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I wrote this for a friend.
A little on how this story came about. I have a friend that likes to write stories for people and he asked if I would write one for him. I told him to tell me some of his fantasies and I would see what I could come up with. Some things he is curious about trying and other things he would never try but likes reading about them. With that said, here it is.

Chapter 1
The Switch

After years of being my Dom, you say you want to switch with me for a day and experience some new things. We will find out just how submissive you can be. I have sent you a large box along with some brief instructions telling you what time you need to be ready for the limo to pick you up, what you are to bring with you and what you are to wear. There are three seperate, plain wrapped packages inside the box. You are to bring the package marked with a one along with you when the limo picks you up at 7 p.m. We are celebrating your trust in me by switching roles with me. I instruct you to wear the suit that I have laid out on the bed along with the other things to go with it. No cologne and use the unscented deodorant that I have purchased for you.

You pace nervously as you wait for the appointed time. You clutch the proper package against your chest, wondering what is in it but you dare not look. You are after all a sub for the night. After a nerve wracking wait, the limo pulls up at 7 o'clock sharp. As has been instructed, you step outside and wait at the top of the drive.

I tell the chaffeur to stay in his seat, I get out and go to greet you with a light peck on your cheek. I take the package from your trembling fingers and gently chide you for endangering the contents. Taking you by the elbow, I guide you to the limo. Opening the door, I step aside so you can get in.

You look at me and begin to say something, I know that there is a war going on inside of you. You have been taught that it is the man's place to open doors for a lady. I can tell that you have come to a decision when your face takes on an humble look and you tell me in a soft voice, "Thank you, Mistress", then you meekly get into the limo and fold your hands across your lap, not knowing quite what to do with them. After making sure that you are safely tucked in, I close the door for you and go around the other side and get in. I place the package on the other seat and tell you that is for later "if you can behave yourself and make your Mistress proud".

You look a little nervous so I take your hand in mine and gently run my fingers over it and then bringing it up to my lips, I place a soft kiss on it. Poor baby. I promise everything will be okay and I will take care of you. I open my arms and tell you to come to mommy. It is a thirty minute ride to the restaurant and if you promise not to rumple my dress, I will give you a little treat to help calm you. As I say this, I expose one of my breasts and place my fingers on each side of my nipple and offer it to you as a mother would to her new born child. You come closer and latch onto my breast as if it were your first meal. I run my fingers thru your hair and coo at you. I can feel you begin to relax as you continue to suckle at my bossom.

Chapter 2
The Restaurant

The limo driver announces that we will arrive at the restaurant within a few minutes. I give you a gentle nudge. You greedily continue to suck on one nipple while holding tight to the other. As good as it feels, I know I must be strong for the both of us. I pull down on my breast, causing my nipple to pop loose from your lips. You groan in protest and blink as if awakening from a deep sleep. Come on darling, pull yourself together. We have a few minor adjustments to make in your attire before we get there.

I pull out a tube of passionate pink lipstick and run it lightly across your lips and tell you to rub them together as to spread the color evenly and then I hold a tissue out and tell you to open and then close your mouth on it so that it removes the excess that might get onto your teeth. Next, I put some black mascara on your eyelashes making them even longer than what they were, giving you a more feminine look.

In a gruff voice, you ask me just what I think I am doing. I sit up and straighten my back. I look you in the eyes and go "tut tut" while wagging my finger back and forth in front of your face. None of that Dear! You do as I say, when I say it and use your inside voice while at dinner. I will give you three warnings but if you disobey me or misbehave on the third time, I will have to give you a spanking! You bow your head and in a quiet voice you say "Yes Mistress". "Yes Mistress What"? I ask. Yes,Mistress, I will behave. I smile a knowing smile. It will be very difficult for you to give up total control to me for even a night and I have a feeling that you will be getting that spanking and if your hard on is any indication, I think you may be looking forward to it.

