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Depths of Heaven Part 2

The next week was strange, at work Sandy was her usual self. I was still worried that I had hell to pay. When Sandy asked if I’d like to join them for dinner on Friday night I had to expect the worst, I accepted anyway. When I arrived on Friday night Shane met me at the door, he was his usual self except he seemed to be smiling a little more than usual. He offered me a cocktail, he knew I like Bourbon and Coke so he had one ready for me. As we settled down in the den he turned the tv off and started to explain what was going on.

First, he wanted assurance that I would keep family business within the family. Then he told me he hoped I understood how much he appreciated the special relationship I had with his wife and kids, it was because of this that he wanted me to be part of the family, they all agreed that I should be included. He did say that I would have to indulge his need to be in charge, after all a man’s home is his castle. I agreed, thinking this could be good, right?

At dinner everyone was happy, the conversation was light and the kids did their usual stunts to make us all laugh. I helped Sandy with the dishes, so naturally Ellen stayed to help too. Shane and the boys disappeared for a few minutes. Sandy started to looked excited, I asked her if she was alright, she replied “I’m fine, just looking forward to the rest of the evening”, Ellen piped in with “me too, this is a big night for me” We finished the dishes and went into the den, the lights were dim and candles were burning along the walls, placed so that the light in the middle was pretty good, the coffee table had been moved and there was a futon with satin sheets and silk pillows in the middle of the room.

Ken was the oldest, a very big twelve year old boy, he wasn’t soft, he was actually very fit with big shoulders and large hands, in just a t-shirt and boxers I could see his cock pushing out enough to show the onset of manhood. He took his mother over to the small sofa and sat down with her. Terry the youngest at ten years took my hand and led me to the big recliner and I sat down, he jumped up in my lap. Terry was gay, it was the way he acted, and he was a very pretty boy with big soulful eyes, which flashed or pierced as needed. That’s okay we were buds and I loved that he always wanted hugs.

Shane put on some music, it was some real nice blues, and then he led Ellen over to the futon and sat her down. He didn’t have to say a word; Ellen started taking her clothes off. She looked so beautiful, her eyes shined in the candlelight with that soft warm yellow brown color, her dark auburn hair glowed at the edges, and slowly each part of pale skin she exposed joined the rest to form the finest looking creature imaginable. For a moment I feared I couldn’t let him touch her, and then I remembered I had and I felt my own lustful desire take control.

I felt my dick swell in my jeans; Terry felt it too and rubbed his butt gently against my swelling cock. Ellen was having the same effect on the rest of the boys and Shane was taking off his pants to reveal his cock sticking out of his boxers, Ken was poking through his boxers, Terry was holding his, even Sandy pulled her pants off. By now Ellen had everything off except her panties, as we all looked down we cold see the wet mark at the bottom of her panties, she was already wet, as she removed the panties she stopped for a moment to rub the wet scent on her tits. I almost came in my pants, I picked Terry up off my lap and pulled my pants off, as I did my boxers went with them, I didn’t get a chance to pick them up, Terry sort of pushed me back in the chair, crawled up in my lap and took my dick in his hand and started rubbing it.

Shane waited a minute for all of us to get settled back in place and then he started with Ellen’s perfect little pussy. It was neatly shaved, with a short little triangle patch of her auburn hair, it looked very red in the candlelight, her crotch glistened with her wetness as Shane reached down and ran his finger up and down the length of her slit. He bent in closer and kissed her clit, lightly at first then he started sucking her vigorously. Ellen writhed with the pleasure her hips rising from the table so you could see the full curve of her tight little ass. She raised her legs up and over pulling them back to her head, “I’m ready for you daddy, please fuck me fuck me hard”

Shane moved out of his boxers and into her cunt in one quick move, by now Terry is playing with his dick and rubbing his ass against mine. I looked over and Sandy has Ken’s boxers off and his cock in her hand while he has gotten into both of hers big tits.

