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This is a Role Play I did on another site that I decided to post on here :D tell me what you think, and PM me if you would like to Role Play something similar or even continue this story <3
(I believe the characters are nameless, if not so, names of any persons in this story are not to be associated with any copyrighted material or anything else. This is a work of fiction. If you find Lolita, Incest, Abuse, or extreme sexuality offensive in any way, please do not read!!! Please keep comments to constructive criticism on either the plot or literary devices, or praise :D )

It was his favorite thing to do every morning to her now for the past few months. Every morning he would go into his little girls room, slowly strip off her PJ's and blankets, making sure she was dead asleep still, and then take out his huge dick and tease it against her clit before roughly ramming it in and raping her. She was always still asleep when he did it, and each time he would ram in rougher and deeper before continuing to hump her little prepubescent pussy full of cock.

For the past few months the little girl had been roughly awoken by the feel of her father unmercifully fucking her. This morning was no exception as she was rudely awakened by one of his more forceful shoves. "Ah Daddy!" She would cry, her eyes jolting wide open as he continued to stuff her small, tight hole.

He would still hump her more and more after she awoke then, raping her in such a brutal fashion that it would seem so cruel...but he knew better. The little slut enjoyed it, she enjoyed everything he ever did to her ever since that one night when she grabbed his dick and began toying with him when she just said she wanted to cuddle. Now he would treat her like the slut he knew she was, and this was part of the routine...her pussy began to go from raw and tight to warm wet and inviting as her yelps turned into moans...

As he continued to plow in and out of her she would continue to cry and moan out, loving the feeling of him being so forceful with her. She would grab hold of her bed sheets as he continued to slam so brutally into her dripping pussy, her eyes clinched shut. "Feels so good Daddy," She would moan out, beginning to move her little hips so she could feel more of him ram inside of her.

He then flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style, spanking her ass roughly with each few rough thrusts of his huge dick inside of her, "Mnnn fuck, what did I tell you about being such a whore? I'm gonna punish you now..." he would take out his fury and lust on her little body, spanking her like she loved it...using and abusing his daughter just the way she liked it and waiting to hear her sweet high voice beg for more.

She would let out more pleasure filled cries as he easily flipped her over and he began pounding her in the new position. When he began spanking her she would moan, loving the feeling of the pain it brought and loving every second that he fucked her with his massive cock. "Punish me Daddy!" She would beg in a desperate voice as he continued with his spanking and hard thrusts. "I've been such a naughty girl Daddy, please punish me more!"

He could hardly take raping his little girl long anymore; because the amount of which it turned him on was so crazy that he would quickly cum inside of her. This was one of those times now when his dick suddenly shivered and released a huge load of sperm up deep into her hole, flooding her pussy full of sticky semen till her belly bulged a little with the sheer amount in her womb. He pulled his dick out and let it all leak out then as he then pulled her little body down and stuffed his cock down her throat, choking and gagging her with it as he began to rape her face.

She adored the feeling of his cum flooding into her little body and making it expand slightly. She also too loved the feeling of the liquid trickling out from her newly raped pussy and she would have made another moan just to emphasize the point, but she didn't have time to as her father had shoved his massive cock down into her throat. Even as she chocked and gagged on the member, she couldn't help but love that feeling too. As he began and continued to rape her face she couldn't help but to try to suck, even if it didn't do much good.

His hips fell down on her face then as she laid on her back with her daddy's hips above her face pounding down into her mouth, his balls slapping against her nose as then she felt his fingers roughly toy with her pussy and asshole, fingering her nice and rough as he groaned, "Ohh h fuck, I-I love my little slutty bitch of a daughter, shiiiiit it feels so good to rape you..." he groaned and continued to fuck her brains out till she was disoriented and lacking air...

She collapsed backward as he continued to shove his cock down her throat and his balls continued to slap into her little face. She laid back motionless, allowing her father to use her as he so pleased with his fingers and his dick, loving every moment that he toyed with and fucked her. It was almost too much for the little girl to handle as she felt herself becoming dizzy and as it got harder to breath, but still she would not fight against her father as he continued to forcefully and roughly fuck and rape her.