As we pull into the restaurant you reach for the door handle. Naughty slave! That's one! I count out to you. Sit still while I get out and come around. Once again I open the door for you and help you out of the limo. I gently take you by the elbow and guide you to the entrance. You meekly stand there as I open that door for you as well and usher you in. You can see people giving us strange looks at the reversal of roles and the tops of your ears turn a crimson red. Next, we are asked for our names and I answer for us. When we get to the table, I pull the chair out for you and place the napkin across your lap. As I sit down, a waitress appears and ask if we would like to see the wine list. I tell her that I will be having a bottle of chilled champagne for myself but that my companion will be drinking milk for now and I will let her know if I decide to allow him a glass of champagne.

Your eyes glisten at the humiliation. I reach over and stroke your arm, now darling, don't be like that and ruin our evening. I have many wonderful surprises in store for you. This seems to mullify you for the moment and you reach over to pick up the menu. I stop you and say that I'll be ordering your meal for you. You grab your napkin and tossing it onto the table, you begin to stand. "That's two" I say.

You immediately sit down and beg my forgiveness. Of course I forgive you darling. I know how difficult this is but please remember the consequences of your bad behavior. You only have one more misstep before it will be necessary to either give you a spanking or cancel the evening. You manage a "Yes,Mistress" once again. I order you a juicy steak with all of the trimmings and even allow you a glass of champagne. We order some coffee but pass on desert. As we are chatting, I pull out the tube of lipstick and a tissue. You need to touch up your lipstick darling. You start to excuse yourself so that you can go touch it up in the restroom but I tell you no, to apply it right here at our table, which happens to be in the center of the crowded resaurant.

At first, you refuse and beg to be allowed to go and fix it in the restroom. No, I say. Freshen your lipstick here. NOw! I hiss through my clenched teeth. I pull out a compact and opening it, I hold it up for you but you refuse again. I ask if you want to know what are in the packages and you answer "Yes,Mistress". Then that is the third violation and you must be punished when we get back into the limo but first, reapply your lipstick. With a "Yes,Mistress", you pick up the tube of lipstick and are applying it as the waitress walks up to give us our bill. You start to hide the lipstick but I tell you to finish what you are doing and then pay for our dinner like a good little sissy. By this time your entire face is beet red but you do as I say. After you pay the waitress, I get up and pulling your chair out, I help you stand and give you a gentle kiss and tell you how proud I am of you but that I still owe you a spanking.

Your eyes open wide in sudden nervousness but they quickly become clouded with excitement. I feel you shiver and a smile begins to work it's way onto my mouth and in my eyes. Hmmm, I will have to make sure his punishment has a little sting to it... When we get settled in the limo, I press the intercom button and tell the driver that you have been naughty and must be punished. I then ask him if he would like to lower the privacy window so that he may witness it. Without answering, he immediately lowers the partition and pulls away from the restaurant.

Turning back to you, I tell you to loosen your pants and to slowly lower them and to step out of them but to leave your underclothes on. You look from me to the driver in indecision, I cock my brow and tell you to do it "Now"! You meekly whisper "Yes,Mistress" you bashfully unbuckle your belt and undo the button on them. As you begin to lower the zipper, it's sound fills the inside of the limo. Once you have them off, I tell you to remove your socks and shirt but to only tug your frilly pink girl's panties down to your knees. You blush as you realize that you had forgotten about them being included in the clothes that I had lain out for this evening. Your growing hardon is sticking out of the top of them.

I can feel the heat radiating from your face but you do as I say. I notice the driver steadily looking back at us and I tell him in a quiet voice to pull to the side of the road and to come and join us. Your eyes grow wide but you remain silent with your eyes downcast. The driver, a big muscular guy, climbs in with a huge bulge pressing against the front of his trousers. I tell him to have a seat and he is welcome to pleasure himself if he gets the urge to. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock before he sits down. I tell him to sit to the left, beside of me and I tell you lay across my lap. I run my hand lightly along the cheeks of your ass and then I land a solid smack across them. You yelp out in pain and start to get up. I tell you that if you do, it will be the driver that will be giving you the rest of your spanking. YOu immediately lay back across my lap. I continue landing one smack after the other until you begin to whimper and beg me to stop.