Shane is fucking Ellen hard, she likes it hard, with her legs back Shane has full access to her sweet tight cunt, and he reaches underneath his cock and pushes his finger hard into Ellen’s ass. She cries “Fuck me Daddy!” and Shane starts jamming his finger in and out of her ass while he fucks her pussy with long hard strokes, Ellen starts breathing like she’s trying to have a baby and pleading with Shane “don’t stop don’t stop”. They both cum at the same time, Shane grunts “Damn” loudly and holds his cock hard into Ellen’s purse while he shoots his hot load. Ellen is shaking and cums so hard Shane’s finger pulls out of her ass. As he pulls out of her the juices run out of Ellen’s pussy and down the crack of her ass, Shane pulls her up and licks her up and down, swallowing a lot of his cum and her juice.

This made me horny enough, looking over at Sandy, she has Ken fucking her in the mouth, he has a large cock which she loves. Terry has slipped down to kiss my cock; I rub it gently on his face and pull him up to me for a hug. When I do he whispers in my ear, “Do you like my ass”, I replied “Yes I do” and with that I pulled his boxers off, he had a nice small bald dick. I pulled his little cock into my mouth and sucked him. He slowly started fucking my mouth, I let him go at it, but he just gently pushed and pulled to work its length against my lips. I was trying to remember if I could shoot when I was ten when he let out a moan and his boy sperm shot into my mouth.

He smiled as he pulled out and moved over to straddle my cock. I gently rubbed my cock against his tight little boy ass, as I did it got harder and harder, I think I want this ass, but I don’t want to hurt Terry, I’m big enough to tear him up. He reached down into the chair and got some oil; he poured it on his hand then rubbed it all over my cock. I just watched as he rubbed me with one hand then lubed his ass with the other; he stuck his thumb into his rectum and worked it in and out a couple of times.

He lowers his ass down onto my cock, at first it is tight and I can see him holding back the tears, he works it slowly a little bit more and more. As he does this I’m watching Ken fuck his mother, man he is pounding her hard, and they are both bucking wildly. My cock is now fully into Terry, and I’m starting to feel the need to cum, I have to hold back a little so I don’t cum and so I don’t hurt Terry.

He is feeling real good with his tightness wrapped around my throbbing cock. I can’t hold back and I start thrusting hard and fast just a few strokes then boom I explode into Terry’s ass, one, two, three, four, five big spurts fill his tiny hole. I look at Sandy and she has Ken shooting cum into her pussy, they both are soaked in sweat. I slowly pull out of Terry as my dick softens; he pushes the recliner back and turns around to lick my sticky cock. He’s getting plenty to eat as half of my load came out onto my dick when I pulled out. The other half is running out of his soft ass, I said “Terry, I love your little ass” and started licking my cum from his hole. Sandy and Ken are licking each other clean; Ken is slurping up a lot of cum and cunt juice.

Shane offers up a round of Bourbon, wine for the girls, and beer for the boys. We just sat there naked and smiling, thinking about what we had seen and done would make anyone smile. The boys were hard again and Ken knew that his turn with Ellen was next. He jumped right on her and started eating her out. Terry joined in licking her ass then her tits. Ken moved up and mounted her as she pulled her legs back to let him in. He was fucking her good as she pulled Terry’s dick into her mouth and reached around to finger his tight butt.

He said “Ellen I got to pee”, she told him to go ahead, and he pulled out of her mouth and peed on her face and covered her beautiful breast. When he was done he put his dick back in her mouth. Ken was driving harder now his body shuddered as he came in Ellen’s cunt; Terry came a bit in her mouth, enough to make her smile. The boys head off to bed, Ellen crawls over to Sandy, who immediately starts licking the pee off her face and breast, she moves down and eats her creamed pussy which makes Ellen cum in her mouth.

Shane finishes his bourbon and lays on the futon, he tells Sandy to rub her cunt on his cock, this makes him rock hard. He’s a good long eight inches, full around with a very pronounced cock head. It glistens with Sandy’s juice. He asks me if I like the taste of Sandy’s pussy, I replied “I love the taste of her warm juice and it would be a nice chaser for the bourbon”. He tells Sandy to go sit and watch, he motions for me to get up. Approaching the futon he tells me he wants me to suck his cock.

I would rather eat Sandy, but I did want to taste her juice. I crawled alongside him on the futon so I could easily get to his throbbing member. As I put it in my mouth I could taste the sharp flavor of Sandy’s cunt, this made my dick harden. As it did Shane put me in his mouth, sucking hungrily at the taste of his little boy’s ass juice on my hard cock. We sucked each other and fucked each other in the mouth. I was about to cum when he took me out of his mouth and pulled his dick out of me while he turned around so he could put his dick against my ass. Ellen came over and straddled my face as she rubbed his dick and my ass with oil. He was in me quick, the insertion hurt, then I relaxed and he slowly eased in and out working his entire eight inches in my ass.

