Well here's number 3. Again this series has alot of extreme pedo aspects so if you're not into that stuff don't read. For you other sickos out there this one gets the mother involved and gets even sicker than the previous 2:)
Gas Station Rape

Chapter 3: Mommy Takes Charge

Tom pulled into his driveway, parked, and sat thinking. He had a plan. It might work…….then again it might not. It all depended on his wife’s reaction. What if she called the cops? Divorced him? So many things could go wrong, but he didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t keep what he did to Sammy a secret. She always found him out anytime he tried to lie to her.
He looked over at his son sitting quietly in the passenger seat beside him. The boy looked broken, shell shocked. And why shouldn’t he? He’d just been through the most traumatic experience of his life. Getting fucked by a giant mechanic, a hooker, and finally by his own loving father. The man he trusted the most in the world had ripped that world apart just as he had ripped Sammy’s asshole apart.
Nope, no way to hide it.
No answer.
Sammy kept his eyes glued to the floor, “What?”
“I don’t want you to tell Mommy about what happened at the gas station today. Not yet anyway.”
“Sammy looked at me.”
Sammy looked at his father tears beginning to form in his eyes yet again.
“From now on you are to be my slave. You are to do as I say without question. If I find that you have disobeyed me and told your Mother anything about what happened I’ll do what other Masters do with disobedient slaves. I’ll punish you very hard and long and then I’ll sell you to someone like Biggs. You want that to happen?”
Sammy shook his head hard, tears falling down his face as he sobbed in fear.
Tom smiled with satisfaction, “Good. Now go inside. If Mommy asks you about the game tell about it then go to your room. I’m going to take your mother into our bed room and make her very horny. I’ll come and get you in a while. When I do I want you to be ready and naked. Understand?”
Sammy nodded, got out of the car and went into the house.
His Mom looked up from her house work when he came through the door. She smiled and gave him a kiss and hug but didn’t ask about the game so Sammy went straight to his room.
Tom braced himself and went inside. He gave his wife a long sensuous kiss while he groped her ass. His wife, Sandy, was a busty brunette with long sleek legs and beautiful green eyes. His groping her surprised her because she was usually the one who came on strong.
“Tom! What’s gotten into you! Stop it! Sammy’s in the other room!”
Tom winked, “I know, Sandy. Is Julie home from school yet?”
Sandy shook her head, “No she doesn’t get home for a couple of hours yet. She said she was going to a friend’s house before she comes home.”
“Good! Let’s go to the bedroom. I want to do nasty things with you,” He grinned.
“But Sammy……”
“Is in his room and we’ll be in ours. I told him to leave us alone for a while. Besides what if he does hear us? It’s about time he knew the facts of life! Ha ha!”
Tom froze as Sandy gave him a strange searching look. Finally she laughed too, “Haha. Wouldn’t it be horrible if he walked in on us when I had my strap on up your ass? Then he’d really learn ‘the facts of life’.”
She followed this provocative joke by grabbing him by the front of his shirt and leading him slowly and authoritatively to their bedroom. Once there she slammed the door and pushed him away.
“Strip for me,” She commanded.
Tom complied, stripping out of his clothes.
Sandy also stripped herself after which she slid a hand down to her already wet pussy and slipped a couple of fingers in, “Well, darling, you started this. How far do you want me to take it? You know I like to dominate you. Do you want to be humiliated? Speaking of which start masturbating for me, I want to watch you debase yourself for me.” She followed this by stretching out in a chair while he stood in front of her pumping his cock.
“Honey, I want to go farther than we ever have today,” he slapped his cock hard making himself wince, “Whatever you want me to do I’ll do, and I have a surprise for you.”
Her eyes lit up, “Come here and lick my feet. What kind of surprise? Will I like it?”
He fell to the floor and began to slobber all over her unwashed feet, “I hope so. It’s something I just discovered this afternoon.”
She looked puzzled, “At the game?”
He licked in between her toes and started up her legs. He could see her chest starting to heave as she tried to control her breathing. It always made her incredibly horny when he humiliated himself for her.
“On the way home, Sammy and I found out something very big.”
“Sammy? Is it sexual, Tom? You found out something sexy with our son there?”
Tom hesitated. Was she catching on quick?
