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Whatever can be accomplished on land transfers admirably to sea.
Author’s Note: This was the nineteenth episode in the series:

We all knew it! Harper Valley was taking over our lives. It wasn’t so much that anyone was getting bored with sex – quite the reverse in fact. We could barely pass each other in the hallway now without having to resort to some minor indecency. A hot little spank, fondle of a breast – even a full-on quickie up against the wall if the coast was clear. Admittedly, the latter was usually with Kylie, who had no qualms whatsoever about getting down and sexy with me anytime, any place! When a hot little tease wanders out of the bathroom into your room late nights in just her skimpy bra and panties, one finger in her mouth giggling – what the hell are you supposed to do? Get out your crucifix and wave it in her face, while snarling “Back spawn of Satan?” or read aloud an appropriate passage from the Gospel According to St Mark maybe?

Whilst Natalie was more inclined to seek out prolonged late-night action under my covers – The Yardbirds’ one-time hit Over Under Sideways Down, coming readily to mind here, Jenna still had this thing for being squashed submissively up against the steering wheel pre-school. I have a theory that she rather likes the feel of sticky panties as she sits at her desk. No accounting for taste. Certainly fun getting them sticky!

Activities between the three of them were common-place if not significantly on the increase. Two of them would end up taking extraordinarily long showers together when Chris was not home, Jenna and Natalie especially I noticed. Nor was it rare to hear crazed giggling from one of the rooms, and giving in to temptation I would look-in to find Kylie on her back – usually naked or close to – being kissed and fondled by Natalie (she always tends to keep just her panties on) while Jenna would be licking her sister’s pussy in frenzied delight, quite often with her hand in her own knickers (if she had any on). For my part, it was never a wise move to actually go in, as this would invariably degenerate into a three-girl rape session….exactly as they had planned it.

I think though that we sensed even then, it all had ultimately to end – as much at home as in the Valley. What otherwise would be the plan? Bring their boyfriends home to routinely fuck their other sisters? Invite Brad, Jerry, Connor and associates to each wedding so they could do a number on the bridesmaids, if not the bride? Have them tell their friends they had to be back home early because their father wanted to try a new position?

We hadn’t yet got to the stage of a round table conference but assuredly winds of change were blowing in from the south.

Meanwhile the Harper juggernaut rolled on. Interestingly, in discussing life with Jerry, Brad and Warwick amongst others, it seemed that each and every daughter was becoming more and more ..desirous let’s say, of more regular intimacies. According to Warwick, Brianna was skirting dangerously close to the edge of nymphomania so far as her night-time needs were concerned. Hell, my three were well past that!

The next gathering saw everyone back at George’s place. Strictly speaking it should have been our turn, but given that in the intermediary period we had hosted a major barbecue function to honor Jenna’s soccer league success at their State semi-final, we were exonerated. Jerry, Brad, Warwick Connor and several others had attended the match and the post barbecue festivities. With no preconceived intent, at least I like to think that, the afternoon had, with the undoubted assistance of several bottles of champagne, taken on the attributes of a typical Harper’s . Basically, in Natalie’s enforced absence, Jenna and Kylie both found themselves the main attraction and by late afternoon had been so comprehensively fucked by each and every guest a number of times - both singly and together, they were forced to declare giggling, a state of vaginal emergency.

The event was soured to a small degree at the point Brad, admittedly whilst ‘under the weather,’ produced a camera–phone and commenced what was obviously intended as his own private photographic exhibition of Jenna, who having been three-quarters stripped of her sports outfit and pushed across a low trestle table in little more than her panties, was being somewhat indelicately penetrated by Connor and his friend. Not that she was objecting. Over with Kylie’s group at the time, I managed to get myself back on-site and wrest the device off him after just one pic. Even though not officially a Harper’s engagement, I reminded him of the total photographic ban in place. Being otherwise fully engaged (if not engorged) at the time, Jenna remains ignorant to this day, of the existence of that one carnally explicit portrait (You think I was going to delete it?)

George’s get-together was much like George himself. Polished, very well organised and in good taste. Yes, girls can be fucked tastefully or not. Its all in the methodology and the surroundings.

From my viewpoint I took the opportunity of spending most of the day with Larissa. I hadn’t seen that much of her for a few weeks and had been missing her greatly. Didn’t even get to the stage of unhinged physical by-play for quite a while, just preferring to talk, cuddle and kiss her, while catching up on lost moments. My three were by necessity being stripped and fondled however within minutes of the front door closing. Natalie and Jenna found themselves side by side on the same lounge, being French-kissed while other hands worked their way inexorably into their bras and knickers. The last I saw of Kylie, she was being groped on all sides and propelled somewhat roughly into George’s den just across the hallway in nothing more than her high-cut bikini briefs, by four slavering dads. George was with her so I knew the other three would be OK!

