned me into some sort of animal and I liked it.
“do you want him to stop? Oh Abby I’m so sorry, I didn’t know he’d go that far. Do you want him to stop?”
Abby had gone quiet, but she slowly shook her head.
“do you want some more?”
She nodded.
I could tell from the look on Claire’s face that she was shocked by her friend but I didn’t need her to tell me what Abby wanted.
As I drew my cock backwards out of Abby’s embracing pussy her head slowly came down again to rest on Claire’s shoulder. I pulled myself almost all the way out until I could feel, the now cool in comparison, summer air on my purple helmet.
Then, with another slow push, I forced it all the way back up her. Her head rose from Claire’s shoulder again but this time she moaned loudly. I pulled back again, this time only just a little, before I forced myself into her again. She liked it deep.
I pushed as far as I could before I felt that firmness on the tip of me that signified her limit. Then I pushed a bit more. Her moan grew louder as I felt my cock starting to bend slightly. I felt my balls touch her clit. I was as far as I could go and she was loving it.
I slowly moved away from her. Giving her chance to catch her breath than I rammed it back in fast, all the way in. she let out a yelp and her head fell onto Claire’s shoulder again. I did it again, this time holding it deep inside her till her head slowly fell.
Drawing out again till my glans were exposed I slowly moved into her. Out again, then slowly back in. out again, then in again and again, and again.
Moving faster now, using the whole length of my shaft to drill her tiny hole I looked at Claire. She was biting her bottom lip. Her left hand was cradling Abby’s head as It rested on her left shoulder and she was watching my cock every time it came into view in the crack of her friends ass before it disappeared quickly into her pussy making the cheeks of her firm young ass tremble.
Every now and again her eyes would close and her head would roll back, then I found out why. Her right hand, it was down between her legs.
I drove my cock deep into Abby’s pussy and held it there. Moving her hips to one side slightly I looked round her and, sure enough, Claire had two fingers in her pussy and was rubbing her clit with the palm of her hand.
The sight of that nearly drove me wild. Her I was with my cock in a hot, wet, tight little pussy and I was watching another girl watching me fuck while she fingered herself.
This was like a red rag to a bull. I started too pound Abby’s poor little cunt. I didn’t care anymore. She yelped, squealed and moaned with every thrust.
“oooh does it feel good baby?” I looked up to answer Claire, but she wasn’t talking to me. She had directed the question at Abby. “hmmm? Does it feel good?”
Abby just managed to breathlessly utter a response between my thrusts.
“oh yeah!…………………yeah it does………….oh god yeah!”
“how does it feel babe?”
“I can feel………………….feel him…………so deep”
“you like his cock?”
“oh yeah…………….yes I do……………I….I can feel……………..his big……round…….end…………moving inside me”
“mmmm it’s good isn’t it” Claire purred.
“please………please……….don’t………….let him stop!”
This dirty little girl was loving my cock. She could feel my swollen glans moving up and down in the whole length of her pussy and she loved every second. I looked down and I could see her stretched around me. Her tiny little puckered ass hole just above the hole that was leaving a glistening sheen on my firm shaft every time I drew out.
Her firm ass jiggled slightly with every thrust. I could hear her moaning and grunting as I humped into her. I was enjoying her so much that I was quite distracted when I heard Claire ask her.
“do you wanna see it?”
Abby stopped and looked at Claire and I, in turn, slowed my pounding.
“can I? can I watch him in me?”
“oh yes, you can watch him put it in if you like. You can watch it and feel it at the same time”
“oh god yes, yes please”
Claire looked at me and signalled me to stop. She put her hand on my chest and, pushing me gently, said “let me turn her over”
I gently took my cock out of her with a soft wet sound. She stayed where she was for a second and I watched as her pussy, now quite red from the punishment I’d given it, slowly close.
“okay babe, turn over and lay between my legs” said Claire softly.
Abby slowly did as she was told, turning over to lay on her back between Claire’s legs.
“that’s it, sit up a little” Claire spread her legs wide bending them at the knee. She patted the ground between them and said “put your bum here and lay back against me”.
Again Abby did as she was told, pushing herself up on her hands and laying back against Claire. Even though I had just been deep inside her, filling her most intimate little hole with my cock. The very cock which now stood proud and ready in front of me. She was still shy and timid.
