fake story
“Please,” Alison pleaded, holding the mouthpiece of the telephone closer
to her face. “You’re my only hope Jane. I don't know what else to do!”

On the other end of the telephone line, Jane Barrie stayed silent and
screwed up her face as she frantically tried to think up a way of saying
no to her friends request. With a heavy heart, she finally released the
breath she had been holding and realised that she had no choice.

“Okay Alison,” she replied. “Sure, I’ll be glad to help you out.”

Jane and Alison had first met about eight years ago when they both took
a job at a local call centre. The pay was poor and they only held down
the job until something better came along. Although it had been six
years since they last worked together, they remained friends and met
up regularly every month for a drink. In that time, Alison had got
married, had a baby girl and then kicked her husband out of the house
when she found out that he had been fucking an office junior in his
office. She had named her child Holly, and the little girl was now six
years old.

Alison now worked from home and somehow managed to make a living creating
hand made jewellery that she gave to a local craft shop to sell for her.
Jane on the other hand, worked for a large corporation as an
administrator and commanded a good salary. Her friends would all have
been shocked if they knew how much of her money she spent on her dark
secret. Her perversion!

Jane had always been a paedophile. Even when she was a child herself,
she had always been attracted to other children and was forever
getting into trouble for dragging one of her little friends into
the bushes to see what they had inside their panties.
She was also very careful about how she practised her vice. She
wouldn't even think about surfing the Internet to view or download
images. That was much to dangerous, and for a long time her only
access to images was during her Asian vacations. Even then, she wouldn't
risk bringing anything back into the country.
A few years ago however, she had begun to hear rumours that there was
a ring of paedophiles operating locally. With a great deal of effort,
she had managed to identify a man that she was almost convinced was
involved. Plucking up her courage, she loitered around the parking
lot of the Mall, waiting for the man to return to his car. When he
did so, she walked up to him and thrust a business card into his
hands. While the startled man looked at the card, Jane said, “I
know you don't know me, but that is my business card and my private
address and telephone number is written on the back. I believe that
you are involved in a paedophile ring, and I want to join.”

When the man opened his mouth to protest, she waved him silent with her
hand and hissed, “Listen. I’ve given you all my details. Check me out
as much as you want and if you’re satisfied that I'm genuine, then
contact me.”

As soon as she finished her speech, Jane turned on her heel, walked
back to her car and drove off.

It was more than eight months later that she got a knock on the
door. Opening it, the man she had spoken to stood outside and pushed
a card into her hands.

“Be at that address on Friday at nine. Prompt!” he said simply, before

That was her introduction to the paedophile ring, and it was another
four months before she met any other member. All that happened a few
years ago and she was now fully trusted and eagerly awaited the next
meeting when someone was sure to have a new film of batch of pictures.

Her sexual interest in young girls was the main reason that the
telephone conversation with Alison had been so difficult.
They had last met a few days ago and Jane had told her friend that she
was taking a week off work to do some decorating of her apartment. This
morning however, Alison had phoned, almost in tears, to tell her that
her fit and active father of 51 years had suffered a massive heart
attack and the family had been summoned to the hospital. Alison was
desperate to get to her father’s bedside, but she didn't have anyone
to look after Holly, and she didn't want to take the six-year-old with
her because it would be too upsetting. She remembered that Jane was on
vacation and asked her to look after Holly for a few days.
Jane had tried every argument she could think of to avoid Holly
staying with her, but mainly concentrated on repeating that she
wasn't a mother and had no experience in looking after a child.
The real reason for her hesitation was the fear that she wouldn't
be able to keep her hands off the child. She had seen pictures of
Holly, who was a beautiful looking little girl and the most despicable
images went through her mind as she looked at the photographs that
Alison had proudly displayed. She couldn't tell any of this to
Alison of course, and under more and more pressure, Jane eventually
relented and agreed to look after the little girl.

The next morning, dead on ten o’clock, Alison unwittingly placed her
precious daughter in the hands of an active paedophile!
She had tears in her eyes as she thanked Jane for being such a good
friend and she kissed the child tenderly and left her by saying, “Be
a good girl for Jane baby. Mommy will see you soon, and I love you
very much.”

As she closed the door, Jane whispered to her friend that she hoped
her father would get better.

Holly’s bottom lip was beginning to tremble when she saw her mother
go, but Jane smiled at her and said, “It’s alright Holly. Your mommy
will be back in a few days, and in the meantime, you and I are going
to have some fun.” She reached out to take the child’s hand and
continued, “Come on. I’ll show you where you’re going to sleep and
we can unpack your bag.”

Holly followed her obediently into the spare bedroom and they both
unpacked the bag and put Holly’s clothes into drawers. Jane couldn't
help licking her lips as she lifted Holly’s clean underwear to put
them away and she just knew that she would masturbate later tonight
with the little girls dirty panties pressed to her nose.

“What would you like to do now?” Jane asked, once all the clothes
had been put away.
Holly just smiled at her and shrugged her little shoulders.

“Well,” Jane said, “I was going to paint the walls in the living
room. Would you like to help me?”

“Oh yes,” Holly replied excitedly. “I like to paint.”

Jane looked down at her and said, “Okay, but I see a problem.”

When the child looked at her, Jane continued, “Your mommy has packed you
some lovely clothes to wear, but I didn't see anything that you could
use to paint.”

Holly thought seriously about the problem and then replied, “Sometimes,
if I'm going to get very dirty, Mommy lets me wear one of her old tee
shirts instead of my own clothes.”

“Clever girl,” Jane said. “That's exactly what we’ll do. You climb out
of your clothes and I’ll get you a tee shirt.”

When Jane came back into the room, carrying the shirt, Holly was
standing in just her white cotton panties and a pair of socks. Jane
swallowed hard at the sight of the child’s underwear moulded tightly
around her little pubic mound and she could feel her own wetness as
she imagined the delights just beneath the material. Giving herself
a mental shake, she handed the shirt to Holly and said, “There you
are sweetie.”

While Jane painted the paint on the walls, Holly amused herself by
drawing little stick people and stick animals. She seemed very pleased
when Jane kept complimenting the child on her artwork. They stopped for
a quick lunch before going back to work, and by the time the painting
was finished, Holly had splatters on her face, in her hair and her
hands and arms were the same colour as the walls.

“We’re going to have to get you cleaned up Holly,” Jane said with a
laugh, and the child nodded solemnly as she looked down at herself.
Deciding that the best way to get the paint off the young girl would
be to put her in the bath, Jane suggested it to Holly and the child
eagerly agreed.

It took a few minutes to run the bath and when the temperature was
just right, Jane called Holly through and helped her to pull the tee
shirt over her head. Jane’s eyes lingered on the small flat nipples
resting on Holly’s flat chest and she wondered what they would taste
like and if they would harden if she sucked on them. She remembered a
film she had seen on one of her vacations that featured a child of
around Holly’s age who was getting fucked by three men. They were
meant to be the girl’s father, her uncle and her grandfather, but
Jane doubted that they actually were. The men really pounded the
child but she seemed to enjoy it and Jane clearly remembered that
the girl’s nipples were hard and erect while she was fucked, even
although she was completely flat chested.

She had no idea how long this daydream took and when her eyes
eventually lost their vacant look, she was still on her knees in front
of Holly, with the dirty tee shirt in her hands.
The child had a confused look on her face as she watched Jane, and
the young girl wondered why she had suddenly stopped talking and
moving. Just as her senses came back, Holly said quietly, and
anxiously, “Is there something wrong?”

Forcing a smile onto her face, Jane shook her head as she got to her
feet and reassured the girl by replying, “No honey, nothings wrong.
I was just daydreaming.”

“That's okay,” Holly said happily, and with more maturity than her
years, “Sometimes I do that too.”

Jane laughed at her reply and then said, “Okay honey, you hop in the
bath and scrub until all that paint has come off. I don't want you
still to be blue when your Mommy comes back for you!”

Holly smiled, but only for a few seconds as she looked at the bath
water and then back at Jane.
“What’s wrong?” Jane asked gently when she saw that Holly hadn't moved.
The little girl chewed on her bottom lip for a few seconds and then
replied, “When I have a bath, my Mommy normally washes me. Will you
do it for me?”

Jane’s heart lurched in her chest, and again she faced an agonising
decision. The preteen girl was giving her an open invitation to run
her hands all over her exciting little body, and that was the very
thing that she had promised herself she would resist.
Holly couldn't even begin to imagine the confusion and indecision
that Jane was facing, and she just mistook the woman’s hesitation as
an indication that she didn't want to do it.
He bottom lip only trembled the once, before Holly straightened her
shoulders and said, “That's okay. I’ll manage.”

The combination of the child’s reluctant bravado, together with the
tingling and warm feeling deep inside her cunt made Jane shake her
head as she said, “Of course I’ll help you Holly. Lets get you into
the water.”

Grinning widely, Holly skimmed her panties down to her ankles and
climbed into the bath, quite unconcerned about her nakedness. While
she got herself settled, Jane’s eyes feasted on the child’s panties
that had been discarded on the floor, and particularly at the small
stains in the crotch. She would dearly have loved to press the still
warm fabric to her nose and it took all her willpower to resist.
Turning her attention to the young girl, she said, “Let’s wash away
that paint, and after your clean, we’ll wash your hair with the

Holly was sitting down in the bath and Jane used a lathered facecloth to
clean the child’s face. Once the last trace of paint was gone, she
discarded the cloth and just soaped her hands. There wasn't much paint
on Holly’s torso because it had been covered with the tee shirt, but
Jane’s hands carefully washed every inch of skin that was above the water.
When her hands made contact with Holly’s nipples, she pressed her palms
just a little harder and the child giggled softly and a tiny shiver ran
down her spine.
“Are you alright?” Jane asked.

“Yea,” the preteen replied with uncertainty in her voice. “That felt nice.”

Jane swallowed hard before she could say, “What? This?”

As she spoke, she rubbed her palms over Holly’s nipples again and she
was sure she could actually feel the tiny buds begin to harden. Holly
giggled again, but this time the giggle ended with a soft moan.

“Yes,” she whispered. “That's what feels nice.”

Jane could feel her own sex drool onto her panties and she cursed herself
for wearing denims. Out of sight of Holly’s eyes, Jane had her fingers
pressed as hard as she could into the crotch of her pants and if she had
been wearing a skirt there was no way she could have stopped herself
fingering her hole.

With the greatest of reluctance, Jane forced her hands away from Holly’s
body and she was almost dumbstruck when Holly said, “I’ll stand up now
so you can wash the rest of me.”

Kneeling on the floor, Jane’s eyes were now only inches away from the
standing girl, and at exactly the same height as the deep slit between
her legs. Jane couldn't help but stare. She just couldn't help it!
Forcing her hands to react, She lathered them up and started washing
Holly’s legs from where they entered the water and working upwards. All
the time she did so, Jane’s gaze never left the sight of the child’s cunt.
As her hands went higher up the girl’s legs, Holly moved her feet apart,
as if willing Jane’s fingers to touch her cunt. Finally Jane couldn't
avoid the contact any longer. Little Holly was squeaky clean from her
hairline all the way down to her navel, and from her feet up to the top
of the thighs. The only part still to be washed was the bit in the
middle, and Jane picked up the soap again and lathered up her hands.
Holly watched carefully and then raised up one of her feet and placed
it onto the rim of the bath. She thrust out her hips, offering her slit
and Jane’s hands were trembling as she soaped over the child’s stomach
and then went lightly over her pubic mound and into her slit. Two
fingers gently rubbed over Holly’s slippery labia and when Jane
glanced up to her face, Holly’s eyes were closed and she had a smile
on her lips.
Jane pressed just a little harder, still moving her fingers up and down
the child’s slit, and she was sure she heard a soft moan. She was also
aware that Holly’s hips were swaying slightly and that the preteen was
pressing her little cunt down onto the fingers. Pulling one finger back
and circling it into her palm, Jane kept her index finger pressed against
the slit and just made small movements over Holly’s immature cunt.
Glancing up again at the child’s face, the smile had vanished and her
mouth was now open in the shape of an “O”
The tip of Jane’s finger was now inside Holly’s slit and she stopped
moving and let the child do all the work. She continued pressing down
until Jane’s finger was surrounded by her hot cunt flesh and she had
about an inch inside her tube. Now Jane began moving her finger again.
Pulling it out and then pushing it back in until Holly was gasping softly
and her little hips were bucking in time to Jane’s thrusts.

