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most likely my last unless i gets a good pressure 0.o
im writing this because it keeps poping up in my dreams after watching ninja assasin an its nagging the hell outta me..let it be known that im not a writer and you'll probably see more errars than a little bit..comment if u like where the story was goin because u most likely wont like the story in also dont be hurtful with the rude comments ( i kno there will be some ignorant fuck who just wont listen) im young...yeah. there probaly wont be peiods and commas in right places soo...oh yeah i highly recomend looking up / ninja training academy on tube so u can let you imagination feel in the blanks during fighting scenes...shh the movies starting

my name is zen im 16 and my dad was an highly paid assasin it was his pride in life and he always tried to bring me into the family business starting from when i was only 4. i've learned alot of tactics, how to handle and fire a firearm with precise pinpoint aim, and i am extremly good at martial arts it just came naturaly to me. before i was old enough to know what my dad was training me for he'd always bring me with him to his client meetings and show them what he called the next greatest killing machine. he taught me how to stalk and wait for the right moment, never get caught, and never fail. when i turned 13 he brought me along to a hit.

he always said i had to be cold and heartless during a hit but it never really stuck with me. the hit was on a crime lords daughter but ofcourse i didnt know this at the time. we where walking for some distance in a highly crowded shopping center when i see my dad reaching behind his back, he pulled out a dagger and slid it up his sleeve. i looked around for anyone who looked like a hit when out of the corner of my eye i see my dad tense up by the time i turned my head my dad had already relaxed and was pulling me when people started screaming like a conscerned parent would. we started runing with the crowd. i still could'nt see the target yet but i knew he was dead i decided to glance behind me and when i did i saw a little girl not even 5 years old with the dagger sticking out of her eye socket.

after that i vowed never to be a hitman but i knew my dad would be very angery if i told him this considering all the time he put in training me. when i was 14 my dad was killed by a prodigy child assasin named lee. it had turned out that the client who order my father to kill the little girl had let it slip who he hired to kill her. the crime boss instantly sent the best to kill the client and my dad when he heard this.

my dad had loose believes about saving money and only had 20,000 in the bank when he left. with no known relatives an nowhere to go i moved to a low payment apartment and only paid for the essintails such as water bill food and clothes. however soon i was 2 months over due with rent, wearing worn clothes, and barely feeding myself. i had recieved letters from my dads old clients who had saw me years ago asking if i was taking on the family business but eventualy i stopped even opening them. i'd rather starve be tortured and die 1 million deaths before i ever killed anyone good or bad.

i was on my way to the mailbox to pay the water bill with the money i'd scraped up when i noticed a black tinted car drive by, now wher i live is a pretty beat down location and this car was looking highly expensive so it immediatly caught my drove around agian and my hand automaticly when to where my dad taught me i should holster a gun,even tho i knew there wasnt one there i thought i could make it seem like i had one and wait this out. i figured anyone who knows about me knows what i could do ant probably had extra men everywhere. i looked around and saw two snipers and was still looking when the car came to a stop. the door opened and out walked a man who looked to be in his early fifties he steped to the side of the car and held the door open. next a girl who looked to be around my age walked out followed by a man who looked like a drawing from all his tattoos. the man in his fifties walked over to the girl and lent in to whisper into her ear and pointed at me. she shook her head yes and i started backing up but a silent bullet cliping the concrete behind my feet told me not to so i stood still. the girl got back in the car and the two men started walking up to me i tensed and relaxed preparing myself to fight for my life. when they got to me the older man had a cheery smile on his face like he was pleased with himself or something while mr.tatto's had a frown.

''zen i assume'' said the old man sticking out his hand. when i didnt take it he pulled it back and continued talking.''zen we're here because the man we work for has asked us to get the young girl you saw a bodyguard to her ehh unique specifitations ( i cant spell i kno shh the movies playing) zen you dont want to know how pleased i am to have finally found someone that she'll even say yes to''.

''now lets see if you measure up to our unique specifitations'',commented the tattooed man. when i turned my head to look at him i sensed a blow coming and immediatly blocked and countered and withdrew about 5 feet away.

when i looked at them agian the old man was picking himself up from the ground. i glanced to the car to see if someone was going to get out to shoot me. i saw that the back window was lowered enought for me to see pure green eyes staring at me.