She felt his dick explode in her mouth then as he came, his second orgasm milked out in her throat as he could barely take it. He lifted her hips and licked her pussy and he ground his still hard dick around in her cum filled throat, slobbering against it in lust and biting and sucking it so rough and nice, "Mnnnnn I need to fuck it again..." he growled as he lifted her like a doll and placed her above his hips before ramming her down, "mmnn, I want you to squeal and beg for me to stop like the first time I raped you..." he chuckled, loving how he played with her.

When she felt the cum spray down her throat and flood that as well she began to gag again, chocking on the warm seed as his cock continued to shove the liquid down her throat. But then he was moving her around again and pummeling into her pussy. She coughed again as some of his cum spilled from her mouth. And still he was brutally raping her again. Even though the little girl loved the feeling of him abusing her, it was getting to be a bit too much for her little body to take this morning. "Please Daddy..." She murmured in a pleading voice. "It's too much! No more Daddy!"

He didn't care, and he also thought it was just an act like he told her to, but either way he wanted to keep raping her. His dick continued to rattle up her guts so deep and rough as he abused her pussy. His fingers rammed up her asshole too as he fucked her, "mnnn dammit, that's it...I'm gonna rape you all day now..." he announced his plan of action for the day, not giving her a moments rest...

"No Daddy! Please! You're hurting me!" She cried out as he continued to unmercifully slam and pound into her young body. When he began pushing his fingers into her smaller asshole she let out a sharp cry of pain. "Please stop Daddy!" She was begging him now, her voice desperate and small little tears beginning to form. When he announced his plan her eyes went wide at the thought of him continuing this cruel treatment for the rest of the day.

He continued to pound her down on his dick roughly as he moaned into her ear, his cock shooting up into her guts as he continued to use her, "Mmnn fuck you're gonna make me cum again slut..." he moaned into her ear and then did so, filling her up with more creamy cock milk before he flipped her back over and then stuffed her asshole full of his dick with one brutal thrust.

She let out more cries of pain as he kept up with his deep thrusts. Her body shuddered as once again she was filled with another wave of his cum. Soon he had flipped her back over and he had slammed his cock fully into her tiny asshole. She let out another scream of pain as it felt like he was splitting her apart with his cruel ramming. "Daddy please!" She begged him again, her voice desperately pleading with him, wanting to rest for at least a minute. "You're hurting me, stop!"

"Mmnn shut up slut, you know you love it you little masochist..." he teased her, "Now suck on this..." he shoved a ballgag in her mouth and strapped it tightly as he continued to rape her tiny little asshole till it was nice and red. He took turns cumming in her pussy and ass then, fucking one till it's nice and sore and wet and red before switching and filling the other with cum.

She was about to protest and cry out even more when the gag was forced into her mouth and strapped on tightly to her face. Even as it was shoved in she began to try and cry out, but all her sounds were heavily muffled and it caused her mouth and chin to become wet with saliva. All the little girl could really do now was let her father continue to rape both her small holes with his huge cock. She did her best to lay motionless as he continuously filled both her pussy and asshole with his hot cum. Even if she did enjoy him using her and abusing her to such a degree, it still hurt when he went this far.

Hours passed till he was done with her and finally took off the ball gag around her mouth, "Fuck girl...that was so good..." he then lifted her little body into his arms and cradled her close, "Here, daddy will help you clean up now..." he whispered softly into her ear as he took her little body to the bathroom and started to run a warm bath. He could be rough with her like this only on occasion, or else her body would become too bruised and easily identifiable as abuse. So he would rape her every morning, but maybe once a month for a full day. He would then give her a nice bath, using herbal ointments on her insides to help her heal up..

When he lifted her up and cradled her she kept close to him. "Thank you Daddy." She weakly murmured as he carried her into the bathroom and began to clean her up in the bath. As the bath continued she would begin to feel much better and she would smile up at him.

Her smile was so adorable despite how truly slutty he knew she was. He lifted her chin and planted a deep passionate kiss on her lips, suckling her tiny warm tongue gently against his before pulling back, leaving the both of them blushing, " know I can get like that sometimes..." he sighed, the mixed feelings of his lust and his love for her getting the better of him, or the opposite...