“Oooohhh, that feels nice,” she said in a whisper, and Jane could only
nod her head in agreement.

“Do you like that baby?” Jane asked. “Do you want me to keep doing

“Yes,” the child replied breathlessly. “Keep doing it!”

While she fingered the six year old, Jane moved her other hand away
from her own crotch, because she was getting no satisfaction from it,
and she gently caressed Holly’s firm little bottom. Her fingers slid
easily between the soapy cheeks and were soon rubbing against the
girl’s tightly closed asshole. When Jane probed a bit harder and
pushed the tip of her finger into Holly’s shit hole, the child froze
for a few seconds, but once Jane’s fingers moved faster inside her
cunt, the child resumed her happy moaning. It seemed that the preteen
was happy to let Jane have her asshole provided she continued to
stimulate her cunt.
Moving her finger slightly, Jane began probing to see if she could
find the child’s clit. All she could feel was the slightest hardness,
but the effect on the child was immediate. Holly gulped and her eyes
opened wide at the feelings that now radiated from her sex. The
thrusting finger had felt wonderful but whatever Jane was doing to
her now was literally taking her breath away. She only had time to
groan once before the first orgasm of her life washed over her. As
climaxes go, it was actually pretty mild, but to a six-year-old who
wasn't expecting it, it was awesome. She shuddered once and Jane
grinned, knowing what had happened to the young girl. Pulling her
fingers away from both of Holly’s holes, she smiled at the child,
who was looking at her in amazement.

“Did that feel nice?” Jane asked unnecessarily, and Holly could
only nod her head.

Jane’s cunt was saturated and her clit was throbbing and demanding
attention. Determined to finish Holly’s bath quickly so she could go
to her room and masturbate, Jane stood up, pulled out the bath plug
and turned on the shower. As she washed the child’s hair, Holly stood
in the bath and Jane noticed that the young girl had a finger inside
her cunt and was trying to recapture the delicious feelings she had

When Holly had been towelled dry and her damp hair brushed, she went
to her room to amuse herself and Jane went to her own bedroom, having
first picked up Holly’s panties from the floor. She practically tore
off her denims and she glanced at her reflection in the mirror. The
crotch of her lemon coloured panties was so wet that it had become
transparent and thin strands of her sticky slime clung to the material
as she skimmed then down. She could smell her fuck hole as she threw
herself onto her back on the bed, but that wasn't the scent she was
interested in. Pressing Holly’s panties to her nose, she inhaled
deeply and opened her legs wide to expose her hole to her waiting
fingers. Her first orgasm came after only a few seconds, and then
she took her time and worked herself up to a second, and much more
powerful climax. Not wanting to scream out her release, she pushed
the preteen’s underwear into her mouth to stifle the noise.

Temporally satisfied, Jane climbed back into her clothes and she stopped
outside Holly’s bedroom door and peeped inside. The child was still nude
and she was trying as hard as she could to masturbate. One hand was
pulling her cunt open so much that it looked like it had to be sore.
She showed no sigh of pain however and Jane gazed at the inside of
the child’s pink tube as she watched the fingers of Holly’s other hand
flash in and out of her hole. The girl’s fingers were much deeper in her
cunt than Jane’s had been and she was obviously getting a lot of pleasure
from them. Quietly unzipping the front of her denims, Jane rolled them,
and her panties, down to her knees and fingered herself as she watched
the girl.

Later that night as she sat on the sofa and stared unseeingly at the
television, Jane was racked with guilt. Guilt and fear. What really
troubled her was Holly telling her mother what she had done. She knew
that Alison wouldn't return for another two days at least, and in
that time, she had to convince Holly to remain silent.
As the thoughts formed in her mind, she looked down at Holly who was
lying on her stomach on the floor watching the cartoons on the
screen. At least she had been watching them. Jane had been so
preoccupied with her own thoughts that she hadn't seen Holly’s head
fall onto her arms and her regular breathing indicated she was asleep.
She was wearing a nightdress with little teddy bears on it and Jane
moved her foot until her bare big toe was just under the hem of the
nightdress. Raising her foot slowly lifted up the back of Holly’s
nightdress and Jane could see that she wasn't wearing any panties.
Careful not to disturb her, Jane got down on her knees and pushed
the hem up as far as she could. Rubbing her hands gently over the
firm mounds of the preteen’s butt only resulted in a soft moan and
encouraged by the reaction, Jane opened up Holly’s ass crack and
stared lovingly at the little pink and wrinkled asshole. It attracted
her like a magnet and she lowered her nose close to the hole and
inhaled. Holly had a fragrance that was nothing short of intoxicating
and Jane couldn't resist touching the hole with the tip of her tongue.
Again, a soft moan from the sleeping girl was the only reaction and
Jane’s tongue swirled over the entrance again, covering it with her
saliva. Pulling her head back, she saw her spit glistening around
Holly’s little shit hole and what she wanted most in the world was
to drive her finger in, thrust it around before pulling it out and
smelling it. She was sure it would smell exquisite and she almost
orgasmed when she thought about putting her finger into her mouth
and tasting it. Reluctantly however, she knew that there was no way
she could get her finger into the little girl’s asshole without
waking her up and she groaned with disappointment and frustration
as she climbed to her feet. Bending down, she easily scooped the
girl’s limp body into her arms and carried her unmoving body to bed.
Holly’s eyes never opened once as she was laid down on the bed and Jane
could see that the preteen’s nightdress had ridden up her thighs. It
was very easy for Jane to push it up another few inches and gaze at
Holly’s slit. The outer lips of the little girl’s cunt were red and
puffy and she had obviously been playing with herself a lot more than
Jane was aware of. Looking up at Holly’s face to make sure that the
child’s eyes were still closed, Jane moved her nose to within a few
millimetres of Holly’s cunt and breathed in her musky scent. The bath
had washed away all traces of pee and body odour, but the child had
been playing with her hole so much that Jane could smell her dried
lubrication. Nothing could now stop Jane’s tongue from flicking out
and she swiped it over the girl’s slit and the flavour exploded in
her mouth. She was completely unprepared for the sweetness and exotic
taste of the preteen cunt and she just had to lick it again. Every
time she licked, she would pull back and look up at the child, but
all Holly did was moan softly.
After another few moments, Holly’s hips were beginning to lift up from
the bed as she was licked and Jane knew that she was seriously pushing
her luck. Staring at the sight of the slightly open slit and the pink
interior to fix the image in her mind, Jane got to her feet and mentally
cursed herself for never having the common sense to have bought a
digital camera. Walking slowly out of the bedroom, she quietly closed
the door behind her.

The next morning, Jane was sitting at the breakfast table eating some
cereal. Her cunt was bruised and sore from the pounding she had given
herself last night with a large flesh coloured dildo, but it still felt
good. There was still no sign of Holly and Jane was still at the table,
reading the paper, when the child eventually made an appearance.
“Hi sleepyhead,” he said. “Your Mommy called last night but it was very
late and we didn't want to wake you. She said she will call you today.”
Holly nodded her head and then shook her head when Jane asked her if
she wanted something to eat.

Sensing that something was bothering the child, Jane folded her paper
and put it down before she said, “You don't look very happy. Is
something wrong?”

With her bottom lip in a pout, Holly nodded her head and then
answered, “I can't do it as good as you. I’ve tried but I don't know how
to do it!”

Although Jane tried hard to understand what the girl was telling her,
she eventually admitted defeat and said, “What can't you do honey?”

“I can't make me feel tingly,” she replied. “Make me feel real good
like you did last night when I was pretending to be asleep.”
Jane’s mouth fell open as the child’s words penetrated her brain and
she was speechless as Holly continued, “Please show me how to do it.”

Although she wasn't conscious of moving, Jane had stood up and was
nervously pacing the kitchen. She thought of everything she’d done
to Holly, from the bath, to licking her asshole in the living room
and licking her cunt when she was in bed. It was clear to her now
that the girl had been very aware of what was being done to her and
that she enjoyed it. It was a paedophiles dream, but there was one
major problem.

Kneeling down on the floor beside the young girl, June said, “We can't
do anything like that again, ever, Holly, because your Mommy wouldn't
like us doing it.”

“But I want to get the feeling again,” Holly pleaded. “It made me
feel real good.”

“I know baby,” Jane said, nodding her head in understanding, “But
if your Mommy ever found out what we’d done, she would be very angry.”

Pushing her point home, she continued, “Very angry with both of
us. She wouldn't speak to me and she would definitely punish you
badly. It would be a lot worse than being grounded!”
Holly may have been only six years old, but she was by no means
stupid. Within a few seconds she had hit on the solution to all
their problems.

“Then I won’t tell,” she said, standing up straight and making the
sign of a cross on her chest. “Cross my heart and hope to die. I
promise I won’t tell Mommy.”

Jane’s heart sang, but she kept her face solemn as she said, “Are
you sure Holly?”

“Sure!” the girl confirmed.

“Okay,” Jane said, but when she made to get to her feet, Holly put out
her hand and stopped her.

“You haven’t promised yet,” she said. “You have to promise not to tell
my Mommy so I don't get into trouble.”

Jane made a great effort not to laugh at the absurdity of the child’s
statement, and her face remained serious as she crossed herself and
said, “Cross my heart and hope to die. I promise I won’t tell your

Nodding her satisfaction, Holly grinned from ear to ear as she pulled
her nightdress over her head and said, “Make me tingle again Jane.”

Taking the now naked child by the hand, Jane led her into the living
room and indicated that she should sit on the sofa. Drawing an armchair
over until it was directly in line with the child, Jane said, “Show me
how you touch yourself.”

Without any embarrassment at all, Holly pulled her feet up until
they were on the sofa and opened her knees. Jane nearly winced when
Holly dragged her little cunt open and eagerly dived in with two
“Gently,” she breathed. “Gently Holly.”
The little girl looked at her and Jane stood up and started to take
her clothes off. She could feel Holly’s eyes devour her exposed
tits and then stare at the triangle of dark brown hair at the top
of her sex. Sitting back down and positioning her feet the same
way as the preteen, Jane opened up her cunt with her fingers,
spreading her pink lips to let the girl look deep into her fuck

“Don't pull your little cunt so much,” Jane instructed. “Open it up,
but not so much that's its sore.”

Holly obeyed and then watched eagerly as Jane pointed out her clit.
“See this?” the woman said. “This is my clit. You’ve got one too,
but its still very small. Feel up towards the top of your slit
with the tip of your finger until you feel a little hard bud
beneath the skin.”

A few seconds later, Holly nodded her head vigorously and said
huskily, “I’ve found it.”

“Okay baby,” Jane said. “That little bud is going to make you
tingle. Begin to rub it slowly.”