Ellen rolled under me so I could easily eat her pussy as I stuck my ass up in the air so Shane could get the full measure of my ass. Between Ellen’s pussy and Shane’s big dick I was ready to burst, I slid Ellen down underneath me as I shot my load onto her beautiful cunt. Shane shot a big load into me, I could feel each spurt and we both shook with the feeling of lust. He pulled out of me quick and came around to where I was face to face with Ellen. He stuck his large ass and cum covered dick into our lips and we licked and sucked at every bit of it. By now Sandy was working on my ass, greedily sucking her husbands cum as it slid out of my gaping butt. I finished by licking my cum off of Ellen’s pussy. Man I had eaten a lot tonight.

It was very late, Ellen and I slept on the futon, Shane and Sandy went upstairs to bed. I could hear him spanking her as he told her she was very naughty sucking my ass like a nasty slut. Ellen smiled and said “It’s cool, she likes that, I’ve been with her enough to know she does”. I asked her what did she like? “I liked the same, only I’m more into the pain, she likes the domination and pain”. Even her dad likes the domination thing, only he usually has to be the master. Well he was with me that night.

In the morning we had a big breakfast together, I went to take my turn in the shower when Sandy came in. She said she wanted to point out that Ken would want his turn with me and that he usually doesn’t want to suck cock or get sodomized. I told her that I understood and that I don’t think anyone should be forced to do something unless they really wanted to be forced.

She just looked at me and smiled as she said “would you like to be forced by me today”. “Of course I would” I finished my shower and dried off, in my boxers and T shirt I emerged from the bathroom and Sandy was waiting for me. She led me to her bedroom and told me to lie on the bed face down. She took out some straps and ropes and tied me to the bed so that my arms and legs were spread out. I had just enough slack to half roll my torso to either side. She said that I should be a good boy and behave.

Shane came into the room and shouted at Sandy, telling her to leave. He looked at me and growled, “you fucking little whore, you fucked my wife, my daughter, and my son …you need to be punished severely” He pulled out a belt that was about four feet long. Crack! I felt the streak of pain across my ass as it burned into my skin still soft and wet from my shower. He yanked at my boxers, ripping them to shreds as they came off. I cried out “No”, but he stuffed my torn boxers into my mouth. Crack! Crack! This time I felt the belt ripping my skin, the burning I feel is hotter than before and at the same time it makes my cock swell. Shane reaches under me and strokes my stiffening cock, rubbing its full length and twisting gently at the top.

I’ve got tears in my eyes and my breathing is hard and fast. He pulls and squeezes my balls hard enough to hurt, but not hard enough to damage them. As he releases I catch my breath. I feel him climb on the bed on top of me, he smacks me with the belt, and then puts his cock head at the entrance to my ass. Instead of oil and rubbing it in easy, he forces into me with all of his weight, I scream into the torn boxers in my mouth and make very little noise. He pulls the full length and jambs into me again; it hurts like hell but not as bad as the first one. Again, third time I almost cum. He reaches down and holds my dick while he readies another plunge, fourth one hurts good; I’m shooting cum in Shane’s hand and shaking like I’m having a seizure.

Shane starts fucking me hard and fast, he growls “you whore” as he empties his cock into my ass, I cum again and fill his hand with more cock juice. He reaches up and rubs my juice in my face and down my cock. Withdrawn from my sperm filled ass, he rolls me up enough to force his cock into my mouth. As he does he uses his cock to roll cum on my face into my mouth.

Shane leaves as Ken and Terry arrive for their turn at me. Ken grabs the belt and whips me hard about five times, my ass burns and I am crying stop, but he can’t hear me, Shane had stuffed the boxers back in my mouth after I cleaned his nasty dick. Terry crawled under me enough to start licking the sticky cum rubbed on me while Ken got on top of me and forced his cock hard into my ass all the way in one quick shove. I howled and he knew it, he pulled back and shoved it full force, it hurt good, I trembled a bit as Terry started licking my sticky cock.