“Tom! I’m about to go crazy with you licking me like that! Stand up!”
He stood up, his cock and balls swinging in front of her face. He could see the lust in her eyes. He knew she was about ready. If he was ever going to bring her in on this it had to be soon. Suddenly she reached up with a clawed hand and gripped his balls. He gasped in pain as she squeezed, lust gleaming in her eyes.
“Tell me Tom. What’s the surprise? I can’t wait any longer!”
Tom gasped trying to speak past the pain, “I-it would be better if I showed you!”
Looking impatient but no less aroused Sandy released him, “Ok then let’s go see your surprise.”
Tom held a hand up as he limped to the door, “You wait here. I’ll bring it to you.”
“Ok,” she pouted and settled back into her seat, massaging her cunt.
Tom left the room and headed to Sammy’s room down the hall.

Sammy lay naked on his bed weeping, trying to come to terms with what his dad had done to him. He had always tried to be a good boy, always obeyed his parents. Why did his Daddy hate him now?
Mommy will make it better, he thought, As soon as she finds out she’ll make Daddy stop.
He was still quietly crying when Tom opened the door. Sammy looked up only half surprised to see his Dad naked.
“Come on Sammy.”
Obedient as ever Sammy got up and walked over to his Dad his eyes glued to the floor. Tom took his hand and led him back to the bedroom where Sandy waited. As they entered Sandy’s eyes widened at the sight of her nude baby boy.
“Tom…….what’s going on?”
Tom told her everything, from their arrival at the gas station and how he caught Biggs in the bathroom with Sammy to when he and the other two men showered Sammy and Trixie with cum just before they left. Sandy listened without interrupting, an expression on her face that Tom couldn’t quite make out. After he finished she quietly took Sammy out of his hands and took him aside.
“Sammy is what your Daddy said true?”
Sammy sobbed into her arms, “Yes! Daddy and the men at the gas station hurt me really bad, even the woman did, though she was nice some of the time. Mommy, please! Please don’t let them hurt me again! Please!”
Sandy closed her eyes for a moment as she ran a hand over her son, apparently thinking. Suddenly she pushed him aside hard enough to send him tumbling to the floor. She ran at her husband who took a step back afraid she was attacking him. But when she reached him instead of hitting him she jumped into his arms and kissed him passionately. Sammy lay sobbing despairingly on the floor. He had no hope now.
After they broke their kiss Tom looked into his wife’s eyes, “So you’re not mad?”
“Mad?!,” she kissed him again, “Honey I’ve been laying down hints now for months that I wanted to do things to the kids. I’ve been getting Julie slutty little outfits and Sammy’s shorts have been getting shorter and shorter. I’ve been making lewd comments and jokes involving the kids. And a million other things that your thick head didn’t pick up on. That was probably why you were so ready to give in, though I didn’t exactly expect the gay thing but it make things interesting.”
Tom gave his wife a bemused smile, “I guess it took the sight of a big fat man raping our son to trigger my own perverted desires.”
Sandy smiled, “Speaking of which I’m going to want to meet this Biggs, but until then,” she turned her attention to the pathetic form of her son laying on the floor, “I love the way he looks there, so defenseless and weak. It makes me just want to use him up and throw him away with the trash. Fuck him for me, darling, please! Hard!”
Tom grinned at his wife as she returned to her chair. He walked over to their son and picked him up off the floor. Sammy wriggled feebly but was unable to stop his dad from sitting on the bed and placing his asshole on the tip of his cock. Sandy moaned and Sammy screamed as Tom sunk his rod into his son’s ass yet another time for the day.
“Faster, Faster!” Sandy moaned as Tom pumped their boy on his cock, “Rape my baby! Fuck his little shithole till he bleeds. I want to use both our children till they’re nothing but fuck dolls anymore!”
Tom looked at his wife in amazement as her filthy desires spilled from her mouth.
“What do you think we ought to do with Julie? Remember the man called Josh I told you about? I told him about Julie and he seemed real interested in breaking her in.”
Sandy shook her head, “I want us to break her! He can use her afterwards. Will he be mean to her? Make her do disgusting things and then punish her even if she obeys him?”
“I’m sure if he doesn’t Trixie will finish the job. You should meet Trixie. She’s really into kinky stuff. She really liked Sammy. I told her that we’d get them together again sometime.”
