Ryan Miller and his young family have suddenly discovered the joys of family love.
Family Love Boat Characters

Ryan (31) and Christie (31) Miller
Zachary 14
Hannah 12
Emily 11
Noah 11

Ted and Amy Taylor
Mike 15
Kaitlin 14
Will 13
Sara 13
Thomas 11
Josh 9 months

Family Love Boat 4

Ryan had Noah set a course south to Hawksbill Cay. The winds were perfect and the computer estimated that they would arrive in about 2 ½ hours.

Zach went up to the bow with a book. He watched the sea gulls swooping and diving for fish. Emily joined him. There was something pure, innocent and sexy about her 11 year old body. Zach felt the stirrings in his loins. He patted the deck beside him

Emily sat down and Zach put his arm around his little sister and hugged her tight to him. Emily looked up at her big brother with those deep blue eyes.

Zach could see that something was bothering her. He leaned down and kissed her forehead and asked her what was wrong. Zach had his knees up trying to hide a throbbing erection. He was embarrassed that he was so turned on by his little sister.

Emily looked very serious and almost on the verge of tears. Ummm…Zacky…am I not pretty?

Zack looked at Emily’s beautiful face framed by the family’s trademark white blond hair and her deep blue eyes. Em normally had a sweet smile and the cutest button nose. Her sexy little breast nubbins always made his cock stir. She had the sexy lean build of a swimmer.

Em…you’re incredibly pretty! He told her with his killer smile. He hugged her naked body against his chest still trying to conceal how turned on he was.

Why don’t you want me…you know…to do sex stuff with you. You love being sexy with Hannah and I watched you with Noah…and you don’t want me. Big tears began to roll down her face.

Emily…I want you real bad…I…ummm…just felt that you are special. He told her.

I don’t believe you, Emily responded in a hurt voice.

Zach straightened his legs and his erection throbbed with each beat of his heart.

Emily was still looking directly in Zach’s deep blue eyes with a very hurt look on her face. She did not see his erection.

Em…I….uhhhh… Zach didn’t say any more. He took her hand and placed it on his throbbing penis. I wasn’t kidding…I think you are very sexy.

Emily looked at him with a shocked and awed expression. You got hard because of me.

Yeah…it has been happening for a long time. Even when we were younger and me would wrestle around…I always got a boner…you are just very sexy to me.

No way… she said as she explored his stiff erection. You really think I am sexy? Emily asked Zach hesitantly.

This time Zach pulled Emily on top of him and his began to kiss her. When they broke the kiss, Emily was breathless.

That was awesome. I think you are the sexiest guy alive, Emily told her big brother.

Hannah was in the cockpit with her Mom and Noah. She smiled as she watched Zach kissing Emily. That’s great. She told her Mom and Noah. Em has always thought Zach was sexy. She felt really left out when he had sex with me and Noah.

Noah said yeah…she…ummm…cried in my arms about it last night. I told her she was wrong, but it didn’t seem to help.

Christie stood behind Noah as he stood at the helm with his hands on the stainless steel wheel keeping the boat on course. Christie hugged her little man tight and kissed his cheek. You are a good brother…you know that? She told him.

He shook his head no. It sure didn’t seem like I helped much last night. He told his Mom.

Sometimes it is just important to be there and be supportive. She told him as she gave him a bear hug. Christie felt Noah’s erection. She reached over his shoulder and turned on the auto pilot. She slowly turned her 11 year old son around and began to kiss him passionately.

Up on the bow, Zach pulled Emily into another kiss and this time his mouth was open. Emily quickly got the idea and opened her mouth. Zach’s tongue penetrated her mouth. She loved the taste of her big brother.

When Zach finally broke the kiss he told her she tasted awesome.

Like what? She asked.

Fresh and sweet. He told her.

Mmmm….probably was that fresh melon that I just ate, she told him. Emily savored the feeling of Zach’s erection sandwiched between them. When she hugged him she told him he smelled good…like..ummmm…sexy.

And what does sexy smell like? He asked her with a grin.

She giggled…I don’t know…like you. She wasn’t sure she could tell him what sexy smelled like…or at least not yet.

Zach ran his fingers through her beautiful blond hair and stared deeply into her deep blue eyes.

What you are thinking, she asked.

That you are incredibly sexy, he told her. Zack felt her turgid nipples pressed against his naked chest. Zach took her beautiful face in his hands and began to kiss her passionately…very passionately. Zach loved the feeling of her puffy pubic mound pressed against him.

As he kissed her, Emily moaned into Zach’s mouth. He felt her legs slip off of him so that she now straddled him. As she did, Zach felt Emily squirm around and slide down just enough that the inner lips of her labia caressed the head of his penis. Zach both moaned and shuddered at the pleasure it caused him. It was as if her little cunny lips were kissing his glans.

What’s wrong, she asked when she felt him shudder.

Nothing baby…it…ummm…just felt awesome. Zach told Emily.

Wow…it felt that good? She asked.

He nodded. You’ve got me hanging right on the edge.

You mean…like….ummm….you might squirt? She asked.

Yeah…big time! He told her.

I could make you do that…very cool, she said as she wiggled down further and Zach felt the flared head of his penis being devoured by her tight sex. Zach groaned and said, oh…baby…you are so hot and tight… Zach lay very still trying not to cum.