I feel your hard on stabbing into my leg and agree to give you a short break but you must suck the driver's cock. You nod in agreement and lick your suddenly dry lips. The driver turns sideways and pulls you across my lap and closer to him. He places his cock against your lips and pinching your nose closed, he drives his cock into your mouth as soon as you open it to breathe and he buries it into the back of your throat and lets go of your nose. As he begins to fuck your mouth and throat, I reach over and pick up my bag and pull a vibrator out of it. I run my tongue along it, getting it wet, and I slowly begin to insert it into your ass. I hear you moan into the driver's cock and can tell that you are beginning to enjoy your punishment. I work the vibrator in and out of your ass and then pushing it in nice and deep, I leave it there and turn it on low. I tell you that you aren't to cum without my permission. You nod yes, letting me know that you hear me and agree.

I pull a paddle out of my well stocked bag and begin spanking you with it first one cheek and then the other. When it is nice and red, I put the paddle away and reaching under you, I begin pinching and pulling on your nipples. I hear you groan in pain but feel your cock pulsing with pleasure. I reach over and turn the vibrator on high and then I begin to play with your cock. I feel you shudder in pleasure and then the driver begins to grunt, getting ready to feed you his load of cum. I tell you that you better swallow every last drop and you are not to cum yet.

The driver gives his cock one final shove into your mouth and holds your head in his hands as his cum burst into the back of your throat. As you swallow with great gulping sounds, I work the vibrator with one hand while working your cock with the other. You begin to tremble violently and I can tell that you can't hold back much longer so I stop what I am doing and remove the vibrator,tossing it into a corner. I tell you to clean the driver's cock and then to get on your knees in front of me. When you are finished and kneeling before me, I pull my dress up, exposing my naked, freshly shaved pussy and tell you to pleasure me and that if you can get me to orgasm, you will have my permission to cum.

You greedily nip and lick at my swollen pearl and then run your tongue deep inside of me. I was already excited from your degradation and knew that it wouldn't take much to find my release. You begin using your fingers as well as your mouth, teeth and tongue. Before long, my orgasm begins flowing through and out of me. I begin to moan and tell you to drink my juices and to clean me. You happily lap at my sweetness and once I am completely satisfied, I tell you that you have permission to jack off on my bare feet but that you must clean up your mess with only your tongue.

You eagerly agree and begin to quickly work your member with short, fast strokes of your hand. I see the driver getting worked up again when suddenly I see your cum shooting out and covering my feet. As you bend to clean them, I nod to the driver and point to your upturned ass. He gets an excited gleam in his eyes and as he positions himself behind you, he spits into his hand and smearing his cock with it, he enters your ass in one smooth motion. You cry out and I tell you not to move, that it will feel good if you relax. My feet are clean by this time but I tell you to suck on my toes as the driver is fucking you in the ass.

You begin to pant and gasp loudly each time that the driver slams into you but you continue to take my toes into your mouth and suck on them with great talent. I begin to moan and can feel another orgasm building inside of me as I watch you being used like a slut. The driver and I both begin to cum and we both quickly stand over you and cover your entire body with our fluids and hot piss.

My, look how nasty you are right now. Luckily,when I told the driver to pull up at the curb, it was close to our next stop and they have a shower in the back of the business. I have the driver help you to the door while I carefully carry the surprise package with me. When I tried to pay the driver, he refused and with a smile on his face, he said the pleasure was all his!

Are you ready to finally find out what is in your first package????

Chapter 3
Bringing out my Master's inner slut

My friend Vera met us at the door of her beauty shop. She grins and slaps you on the bum, saying "it looks like somebody has been having a good time"! I tell her to get some gloves and I carefully lead you to an open shower with a detachable sprayer. I pull the bath stool over and help you to sit down. I whisper sweet, gentle words to you as you come down from the awesome experience you had in the limo.

Vera and I slip on the gloves she has brought back with her and we lovingly soap you up and wash your entire body. I rinse you off and tell you that I need to give you an enema. You look up at me still a little dazed. Vera and I help you get up on a "special" table and roll you to your side, telling you to pull your knees up close to your chest.

I fill the enema with a warm solution of water and soap then place the nozzle in your rectum, slowly filling your bowels with the solution. You moan in pleasure at the warmth of it. I pet on you and tell you to relax for ten minutes and then you can expel the liquid. Vera and I talk in quiet voices and at the end of ten minutes, we help you to the toilet and when you are finished, we clean you up again and bring you back to the table.