She had her legs closed, trying to keep me from seeing her and as she manoeuvred with Claire’s guidance, she looked at the ground. She didn’t look at me once.
Until she saw my cock at least. Then she couldn’t take her eyes off it. That familiar “rabbit in the headlights” look came across her face in an instant.
Claire took her by the shoulders “that’s it, lay back against me. Open your legs for him”
Abby slowly laid back but she didn’t open her legs. Her gaze was fixed on my cock. Claire reached forward to her knees and slowly slid her skirt up her thighs. Abby quickly reached forward to grab the hem of her skirt in a vain attempt to stop her.
“don’t be silly, he’s seen it already. He was filling it a second ago and you didn’t complain”
Slowly, Abby let Claire spread her knees apart. Her pussy looked even better now. As she laid there with her legs getting wider and wider.
“now James has got to hold your legs”
I knew what Claire was going for, I had seen it in a movie once. Remembering the scene I immediately thought how I wanted to try it. I put my hands behind Abby’s knees and slowly pushed them up to her chest as I moved closer to her.
Claire pulled her skirt right up to her belly ad whispered in her ear “there, see it?”
Abby took her gaze from my cock and looked down. She nodded in response.
Claire reached up and wrapped her hand tightly around my shaft, her grip forcing all the blood into the head and making it swell just that little bit more.
“do you wanna see him put this in you?” she whispered
Abby nodded again and, in a weak voice, said “yes please”
“come on James” Claire said as she looked up at me, “give her a real show”
With my hands in the crease of Abby’s knees I held her legs high and wide as I positioned myself between them, kneeling upright so everyone could see my aching cock which was now almost touching her again.
Abby had her head craned forward and was looking down at me. Her breath was stammering again as I got closer and got heavier still as we came into contact.
The feeling of her on me was just as good now as it had been the first time. Only now I could see her flesh moving under the pressure I applied with the solid end of my shaft.
“are you ready?” asked Claire.
Abby, not looking away from where her wet little lips were gently spread, concealing the tiny hole in my tip. Nodded gently
“okay, she’s ready for you”
I didn’t need any more encouragement. The aggressive feeling in my hips was making it hard for me to stay still. I wanted to see this show just as much as Claire and Abby seemed to.
I moved towards her, angling my hips backward as I did, so that my cock didn’t enter her straight away. I wanted room to move.
With one long slow movement I rotated my hips forward and heard Abby draw a sharp intake of breath as we both watched her pussy open to me. Her legs started to tremble in my hands as my tip moved into her. Her lips spreading wide around my helmet then closing just a little behind it. It’s fatter than my shaft which her lips were now gripping tight.
I continued my thrust sliding slowly into her. I could see the tiny thin inner lips of her moving inside her as my cock dragged them in.
Abby’s breath started to shake in her chest as she issued short whimpers with every inch of my pole disappearing into her.
Her head rolled back momentarily as I sank al the way in. god it looked amazing. Her little clit sat between the slim folds of flesh. It was on show to us all now between the stretched pussy I was buried in.
For the first time since I entered her, Abby looked into my face. Her head snapped forward with her eyes wide open and she issued a loud “OOOOHH!”
This was the reaction I wanted, this was exactly why I flexed my cock when it was deep inside her. Making my tip swell so she could feel it deep.
“did he just flex it?” Claire whispered in her ear.
With a smile on her face, Abby nodded. Her eyes fell to between her legs again and for the first time she spoke to me.
“make it do that again”
I thought I’d give here a treat, I knew that I could flex it and hold it for a few seconds before it started to hurt. With my cock deep inside her I flexed. The reaction was immediate. A sharp intake of breath as she looked down at her pussy. Keeping it flexed I moved my cock almost all the way out of her.
Her mouth was wide open as she panted for breath. I watched her thin inner lips slowly unfold back out of her as my cock came into view.
Her breathing got even heavier as the flexed swollen end started to stretch her entrance more than it had been so far and, keeping it flexed I slowly and purposefully forced it all the way back in, pushing hard when I felt her firm limit on my end making her face screw into wince then relax into a smile once more.
