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A continuation of my last story, “The Visitor”, Nathan learns much more about Korin, and soon becomes involved in something bigger than Earth itself…
The Visitor: Parte Dos

It was almost 2 months after Korin had landed just a mile away from my home in Arizona…the feds came around once or twice to question me, they never bothered to even search the house though, the pod had been taken away for testing long ago, strangely they found no evidence of Korin even being in the pod. Some kind of “cleansing system” she had said. We pretty much lived together now, living the life your average man and wife would, she would leave the house on occasion but never go into town. She was constantly interested in human kind, our culture, our history, everything. I bought her books and movies, and almost every night when I came home from work, she would be on the couch with that long shirt on that I gave her, watching the History Channel or something similar.
It wasn’t awkward for me to give her the usual hello of her getting up to hug and kiss me…tongue kiss mind you, she always tasted so good, I would always get a handful of that round ass of hers, and she would let out the cutest little moan ever. I loved her like crazy, we never fought, we never got into any kind of trouble, and it was as if she was a gift from heaven. She had told me a while ago, how she used to sit in her ship and look over the databases that they held of human life, I taught her many more words after we met, she was bright…but I was soon about to find out that she was also royalty…
About halfway through the 1st month of her staying with me, we had eaten dinner, cleaned up, and began our…almost daily ritual of lovemaking. Pretty much every other day, she and I would go crazy in my bed any chance we got…she was nuts! I had kissed and fucked other girls in my time, but this one was by far, the most energetic and amazing girl I had ever made love to. The best part was, she never changed, her form always stayed the same…and I loved it, from her bright white eyes to her firm round tits to her perfectly flat tummy, down to her round ass, smooth hips, delicate legs and the finest little pussy anyone could ever lay eyes on. (For those of you just joining us…go back and read Part 1 now to find out what she looks like…no seriously, stop reading now, hit the back button, and go to ‘The Visitor’, and read that…you can read this when you’re done fapping……………………You done? Good, now we can continue)
We had finished another long session of some of the greatest lovemaking in our history of being together, she was watching a lot more TV and had performed some moves I thought only porn stars knew.
----Author’s Note--- This is the part where I describe each and every little detail of that night…if you want to skip ahead of that, look for the ---Ending--- I’ll put lower at this story…but then again…why miss out on all the fun?
Right after dinner, Korin looked at me with that familiar look…hungry eyes looking over me like I was a piece of prime cut steak at the butcher shop…or the way a woman looks at a box of chocolate? Or, perhaps the look on a girl’s face when she first sees that rod you’re hiding in your pants…
She looked at me with that hungry look, scooting out of her chair and sitting on my lap, looking at me with a look of sheer lust. I smiled at her, playing it dumb. “Hey there cutie, what’s up?” She smiled at me, her eyes shimmering, “Oh nothing…I figured I’d come by and say ‘hello’. I hear there’s this man who lives in a shack out in the middle of nowhere who just loves to get it on with aliens…is that true?”
I stared at her in mock surprise, “Aliens? Holy shit…he must be one fucked up dude…” Korin let out a small chuckle, “I hear he’s also very handsome…and he’s got the biggest dick in the town…” I smiled at her, turning her away from me and letting her lean back against my chest, my hands immediately went to work, starting at her chest, I had gone shopping for her a few times…I had to come up with excuses to walk into Victoria’s Secret, and I had gotten her some…needless to say…very attractive clothing. She wore a tight form fitting shirt that perfectly cradled her wonderful tits; no bra…figures…her nipples became hard at my touch. I smiled again, leaning close to her ear as she let out a small moan, “Now who told you this?” My hands squeezed her rounded globes with care; I found her nipples and gently squeezed them through her shirt. Korin continued, “A little…*gasp*…birdie told me. I hear he’s a real horndog…who just loves to get his cock into anything he can find.” She looked back at me and gave me a wicked grin.
“Oh now that’s just not nice…I’m gonna have to punish you for that little joke.” I squeezed her nipples a bit more; she mewed and arched her back, leaning against me. “Oh really? Well…you’re going to have a hard time punishing me.”
“And why is that?” I asked.
“Because, I’ll just enjoy it.” She grinned and looked at the wall in front of us.