She watched Holly’s fingers closely and hissed, “Slower! Slow and
gentle. Once you start to tingle you can go faster.”

Holly smiled and groaned at the same time. This was much better
than just ramming her fingers into her hole as hard as she could.
She obeyed Jane’s command and continued to rub herself at a steady
pace and she soon began to feel the warm glow. The grin spread
across her face and her cheeks became red as she worked on herself
and Jane whispered, “Are you getting it yet?”

“Yes,” Holly gasped. “It feels awesome.”

“Keep going,” Jane encouraged her. “I want to see you cum.”

Holly had no idea what cum meant and she didn't really
care. The tingling was intensifying and her fingers began
to move faster and harder. Jane wasn't telling the preteen
what to do now. Holly’s movements became automatic and she
screwed her eyes shut and submerged herself into her impending
climax. Her breathing was so fast and shallow that she was actually
panting and she suddenly stiffened and cried out her release. Jane
was so caught up in the young girl’s orgasm that she was hardly
even aware that she had climaxed at the same time.

When Holly had recovered, she beamed with pleasure and she
cried out happily to Jane, “I did it! I did it!”

“You certainly did baby,” Jane replied huskily as she gazed between the
child’s legs. She could see that Holly’s cunt was wet and she watched
as the young girl pulled her fingers away from her slit and rubbed them

“I'm all sticky,” she complained. “That’s icky!”

“Icky!” Jane exclaimed. “That's not icky. That's cunt cream and it’s

Without even thinking about what she was doing, Jane got onto her knees
and shuffled forward until she was able to suck Holly’s fingers into her
waiting mouth. The child’s slime was every bit as delicious as she
remembered and she licked the fingers until they were clean, while Holly
giggled at her.
When all the flavour was gone, Jane spat out the young girl’s fingers
and looked hungrily at her cunt. The outer lips were red and puffy and
she pushed Holly back on the sofa and lifted the child’s legs in the
air. Folding them back raised her little butt up and exposed both her
holes as she brought her mouth to Holly’s pink cunt. She kissed them
lightly, allowing her tongue to slip out of her mouth and lick the slit
from bottom to top. Then, as her tongue made a downward stroke, it
moved even further down, flicking at the child’s puckered asshole
and making her gasp.
Jane couldn't believe how good the preteen tasted. Even her asshole
tasted like butterscotch and Holly’s toes curled and she moaned loudly
as Jane’s probing tongue forced its way into her back hole. It was just
the tip that penetrated the girl and she gasped her pleasure with a
loud, “Yes! Oh yes!”

While her mouth concentrated on Holly’s asshole, Jane’s fingers pressed
into the girl’s slit and quickly found the little hard clit. Stimulating
it lightly, Holly’s thighs quivered and her moans becoming whimpers as
the tingling began again. The little girl was becoming obsessed with
the indescribable sensations of an orgasm and she eagerly opened her
legs wider as she felt another cum approach.
Never before had she even imagined that such pleasure could exist and
she pushed both her holes harder against the fingers and tongue that
were stimulating her.
Jane’s flicking tongue and her experienced fingers had swiftly brought
the preteen girl to a point where she was sure she was about to cum.
Every time she felt that she was going over the top however, the
tingling increased in intensity again until every inch of her flesh
was crying out for release. She was panting and groaning uncontrollably
by now and when the intensity increased again, a stifled gasp escaped
her lips followed by a long wail. With every wave of pleasure, she
pushed her body harder against Jane’ s fingers and she knew that she
would go insane if she didn’t cum soon. The next wave of ecstasy
raced through her tender flesh and suddenly she climaxed so hard, it
was like a physical blow. Her back arched and she cried out with total
abandon, as her arms flailed and her head tossed from side to side.
Jane’s fingers were already slippery with the child’s juices but she
suddenly felt more warm slime coat them. Pulling her head away from
Holly’s now open asshole, she glued her lips over the spasming slit
and sucked out every drop of girl cum that she could get.
Eventually, Jane moved her face away and licked her lips as she stared
at the child’s soaking slit and waited for her to recover.

When Holly’s eyes fluttered open, she grinned at Jane and nodded her
head vigorously when the woman asked, “Did you enjoy that one? Was
it good?”

“God, it was so good,” the little girl replied as she dragged her hand
over her slit and brought it to her face to study the slime trail over her
palm. She sniffed it and looked over at Jane, as if for approval.
Understanding the unspoken question, Jane nodded her head, and Holly’s
tongue snaked out and tasted her own juices.

Licking her lips, she nodded and said, “Nice,” before dipping two
fingers into her fuck hole for more.

“Try this,” Jane said huskily as she removed two sticky fingers from
her own cunt and offered them to the child. Without hesitation, Holly
opened her mouth and sucked the fingers inside, licking them clean before
releasing them.

“I like your taste too,” she said as she lowered her eyes to look
between Jane’s legs.

Spreading her feet wide, Jane used her fingers to open up her hole to
the preteen’s gaze and said quietly, “If you want more of my cunt
juice, you’re going to have to get it yourself.”

With a smile on her face, Holly dropped to her knees, and Jane relaxed
back on the floor and opened her legs wide. A shiver of anticipation
ran through her body when she felt the girl’s hot breath on her sex,
and a couple of seconds later, Holly’s tongue entered her cunt.
The young girl’s oral technique wasn't bad, considering this was the
first cunt she’s ever eaten and her little tongue lapped eagerly at
the slime bubbling deep inside Jane’s tube. The effect of the tongue,
as well as the erotic sight of a six year old girl lying between her
legs sucking on her hole, soon had Jane feeling the familiar rush.
The woman was desperate to cum and she hissed, “Suck my clit Holly.
Suck my clit and I’ll cream all over your face.”

If Holly’s little clit was hard to find, Jane’s was the exact opposite.
Pink and rock hard, it pushed out of the folds of her cunt like a
miniature cock and she cried out as Holly’s lips fastened over it. Sucking
hard and lashing the sensitive bud with her tongue, Jane could do nothing
but flop about on the floor like a fish out of water as her orgasm crashed
over her.

For the rest of the day, Jane and Holly stayed in the apartment. They
remained naked so that they could get their fingers and tongues onto
each others bodies whenever they wanted, and later that evening, when
Alison telephoned, Jane was standing with her feet apart and looking
down at the top of Holly’s head as she watched the child eat her out.
The young girl had become an expert very quickly, under Jane’s careful
teaching and both their bodies were covered with dried cunt slime.

Snatching the ringing telephone from its cradle, she said, “Hello?”

“Hi Jane, it’s Alison,” the voice replied. “How’s everything? How’s

“Holly’s fine,” Jane said. “She’s actually eating at the moment.”

Hearing the exchange, the child giggled as she pulled back her head, but
kept two fingers sliding in and out of Jane’s fuck hole.
She watched Jane’s face as she asked Alison about her father and she
heard Jane say, “That's good. I'm glad he’s a bit better.”

There was something else that her mother said that Holly couldn't hear,
but then she heard Jane ask, “So, when do you think you’ll be back to
pick Holly up.”

Again, Holly didn't hear her mother’s reply, but she saw a smile spread
over Jane’s face as she said, “No, that's okay. Honestly, I don't mind.
Holly can stay for another couple of days.”

After Alison had spoken with her daughter, they both said goodbye and
Jane said, “Looks like you’re staying for another couple of days
baby. I'm going to be fucked out by then.”

The both laughed and Jane opened her legs again and pointed to her sex,
causing the young girl to eagerly drop to her knees and begin lapping.

Later on that day, Jane and Holly eventually got dressed and they
went out in the car to get some supplies. After they’d stocked up,
Jane took Holly to the Mall and they spent a few hours shopping. As
the preteen skipped happily about beside her, Jane was very pleased
at her attitude. The young girl was a complete slut when she was in
Jane’s flat, but outside, and to anyone watching her, she was a normal
and healthy six year old. As soon as they got back to the apartment
however, Holly’s attitude changed completely and her little hand was
under Jane’s skirt and inside her panties as the woman stood in front
of the refrigerator to fill it with the groceries.

Finishing her chore, Jane spun around quickly and grabbed the child
around the waist. Holly screamed playfully as Jane tickled her and
said, “Come here you little bitch. I'm going to eat your cunt until
you cream.”

Still laughing and struggling, Holly said, “No, you can't do me yet. I
gotta pee first.”

Jane’s stomach lurched but she let the girl go, and when Holly skipped
to the bathroom, Jane followed. When the woman followed her into the
bathroom, Holly wondered why she was there, but the little girl didn't
object when Jane got onto her knees and pushed her hand into the
waistband of Holly’s panties. She rubbed her fingers along the child’s
slit and quickly located Holly’s clit. The little hard button was
getting easier and easier to find, and Jane pressed her clit until
she could feel Holly get wet. Although the young girl was enjoying
the sensation and she was moaning with pleasure, she was also
whispering, “I gotta pee. I really gotta pee.”

Jane had spread Holly’s slime all over the lips of her sex and then
she pulled her hand out of the child’s panties and sat back down on
her heels. Looking up into the girl’s face, she said, “Pee now. Let
me see your panties get wet.”

“Here?” Holly asked looking around at the toilet behind her and then
back at Jane.

“Here,” the woman commanded.

Holly hesitated for a moment and then closed her eyes and concentrated. A
small dribble of piss spurted out of her cunt and wet the front of her
panties, and it was a few seconds before a second dribble joined it. As
much as she actually needed to pee, it suddenly seemed very difficult
with Jane watching.
The front of her cotton panties was wet now and Jane gently took hold
of one of Holly’s hands and made the child cup her own sex. When Holly
felt the wetness of her own urine, she giggled and her hand began
making circular motions over her slit and gradually more of her hot piss
spurted out of her cunt and ran between her fingers to splash down onto
the floor.
Holly’s fingers were dripping with her yellow waste and she watched as
Jane took her hand and licked it clean. Holly had never tasted piss
before but she pulled her fingers through the sodden material of her
panties and then tasted them. It wasn't as bad as she thought and
she grinned as Jane motioned her to get down onto the floor. The child’s
bladder wasn't empty but at least the urgency to piss was over and she
relaxed happily as Jane lifted her legs and pushed her knees up to her
flat chest. Holly reached out to hold her legs in that position as
buried her face in the girl’s crotch, her tongue running over the
preteen’s panties, tasting the sweetness and sucking the piss out of
her underwear. The combination of piss and preteen cunt juice was
delicious and Jane pushed the child’s panties to the side and gazed
fondly at the gaping entrance of her slit. She could see the pink
interior and smell the heady aroma that invaded her nostrils as she
ran her tongue through the young girl’s soaked slit and up over her

Holly groaned with lust and she bucked her hips in encouragement as
Jane used her fingers to pull the slit open wider. She could see
Holly’s little pee hole and she swirled her tongue around the
entrance and then probed it gently. Holly squealed as she
uncontrollably released a squirt of her hot piss into Jane’s
mouth and she could feel the tingling begin deep inside her body.
Totally consumed with perverted lust, Jane gulped down the child’s
pungent waste and then sucked as hard as she could on Holly’s tiny
pee hole. The preteen yelped again as another, longer squirt of piss
jetted straight into the woman’s waiting mouth and then moaned like
a pure slut as she felt the familiar rush begin and intensify.
Relaxing complete into the orgasm she knew was only seconds away,
the muscle surrounding her urethra also relaxed and released a flood
of golden piss into Jane’s mouth. As she struggled to swallow the
tangy liquid, Holly’s legs started to shake uncontrollably as she
climaxed, and she cried out loudly ad the delicious waves of ecstasy
that washed through her young body.
Within a few seconds, Holly’s bladder was empty but the child was
still deep in orgasm. Leaving the young girl to flop about in the
pool of piss that was on the bathroom floor, Jane jumped to her
feet and practically tore off her clothes. As Holly recovered from
her cum and her eyes fluttered open, her vision was filled with
the sight of Jane’s dripping cunt as the woman squatted over the
preteen’s face.
“My turn,” was all that Holly heard before Jane’s slit covered the
child’s mouth and pressed down hard. The little girl’s nose was
pressed against the woman’s asshole, breathing in her musky odour
as she pushed her tongue onto the fuck hole that was enveloping
her face.