When he kissed her she would lean up and return his kiss without hesitation. But when he pulled away she went back to sit down in the warm bath water with a happy smile and a blush. "It's okay Daddy." She told him with a quick nod, really meaning what she said.

“Let me take a bath with you baby girl..." he smiled and started to strip, lying next to her in the warm tub of water and cuddling her little body close. Her warm small frame felt so nice on top of him, she was light as a feather and her skin was so soft and plump and perfect to massage and fondle. He placed her little body on top of him in a semi straddling position and leaned his head back, letting the water splash up around and coat the two of them like a warm blanket. "Mmnnn, this is heaven..."

She giggled softly as he decided he would join her in the tub and then did so. As he cuddled her she snuggled up against him, keeping her small frame closer to his. At his comment on them being in heaven she merely nodded and let out a happy sigh. "Mmhmmm. Better than heaven."

He held her as close as he could and kissed her again, her warm wet little slippery lewd kisses were so hot and turned him on greatly. Soon she could feel his cock swelling yet again with life as it poked between her ass cheeks and spooned against her, making her daddy moan, "I-I'm sorry baby girl, you're just so damn sexy..." he sighed with a soft giggle, "Could you...jack me off?"

She kept her body close to his as he kissed her again and she gladly returned his hot kisses with her own. As she felt his cock stirring to new life she couldn't help but let out a pleased little smile. At his request she found herself nodding again, still smiling. "Of course Daddy," She told him then moved to turn her little body around so she would be facing his hard cock. Gently the little girl would take up his dick with her two hands and slowly began to stroke him up and down.

Feeling her warm little fingers on his dick made the experience all the better as he moaned gently for her, "oh baby girl, that's so good...mmnnn, play with daddy's dick all you want..." he smiled, letting her do whatever lewd thing she desired to his dick for now as he moaned and enjoyed her.

His moaning only seemed to encourage her and certainly so did his words. She continued to rub his cock at first, starting to quicken her pace. But soon she would grow bored with just using her hands and she would instead lean her head down and began to lick it, her small tongue tracing circles against it's tip.

His dick was so hard and sprung to life that it had nearly grown it's full length of ten inches, nearly a whole foot of hard cock meat. Such a little girl shouldn't know how to handle such cock, but her daddy had trained her slutty little body to take it and want more, "Ohhh fuck it's so good..." he continued to moan for her as she played with it, "Rub it harder baby girl, mmnnn, but not too fast, let my cream build up so I can give you a lot."

She loved seeing him getting hard like that, as if it was all for her and her only. When he kept moaning and giving her newer instructions she only nodded, willingly following them. As her tongue continued to swirl around it her hands went back to rubbing the shaft, trying to go hard, but not too hard and faster but not too fast. She wanted him to give her as much cum as he could manage, and if although she wasn't too patient she would try to be.

"Mmnnnn fucking good little giiiirllll..." he moaned hard as his dick leaked some precum on her tongue, his cock in a state of bliss as she continued to play with it, "C-Can you take it into your mouth? Mnnn yeah, suck daddy's cock..." he moaned harder, wanting her to actually give him head and not having her just face fucked like before.

"Yes Daddy." She told him with another happy smile as she licked and swallowed his precum. She opened her little mouth wide as she placed it down over his cock, beginning to gently suck, her tongue still going. She would continue to suck then, trying to place more of him farther into her mouth as she did so.

He moaned even harder then as her pink little wet lips enveloped his dick. Never before had he ever known such a satisfying pleasure as fucking his little girl before he raped her and made her his slave when he realized she came while he did! (and several times afterwards) He continued to coax her deeper with more lewd dirty talk, "Mnnn yes, that feels so good, take daddy deeper into your hot little mouth oh god..."

She would continue to do as she was told and obediently so. More of his large cock would be placed into her warm, wet mouth until the girl could fit no more inside. And even as his dick filled her mouth she would continue to suck him off, her head bobbing up and down in a quick pace, doing her best to wait for the explosion of cum that she hoped would be coming soon.

As she deepthroated nearly all of his cock like the good little slut she was, he was moaning out like crazy in bliss as she sucked him more and more passionately with her little lips. She could feel his dick starting to twitch and swell in her tight mouth full of cock meat as he finally moaned out, "F-Fuck, i-if you go any longer, I'll cum!!!"