If there was a button that activated my dick, she would have mashed it with her fist, because now, my cock was at full alert, pressing against her legs. She wore no shorts, as usual, only a small thong that I had gotten her, it was a small g-string thong, with just a bit of material in the front, barely covering her now wet and engorged pussy lips. The rear string barely went up to the base of her tail…I shuddered…the things she could do with that tail. My dick pressed against my boxer shorts, which in turn pressed against the crack of her ass, firmly planting itself between her wonderful cheeks. She purred softly, looking back at me, “Somebody is excited.”
“And who do I have to blame for that?” I grinned and squeezed her nipples, moving one of my hands down south over her flat tummy, pulling her shirt up slightly and revealing her cute little belly button and the white stripe that went up to her neck. She moaned, letting her arms hang limp as I fondled her, I knew exactly what she wanted…but I did have to punish her after all. Still, I think we were both going to enjoy this punishment…
Korin leaned against me, purring and mewing like a cat, her tail snaked out from behind her and draped around my leg, the tip of it swaying ever so slowly. She rocked her hips against me in anticipation, which caused her ass to start to grind against my cock. This in turn, sent shivers down my spine, my boob hand slipped up her shirt and grabbed a handful of tit, squeezing and rubbing, spinning her nipple with my finger, Korin sighed and leaned back, her body becoming limp. I made the next move, moving my other hand downward, passing it carefully over the little material that was her underwear. She looked down, then turned her head to look at me, “What are you going to do to me…?” she had such cuteness in her voice that only a little girl could have. I simply smiled and said, “Something I just know you’re going to enjoy a lot baby…” I grinned and moved my hand back up to her belly button, then down again, slipping my fingers under the little hem of her thong. Korin gasped slowly, her tits projected prominently outwards with the outline of my hand clearly visible in her shirt. My pussy hand now completely cupped her cunt, rubbing up and down excruciatingly slow. She purred and moaned softly, grinding her hips against my hand. My cock was having the time of its life being embedded between her ass cheeks, but it wasn’t the same as it actually rubbing against her.
I grinned to myself and moved to the side just slightly, the tip of my cock peeked out of my boxer shorts, and on her next grind back, Korin completely uncovered my cock with her ass. Is that talent or what? She gasped and moaned, my cock was pulsating between her ass cheeks, precum leaked out like a faucet as she pleasured me by gyrating her hips. I repaid her by way of pushing a finger into her tight little cunny hole. After all the months that we fucked like animals, her pussy remained tight as ever…where are you gonna find a woman like that? Korin was now humping my hand as I fingered her, my cock was being jacked off by her ass cheeks as she did, I was breathing almost as heavily as she was. I had her tits in one hand, her pussy in the other. Her breathing became ragged, and I knew her orgasm was building up, now was the time to go further. I shoved another finger into her tight little hole, her eyes flashed open and she moaned, her hips grinded against me even harder, my cock felt like it was going to burst! I fingered her and squeezed her tits, evoking “oohs” and “aahs” from her mouth as she turned her head, her face was blushing a deep purple as she ground against me, she let out tiny moans each time my fingers drove into her. Her ass cheeks began to tighten around my cock…if she didn’t stop now, I was going to cum real soon…then again, I had gotten used to cumming once or twice in one session…or three or four times.
Korin was bucking against my hands, her hands were on my knees and she leaned forward, driving my fingers deep into her wet little pussy as if it were my cock, her ass continued to jack me off as she ground against me, and at that moment, I leaned back in my chair, letting out a huge sigh. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks as my cock twitched, then exploded between her ass cheeks, Korin’s eyes shot open and she squealed as her orgasm hit her like a truck. Her juices shot out of her pussy and soaked her thong, while mine simply shot between the crack of her ass, coating her cheeks with my seed…and my legs. I could have sworn between strokes while my cock was free, some of it had shot out between her legs and onto the floor…
We both lay back, my cock protruding proudly between her wide open legs; she leaned against my chest, breathing heavily. I grinned and kept my soaked fingers in her pussy, spinning them around inside of her. Korin came to her senses about 20 seconds later, and stood up, pulling off her shirt and cum soaked thong, some of my cum had been plastered to my legs…but most of it was sliding down her ass crack and down her beautiful legs. She looked at me and smiled, getting down between my knees and dutifully sucking me off, cleaning up all of the leftover semen. She got all of it, licking my cock, balls, thighs, and anywhere else she could find. She licked her lips, grinning at me, her hands massaged my thighs, my cock was now pointing right at her pretty face, she giggled and took a tiny lick of the tip of it, making it twitch. I let out a low moan as I leaned my head back, Korin stood up and pulled my shirt off, looking over me with a pleasured smile on her face.