Desperate for a cum, Jane dragged her cunt back and forth over Holly’s
face while the child tried as hard as she could to keep her tongue
inside the dripping hole and swipe the hard clit whenever it was
in reach. Riveting her eyes on the sight of the preteen’s open and
abused slit, Jane was overcome with her lust and she ground her sex
down onto Holly’s face as hard as she could. She no longer cared if
she smothered or injured the child. Nothing mattered to her except
her orgasm and she was panting and shivering with lust. She wanted
to piss and shit on Holly’s face. She wanted to drive her fist up
the young girl’s cunt and right into her womb. She wanted to ram
the thickest dildo she could find into the child’s asshole and rip
her apart. She wanted to pull..... Suddenly, all the perverted
thoughts flew out of her head and she screamed as she climaxed.
Her body shuddered and her cunt convulsed as a massive orgasm
exploded deep inside her. She could feel her cum spray out of her
hole and she knew that Holly’s face would be covered with the slime,
but she no longer cared. Shaking and spasming, Jane moaned with
every new wave of rapture and then started panting as she tried
to get her breathing under control as she basked in the afterglow
of an awesome cum.

When her senses recovered, Jane noticed that the child was lying
motionless on the floor with her face still buried in her saturated
cunt. Fearing that Holly would be unable to breathe, she raised
herself up and looked down between her knees. Relief surged through
her was she saw the young girl grinning up at her and Holly’s face
and hair were soaked with cunt slime.
The child started giggling, as she licked her lips, and Jane
exclaimed, “You little bitch,” because of the fright she had
got. Determined to teach the young slut a lesson, Jane pressed down
and squirted some piss straight into Holly’s face. The squirt was
quickly followed by a second and then it was like a dam bursting.
A torrent of golden piss splashed straight into Holly’s face and
the little girl laughed and lifted her head off the floor as she
drank down as much of the waste as she could.
When Jane’s bladder was empty, she stood up and helped Holly to her
feet. Lifting her into her arms, Jane kissed Holly and pushed her
tongue into the preteen’s mouth. Wrapping her legs as far as she
could around Jane’s waist, Holly pressed her hot little slit into
Jane’s stomach as she eagerly responded to the kiss and their tongues
danced together. Carrying the girl to the shower, without breaking
the kiss, Jane stepped in and they let the hot water cascade over
their foul smelling bodies
As darkness fell, Holly had fucked herself to a standstill and she
had no idea how many times she’s cum that day. Hardly able to keep
her eyes open, she crawled into her bed, still stinking of sex, and
fell fast asleep. A few hours later, Jane went to her bed as well,
after looking in on the child who was still sound.
Despite her sexual adventures, the paedophile was still horny and
she gently stroked her cock shaped dildo in and out of her cunt as
she closed her eyes to imagine Holly’s lithe body. She was just
beginning to get that lovely tingly feeling when she heard her
bedroom door open. Holly walked into the room and said, “I'm horny
again,” as she hopped up on Jane’s bed.

“You’re always horny,” Jane chuckled as the child knelt between her
legs and stared at the flesh coloured sex toy that was deep in her

“What’s that?” Holly asked.

“It’s a dildo,” Jane answered. “You use it to masturbate when you
can’t get a nice hard cock.”

She eased it out of her cunt and held it out to the child.

“Is that what a cock looks like?” Holly asked, her eyes wide as she
took in the size.

Jane, over the years, had collected a selection of sex toys and the
dildo she was using was one of the biggest. Fully ten inches long
and about two and a half inches in diameter, even she had to ease
it into her cunt slowly.

Shaking her head at the child, she said, “Some men are hung like that,
but I’ve never met any of them. Most men are much smaller.”

“How much smaller,” Holly persevered, and Jane knew that the preteen
was actually trying to imagine what size of prick she could squeeze
into her very tight and virgin cunt.

Reaching into a drawer in her bedside table, Jane rummaged around
until she drew out a smaller version of the dildo that Holly was
holding. This was also flesh coloured and realistically shaped and
ribbed to resemble an erect cock.

“That’s more like normal,” Jane said, handing it to the girl, and then
continued, “They may look like a cock, but a real prick feels much

“How’s it better?” Holly asked.

“Well,” Jane began, “For one thing, the real ones feel hot inside you,
they twitch and jerk around, and best of all, they make lovely thick

“What’s spunk?” Holly asked.

As soon as she’d stopped speaking, Jane knew that the child would ask
that very question and her voice grew dreamy as she replied, “It’s the
most wonderful tasting slime. You know the slime that runs out of
us when we cum?”

Holly nodded her head and smiled.

“Well,” she continued, “A man makes slime when he cums too, and it
tasted gorgeous.”

“Better than cunt juice?” the girl asked incredulously, as is she couldn’t
even conceive such an idea.

Jane thought for a moment, imagining the sweet taste of Holly’s nectar on
her tongue, and then replied, “It’s just as good. When you grow up,
you’ll be able to try it for yourself.”

Holly’s face has a slight smile on it as she asked, “Who gives you
your spunk?”

“I have a boyfriend,” Jane replied. “Its a pretty relaxed arrangement,
but when we get together, he usually ends up fucking me and giving me
all his delicious cum.”

For all that Jane could read the little girl like a book, she never
expected for one moment that the child would have responded, “Why can't
you get him over now and I can watch you fuck and taste his spunk?”

Her mouth dropped open at Holly’s words, and she could feel her cunt
drool and even more of her juiced flowed out of her body to stain her

Jane had met Drew Evans a few months ago and they had been immediately
attracted to each other, which wasn't surprising as they shared the
same interests. They knew that even before they actually spoke, because
Jane met him at one of the meetings of the paedophile ring! They both
loved the thought of being able to molest a young girl and now Jane’s
dream had turned into a reality. It would appear, from what Holly had
said, that she could make Drew’s dreams come true as well.
“You sure that you want that Holly?” she asked. “You know that if
he comes over, he’s not going to be able to keep his hands away from
the gorgeous little cunt of yours.”

Holly looked down between her legs at her swollen slit and then
grinned as she looked back up at Jane and asked breathlessly, “Does
that mean he’ll fuck me. Will he put his cock into my cunt?”

Jane’s heart was hammering in her chest and her mouth was dry at the
very thought, but she shook her head and replied, “You’re still too
young baby. You wouldn't be able to take a cock inside you!”

With a shrug of her shoulders, the child seemed to accept that simple
face and Jane and Holly spent the rest of the night fucking each other
until they eventually fell asleep in each others arms.
When Jane woke up the next morning, Holly wasn't in her bed, so she got
up and had a shower before she padded down the corridor to the preteen’s
bedroom. When she opened the door, Holly was sitting up on the bed, with
the covers wrinkled around her waist and a very self-satisfied look on
her face. Stepping into the room, Jane said, “Good morning honey. You’re
looking very pleased with yourself!”

Grinning happily, Holly nodded her head and threw back the covers.
Jane’s gaze automatically went to the little girls cunt, but didn't notice
anything at first. Then Holly opened her legs, and Jane gasped!

Sticking out from the child’s cunt, was the last few millimetres of the
plastic dildo that Jane gave last night. All the rest of the shaft was
embedded in her cunt and Jane could only stare in opened mouth amazement
as Holly said happily, “I can take a cock! Now your boyfriend can fuck

“Shit Holly!” she eventually managed to say. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“It did at first,” the child answered honestly. “But it doesn’t hurt

The little girl got onto her knees and the dildo slowly began to slide
out of her body as she tightened her internal cunt muscles. Jane could
see some small streaks of red blood, but considering how much her
immature hole had to stretch to accommodate the plastic fuck toy, there
was very little.

After getting Holly to suck her to a delicious orgasm, Jane went into the
living room and dialled Drew’s number. He was unemployed and Jane knew
that he liked to sleep late in the morning. Sure enough, when Drew
answered the telephone on the sixth ring, she heard him yawn, before
he said, “Yea? Who the fuck is it?”

“And good morning to you as well,” Jane answered sarcastically.

Recognising her voice, Drew chuckled and replied, “Oh, hi Jane. Sorry
about that. I’ve just woken up.”

Dismissing his apology, Jane said brightly, “I just phoned to wish you
Happy Birthday!”

Drew’s face showed the confusion he felt. It wasn't his birthday, and he
knew that Jane knew it wasn't his birthday.

Putting most of his confusion down to the fact that he had just woken
up, he said, lamely, “It’s not my birthday.”

“It must be your birthday, lover,” Jane said huskily, “Because I’ve got
you a present that you won’t believe!”

“What kind of present?” Drew asked, getting into the conversation.

“The kind that you unwrap slowly,” Jane said, “And that will make you
drool just by looking at it.”

Drew could hear the sexual tension in her voice and he, not unnaturally,
though that she was talking about her own body.

“Is it something I can eat?” he asked with a laugh.

“Definitely,” Jane replied, “And it tastes sweet and delicious.”

“I know,” he replied softly as he reached under the bedcovers and started
fisting his hardening cock, “I know because I think I’ve tasted it

“No you haven’t, lover,” Jane replied. “Your lips have never been near
something as sweet as this before!”

That totally confused him. They obviously weren’t talking about Jane’s
body, and he said, “Jane, help me out here. What are we talking about?”

“You’ll just have to get your butt over and find out,” she replied
mysteriously, and just before she put the phone down, she added, “Don't
you dare jerk off before you get here. We’re going to need all the
spunk you can give us.”

Drew stared at the receiver he was still holding and tried to make
sense to that discussion. Jane was obviously inviting him over for a
fuck, but she had said “we” need your spunk.. Wondering what his
perverted girlfriend had organised, Drew threw back the bedcovers,
and took a shower before leaving for Jane’s apartment.

When the doorbell rang, Jane looked at Holly and said, “Last chance honey.
Are you sure about this?”

The preteen nodded her head vigorously and Jane continued, “And you remember
the promise we made to each other about not telling anyone what we’ve done?”

“Of course,” the child said, with confidence. “I don’t think my Mommy would
be very pleased if she found out that I’ve been fucking. I promise I won’t

“Okay baby,” Jane said. “You know what to do.”

Drew was surprised, and shocked when the apartment door was opened by
a six-year-old girl, and he nodded slowly when Holly asked, “Are you

Holly looked about to make sure that there was no one else watching,
just as Jane had instructed, and then she pushed her hand under
her skirt. Drew couldn't believe his eyes and it was like a dream
to him as the child pulled her hand back out and raised it towards
his face.

“Jane thinks you’ll like how I taste,” she said sweetly, moving her
slime covered fingers in the air. He could smell her cunt on her
fingers and nothing in this world could have stopped him slurping
the fingers into his mouth. The taste was exquisite and sweeter
than he could ever have imagined. As the child moved her arm
backwards, Drew took a step forwards to keep the fingers in his
mouth, and then another step. Continuing with her action, Holly
was soon able to push the door closed behind him and she giggled
as she pulled her clean fingers free and said, “Come on,” as she
led him into the living room.

