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They've been cybering for years...but could they be taking things further now?
He was a sexually frustrated husband. He loved his wife, she was a great mother to his children and they cared about eachother a great deal; however, when it came to the bedroom, she was very reserved. This frustration had been building. Always wanting to remain faithful, he turned to the internet and chat rooms to find some relief from his frustration. "Surely there must be some equally frustrated wives out there... I can't be the only person in a sexually frustrated marriage.." he thought.

He began chatting years ago, when the worked on the road alot. Living out of hotels, gave him the privacy that he needed for his secret life. Day by day.. he would add women that he chatted with to his friends list. Some, he never connected with again, others were more regular; but, nobody really "clicked" with him.

After a career change, he settled in a nice job in his hometown. No longer traveling on the road, but still frustrated in the bedroom, he knew that his chatting would have to be more secretive, more sneaky, with is family constantly around him now. After his wife and kids were all in bed, he would take the laptop down to the family room and login to MSN. Looking for someone who could take him away to a more satisfied place, meeting those primal needs that have now been increasing. The same needs that cause other men of his age to experience mid-life crisis.

Among his many MSN contacts was a married woman, we'll call her "green-eyes" to protect her identity. They chatted, and flirted and roleplayed mildly in the past. In recent months, she was back online. The began chatting again. He flirted with her, but this time, she responded a bit more positively. Could it be that her life had been changing also? Could she now be feeling the same emptiness in the bedroom that he had been feeling for years? How old was she? There was still so much that he didn't know about her.

Days and weeks would go by, Their electronic encounters increased in frequency and intensity. Before long, he knew that she was nearing 40, a very sexy age, as a matter of fact, coming into her sexual prime. He knew that he had an advantage over most other men in their mid-40s, with their paunches, their E.D. and lack of interest in sex. He loved working out and didn't look at all like a man in his mid-40s, except for a slowly receding hairline. He was muscular, strong, and above all horny as hell, for what seemed to be all the time. The more he worked out, the more he felt like a 20 year old. The two chatted more and looking forward to when eachother would be online. He had a cam and things got bolder and bolder. He would let her see him, in all his glory. Things were getting very electrified, very exciting, very intense. She didn't have a cam, however, she did share some non-nude pics of herself. As he looked at them, and now knowing her sexual appetite, he thought to himself "...damn... if she was mine, we'd never leave the bedroom..."

As time passed, he learned more about her. She had 2 girls, a husband who slept most of the time. He also learned that they were in the same type of careers (office type stuff...not important) and that they lived about 3 1/2 hours from eachother. Imagine, in this world-wide-web space of horny people in chat rooms, who would have thought that a random encounter, which has now grown significantly in intensity, would be with someone who lived so close.

As the holidays approached, both were off work for a couple of weeks. The chatting increased as did the intensity. Soon they would anxiously login to MSN, looking for offline messages or ever better, so find the other one logged in as well. They began to dream of eachother, the things they would do to eachother, the fantasies, the unbridled sex and wildness that would take place if there were ever to meet in in person. Then it happened. One day, while chatting, he asked "uhm... so.. have u ever cheated before?"

The question caught her by surprise, "No, I've never done anything like that..." she responded. He replied with "Neither have I... but i can't help thinking about it... meeting YOU, I mean... you're so sexy..and amazing... I can't stop thinking about it... it's really crazy.." To his surprise she replied "I've never done it, but I'd consider meeting you too. I don't know what it is... but how you make me feel... i go to bed wet... i wake up the same way... I've never felt like this in years."

There they were, now on a path that was new, exciting and now potentially very very real. They were no longer just getting off to eachother online. They were now seriously thinking about how they could "hook up". The chatting continued and so did the planning... things were approaching a point of no return..

This was my first story. I have the encounter sitting in my head... it will be posted shortly, but I look forward to your constructive comments. Please be gentle... Thanks.
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