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One Time
One afternoon, while alone at home, I am tweaking really hard. I had already smoked alot. I put one of my gay porns into the dvd player and start watching it. I pull down my sleeper pants and start masturbating while I am watching the porn. I am really getting into one particularly hot scene when there is a knock at my door. I stop the movie, leaving the tv and dvd player on. I pull up my sleeping pants, and go to my door.
I answer the door to find my sister Becky standing at the door. She just turned 18 last week. I let her in. We begin to exchanging welcomes. "Becky, I have a surprise for you." What's that?" Lets go in here in my room. I lock the front door and we go into my bedroom. I close the door. "So what's your surprise?" I sit on my bed. "Have a seat." She sits beside me. I reach under my bed and pull out my bowl. "Look what I've got." "Oh hell ya" she replies.
We had done this together a couple of times before and she loved it. We smoke several bowls as we talk. She notices the blue screen on the television. "Were you watching a movie?" "Uh...ya, just a few minutes ago. "I didn't mean to interupt your movie, why don't you start it back?" There was no covering this up now, so I said "well you probably wouldn't want to watch this movie." "Why not?" "Well, to be honest, you caught me in the middle of watching porn and it's gay porn I wouldn't want to freak you out" I reply with a nervous chuckle. "So, I guess this shit makes you horny too huh?" "Girl, you just don't know." "Oh yeah I do, it does the same to me." "Go ahead and play it, I think it would be hot right now to watch two guys do it." " Are you serious?" "Ya, this shit turns me into a straight up perverted sex fiend, you just don't know."
I push play and the movie starts. As we watch it, we load another good bowl and smoke more. Her eyes are glued to the two hot guys going at it on the screen. I can tell by the increase in her breathing that she is really into it. "Ya Brad, this is fucking hot." "I know, I can't help it, this shit makes me fantasize about some fucked up shit when I do it." "Oh God, it does me to Brandy, I would freak somebody out if I told them half the shit that crossed my mind on this shit." "You couldn't freak me out, this shit turns me into a freak for real, I would probably flip you out if I told you some of it." "I doubt that." "Ok, I have an idea, I'll prove I can freak you out, but first you have to swear you won't breathe a word to anyone anything I say." "I promise, nothing leaves this room." "Ok, here goes, let me see your dick." "Are you serious?" "Ya, show it to me." "Ok, I will on one condition." "What's that?" "You show me your pussy, not just the hair, I want you to open the lips so I can see your clit and pussy hole." "Ok, you first." I pull down my sleeper pants and underwear. I see her lick her lips when she sees my dick. "Ok, your turn." She stands up and pulls her shorts and panties down, then she sits on the bed and faces me. She opens her legs and parts her pussy lips. I see her clit is hard and she is a little wet. "I wanna see your dick hard, get it hard." "Well I have to play with it to do that, so since you'll see me playing with myself, let me watch you play with yourself as I do it." "Ok." I start playing with my dick. Her eyes are trained on me masturbating as she starts to rub her clit. She slides two of her fingers inside her self and moans softly. When I get my cock hard as a rock, I see that her pussy juices are pouring out of her.
"Brad, can I touch it?" "I don't know, you think that's to much, with you being my sister and all." I said this more for her benefit than mine, God, I wanted her to touch it. "Well Brad, it doesn't matter as long as we don't actually have sex." "Ok, you can touch it, if I can touch your pussy." "Ok." She reaches over and wraps her hand around my cock and starts stroking it. I reach over and slide two fingers into her as I rub her clit with my thumb. She starts grinding into my hand. She is so fucking wet. I want to taste her. "Brandy, I've done two things you've wanted, now you have to do two things I want." "What is that?" "Well first, I want to eat your pussy for a little bit, then I want you to suck my dick some." "Sounds good." "I position myself between her legs, I put my face in her moist labia. I start alternating between licking her clit and pushing my tongue into her. She starts bucking her hips wildly. "Oh God Brad, fucking eat my pussy." As I lick her clit, I slide my first two fingers inside her and start fingering her as I eat her. Her pussy is so wet her juices are soaking my entire hand. "Oh shit, fuck ya, I'm cumming. She gasps as her body tenses and her moist opening clamps tight on my fingers. I continue to eat her as she comes down from her intense orgasm. She reaches down and lifts my head. "Now it's your turn." I sit up and lean back on the bed. She wraps her hand around my shaft. She slides her lips over the head of my hard cock. Then she preceedes to suck the hell out of my dick. "Fuck ya, Brandy suck me."
I pull her head off of my rock hard dick. "Now for the second thing I want to do." "What is it?" "Can I just rub your clit with the head of my dick, I promise I won't put it in you." "Ya." She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs. I get between them. I grasp the shaft of my cock and start rubbing her clit, with the engorged red head of my cock. She gasps and starts pushing her throbbing clit against my cock head. God she is so fucking wet. I can't resist it any more. "Brandy, I'm so sorry but I can't take it anymore." "What?" With that I push the head of my cock into her, and with one solid thrust slam my entire manhood inside her. She gasps "Oh my God." I start pumping into her. "I'm sorry, I'll pull it out." I start to withdraw my cock. "Fuck no Brad, I want it, fuck me with your big hard dick." I start pounding into her hard. "God, Brad it's so hot and kinky having my brother's cock fucking me." She starts rising and meeting my thrusts."Oh God Brad, I'm gonna cum, fuck the shit out of me." As I start fucking her harder, I feel the warm rushes of my sister's pussy juices soaking my cock as her pussy walls start clenching my cock tighter. "Oh God Brandy, I've gotta pull out, I'm gonna cum." "No, don't stop, I'm on the pill I can't get pregnant, fill me, flood my pussy with my brother's cum. "I slam my whole cock into her as I drain my nuts into her wet opening. I pull out of her. "Brad, are you expecting company today?" "No, why?" " Because I want to do this all day." And for the rest of the day we smoked and fucked each other in every way imaginable.

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2015-07-12 21:59:48
I wanna fuck ur bitch ass sister


2013-04-15 23:34:55
Okay... Now I'm starting to understand

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2012-02-14 20:13:23
That was great but could have been longer wit more detail really good job on it


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That was great hope there is more

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