You are beginning to become aware of your surroundings and I explain to you that for the contents of your package to work perfectly for our next step of our "switch" we must remove the hair from your legs, back, belly, pubic area, the back of your neck and your facial hair except for your eyebrows which we will take care of later on. You meekly answer with a wariness in your voice "Yes,Mistress".

Vera rolls over a large vat of heated body wax and a stack of cloth strips. I walk around to the top of the table and tell you that I must gag you and tie your wrists and ankles to the table. You reply "Yes,Mistress", I understand and trust you. I gently pat your face and say "that's my good Sissy". You blush and then smile with pride. I tell you to open wide and I place a three inch ball gag into your mouth and fasten the strap behind your head. I place a kiss on your forehead and go to secure your wrists and ankles. I decide to blindfold you and as I slide it over your eyes, I tell you "this is going to hurt"! I feel you tense up and I smile. I whisper in your ear to concentrate on the package, it will all be over in a bit.

Vera brushes the hot wax on your legs and I place cloth strips at even intervals. As I pull the first strip off, you scream into your gag and try to pull loose from your restraints. The veins are bulging in your forehead and neck. I tell you to stop being such a wimp that you have done that to me and much worse. You breathe deeply through your nose but as each strip of cloth pulls the hair from your legs, the process of you screaming into the gag and your pulling on the restraints repeats itself.

When we finish with your legs, I come to you and comfort you a little. I lovingly wipe the tears from your face and the drool from your chin. I remove the blindfold for a minute and look into your eyes to make sure you are okay. I rain little kisses along your cheeks and tell you that if you stay strong through the waxing, I will pleasure you as you have never been pleasured before. I see a lust filled look in your eyes before replacing the blindfold. Vera and I finish the front side of your body and then we loosen your binds and flip you over onto your belly.

At this point, you are as limp as a wet noodle and very complacent. The table has an adjustable section for your legs so that we can work on the insides in relative comfort. Once we have your neck, backside, bum and anus free of hair, I pull a stool up and adjust it so that I am nestled close to your bum. I gently lick, kiss and caress your ass cheeks before sliding my tongue along the crack of your ass. I feel you tense up and I tell you to settle down that the enema we gave you earlier cleaned you out and that I am going to tongue fuck your hole and make you cum like you have never cum before.

I tell Vera to bind your cock for now and to play with it while she's down there. I want to mingle a little pain in with the pleasure. I flick my tongue against your hole and you immediately begin to moan in delight. I laugh and tell you that is just the beginning of the sweet torture you are about to endure. I slide my tongue just inside your hole and leave it there, letting you adjust to the intrusion. I then begin to work my tongue in and out, nice and deep. A continuous moan is heard coming from deep inside you now.

I can hear Vera slurping as she takes your bound cock in and out of her mouth. I know her method and can almost feel her teeth scraping along your sensitive skin. I hear you gasp and smile, knowing that is exactly what she has just done. I reach down and begin to slap and pull on your balls as I continue to service your ass. I decide to take it a step further and spitting on your hole, I rub my fingers in it and slowly stick them in your ass. I continue to lick and tongue fuck you as I move my fingers in and out of your ever widening hole.

You like this, don't you my little slut. I think I'm going to see just how much you can take. I tell Vera to let you pleasure her for awhile so she crawls out from under the table and pushing up a stool, she removes your gag and brings her pussy close to your mouth. You immediately begin to tell me how you love everything I am doing to you and begin to babble. I slap you on the ass and tell you that you can show some appreciation by getting busy with Vera's needy pussy. You whisper in a husky voice "Yes,Mistress" and I can hear you begin to lap at Vera's cunt with greedy lapping sounds. "Good girl".

I add a third finger causing you to grunt a little but not in protest. It was more of a grunt of satisfaction and anticipation. I carefully slide the rest of my hand into your ass and move it in and out until I feel your tunnel open a little more. I begin to fuck you with my fist in slow, deliberate motions. In and out, back and forth, going a little deeper each time. You and Vera are both moaning and panting loudly in sync with my movements. I pick up the pace and when I know that you are both close to orgasm, I reach down and untie the string from your cock. I hear you scream and then shout your release, shooting your cum in great puddles onto the floor while lapping at Vera's juices that come spilling out from her orgasm. I reach down and play with my clit and find myself following right behind the both of you with my own release.