“You’re awfully dirty mister.” She smiled
I leaned up lazily, “Look who’s talking.”
She made a chuffing noise, turning herself away from me and shaking her ass in my face, her tail was raised upward, revealing her puckered little blue asshole, which was coated in white semen, “Don’t be jealous just cuz I’ve got more curves then you do.” She winked and smiled.
But I was not about to be outdone, I grinned, moving my hands upward as she shook her ass. After just 10 seconds of this, I grabbed her ass and pushed her against the table; she let out a yelp and then giggled. “You like it rough don’t you?” I simply smiled and squeezed her ass, pointing my cock straight for her pussy hole, “I’m not the one who needs to be punished here.”
My cock began moving slowly towards her swollen lips, Korin leaned over the table, putting her arms beneath her head as she looked back at me, she wiggled her ass a bit, as if wanting me to plow myself right into it…which I would. The tip of it made contact with her pussy, and I shoved forward, nailing her tight little hole. Korin let out a long moan, exhaling and pushing herself against me. I grabbed her hips and pulled back, pushing more of myself into her, fully planting myself inside of that hot alien cunt. Her juices dripped out of the sides of her pussy, leaking down her legs. She propped herself up on her hands, letting her tits swing freely, I loved at how her pussy muscles gripped and massaged my cock as it finally made it to the hilt. She had learned a new trick, knowing that my cock was long enough to make contact with her cervix, she figured out how to open it slightly, and then close it around the very tip of my cock, sending enormous waves of pleasure through me.
And so began the fucking that seemed an eternity. I pulled out, and then pushed back in, pushing her forward, and I repeated this over and over again. I loved the way her tight little pussy milked my cock, as if it were her own mouth. She looked back at me and gave me a look of pleasure, “Stop screwing around and fuck me…”
I grinned wide and obliged, ramming myself back into her cunt at full speed. She let out a loud groan and pushed back into me, and I began driving my cock deep into her cunt at a million miles an hour, my balls slapped against her clit as I fucked her deep. Her pussy convulsed and spasmed around my cock, her tail wrapped itself around my waist, aiding me in my fucking her. I loved her tail…it seemed to have a mind of its own…a few times she had even twisted it around my leg and pressed the tip of it against my asshole. It felt weird I’ll admit…and she had only gotten it in a few inches, but I have to agree that my orgasms felt much stronger when she had done that.
Her cunt was now gripping me like a vise, her outer lips were almost always planted against my pubic hair as I fucked her, my balls were swaying and slapping her clit, sending waves of extreme pleasure through her blue and white body. I was close…so close…and one thing she loved almost as much as me eating her out, was me cumming inside of her, and I always left her full.
Korin was now moaning to the point of yelling, her tits were swaying back and forth like crazy as I fucked her like an animal. I squeezed and spanked her ass, leaving purple marks where I had left my hand. Her face was flushed a deep purple, she was sweating all over, she wanted more, she was going to cum very soon, and I was about to aid in that. Right as my cock began to swell up, her pussy began to tighten even more, and soon I was taking short little stabs into her cunt, her cervix was opening and closing around the tip of my dick as I fucked her. My balls began to twitch, and her pussy milked me for all I was worth. I was feeling lightheaded; I simply grabbed her ass and held on for the ride, my cock exploded inside of her, flooding her cunt with my white hot cum. I was now embedded deep inside of her, injecting my semen deep into her womb, her cervix was open wide and taking in every last bit of my cum. She opened her eyes wide and wailed in ecstasy, her head fell against the table, her tail tightened even more around me, and her pussy juices flowed out between her lips and sprayed between the gaps of her cunt and my cock. She coated my balls with her steaming juices as I cummed deep inside of her. She moaned, I moaned. We were planted tightly together as my dick spewed what seemed to be at least 5 ropes of hot sticky cum inside of her womb.