There were plenty of parents to go around…of both sexes and thus Brianna, Louise, Chantelle, Tanya, Michelle, Brittany, Nadia etc, were all potentially well catered for.

Meanwhile Larissa and I had ended up in her bedroom and as I undressed her slowly on her own bed I finally realized what I should always have known and understood. That like my three, she was still just a young girl growing up, experiencing admittedly the sexual freedom not one in twenty million probably have the chance to, yet enjoying her body every bit as much as her partners. Love and sex after all, remain completely separate entities despite the fact that social etiquette tells us they should be intrinsically linked at all times.

At one stage I recall George coming in on his own while I was making love to Larissa on her side and with her back to him. She knew he was there. The casual observer might have described the scene as erotically perverse, seeing a girl’s father kneeling at his seventeen-year old daughter’s bedside, gently stroking her neck and shoulders as she is being taken to the heights of sexual passion by a man getting-on for three times her age. It certainly was a surreal experience. I was hoping privately I could maybe return the favor if he and Natalie found themselves in as emotionally vulnerable a position some time in the near future.

Probably to allow some of the other girls a little more sexual latitude but “the triplets” were given a rest in the ‘bedroom mazurka’ sequence after the rest period. It was almost refreshing just sitting out in the garden with them and Larissa, just talking normally rather than over-indulging our group libidos. From what I heard later, little Caitlin and Tanya were given extended work-outs in every known position. Not sure who the third girl was. I did notice that Graham, Chloe and Kirsten were absent from the party due, so it was suggested, to it being Chloe’s time of the month.

This entire interlude however is not the center-piece of this particular Harper episode. So allow me to move right along.

Once in a while, Jerry actually has all his brain cells functioning in parallel. They were, the day he called me and said,

“Well, what about a cruise?”

“A cruise?” I replied. “You mean like Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World?….or A Night to Remember, Jer?”

“Just one of those island cruises,” he answered sullenly.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sydney nautical options, this is a city of maritime delights. People get about on boats here like those in Switzerland use skis. Sydney harbor is a boatman’s paradise and being, with the possible exception of San Francisco or Auckland the world’s largest and most heavily populated waterway, it offers any and every floating relaxation imaginable. From two hour harbor cruises to all day trips outside the heads up and down the near coastal inlets, its just a matter of how much damage your American Express card can reasonably sustain. For the well-heeled, the “Tasmanian Sea-Link” car-ferry can zap your family and Camry down to Hobart in a matter of two nights or so. Cost you way more than a return trip to London but hell, it’s one over the top luxury vessel.

Now as it happens, Jerry was talking about one of the local island crawls. By “local” I mean Noumea, Vanuatu, French New Caledonia, even the odd “mystery” island as the brochures gushingly promise. All up ultimately, much the same distance as Auckland. Infinite routing permutations and all supported by the latest generation cruise ships….80-100,000 tonne leviathans most of which are considerably bigger than the QE2. The trick is, to get enough people to go to make it economically feasible. A twenty-nine hundred dollar single berth can be picked up for as little as $850 if you get enough people to share a state-room.

Well hey, at Harpers, the one thing we weren’t short of was people!

Took maybe a week’s organizing but with the upcoming October holidays a seven to eight day cruise would not intrude on any school time. In the upshot, most everyone was more than willing to join the odyssey and with a little coercion we managed to book out five adjoining eight-berth cabins on A-Deck. Myself, the three girls, George, Larissa, Jerry and Michelle in suite 724. Pete, his seventeen year old son Michael, Brad and Louise, Steve and Nadia, Mal and Cathy in 722. Graham, Chloe and Kirsten, Chris, his wife Anne and their daughter Meredith, Wayne and Caitlin in 720. In suite 718 was crammed Paul and Chantelle, Connor and Sandy, Sue and Tanya, Keith and Brittany. In the furthest suite – 716 were Danielle and her dad Mike, Warwick and Brianna, Virginia, her younger sister Rhiannon, and father Craig. Theirs had a spare bed. A rather healthy ratio all up one must admit, of twenty-two girls to seventeen men. The “Valley” was well represented you might say!

Boarding that Friday evening was as hectic an affair as you might imagine it would be, with over two thousand people having to cram into Circular Quay where even the bridge of the Pacific Princess towered over the maritime terminal, her rear jutting out almost as far as the Harbor Bridge itself. It was a hot night and the ship’s air-conditioning was working overtime to maintain a comfortable balance between the need for layers of deodorant and frigid indifference. Having lost the odd member of our party at varying times amongst the jostling tourist trade, we finally located our parallel suites and incredibly not having a single piece of luggage misplaced, we checked-in to our quite splendid quarters.