We sit there in stunned silence for a moment. Overwhelmed by our powerful orgasms. I finally get hold of myself and slapping my hands against my thighs, I say time's awasting. Let's get washed up, there is still so much to do, experience and enjoy. We get cleaned up and it is now time to turn you into a real sissy girl for the night. I laugh as your eyes widen at the sight of Vera bringing over a small vat of hot wax. Don't worry darling, it is only to be used to shape your eyebrows. It is a walk in the park after what you just experienced.

We get your facial hair shaved, eyebrows waxed and nose hair trimmed. Now it is time for your make-up, nails and hair. I have chosen all bright colors for you. Your makeup is bright and exaggerated, your wig is made of strawberry blond human hair that is full of bouncy curls and we applied long fire red fingernails and polish your toenails the same color.

I go and get the first surprise package and place it on the counter. I slowly unwrap it and lovingly pull out a sexy bright red dress. The front and back is low cut and it is made of clingy material. I place it off to the side and we tape your penis in place and help you slide into a nice pair of red g string panties made of satin, followed by a matching padded bra. We tell you to sit down and we help you slide on some thigh high black laced stockings. We place your freshly pedicured feet into a pair of spiked strappy high heels and then have you step into the dress and zip it up for you.

I place a pair of dangling gold clip earrings on you and some matching gold bracelets. I step back and look at our handiwork. Then I look over at Vera. "She" is more beautiful than the both of us girlfriend. But something is missing....I dig around the brown wrappings with exaggerated thoughtfulness. "Nope" there's nothing else in there...Hmmm. I go to my purse and pull out a gift box that comes from an elite jewelry store that caters to clients in the BDSM lifestyle. You look at me in surprise as I hand it to you. Go on Dear, open it. You gasp as you slowly raise the lid and find a diamond studded collar with a lead ring attached to it. You are speechless. I take the collar from your lifeless hands and place it around your neck. I kiss you on each cheek and say that I wanted you to have something to remember this night by.

You smile up at me and in a hushed whisper of reverance you say "Thank you, Mistress". I can tell from your tone of voice that you have completely turned yourself over to my care. You are truly my sub and sissy girl to be used for my pleasure whatever that may be.

You look like a girl ready for a night out on the town. Want to go dancing with your Mistress darling?

Chapter 4
The Dance

I have Vera drop us off at Trumans. Every night is a special night there and all are guaranteed to have fun and leave very satisfied. Tonight's theme is dirty dancing and I plan on keeping you busy with lots of partners! You turn to me with a scared look and tell me that you can't dance. I try to supress my laugh and patting you on your curvy bottom, I tell you that you know the moves to the dances they will be doing tonight Dear. Or have you already forgotten our little limo ride and the pit stop at the beauty salon? You begin to grin like a silly school girl and I lean over and attach a leash to your collar. I give you a gentle tug and tell you to come along, I don't want you to get lost in the crowd.

I dance the first dance with you to help you to relax. It is a slow dance and I kiss and caress you the entire time. Then I whisper that I have signed you up to be auctioned off at the end of the night to be used at the whim of the highest bidder. I will be there and may even participate but your temporary owner has full use of your body. I see you shudder in both terror and anticipation. I smie and halfway wish that the collar around you were a permanent one.

At the end of the song, I lead you into a circle of big, hairy, muscular men that look like they have just been released from prison. Go on Dear, dance for your Mistress. You momentarily kneel at my feet and kiss them. "Thank you, Mistress" I will make you proud. With that, you walk into the circle of men and are immediately twirled and gropped by all of them. I go up to the balcony for a better view. As I look down at you, I wince and give Vera a call. You better go by my place and pick up package number two, I think we are going to need it. I turn to look back at you and I see you with your dress up around your hips and you are obviously being fucked from behind by your current dance partner.

