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this is for my 32 year old sister emily because she likes rough sex
Yesterday afternoon I went to my sister Emily's house to keep her company since her husband is out of town on business for the week. We decided to have dinner around eight o'clock. After dinner Emily said she was going to take a shower and for me to pick out a movie for us to watch when she finished. So while she was in the shower I went into her bedroom and put on a hardcore porn movie that I had brought with me then called my friends and told them to come over my sister's house to help me fuck her. I put the DVD on repeat then took off all of my clothes and walked into the bathroom to grab Emily out of the shower. When I walked in the bathroom she asked "is that you"? "Yes" I said. "I thought you might need some help washing yourself in there" I said. She laughed and jokingly said "yeah sure, come on in". I then slid open the door to the shower and to my sister Emily's surprise I was standing there naked with a huge erection and stepping into the shower with her "I was just joking! What are you doing? Oh my god"! "You better get ready to get fucked Emily because I've just been waiting to get you alone like this you fucking bitch". I said as I grabbed her by the hair and slapped her in the face. Then before she said anything I pushed her down to her knees and shoved my cock down her throat. I stood there fucking my sister in the mouth until all the shampoo she was using rinsed away. I then dragged her on all fours into her bedroom where I ordered her to put on her wedding dress. Once her wedding dress was on, I positioned a video camera on her bed so I could get our filthy, incestual sex act on tape and jack off to it. "Tell the camera your name sweetheart" I ordered her. "My name is Emily, I'm thirty years old and I am my brother's sex slave” she said just like I had told her to. I then spit in her face and shoved my cock in her mouth and said "that's right you're name is Emily, you're my sister Emily. Say you love me more than your husband you piece of shit whore". "I love you more than my husband, little brother; please fuck me in my asshole and cunt". "Yeah you like getting fucked in the asshole while you have your wedding dress on don't you, you fucking dirty whore" I said as I spit in my sister's face and slapped her. "Yeah I like it when you fuck me while I wear my wedding dress; it makes me feel like such a nasty slut". She said. "Good" I said. "Because my friends will be here soon and we're all going to fuck you and cum in your mouth and asshole you trampy cunt". my friends walked in the room and all instantly started taking their clothes off and spitting on my sister and calling her names like "a cheap slut" and "a trash whore" while we took turns fucking her in the mouth. next thing emily knew she was on the bed where she sleeps every night with her husband, wearing her wedding dress that she married him in, getting fucked in the asshole, mouth and pussy by her brother and eight of his friends. We were slapping her in the face and spitting on her as we thrashed her asshole, cunt and mouth and called her very degrading names. After everybody was done Cumming in Emily's mouth I told my friends to leave and said "you guys need to get going so my sister and I can have some nice family time, I think we need to bond alone now". Once everyone was gone I told Emily to take off her wedding dress and stay naked. I went into their closet and got out one of her husband's t-shirts and put it on her after I cut holes in the chest for her big fat boobs to hang out. Next I put her into a pair of her husband’s tightie whiteys and socks. So their was my sister, dressed up in her husbands underwear and getting fucked by me, her younger brother. First I tied her hands behind her back and wrote "fuckhole" around her mouth with her lip stick. Next I wrote "tits" on her chest above her boobs, then wrote "ass" on the small of her back and wrote "cunt" just above her pussy. I started fucking her in the mouth and slapping her saying "you like that big sister? Tell me how much you like being a dirty fuck toy whore for your little brother while your husband is out of town you cunt". "I love letting my brother fuck me because I'm a whore"! She said as I grabbed her by the hair and slapped her on the tits.
I spent the next hour fucking emily in the mouth and ejaculating all over her face and body then untied her and we slept together in bed doing nasty,degrading,hardcore sucking and fucking all night.
We fell asleep for about two hours then as Emily slept I tied her hands behind her back and tied each of her legs in half so her knees were bent and her thighs were spread. Then I violently awoke my sister by slapping her in the face and spitting on her while calling her a trampy cunt and a piece of shit whore. She started crying so I pulled her hair really hard and slapped her to make her cry harder, and then I started to fuck her up the asshole. I was sliding her asshole on to my cock by pulling her tied up hands and I was smacking her ass as hard as I could until it turned bright red. The more she cried the harder I fucked her and slapped, spit on and insulted her because my sister Emily is my sexslave and I love fucking her and she loves it when I do it so hard she cries. "what's wrong you cunt? Are you crying you little bitch? I thought you like it like this you fucking whore"! I said as I pulled her hair and smacked her in the face. I untied Emily's hands and legs and told her to put on her wedding dress. Once she was dressed up I said "we're going to my house so I can jerk off in your mouth over there". Once we got to my house I brought my sister down to her new home, it’s a bunker I built under my basement. I took her to her new room and chained her to the wall by a collar on her neck. Then as she was there chained to the wall wearing her wedding dress, I spat in her face and slapped her and said "this is where you're going to live the rest of your life you fucking cunt. I'm going to fuck you in this little jail cell I built just for you every fucking chance I get so you might as well forget that your name is emily, your new name is 'cumrag sexslave cuntbitch' ". Now the games were over and Emily knew I was serious and that I was going to keep her. We have been fucking behind her husband's back for a couple of years and I've been waiting to kidnap and enslave her in my basement. I smacked her in the face then shoved my cock down her throat and said "you like that cumrag sexslave cuntbitch"? All she did was cry so I smacked her again and said "keep crying for me you fucking trampy cunt, I like hearing you sob when I fuck your mouth". Next I turned her around and shoved my cock right into her pussy and said "I'm your fucking husband now you slutty bitch, now you're married to your brother you fucking cunt". Emily was still wearing her wedding dress as I said those words to her and pulled her hair, spit on her and smacked her in the face. The more she cried, the more violently I fucked and smacked her and pulled her hair. Getting fucked by me like this at least three times a day is currently how my sister Emily is living her life in my basement where I keep her as a sexslave.
"Open your fucking mouth emily!" I said as I smacked my sister in the face. Emily obeyed and opened her mouth and I thrusted my cock down her throat. After fucking her in the mouth for a while I turned her around and violently fucked my sister in her tight asshole making her scream in pain and beg for mercy. but I did not let up and I continued to fuck my sister in her asshole as hard as I could, pulling her hair and smacking her in the back of the head and calling her a piece of shit whore.
My sexslave/sister Emily: pt.1"abuse"
my sister emily is 30 years old and happily married, actually was happily married until I made a safe place to keep her locked up all of the time. I spent a while making the bunker to keep her in and it came out really nice. she has everything she needs in there, a cage to sleep in plus a nice wall to stay chained to. Yesterday I went to see my sister/slave and the first thing I did when I saw her was said "hey emily are you ready for some abuse"?she nodded yes because she knows the punishment for not doing so. I said good and spit in her face and smacked her. Next I unzipped her latex mummy suit and tied her hands and knees to the floor in a doggy style position. Immediately after that I shoved my cock into her pussy and started fucking her relentlessly. I was going back and forth between her mouth and cunt,fucking her and calling her a "piece of shit whore" while I slapped her in the face and spit on her. She was crying asking me "how could you do this to me?, I’m your sister!" I said "shut the fuck up emily, you are my sexslave now. Your main concern in life now is to have my cock shoved down your throat and up your ass and pussy so the sooner you get used to that the better off you will be".I continued to fuck her in the pussy from behind while I was pulling her hair with my right hand and smacking her in the face with my left. I abruptly forced my cock into her ass causing her to scream and I felt the vibrations from her screams on my cock as it was inside her asshole.I said "yeah you better learn to love it you bitch because this is how you are going to live the rest of your fucking life".I was enthralled by how much she was crying. The more she cried the harder I pounded her in the asshole and told her she was a good for nothing but being a sexslave."You’re my new cumrag now you fucking slut" I told her as I jacked off into her mouth and shot a load in her throat.
My sexslave/sister Emily: pt.2"comfort"
Now that I was done giving Emily her abusive treatment it was time to comfort her. I zipped her latex mummy suit back up and stood her up straight, tied her feet to the floor and suspended her from her shoulders. I zipped up her face mask but opened the mouth and eyes on it so she could breathe and see. I called my slave Kristen in to help me comfort my sister. Kristen walked in the room smiling and asked me,” how is your little sexslave doing in here?"“Good" I said.” She just needs a little comforting so she can relax"."well, I think I can help you with that" she said. Kristen is very good at comforting slaves because she has such a soothing sweet sounding voice. Now Kristen and I were on either side of emily speaking softly in to her ears, first I said "it's okay Emily, we are here to help you feel comfortable"."We are in control and everything is alright Emily, you're brother and I are here to take care of you" Kristen said in the sweetest voice. Kristen and I were caressing her whole body as we said these things to make her feel better.” It’s me your brother Emily and everything is okay" I said as I massaged her pussy."We love you emily" Kristen said in her angelic voice as she gave our slave a hug. we went on for hours telling emily that she was okay and that we are in control. When emily fell asleep Kristen and I took her out of suspension and tied her onto her cot to sleep for the night. Kristen and I went to our bedroom to have sex and while we were fucking I suggested that we go use emily as a toy and Kristen agreed.
My sexslave/sister Emily: pt.3 "controlled abuse"
it had been a couple of hours since we put our slave to sleep and when we entered the room it was very quiet. Kristen’s demeanor had now changed because she was so aroused, she was no longer the comforter she was hours before.” Get up you fucking whore" she shouted at my sister. I saw emily do a jolt as she heard her loud voice shout the command.” It’s time to suck your brother's cock you bitch" she said as she removed Emily's mask. Kristen and I were both completely naked except for the leather we had on. Kristen started to hold open Emily's mouth and said "come show your sister who her Master is, let her know that you're in control".With that I stepped forward and shoved my cock down my sister's throat and started to pump her face really hard.” Do you like that you cunt, do you like getting fucked in the mouth by your brother's cock?" I said as I abused her mouth.” She better fucking like it" Kristen said as she smacked my sister in the face. Next we took off Emily's mummy suit to get at her ass and cunt.With emily still tied to the cot, kristen sat on her face and held up the slaves ankles so I could access her asshole and pussycats I started to fuck my sister in the asshole kristen was humping her face with her dripping wet cunt and saying "eat my pussy you bitch, this is not comfort time anymore".Next we put my sister on all fours with kristen underneath her so they were in a 69 position.
Kristen was pressing Emily's head in to her pussy as I brutally fucked my sister up the asshole."I think she is starting to learn to like this" kristen said jokingly as she forced Emily to eat her cunt out.” I don't care if she likes it or not! She is just a piece of shit whore cumrag to me!” I said as we violated my sister.” I want to suck your cock out of her ass" said Kristen. so I went from fucking Emily's ass to Kristen’s mouth immediately. My cock was all the way down Kristen’s throat and she was loving the feeling of sucking me off as we forced my sister to please us. Kristen then got out from under the slave and got in front of her and just started to smack emily in the face as I continued to thrust in and out of her asshole."I'm going to cum in her asshole Kristen, do you want to suck it out and spit it in her mouth?" "yeah I'll suck your cum out of your sister's ass and spit it in her mouth just for you".When she said that I shot my load into my sister's asshole and kristen walked over with a look on her face that said she was eager to to suck the spunk out and spit in our slaves mouth and she did just that. After we finished sexually abusing my thirty year old sister we comforted her for about an hour telling her in very soft and sweet voices that everything is okay because we are in control and we love her. Kristen and I then went and ate nice a meal and went to sleep together in the master bedroom.......
My sister/sexslave Emily