First up, and doubtless this was repeated right the way through to 716 a “fight” for the bed with the best view. We had a choice of two double beds a double bunk a single bed and a pull-out trundle. Working on the theory that Jenna was arguably the smallest cabin-member – she inherited the pull-out. Kylie and Natalie had a cat-fight going over the single-bed nearest the window. Solved that by giving it to Jerry. I realized at this stage, “what the hell did it matter anyway?” as if anyone would be staying in the same bed! Purely for reasons of convenience, George and Larissa took one of the doubles, Nat and I the other. That left Michelle and Kylie with the bunk – naturally, they both wanted the top – we even had to toss for that, leaving Kylie muttering “not fair!”

The decks were packed as the huge ship was towed away from its moorings by a fleet of tugs. Horns blared from hundreds of other craft and in a traditional show of farewell, thousands upon thousands of colored streamers were tossed by visitors and passengers alike as she slid away from quayside. Free of her restraints, the Pacific Princess’ colossal diesel engines then kicked-in and propelled the cruiser towards Sydney’s North Head and the open sea. Remembering for a moment that this is exactly what it must have been like that night the Titanic pulled away from the docks in Southampton all those years ago, I didn’t feel much like cutting loose emotionally. Jenna must have noticed my passive expression.

“What’s wrong?” she said, “You don’t look very happy.”

“Its nothing sweetheart,” I replied picking her up around the waist – she weighs peanuts – “Just thinking about some things.” I added, “Sorry if I looked bothered. I’m not at all. Matter of fact I am so looking forward to this whole thing, you better believe it.” With that I kissed her on the lips, much to the obvious distaste of the grizzled middle-aged lady on my left who I doubt had ever had the experience herself, to judge by her bearing and demeanor. Definitely Head warden in a female prison!

“She married young,” I muttered to the woman, taking Jenna’s hand and leading her back to our cabin.

Life on board a cruise ship is geared towards two things. Providing and maintaining as festive an atmosphere as is possible and extorting from the unwary passenger every last dollar he or she so foolishly brought aboard. You imagine the night-clubs, bars, spas, room-service 24/7 are there purely for your on-board convenience? Think again. These ships are one enormous floating alcoholic haze, beers and spirits all marked-up to Hell and back. By the time your girlfriend is on her third Vodka Cruiser you could have bought a half bottle of decent bourbon at your local liquor store.

We all had something way better though – girls!

Even by the time the eight of us had returned to 724, Jerry especially was looking a bit needful. Admittedly, our suite was a hellish tease – just three guys and five girls. And didn’t they just all know their drawing power? First things first though.

Well clear of the Heads now, the lights of Sydney just a glow on the fading rear horizon, it was time for dinner in the Starlight Club lounge. Having by necessity to pre-book for the entire trip, four complete tables for our entourage alone, we decided our small group would road-test the “Kontiki” bar as an aperitif. The girls, all done up in nice dresses, high heels and make-up, looked anything but underage – we weren’t expecting too many ID checks. The sheer relaxation of being in unpressured surroundings and with no time constraints for once, was a rare luxury.

Not long after we had seated ourselves at a darkened but rather cosy little nook down the far end of the cabin, with a round of old Jack and some Island Coolers for the girls, several of the others turned up, including Graeme, but without Chloe and Kirsten not surprisingly. With Hollywood’s best special-effects team, Kirsten could still look no more than twelve! Hot as my three appeared (and I hadn’t missed Jerry’s on-going glances at Jenna’s low cut dress) little Cathy’s turnout was to die for as she winged-in on Mal’s arm. A couple of months younger than Jenna, she was still fifteen, not that you would have known in that evening dress she had on. Shining dark brown hair swept up at the back and with a beautiful little pendant around her neck that complimented two tiny emerald ear-studs. She was just beautiful. Not having indulged in much more than a passing “Hi” since all those months earlier at Warwick’s place, I aimed to do something about that and long before this cruise was finished. Larissa caught me looking at her and tugged my arm playfully.

“Way too young for you,” she teased. She had to be kidding!

Not that Larissa herself was anything but desire incarnate. Clingy black evening dress, split up the left hand side and though showing enough to tease, was marginally insufficient to get arrested for. I squeezed her hand and leaning forwards kissed her softly. George…ever George, just smiled at me.

We were on to our third round of drinks when a steward from the Club Restaurant notified us that our dinner booking was ready. I had to pry Jerry loose from Jenna’s arm. What’s wrong with that guy? He’s turning into a real lap-dog so far as my daughter is concerned!

I won’t bore the reader with details of our gastronomic endeavors that night. Suffice to say, the food was exquisite and the dance floor one hell of an aphrodisiac. Ingesting the different perfumes of pretty much a dozen hot and sexy little girls as they allowed themselves to be held up close and personal, one hand tightly around their waist, had a longer-lasting effect than the bourbon let me tell you. I can’t speak for the other guys but as the night wore on I was finding it harder……..well lets just leave it at that shall we? – says it all.