After what seemed like hours, I finally came back down to earth, and I regained the feeling in my legs and arms…it felt like all the blood in my body had gone straight to my cock. Korin was almost to the point of passing out, the table was covered in her sweat where she had been, my cock was still deep inside of her, bathing in her juices. Her cum and mine both leaked out of her pussy in a whitish mix and leaked down her legs, I felt like pulling out of her would be like opening a bottle of pre-shaked champagne.
She was the first to move, leaning upward, unraveling her tail from my waist, my cock slipped gingerly out of her pussy lips, and…almost expectedly, our cum began to flood out of her pussy, leaking down her legs and making a small puddle on the floor. It was expected…I had lost count how many puddles we had made. She turned around and grinned at me, kissing me and holding me tight, my cock pressed against her white and blue stomach. We kissed and held for almost 30 minutes before she jumped back onto the table, spread her legs, and pulled my ass into her, jamming my cock deep into her pussy once more. We fucked facing each other, and almost laughing at our strange expressions as I yet again fucked more of my love juice deep into her sex.
---Ending---(Now comes the part where the sex stops and the story develops…sorry horndogs but the jackoff session is over…for now.)
After “dinner”, we headed off to bed, hopping beneath the covers stark naked like we always did. She would sleep facing the window; I facing her, having my hand wrapped around her and either planted against her tummy, or between her legs. My cock was always firmly planted in the blanket that was her ass cheeks, and if I was still hard, she would always suck me off to get the last bit of sex that was in me out of my system so that we could sleep.
Tonight however…things became…very different.
At 2 in the morning I woke up to a strange sound coming from outside…again, living in the Arizona desert you could pretty much hear anything, coyotes, airplanes from Area 51, whatever, this sound however, was new.
I tried to ignore it, laying my head down next to the back of Korin’s, squeezing her tight against me. I stayed awake…listening to the was low, almost like an engine, and it was getting louder.
I leaned upwards, taking Korin’s shoulder in my hand, “Baby…wake up, do you hear that?”
Korin simply moaned and turned onto her stomach, I rolled my eyes and got out of the bed, grabbing my robe from the nearby wall hangar and slipping it over me, finishing tying it by the time I had opened the front door. The sound continued to get louder; I looked out in front of me and into the bright moonlit sky. You could see everything tonight, all the stars; it was like a lightshow…but still, nothing.
I began to think I was crazy…I shoved my finger in my ear and dug around, trying to see if there was something stuck in there. I looked around, still not finding the source of the noise…I looked up, down, left right…nothing. I looked back, turning around the house…what I saw…I will never forget…
Out in the middle of nowhere…a massive glowing alien ship loomed overhead, it was colored black, and had traces of what looked like chrome plating all over it. It didn’t glow, but there were squares of light in the black areas, what looked like windows. It was shaped like a giant almond; I could see two massive cannons on either side of the ship. This thing had to be bigger than a damn football stadium!
I fell on my ass, in the cold sand, looking straight up at this terrifying sight…and thought, “Oh…fuck.”
(Now this would be a good time to put you guys in a cliff hanger and end the story here…but I’ve decided not to be an asshole and continue :D)
After I saw that ship, I saw nothing…I blacked out. Either from being scared shitless or by some chemical…either way, I awoke with a splitting headache. I was sitting where I was before, in front of my house…only this time…there was no sand beneath me…I was sitting on a metal floor in what looked like a hangar of some sort. The whole place looked like it was out of Star Wars…only with more chrome.
I sat up, staring at my house…they had abducted my entire fucking house?!?! I stood quickly. Looking around, there was not a soul in sight…you’d figure in a hangar, there’d be pilots hanging around. I dashed inside the house, not bothering to close the door behind me. I ran into my bedroom, jumping onto the bed and shaking Korin.
“KORIN!! KORIN!! WAKE UP! NOW! PLEASE WAKE UP!” I was screaming like a little girl.
Korin awoke suddenly, looking around, then looking at me, “What? What’s happening?”