As I walked down to my basement I could hear my thirty-two year old sister Emily crying in her cage. Since it was only her second day of sexual enslavement she was still pretty shaken up so I was going down their to get her used to her new life and “break” her in. as I approached the cage I said “don’t cry Emily, I love you and I’m going to take care of you” while I slapped a folded leather belt on my palm. I opened Emily’s cage and told her to get out and stay on her knees. Her hands and feet were both cuffed to heavy iron balls with short chains to keep her from running away. Next while she was on her hands and knees sobbing I spat on her and said “you are such a piece of shit !”. then I grabbed her by her hair and smacked her across the face and said “open your fucking mouth! It’s time for you to suck your brother’s cock you fucking bitch!” with that I shoved my erection into my sister Emily’s mouth and forced her to suck it. She was crying as my cock pumped in and out of her mouth so I smacked her and told her to shut the fuck up. After I abused Emily’s mouth I got her ready for her first party. I had thirty guys pay ten thousand dollars a piece to take turns fucking my sister while she was wearing her wedding dress so I had to have my sister/sex slave Emily ready for her company. Once I had her ready I told Kristen to let the guys in. Kristen opened the door and said “go get her guys!” and everyone stampeded in swearing at, spitting on and smacking my sister Emily. Emily was crying as we beat her with belts and fucked her in the asshole,mouth and cunt. “you better learn to love getting fucked like this Emily!” I said as took a turn fucking my sister’s hot cunt. Emily did nothing but cry as we ran a train on her and beat her. We all decided we would cum in her asshole then make her blow it out into a big bowl and drink it. Kristen walked into the room with a big glass bowl and stood there with it as we took turns shooting loads into my sister Emily’s asshole. Once we were all done cumming in my sex slave a few of us held her up while Kristen put the glass bowl under her ass and let everybody’s semen fall into it. Once all of our cum was out of Emily’s asshole we forced her to drink all of it from the glass bowl then we put her back in her cage and left her alone in the dark covered in cum, spit and her own tears.