Zach fought back from the edge of orgasmic bliss. His fingers danced over Emily’s sexy little body. Zach splayed his fingers and ever so lightly stroked the backs of her thighs and hips.

This time it was Emily’s turn to groan and shudder with the intense pleasure.

She felt Zach pushing down on her hips.

Emmy…I need you so bad… Zach told her as he thrust his thick teen erection deeper into her very tight vagina.

Emily was panting trying to adjust to the incredible stretching Zach’s thick member caused her.

Oh god Emmy…I have to have you. Zach thrust his thick cock deep her immature pleasure center. Emily cried out at the intrusion of Zach’s thick teen erection.

Zach stopped when he heard her cry out. Em…do you want me to stop.

Noooo…fuck me…please fuck me…I have always wanted you to fuck me… Emily begged her big brother.

Hearing what Emily said drove Zach crazy with lust for his sexy little sister. Zach rolled them over and he began to thrust deeply in her little girl sex. It was great that Zach always produced a lot of precum. He needed a lot of lubricant in her tight sex. It was like the tight sharp ridges of her sex were trying to coax the hot seed from his loins.

Zach thrust deeply again and again and he felt the ridges of her cervix open as his thick boy member began to flood her womb with hot incestuous semen. Zach was out of his mind with the wild pleasures that overwhelmed his sexy hard body.

Emily felt her hard little clit getting pounded again and again until she cried out with the first wave of a super intense orgasm. The next time Zach thrust Emily felt the hot rush of her brother’s semen flood her womb and that drove her to an even higher peak of ecstasy. The little girl screamed as her orgasm carried her away.

In the cockpit, Christie lay on her back while her little man pounded away in his mother’s hot sex in an orgasmic fit of passion. On the other seat Ryan had spread Hanna’s sex wide open as he feasted on it. Hannah screamed out as he brought her to her second squirting orgasm. Ryan was so turned on by the pleasure he cause his daughter that he began a spontaneous orgasm squirting his seed all over the cushion and Hannah’s back. Hannah felt her daddy’s hot semen squirting all over her back and that took her to even greater orgasmic heights.

The six of them lay entwined with each other in post orgasmic bliss. Ryan chuckled as he heard the dolphins making their chirpy clicky noises as if they approved and wanted to join in.

As Zach laid there with his hard boner still inside his beautiful little sister, he felt Emily wrap her legs around him.

Emily’s fingers stroked Zach’s face lovingly. That was awesome, she told him. I dreamed that we would someday be naked together…even when I was little. I knew I wanted your sexy naked body on top of me.

Zach was astounded. You did? He asked her in total surprise.

Jenna, Emily’s best friend, and I used to try to sneak peeks of you naked or in your underwear.

Zach grinned and asked; well…did you ever see me?

Promise you won’t be mad? She asked.

I promise, he said as he laughed.

We peeked in your room and saw you changing. One time you were pulling up your underwear…and ummmm…we saw your bare butt. It looked really cool. Emily told him and then hesitated to watch his reaction.

Zach grinned. You little sex perv… he laughed again and leaned down and kissed her. And…???

We snuck in the bathroom a few weeks ago…and ummm…you were in the shower and faced away from us…we saw you…you know…ummm…hard ‘n stuff. She said very hesitantly.

Zach grinned at her as he stared in to her blue eyes wating for her to continue.

And…ummmmm….you were…ummm…uhh…touching yourself. When Emily saw that he wasn’t mad, she continued. We…umm…heard you groan and then you jerked your hips forward and there was a big splotch on the glass wall in front of you.

Zach and Em felt his penis go rock hard…again!

Are you? She asked with wide eyes.

He grinned even bigger and nodded yes. Tell me the rest of what happened.

I didn’t know that much about all that stuff. Jenna knew all about it. She got home early from school one day and found her 17 year old sister Shannon lying across her bed naked fingering herself. Shannon had her eyes closed and so Jenna watched the whole thing. She said that Shannon went wild when she cummed. Shannon saw Jenna right when she was in the middle of her…you know…and Shannon couldn’t stop.

She tried to make Jenna promise not to tell their parents. Jenna said she would promise if she would show her what she had been doing. Shannon stripped Jenna naked and began to teach her how to pleasure herself.

Jenna was spending the night the night that we saw you in the shower and when we got ready to go to bed, she pulled my night gown over my head. We got in bed naked. She taught me all of the stuff that Shannon taught her.

Like? Zach asked.

Kissing, fingering each other, sucking nipples and we sucked each other’s cunnys. It was awesome. Shannon also told Jenna about coming home late one night and finding their 14 year old brother Bobby on the computer in the family room watching porn and stroking himself. Shannon told Jenna that she made Bobby keep going until he shot all over himself. She tossed him his t-shirt and told him he better clean himself up. She said it was cool. Bobby wiped up all of the sperm and then just held on to the soggy shirt while his sister looked at his naked body.

Shannon told Jenna that she walked over to Bobby and took the spermy t-shirt from him and told him he better be careful or Mom and Dad will catch him. Shannon kind of playfully rubbed the cummy t-shirt in Bobby’s face and told him to get dressed. Bobby tried to get the t-shirt back from his sister and they ended up wrestling around. Shannon told Jenna it was both sexy and funny. Bobby ended up getting stiff and rubbing his boner against Shannon’s jeans. Shannon told Jenna she grabbed it and asked him what he was going to do with that thing? She said Bobby blushed and grinned and said he was probably going to do it again.