I pull out my camera and start taking some pictures for the album that you will wake up and find on your night stand to be looked at in your leisure time. You will probably need a couple of days of complete bedrest to recover from tonight. I look over and see a flurry of movement below. A low setting, padded table has been brought in and I see you being bent over it as a cock is being pushed into both your ass and mouth with a line forming at both ends of you. Click, click, flash, flash...I begin humming the tunes to the song "Memories" and make a mental note to pick up an extra album. I had people at the restaurant take pictures for me and then had some cameras set up and ready to go in both the limo and Vera's beauty salon.

After what seemed like hours of watching you being used by one man after another, an announcement is made to collect our sissy girls and get them cleaned up for this evening's auction. You are delirious with pleasure when I finally collect you. Vera hands me the 2nd package just as I am getting you to the shower. I tell her thanks and to go on home, it's going to be a long night. I shove you under the cold water and snap your collar onto a metal rod. I leave you there for a good fifteen minutes. When I come to dry you off, you are responsive and thank me for allowing you to have so much fun. The night isn't over yet Dear and you may not be thanking me when it is over. Another shudder from you but you lower your eyes and I know that you are open to anything that comes your way. My, my, my, you have become such a wanton slut!

I hand over the second package and tell you to go ahead and open it. You tear open the wrapping and reveal a beautifully handsewn maids uniform. Every detail is perfect and it comes with matching gloves, silk stockings, garter belt and hat. You are sure to bring me top dollar darling. Which is a good thing, it can help pay for the small fortune that I have spent on you. Your eyes become tear filled and your smile droops. Now, now Dear, you are worth every penny. Show Mistress your beautiful smile. Such a good girl. So much for forced feminization, I do believe my little slut is enjoying him/herself. I help you into your maid's uniform and accessories and walk you to the attendant. I go and take my seat behind the two way mirror and get ready for the for the auction.

Chapter 5
The Auction

I am seated behind a two-way mirror and when the curtains are opened, I gasp in awe and pride as I see you being led around in front of the bidders. Taunting them with your little duster and flashing them with your lacy underthings. There are people from all walks of life there willing to spend unheard of amounts of money to have their perverse way with you. I find myself looking among the crowd, speculating what each one would like to do to you.

From the sadistic looking Domme with the long nails and an evil glint in her eye to the little oriental man wearing a tailored suit. The deadly calm look in his eyes and face sends chills across my spine and a prayer on my lips that he won't have the winning bid. I can see him in my minds eye slowly pulling your toenails out one by one and pleasuring himself as your screams fill the room. Next, there is the big guy who looks like he hasn't bathed for a week. Ugh. Then my eyes come to rest on a nicely dressed, educated looking man. Clean and quite respectful looking. MMM, it is the quiet one's that one needs to watch out for.

The auction seems to go on forever. You are told to pose first one way and then another to show off your "assets". Then the bidders are allowed to approach you one at a time and permitted to smell, lick and prod you for a few moments before placing their final bids. The room grows quiet as the auctioneer announces the winning bidder. Luckily, I can't be heard through the partition because I instantly begin to clap my hands together as I hear that my favorite out of the crowd has won. Me and Mr.Professor are going to have us some fun with "our" little sissy. Hmmm, this should be very interesting.

At the end of the auction, we are taken to a study that opens up into a dungeon where we are introduced to the winning bidder, Professor Marcus. Hello Mistress Celia and Sissy Mark, I'm pleased to meet the two of you. I am currently studying the BDSM lifestyle and would like for you to demonstrate the dynamics of the relationship between the Master/Mistress and sub/slave. I tell him that we are only switching for the day and that fascinates him. This is a unique opportunity for me then.

The Professor asks what is expected of the Sissy and I tell him that he does as I say and he will for him too since he had the winning bid. So, asks Professor Marcus, if I were in need of a footstool, all I would have to do is raise my feet? As he says this, he raises his feet and you are on all fours and under his feet almost before he finishes his sentence. He stares at you in amazement. He playfully reaches down and pats you on the rump. Such a good little Sissy. The professor strokes his chin in deep thought. As tempting as it is to put your pet to the test, I think it would be best if I only observe, for now at least. As you wish Professor Marcus.