I tried to speak, but only stuttered, I sat there babbling, she looked at me, then looked back with…what looked like fear. I looked back two…there was fear…standing right in front of me. Two…what looked like guards…stood just inside of my doorway, they must’ve been 7 feet tall. Their armor plates shone, they were almost completely clad in chrome, I couldn’t even see their eyes…but I could tell they were pissed.
The guards held rifles bigger than my torso, hefting them forward and pointing them at me, my arms shot upward and I looked at them in blind fear, my robe undid itself from around my waist and the sides of it opened up, one of the guards nudged the other and laughed, I looked down, and covered myself immediately. Korin jumped forward and yelled at the guards in her language, shouting with amazing authority in her voice. The guards snapped their guns upward, standing at attention, still as statues. I looked at her, then the guards, “Am I missing something here…?”
Korin looked at me, then back at the doorway, another male of her species stepped through the doorway, looking at me, then at her. He chuffed and spoke to her in a disgusted voice.
I couldn’t understand a word they were saying:
<Who is this bald monkey…and why are you nude? What happened to Ronin?> the big one yelled.
<He is my friend, and Ronin died along with the ship…I managed to get out in an escape pod and land on the planet…he took me in, and you will not lay a hand on him!> she ran up to the large alien and stared him in the eye with absolutely no fear whatsoever.
The important looking guy stared at me in my robe, <He’s short…and flimsy looking…and by you being nude…I’m guessing you were having relations with this man?>
Korin seemed to turn purple as she stepped backward, the tall alien stared at me and smiled, his language changed just like that from his own, to mine.
“So…you’re the one who’s been keeping the princess safe?” he looked at me carefully.
“P-princess? Safe? Well…that is…I mean.” I stammered
The alien made a loud chuffing noise, which told me to shut up, he looked at Korin, then me, “What is your name human…?”
“Nathan…” I said slowly.
“Well…Nathan…” he spat out my name almost in disgust, “You will be credited for rescuing our Princess…but I’m afraid your services are no longer needed…you and your house will be put back in its spot…your memory erased, and all of this will just seem like a bad dream…” the tall alien pointed a gun at me, I froze. Korin jumped at him and pushed his arm away, causing the gun to go off into one of the guard aliens, he fell to the floor, then stood up slowly, holding his head. Korin glared at the tall alien, spitting at him in her language.
<You will do no such thing, Novax…this man saved my life, and I demand that he stay with me!>
<Princess…you must understand something…he’s a human, you are not…imagine how the Grand Council will see you if they knew you were frolicking with a human…> the tall one looked at me again, almost sneering.
Korin growled again, her tail snapped straight, <I will deal with the council…but if you so much as lay a hand on him, you will be answering to the Royal Guard…is that understood?>
Novax seemed to take the hint, and he holstered his oversized pistol, then stepped backward, switching back to English, “My apologies…princess…I will leave you to it then.” He made a loud growling noise, and the guard that wasn’t stricken with amnesia walked out of the door…the other however was busy looking at the wallpaper, almost entranced by it. Novax turned around and yelled something in his language, startling the guard and sending him running out the door. He took one last look at me, then followed the guards.
Korin let out a deep sigh, then fell on the bed, sitting down. I on the other hand fell on my knees and almost let out a whimper of sheer terror. Korin looked at me and dashed to my side, hugging me tightly…the feel of her tits pressing against my face brought my back to earth, and I let out a low muffled groan. Korin released me and stroked my face, “That…was Novax.” She explained.
I looked at her, “You’re…a princess…?” She smiled weakly and nodded. “Surprise…?” she tried to lighten things up slightly. I wasn’t mad…but just a little bit on the “fucking freaked out” side.
Korin sat me on the bed, and spilled the beans…almost literally. She was a Princess of her…sort of kingdom. Her own species was having a civil war with itself, the Royalty versus the Radical Thinkers. Though in this case, the Royalty seemed to be the smarter batch, not that I was taking sides. She explained how important she was to her people, and how she was a very influential person in the Council. Ronin turned out to be her…supposed “handpicked finance”, which she assured me she despised. I took her word for it, hell her lovemaking to me was enough proof of that.
She explained her study of my planet, and she was considering actually asking the humans for any sort of help in the war. I was pretty much in the state of…”uhh what…?”