Feeling his throbbing cock begin to expand in her mouth and hearing him announce he was so close she couldn't help but push herself farther to continue sucking him. Her pace quicken just slightly as she continued her bobbing and hard sucks, her tongue continued to roll against him. She couldn't wait to taste his sweet, hot seed yet again in her mouth and down her throat.

He couldn't hold it any more, his little girl was sucking his cock like such a cum hungry whore that it turned him on beyond the point of return and his dick began to cum. Streams of hot sticky sperm squirted from his cockhead into her waiting mouth, soaking her tongue and filling her throat with more creamy cock milk than she could have ever guessed.

When his sperm finally squirted into her hungry mouth she was ecstatic, swallowing it down as it began to flood into her small mouth and flowing down her throat. But as his cock continued to leak out with his seed she couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed and she would gag slightly. Though not wanting to waste any of the precious liquid, she did her best not to spill any of it as she kept trying to suck it all down.

Her daddy meanwhile laid back and panted softly, squeezing her cute little ass cheeks she exposed so sexily while she sucked his cock. He loved every little curve and part of her little underage body, it drove him wild to fuck her..."Mnnn little cute girl..." he rubbed her body over with his hands, massaging her as she drank down all of his cum.

Finally the girl would finish guzzling down his cum and she would sit back up, licking her lips with a pleased smile on her face. She loved the feeling of his hands massaging her and exploring her tiny body and she loved that she had been able to make him cum and him so happy. Turning her head to look over her shoulder at him, her cheeks flushed with color she couldn't help but give him a big grin. "I did good Daddy?" She asked him, positive she had but wanting him to say so.

He pulled her little frame nice and close and kissed her deeply, despite the taste of cum still on her breath, he kissed her passionately and lovingly as his hands fondled her body and rubbed her all over, "oh fuck yes you did my little girl...daddy is so turned on he's tempted to fuck you some more..." he admits with a blush, it gets so hard to resist her charm sometimes...

Of course she would eagerly return his passionate and deep kiss with ones of her own, trying her best to match his fervor. When the kiss was over she sat back up, still straddling his frame as he continued to grope and rub her body, already she was beginning to want him to do more to her, despite their earlier morning activities. "Would you please fuck me again Daddy?" She asked him, her face blushing brighter than his had. But it really couldn't be helped; he had turned her into such a good little whore. "Pretty please?" She added, her voice going to that of a slight beg.

Her words sparked that animal instinct of rough sex inside him again as he bent her over the side of the tub as her little hands held her up against the wall and shoved his dick roughly up her cunt as soon as she was done begging, beginning to rape her again like before as his cock rammed in and out, this time her pussy already nice and wet and ready for the abuse.

She hadn't expected his reaction to be that extreme so soon, but nevertheless the little girl found herself loving it all over again. She pressed her little body closer to the wall that was helping prop her up as he once again began to brutally rape her like he had earlier and she once again began to let out cries of pain and pleasure as her father continued to force himself on her.

He then lifted her little body and twisted her around, straddling her little legs around his hips as he fucked her against the wall, holding her up as he kissed her deeply and lewdly for a while before letting her rest her head against his chest. She was such a passionate lover and such a good fuck, sometimes he wanted to screw her like an older women, which she couldn't take as well with her little body, but regardless he would...he just had to let his lust out on her...

Her legs would wrap themselves around him, as best as she was able to considering her size, as he turned her around and began to fuck her against the wall instead. Once again he was kissing her and once again the little girl was doing her best to return his kiss with one of the same passion. And still he continued to thrust and slam into her as she held close and tighter to him, feeling him fill her tiny body with his cock. "Daddy it's so good!" She would moan out, not wanting him to stop just yet and wanting him to continue to use her young body.

"F-Fuck baby girl...if you keep turning me on like you've been doing then I'm gonna rape you for the rest of the night like earlier today!" he groaned in warning, the choice between abusing her and fucking her brains out and her wanting it and the guilt of causing her pain made him so confused and aroused that all his body could function through the mix of jumbled thoughts was pure instinct, which was to keep thrusting...harder...faster...deeper.