Saved the last dance for Kylie and in less time than it took to twirl her around just the once, the earlier caresses and soft words with all those other girls were but a memory. I loved and wanted her so much then, it was hurting me. She knew – I could see it in her eyes. Oddly, there is just one person on this planet, living of all places in Clemson South Carolina, and she knows who I mean, who understands what I am trying to tell you here. What Kylie and I share is beyond special…beyond defining. In another life we undoubtedly shared this same intense relationship only now it was her turn to be my daughter. Not caring whoever happened to be watching, I kissed her on the lips and simply whispered, “Later sweetheart.”

On my way back to our suite, I had to check and see who it was on my arm. A beautiful little blonde poppet smiled up at me – Michelle…thank God it wasn’t Jerry or Brad! She couldn’t have chosen a better moment – I loved her too! I think it was our suite we entered – wasn’t of major importance at that stage. There was a bed…that’s all I needed. I pulled her down with me and she melted in my arms. I have no recollection of removing her dress but the next thing I knew she was lying beside me in just her panties and nothing else. Slipping my hand up between those incredibly warm thighs I felt her reaction as I caressed the front of her knickers with not a little urgency. She murmured something but I couldn’t tell what. I just had to kiss her all over. Starting with those wonderful lightly glossed lips I worked my way around to her neck which had her making all kinds of hot little sounds. Gasping softly as I kissed her breasts and now very erect nipples, I felt the softness of her flat tummy and turning her over quickly, tugged down her tiny little briefs. Spreading her legs gently, the gasps turned to whimpers and after that I was lost.

It was only as I experienced the greatest of releases that I realized the other double bed was anything but empty. It was also anything but quiet. Though bathed in simply moonlight, the occupants and their deliberations were entirely visible. Jerry, Wayne and Graham were completely naked. They had Jenna, still with her evening dress on apparently, although pushed well up past her hips, kneeling on all fours between them. From what I could make out, Wayne was fondling her breasts right down her dress while wanking himself with his free hand. Jerry had a hold of her hips and was taking her hard from the rear with long deep strokes to judge by his own groans of pleasure. Jenna meanwhile was wriggling about in near-ecstasy and to my everlasting amazement, had a hold of Graham’s erection which she was taking into her mouth as he knelt there, sucking him like there was no tomorrow. The harder Jerry fucked her the greater her moans of pleasure and the deeper she seemed to be taking Graham into her mouth.

“Oh God, Jenna,” Graham muttered as he quite obviously came in her mouth. Gripping a handful of her hair tightly, he made sure she had to swallow most every last drop. Jerry meanwhile had begun filling the furthest recesses of her young pussy as he clutched her hips and simply drove it into her. With her hot little ass as elevated as she could get it, she was making sure nothing distracted Jerry from his deliberations. I couldn’t see Wayne’s culminating performance but a sudden shocked “Ohhh” seemed to indicate he had jetted a whole lot of naughty stuff all over her somewhere. That dress was definitely going to be in need of some urgent dry-cleaning. I noticed too as she sat back on her heels, hands between her legs, that Wayne had managed to get both her breasts out which even now he was fondling and pulling playfully as they jutted free of her dress-top, while she sat there compliantly, seemingly unmoved to stop him.

“You have the hottest little tits sweetheart,” he mumbled. Predictably, Jenna just giggled.

Either totally oblivious to my presence or simply uncaring, the three of them were now in the process of pushing Jenna on to her back.

“C’mon, lets strip her completely.” said Graham. I want to fuck her naked.”

Having only to divest her of the dress and bra, it was the work of but a moment. Her little mock cry of shock as they got her bra off leaving her fully nude, was priceless.

It was only then I glanced down at my side and discovered Michelle had obviously sustained a subtle degree of emotional overload and was curled up beside me sound asleep. Kissing her softly on the cheek, I slipped the covers up around her.

Well Graham did say he wanted to fuck her naked and that’s precisely what he did. Dragged to the edge of the bed, where Jerry and Wayne held her legs as wide as they could get them, Graham wasn’t about to waste time with any unnecessary foreplay. Jenna gasped for real, as he pushed right up inside her pussy. It was too dark to make out any details, I can only assume how easy it would have been for him, given the quantity of Jerry’s cum that would have still been on-site.

“You are such a hot little slut Jenna,” he remarked, “I so love doing this to you.” One couldn’t really debate the virtues of either statement at that point. His words carried no offense despite their literal meaning. I realized then how many years he must have been looking at her seated behind her desk in class, aware of her girlish tease and simply longing to get his hands inside her bra and panties, if not other things. How many teachers suffer this agony every day worldwide? As both Jerry and Wayne began rubbing her breasts as they jiggled in response to Graham’s hard thrusts, I could see Jenna was almost totally given over to the sensations she was experiencing. Audibly demanding he fuck her harder, she responded to Wayne’s asking her to “rub her own tits” by cupping them and squeezing them in apparently total ecstasy. The other two were left to wank themselves insensible. Graham had a hold of her legs himself and bent now at the knees, he had them spread so wide that had it been daytime, the view would have been wildly arousing let’s say.