They heard their parents moving around and Bobby pulled up his shorts and ran for his bedroom. Shannon went to her room and stripped naked. She was naked on her bed fingering herself and smelling Bobby’s spermy shirt, when he opened the door and came in. He locked it behind him. He made her finger herself to a climax while he watched. When she got close, Bobby dropped his pants and stroked to a climax shooting his stuff all over the floor.

Zach had already started thrusting again as he listened to the wild sexy story. Soon they were both lost in their own lust. They were both on fire so it did not take long for them to cry out as another powerful climax rocked their bodies.

After they recovered, Emily said Zach…promise you won’t be mad.

Zach grinned and shook his head in disbelief…what now…lil’ sis?

When she told me about the cummy t-shirt, I was sure you had to have those too. I kept going through your dirty clothes looking for cum shirts. I found some boxer briefs that were still wet with cum. I took them and I smelled them…and that is why I know what smells sexy.

He kissed her playfully and told her how much he loved her. And Emily…you are going to smell sexy after this. He kissed her again…I’m hungry…let’s get something to eat. He took her hand and led her back to the cockpit.

Her twin brother was waiting for Emily with a huge grin on his face. That was way cool Em…way cool, he said as he hugged her. Quietly in Emily’s ear he whispered and asked her if he could do something.

Emily nodded and Noah took her by the hand and led her to the seat. Noah lay on his back and Emily straddled his face. His mouth was open as she spread her legs and as their parents and siblings watched, Zach’s hot semen began to flood into Noah’s mouth. As the flow of seed subsided, Noah began to lick and suck Emily’s hard clit. Zach leaned down and kissed both of them and in the process he tasted his own essence.

Christie watched her sexy tan 14 year old as he came down the stairs into the cabin in search of nourishment. He announced his hunger and she laughed. She hugged him and told him what a great big brother he was.

Zach took his sandwich and an apple up to the cockpit and sat next to Hannah.

Hannah leaned over and kissed Zach. You’re pretty awesome, she told him.

Ryan asked Hannah if she wanted to take the helm. He told her he needed to go below.

She got up and kissed her naked father on the way by as she took the ships wheel from him.

Zach grinned at Hannah and he crawled around behind the wheel with her. Zach slid in behind Hanna as she steered the boat. His fingers started behind her knees and he very lightly stroked the back of her legs and up across her hips. He giggled as he watched Hannah get goose bumps.

She turned around and grinned at her brother and told him he was evil and a very sexy pervert.

Zach laughed. Do you know how much I love you?

Hannah shook her head no.

Zach used the voice adult’s use with little kids and said, I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH and with that he leaned down and kissed both of the tan cheeks of Hannah’s sexy ass. God you’re sexy he told his little sister. As he sat there, Zach parted his sisters beautiful cheeks.

Hannah turned around a little bit startled and said, what are you up to back there?

He grinned at her and said, just doing a little exploring.

You are a serious pervert, she told him without turning around. She turned and looked in his beautiful blue eyes and said, …and that’s why I love you so much.

He leaned forward again and kissed one of her cheeks as his index finger traced lightly down her crack. Zach was fascinated by her sexy little rosebud. He loved it when she gasped as his finger touched her cute little pucker.

Zach continued to play with the sexy little pleasure place. He thought about one of the stories that he had read on that talked about rimming. It was a bisexual high school story about two guys and a girl. He remembered the awesome orgasm he had as he read about one of the guys rimming the girl. As he sat there and stared at it, the little brown pucker became too tempting. Zach bent down and stiffened his tongue and began to really explore his little sister.

He felt her startled reaction as his tongue touched her most intimate place.

Oh god Zach…what are you doing…OMG…that is so hot….oh wow….YES!!!!
Zach was totally lost in pleasuring Hannah when the rest of the family came up on deck and quietly observed what the two sexy kids were doing.

Even though Ryan had been below making crazy passionate love to Christie, he instantly got hard as he watched his son rimming his daughter. Ryan could not help himself. He began to stroke his rampantly erect cock.

Zach stiffened his tongue even more and penetrated his sister.

Oh fuck…that is so hot…so good…oh Zach!!!

Zach continued to lick and penetrate Hannah until his jaw ached. As he sat there rimming Hannah, Zach heard his father cry out…Oh fuck…too hot…Zach suddenly felt a hot shower of steaming semen squirting all over him. Zach touched his blond hair and felt the sticky mess his Daddy just shot all over him…there was hot cum everywhere. Zach pulled his hand down covered in thick man cum and laughed as he looked up at his handsome dad.

Zach looked back at his cum covered fingers and slowly and sensuously licked every drop of his Daddy’s seed off his fingers.

Ryan looked at Zach…whoa…that is so fucking hot.

He leaned down and kissed his oldest son.

His Dad pointed to Hawksbill Cay on the horizon.

Hannah didn’t care. She bent forward hanging onto the ship’s wheel and begged Zach to fuck her. God Zachy…you made me soooooo HOT…fill my hot cunt with you seed. Fuck me Zachy!

