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My daddy introduces me to sex.
I am now 18 and I have to thank my Daddy for introducing me into the wonderful world of sexual pleasure. For almost 4 years he and I did things together that were naughty and he knew it. He told me I could not tell anybody what he and I did together – he said he would be put in gaol so I knew it was pretty naughty. I didn’t know that incest was as serious as it was until we had been having sex together for almost a year. One of my school friends got pregnant to her brother and wow did that cause a stir and it was then I heard people talking about how bad it was having sex with a member of your own family was. The next time we were doing sex together I talked to him about it and he said he would try and stop if I wanted to. I said I couldn’t stop. I loved everything we did together. It was so wonderful and exciting and I enjoyed it every time we did things together which were a few times a week before my mother left us. After she went I began to sleep in his bed and neither of us wore pyjamas and it was wonderful feeling his bare skin against mine. Both of us did what we wanted together any time one of us asked. It was so nice just to go cuddle into him after we had done stuff together and we had cum. It was always hard before to go back to my room and my lonely bed and to still feel and smell that wonderful feeling after we had sex together.

After I left school at 16 I started being a check out chick at our supermarket after school. Daddy had got himself a girl friend and he started to have sex with her. He didn’t want her to know he was also having sex with me so we sort of only did it if she wasn’t there, but she wanted to move in with us so Daddy and I had to stop after she moved in. I really missed him and a couple of times I asked him to do stuff with me when she wasn’t around.
It was at the supermarket I met my 25yo boyfriend and he took me home one night in his car and kissed him and I asked him to fuck me. He was a bit surprised I wasn’t a virgin but I didn’t tell him it was my Daddy that I had been having sex with.

After that the two of us spent all the time we could together doing everything sexually imaginable. I had learned so many things with Daddy and he enjoyed doing it with me and we had a lot of great times together.

After Jean moved in and I met Tony I don’t do things with Daddy any more. She is a bit younger than him. They made no secret about the fact they had sex together and I heard them doing it a lot. She talked to me about her and Daddy a few times and said she was sorry she broke us up. I said I still loved him and I was happy that he had found her. She was very nice to me and didn’t look down her nose at me because I had been having sex with Daddy. I sat down with them both one night and told them I had met Tony and what we had started doing together. Daddy said I was lucky to get an older man. I told Daddy who he was and he was happy to meet him. I had not told Tony Daddy and I had been having sex for ages, but somehow he found out or realised the two of us had been doing it together. He then he knew how I got to be so good at it.

One night Daddy and his girlfriend Jean had a party and they wanted my boyfriend and me to be there. It was just the four of us and almost as soon as Tony got there Jean wanted to know about Tony and me having sex and if he knew I had been having sex with daddy. He said yes and I had told him about us. Jean said well would you like to have sex with me.

Both Tony and I were a bit shocked at the suggestion but it turned out both she and Daddy had discussed it and thought the four of us could have a good orgy together. Daddy said he wanted me to be happy and thought that if we were all together it would be good for all of us. Tony and I looked at each other and we didn’t have to say anything – I smiled at him like I would like to and he just said this as amazing. He asked me if I were sure and I said yes – she is not much older than him and daddy is a bit older again. I said I wanted to be there when they did it, I was a bit jealous but I really wanted the four of us to be good friends and that might mean Tony could come to my place in future and sleep with me.

Daddy and I watched them both having sex for a while and then I got down and sucked Daddy while they were doing it.
They both seemed to enjoy fucking together and it was amazing watching two people fuck together – I had never seen anybody get fucked before. Tony used a condom in her so she wouldn’t have his cum inside her when Daddy fucked her afterwards.
After they had finished and I had sucked Daddy off we all talked about how cool it was watching somebody get fucked. We laughed a lot as they talked about it.
While we were talking and telling stories about how they had fucked different people Jean, asked me if I was interested in having sex with another woman. I was so excited about being involved with them all sexually I said why not – it might be fun, I had never done anything like it before.

Daddy and Tony thought it would be fun to watch us.

I had a few funny feelings at first after we had kissed for a while and we had felt each other all over. She had bigger tits than me and it felt good playing with them and her nipples. I knew daddy was watching me doing it with his girlfriend and I asked him what did he think about me doing it and he said it was great and to keep going. Then she told me what we should do together and when she told me she wanted to suck on my cunt and for me to do it to her. I had a few misgivings about that as she and Tony had been fucking and her cunt scent was a bit strong. She said she would wash it first and she did and then it was fine.

During the night and after we had all fucked and sucked each other they all wanted to know about Daddy and me.

Daddy said you tell them so I began the story of my first experience with Daddy.

The next story tell it all.

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2013-03-25 11:43:32
I wish some people would keep their criticism to themselves....if they had we might have part 2 here as well. I would like very much to here about her and Daddy's first time

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2011-04-08 20:50:00
to breif and pretty lame... it's better with just daddy and daughter

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