She clung her little body tighter to him as he continued to pound into her. More moans and cries would escape from her mouth as he continued to abuse and fuck her, finding herself still loving the feeling of it. Even as she heard him warning that this treatment could last all night, she found herself craving for just that exact thing to happen. "Daddy it's so good!" She found herself repeating, being sincere. "Please don't stop!" She begged out in another cry.

Soon the lust became too much for him as he began fucking as rough as he could, no longer caring about her pleasure as he just wanted to use her slutty hole for a sheath for his dick. He continued to pound her nice and rough against the wall as he kissed and nibbled and played with her soft body with his cock ramming in and out, "Fuck you're so sexy, my little slut, you're gonna make me cum!!!"

"Ah Daddy!" She cried out, her eyes clinching shut as he seemed to go even harder and more forcefully into her small hole. She laid back as she let him use her and nibble and kiss her. After each rough thrust she couldn't help but love it, despite the pain she was beginning to feel. "Daddy!" She cried out again as he kept up his hard fucking, her body just aching for him to fill her up once more with his cum.

He shoved his dick as deep as he could up into her womb then, moaning hotly against her ear as he began to cum. His cock shivered and was in spasm in her pussy, squirting his hot sticky sperm everywhere inside of her, filling up her womb even more with it as he held her against the wall till he was tapped dry...then began humping again, "mnnn, I want more of my little girl's pussy..." he smiled and licks her lips.

She grimaced slightly as she felt his dick plunge to the far reaches of her womb and began to pump her full of his cum. She lay pressed against the wall as he continued to spray his hot seed into her and fill her completely. She began to pant softly, trying to catch her breath as her father spoke and licked at her lips beginning to thrust into her again. "Daddy please don't stop..." She told him in a soft voice while looking up at him with a weak but happy smile.

He grinned as he then lifted her body from the wall and started to walk her through the house to his bedroom, continuing to pump her little frame up and down on his dick nice and rough as they leaked cum over the floor. They finally reached his bedroom as he lay down with her firmly beneath him and pumped her like crazy with his cock, moaning and drooling into her mouth as he fucked her madly, loving every second his cock rammed through her tight little guts.

She continued to cling to him as he walked them out of the bathroom and to his room. With each of his steps and his forceful slams of her frame on his cock she could feel the cum drip from her filled pussy to the floor. When they finally reached his room and she was laid onto his bed she was already half mad with the feeling of him abusing her with his deep and powerful thrusts. She clung tighter to him as he continued to rape her with his massive cock, feeling it reach all the way up and into her stomach. She would cry out and moan with the intense pleasure she felt, as well as from the pain, enjoying every moment that he continued to violate her small body.

"Little...hahhh....fucking...mmnnn...whore...." he panted as he raped her deeper and rougher, spanking her ass on occasion when he felt the urge and needed more. Her little body was so good and tight and still so soft despite how many times he used her. He would never get sick of this, he was sure...fucking and raping his little girl was too good. He continued to ram her till he felt another gush of his seed leak out of his cock, even then his hard dick just twitched wanting more as he continued to fuck.

Another sharp cry was let out from her lips as her father continued to roughly and deeply fuck and use her little hole. Even if it felt like he was breaking her apart and wrecking her pussy entirely, she didn't want him to stop. The feeling of her father unmercifully raping her was ecstasy to her little body, despite the amount of pain it brought her. When she felt more of his sperm splash into her yet again she collapsed backward onto the bed, feeling the warmth of it penetrating and flowing back to her room. And still her father continued to slam his dick back into her and keep up with his abuse. Of course the young girl would only moan out with more pleasure and cries as she made no attempt to stop him at all.

"Mmnnn, I've fucked your pussy enough times now...." he groaned and flipped her over as he stuffed his dick up her ass then, roughly ramming his rigid hard dick up her hole nice and rough as his fingered her cunt nice and deep too, "mmnnn god yes you're so fucking hot..." he groaned and continued to rape her ass while fingering and fondling her, now even going rougher as she put up no words of restraint against him, a matter of fact...he wanted her to put up endearing words, "Mmnn, tell me how much you love it slut..."