''okay now that you know that we intend to fight you you should know the conditions...first of all dont majorly injure us/ the tattoed man snickered at that/ and if you lose you die'' the old man said.

i quickly ran up, ducked under a wild haymaker thrown by mr. tattoo and delivered a solid roundhouse kick to the old man's jaw. then in one fluid movement i side stepped the tatto mans next wild childish shot and delivered 3 quick blows to his solar plexus.

i stood upright agian and looked toward the car agian it looked like the girl was laughing hystericaly. i turned to run back into my apartment when i felt a ping in my neck. i pulled it out hardly 1 second after it went in and began running to a ladder on the side of the appartment building. i had barely made it two steps before i felt the world spinning i tried to stand my ground but enevitably fell to the concrete.

yay done with part 1!! 0.o but my imaginations dieing out so sorry if it starts sucking worst..wheres my damn pop corn...

i woke up groggy headed with my hands tied to my hands. i was on my knees in the p.o.w postistion. i made sure not to move at all after the groggy headedness wore off ( groggy headedness wth is that even a word..) i heard a soft humming beside me and i covertly opened my right eye the first thing i saw was a window with things zooming by outside of it so i guessed i was in a car but that was all i could see from that eye so i closed it and opened the left slowly when the blearyness went away i fould my self looking into emerald green eyes i jumped and tried to roll back but before i could i felt something cold and hard pressed agianst my temple. i froze and took a deep breath. the gun was tooken off my head and i openly looked around i was in what looked to be a limo with red interior. i saw, old man, and ...her. my eyes imediatly caught hers and i looked back down causing my medium lenth shaggy hair to shield my eyes. i started thinking for a way outta this but my nerves where racked and my head was still groggy so it was impossible but i figured if i was gonna die i'd make it on my own terms.

i mumbled,'' get it over with''. even to me my vioce sounded dry and raspy from lack of use.

''what'', the girl asked

i hadn't expected her to answer me but it did seem like everyone here worked in someway for her so i said '', get it over with just kill me, stop playing these childish games''

she looked truely shocked but managed to reply'', we, i dont want to kill you i just dont want to have one of these guys following me around''.

i looked around at the men in the car they all in some form looked scary i guess if u didnt know you could defeat them. ''why would they follow you around'', i asked a little slow on the uptake. ( omg this is getting painful 2 write it feels lame)

''i had to pick on of them to be my bodyguards, can u imagine that? me being followed by creeps? honestly i dont know why daddy insist on them at all''.

''what does this have to do with me''.

''hey bodyguard''. she said smiling.

''what if i say no''.

'' why would you'',she asked

'' because i have a life'', i said remembering all the nights i didn't eat and worried about getting evicted.

pff hardly my daddys people have been keeping tabs on you and they say that you dont do anything'', she said

i looked away and decided to sit there silent for the rest of the ride.

''exactly'', she mumbled.

about an hour later we pulled up at a large mansion with security gates and guards patroling with german sherperds. i felt that there was no way out of this and thought being a body guard couldn't be that bad its defonitaly better than being a murderer. i felt a sharp twinge and my stomache that told me that if it got me food then i needed to accept the offer.

the old man opened up the door an let the gurl out first then shoved me out. i was about to land on my face but i turned it into a front flip and landed awkwardly on my knees. the girl shot mr.tat a glare and reached down to untie me. when she was finished she said i had to go talk to her dad an then go to bed i had school in the morning.

''school'', i asked shocked

''yeah you do go to school dont you we're just tranfering you to mine'',she stated.

''no i dont go to school i kno everything i need to know'', i shot at her

'' oh really'' she smiled at me

yes'', i said following her to her dads office with three guys pointings guns at me

''huh i guess we'll see tommorow seeing as u do have the same clases as me you'll be taking all gifted classes.

the old man knocked on the huge oak doors and it was opened by(yo mamma 0.o dogged) an man who appeared to be in his early thirties opened the doors.i walked in and the old guy told me to sit down

''hello zen'',a man with graying hair and a formal business suit said.

''hi'', i replied starting to feel at ease with the situation now that it seemed that my life wasnt at stake.

i assume you've heard my offer?

i've heard what you want me to do for you, yes

so are you okay with the payment ammount?


did you not know you where getting paid


he let out a deep belly chuckle ( santa!!) and said'', where you going to do it for free?

i assumed i had no choice

oh you have a choice and i hope these two havent been too ruff with you,''he said gestering at old man and

i've been through worst

do you accept the offer and the responsiblility it comes with?

i was about to refuse but i remembered those emrald green eyes so i said'', yes''.

very good i have no doubt that you'll do a good job and you've saved me a lot of trouble my duaghter was very keen on having you as her body guard go. sam show him to his room and get him something to wear that my duaghter will approve of i dont want her throwing another hissy fit.

yessir'' the old man who i now kno is named sam says. cmon zen lets go

we left and walked through what seemed like a maze of hallways and finally stoped at a room with the number 67 on it

here you go zen this is your room for now ill send someone with your clothes in awhile but theres a bathrobe in the bathroom how about you take a shower you kinda stink.

