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Alisa was really starting to enjoy college. Years of feeling awkward in high school, being a late bloomer was beginning to finally pay off as she began to develop. Her breast were a modest 34B, but her hips flared out giving her a breathtaking ass. She'd chopped off her hair that once hung down to her mid-back and it now rested gently on her shoulders.

Still shy from years of awkward interaction, she was slowly learning about the pleasures of alcohol and recreational drug use. She enjoyed getting high because it helped her relax and enjoy other people's company. Finding the drugs she wanted was a little more difficult. Because she was so shy, she'd resorted to asking only her closest friends to help her get some of cocaine or acid. But she was about to have to step out of her comfort zone to get the high she craved.

It was a Friday night during the fall semester and none of her friends were answering her calls or returning her texts. It was almost 8 p.m. and all she'd done was drink a few whisky sours - she was craving a high. Thinking maybe her fried Hattie's phone was out of earshot, she decided to walk across campus to her friends apartment.

Realizing she was still wearing her pajama pants and a thin spaghetti strap top, she walked into her closet to pick something out to wear. "Ugh. Why didn't I start the laundry!" she thought. As she examined what remained in her closet, she reached for a denim skirt she absolutely hated to wear and a white silk camisole. As she slipped them on, she shook her head while watching herself in the mirror. She never liked the way she looked. Tonight was no different, but the silk felt nice against her skin. She looked down at her small breast and thought "It's a big improvement from high school." She slipped on some sandals and headed out the door.

Half-way across campus, she began to walk down frat row. It was a short cut the her friends place and she enjoyed seeing the frat guys act like idiots and catch glimpses of their bare chest. It was clearly a Friday night as the music blasted from open windows and guys and girls stumbled around in the front yards on the houses. Just as she was about to reach the end of the road, she heard a voice call from her left.

"Hey there, baby! You're looking hot tonight!" the voice called.

She looked over her shoulder at the Kappa Sigma house and recognized the face that had called out to her. It was Justin from her Algebra class. He was always trying to copy her homework, but Alisa didn't mind. Justin was built and always looked and smelled nice. One day, he'd grazed her hand as she handed over her homework and a chill went write down her spine and made her stomach jump. She turned and started walking towards him.

"Hey Justin. I see you and your frat buddies are having a good time tonight" she replied.

"You have no idea. You want to come in?" he asked.

Alisa took a second to think about it. She really wanted to get her hands on some coke, but Justin was looking especially hot tonight. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts and a nice royal blue button up that was unbuttoned. She spotted the beer in his hand and asked, "You have anything in there that's better than that crap?" pointing at the beer.

Justin grinned and nodded as she walked up the steps to the house and slipped his hand around her waist as he guided her into the house.

The Kappa Sigma house was one of the biggest fraternity houses on campus and as Alisa saw once inside the door, it was put to good use. There were people everywhere, packed in so tight, that you could hardly move from one side to the other. Justin lead her around the edge of the room and down a hallway. They reached a stairwell and he started up. She watched his ass while walking behind him and felt her panties getting moist. It had been a long time since she'd been with a guy and she was hoping maybe Justin would be interested.

At the top of the stairs, Justin walked through a door and turned around and invited Alisa in. As she stepped into the room, there was a strong smell of pot in the room and beer cans were stacked up in the window. Justin offered her a seat and asked what she wanted.

"Got any cocaine?" she asked boldly.

"Wow, you don't beat around the bush, do you?" Justin said as he rummaged through a drawer. He pulled out a small bag, a mirror and a razor blade. "Will this do?" he asked.

Alisa lit up at the sight of the white powder as Justin began to cut the cocaine into lines.

Over the next hour, they alternated between snorting lines and drinking some whisky he'd kept under his bed. The entire time, Alisa had been staring through Justin's shirt at his bare chest. As the drugs began to alter her state of mind, she felt herself getting over her shyness and reaching into the opening of his shirt as she let her hands roam his chest.

Justin laid back onto the couch as Alisa leaned over him and began lightly kissing his chest and neck. She worked her way down his stomach and began to unbutton his shorts. Pulling them down along with his boxers, she released his cock from its cage and it sprang to life. Only semi-hard, his cock was 3 inches around and 6 inches long. She wrapped her hands around it and began licking up and down the sides of his cock. Justin threw his head back and began to moan. She took his balls into her mouth and rolled them over her tongue and then slipped his cock between her lips.

As she began to suck and bob on Justin's cock, she felt a hand reaching up into her skirt. Enamored by the cock she was tending to, she didn't think about the fact that Justin had his hands behind his head. The hand slipped into Alisa's panties and began to slowly rub her clit. This just drove her to bob her head faster and harder as her state of drug-enhanced ecstasy rose. The fingers moved from her clit to her slit and started to make their way inside her pussy. The harder the fingers pumped, the harder she sucked until suddenly the fingers were gone and what felt like a cock began to take their place.