She landed on her stomach with a small noise as he then slammed his massive cock into her tight, little asshole. Then his fingers began to fuck her unoccupied pussy and she couldn't help but let out a satisfied cry. He would continue to plow into her ass and the little girl would reach out to grip tightly to his bed sheets as she felt him tear and stretch out her asshole with his dick. "I love it Daddy!" She would tell him as he had told her to, though she was being completely sincere. "I love it when you fuck me like this..." She would add, beginning to pant as he kept up his ass raping and pussy fingering and fondling. "I love being you're slutty whore Daddy!"

His eyes grew even fuller of lust as he raped her as hard as he could, his cock nearly exploding from giving such a rough fucking to such a willing tight hole. He began to switch back and forth between her pussy and asshole, raping one of them before switching to the other and fucking that one twice as hard as the last before starting over again, "Mmnnn, what's that? Scream it louder you little whore!" He growled playfully at her with a grin, their house was isolated so she could scream her head off all she wanted with him raping her and nobody could hear...

And she would scream and shriek out louder as he began switching and raping both her already abused holes. "Fuck me Daddy!" She would moan out feeling both her pussy and asshole becoming raw with his continuous and intense slamming and fucking. "Make me your whore!" She added, still panting and trying to catch her breath as he kept up his hard slams and ramming into her two little holes with his unyielding and massive cock.

He came over and over again, enjoying fucking her so extremely rough as he panted and groaned. He came in her so much that her whole lower half was coated and leaking cum profusely before he was done with her, "Mmnnn..." he kissed her lips, "Daddy's having some friends come over and we might drink and get rowdy a I'll come back and tuck you in latter mkay?" he smiled, he was so worn out that some R and R with some buddies sounded good. Of course if she were to come out during this...she might get gangraped like last time...

When it was finally over the little girl lay panting heavily against the bed, looking up at her father with a small and tired smile. She could feel his sticky cum coating her lower body and the liquid pouring out from both of her wrecked little holes and she couldn't help but feel pleased. "Alright Daddy." She told him, her voice small and sounding tired as she did her best to nod to him. She would have sat up to give him a goodbye hug, but she was still feeling too weak to move. It would be a little while before the girl was ready to go anywhere, especially to go out and take another round from his friends, and as it was all she wanted now was to rest, at least for a little while.

It was still a few hours before his friends would arrive, but he wanted to clean up and run to the store for about a minute to pick up some drinks. When everything was ready and the first few guests started to arrive, it had been several hours later, enough time for her to catch a nice restful nap, take a shower to get all the cum off of her (at least what she couldn't lick off) and then get horny enough for some more...except going out there now would be stupid, none of her dad's friends were really into little girls, but when they got drunk they would fuck anything that could be perceived as feminine, and when she got into her fathers arms...

The little girl would indeed spend the hours her father was away napping and cleaning herself up. By the time she heard her father return and his guests starting to arrive she had had time to feel well rested and think back to all her father had done to her that day. And still, even as she toyed with herself an she heard the sort of party going on downstairs she knew it wasn't quite enough for the girl's insatiable lusting appetite. But, she would have to be patient, thinking back to the last time that her father had allowed his friends to use her as their plaything and knowing that even then they were drunk. So the young girl would wait up in her father's room continuing to play with herself, waiting for the time to pass. Finally when she was sure that enough time had passed to ensure that his friends were inebriated, she snuck from his room and began to make her way slowly to where her father and his pals would be.

The night went on late, and it went to a nice chill party with some music till they were all laughing loudly and starting to become rowdy. When he saw his little girl standing in the hallway with her hand down her panties, her daddy knew exactly what she wanted..."Come here my baby! Come sit on my lap!" He beckoned with a dumb grin, the others glancing at her as she could watch the hard on's form in their slacks.

She smiled to her father as he beckoned her over, a soft giggle following as she pulled her hands from her panties and made her way over to him. As she passed his friends she gave them all the same, almost innocent looking smile as she noticed their erections form. Without saying too much to her father she clambered up to sit in his lap, looking quite pleased as she did so. "Daddy I got lonely up by myself." She finally told him with a small pout, settling down into a comfortable position in his lap.

