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This is a prequel to part one, told from the point of view of Jake's wife. I enlisted the help of my own very sex wife in writing this fantasy story. As always, comments are welcomed.
My marriage with Jake has been very happy. We have a ton of fun together; we’re always laughing and goofing around. He can make me smile at will. Jake fulfills all of my needs: mental, emotional, physical. We have a good and active sex life, but I can’t quite say we mesh well together in bed.

My husband has no problem giving me a good pounding whenever I need it, but our problem comes from his submissive nature. We have good “traditional” sex, but more often than not he wants me to dominate him. This domination runs the sexual gamut, and I can usually get into it, but I’m a girl. I want to be enveloped in my man’s arms. I want to be pinned down and fucked like a bitch in heat. My needs are fulfilled, but my fantasies are not.

This didn’t become an issue until our old college friend, Jerry, moved back into town after his stint at medical school, with his sexy wife Katie. Katie and I became quick friends and I was jealous at the stories she would tell.

Apparently, Jerry is the type of man who can read a woman like a book. He knows precisely when Katie wants to be hugged, kissed, and romanced. When the mood changes, he easily transitions into bondage, spanking, and whatever other kinky fantasies they conjure up together. She was living my dream.

Jake owns his own business and I work from home as his secretary, so our health insurance is sketchy at best. Thankfully, Jerry offered to give us a mighty discount at his practice. My first checkup with him was extremely awkward.

I haven’t had a full health screening in a number of years, so Jerry agreed to perform all the regular tests on me. It started out fairly normal: blood pressure, weight, pulse, height, listening to my lungs. Despite his professional attitude, I felt something peculiar in his touch. His strong hands made me want him. I enjoyed him touching me.

Next, he left the room so I could change into a gown. It was strange, but the idea of being completely naked before him while he was fully dressed turned me on a lot. I felt like a whore for even thinking it, but I knew there wasn’t much that could come from the idea so I just enjoyed the feeling.

A few minutes later he gave a quick knock and entered the room. “First, I’m going to need to do a breast examination.” I quickly slipped out of the top half of my gown, exposing my C cup breasts. He looked impressed. In the most professional way possible, he rubbed and grabbed every inch of my boobs. I took in a deep breath and instinctively bit my lip in pleasure. He noticed and my face turned bright red, but he easily brushed it off.

“If you think this is embarrassing, just wait for the part that comes next. Could you please get up on the exam table, put your legs in the stirrups, and scootch your butt forwards towards the end of the table.” I was simultaneously dreading and looking forward to this moment. I did as he instructed and he placed a white paper sheet over my knees so I couldn’t see what he was doing.

“Hey Amy, could you spread your legs a little further?” Like I hadn’t heard that one before.

“No problem,” I mumbled nervously. My knees were as far apart as they had been in quite some time. By this point, I had become extremely turned on and could feel the wetness coming. Jerry had gotten up and returned with a bottle of sterile lube.

Matter-of-factly, he stated, “Well, I guess we’re not going to need this,” as he placed it on a side table. I was so embarrassed. He easily slid a gloved finger into my well-lubricated pussy, and then another. Completely out of instinct, I let out a heavy sigh. I shouldn’t have liked it, but I did. He matched my sign with an uninterested cough. Beyond embarrassed, I was now frightened. Terrible thoughts raced through my mind: Would he tell Jake? or Katie? Is this going to ruin our friendship forever?

He removed his fingers from my vagina and took off his gloves. “Hmm, I noticed a strange shift in your cervix as I took out my fingers. I’m going to need to feel this more closely.” My previous worries were replaced with new concerns over my health. He inserted his fingers and slowly pulled them out of me. “Yep, there it is again.”

My body understood what was going on before my brain did. After about thirty seconds of him thrusting his fingers inside of me, my hips started to buck. My breathing intensified and my heart raced. That is when it hit me: I was being fingered! I moved back and forth, riding his hand for a good five minutes. At the end, he gave a soft chuckle and said simply, “I think I was wrong, your vagina seems to be in good health.”

“Thanks,” I replied. It was stupid, but the only thing I could come up with at the time. I wondered what was going to happen now. Was he going to fuck me, or would I be forced to make the first move. While I was contemplating what I should do next, he washed his hands, told me to change back into my clothes, and left the room.

I was confused, but realized it was probably for the best. He was simply checking out what he thought to be a problem in my vagina, and I just happened to enjoy it. Nobody had to know and we would never speak of it again. I dressed, gave Jerry a friendly goodbye, and walked out of the office.

When I returned home, I couldn’t get Jerry’s powerful hands out of my mind. I was watching television in the living room while Jake was still at work. He came home at dusk, around eight o’clock that time of year. “So, how was your visit with Doctor Jerry?”

“Pretty average,” I lied. “How was your day at work?”

