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Dreaming of my Dear sweet Master, I love you
I felt warm. Too warm for comfort as I lay beside him in bed. It was the dead of winter and I undressed slowly, peeling my black lace panties over my ample hips and ass, feeling them rub gently over my pussy releasing my lips and pierced clit. I unhooked my bra and gently pushed the straps from my shoulders unveiling my breasts. I stretched and laid back into bed. Drifting in an out of a restless dream of hands... touching me, covering me completely only to release me when I wanted to feel them most.

Fingers reached out of the cloaked darkness and pulled on my nipples. They paled in comparison to my ebony flesh. I heard a whisper far off, a moan carried in on the wind although I felt no breeze. Those same fingers pressed into my flesh roughly in ways that hurt and frightened me... "Bitch" someone whispered from far off in my mind, "filthy fucking slut, you are nothing without me" The voice was oddly familiar. The voice of my lover who was sleeping beside me. I tried to startle myself awake as my soft sensual dream erupted into a nightmare. "Fucking slut, you like when daddy talks to you like that, huh? WHORE!" it was yelled this time. I felt myself try to pull away. The words spewed out at me like they unfurled from the clutches of those hands. They pressed into my ears and I felt ashamed, and frightened yet aroused.

I opened my eyes trying to adjust them to the darkened room, I went to sit up but couldnt. Handcuffs restrained me and a collar fastened tight around my neck was fastened to the bars of the head board with a chained leash. I went to call out when I heard him again. I looked beside me and he wasn't there in bed beside me. I knew what he wanted and I knew it would be foolish to resist.

I stuttered past the fear in my throat, "Master?" I couldn't feel him or hear him and the room felt dark and closed in. He liked to keep me in the dark. He had left me here again to make me beg for him. Just that night he told me that my treat was that I could sleep in bed with him instead of on my cold hard cot.

He had never tied me up in the dark before, knowing it would frighten me because of my horrible childhood. I loved him and trusted him even when he hurt me. He never gave me any reason to fear him but this was very different. I felt something sharp press into my breast in the darkness and I yelped, His hand came out of the darkness and covered my lips as he dragged a rough blade across my right breast.

"Please," I murmured from under his palm "I am scared"
He reared back and slapped me. Stars sprang up before my eyes, my face pounded with a soft thud and I knew to be silent until he asked me to speak. I was being punished because I had undressed with out his permission. He loved unwrapping me like a gift.

"If you didn't like wearing the sexy lingerie I gave you then you could have slept naked in your room, right?"
I stayed quiet knowing he didnt want an answer. He leaned over right in front of my face I could see him roughly in the darkness of the room.

I he pinched my left nipple. I bit my lip to keep from crying, I wanted to scream out but knew that if I did it would get worse. "Do you like this, slut?"

Yes, yes I did like it, heat built up between my thighs and I released a soft moan. The fear brought me closer to him. I had to trust him like a good little slave and give myself to him. I had no choices I had to do what he willed.
"Filthy little slut. Do you know where you are? That little room you're never allowed to enter, my dear fuck toy."

He stepped back from me and a small medical light came on above me, it shined into my eyes and I felt blind. I looked and I was on a soft mat with a head board type wrack that my wrists and ankles were shackled to. He smiled at me, his eyes deep green in the light. He leaned over me grazing a large hunting knife over my belly. Now that I could see him I wanted him badly, needed this. I wasn't afraid anymore.He was dressed in dark black jeans and a black t shirt that fit him perfectly. Behind him was a wall covered with whips and chains, probes and vibrating toys, some too large that I know they would never fit into me. He walked towards the wall and lifted from it a small riding crop, my pussy throbbed as I wondered where I would feel the cold leather on my skin. He walked back over to me, his eyes smoky as he leaned over to whisper in my ear. "This is the next step, are you ready?" He raised his hand to strike me and I braced myself for the impact, tensing up again as I looked back at his face, there was no emotion there, not like usual. I jumped, feeling as if I were falling. Crashing down, I couldn't breath. I sat up in bed drenched in sweat... A dream, just a dream I looked over to see if I had awoken him and realized I was back in my little room on my cold hard cot. Listening to the heaving of my chest as I clenched my thighs against the wetness from my dream.
"Are you ready?" He called to me in the dark.
"Yes" I whispered, but wondered if it were true.


2010-09-25 18:18:59
Now that's a damn good story. The long paragraph made my eyes blur a little, but over all you really had great pacing. It's wonderful the way you seem to resist sharing your fantasies but ultimately are compelled to share more and more. I love the internal struggle implicit in all of your work.



2010-09-15 22:56:36
The psychological torture can be more exquisitely arousing than the physical. Beautiful.

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