She could already feel his hands softly fondling her body, squeezing her developing tit through her clothing and rubbing her over sensuously as he smelled her hair and licked and kissed her neck, "mmnn, I'm guessing you want some more time with daddy to play?" he chuckled, nibbling her ear as the other men started to drool watching them, wanting her to sit in their laps...

As his hands began to rub and fondle her again she let out a soft murmur, a flush going to her face. At his question she nodded a grin breaking out onto her face. "Yes Daddy I do." She told him, turning to flash another smile to his friends, noticing the way they were staring at him and her. Turning back to look up at her father she began to softly pout. "It looks like your friends want to play too. Can they play too?" She asked him.

"Sure baby...just let me get you warmed up and ready..." he smiled as he slid his fingers down her panties then and up her pretty hairless pink cunt, starting to finger her nice and rough in front of all of them men there. Some of them were drunk enough to start masturbating right in front of her while he held her in his arms and fingered her roughly, and the others rubbed their pant crotches in need, "Good girl..You’re soaking your panties in front of the guests..."

She returned his smile and once again nodded as he said he would get her ready. "Thank you Daddy." She told him happily. But as she felt his fingers begin to thrust themselves into her little slit she couldn't help but let out a moan, enjoying herself thoroughly. Seeing that some of the men had already begun masturbating the little girl couldn't help but imagine tasting and touching there hard cocks as well as them fucking her. It was enough to make her pussy drip with longing as her father continued to harshly finger her. At his comment of about her soaking her panties she let out a small giggle. "I can't help it Daddy, you make me feel so good."

He grinned and flipped her over then, facing her against him as he slid off her panties and let his thick cock slide up into her wet little cunt nice and deep, "mmnn..." he bent backwards so her asshole was exposed, "Somebody help me fill this slut..." that's all the invitation anyone else needed. Soon she was surrounded by men, and felt their dicks everywhere, in her ass, stuffed in her mouth, on her hands, even just rubbing on her skin as they jacked off against her.

The little girl let out a happy moan as she felt her father's cock once again slide back into her pussy. Hearing him finally invite the other men over she grinned again. Soon she was bombarded with cocks and she went to work trying to please as many as she could. The cocks in her hands would be quickly rubbed and stroked; the ones in her mouth would be sucked on with the same eager fervor.

When they realized how easily she accepted their dicks, that's when they decided to get rougher with her. She felt her little frame roughly rammed up and down and in and out by the dicks in her ass and pussy, and the one in her mouth grabbed her head and forced it back and forth on his dick. Other men continued to grab at her body, fondling her and spanking and slapping her tits as they jacked off against her, treating her like a little slut doll.

As the men began to treat her rougher and as an object, she would let out muffled cries and moans, enjoying the new form of abuse and all the sensations that went with it. She wouldn't even bother to struggle against the many men as they forced her body in all directions by their cocks and their wild thrusting. When the man using her mouth began navigating her head, she too let him, though she continued to try and suck him off as he did so.

She felt their hands all over her, pulling at her hair, squeezing her body, spanking and slapping her while she was being so roughly fucked all over. Some other men kissed and licked her body while the others abused her; the sensations all over making her sensory system go crazy with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her daddy's dick felt so good stuffed into her pussy, and she could feel it even more with the second cock shoved up her asshole...

It felt like she might be able to go insane from the set of extremes that her small body was feeling all at once. The thing she most could pick out through from the many activities the men were subjecting her to, was that of her father's massive cock plowing through her pussy while a second cock had spread open and filled her tiny asshole. Somehow between the thrusts of cock filling her mouth she managed to squeak out a few words as well as several moans and cries. "Good... So good..."

Hearing her admit her hot pleasure made them only hornier as she felt them all start to rape her much rougher, causing the first man to cum in her ass and pull out, but his dick was quickly replaced by another guest as he fucked her twice as rough. She was soon starting to become a mess of sweat and jism as the other masturbating men came on her, even tangling their dicks in her hair and humping her soft locks as they jarred her around, all of them needing some part of her to fuck.

The men had begun to be much crueler with there thrusting and their use of their cocks. But of course even if it did cause her pain and discomfort, the little girl loved every second of it. Her asshole had become sticky with the first man's cum, and it felt like she could feel it flow all the way to her intestines. As the second man took the first's place in her smaller hole, she could feel it slowly become more raw with each and every one of his harsh slams. And soon her body would become sticky as well, from the mixture of the men’s sweat and cum and her own sweat and juices.