For my part, this was cruelty supreme. Not because I was watching my daughter getting pleasurably raped, but because more than anything else, I wanted to fuck her myself – preferably with her two other sisters alongside.

I didn’t even stay for Wayne’s turn or whatever was to follow. Just as Graham jettisoned what must have been his secondary delivery of the night well up in-between her legs, Wayne was leaning across, asking her something. What that might be one can only surmise. Suffice to say though that as I got off the bed and began to make my way to the door, I saw Jenna easing her naked and abused body astride his lap, indicating the likelihood of his wanting to fuck her front-on as she knelt there like that. Goddammit. I so knew what that felt like too!

I figured they had a whole lot more planned for her, individually and together, not to mention when Michelle woke up.

Wondering where George, Larissa and my other two had ended up, I knocked on the door of the adjoining suite 722. Steve opened it and ushered me in, looking somewhat hastily up and down the corridor as he did so. A cursory glance around the cabin and I could see why! Pretty much identical a layout to our suite, there must have been fourteen or fifteen people packed in there. It wasn’t an origami class either.

On the double bed nearest to the door was a sight that almost stripped my retinas bare. Feisty little Louise Archer was lying full length on a girl I couldn’t see but with her legs spread, to match those of the girl beneath her. Literally pussy to pussy, both were making the most of the volcanically hot contact between their legs. Triangular patches of light and dark curls forming the most delightfully arousing friction. Although obscured somewhat by Brad’s back, who was doing something to his daughter I just couldn’t see, the two older moms – Sue and Anne, though fully dressed, were not only rubbing the two younger girl’s pussies, they were fingering them to the hilt as they writhed in unfettered pleasure. The one beneath Louise, wriggling almost on heat so it appeared. At the point Anne slid her hand up beneath Sue’s skirt and most especially with her daughter Tanya perched on the corner of the bed watching her mom being fingered, one hand inside her own panties, I quite reasonably decided I’d probably knocked on the right door.

Leaving the two younger girls to their own devices, Anne and Sue began to kiss. Sue returned the other woman’s up-skirt favor and within seconds, both were clearly masturbating the other. Tanya’s own efforts were given a boost moments later when Steve knelt down in front of the girl and pulling her hand free of her knickers, replaced it with his own. Tanya gave a yelp of surprise but made no effort to stop him. Her mom meanwhile was in the process of divesting Anne of her knickers and as one ragingly hot and trimmed little pussy was displayed for all to see, Tanya’s was playing host to Steve’s middle finger. Glancing at her daughter’s predicament momentarily, Sue nodded her approval.

The shocks kept coming. On the adjoining bed was a sight that was simply too much, even for my warped need for gratuitous sexual stimulation. Pete’s seventeen year old son Michael, obviously keen to carry on the family tradition, was taking full advantage of the fact that his father was holding a struggling Kylie (in just her bra and panties evidently) on his lap with her arms pinioned behind her. Kneeling in front of her and responding to his dad’s instructions to “C’mon, fuck the little cunt,” he wasted no time in extricating his somewhat impressive erection.

“Well get her panties off son,” Pete barked at him. “You’re gonna fuck her, not ask her to dance.”

This brought on a fresh round of struggling as the boy pulled her knickers down, exposing what for him must have been quite some visual Utopia. Pete himself tugged her bra straps off her shoulders, which left her breasts completely open to his son’s gaze and bearing what quite obviously were as erect a pair of nipples as any seventeen year old boy could possibly hope to see. It spurred him on to greater daring, as he tentatively fondled first one then the other as the girl gasped and wriggled.

It was at that stage, Kylie looked across and saw me watching her get intimately molested.

“Oh Gosh dad,” she cried out at seeing me acknowledge her predicament. The poor boy leaped off the bed like a scalded cat trying in vain to cover his erection.

“Its OK son,” I said, “Schools in for the night. You just do what you gotta do. Its cool”

He looked at me stunned, as did his Father I imagine.

“A..are you sure its alright?” he asked plaintively, renegotiating the coverlet gingerly.

“Well son,” I added, “Given your dad’s behaviour the other week with this rather wayward little girl, I kinda figure she’s not gonna mind too much. Just treat her gentle, OK?”

“Dad!! “ She cried out in total fake hurt. Those wonderfully sexy little eyes were smiling though.

“God, Am I going to fuck her senseless later tonight,” I thought to myself.