Zach stood up and took his sister from behind. He reached around her and began to pinch her rock hard nipples as his thick boy cock filled her steaming sex. Hannah….you’re so sexy…I need you so bad. He began to thrust his rock hard cock deep in her 12 year old sex.

Hannah groaned with each powerful thrust. She let go of the wheel and her Daddy turned on the autopilot so that he could watch the two sexy kids.

Hannah bent over further so that Zach could fully penetrate her. She felt his thick cock pounding on her cervix and stretching it wide open. Zach pinched her hard nipple while his other hand stroked her hard clit. Hannah cried out as her body shook with the onset of a powerful climax.

Zach cried out…oh FUCK….gonna…oh Hanna here is my cummmmm!

Hannah screamed as she felt his hot semen flood her womb. She felt Zach thrust again and again each time filling her with more of his potent incestuous seed.

Ryan took the helm and steered them into a beautiful anchorage at Hawksbill Cay. Zach helped Ryan set the anchor. Ryan watched his sexy and stark naked oldest boy ran upon the cabin roof and then did a flip into the beautiful clear water of the Bahamas.

Soon all four kids were swimming as Ryan helped Christie into the dinghy. He gave each of the four kids an arm up into the dinghy. Ryan fired the engine and they headed for shore. None of them paid any attention to the beautiful yacht that was offshore as they motored into the beach. None of them had ever seen such a beautiful secluded beach.

They took the dingy into a pristine white beach, which stretched for almost a mile. Not a footprint other than theirs or any other trace of humanity marred its perfect beauty. They walked the length of the beach while watching the sun sink through the clouds and set over the Great Bahama Banks.

There was a high bluff that overlooked the anchorage. Ryan and Christie were determined to climb to the top. Noah and Emily followed them. When they looked back they saw that Zach and Hannah were still on the beach. Ryan stopped and shook his head at the two lovers still on the beach. He took his beautiful wife in his arms and kissed her passionately. I hope you wanted a grandchild early because it would be a miracle if she isn’t pregnant.

Ryan and the family continued their climb. When they reached the summit they looked down and saw that their beautiful kids were locked in a deep and intimate sexual embrace. They watched as Zach began to thrust deeply into his sister.

Noah was the first to react to the situation. All he could manage was Oh crap!

Zach and Hannah were so lost in their pleasure they did not hear the two sail boards crunch against the firm sand on the beach. The 13 year old blond and his 10 year old brother stood watching the young couple in awe. The bothers’ erections threatened to split the front of their board shorts.

The oldest brother, Will, reached into his shorts and began to play with his throbbing 4 ½” erection.

The two boys had left their sail boards and were standing about 25 feet from Zach and Hannah who were completely oblivious to their presence. Both boys were rubbing their stiff members. The older boy pulled down the front of his shorts and wildly stroked his rock hard penis to orgasm. The jets of his semen could be seen from the top of the bluff where the family stood watching.

Will groaned after his 13 year old cock erupted hot semen all over the sands of Hawksbill Cay.

The sounds of the boys’ orgasm got Hanna and then Zach’s attention. They both looked up. Zach quickly stood up his rapidly deflating penis still covered with the remnants of thick boy cum from his orgasm. A large drop of semen dripped on the sand as the boy stared at his amazing body and then Hannah beauty.

Will spoke first…I ummm…am like sorry…ummm…real sorry…but it was so sexy and all…and… ummmm you two are so hot. I am Will, the handsome 13 year old, told them as he held his now flaccid penis. And this is Thomas…my brother.

To everyone’s surprise, Zach introduced himself and then Hannah. Zach started laughing. Will, Thomas and Hannah suddenly got the joke that Will was apologizing for jacking off when Zach and Hanna were making love. It was an absurd situation that all was pretty funny.

Ummm Zach and Hannah…you guys are so hot! How old are you.

Zach told them that he was 14 and Hanna was 12. He then asked how old they were.

I’m 13 and Thomas is 11.

Zach looked out in the cove and saw the magnificent yacht that was anchored in the center of the cove. It had to be three times the size of their boat.

Your parents would probably freak if they found us naked. Zach told Will.

Naw…I don’t think so. We’re naturists.

Zach looked puzzled. What does that mean?

We don’t wear clothes unless we have to wear them. We only wear clothes to avoid situations that freak people out to see us naked.

Cool… Zach said.

His parents, Noah and Emily walked down from the bluff. Eleven year old Noah raced ahead and got there first.

Will introduced himself to Noah and asked if he was Zach’s brother.

Noah said yeah…Zach and Hannah are my older brother and sister.

Will said whoa…way cool… He looked at Zach and Hannah and asked, you guys are brother and sister?

Zach nodded… Zach was sure that admission was going to cause a disaster.

Will looked at Zach. I…ummm…thought we were…you know…ummm…the only family….that….ummm…you know…sexed each other.

Zach’s jaw dropped as he processed that news.

Ryan, Christie and Emily walked up just as Will shared the information about his family. They were as shocked as Zach at the revelation.

We spend a lot of time on our boat…so that we have privacy…Dad was real disappointed when we saw your boat. They made us get dressed so we wouldn’t freak you out. Will told them as he stripped off his board shorts. His 13 year old penis stood proudly erect.

Thomas laughed and reached over and pulled his brother’s boner down and let it slap against his belly. Thomas said Will always has a boner.