She was now coated with liquids, mostly sperm as they continued to cum on her and in her. Her body was thrown around into new positions every time she was fucked, now she was leaning backwards with her head upside down, dicks beneath it fucking her matted hair while cocks were forced down her throat and her hands and her asshole and of course in her pussy still. Other dicks pressed against her belly and chest and one of them even dry humped her belly button, making her feel the other dick in her cunt even more.

Her body felt positively filthy as the gangbanging continued. She was put into positions she didn't think were possible as her body continued to be violated and fucked. As the cock was shoved and forced down her throat, she would gag and choke on it, not used to the feeling of it and being upside down. But even so, she still tried to suck, trying to make the men feel as good as she was feeling. Her hands would also continue to rub and jack off the cocks that were thrust in her small hands. The dicks stuffing her ass and pussy were making her feel stuffed and full with pleasure.

All of them ramming into and against her made her feel like she was gonna get ripped apart, especially the one ramming her belly button with his dick, cause the other cock was already in her womb and the two of them were rubbing against each other through her skin, and the one in her ass, she could feel them all rubbing against each other. The ones in her hands came, she could feel them swell and squirt in her palms before new cocks replaced them, the feeling so amazing that the pleasure caused her sensory system to go mad and pick up everything in high density...if someone so much as poked her clit, it would make her cum, and men were still roughly abusing it with pinches and harsh rubbing and even slaps sometimes.

It was all too much for her young body to take. With each new thrust of their cock or the abuse of the men and their hands she could feel wave after wave of intense pleasure wash over her. She could feel herself cum as the men did and she could feel herself cum when they weren't. Her little body being used like some fuck toy for all those men was causing her more ecstasy with the combination of the pleasure and pain.

Even though she came so many times, the groups of men were not nearly done with her. Hours passed by with nothing but fucking her tiny body with more dicks, and finding more ways to pleasure themselves using every curve on her feminine flesh. Her body was coated in cum, sometimes cleaned up a little before a fresh coat was dabbed on, the floor was a mess with juices and so was their couch and the kitchen counter and any other place they decided to rape her over and over again. Soon it got to the point where they tied her up and took turns raping her cunt, and then they would play a new sex game and push her to the ground and force her to roughly suck on their cocks. Then they'd see how many dicks they could shove into her pussy at the same time.

Time seemed to drag on and on to the little girl as the men continued to rape her and use her in such a degrading fashion. Her body continued to feel sticky and nasty as more and more cum covered her. She felt too weak at that point to even want to struggle against the mass as they moved her from location to location in the house and found new places to rape and fuck her. Though when they tied her up she realized that they might be going a bit too far, but it was too late to do anything about it as they had begun to experiment on her poor body. Her pussy felt like it had been torn and it felt like it was pulsating from pain and raw as they all continued to force themselves on her. As she was forced to suck their cocks she once again found herself chocking and gagging on the male meat. Finally when they had begun to try and shove multiple cocks in her cunt she knew that she had had enough. Still feeling very weak and drained she attempted to struggle against them, not wanting her pussy to be stretched out more than it already had been.

She was too weak and they were too drunk to even notice her discontent now. The night had become late and the rape session had lasted for maybe 5 hours straight and they were still going strong fucking her every which way. They continued to play sex games with her then, one of them stuffing his dick down her throat and the other up her pussy and roughly humping as fast as they could to see which spent cock would cum first, or they would also take turns raping her ass as well, passing her around like some sort of toy as she was abused. Finally they all fell asleep as dawn was breaking two hours later.

And so the gangraping would continue on, the little girl powerless to stop the group of men to use her for every one of their whims and pleasures. By the time the two men had chosen to race to see who would cum first, her pussy and throat felt like they were on fire. Her ass felt like it had been torn apart as well as the men had taken turns on that hole as well. Still the girl was passed around and used like a fuck doll by the men. When the men finally all passed out she was able to begin to catch her breath. She lay collapsed and panting on the floor, where one of them had left her, a mixture of their and her fluids leaking on and out of her.

To be Continued...

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