Watching her being penetrated by a seventeen year old boy was just about the hottest thing I have ever seen. He didn’t have much of a clue as to how to progress…..and that just rendered it hotter still. Having no trouble spreading her vaginal lips and pushing up inside her, he seemed embarrassed having to pump her with an audience on hand (well, especially the girl’s father!) His escalating pleasure however got him well and truly over the line. Watching as she lay back on Pete spreading her legs wide, allowing him better access, was doing things to me.

Just then something else happening behind me did a whole lot more.

Supposing both or all participating girls had cum, Brad had wandered off and the tableau began to break up. Steve had Tanya face down on the floor the far side of the bed and from the looks of it was raping her silly. As I saw Louise disentangling herself from her hot partner they indulged in one last passionate kiss and I saw who it was. Natalie!

At almost the same instant she saw me.

“Oh my God dad,” she said, “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough to discover that you like other girls sweetheart,” I replied, “Not just your sisters, but hey, that’s great honey, nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Before we were able to engage in further conversation, George appeared beside me. As Natalie desperately tried to cover her nakedness he took her hand.

“You needn’t be embarrassed Natalie,” he said, “You are just so beautiful.” He then kissed her and got himself on the bed right alongside her. He looked up at me.

“With my full blessing my friend,” I told him. I meant every word.

Natalie wanted him. I was never surer about anything in my life. She helped him off with his shirt then lay back and allowed him to kiss her passionately. As he lowered his lips to her nipples she let out a little gasp of pleasure and I saw her legs widen instinctively as his lips touched her skin just beneath her breasts then down towards her flat and still girlish abdomen. At the point his fingers began to caress her intimately between her legs, she was his for as long as he wanted her. I didn’t fancy anyone else’s chances with my eldest daughter that night at least…..of either sex.

A series of “Ohhhhs” interrupted my reverie. Turning back to the other bed it was clear Michael had just unleashed most every seed he possessed, deep inside Kylie’s pussy. He was finding it hard to come to grips with the fact that the act was complete. He definitely wanted more. His father was like-minded however and without so much as an “Excuse me Ma’am .. but may I?” he flipped her around on his lap which presented Michael with as hot a young female ass as I imagine he had ever seen…or felt up! He began immediately to address the latter shortcoming.

Pete meanwhile had his dick at the ready and with Kylie now straddling his lap, was able to slip it well up inside her with maybe not too much finesse, but plenty of zest.

As he began to really penetrate her in earnest the whimpers started, becoming fully-fledged moans as he began additionally to nuzzle her breasts as they jiggled but inches from his face. Michael had both hands on her bottom feeling the soft curves all the way to her hips. Moving in closer, they had Kylie sandwiched in between them and at his father’s urging to “rub her tits son,” the boy reached up and began playing with her breasts and nipples, his own cock, fully erect once more, now pressed-up against her lower back. Kylie glanced across and seeing me watching as Pete gave her youthful pussy the treatment she so craved, she just smiled that insufferably sexy little smile of hers.

I had to see out the final last act, and as Pete pistoned in to her that last few times, completely adrift from reality now, I could feel his desire and his rampant lust as he spurted his entire consignment of hot sperm deep inside her. For just a moment afterwards, his cock still holed-up in the depths, he stared at her.

“You fuck like an angel sweetheart,” I heard him mutter. Now, ain’t that the truth!

The sounds of girls experiencing varying degrees of lustful pleasure were in evidence all over the cabin.

On the nearby single bed, pretty little Cathy was kneeling between Connor and Sandy. Still in her tight evening dress, she was lying back, eyes closed, against Connor as with both hands down the front of her dress, he was manipulating, much to their joint pleasure I’d estimate, her small but rampantly sexy little breasts.

Sandy was making herself equally at home. With the girls knees spread wide, her dress pushed up, and her panties long since history, she had her head well up between Cathy’s thighs and appeared to be licking the young girl’s pussy with a rare passion.

For her part, Cathy was thrusting her hips up to meet the older girl’s tongue and was making the hottest little noises as a huge orgasm overtook her while I watched. Giving her little respite, they then undressed her completely and even as I watched, manoeuvered her around until she was lying face down on the very edge of the bed, legs over the side. Naked from the waist down, Sandy positioned herself so that she was kneeling, legs wide apart, not inches from Cathy’s face, while Connor got down on the floor behind the girl and holding her around the hips, took less than ten seconds to locate the entry he sought, between the girls legs. Whether she had been fucked already that night I couldn’t say, but judging by the ease with which he got it in her – I’d say she probably had!

Certainly aware of what was expected of her, she wasted no time in lapping at Sandy’s awesomely exposed pussy while Connor took his own sweet time in setting up a rhythm deep within the young girl’s vagina. The three of them were contributing mightily to the overall sounds of contentment reverberating around the cabin. I hadn’t even realized till then, I had my own erection out and was stroking myself without shame.