i let that last comment slip away party because it was true and partly beacuase i wanted to ask him something. '' could you send someone with food too im kinda starving'' i didnt tell him that in actuality i really was starving because i hadnt eaten anything substantual in three days.

no problem zen ill have it brought with the clothes.

when he left i took a shower and got out on the way to the robe i caught my reflection in the mirror. i wasnt that tall probably 5'7 140lbs at the most but i was toned because i still practiced my martial arts religuosly. i had black hair down to my shoulders and blackish brown eyes i had asian tones because my mom was chinese or something my dad was very vague when talking about my mom.

just then there was a knock at the door i put on the robe and waited for them to open it / there wasnt a way for me to it was locke from the outside/ a man gave me a plate of food and clothes and left. i put the clothes on the dresser and sat down to eat my meal. when i was done i went to sleep.

( omfg did u see that im done with part 2 i must be god...i kno its horribly lame but 2 me its just finaly freeing myself of something that wont stop being in my dreams. me,god, how awsome would that be...i'd send u all 2 hell lol.)

i woke up befor sun set because thats when i always wake up and i cant just turn off my internal alarm clock. i did my daily exercises and tried to remember everything my dad taught me and adapt it to my situation.

about an hour later there was a knock on the door telling me to wake up and get dressed. i was alreadly awake so i got dressed in what was picked out. long sleeve white shirt and faded black jeans with black and white shoes with a check mark on them ( yeah i kno there nikes :p) i brushed my teeth and say on the bed going over tactics. i was excited about finaly going to school but i was trying to focuse on staying alert.

about thirty minutes later breakfast was brought to me and then i was ushered into the limo that had driven me here. not to long after i was in the limo the girl came running out and into the limo too.

hey i see you survived the night''she said smirking

i looked at her for awhile trying to figure out if she was joking or not when she burst out laughing

oh my gawd im just playing nobody is trying to kill you'' she said between fits of laughter

i grined and said'', you know my name whats yours''?

''my names nichole but people call me nikky"

okay nikky what am i supposed to be doing exactly

just follow me and be quiet, also your not my bodyguard okay?

okay i guess

we pulled up to a huge school sometime later and got out the limo. i thiught alot more people would be looking at a limo pulling up but i was surprised to see atleast 15 more already there. like she told me to i stayed about 3 feet away and followed her. she walked into a group of people sitting on beches infront of the main entrance.

hey nikky the group of mostly girls exclaimed togther

hey'' nichole replied back

almost immediately a girl from the group with light brown hair started flirting with me. this being a new experience for me i sorta felt uncomfortable and answered her questions about me with mostly yes or n answers.i glanced towards nikki and saw a football flying throught the air about to hit her in the back of the head.

i took a step behind her and spin kicked the football on top of the roof. i looked where the football came from and saw a gruop of guys some laughing hard and others staring wide eyed. i turned to ask nikky what she wanted me to do and when i did i saw that everyone behind me had seen what i did and was equaly wide eyed. then all the questions came at once i took a step away from the benches but stayed close to nikky ignoring all the questions and staying alert, talking to that girl almost made me let nikky get hit.

when they saw i wasnt talking but they turned the borage of questions torward her and it seemed to me that she was glade for the attention. i saw the group of guys walking toward us and tapped nikky on the shoulder everyone looked at the other group comin over.

zen if anyone tries to touch me stop them okay i dont like these guys

okay'', i responded

( okay people i gotta go 2 sleep ill send this and if i get a okay rating ill send the next 1) also im a true admirer of von armand and el hanes those two are the best writers point blank period...word 4 the wise= even when winning is illogical losing is still far from optional

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2011-05-20 05:09:46
I loved your story i also loved your own personal comments during the story they were funny please keep writing,i usualy do not comment on stories because they write just about sex with out a real story line and yours has both great job!

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2011-02-25 18:38:53
1) Don't do things for the ratings. People still enjoy your stories who gives a shit if you only make 75% of readers happy instead of 90%.

2) Use spell check. Use actual words. "kno" doesn't count. People make the effort to decode all that crap in a text message but when writing an essay, F7 is your new best friend.

3) Proper quotation marks. I can't tell who's saying what until I re-read sections twice. It makes the difference between people who love your stories and people who want to kill you because they can't figure out what the hell you're trying to say.

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2010-09-22 22:21:57
agian itll be proof read when sum1 volunteers...

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2010-09-20 20:33:47
Good story, proofreading could be better though.


2010-09-19 15:44:57
yeah ok if i get the storylline back ion my head ill write are awsomage!@!

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