To suggest that Drew’s mind was in a whirl, would be a vast
understatement! His heart was hammering with a mixture of sexual
arousal and raw fear as he was led into the living room to where
Jane was lounging on the sofa. Although fully clothed, she was
lying on her side with one foot flat on the cushion and her knee
in the air. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her
panties were pushed to the side as she slid two fingers in and
out of her cunt. Even from the doorway, Drew could see her juices
glistening on her shin and hear the sloshing sounds her fingers
were making deep inside her fuck tube.

“Hi honey,” she said seductively. “I see you’ve met your present. Why
don't you unwrap her now?”

“Jesus Jane!” he hissed glancing down at the child. “What the fuck
is going on? Who the fuck is she? Where the fuck did you get her
Pausing only to draw breath, he finished, “Are you fucking CRAZY!!”

Grinning at his rant, Jane pulled her fingers out of her cunt and
licked the slime off them before slowly swinging her legs off the
sofa and rising to get feet.

“Relax Drew,” she said softly as she walked towards him. “This is
Holly, and she and I have been fucking like rabbits for the
last couple of days.”

Looking down at the preteen, Jane continued, “Isn’t that right

“Uh huh,” Holly confirmed, nodding her head. “And now I want to taste
your spunk and to see if your cock will fit in my tight cunt.”

Drew’s hard prick almost spurted the contents of his balls into his
pants at that revelation, and he looked helplessly at Jane.

“Its okay,” she reassured him. “We’ve already done the bit about
keeping this a secret from her Mommy. Its cool.”

“Jesus,” he said again, as he sat down heavily on the sofa and stared
at his girlfriend and at the gorgeous preteen girl who was offering
herself to him.

Seeing the look on both their faces, he said, “Shit! This is for real,
isn’t it?”

“Oh it’s for real baby,” Jane replied. “We’ve found a beautiful six year
old girl who’s a total slut and wants to be our little fuck toy.”

He licked his lips in anticipation as he looked at the little girl
standing innocently in front of him and Jane sat down beside him
and whispered, “Unwrap your present.”

Drew found that his hands were actually trembling as he reached
out and Holly took a step forward to make it easier. She was
wearing a light pink Nike tee shirt and she raised both arms in
the air when Drew lifted it up and over her head. Her little nipples
were already hard and tight, and she jumped and giggled at the same
time when Jane reached out and rubbed her palm over the stiff
flesh. Drew copied her example and Holly closed her eyes and
sighed as her nipples were stimulated.

“They taste good,” Jane said, in a low voice, and Drew bent his
head forward and sucked one into his mouth.

Even although Holly’s chest was completely flat, with not even the
slightest hint of budding tits, her nipples were full of nerve
endings and a shiver went through her body as Drew’s tongue
swirled around her sensitive flesh. While he sucked, Jane managed
to fasten her lips around Holly’s other nipple and the preteen
gasped as the two tongues went to work on her.
Jane pushed her hand under her skirt and rubbed at the saturated
material on her panties that covered her cunt. She had already cum
twice into her underwear as she waited for Drew to turn up and fuck
the preteen properly, and now she could feel the familiar rush begin

Drew pulled his head back and waited for Jane to do the same. Holly’s
nipples were scarlet now and he dropped his hands lowed and unclipped the
fastener on the waistband of Holly’s skirt. Pulling down the zipper
allowed the skirt to fall to the child’s ankles and Drew almost forgot
to breathe as he stared between the girl’s legs. Holly wasn't wearing
any panties, and the outer lips of her slit were still red and puffy.
There was also a trace of bruising around her hole from where Jane had
abused her and from the young girl abusing herself. It was the most
erotic sight he had ever seen and he watched in rapture as Jane reached
out to slide one of her fingers into Holly’s tube. The child opened her
legs to give Jane easier access and she laughed when the woman pulled
her slime covered finger out and offered it to Drew.

“Jesus, she gets wet! I never knew that a kid that age could get wet,” he
gasped in amazement.

“Not only does she get wet, Jane said huskily, “But she creams when she
orgasms. Wait until you taste her cum.”

In a daze, he sucked the finger into his mouth and savoured the taste. As
she let him suckle on her finger, Jane’s other hand dropped to the large
bulge in the front of Drew’s pants and she rubbed her palm over it. She
had only been doing this for a few seconds when he spat her finger out
and gripped her wrist to stop her. When she looked questioningly at him,
he groaned and said, “Shit, if you keep doing that I’ll cum. I’m so
fucking close that I can feel the pre-cum spurting out of my cock.”

“Show me,” Jane said huskily.

Drew stood up and pulled down the zipper on the front of his pants, but it
was Holly that he was staring at. As he pulled his prick out, Holly stared
in delight at the sight of her first cock and she took a step closed and
reached out with a finger to scoop up a bead of pre-cum that was sitting
right on top of his piss hole. Both Drew and Jane watched as the child
sniffed the slime and then pushed it into her mouth. Swirling it around,
she let it flow over her taste buds before announcing, “That tastes good.”

Drew groaned as he listened to the preteen and Jane could see from the
expression on his face that he was going to have to spurt soon. Turning to
Holly she asked, “Do you want to taste his spunk now?”

Nodding her head, Holly got onto her knees and shuffled forward.

“Just like I taught you,” Jane reminded her. “Watch out for your teeth.”

Drew couldn't believe his luck as the child crawled towards him, and
he groaned loudly when Holly’s hot little mouth closed over the head
of his prick. She sucked as hard as she could, and at the same time her
little hand curled around the base of the throbbing shaft and jacked
him into her mouth. She had practised for hours with the cock shaped
dildo, but the taste, smell and feel of a real prick was so much
better. Pre-cum poured into her mouth at such a rate that she started
to wonder if this was Drew’s spunk, but any doubts she had were
suddenly forgotten.
If she had been able to glance up at Drew’s face, she would have seen
his eyes screw shut and his teeth clench so tightly that the tendons
in his neck stood out. With a loud groan, followed by a shouted, “FUCK!”

Drew sprayed his spunk into Holly’s mouth. She was so startled by the
shaft spurting like a fire hose, that after the first jet, she dragged
the cock out of her mouth and took the next jet on her face. Despite
being deluged, her little fist never stopped pumping the cock and by
the time Drew’s balls were empty, her face and hair were covered with
strands of his slime. While he collapsed back down on the sofa, Holly
had a huge grin on her face and she scraped his load of her skin and
pulled it into her mouth. Playing with the load, she loved the metallic
taste of Drew’s spunk and she grinned and nodded at Jane as she
swallowed it down. Now that her mouth was empty, Holly exclaimed, “That
was great. I love the taste of spunk!”

Watching her lover spray his load all over the child’s face had taken
Jane over the top and creamed her panties again. There was so much
slime that the material couldn't absorb any more and thin trickles
ran down the inside of her legs. Opening her eyes, she reached out a
finger and scooped up a stray strand of spunk that was on Holly’s
hair. Slurping it into her mouth, she nodded to the preteen to show
that she agreed that the taste was delicious.

Drew had collapsed back on the sofa but his eyes remained open as he
watched Jane and Holly. Glancing down, he could see that his cock
hadn't softened and was still as hard as in iron bar. Reaching out
for Jane’s arm to attract her attention, he said hesitantly, “She
was kidding wasn't she? About me fucking her I mean. She’s too
young to take a cock up her without ripping her apart, right?”

“You would think, wouldn't you?” Jane replied teasingly.

As Drew looked at her, uncertain how to interpret that remark, Jane
reached under one of the cushions and pulled out the flesh coloured
dildo that Holly had been practising with. The preteen was slowly
masturbating as she waited to see what would happen next and she
grinned when Jane handed her the dildo and said, “Show him what you
can do baby.”

Drew could see that the dildo was a similar size to his cock and he
held his breath as he watched Holly lie on her back on the floor. She
raised both knees in the air and both feet flat on the floor. Opening
her knees with the suppleness of youth, she continued to open them
until the sides of her legs and her knees were resting on the floor.
Jane didn't know if the child had practised this manoeuvre in front
of the mirror, or if it was accidental, but knowing how much of a
slut Holly had become, she assumed that it was the former. Opening
her knees like this, forced her cunt open and she had made sure that
her hole was straight in Drew’s line of sight. He could see right
into her pink tube and it was all he could do to stop throwing
himself between her legs and gluing his mouth over her slit. Holding
himself back, he watched as Holly rubbed the end of the dildo up and
down her cunt. The plastic toy was unlubricated, but within a few
seconds the surface was glistening with her juices. Easing the tip
into her hole made both Drew and Holly gasp in delight and she started
working the toy into her tube. A few millimetres at a time were all
she could manage, but even this was remarkable. Occasionally she
would stop for a few seconds and pant away any pain before pushing
it further into her hole. The young girl had taken the dildo before
and Jane had explained to her that any pain she felt was just her
cunt stretching around the shaft, and that it wouldn't last long.
The more of the shaft Holly took up her cunt, the more Drew’s mouth
dropped open. The preteen’s sex mound bulged out as she drove the
dildo into her hole and she eventually cried out in triumph when the
dildo was fully inside her, except for the last few millimetres. Given
the length of the fuck toy, and the immaturity of Holly’s cunt, Jane
reckoned that it must be through her cervix and into her womb. Given
the wide smile on the little girl’s face however, it couldn't have
been causing her much pain and Drew looked at Jane with his eyes
shining. The silent message they transmitted was obvious. “If she
can take that dildo,” he was thinking, “She can take my cock!”

When they looked back at the slut lying on the floor, Holly had a
huge smile of satisfaction on her face and she arched her back to
raise her butt in the air and began fucking herself with the dildo.
As the shaft slid in and out, Jane could see that the surface was
covered with the girls slime but there wasn't any trace of blood
now. Before she could open her mouth to speak, Drew beat her to it
and he hissed, “I’ve got to do it baby. I’ve got to fuck her.”

Hearing his words, Holly rammed the fuck toy harder and faster into
her cunt and she said, “Yes, fuck me. I want to feel a real cock
inside my cunt.”

Drew was sitting ramrod straight on the sofa, jerking off his prick
while Jane got to her feet. She knew that Holly would find it
difficult to bend her body and stand up with the toy still buried
in her slit, so she gripped both of the child’s wrists and pulled
her up. Holly looked so slutty, standing innocently and naked in
front of them, but with the last half inch of a dildo sticking out
from her cunt. The preteen was staring longingly as Drew’s cock and
she made no objection when Jane slowly pulled the plastic shaft out
of her hole. As the woman licked the slime that covered the dildo,
Drew held out both arms to Holly and she walked towards him. Kneeling
on the sofa, with a knee on either side of his lap, the young girl
shuffled forward until his prick nudged her gaping fuck tube. Raising
herself up, she looked down to position the head of his throbbing
shaft at the entrance to her cunt, and then looked up and locked
eyes with him. Without breaking the eye contact, Holly lowered her
hips and millimetre by millimetre, her hungry cunt started to devour
his cock. Drew gasped and groaned because he had never felt such hot
flesh engulf his prick before. Hot and incredibly tight.

“Fuck. Fuck,” Drew cried, as his ultimate sexual fantasy came true.
Even although Holly was still stretched by the dildo, her cunt tube
gripped him like a vice and she chewed on her bottom lip as she
continued to press down. Totally ignoring any pain, Holly never
stopped pushing until Drew’s course pubic hair was mashed against her
bald slit and he was fully inside her.