No sooner had Connor completed his tour of duty by spurting what appeared to be a near uterus-filling amount of cum up inside the little brunette, when who should appear bedside but her father. Fully admiring his daughter’s servicing of the older girl, and the stark cries of ecstasy her young tongue was eliciting, Mal swiftly took Connor’s place and grabbing a hold of his cute daughter’s highly visible rear end, he pulled his own cock free and drove it deep between her legs. Giving a little yelp of surprise at his enthusiastic penetration, she turned her head and saw just who it was fucking her so pleasurably.

“Dad! “ she cried out. “You shouldn’t be doing that!” So saying, she wriggled her cute fifteen-year old ass in his face for his specific benefit and ensuring of course, that he continued with the assault.

“Fuck her hard,” encouraged Connor, seemingly unsure whether to watch Cathy’s incestuous rape or his partner’s approaching orgasm courtesy of this hot little girl’s tongue. From my perspective, I was able to watch both with unrestricted ease.

Towards the far left hand side of the cabin, there was more frenetic activity being perpetrated on the double bunk. Two girls entwined on the top – one of them being Caitlin I think. Couldn’t see who the other was. Either way, they had their hands all over each other and were kissing furiously. Caitlin was down to her undies, the other girl looked like she was still dressed. Not for long, I was thinking.

It was the contents of the lower bunk that fuelled my interest. If there is one thing I find highly arousing, it’s a girl being fucked silly in just her high heels. (I had plans for Kylie along those lines, if the truth be known) Shame it had to have been Larissa though. Whether Brad (for such was the identity of her partner) had taken everything off but those…or had made her put them on later, I couldn’t tell. Nevertheless, to see her lying there completely naked on her back, her arms above her head holding on to the metal frame, her legs draped wantonly across his shoulders while Brad fucked her in the ultimate missionary position – was both arousing in the extreme and somewhat sad (for me) in its reality.

Bravely I smiled down at her when she finally saw me. The last thing I wanted was to make her feel bad or demeaned in any way. I even heard myself uttering the hypocritical words, “Its cool Larissa, I’m OK with this now – just enjoy yourself sweetheart.” But damn it, did she have to enjoy it that much?

Brad was hot. Driving into her with such force I was wondering just how sturdy that bunk really was. At the point she reached flame-out, Larissa was crying out for him to fuck her even harder and had her legs splayed to such an extent, the heels of her shoes were scraping his shoulders. Probably unaware even that she was rubbing and pulling her own breasts in ecstasy, she just arched herself ever higher as he finally came in her with creditable momentum. He must have been pumping it into her for ten seconds or more.

Figuring it might lessen my own annoyance, I knelt down beside her as Brad withdrew and kissed her deeply. Interesting I thought, that throughout the entire coupling I had just witnessed, Brad hadn’t kissed her once. She smiled at me like the proverbial Cheshire Cat, and taking my hands, held them to her breasts. I think I kicked Brad clean off the bunk!

For the remainder of the night there is but one interlude I want to mention. There were many of course, each uniquely arousing and sexy in their own way and not just that night or even just that room obviously. Others I will detail perhaps in the next episode.

By 11 p.m. everyone was nearing collapse. As always, the girls seemed to be holding out best. We all decided to call it a night and thus locating Kylie and Natalie from beneath variously interested partners (of both sexes) I had them dress sufficiently to cover the short distance back to our own cabin without being locked-up in the brig overnight on charges of indecent exposure.

On entering our own cabin with George and Larissa, Jerry and Michelle were sound asleep in one of the double beds, Wayne was in the bathroom getting dressed while Jenna, believe it or not was still fully naked, down on her forearms on the far edge of the quilt, her bum well up, letting Graham fuck her as hard as he knew how. Those classroom fantasies really were taking a while to play out! I could but wonder just what they had all been doing to her, in the time we were next door. I wasn’t expecting a verbal run-down let’s say! With the lights now on, the amount of cum all over her face, hair….and rear end in particular, suggested it had been an “interesting” session to say the least.

“OK, that’s it for the evening Jenna,” I told her, as Graham appeared to finalise his one last shot for glory.

Rather than disturb the other two, George and Larissa took a bunk each. After Wayne and Graham had taken their leave (and neither I noticed were walking that well) I sent Jenna in to have a shower and get herself cleaned up. In the mood she was, I made sure none of us went in there with her either. After she emerged a short time later, the hours of abuse had caught up with her and collapsing on to her little trundle bed, she was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Natalie I sent on in to have a shower ahead of us.

Those particular staterooms each had the most magnificent private balconies which yielded up a one-eighty degree view starboard. Fold-out lounges and deckchairs meant one could relax for hours while watching whatever was out there to be watched. The passing ocean, approaching or receding coastlines – even a pack of sharks eating some hapless passenger-overboard.