“Our species is nowhere near advanced enough to even think about doing any kind of battle with your own kind…and apart from that, Novax seems to think we’re disgusting, why shouldn’t anyone else?” I spoke firmly.
Korin nodded, “I was planning on waiting until your NASA had landed on that red planet near Earth before making contact.”
I almost laughed, “Man…what perfect timing that would have been…hey did you guys by chance make that whole face on Mars?” She looked at me in confusion…obviously not. I changed the subject, “So why us…?” Korin looked at me, “We’re fighting a losing war here…and basically if we don’t get help soon, they will come after you once they’re finished with us.
I fell back on the bed, pursing my lips together and breathing out in that stress manner, putting my hands on my forehead. This was a shitload to take in…I sat up again and looked at Korin, remembering she was still stark naked.
“Before I get any funny ideas…maybe we should get you dressed?”I smiled; Korin looked down at herself and let out a tiny strained smile. “Yeah…good thinking.”

Several minutes later we were both fully dressed and walking down the long halls of the ship, headed for the bridge. I felt like I was in some sort of sci-fi thriller, aliens of all sizes, who looked almost exactly like Korin passed by us, and they almost always turned back to stare at us both. I kept close to Korin, not wanting to be separated, she looked back at me, then forward again, opening the door to the bridge. The whole crew stood at attention, staring at us both. I stood there in awkward silence…raising my hand slightly, “Hi there…” I said meekly. Korin put her hand on my chest and quietly shushed me, “Let me do the talking…”
We approached a gigantic monitor that seemed like something out of a stadium, and several alien figures all dressed in fancy robes appeared before us. Korin bowed to the aliens humbly, speaking to them in her language. The aliens looked at me, then her. The middle one, the eldest, stood and spoke,
<We assume this is some sort of…ambassador for the human army...?>
Korin shook her head, <No…council members, this is Nathan, he rescued me after my ship was destroyed in a skirmish with the Radicals. I was not planning on making contact this soon but…I had no choice.>
The eldest spoke again, <He seems weak and thin…much smaller than any of our warriors. You tell me many things about these…Commandos…is this some sort of joke?>
<No, not at all, please, he is a friend. He saved my life, and I…I owe him a great deal. Council members I urge you to let me to continue to do my research on these humans, Nathan has already taught me so much, and I can learn much more from him with time.>
The old alien stood silent, looking at the other council members, they seemed to whisper to one another, I was about ready to burst out and try and defend myself so that I could keep my balls…but eventually, the old alien nodded. <We think it is best for you to continue to do your research with these humans…but do keep in mind that one will not be enough, you must get us in contact with their…NASA…and convince them to help us in our struggles.>
Korin nodded and cupped her hands <Thank you council members, I owe you much, you all have been very fair, I will report back soon of my findings.> The eldest spoke again, <Go back to earth and tell this human to take you to NASA…you must complete this task before the Radicals hit us again Korin…good luck.>
The image faded away, Korin turned to me and gave me one of those happy school girl looks, grinning and giggling beneath her breath, I stood there, pretty much dumbfounded.

Novax and his guards stood and watched as my house was placed back in the hole that it left on the soft ground, and as if nothing had happened, the ship took off into the night, flying straight upwards and into the stars. Korin looked up into the sky with me, watching the ship go, then she looked at me and grinned.
“Do you know what this means?” I stood there and shook my head…again, feeling out of place. Korin squealed and jumped into my arms, kissing me passionately, I don’t know what the hell was going on but it sure as hell seemed like something good had come from all of this. I put my hands on her round ass and hefted her against me, kissing her back. I had no idea what she was so happy about…but apparently I was now a part of some great plan to save the world…
(I was going to end the story here…but how about we throw a bit more sex into it to spice things up?)
I hauled Korin into the house, bumping into the door and closing it noisily behind me, all the while she was kissing me and shoving her tongue into my mouth as if she hadn’t done it in years. I held onto her tight ass, hauling her into my room immediately and dropped her on the edge of my bed. She looked at me with a wicked grin, spreading her legs and rubbing herself between the legs. A wet spot was clearly visible on her khaki shorts, her tight white shirt revealed her hardening nipples quite well as she turned herself on.