Jane had turned the dildo on herself, but it was too small, and she
was much too wet to get the satisfaction she craved. Pulling it out
of her cunt, she slid the shaft deep into her asshole and pulled the
back of her saturated panties over it to keep it in place. She
desperately wanted to see her lovers cock inside Holly’s tight little
cunt and she sat down beside them on the sofa, driving the dildo fully
into her bowels and packing her shit tightly in her tube. She loved the
feeling that the pressure produced and she lifted her eyes to Holly’s
face, just in time to see the child stare intently at Drew and
say, “Fuck me.”

Drew shivered at Holly’s request, even although it was completely
unnecessary. In actual fact, nothing of this earth would have been
able to prevent him doing exactly that and he reached down and gripped
the preteen’s firm butt cheeks and slowly lifted her off his cock, and
then let her slide back down it again. The slowness of his actions was
deliberate because he was so aroused. Despite blowing a load over
Holly’s face not long ago, he was close to cumming again and was
determined to last as long as possible.
Jane was under no such restrictions and the sight of Holly’s cunt being
filled by Drew’s prick was nearly enough to make her climax without
touching herself. Nearly, but not quite. Dragging the front of her
flooded panties away from her cunt, she rammed three fingers into her
hole and masturbated furiously. The tingling radiating through her
body escalated instantly and just before she orgasmed, she added a
fourth finger and shallow fisted herself.

While Jane writhed in ecstasy on the sofa and added more cunt cum stains
to the fabric, Holly was also in the throws of climax. As he fucked her
cunt, Drew had sucked one of her rock hard nipples into his mouth and
was teasing it with his teeth and tongue. Holly could only moan in
response and she shuddered as her cum took her higher and higher.
Drew knew that he couldn't last much longer and he pulled the young
girl on and off his cock faster and faster. The additional stimulation
deep in Holly’s fuck tube held her in climax and she was tossed about
on his prick like a rag doll. With his spunk boiling inside his balls,
Drew cried out as he felt his hot load rocked up his piss hole and jet
into the child’s body. The feeling of his cum splattering into her
cunt was the last thing Holly felt before her eyes rolled up into
her heat and every nerve end in her body fired feelings of ecstasy
into her brain. Completely overloaded, the slut still had a grin on
her face as her senses left her and a welcoming blackness enveloped

Even as she blacked out, Holly’s spasming cunt milked the last drops
of spunk out of Drew’s balls. As he collapsed back on the sofa, the
unconscious child fell against his chest and he looked over at Jane
who also had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily as she
recovered from her cum.
Drew closed his eyes and replayed the last few minutes over and over
again. She sight of this cock stretching the preteen’s cunt and the
smell and taste of her sex would stay with him for a lifetime. Just
thinking about it had him hard again and Holly moaned softly as his
prick started to swell again inside her tube.
With Holly unconscious and both Drew and Jane in a daze, it was a
while before anyone stirred. The first to do so was Jane and she
sighed as she opened her eyes and pulled her fingers out of her cunt.
Feeling her move, Drew opened his eyes and grinned over at her. As she
raised her hand to her nose and sniffed at her slimy fingers, she
returned his grin and said, “Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks,” he replied with a chuckle. “That was the best present
anyone had ever given me. I mean ever!”

Somewhat unnecessarily, she asked, “Did you cum inside her?”

“Did I ever!” he confirmed. “She’s so full of spunk that I can feel
it slosh about inside her.”

Their speaking slowly brought Holly back to her senses and the child
shook her head to clear it and then said happily, “I did it, didn't
I? I got fucked!”

“You certainly did honey,” Jane confirmed. “You got well and truly

Giggling with happiness, Holly squirmed her butt about on Drew’s hard
cock and looked at him expectantly. She could feel that her was still
hard inside her and had just started to think that maybe he would do
her again when Jane said, “Before you get anymore horny thoughts
young lady, you have something that I want.”

The preteen looked questioningly at Jane, who explained, “Your little
cunts full of spunk, and I want it!”

Giggling loudly, Holly nodded her head and slowly raised up her hips
until Drew’s prick was pulled out of her hole with a plop. Lying
quickly down on the floor before too much of the delicious slime
leaked out of her open slit, the child spread her legs and looked
expectantly at Jane. Without a word, the woman got onto the floor
beside the girl and began to suck her lovers load out of her tube.
By the time Holly’s cunt was empty, she had climaxed twice and the
mixture of spunk and girl cum better tasted than nectar to the horny

By unspoken consent, they all needed a time out, and Jane sat on the sofa
beside Drew and Holly sat on the floor at her feet. They chatted cheerfully,
each knowing that before long they would get back into their fucking and
Jane was starting to feel some discomfort in her asshole. Remembering the
dildo, she squatted down on the floor and pulled the back of her stinking
panties to the side. Holly looked in amazement as the woman’s asshole began
to bulge out and the child thought that she was going to shit on the floor.
Holly’s amazement turned to astonishment when the end of the dildo appeared
and it slid out of Jane’s bowels until it fell to the floor with a thud.

“God, that's better,” Jane said as she reached around to rub at her asshole.

Holly stared at the plastic fuck toy that was remarkable clean considering
that Jane had just shit it out. Only the tip was streaked with her brown
waste and the preteen picked it up and sniffed it. Looking at the woman,
Holly asked, “Why did you have the dildo up your asshole?”

Jane smiled and replied, “What do you think your asshole’s for Holly?”
“Pooping,” the child responded immediately.

“Yea,” Jane replied, “But its not just for shitting. It’s also for
fucking. Just like a cunt.”

It was obvious from Holly’s expression that she had never even considered
such a think and she looked carefully at the plastic toy in her hand as she
lifted one cheek from the floor and fingered her asshole. The preteen’s back
hole was tightly closed and the little girl looked as if she didn't quite
believe what Jane had said.

Gently taking the dildo from the girl’s hand, Jane said quietly, “Let me
show you.”

She got to her feet and removed her clothing before she got back down on
the floor. Swinging a leg over Holly’s head, so that she was facing the
preteen’s feet, Jane lowered her cunt onto the child’s mouth and
hissed, “Eat my cunt.”

Holly didn't quite see how this was going to show her to ass fuck but she
eagerly glued her lips over Jane’s fuck tube and wormed her tongue inside.
Jane closed her eyes for a few seconds to relish the sensation of Holly’s
mouth and then looked up at Drew and said, “Fuck me up the ass baby. I
want to feel your cock in my dirty shit hole.”

Getting on his knees behind Jane’s crouched body. Drew looked down into
Holly’s staring eyes as he shuffled forward. With her eyes only inches
away from Drew’s prick, the little girl got a prefect view of it pressing
into Jane’s asshole. As the woman relaxed her anal muscles, the tip of
Drew’s shaft popped into her bowels, and Holly’s eyes grew wide as she
watched the entire length slide into the woman’s shitter. Only now did
she actually believe that such a thing was possible and while she
continued to suck of Jane’s burning clit, the child resolved to practise
with the dildo until she was able to get ass fucked.

Drew’s cock felt good in her ass, but it was Holly’s hot little mouth
that was really getting to her. The preteen had quickly become an expert
at eating cunt and she had fastened her lips around Jane’s hard clit and
was thrashing it with her tongue.
“Shit, yes,” she moaned. “Keep doing me just like that you little slut
and I’ll cum.”

She bucked her hips back at Drew to encourage him to fuck her faster and
he responded eagerly, thrusting deeper into her bowels. Jane wanted to feel
his thick spunk blast into her asshole before she climaxed but the preteens
tongue was much too good. The familiar rush between her legs had
intensified to an almost unbearable level when her orgasm exploded.
Shouting and screaming, Jane convulsed and shuddered while Holly lay
beneath her quivering body, rubbing her fingers over the woman’s clit
and with her mouth wide open to catch the slime that spurted out of her
cunt. While she spasmed, Drew suddenly hissed, “Fuck, I'm going to cum.”

His eyes were closed and his teeth gritted, so he never saw Holly’s arm
flash out. As he pulled back from Jane’s shit hole, in preparation for
a last thrust before he erupted, Holly’s fingers curled around his
shaft and dragged it out of the woman’s asshole. Jerking the cock
furiously, Holly directed the jets of spunk into her waiting mouth
and once he was finished, she raised her head from the floor and sucked
the shit streaked prick into her mouth. Only when it was squeaky clean,
did she spit it out and release her hold.

By the time they had recovered, they all needed to take a longer break
from fucking. Jane’s cunt was red and bruised from overuse and she
could see that Holly’s was in the same state. After cumming for the third
time Drew also welcomed some time-out and Jane made a call to have some
pizza delivered and then bagged up all the dirty underwear that she and
Holly had went through. She made a mental note to go to the laundry
tomorrow morning so that all of Holly's panties would be clean before
she went back to her mother.
They sat around the table eating pizza and drinking beer, but Holly
found that she didn't like the taste of beer and she had a soda. Both
Jane and Holly had put on clean panties and Drew had pulled his pants
back on. While they were eating, Jane admitted to Drew that Holly had
been with her for two days before she called him and he hissed, “Bastard,”
at her, but he was smiling as he continued, “I can understand why you
would want to keep such a delicious piece of fuck meat to yourself.”

Washing down another mouthful with his beer, he said, “So what have
I missed? What else have you two perverts been up to?”
“Nothing too much,” Jane replied. “Just fucking like rabbits!”

Although Holly didn't understand what the word pervert meant, she
looked innocently at Drew and informed him, “We drank each others
pee. Jane made me piss my panties and then sucked all the pee out
of me and then she peed all over my face and I swallowed it all!”

After that casual announcement, Holly went back to eating her
pizza and was most surprised, and a little frightened, when Drew
choked violently and beer ran out of his nose. Tears also ran
down his cheeks as he tried to control his breathing and Jane
jumped to her feet hand slapped him repeatedly on the back. The
only thing that calmed the preteen down while all this was going
on, was that Jane was laughing so much at Drew’s reaction that
tears were also rolling down her cheeks.

After a few moments, Drew gave his head a shake and wiped away
the tears from his cheeks with the back of his hands. He tried
to speak but only got a hoarse croak. Taking another swallow of
his beer that thankfully went into his stomach this time instead
of his lungs, he said, “Jesus, don't fucking do that again. I
thought I was going to fucking die!

He glanced at Holly a few times before he said softly, “Did you
really do what you said about the pissing Holly?”

“Uh huh,” the child confirmed with a nod of her head. “I like
drinking pee. Its nearly as good as spunk and cunt juice.”

Drew’s cock stiffened immediately and he looked at Jane and
lamented, “How can she make me hard just with her voice?”

Jane smiled and then her face grew serious when he said, “You know
that our fellow paedophiles would pay a fortune for a shot at Holly?”

This is what Jane had been dreading, and she knew that the subject
had to come up. Before she could reply, Holly asked, “What’s a

“It’s a name for grown-ups who like to fuck children,” Jane replied
without thinking about it, with her full attention focused on Drew
and what he’d said.
Holly seemed satisfied with her answer and went back to eating, but

Jane’s hunger was forgotten as her mind whirled at the possibilities.
Eventually, she shook her head and said emphatically, “No! I won’t
let her get involved with them.”

Before he could make any comment, she reached out and took his hand
as she continued, “Please Drew, don't tell them. I trusted you with
this. Don't let me down.”

“Okay baby,” he said reassuringly, gripping her hand and squeezing
it tight. “This is your call. I promise I won’t tell.”