A couple of hours later I walked into the room with a hose and washed my sister/sex slave Emily so I could use her for my pleasure. After about fifteen minutes of cold water running over her she was ready to be abused. I opened her cage, dragged her out and ripped off her wedding dress which was still on her from her first “party” and started to fuck her. I was going back and forth between my sister’s asshole and mouth while my other slave Kristen spanked and slapped her. “do you like that Emily ? Do you like it when your little brother fucks you up your asshole and treats you like a whore?” I said as I fucked her as hard as possible. All she did was cry so I just kept on fucking her and telling her that she is a worthless sex slave piece of shit. After I was done fucking my sister Emily I shot a load in her mouth and Kristen made her swallow it. Then we put the sex slave back in her cage and went and had a nice dinner.


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Please learn how to use paragraphs

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u said that she was 30 in first story, but in this one u say shes 32 what the heck man?

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u said that she was 30 in first story, but in this one u say shes 32 what the heck man?

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here are some pictures of my sister emily the cumrag rapetoy whore, jack off all over this cunt

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hey emily this your little brother Sean and I dream about raping you every fucking night you filthy fucking whore so spread your asshole and cunt and open your fucking mouth
My sister/sexslave emily lives in a dungeon where she is fucked in her asshole, mouth and pussy and beaten into submission for resisting by Me and large groups of men everyday. my sister emiily is a sexslave rapetoy piece of shit whore.

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