I of course was not going to pass this up…I pulled off my jeans quick as lightening, letting that blue and white vixen approach my amazingly hard erection and take it in her soft hand, stroking it ever so slowly. I let out a low moan of approval as she scooted off the bed and got on her knees, taking my pulsating cock into her mouth and sucking it with vigor. I looked down at her beautiful face as her head bobbed up and down on my pulsating erection. She cradled my balls with her hands and spun them gently in her fingers, using her other hand to stroke my cock. Her tongue snaked around my cock and jacked the head off, covering it in her saliva. I let out a groan and held her head, Korin’s tail swished slowly from side to side, she eagerly sucked me off, using her tongue to jack me off while her lips were gripping me tight, her hand jacking me off. All of this was way too much for me, and I let out a loud groan and shuddered, unleashing a torrent of hot sticky cum into her waiting mouth.
Korin let out a tiny squeal of joy and then moaned, sucking all of my cum into her eager mouth. I was elated, and I rocked my hips back and forth into her. She grinned and took me out of her mouth, licking her lips and stroking me slowly.
“How was it?” she winked at me.
“Only the best blowjob an alien babe like you can give me…” I smiled at her, my erection still pulsated and quaked in her hand as it slid up and down my long shaft. She moved her thumb over the tip and swirled it around the end, grinning at me, “What else would you like for me to do master…?”
“Oh, so I’m the master now? I thought you were the princess…?” I smiled at her.
She let out a tiny giggle, “Not around here…around here…you’re my master…and me,” she stood up, releasing my erection and pulling her tank top off, revealing her gorgeous tits. “I’m your loyal servant.”
I let out a low shudder and grabbed her waist, taking her tit into my mouth and sucking on the nipple; Korin squealed and moaned, leaning back. I set her down on the bed and licked downward, swirling my tongue over her belly button, she giggled and let out a little moan. My hands went over her shorts, undoing them like lightning and pulling them off of her, revealing…once again, another tiny little thong that barely covered her beautiful pussy lips.
“I’m feeling a little hungry…” I smiled at her, tugging at the material.
“Well then…why don’t you partake in the finest feast in the galaxy?” she grinned, stroking my hair.
“Hmm…why not?” I pulled off the thong quickly, letting it slide down her shapely legs, my hands found her ass, and I lifted her up slightly, spreading her legs wide, my tongue swept over her silky smooth pussy lips. She moaned and grabbed my head, pushing me against her cunt, her tail went straight as an arrow. I lapped at her pussy, admiring the white stripe that went down the center of her belly and over her pussy, contrasting with her blue skin. I gripped her ass and lifted her into me, sticking my tongue into her wet and quivering pussy. Korin groaned and arched her back, bucking her hips against me.
My oral assault on her pussy lasted about 5 minutes, before she pushed my head away, pulling me upward and planting my cock between her legs. “Getting a bit worked up baby? I was just getting started.” I smiled, she growled seductively at me and said something to me in her language, I assumed that meant ‘fuck me’…and fuck her I did.
I rammed my long pulsating cock into her tight little pussy; it expanded quickly, taking all of me in. Korin let out a squeal of pleasure, wrapping her legs around me, her tail wrapped itself around my leg, and I could feel the tip of it swipe over my asshole. I grinned…this was gonna be a good one…
I pulled out all the way, and then shoved myself into her with full force, bottoming out in her tight cunt, she let out a loud moan and wrapped her arms around me, fucking herself against me, I rammed in and out of her hot pussy, moaning and groaning, her tail pushed itself into my ass as I did. I didn’t care if it felt creepy, I was fucking the hottest pussy around, and I wouldn’t need to worry about anything else! I was pounding in and out of her like a jackhammer, and she finally arched her back and squealed, her cunt lit up like a fire and her juices flowed out like a faucet. I groaned…but held my load, this one was gonna be for something else.
I pulled out of her swollen pussy, rubbing the tip of my cock against it, I leaned forward and grinned at her, “You seem to like playing with my ass…how about I play with yours?” She looked at me, almost in fear. I grinned, and for the first time, I moved my cock away from its favorite playground, and down over unseen territory. Her little blue asshole seemed to tighten itself inward from the feel of my cock pressing against it. Her juices were flowing out of her pussy and were easily lubricating it, but she still seemed nervous.