Jane let out a sigh of relief and said, “Thanks! I know that the
members would love to get their hands on Holly, but we’d lose
control. I don't really know any of them well, except you. What
if one of them is into hurting little girls.”

She thought for a few seconds and then finished, “I was going to say
that it was too risky. But its not even risky. Its fucking suicide! There
is no way that we could pass Holly around and keep it quiet, and I don’t
want to spend the rest of my life behind bars.”

“You’re right,” Drew said nodding his head. “Lets just keep this between
the three of us. It’ll be much more fun anyway.”

Holly had been following the conversation as she ate, but she didn't
really understand it all. She gave a mental shrug and decided that
if Jane and Drew were happy, so was she.

Drew took another mouthful of pizza and then leaned back in his chair,
lifting the front legs off the floor, so that he could reach the
refrigerator. Taking out another can of soda, he popped the tab and
handed it to Holly, saying, “There you are honey. Have more soda.”

The child laughed as she replied, “But I haven’t finished the can
I’ve got.”

“Then drink up,” Drew replied with a smile. “I want to see you two
pissing on each other and I want you to be bursting!”
Grinning like the slut she’d become, Holly beamed as she said, “Okay,”
and lifted up the open can and gulped down the fizzy liquid.

The atmosphere around the table was now sexually charged and every
time Holly took another drink from the soda can, Drew’s cock hardened
even more until it was like an iron bar stretching the front of his
pants. A short time later and the little girl had drunk down both
cans of juice and her stomach was feeling full. Gradually the liquid
filtered into her bladder until she smiled up at Drew and said
softly, “I need to pee now.”

Drew pushed back his chair and got onto his knees in front of her.
Pushing her legs apart, he stared at the crotch of the preteen’s panties
that were tightly stretched over her slit and said, “Do it baby. Piss
your panties for me.”

Before Holly could obey however, Jane jumped top her feet and
cried, “Don't you dare piss here . I'm the one who would have to
clean it all up.”

She looked at Holly and said with mock severity, “Go upstairs to the
bathroom if you want to piss yourself. Dirty little girl!”

Holly giggled because she knew that Jane wasn't really cross with her
and she jumped down from her seat and bounded upstairs with Drew and
Jane following on behind. By the time they reached the bathroom, Holly
was sitting on the toilet but was still wearing her underwear.

“Not like that,” Drew said, as soon as he walked into the room. “I won’t
be able to see you. Stand in the bath baby.”

The preteen hopped down and climbed into the bath and she stood with her
legs apart and looked at Drew for instructions.

”Just a little squirt at first Holly,” the man said. “Do you think you’ll
be able to manage that?”

Nodding her head, the preteen waited while Drew slid his hand between her
legs and cupped her sex mound through her panties.

“Now baby,” he whispered. “Piss yourself.”

Despite the full feeling in her bladder. Holly had to close her eyes in
concentration as she pushed down. At first, nothing happened, and then
she felt her hot waste flow out of her piss hole. Clamping her muscles
closed, she stopped the flow, but not before a hot wetness spread over
Drew’s palm. He moaned at the feeling and then pulled his hand away.
The crotch of the little girl’s panties were soaking wet and her piss
was dripping from his fingers as he brought his hand to his nose and
inhaled deeply. The tangy scent of her urine made his head swim and
when he licked his palm, Jane’s mouth sucked his dripping fingers inside
and they both lapped eagerly at the piss until the last drop was gone.

Turning their attention back to the child, Drew said softly, “Okay Holly,
you can piss all you want to now. Let me see how much piss you have
inside of you.”

Giggling all the time, the preteen closed her eyes again and forced another
squirt into her underwear. As the yellow water ran down the inside of
her legs, she squeezed out another spurt and each time she did so, it
was getting easier. The next squirt turned into a full flow and she
sighed happily as she pissed normally. Her panties were completely soaked
by now and Drew pulled out the front of the waistband and looked inside.
Her fuck slit was slightly open and her piss bubbled and frothed around
her slit as it seeped through the material and fell into the bath between
her feet. Moving his hand inside, Holly laughed loudly as he slid a finger
up her cunt and felt the piss flow out of her little piss hole. The flesh
around the small opening was incredibly sensitive and it felt very good
as his finger moved around in small circles as she emptied her bladder.
When she had finished peeing, she was disappointed when Drew pulled his
finger out because she hoped he would keep fingering her and bring her
off. She watched as he started to lick his hand clean and then allowed
Jane to skim her now saturated panties down to her ankles. She stepped
our of her underwear and Jane raised the dripping underwear up to her
face and opened her mouth.
Drew groaned with lust at the actions of his depraved girlfriend as she
squeezed the piss out of the child’s panties and swallowed the tangy liquid.
Having squeezed as much as she could out of Holly’s underwear, she wiped
her mouth and chin with the back of her hand and grinned over at Drew. With
a huge grin on her face she belched loudly and then said, “Oh sorry.
Drinking piss always gives me gas.”

They all laughed and the absurdity of her statement, but it did nothing
to lessen the charged atmosphere. Drew’s hand was inside his pants
stroking his hard cock and Holly’s little fingers were inside her cunt.
While they both masturbated, Drew said to Jane, “Your turn now. Are you
ready to pee?”

“I could probably go,” she confirmed, and Holly said excitedly, “Piss on
me Jane. Let me drink your piss!”

With a huge grin on her face, Jane turned to Drew and said, “Isn’t she
just a dream? She’s such a dirty little bitch, and I love her so much.”

When she refocused her attention on the child, Jane said, “Okay Holly,
you lie down in the bath and I’ll give you a lovely piss bath.”

The surface of the bath was cold on the child’s back, but she didn't
mind and Jane stood at the little girl’s feet and pulled her cunt lips
open. Tilting her hips forward, she pushed down and a torrent of piss
sprayed out of her hole and splashed onto Holly’s legs. Thrusting her
hips out even more, Jane was able to direct her urine onto the child’s
cunt, up onto her flat chest and then onto her face. As soon as the
arch of piss was in range, Holly eagerly opened her mouth and she
swallowed rapidly to drink as much as she could. As Jane felt her flow
lessen, she directed it back onto the preteens cunt and Holly gurgled
and laughed as she opened up her hole with her fingers and let Jane
piss inside her fuck tube.

Drew was fisting his prick and was very close to coming as he watched
the scene in delight. He had a vast collection of piss DVD’s at home,
but nothing compared to this. Despite the conversation he’d had earlier
with Jane, he would have sold his soul to the devil for a camera to
record this for his own viewing pleasure.

Jane’s bladder was rapidly emptying and he could see that Holly’s held
open cunt was full of his girlfriend’s piss. Moving forward quickly, Drew
bent over the edge of the bath and fastened his mouth over the preteen’s
fuck hole. Sucking as hard as he could, he managed to swallow two
wonderful mouthfuls before Holly’s hole was empty and he licked her
outer lips clean. His cock was almost purple and harder than he’d ever
known it and he pulled his face back and looked up at Jane.

“I’ve got to fuck her,” he said, almost apologetically. “I’ve just
got to fuck her!”

She nodded imperceptibly as he bent down and lifted Holly’s naked body
from the bath. Every inch of her shin was wet with piss and the yellow
liquid ran out of her soaked hair as he cradled her in his arms and
walked quickly towards Jane’s bedroom. He desperately wanted to get
the preteen on her back on the bed and ram his aching prick up her
cunt, but Holly wanted more. Her little mouth sought out and found
his and she wrapped her arm around his neck and pushed her tongue
into his mouth. It flicked around his teeth and danced with his own
tongue as he laid her down and fell on top of her. The piss was still
dripping off her skin and soaked into the bedcovers and she opened her
legs wide and thrust her slippery slit up at him. They were still
kissing wildly as he gripped the base of his cock and positioned it
against her cunt.

In the past few days, Holly had changed from a normal six-year-old
girl to a complete slut, and she wanted Drew’s prick inside her just
as much as he did. Before he could push forward, the little girl was
bucking her hips upwards and taking his shaft into her body.

Jane was standing in the doorway watching her boyfriend and the child
prepare for their fucking. Small drops of piss still clung to her cunt
lips, put the long strands of slime that spiralled out of her hole and
down towards the floor were pure cunt nectar. She was so aroused that
she was actually shaking with lust, and it took an massive effort of
willpower to stop her fingers moving towards her throbbing clit. She
was aching for a cum, but not by masturbation.
Once the head of Drew’s cock was inside Holly’s cunt, he broke their
kiss and raised himself up by straightening his arms and he drove
forwards and rammed his shaft deep into the child’s body. Holly screamed
as she was brutally stretched, but it was a scream of pure lust and
she continued to arch her back and pushed her bulging fuck hole up at
the prick that was penetrating her. With her face uncovered, Jane saw
her chance and she walked over to the bed and sat down hard on Holly's
face. Her cunt was soaking wet and her puffy lips covered the lower
half of the little girl's face as she began rocking her hips back and
forth. Despite being used as a fuck toy, Holly stiffened her tongue and
pushed it into Jane’s hole as she started to lap eagerly.
The only sounds in the room were the grunts of the rutting trio and the
slapping of skin on skin as they fucked themselves as hard as they
could. Each one of them was frantic for a cum and they squirmed and
bucked as they worked towards it.
The mixture of pleasure and pain from a thick prick ramming in and out
of her tight little cunt was pure bliss for the preteen and she was
nearly in climax from the first stroke. As the veined surface ground
into the hard clit, Holly was powerless to resist her cum and she
moaned and gasped into Jane’s fuck hole as she started to shudder.
Drew paid little attention to the child and his eyes were closed and
his teeth gritted as he continued to fucked her furiously.
Holly’s senses were overwhelmed with the sensations and she couldn't
concentrate on licking Jane’s cunt, but that didn't bother the horny
woman. As the child shuddered beneath her, Jane dragged her saturated
cunt, and rock hard clit, over the preteen’s face until she had a massive
orgasm and squirted her thick girl cum straight into Holly’s
unresponsive mouth.
Drew could feel the young girl squirm in climax and when Jane started
to shout her own cum, it proved too much. With a loud groan, he pumped
his hot spunk into Holly’s cunt and continued to thrust in and out
until the last drop of slime was milked out of his balls.
Slowly, the sounds died away and Jane heaved herself of the girl’s
almost unconscious body. There was a loud plop when Drew dragged his
cock out of Holly’s cunt, and they all lay down on the bed, breathing

Having fucked themselves to a standstill, they drifted off to sleep
in Jane’s king-sized bed, with Holly sandwiched between the two adults.
They slept well after their exertions and Drew was having a beautiful
dream that a young girl was giving him head. Her mouth and tongue had
already made his hard shaft shine and when her little tongue swirled
around his piss hole, it was pure bliss.
His heart sank as sleepiness left his brain and the dream evaporated,
but a split second later, his opening eyes focused on Holly’s preteen
mouth sucking his prick. Jane was on her knees, watching the child
work on his cock, and occasionally giving instructions, but mostly
they were unnecessary because Holly was a very quick learner when the
subject was sex. She also had two fingers up the preteen’s cunt and
was fingering her slowly.

Noticing that he was eventually awake, Jane said, “Morning lover,” and
all Drew could do was groan, “Jesus, what a fucking beautiful way to
wake up,” in response.

Holly’s eyes flicked briefly up to look at him but she couldn't say
anything because her mouth was full.

Her little fist was wrapped around his slippery shaft, jerking him off
as her mouth and tongue teased the sensitive head. Jane watched proudly
and said quietly, “That's it baby. Suck it like a lollypop.”

