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My name is Donovan, this is my real name. Sammie is also the real name of my girlfriend. We're writing this together.
*two years ago*
I was take your kids to work day and I was off to my dads to start the day. It was pretty boring at first because all I was doing was hanging out with my dad in his office. My dad brought up the idea of going to the tour that was set to happen in the next couple minutes. I thought this could be fun. I walked up to the group and the first person I saw was the most sexy girl I've ever seen, Sammie. During the whole tour I tried to stay close to her so I could talk to her. The tour guide stopped us and told us to pick parteners. I asked Sammie and she said it would be okay. Long Story short, we found a secluded area at my dads work and I recieved my first blowjob.

Sammie was 5'4" and about 110 lbs. She had long, brown, hair that usually covered one of her eyes. She had a very nice bum which went great with her big C's and big nipples. This Story really begins when I was 16 two years after she gave me a blowjob at my dads work.
*present day*
Sammie pulled her, little, pink skirt up above her hips and almost instantly after she pulled her matching panties, down around her ankles and threw them in my face. Just by sheer luck, the wet spot right on the front landed right against my mouth, so I gave it a lick and set it down. I pulled my pants down to my ankles, everything else, we left on. Sammie's little sister Kate was watching TV upstairs and we didn't want her to hear. I positioned my fully, hard cock right at the entrance of her pussy. She sat down on my cock very slowly. She was very experienced but hadn't had sex for a couple months or so. Now her shaven pussy was tight, wet and primed to fuck. She began to bounce slowly on top of me, while slowly but surely, getting faster.

Soon enough she was going up and down on my hard cock very fast. The way she was working my cock and how her rather large tits were bouncing in my face there was no way I was going to last very long, but I wanted to holdout until she came. When she finally came she was doing her best to not be to loud, but it was hard for her as every couple seconds she let out a big moan. Sammie started to get off my cock when I grabbed her hips and began pounding my cock deep inside her wet pussy. She was now very loud and the only way Kate didn't hear that was if she was deaf. I kept my incredible pace for another 20 seconds when Sammie came again. This time she came so hard she squirted all over my face. Her whole body began to convulse as she had a couple more orgasms.

"Get on your knees!" I yelled

"Fucking cum on my face Donovan. Fucking cum on me hard." Sammie kept talking dirty to me for only a couple more seconds before I came all over her face and a little on her tits.

As I was cumming I tilted my head back, but before I could go all the way back I saw something horrifying. Kate was standing at the bottom of the stairs with a video camera. The worst part was that I shot another stream of cum right on Sammie's face. Sammie looked up at my face and was wondering what I was looking at. When she turned around she saw her little sister filming us.

"Wh-what did you see?" Sammie nervously asked Kate.

"Oh not much. I only started filming just before you squirted." said Kate in a innocent yet devious voice.

"You're not gonna blackmail us are you?" asked Sammie, once again sounding very nervous. During this whole argument I hadn't really moved. I was standing in the same spot and I think my cock started to grow again because of the idea of being filmed and because Sammie still hasn't wiped any of my cum off her face.

"Sis!? I'm hurt. How mean do you think I am?" Sammie and I both breathed a sigh of relief, but before we could both fully relax again Kate started talking. "Yes,I do not intend to blackmail you two but I do intend to go up stairs, put it on the internet and send the link to all of your friends." Finally I spoke.

"Look, Kate, you can't do this." I couldn't think of anything else to say. Before anything else could be said she ran up the stairs and to her room and Sammie and I tried to catch her. By the time we got to her room the door was locked. "Come on Kate, You've got to let us-" Before I could finish my sentence the door opened.

"The deed is done. There is noth-" It was my turn to interrupt her sentence. I jumped into her room and push Kate on the bed and held her down.

"Sammie, we're gonna make a video of our own." At first she didn't understand but she quickly caught on and grabbed the camera. "Ok you bitch, lets see how you like being on the other side of the camera." I straddled her torso and held down her arms by kneeing down on her biceps. I grabbed my hardening cock and I pressed it against her lips. "If you fucking even think of biting down I'm going to fuck you in the ass." Kate was now crying and too choked up to respond.

Sammie was getting really into this and while she was filming she was also rubbing her pussy. I pushed until my hard-on was in her mouth and I leaned forward a little so I could fuck her mouth. I began to thrust as hard and as fast as I was thrusting when I made Sammie squirt. She kept gagging and choking on my fat cock. The moment I got off her arms she tried to get away but I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her into her bed.

"If you try to get away again I'll smack you right in the face." I felt kinda bad, but at the same time I've wanted to do this for awhile. I removed my hand from her neck as I began to explore under her shirt. Her tits weren't nearly as big as Sammie's but still had some size to them. I pulled her shirt over her head then I began to pinch her hard little nipples. She moaned and cried at the same time. I flipped her over onto her stomach and I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her lower stomach so her ass would be sticking out. She was now only wearing some sweat pants she had cut to just barely covering that tight little ass. I rubbed her pussy throught the fabric for a little while, while jerking off and sucking on Sammie's tits.

I put my dick into her pussy and stopped when I reached her hymen. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled back a little and slammed my dick into her pussy, breaking her seal.She was now crying and bleeding.

Before I could continue the onslaught of her tight pussy, I could hear my phone ring and my mom said she would call. I pulled out and told Sammie to finish her off. I ran downstairs and found that this was not a call from mom my but a call from my best friend, Jake, so I desided to answer anyways.

"Hey." I said.

"What's up?" He answered.

"Nothing much, I just fucked Sammie again."

"I know, I just saw it."

"Oh yeah..." I said. "It was Sammie's sister filming us."

"It was fucking hot man! Don't tell Sammie but I just Jerked off to it." said Jake, sounding more then a little embaressed. I tried to laugh it off.

"No worries man, but I gotta go for round two." I hung up the phone and went marching back into Kate's room. When I got in there Kate was licking Sammie's pussy.

"Hey, I watched both videos and they were so hot, so I made her eat me out." My cock began to get hard again. "But while I was watching it I had a great idea. We should make porn for teens."

To be continued... maybe if people ask me to write more.

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2011-06-27 22:00:07
Suprieor thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!

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2010-06-24 04:02:22
Thanks man, it was my first story so I didn't want to go too long but I'll get right on to part two


2010-05-19 15:12:16
i dont know how this couldve got such a low rating, that was a really good story! would definitely read part 2. just make it longer.

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