All this made me hard again, and as Ken would ram me harder Terry would take me deeper in his throat. Ken shoved his dick again and again, as the rhythm quickened, I pulled Terry’s swollen dick to my mouth and we all started shaking and grunting. Ken let go his first, I could feel the spurts filling my ass, and this made me start shooting cum in Terry’s mouth. It made him cum in my mouth too; I sucked it happily as he swallowed the load I had for him. When Ken was done he pulled my face up and said “suck your ass juice off my prick”. I opened my mouth and licked him clean. They left the room; I drifted off to sleep or passed out.

When I woke up Sandy and Ellen were both washing me, as I tried to move I found I was tied to the bed. At least they had rolled me over so I was face up. They finished cleaning me, the warm wet cloth made me feel better. I was sure they were going to use me as their toy so I relaxed as Sandy straddled over my face and rubbed her pussy on me. Ellen moved in to suck my swelling cock. I was just starting to enjoy this when Shane came in, with Terry and Ken. He pulled Sandy off of me and placed Terry on me so his dick was in my mouth with his ass sticking up. He plunged his huge cock into Terry’s ass and in a few short strokes he came hard in that cute little boy ass while Terry emptied a good spurt of cum in my mouth.

Shane pulled Terry up so he could put his cock in my mouth as he growled “lick it clean”. Ellen swung around so that should could sit on my face and started sucking me again, Ken crawled up behind her and put his dick between her pussy and my mouth, I licked them both. Ken moved back and aimed his cock into Ellen’s sweet ass and started fucking her. I felt something poking my ass and I looked down to see Sandy working a very large strap on into my ass.

Shane shouted at her “fuck that little whore’s ass hard”. Shane reached over and grabbed Ellen’s tits, he squeezed them and pulled them hard, he reached back and slapped her in the face, as he did she started peeing on my face and in my mouth. Sandy is driving her toy harder and harder, I’m licking Ellen’s pee soaked pussy, and Ken his filling her ass with a huge load of cum as I explode into Ellen’s mouth.

Sandy is first, placing her cock toy to my lips as Ellen spits cum all over it and my face. Shane grins and says to me “more nasty sex for you whore, get busy with it”. I suck and lick the salty cum and Sandy’s toy tastes nasty as she rubs it on my lips and puts it into my mouth. Shane spins Sandy around and with her toy deep into my mouth he plunges his cock into her ass, she moans loudly as it hurts badly, Shane ignores her moans and fucks her harder. This got Ken hard again and he lifts me up and shoves his cock into my ass, it hurts as he drives it in deep and hard. Shane and Ken are fucking wildly as I’m about to choke on Sandy’s toy. She leans down and sucks on my cock I came immediately with most of it shooting in her mouth.

I can feel Ken coming in my ass and I can see Shane’s load dripping out of Sandy’s ass. Shane tells me to eat all of their cum, first Sandy spits cum into my mouth and on my face, then Ken puts his dirty dick in my mouth, I can taste his cum and my ass. While Shane is getting ready to put his cock in my mouth he pushes Sandy’s ass onto my lips. She pushes with a grunt a big load of nasty cum fills my mouth. Shane moves in with his big cock he is still hard, “suck it” he says. While I suck on his cock he tells Sandy to empty my ass, she puts her lips to my ass and licks and sucks, cleaning Kens load from my ass. Shane’s cock swells and another load of cum fills my mouth.

I’m exhausted, begging please stop. Shane says okay we’ll take a break, but first we need to pee. Ellen sits atop my face and squeezes out a few drops into my mouth; I am starting to like it. Next Terry and Ken sit on my chest and both of them pee a lot onto my face mixing with cum that hadn’t made it into my mouth. Sandy is next, she is peeing and cum still drips from her ass onto my face. Finally Shane puts his cock into my mouth and pees a hard stream, I swallow as much as I can but some runs down the side of my face. He screams at me “drink it all you whore” as he grabs my dick and yanks it hard.

He pulls his cock out and dribbles his last drops onto my face. I fell asleep, when I woke up Sandy was licking me clean. She said she loved me and hoped I would forgive her for what she had done to me. I didn’t know what to say. Shane came in and untied me, he told me that I could fuck his wife, his daughter, and his two boys, but in return he would use me for his little fuck toy whenever he wanted, he was the master and I was his slave. He slapped me hard in the face and called me a pussy.

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