What she lacked in experience, she certainly made up for in enthusiasm
and she eagerly lapped at the pre-cum that had started to ooze out of
Drew’s piss hole.
Jane bent her head close to Holly’s and whispered, “Its your choice no
baby. He’s close, so you can either keep going and drink his spunk, or
get your little cunt around his cock and take his load into your hole!”

As much as she was enjoying sucking, fucking was better and she pulled
her head back and used the back of her hand to wipe away the strands
of saliva from her chin. Smiling at Jane, the child said, “I want to

Jane pulled her fingers out of Holly’s body and licked them as she
watched the child straddle Drew’s lap and then raise herself up. Jane
reached out to grip her boyfriends prick and she positioned it at the
entrance to the little girls fuck hole. Slowly, Holly sank down on the
shaft and she let it slide inside her, without stopping, until it
bottomed out in her tube.

Lying on her back, Jane started masturbating as she watched her little
prot? bounce her cunt up and down the prick.
Holly was able to take cock much easier now, but Drew still found her
hole very tight and he was already gripping his teeth and trying to
think of something, anything, that didn't involve Holly’s horny little
Holly’s fingers were drawn to the tiny little bud of her clit, and she
rubbed it furiously as she rode Drew’s prick. Her cunt muscles milked
him like a powerful vacuum pump and he was very close to spurting.
Suddenly however, the child cried out as her orgasm erupted inside her
and she flopped about like a rag doll impaled on his shaft.
It had been very close, but somehow Drew had controlled his urge to
spurt and he watched the child slowly begin to recover her senses.
The room smelt of cunt, but he didn't know if it was Holly’s or Jane’s
and he really didn't care. It also smelt heavily of piss and he realised
that it was from the preteens unwashed body and hair. Lifting the girl
off his cock, she sat on the bed, still breathing heavily as Drew got
out of the bed and stood beside her. His cock had already been covered
with the preteen’s saliva, and now it was dripping with her cum as he
took it in his fist and pointed it at Holly’s innocent little face.

Jerking on it, he hissed, “This is for you baby. You’re going to get
the money shot right in your face.”

Holly grinned and watched the tip of his cock, perfectly aware what was
going to happen.

“Close baby,” Drew gasped as his load boiled inside his balls. “So close.”

Holly moved a fraction closer to him and opened her mouth like a proper
whore as his fist jerked faster and faster.

“Shit, here it comes baby,” he hissed. “Here I cum.”

His little slit of a piss hole flared open as a jet of hot slime rocked
straight into the child’s throat, and as she closed her mouth to swallow,
a second jet took her between her eyes. His cock was jerking about and
she took a spray in her hair and then on her chin, before she opened her
mouth again and glued her lips around the tip. The jets were lessening
now and she sucked the last drops out of his balls before releasing him.

Turning to look at Jane, with her face covered in spunk, Holly giggled as
she watched the woman get onto her knees and begin to lick the slime from
the preteen’s face. The string of cum on the child’s hair was scooped up
by Jane’s finger and her tongue worked constantly until Holly’s face was
sparkling clean. The flavour of her lovers spunk had made Jane’s fuck hole
drip and she whispered to the little girl, “Make him hard again baby.
I need his cock inside me.”

Drew was lying back on the bed with his eyes closed as he bathed in the
afterglow of a good fuck. His eyelids cracked open as he felt Holly crawl
towards him and he watched as her hot little mouth descended onto his
soft prick. There was a single drop of cum clinging to his piss hole
and he groaned softly as the child’s tongue flicked out to capture it. A
louder groan escaped his lips as she sucked the limp shaft into her mouth
and gently sucked on it. She could taste her own cunt on the surface of
the cock and she slobbered over it until she felt it begin to harden
again. Now her little hand curled around the base and jacked him to
full erection while her mouth and tongue continued to stimulate the
sensitive tip.
Letting Drew’s prick pop out of her mouth with a loud slurp, she continued
fisting him as she grinned over at Jane and said proudly, “He’s hard

“Good girl,” Jane said as she flopped onto her back on the bed and
opened her legs wide. She rubbed at her sticky cunt hole and
continued, “Put his cock in my cunt baby. I need a good, hard fuck!”

The preteen giggled and tugged on Drew’s prick until he rolled on top
of Jane and started to kiss her. As their tongues danced together, Holly
scooted down the bed and positioned his shaft at the entrance to Jane’s
soaking fuck hole. As their flesh touched, Drew pushed forward and Jane
bucked her hips upwards and his shaft slid easily up her tube. Resting
only for the briefest moment, Drew started to pound his girlfriend, who
raised both feet in the air and wrapped them around his waist. Holly
was lying on her stomach at the bottom of the bed with her eyes glued
to the prick that was pistoning in and out of Jane’s cunt. The child
could see the shaft shining with its coating of fuck slime and she could
smell the scent of Jane’s cunt as it wafted into her nostrils. Despite
her recent climax, the little girl was horny again and she pushed one
hand under her body and wormed two fingers into her fuck hole. As she
masturbated, she reached out with her other hand and gently rubbed her
finger onto Jane’s asshole. The effect was immediate and the woman
cried, “Yes, yes baby. Finger my asshole baby.”

Cunt juice was pouring out of Jane’s hole as she was pounded and most
of it ran over her back hole. Holly’s finger was soon covered in the
slime and she increased the pressure to slide her finger into the
woman’s asshole. Jane cried out in delight as she felt her shit hole
being penetrated and she could feel her climax begin to build as Holly
slid her finger in and out at the same rhythm as Drew’s thrusting prick.
“Oh God, yes,” Jane cried as both her holes were penetrated at the same
time. The tingling deep inside her cunt that had been building slowly,
intensified dramatically as her shit hole was fingered and she was
powerless to resist the orgasm that was taking control of her body.
Panting for breath and with her eyes screwed shut, Jane moaned
continuously as she soared higher and higher until she couldn't stand
it any longer. Her piercing cry announced her cum and her body
stiffened for a few seconds, that seemed like hours to her, and then
started shuddering uncontrollably. The muscles in her cunt and in her
thighs went into spasm and Holly watched in delight as Jane’s fuck hole
opened and closed around the cock pounding her and a thick deluge of
girl cum splattered out of her sex and ran down to stain the already
soiled bedcovers.
While Jane climaxed beneath him, Drew thrust even faster as his spunk
began to boil inside his balls. His teeth were gritted but nothing was
going to stop his eruption and her buried his shaft deep in Jane’s body
as he emptied his load into her.

In the aftermath of their fuck, Drew and Jane lay together, panting
heavily, and Holly sat up on the bed and continued to play with her
cunt, hoping that someone would bring her off again.
A few minutes later and both adults had recovered enough to open
their eyes and they both watched the preteen’s fingers slid in and
out of her hairless little slit.

“Fucking slut, isn’t she?” Drew said.

“Total slut,” Jane agreed happily, “And you better make the most
of her because her mother is coming back for her tomorrow."

Drew lay in stunned silence for a few seconds before he
spat, “Shit! You mean we’ve only got her for another two days?”

Jane shook her head sadly and said, “Not even that lover. You
can do what you want with her today but that’s it! I don't know
what time Alison is going to pick her up tomorrow, so after
tonight, she’s off limits. Okay?”

Reluctantly he nodded his head and replied, “Yea, okay.”

After breakfast, Drew got dressed and went out unexpectedly. Returning
about half an hour later he showed Jane two bright blue pills.

“Viagra,” he explained. “If we’ve only got the rest of the day with
our little fuck toy, I'm going to make the most of it.”

For the rest of the day, little Holly was fucked, licked, fingered and
sucked in every hole she had. The Viagra certainly worked and Drew had
his hard cock up her cunt for hours.
The little sluts favourite position was riding on top of Drew’s prick
while Jane sucked and licked her tight asshole. She even managed to
take one of Jane’s fingers up her shit hole all the way to the knuckle,
and then happily sucked it clean after she had orgasmed.

The next morning they all rose early and Drew kept his promise not
to touch Holly. They had no idea what time Alison would arrive to
reclaim her daughter, but they felt that it would be better if Drew
wasn't there. He had tears in his eyes as he kissed Holly goodbye, and
then kissed Jane, thanking her profusely for including him in her
paedophile games.
Once he’d left, Jane had Holly stand naked before her and she slowly
walked around the child, studying every inch of her body. There were
surprisingly few bruises on her flesh, considering the pounding she’d
taken in the last couple of days, but the exception was her cunt. It
was still slightly open and the skin around her hole was mainly red,
but also had some darker patches from actual bruising. Sighing in
resignation, Jane sat the preteen down on the sofa and then sat
beside her.

“Remember, we talked about keeping our fucking a secret from your
Mommy?” she asked.

Holly nodded solemnly and replied, “Yea. I promise I won’t tell anyone
what we did.”

“That's good honey,” Jane said with a smile, “But you’re also going to
have to make sure that your Mommy doesn't see your little cunt. It looks
well used and it will take a few days for it to look like it did before
you started fucking.”

Pausing for a second, Jane finished, “If she does see your hole and asks
you about it, tell her that we were in the park and you were riding a
bicycle. Tell her that you fell off and that the crossbar hit you
between your legs.”

Holly thought about that for a few seconds and then said, “Okay. You
can tell Mommy that you bathed me last night and that means that she
won’t have to do it for a while. That means she’ll let me undress myself
when I go to bed.”

Jane laughed at the child’s quick understanding and she then said, “I’ll
do that baby, and speaking about baths, you need to take one right
now. You stink of cunt, piss and spunk and I think your Mommy would
recognise some of those smells!”

With her hair freshly washed and dried, and her body smelling of
soap, Jane dressed Holly in a lightweight summer dress and they
waited for her Mommy to arrive.

It was a couple of hours later that the doorbell rang and Alison stood
outside with a massive bunch of flowers and a bottle of expensive wine.
Handing then to Jane, she thanked her again and again for pulling her
out of a hole and looking after her daughter. As they walked to the
living room, Alison explained that her father was improving and was out
of danger, but she stopped talking when she saw Holy. With her eyes
filling up with tears, she swept the child into her arms and hugged
her tight as she said, “Oh Holly, I’ve missed you so much. How are you?”

Before Holly could reply, Alison whirled around to Jane and asked, “She
hasn’t been any trouble, has she? I really owe you for looking after

Jane held up her hands and said, “She’s been great Alison. Really great.”

Holly and Jane shared a secret smile at that, and Alison grinned and
said to the little girl, “Its time to go home now Holly.” Lowering the
preteen back down to the floor she added, “Say goodbye to Jane, and
thank her for looking after you.”

“Thank you Jane,” Holly said, as she ran over to Jane and threw
herself into her arms.

“You’re very welcome,” the woman responded as she hugged the child

Lowering her voice to only a whisper, Holly’s mouth was pressed into
Jane’s ear as she whispered. “I'm horny. My cunt’s all juicy!”

Jane swallowed hard and felt her own sex begin to moisten as she
put Holly down and forced a smile onto her face.

As the left, Jane said to Alison, “I’ve really enjoyed having Holly
around. If she ever wants to come back and spend the day, or even the
weekend with me, she’s more than welcome."
Alison was mildly surprised when Holly jumped up and down and
enthused, “Yes Mommy, Can I? Can I?”

“I don't see why not,” her mother smiled, and she turned to Jane and
said, “I’ll call you and we’ll arrange something.”

“I can't wait,” Jane replied, and she then closed the door and rested
her back on it. As she slid her hand under her skirt and pushed two
fingers into her wet cunt, she repeated softly, “I can't wait!”

o0o The End o0o

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