Alisa looked lustfully over her shoulder as the unannounced cock invaded her steaming pussy. She didn't recognize the guy who was now pounding her like there was no tomorrow, but at this point she didn't care. She sucked Justin's cock back between her lips and matched her unknown partners rhythm. After only a few minutes, Justin's cock erupted in Alisa's mouth as cum oozed out of the creases in her lips. Four, five, six cumloads forced their way down her throat as she struggled to swallow every drop.

Apparently the sight of cum dribbling out of her mouth was enough to send the guy behind her into an orgasm because he began bucking wildly into her and she could feel his cum splashing against her pussies walls. Justin had moved off the couch and was now watching the sight as the guy who had just pounded her senseless withdrew his rod from her hole.

She rolled over and laid back on the couch, legs spread open and began playing with her clit. Justin suddenly dropped between her legs and took her fingers place as he lapped at the cum dripping from her hot pussy and flicked his tongue across her clit. The other guy moved next to Alisa's face and offered his semi-erect cock for her consumption. As Alisa obliged, the guy started to talk to Justin.

"I knew you'd eat my cum out of a pussy, you fucking pervert." he said while Alisa sucked gently on his cock.

Justin just looked up from Alisa's pussy with pure lust without letting his tongue stop as if to say "Whatever. Fuck if I care!"

His tongue stopped after several moments and she felt Justin's thick cock, begin to slide into her cum-filled pussy. As he leaned over her body, he did something she never imagined he would do - he took this guys cock into his mouth while fucking Alisa.

Pleased with the show and the pleasure, Alisa leaned a little further back and began playing with her breast while watching Justin suck off this guys cock.

"I can do a lot more than eat your cum, Ben." Justin said as the cock fell from his mouth.

"I'd say" Ben replied. "You up for more than just sucking my cock and drinking my cum?"

Justin nodded as Ben moved behind him. Alisa began to feel Ben's weight push Justin deeper into her pussy and was getting close to orgasm just thinking about Justin getting fucked in the ass by the guy who had just filled her up. As the three got into a steady pace, Alisa began to pull and pinch at Justin's nipples and he began calling out loudly - "Oh fuck, yea."

Feeling like she wasn't getting the best end of this deal, Alisa pulled away and looked at the two as Ben continued to fuck Justin in the ass. "Can't a girl like me get a little bit of both of you again?" she asked. With that, Ben laid back on the coach and motioned for Alisa to come over to him. He turned her around to face away from him and slowly sat her down on his lap. As she slid down, he moved his cock to the entrance of her asshole and began to push it in. Alisa initially winced at the pain, but lowered herself down onto the throbbing cock as the pain subsided.

Ben began to bounce Alisa in a rhythm and told her to rub her clit. Once she was well lubed, Ben told Justin that it was time for him to put his cock to good use and begin fucking Alisa.

Justin moved in between Ben and Alisa's leg and lowered his cock to the entrance of her pussy. He watched as Ben's cock moved in and out of her ass just an inch below as he slipped his cock into her hole. Alisa gasp for breath as the feeling of having both of her holes filled at the same time overcame her. The two guys worked themselves into a rhythm and rocked in and out of her. Before long, Alisa began to cum over and over again. She begged them to stop, but Ben wasn't going to stop until he had cum in her ass. Justin did the same and both guys began pounding her together, harder and harder. Simultaneously, both of them erupted in her holes and once again, Alisa was sent over the edge and screamed out in ecstasy.

As she fell over onto the couch, she looked at Ben and said "From now on, I'm using you to get all my coke."

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Me + You (i'mma tell you one time)Me + You (i'mma tell you one time)Me + You (i'mma tell you one time)When I met you girl my heart went knock knockNow them butterflies in my samotch wont stop stopAnd even though its a struggle love is all we gotSo we gon' keep keep climbin' till the mountain topYour world is my worldAnd my fight is your fightMy breath is your breathAnd your heart (and now I've got my)One loveMy one heartMy one life for sureI'mma tell you one time(girl I love, girl I love you)I'ma tell you one time(girl I love, girl I love you)And I'ma be your one guyYou'll be my number one girlAlways makin time for youI'ma tell you one time(girl I love, girl I love you)I'ma tell you one time(girl I love, girl I love you)You look so deepYou know that it humbles me,Your by my side and troubles them don't trouble meMany have called but the chosen Is youWhatever you want shawty I'll give it to youYour world is my world (Your world)And my fight is your fight (My fight)My breath is your brea

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definitely hot, you should write more like this

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