Ryan went from totally flaccid to fully erect in moments. His penis throbbed as he watched Thomas strip off his board shorts. He thought these boys were very sexy. Will was a little bit shorter than Zach and had blond hair. Thomas had sandy brown hair. Will’s 13 year old erection had a small sandy brown nest of curly pubic hair. Will pointed to their boat and Ryan saw that the sexy boy had a tiny stripe of hair under his arm.

Will told them that his 15 year old brother Mike, 14 year old Kaitlin and 13 year old sister Sarah who is my twin were still on their boat…and Josh our baby brother.

Zach asked him if they sexed a lot.

Will nodded… yeah…a lot!

The ships horn sounded on their yacht. That was the boys’ signal to head back.

Will told them that they home schooled and they had to get back for the last class of the day. The boys raced back to their sail board and totally forgot about their board shorts. They pulled the masts up on their sail boards and pushed them into the water. In moments the sexy young boys were sailing back to their boat.

The family was very quiet. They were just getting used to their new family relationship. This all seemed to much too fast.

Ryan and the boys shoved the dinghy back in the water and they motored back to their boat. They climbed aboard. Ryan suggested that they shower. They cleared the cockpit of cushions, books and anything they didn’t want to get wet. Christie brought some towels up from the cabin. Ryan had the kids stand close together as he squirted them with a little fresh water. Zach passed around the bottle of body wash and they began to wash each other.

As Zach washed Hannah’s breasts, Hannah cleansed Zach’s member which was in a rare moment of being flaccid. He tenderly kissed her lips. They washed each other thoroughly and explored every inch of each other’s body. Every time they touched each other it was still a new adventure for them.

When they finished washing, Ryan rinsed off the soap. His rampant member stood proudly as he admired his naked kids.

Zach held the shower nozzle for his Mom and Dad. They too soaped each other up and hugged and kissed a lot during their shower. While they were rinsing, they heard the deep throated sound of a ski boat engine starting and looked at the large yacht and saw a beautiful ski boat beside it.

They watched fascinated as the ski boat headed toward them. A few minutes later the ski boat slowly idled up beside the Miller’s sail boat.

Hi…I am Ted. I’m Will and Thomas’ Father. As Ted stood up it was clear that he was naked.

Ryan introduced himself. He extend his hand to Ted to shake it and to hold Ted’s boat alongside their sailboat.

Ummm…Ryan my wife Amy and I were wondering if you and your family would like to join us for cocktails and dinner? Ted hesitated a moment and then told them, its uhhhhmmmmm…a come as you are party.

Ryan hesitated and then looked at Christie who looked as puzzled about what to do as he was.

Ted blushed a bit and then said, from what Will and Thomas told Amy and me about your family you will be very comfortable with our family. I think we have a lot in common.

Ryan said that sounded great and asked what they could bring.

Ted said, I think we have everything…except for you. Do you want to climb aboard?

The six of them climbed aboard Ted’s ski boat and Ryan introduced his family as they climbed in. Ted could not take his eyes off of Hannah and Zach.

When everyone was aboard, Ted put the ski boat in gear and gave it a little throttle.

You’re very fortunate. You have a very beautiful family, Ted told them.

Hannah looked at him and said that his boys were pretty sexy too as she handed their Dad the board shorts they left on the beach.

Ted laughed and told Hannah that it was hard to keep those boys in clothes…and they both seem to be hard all of the time.

That seemed to set a very relaxed mood for the trip to their boat.

My god….it’s huge, Christie commented as they pulled alongside the much larger yacht.

Ted reversed the engine to stop the boat’s forward motions as he came alongside the boarding platform and steps that had been lowered. Will and Thomas were there to greet and they caught the mooring lines for the ski boat and secured them to the cleats on the platform. Will put his hand out to help Emily steady herself as she step from the ski boat to the platform. Will did not take his eyes off of Emily’s 11 year old sex.

Ryan and the family climbed the gangway to board the huge yacht. At the top of the steps there was a tall good looking kid with sandy blond hair and deep brown eyes.

Hi…I’m Mike he said as he introduced himself to Hannah.

Hannah could not take her eyes off of Mike’s naked body. She guessed that he must be the 15 year old brother that Will had told them about. Will didn’t mention that his brother was gorgeous. Mike had shaggy long sandy brown hair that had lots of blond streaks from the sun. He had to be close to 6’ tall and clearly he spent lots of time in the gym. Hannah realized that she had been staring at his flaccid 4” penis and the sandy brown pubic hair above it. She watched fascinated as it began to stiffen. Hannah was suddenly embarrassed that she had been staring.

She looked up into Mike’s beautiful brown eyes and was blushing at what she thought must be rude behavior.

Mike smiled at Hannah and told her not to worry. Mom taught us that God gave us beautiful bodies. We should enjoy looking at them and not hide them. And…ummm…Hannah…you have an awesome body…he told her blushing.

A very good looking girl took hold of Mike’s erection. She rolled her eyes and said, these boys always have boners…I’m sorry about that. I’m Mike’s sister Kaitlin and I’m 14.

Hannah introduced her brothers and sisters to Kaitlin and Mike. While she was making introductions Hannah noticed that Kaitlin had a slightly rounded tummy. That started her wondering if Kaitlin was pregnant.