“Mmmmm! I can’t wait! I’m sure she and I’ll be great friends! We can bond over the many perverted things we’ll do to poor little Sammy together!”
Sandy got up from her chair and walked over to Tom embracing him as they smothered Sammy between them. Tom stood up with Sammy still on his cock while he and Sandy kissed each other lustfully. Sammy tried to breath as his mother and father pressed him harder and hard stuffing Tom’s cock all the way into his bleeding anus.
Finally, the parents broke their embrace and Sandy slid down to Sammy and began to kiss him roughly, gagging him as she shoved her long tongue down her eight year old son’s throat. Moving down further she came to her son’s tiny cock. Hungrily she covered it with her mouth, balls and all, and sucked furiously. Sammy bawled in pain as the pressure on his tiny balls became too much but his mommy didn’t stop. Soon she had a finger next to her husband’s cock trying to pry itself into Sammy’s baby ass. It slipped in and she quickly added a second and third finger to it. Sammy screamed as his mommy pulled apart his ass with her fingers. Spitting out his bruised genitals she began to lap up the blood that flowed from the rips and tears the parents made in their son’s ass.
Tom began to gasp as he came and filled his son yet again with cum. He pulled out and fed his bloody cum soaked cock to his wife who greedily cleaned it up. Then she took Sammy away from Tom and cleaned out her son’s ass. Relieved at having only his mom’s tongue in his ass Sammy’s screaming quieted to mild sobs.
Finally Sandy finished cleaning her son out and tossed him to the floor. She stood up and kissed her husband again sharing her treasure from their son’s ass with him.
When they broke the kiss she purred into his ear, “Let’s take this into the bathroom.”
Tome grinned as he collected their ruined son and followed her to the bathroom. Once there she took Sammy from him and dumped the boy into the bathtub.
“I want to watch you make our son a toilet Tom. Piss on him drench while I watch!”
Tom shook his head, “I’m sorry honey I can’t. I used up all my urine at the gas station.”
Sandy looked heartbroken for a second then she brightened up again, “Then shit on him! Into his mouth! Make him eat it! I’m so close darling I know I’ll squirt if I see you shit on Sammy!”
Tom nodded and got into the tub with his son. Squatting over him Tom ordered, “Open your mouth Sammy and swallow what I give you.”
Like an obedient slave Sammy opened his mouth. Tom squatted exactly above his open mouth and squeezed his bowel muscles shitting out a huge log that got stuck half way in his son’s mouth making the boy gag and spit it out. Tom reached around and slapped Sammy across the face.
“Little shit! I told you to swallow it! Now eat it up!”
Moaning and squealing in ecstasy as she masturbated to the sight of her defeated and obedient son on his knees, like a dog, scooping up his dad’s excrement into his mouth. Sammy munched up his meal and swallowed it, looking up just in time to get a face full of pussy juice as his mom came so hard she squirted all over him.
Tom stepped out of the tub and embraced his wife looking into her eyes as he said, “I love you so much, now more than ever!”
She smiled at him her eyes returning the sentiment as she kissed him hard and long. Finally she broke the kiss and step away from him saying, “Wait there.”
Sandy stepped into the tub with her polluted sobbing son. Sammy reached up for the comfort of a loving mother but Sandy swatted his hands away and pulled his head back by the hair as she squatted over him. Sammy could do nothing but try to swallow as much as possible as his mother used him like an outhouse. A golden flow of urine splashed across her baby’s face and down his throat nearly drowning him. Once empty of piss Sandy unleashed a long series of farts and wet diarrhea chunks over his face, down his throat, and across the rest of his body. When her ass was also empty Sandy slid her pussy all over Sammy’s body, humping him while she smeared her filth all over him. Sammy lost all hope and despaired as his mommy rutted onto him and finally came again followed quickly by a shower of white jism as his dad finished masturbating to the scene.
The parents left Sammy in the tub with orders to ‘clean’ everything up as they went to the other bathroom to shower off. All through the shower they kissed and caressed each other washing away the filth from their bodies. Tom fucked his wife in several positions as the water misted across their bodies and they imagined and talked about what they had done to their baby boy and what they planned to do to their baby girl.
Julie would soon be home.

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