“Pretty average,” he responded. “Ya know, I’m feeling kinda kinky tonight. Are you up for a little fun?”
I knew exactly what “kinda kinky” meant, and I really wasn’t interested, but I figured if it would end up allowing me to work out this sexual frustration generated by Jerry, it would be worth it. “Of course, how kinky are you feeling?”

“Very kinky. I want to do everything,” he told me. There were certain things that Jake liked to do, depending on the mood he was in. One night it might be foot worship, another it could be humiliation or public nudity. We hadn’t done everything in a long time, probably half a year. On “everything” nights, I had to pull out all the stops. This was going to be a very long evening.

“Ok,” I replied, “you know the drill.” He quickly undressed while I stood up. He got down on his hands and knees before me. It began the way it always did. “Do you pledge, from this moment onward, to become my total and complete sex slave?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Do you give up control of your body and mind to me, for the sake of my pleasure?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good, then we can start.” I was still in my tennis shoes, cute little shorts, and a tank top. My medium length hair was up in a ponytail. I sat down on the couch. “Remove my socks and shoes.”

“Yes, mistress.” He did as he was told.

“Now, I was out and about all day today in the heat and worked up a sweat. Clean off my feet with your tongue.” With that, he began to greedily lick my sweaty, smelly feet. He ran his tongue several times on each foot from the base of my heel to the tip of my toes. He then sucked on each toe individually. Already turned on from my earlier fingering, I began to get into it. Jake gagged as I jammed my foot into his mouth. He could just barely wrap his lips around the entire foot.

“Mistress, I have to go to the bathroom,” Jake informed me. I knew exactly what he wanted.

“Ok, sit still and I’ll be right back.” I slipped on a pair of sandals and quickly ran upstairs, retrieving one of Jake’s favorite toys. I put the collar on him and then attached the leash. Our home is a good distance away from the closest neighbors, so they were very unlikely to see anything as Jake crawled outside, completely nude, on his hands and knees with me following, maintaining a tight grip on the leash.

“Keep going,” I told him when he stopped outside the door. I made him crawl out about thirty feet away from the house and told him to stop. “Ok, do your business.” I watched as he spread his legs and began to pee on the lawn. He was obviously humiliated, but I knew he loved it. He hung his head in shame as I walked and he crawled back into the house.

What next, I questioned myself. I know what he wants, but do I give it to him? Yes.

“Get up and go upstairs,” I said frankly. We both walked up the stairs. “Get on your hands and knees on the bed.” I got out our pair of handcuffs and cuffed him to the headboard. Then, I inserted his ball gag into his mouth and fastened it tightly around the back of his head. Last came the blindfold.

I lubed up my hand and slowly inserted one finger into his asshole. For how much he liked being penetrated, Jake must at least be bisexual, although he has never admitted to it. If he was presented with the opportunity, I wonder if he would agree to a bisexual threesome? I worked up a steady rhythm, plunging several fingers inside my husband. The ball gag muffled his moans.

My foot was next. I squirted out a generous helping of lube onto my toes. Sitting at the end of the bed, I supported his cock and balls with my left foot while I slid my big toe into his hole. As my foot was thrusting in and out of my husband’s asshole, I began to masturbate thinking about the fingering I received earlier. I wondered what Jerry’s cock would taste like.

I finished with my feet and moved around to the head of the bed, smearing the lube all over his face and chest. Last came the finale, my strap-on. I undressed and got down on all fours, retrieving the harness from under our bed. It is so unfair that I always have to be dominant. I attached his favorite dildo, a medium girth, six inch, vibrating dong. Jake voiced his approval as I slid the tip along the outline of his hole.

At last I plunged inside of him. He screamed with pleasure as the fake cock thrust in and out, his asshole tight around its girth. His own cock was rock hard as I pounded him, so I wrapped my arms around his waist and played with it gently while I rode him from behind. He gave me the signal, so I undid the cuffs and allowed him to masturbate, pounding him until he sprayed cum all over the towel I had laid down earlier.

He removed the gag and blindfold while I took off the harness. "How did you like it, Jake?"

"I loved it, like always." He responded. "Honey, do you have any sort of kinky fantasies you want me to do for you?"

"Not really," I said teasingly, "well, maybe..."

"Tell me, I would love to try something new with you."

I was nervous. "I've always thought about us having sex with another couple."

"Maybe," he answered with a yawn, "but I couldn't think of anyone we could do it with."

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2013-10-24 21:22:56
Pi1owa Im grateful for the blog post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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2010-11-21 09:51:58
Now you should both get together and write the third of the series (unless women wrote both, ...still write the 3rd of the series). Also, since the first was included under the "Cuckold" category, you should add the prequel and any others to the same category.
Since you started the 1st with the wife being bound, you should make the 3rd one explain how she got there and get the husband to be completely subjugated by the wife as she is submissive to their friend.

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