Will yelled up to Kaitlin that Josh was crying.

Kaitlin asked if Hannah wanted to go with her.

Hannah said that sounded great.

Mike asked Zach if he wanted to meet the youngest member of the family.

Zach said sure.

They all headed down the steps and went into a stateroom with a crib.

Kaitlin scooped up the crying baby. She cooed at the baby, and said I think you need a change. Kaitlin asked Hanna if she wanted to change Josh.

Hannah was a little awed by the situation but said sure she would love to change him.

Kaitlin handed her the diaper and the baby.

They watched as Zach stood at the head of the changing table. Hanna took of the diaper and did not cover Josh’s penis. When the cool air hit his little penis nature took over. A lovely stream of urine squirted Zach first in the face and his open mouth and then proceeded to soak him from head to toe.

Mike laughed and said he was glad he wasn’t the only one that got a mouth full of pee the first time he changed Josh. He handed Zach a towel and told him he got peed on a lot.

Zach wiped his face while he laughed at the yellow shower.

Hannah got Josh changed and she picked the beautiful baby up and tenderly kissed his cheek and forehead. And then she just held him close to her naked body.

The beautiful 9 month old baby clutched at Hannah and after a moment he naturally found a nipple. Oh wow he must be hungry she said.

Hannah watched in awe as Kaitlin took the baby and sat down in a rocker and began to breast feed Josh.

Hannah wrapped her arm around Zach and pulled him close to her. Zach was fully erect and leaking a lot a precum.

Mike smiled as a puddle of precum formed on the teak deck between Zach’s feet. I see breast feeding turns you on too. Zach looked at the older boy as Mike held his 15 year old fully erect penis.

Kaitlin looked up from Josh and said; when I am nursing Zach we often have sex. The stimulation of my nipples makes me super horny and I straddle Mike and ride his thick cock while the little guy sucks my nipples. But becareful…I don’t care what anyone tells you…you CAN get pregnant while you are nursing, she said as she patted her slightly rounded belly. Mom warned us it could happen but we…ummm…didn’t take any precautions.

Will said he saw you two making love on the beach. Are you protected or do you want a baby.

Hannah looked up at Zach and said that she wanted him to fill her belly with a baby. She wrapped her hand around his erection as she said it and he smiled. She looked at him and said you smell like pee dude!

Gee I wonder what could have caused that, he said pulling his sister against his body. Zach began to kiss Hannah passionately. So you want a beautiful baby like Josh?

More than anything she told him.

Zach lifted his sister up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he thrust his thick boy cock deep in her love tunnel.

I don’t care if you do smell like boy pee; you are still the sexiest boy ever Hannah told Zach.

Mike smiled and jacked his 6” penis as he watched Zach make passionate love to Hannah while holding her in his arms. Zach was so turned on by the idea of another young couple with a baby that he could not wait to fill his sister with his thick hot seed.

Mike watched the young couple as they mated like wild animals. You two are sooooo fucking sexy to watch, he told Zach and Hannah as his hand stroked his hard teen cock even faster.

Oh fuck Hannah…I am sooooo close….I need you so bad baby….gotta fill you with my cum….Oh shit…I’m cumming!!!!!

That was all it took for Mike… He groaned as his throbbing boner jetted out a thick rope of his creamy potent cum. The hot semen squirted all over Zach and Hannah right as they both climaxed.

Michael watched Kaitlin fingering herself to a powerful orgasm as she nursed Josh.

Kaitlin cried out as a powerful orgasm rocked her. It didn’t bother Josh a bit. He sucked his momma’s tit until it went dry. After just a moment of burping Josh let loose a deep truck driver belch. That gave everybody a good laugh.

Ted and Ryan poked their heads in the nursery just as everyone’s orgasms were subsiding.

As he watched Mike squirt his cum all over Zach and Hannah, Ted said that’s a helluva way to welcome guests aboard. Ted laughed as he saw Mike’s reaction.

Dad, that’s nothing. Josh gave Zach the first welcome with a mouth full of pee.

Zach still held his sexy sister in his arms and his member was still rock hard and buried deep in her core.

Hanna looked at Zach and asked, oh…by the way…what did you do with that mouth full of pee.

Zach just shrugged his shoulders. Umm…I guess I swallowed it.

That gave everybody another good laugh.

Hannah dismounted from Zach’s still raging hard boner. As she did, a big glob of thick boy cum leaked out of her vagina on to the polished teak deck.

Wow…you really did fill her with a big load of cum…and look at that, Ted said as he fondled Zach’s hard penis. You still have a major boner dude. Very impressive, Ted told Zach as he gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ted laughed and said, Zach you do smell like boy pee…Mike take him to our shower or the sun deck and let him clean up. Ted walked over to Mike and held up his arm. There was a nice amount of under arm hair. Ted put his nose in the boy pit and inhaled deeply. Oh yeah…he said you smell like a stinky teen boy…You might want to join Zach in the shower…And Mike…

Yes sir, Mike responded respectfully.

You might need to let Zach fuck you really good and see if you can help him get rid of this boner.

Cool….Mike replied as he led Zach up the steps to the sun deck.

Amy offered Christie a tour of the boat. They finished the tour on the sun deck and they were having a glass of wine. While they had the sun deck to themselves, Amy asked Christie about Zach and Hannah’s sexual activity.