I snap my fingers and you crawl over to me. I reach down and stroke your hair for a moment and tell you that this place is a pigsty. Get to cleaning pet and if you do a really good job, I will give you a nice reward. You bend and kiss my feet and whisper "yes Mistress". As you stand, you move as if to tug down your outfit and I tell you to leave it as it is. I like the sight of your ass and nasty penis peeking out at us. Now scoot! Your cheeks redden with embarrassment but you go and pick up a duster and begin to swipe at the imaginary dust of the immaculate study.

I say in a loud whisper to the Professor, have you ever seen such lovely legs on a Sissy? You should see him naked, such a treat. Hmmm, the Professor replies, I think I would like that very much. I tell you to put the duster down and to come and stand in front of us. I want you to do a strip tease for us Pet. Nice and slow now. You begin moving your hips from side to side and running your hands over your padded bossom and along your ass cheeks. I see the Professor loosening his tie and a nice size bulge is forming in the front of his pants. You have slowly removed each article of clothing. I tell you to leave your stockings and heels on.

The Professor asks if he might receive a lap dance and I point to you and you go over and begin to gyrate above him. Would you like for him to pleasure you a little Professor. He manages to squeak out that he has never had a sexual relationship with a man but he supposed it would help with some of his research material and Mark is after all only a Sissy. With a look from me, you unzip his pants and pull out his large cock. After only a few moments of working him with your hands and mouth, the Professor cums in your mouth with a great shudder. He apologizes for cumming so quickly but that it was such a new experience for him and all. I tell him that is quite alright that it was time for me to reward my Pet. I tell you to pull a foot stool over and to lay across it with your bum high in the air and to hold your ass cheeks wide open.

I walk over and get my double ended strap on out of my bag and put it on. Then I walk over and kneeling behind you, I run my tongue along your crack and stopping at your hole, I slowly push my tongue in. A moan escapes your lips and I tell you what a good Sissy you have been and that it is time for your reward. I begin tongueing you and then gently working a few fingers into you. When I feel that you are ready, I slip the tip of my strapon at your entrance and slowly work my way into you. I feel you tense up and I pet on you and tell you to relax. I push myself all of the way into you and wait for your muscles to adjust.

I then begin to set a steady rhythm of fucking you. You begin to moan and I tell you not to cum until I give you permission. I'm starting to feel pretty good myself. MMM. The plastic life like cock inside of me is stimulating my clit and vaginal muscles. And the sight of having my Master kneeling before me with his ass cheeks spread open like that has me picking up my pace. I look over and see that the Professor has gotten his second wind and is stroking his cock. I ask him with a nod of my head if he would like to take my place and he signs that he only wants to watch.

I grab your hips and begin slamming into you. The Professor jumps up and standing before you, he begins cumming on your upturned face. I slap you on your ass and tell you to cum as my orgasm overtakes me. You cry out and your body begins to spasm as your load shoots out onto the footstool and floor. I pull out of you and I go and get the attendant and ask him to send someone in to help clean you up.

The Professor thanks us and says that we have helped him immensely. He asks if I would mind taking a rain check on the dungeon aspect of his research. He is afraid that it would be too much for him to absorb in one sitting. I tell him that if we do return, it may be as Master/sub rather than Domme/pet-sissy. He says that is fine and would add another dimension to his studies. He tells his driver to give us a ride home.

My poor Pet, you are exhausted from all that you have experienced. When I get you home, I rush you through your shower and I open the third package. I pull out a pink satin nightie with matching panties and I help you into them before tucking you in and pulling the blanket up under your chin. I lightly kiss your forehead and then place the albums on your bedside table. Before heading to my slave's room, I turn and whisper "goodnight and goodbye Pet" perhaps we can play again someday.

When you wake up, you momentarily forget of the previous 24 hours until you start to get out of bed and realize what you are wearing. At first you gasp in embarrassment but you figure as long as you are all alone, what harm could it do to enjoy yourself for a bit longer? And with that thought, you reach down and slowly begin to stroke yourself thru the satin material as you flip through your keepsake albums....

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well written

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Brilliant i loved it and loved cumming to it thank you

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