Our instincts took over, Korin spread her legs wide, looking me square in the eyes, I pushed my cock against her back door, it quivered and tightened slightly, but she let out a low moan of approval. I tapped her entrance with my cock once, twice, three times, and then on the fourth stroke, I pushed forward and pushed my cock into her tight little asshole. Korin’s eyes flew open and she let out a low groan, she fell back on the bed, her pussy again leaked her sweet juices. I looked at her and grinned, she had just came…whatever I had done, she must’ve liked it. But I had a load to deposit, and this one was going in her ass.
My cock pushed forward, deeper into her tight little asshole, Korin’s pussy quivered and pulsated, her juices flowed down over my shaft and coated me as I slid in. After what seemed like forever, I was fully planted inside of Korin’s asshole, it felt so much tighter than her pussy, but it was just as warm and inviting.
Korin looked at me with newfound lust and excitement, and then said this: “Fuck me…hard.”
And fuck her hard I did, I pushed my cock in and out of her tight little hole; slowly, and waves of intense pleasure swept over us both, and I leaned forward, plastering our sweaty stomachs together, my balls slapped against her ass as I fucked her hole deep. Korin wrapped her legs around me again, her tail hung limp over the bed, she wrapped her arms around my neck and stared at me, moaning loudly. We kept solid eye contact through it all, I drove my ramrod stiff cock in and out of her tight asshole; her pussy sputtered and dripped juices all over her cheeks as I fucked her. We were lost in a whole new kind of love, and again…I saw the look she had on her face when I had first fucked her…and it was just as beautiful and sexy.
Korin’s breaths increased rapidly and grew louder with every stroke. I too began to feel the butterflies in my stomach as my cum built up in my balls. We both stared at one another, and Korin began to moan, “Fuck me Nathan…Fuck my little ass hard…I…Love…You…So…much!”
I was about to sputter out an answer, “I…Love—“ I stopped, my cock stopped, it was embedded deep inside of her ass, and soon I exploded inside of her, filling her ass with my hot cum. Korin let out a loud squeal and arched her back, her sweaty tits pressed against my face, I broke free of her embrace and fucked her like a mad dog, ramming my cumming cock in and out of her like there was no tomorrow. Her pussy was convulsing and spewing juices all over my groin as I fucked her. Korin let out loud moans and gripped my arms, her fingernails dug into my flesh.
I gripped her thighs and finished cumming, but continued to fuck her asshole raw, and after 5 minutes of the entire house being filled with our loud moaning, a second wave of cum filled her ass to the brim, and Korin let go of my arms, passing out beneath me. I stopped my fucking, leaving my weakened dick inside of her ass, her pussy dribbled her juices, her scent permeated the room. I looked at her stunning body, lying limp beneath me, her legs splayed out, her tits shining with sweat, we both smelled of sex and cum. I smiled and pulled my cock out of her ass, it closed up immediately and held all of my cum inside of it, I pulled Korin’s limp body onto the bed, pulling the covers over her.
I got up around the other side of her and snuggled underneath the covers beside her, putting my arms around her and kissing her neck, “I love you so much Korin…” I said softly in her ear. She let out a tiny moan, pushing her ass against me; I grinned and kissed her neck, lying my head down on the pillow, and fell asleep with the most beautiful alien woman in Arizona in my arms.
(There’s the real end…you fappers happy now? Hope you all enjoyed it!)

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2016-11-24 17:05:37
Yes I was thinking they were based of avatar

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Any one else think that the characters are based off of avatar?

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2016-09-27 22:40:42
This story was perfect! I'm considering making a part three for this

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6 years later there's still no part 3.

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A lot of the stories on here that have no continuation is do to the fact of all the playgerism that was and still takes place from pathetic people who can't write stories of there own . If xnxx had a proper monitoring system in place we'd probably get stories with endings. So good luck to all you writers out there because it's only a matter of time till some pathetic piece of shit steals your story and tries posting it on the same site as there own. I mean how stupid do you have to be to steal a story and post it on the same site. Special kind of fucking stupid.

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