Christie explained that it was so beautiful to watch the two of them have intercourse for the first time that she didn’t even think about stopping it. I got so caught up in our family love that I didn’t even think about the consequences…it was just so beautiful. When I did, I realized that Zach had intercourse with his sister 6 times. It was right during the peak of her fertility. She went on to tell Amy about the conversation about the possibility of Hannah being pregnant and how excited both kids were. The whole thing worries me and excites me at the same time.

Well if it is any comfort, I felt the same way. We went through exactly the same thing with Mike and Kaitlin. I think I can help you if you would like for me to.

Oh yes….please! Christie responded.

Well I don’t know if Ted told you but I am an OB/GYN and I did a fellowship in Genetic Medicine. The first thing we can do is a brand new blood test on Hannah. It is about 90% accurate at the earliest stage of pregnancy. That will tell us a lot. I can do that test on board and we’ll have an excellent idea if Zach impregnated his sister. If it looks like she is pregnant, we will do a genetic comparison of the two of them to see if we have any genetic issues.

How soon could we know The results of that testing? Christie asked Amy.

Well I’ll do the pregnancy test now. If she is positive, we’ll draw the blood for the genetic test. I know you’ll be worried so I’ll have Simon, our pilot, fly over in the sea plane and take the blood samples back to the lab for genetic comparison. We’ll know the results in the morning.

And…um…if it’s not good?

We’ll talk about the risks and probabilities. But I normally recommend that the girl take the morning after pill. Amy told Christie.

They looked up as Mike and Zach came up on deck. The boys were wrestling around. Both boys had lean athletic bodies. As they horsed around their lean muscled bodies rippled as they wrestled with each other. Both boys were fully erect.

Mike looked over and saw his Mom. Mom, guess what happened? He called out. Without waiting, He told her that Josh had filled Zach’s mouth with pee…just like he did with me the first time Kaitlin and I changed him.

Dad said he wanted me to give Zach a shower and then let him fuck me so that he can get rid of his raging boner. Mike told the mothers with a laugh. Mike took hold of Zach’s throbbing erection. He really does have a very cool cock mom…look!

Amy stood up and walked over. It is beautiful. Amy took Zach stiff member in her hand. She felt it throb and watched as a large dollop of clear precum leaked from the tip as a result of her fondling him. Amy felt Zach testicles. She looked up at the beautiful awe struck boy and told him he had a magnificent penis. And from the feel of those large testicles, it is not a big surprise that you may have inseminated your sister. They are awesome for a boy your age. Amy leaned over and kissed her naked son as he started the hand held shower.

The mothers watched their beautiful boys wet each other down. Mike took a bottle of body wash and began to scrub Zach. He paid particular attention to Zach’s erection. Mike looked up at Zach and said, Dude you’ve got to fuck me with that thing…it’s awesome.

Zach lathered up Mike and paid particular attention to his crack and rosebud. Zack inserted two slippery soapy fingers in Mike. He took Mike in his arms and kissed him passionately. Dude…I really want to fuck you…right now.

It was as if Zach hadn’t had sex for days. He craved the very sexy older boy. Mike bent over and held the rail as Zach quickly penetrated him. Dude…your ass is fucking awesome. Zach told Mike as he found a rhythm. It is so sweet and tight I am not going to last long.

The mothers fingered themselves as they watched their two young magnificent animals consummate their lust. The two taut lean bodies were magnificent as they joined in wild raw sexual mating. The slapping sounds filled the deck as their soapy bodies joined in a fierce male mating ritual. Zach fiercely stroked Mike’s hard cock as his rigid boner hammered Mike’s ass again and again. Zach’s had enjoyed so many orgasms today that his young body had amazing staying power.

The mothers were both on the edge of powerful orgasms when Zach announced, Mike…I am so fucking close. The intensity of the thrusting and raw sex sounds increased as Zach felt the seed begin to race from his loins through his shaft. Oh shit dude…I’m cumming.

Mike felt the hot cum erupt into his ass and that was all it took for him. Mike jetted creamy white ropes of his thick teen cum all over the deck and his feet. The mothers cried out at they went over the edge as they watched the raw sexual spectacle in front of them.

Zach pulled his still stiff penis out of Mike. He turned the older boy around and kissed him passionately. As they broke their kiss Zach told Mike, Wow…that was fucking awesome!

Mike kissed the younger boy and then told him how sexy he was.

They rinsed the soap off and then Amy made Mike clean his fresh cum up off the deck. The two teen age boys went below in search of food.

When the Mom’s had the deck to themselves, Amy commented how beautiful the raw sexuality of their older boys was to watch. It was like watching two beautiful stallions mating…breathtaking.

Christie agreed that it was thrilling to watch the two boys. Christie found herself surprised at how at ease she was with Amy. She found that she loved having a woman/doctor as a confidant and sounding board about all of these amazing changes in her family’s lives. She also found Amy to be very sexy.

Amy will you do the pregnancy test now.

Sure, Amy replied. Like I said it isn’t perfect but it will give you a good idea. We can test again in a few days and know for sure if we need to do it.

A few minutes later, Kaitlin and Hannah holding Josh came up to the sundeck. Hannah was glowing. Momma, he is so beautiful, she told Christie.