“that’s not fair!! I didn’t get that” said Claire indignantly
Looking at Claire with a smile on my face I said “that’s because you were a bad girl and you didn’t deserve it”
Turning to Abby she asked “how did that feel? Was it good?”
“oh yeah, oh god yeah”
I was moving in and out of her now, enjoying the feeling of her tight hole clamped round me. She was enjoying it too as she watched my shaft moving in and out of her tiny hole.
“tell me how this feels” said Claire as she reached down between Abby’s legs with her right hand and gently touched her clit.
Abby’s whole body jolted with the touch, her head rolled back onto Claire’s shoulder and her legs started to tremble in my hands.
I continued moving into her getting a little faster now. Claire’s hand keeping in time and rhythm with my thrusts, moving in small circles over her hard little clit.
Abby was trembling all over, her body arching and buckling as we both worked on her. Me fucking her hard and deep with Claire massaging her little nub.
“uuh! Uuh! Uuuuuhh! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, oh GOD!”
Her back arched and her whole body tensed. For a second she didn’t move or breath. I felt her pussy tighten around me and suddenly she got very very wet. I looked down to where my dick was still pummelling her little cunt and saw a thick layer of clear cum appear round my shaft.
I drove my cock back into her hard with a loud squelch as her juice started to run down my balls. A couple more increasingly wet thrusts and with a scream she moved. Her legs kicked in my hands as she shook violently but that wasn’t all.
I was looking down at her dripping hole when it happened. A small fountain of thick clear cum erupted from her, landing in dark spots on her grey school skirt. Then another squirt, and another. My belly was wet, her belly was wet as I kept pounding.
The noise of my wet balls slapping against her ass and her sopping pussy was barely audible over her moans and screams.
She slowly started to calm down, bringing her eyes back to where I was punishing her fanny.
The feeling of her tightening around me then releasing me over and over again was bringing me close but seeing her squirt her cum over us both like that tipped me over the edge.
The monster in my hips made me hammer into her, her body shaking and trembling but now because I was fucking her really hard. I didn’t care if she protested, I could feel my orgasm building between my legs. That familiar feeling just before my balls tighten and fire my spunk from me.
“now it’s my turn, I’m gonna cum”
Claire’s head snapped up “don’t cum inside her, don’t you dare”
The feeling was building, I knew it wasn’t far away. My dick started to tremble and I felt my end swell and I know Abby did too.
Claire knew what was about to happen, she put her hand on my chest and pushed almost screaming “GET OUT OF HER!! GET OUT!”
Try as she might she couldn’t move me but, as much as I really wanted to, I knew I couldn’t shoot inside Abby. But I was going to savour every last moment if I could.
My thrusts slowed, I felt my cock tighten and my orgasm began. I pulled my cock out of her in one quick movement and it left her with a very wet pop.
My hand flew to my tensed dick, holding it tight in my fist, I pulled back on it, squeezing it. I pushed the tip of it to her throbbing little clit which made her flinch as the first stream of my sticky cum shot from me.
I was holding my cock so tight against her that it hit the folds of her clit and sprayed all over her belly and so did the second and third. As my orgasm slowly subsided my squirting cock became less aggressive.
My last few spurts landed on her pussy and in the crease between her legs. I sat back, dick in hand, and slowly moved my hand back and forth draining the last few drops from me as I watched the pearly white tracks I had just left running down between Abby’s legs, over her swollen, red, blushing lips and between the cheeks of her ass to the grass she was sitting on.
The three of us collapsed in the long grass. Abby and I catching our breath as we did. No one spoke, we were all feeling content and re-living the events of the last half an hour in our minds.
After a while Claire got up and walked over to recover two pairs of knickers from where they lay close to each other in the grass. On her way back she picked a couple of dock leaves and handed them to Abby who wiped my spunk from between her legs and, after re-arranging their clothes we decided to start the walk back to school.
As I walked Claire took my hand and Abby, walking on her other side, took her arm in a loving embrace and rested her head on her shoulder.
“can we do that again tomorrow?” she asked.
From the look on Claire’s face she was as surprised as I was. I looked back at her smiling and nodded.
“yes we can darling, but tomorrow, I want some of what you had”
With a smile on my face I thought, tomorrow will be a good day.

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