It was remarkably peaceful that night as I took Kylie out there through the sliding glass doors. I stood with her, my arms around her shoulders, just looking up at the bank of twinkling stars – the hum of the great diesel motors about the only other sound of the night. Still very warm, the peace and tranquility of the passing ocean was mildly intoxicating. I heard Natalie call out “Goodnight Dad!” and turning around called out to her through the open door, “Be in with you in a few minutes sweetie.” I was so looking forward to sleeping with her.

“Isn’t it just beautiful dad?’ whispered Kylie hugging me to her. Indeed it was. Freed of metropolitan air pollution, the stars winked with a clarity they cannot achieve in suburbia. The moon had never seemed to well delineated or so magnetic. Far above us, the lights of a plane were the only man-made intrusion into a vista of unparalleled magnificence.

I sat down on the fold-out and drew Kylie down on to my lap. Outlined in virginal moonlight, her profile was one of indescribable beauty. Her youth accentuated, her warmth a constant reminder of the little girl I had held and loved since birth.

As she turned her face to me, I kissed her and somehow it wasn’t like other kisses. In that second, I lost my fear of something…What? I don’t know. The fear of growing old? The fear that I would one day lose my daughters? The fear of being alone? Fear that I couldn’t prevent time from taking its toll on every facet of my life. Whatever….that kiss banished any and all negativity that had ever been in my life.

“I love you so much Kylie,” I whispered – a totally inadequate statement given what I was then feeling.

She flicked a lock of hair out of eyes - a gesture that made me shiver with its simplistic innocence. I desired her more than anything I could explain.

“I know dad,” she whispered and nuzzling my neck, brought my entire nervous system to a state of anarchy.

My arms encircled her waist and as I brought them higher, feeling the soft curve of the underside of her breasts, I felt her tense….not through trepidation, but through a realisation of what she knew I needed…what we both needed.

Kissing her neck softly, she let out an involuntary moan…the softest of sounds, but on a night like that, a moan that was carried on the wind and which magnified somehow, both her innocence and her youth.

Slipping one hand up beneath the hem of her dress I felt her sudden intake of breath. I also made the fortuitous discovery that she had not replaced her panties for the trip to our cabin. Reaching higher, my fingers located the ultimate heat-source. Breathing as heavily as me, she spread her legs slightly and as my fingers slipped inside, I felt cum flooding out between my fingers and trickling now down her thighs. Far from having negative feelings about this, I found it highly arousing to imagine what had eventuated recently to cause such a seminal build-up.

Penetrating her now to quite some depth, Kylie was wriggling and desperate to be kissed passionately. We were long past the final exit…..only the end of the runway now!

Unzipping the dress at the back, she stood up briefly and slipping the straps off her shoulders, let it fall to the ground. She had nothing on beneath it. I had her straddle me on the long chair and with my own erection just this side of seething insanity I allowed her to guide it deep inside her.

I didn’t want to spoil the moment by moving……by doing anything Just taking in her moonlit silhouette as she sat on me, proud breasts needing simply to be sucked and loved, hips to be caressed and her beautiful hair as it swayed enticingly around her shoulders. She had always been mine as I have always been hers. I wanted to cry, I wanted the moment to never end.

So careful was I with that first gentle thrust up into her. She had her hands on my shoulders and was willing me on. I took her gently and despite my need to possess her physically, spiritually, emotionally…I wanted her to feel everything I was doing to her and to remember that moment for all her life – as would I. I wondered if Natalie was watching. I knew that even if she was – she would understand and say nothing to me about it. I would share with her too, the most special of moments later that night.

Gradually, an urgency came to both of us. An urgency that despite the emotional content, has to be addressed the only way it can. My rate of penetration deepened, my grip on her waist noticeably tightened. There was in evidence much moaning – how much of it was mine, I have no idea.

“Oh dad,” was all she said as I reached a level of deep vaginal therapy that I had never managed previously.

“I want you to cum in me dad” she pleaded, sounding quite unlike she ever had. Never had she even said that to me before. I was determined right then to use her beautiful repository in such a way that no-one ever had or ever will again.

It was accomplished almost in silence. I felt the sudden irreversible build-up as did she. Somehow she had orchestrated her own orgasm simultaneously with my own. Kissing her at the critical moment, never had any transfer been so acutely pleasurable or deep-seated. For a moment I could feel the inside of her vagina pulsing with readiness and drawing out of me everything I had to give her. My love for her at that very moment was incomprehensibly deep and meaningful. Kissing wasn’t enough, though our lips were together a full five minutes I would estimate.

As the last straggler hiked its way up to her Fallopian tubes, she smiled at me and we spoke not a word. I kissed her breasts, her face, her arms, even her wrists – a very erotic area if there is any shared awareness.

“Would you understand what I meant if I said I wished I could have married you Kylie?” I whispered to her.

“Of course I do,” she replied. “In my heart you already have dad,” she added softly, hugging me so close.

I tried not to let her see the tears.

© Peter_Pan/Phrenetic_Ice


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