Amy looked over and saw a small tear going down Christie’s cheek. Amy put her arm around Christie’s shoulder. Let’s find out, she said.


Yeah Christie…

Better make that two tests, Christie told her new friend.

Amy smiled at her…whoa…very cool…a possible population explosion. You explain the testing to Hannah and I will be right back.

Christie told Hannah about the testing and watched as Josh latched on to Hannah’s nipple.

God it feels good when he does that, Hannah told her mom as she held Josh’s head so that he could suck her nipple.

Amy came back up and kissed Hannah on the cheek. Are you excited? Amy asked Hannah.

Oh yeah…It would be amazing. Hannah told her as she bent her head and kissed little Josh.

Well let me draw a little blood and we’ll find out in a few minutes. Amy quickly drew Hannah’s blood and started the test.

And what about you…are you excited about being pregnant? Amy asked Christie.

Oh yeah! Christie told her with a huge grin.

Soon both pregnancy tests were being processed. They talked for a few minutes as the test was processed. Both Christie and Hannah were very nervous.

When the time for processing was up, Christie got up and looked at the results. Well she said…normally the results are in the gray area and are not conclusive. These are different…There is no question about the results of both of these tests. She ran over and hugged both of them and told them they were both pregnant.

Amy got on the intercom and called downstairs and asked Zach to come up.

When he got there, Hannah screamed that she was pregnant. They two kids danced around the deck with Joy. Zach became erect and rubbed his thick boy boner against his beautiful sister as he kissed her passionately.

Amy sat down with Zach and Hannah and explained the genetic testing. She drew their blood. As she did, Hannah asked what would happen if the results were bad.

Amy said they would talk about that if they had to when they got the results. She told her not to worry about it. They would know for sure tomorrow.

The kids were shocked when they saw the sea plane circle the cove. Simon the pilot set the plan down gently and taxied over toward the boat. Ted took the samples and took the ski boat out to the plane. He gave the vials of blood to Simon. Simon waved and when Ted pulled away he fired up the engine and taxied over and began his take off run down the cove. In moments, the sea plane lifted off the cove and wagged his wings to say good bye.

Zach held Hannah tight in his arms and had a very worried look on his face.

The moms watched the young lovers.

Ted and Ryan came up on the sun deck. Ted insisted that they have dinner and spend the night. Neither Hannah nor Zach wanted anything to eat. They stayed up on the sun deck in the warmth of the early summer evening. Hanna sat between Zach’s legs and he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

Zach I am scared, Hannah told him.

Zach kissed her neck and told her it would be fine, but in his heart he was worried.

Mike and Kaitlin came up to be with them. Mike kissed both Zach and Hannah tenderly. It is so awesome that you are pregnant he told them as he hugged them.

Zach and Hannah still looked worried.

Mike pulled a lounge chair up next to Hannah and Zach. He looked at the two of them and told them how sexy they were.

Kaitlin said, I guess so…look at this boner. She pulled the hard penis away from his taut abdomen and let it slap back.

The four of them laughed.

Kaitlin said, guys…I’m sorry but this pregnancy is making me super horny and watching you two earlier make love in the nursery just made it worse. Kaitlin kissed Mike tenderly at first and then kissed him passionately.

Zach and Hannah watched as she took Mike’s stiff penis and then began to settle on it. Her eyes rolled up as she began to pleasure herself with Mike’s stiff sex.

Hannah whispered to Zach…god baby…that is so hot…look at her fuck herself on that hot cock. Then she looked at Zach’s thick member. It was rock hard.

She kissed her sexy brother and tongued his ear as her fingers fondled his raging erection. Zach…you are so hard, she teased her brother. If you are trying to take my mind off of things it is working.

Zach took her beautiful sexy 12 year old body in his arms and he rolled her over until he was between her legs and the tip of his erection was in her sex.

Zach…I think I could take your pulse….you are so hard…it is throbbing like crazy.

Zach looked in Hannah’s deep blue eyes and said, that is because you turn me on so much. I have to have you beautiful girl. Zach thust his boy sex deep in her core. Whoa…Hannah you are sooooo hot…I mean hot in every way.

Zach began to thrust deeply in Hannah. She groaned as each thrust stretched her cervix. Knowing that he had inseminated her only made her love him more and ache for his seed. She opened herself wide and begged him to fuck her hard.

Hannah and Zach listened to the wild sex of Mike and Kaitlin. Zach looked over and watched the brother and sister next to them grind their sex together in wild passion. That was enough to push Zach over the edge. He began to thrust wildly into his beautiful sister until he felt her sexual juices flood him with the onset of her orgasm.

Zach flooded her with his seed. He was amazed at the power of his orgasm after the number of times he climaxed today.

Hannah screamed with the wild pleasure her brother caused her and wrapped her legs tightly around him. She cried out…Zack...I love you!

The four young lovers spent the night out on the sun deck under the stars. They didn’t sleep much as they worried about the test results. They awoke with the sunrise. The four of them grabbed bottles of water and headed for the ski boat. They went ashore and walked on the beautiful isolated beach. It was a magnificent morning. The four of them turned to head back and were startled to see the sea plane on the horizon preparing to land in the cove. The four of them began to jog back to the ski boat. They reached the boat as the plane settled gently on the cove.

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